Dr. Salvador Charles Montgomery (deceased)
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. S. C. Montgomery (AKA Sally)
Full Name: Dr. S. C. Montgomery (AKA Sally)
Age: 39
Clan: Maunon
Faction: Mountain Men
Title/Profession: M.D.
Partner(s): Daniella Montgomery Height: 6'0"/1.83m
Father: Adwin Montgomery Weight: Athletic
Mother: Charisma Montgomery Hair Color: Jet black
Siblings: Gloria Montgomery-Jackson (45) Eye Color: Clear blue
Children: Regan (8), Edward (7), Sarah (6)



Born and raised in the cultured halls of Mount Weather, Salvador Charles Montgomery takes his first name after the Spanish painter, a favourite of his parents. His associates at the medical centre and neighbouring harvest chamber know him as Dr. S. C. Montgomery, but to his friends, he's known more affectionately as Sally — and no, he doesn't mind the nickname. Don't let his stately name or position fool you: beneath that highly-educated and disciplined exterior lies a warm, friendly, genuinely nice guy; loving husband of his childhood sweetheart, and father to three children of his own. About the worst sin he's known for is cracking groan-worthy Dad-Jokes and occasionally condescending those who can't appreciate jazz or don't know their contemporary art history.

There aren't many doctors in a community of 382, so to say that he's one of the best isn't much of a boast, but it is true: as well as being very good at what he does, he has impeccable bedside manner and cares deeply about his patients. Even though sometimes procedures can be uncomfortable or painful, he is quick to remind that they are necessary, and always tries to diffuse the tension with a joke. What a guy.

His family is highly respected in Mount Weather, and that refers to more than just his own cherubic brood. Like most of those who made it to the military bunker when the bombs hit ninety-seven years ago, he comes from a long line of wealthy politicians, lawyers and bank-owners; by generational necessity, his entry to the medical profession was something of an oddity. His grandfather himself was a proud Harvard man, his parents were amateur art collectors, and he grew up like every Montgomery before him, wanting for nothing.

…Well, perhaps not entirely nothing. There was one final elusive desire that with all of his cultural wealth and education, has eternally remained out of his reach:

The Ground.




The man exudes charm with every step that he takes; clean-cut and polished, it is obvious that he puts painstaking effort into his appearance, but has an effusive air about him that makes it seem far more effortless than it is. His short, jet-black wavy hair is often combed and styled back to keep his pale-skinned face clear. He has aristocratic, fine-boned features: with tall, sallow cheekbones; a long, straight nose; a thin upper lip; and a softer, angular chin that is smooth and free from stubble. He looks, essentially, like a full-grown choir-boy. His eyebrows are low-set, straight and thick, but trimmed, and beneath it sit two clear blue eyes that are somewhat further apart than average. Their corners are marked with laugh-lines, and his mouth smiles often and easily, lighting up his face to reveal professionally whitened and straightened, pearlescent teeth.

He wears a deep, navy-blue suit, a pristine white button-down shirt, polished black shoes and a thick, stripy silver tie.

A white labcoat is draped over his shoulders, with a gleaming golden name-tag that reads, 'Dr. S. C. Montgomery'.



  • Punctual — Time is short, and not to be wasted. Sally likes things to run smoothly, efficiently, and to put every minute to good use. He's generally good-natured about it, but he can't help being annoyed by displays of indolence, poor follow-through and dilly-dallying.
  • Health Conscious — Although a gracious host who more than understand his patients wanting to relax, unwind and indulge, he remains a doctor through and through. He often tries to encourage others towards better fitness rather than letting them get too hyped up about Mount Weather's admittedly delicious chocolate cake. (Seriously, you have to try it though. It's to die for.) He may make mild remarks about your weight and nutrition choices, offer to show you to the gym, and himself does his best to stay in good shape by practicing martial arts and eschewing fatty or sugary foods. He wants you to make the most of your time here, but there's more to that than eating and lying around!
  • Fun Guy — He really is a genuinely fun, good-natured guy. He has a big, warm sense of humour, always the first to try and diffuse a tense situation or point out ways in which the glass is half-full rather than half-empty. He'd like to be your friend, if you'd let him! And if there really is anything that he can do to make your stay more comfortable, do let him know.
  • Family Man — Salvador has enjoyed more than a decade of marriage with his beautiful wife and sweetheart, Daniella Montgomery, who teaches at the local kindergarten. He is a kind, loving father to three well-behaved and well-educated children: Regan and Edward, his sons; and Sarah, his younger daughter. Many recognise him around Mount Weather as more than just a good doctor, but a dedicated family man as well.
  • Science: Medicine — Dr. Montgomery has high ideals and is driven to perfection in all he does; his profession is no exception. Though not a research scientist, being more practically-oriented, he makes it a point to stay afloat of the latest developments and always has an open ear to the new works and inspirations of his colleagues. He has had to dabble in multiple medical specialities, given the small population of Mount Weather, but in particular he personally favours oncology, dermatology and plastics.
  • Really Wants Your Bone Marrow — Never mind ignore this part.

Musical Inspiration

Full playlist:

  1. Portal — Still Alive
  2. Caro Emerald — Dr. Wanna Do
  3. AURORA — Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
  4. Beauty and the Beast — Be Our Guest
  5. Monty Python's Life of Brian — Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

On the Grid

Known Associates

MountainMen Mount Weather : I am quite proud of all that we have accomplished here at Mount Weather. True, we didn't evolve the immunity to the radiation that the Outsiders did, but we have evolved our culture, science and civilisation. Soon I will be able to offer an even better future for my family.
Grounders Outsiders : I don't have many dealings with our donors myself, but what they sacrifice for us is important, necessary, something to give thanks for, and think of with the utmost respect. I believe in humane slaughter of our livestock; there is never a need to induce needless suffering.
Ark The Solution : Fascinating culture. Remarkable attributes. A shame that so small a fragment of their population has been brought to Mount Weather.
Delinquents Phase II Harvest Specimens : I am nothing short of impressed by the results we have seen with the 23. All of them are universal blood-donors, and are far more resilient than anything I have seen before. Their culture appears to have raised them to be tenacious, keen and clever, which I admit is worrying. Like the Outsiders, they are not cultured, though. The conditions under which they were brought in is a little unprecedented. Hopefully the president sees sense on this matter sooner rather than later, so that the scientists can get to work.

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