Shiva "Shi" Lyne Retter
AnnaSophia Robb
AnnaSophia Robb as Shiva "Shi" Lyne Retter
Full Name: Shiva "Shi" Lyne Retter
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Night Watch/Botanist
Partner(s): No Height: 4'11
Father: Shane Retter (Admin/son of Councilman Hank Retter) Weight: Wouldn't you like to know
Mother: Lynn Retter (Botanist) Hair Color: White
Siblings: No Eye Color: Violet
Children: No


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Shi's skin is beyond pale, and the albino girl is clearly lacking any sign of pigmentation on her flesh. Her eyes, the only vestige of vibrant color on her body look as if they could have been a vibrant blue, but the color has been muted to a soft lavender shade. Her hair hangs in loose waves of lustrous white, though it is rarely uncovered on the ground. The paleness of her skin has left Shi particularly vulnerable to the sunlight and she is almost always protected by multiple layers of fabric. From the blanket that has been fashioned into a hood by a slit and a button fashioned from a small branch the very tip of a braid can often be seen swinging along the small of her back to reveal the length of the white locks.

This diminutive woman is short - under 5 feet, and she is wearing clothes that were likely intended for someone at least slightly larger than her. The charcoal colored long sleeved shirt she wears is too large, only hinting a graceful curves and the sleeves often hang over her tiny hands, which works to her advantage by protecting her hands from the sun's harmful rays. Her legs are covered in black pants that are slightly too long so they melt seamlessly into small black lace-up boots.


  • Albino-iqus Survivor Text
  • Creatively Astute Text
  • Political Aspirant Text
  • Questionable Reputation Text
  • Science: Botany Text

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