Ruth Mercer (deceased)
Yumi Lambert
Yumi Lambert as Ruth Mercer
Full Name: Ruth Mercer
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Hoarder/Finder
Partner(s): None Height: 5'11"
Father: Johnathan Mercer Weight: Not Enough
Mother: Cassandra Mercer Hair Color: Ash Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Pale Hazel
Children: None




This overly tall young woman has been graced with a willowy frame and a default expression of muted disdain. She carries herself with the telltale slouch of careless youth, making her appear only slightly shorter than she might otherwise be standing tall. Her yellow-toned face is comprised of sharp angles that do little to soften the indelicate nature of her curved mouth and wispy brow, a broad hairline sweeping her dull brown hair back in a long yet carelessly shorn path down her back.

She's wearing a heathered long-sleeved navy cardigan with large buttons lining the front, though these go unused. The off-white camisole she has on underneath is half-tucked into a knee-length pleated navy skirt that almost matches the cardigan in hue, but not quite. A pair of off-white flats completes the look. Each of these garments is softened by wear, hinting at the fact that they're very much secondhand.


She has a one-track mind when it comes to reaching her goals, even if those goals don't always align with that of her peers.

She grew up with relative excess. Habits are hard to break, even when you're sent down to the ground with little more than the clothes on your back (and a bit of puke from the boy seated behind you on the dropship).

Collector of All
As such, she'll do whatever she can to secure anything she can find. If it has use even in only a minor capacity, she wants it. Somehow, it'll eventually be hers, nevermind the needs of the rest.

Dubious Caregiver
While she's slightly learned in field of medicine, she has an awful bedside manner. If you don't mind being verbally eviscerated as your makeshift doctor splints your leg or stitches a gash, then this shouldn't be anything of note.

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Known Associates

Ariadne Ariadne : She was always better than me and now she's not. It's funny how that works. I'll miss her.
Grey Grey : He tried. But, in the end, it wasn't enough. This applies to most things that don't include me.
Cassandra Boner : She's dead proof. That saying about there being no rest for the wicked obviously isn't true.
Fiona Kattegat : She failed as an ambassador, yet she might be the only one of us alive outside the Mountain. If she's still with the Outsiders, though, not for long.
Morgan Blackwood : A tree and sky tattoo? Really? I didn't figure you Eden-obsessed. I guess you never know the measure of a person until someone who loved them grieves openly. Scott's torn up over you. The sooner he gets over you, the better for his sake.

Stella : I… I don't know. She really understood me. I don't think anyone understood me as much as she did.

… … … at least I won't have to pay her back that water now.

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