Silas Pike
Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien as Silas Pike
Full Name: Silas Pike
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen
Title/Profession: n/a
Partner(s): n/a Height: 6'2"
Father: Riley Pike (Deceased) Weight: 167lbs
Mother: Clara Pike (Deceased) Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: n/a Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: n/a


Silas was born to Riley and Clara Pike- a middle aged and shrewd couple who earned their keep at the bottom of the pyramid as simple workers. Silas was raised well, though with roughness around the edges that comes with being at bottom of the food chain. In an environment where largely every commodity was monitored and rationed, his parents would take a little bit out of their own to make sure their boy had something a little extra. He was raised to be conscious of his state of affairs- and to mind his manners and behaviour due to his status on board the Ark. During his younger years, he simply innocently questioned why this was the case. And his parents answered, truthfully and honestly- though it often was lost on the young Silas. Growing up, he found himself going in and out of numerous crowds. For a time, he hung out with fairly normal young people. His pursuit of studies was one of his greater priorities, which his parents made sure of- and he found that his interests and talent lied in the studies of Earth, though with hopes of landing a well off position in the Ark and living comfortably. As he got older, he drifted towards somewhat nerdier groups that shared his talent and interest in his best subject- which lead to him becoming the victim of careful bullying at the hands of people considered more prestigious students and examples who would steadily go on to become guards.

The bullying he wordlessly endured, being afraid to bring further trouble upon himself and potentially his parents, pushed him towards rougher individuals who themselves found release in bullying and mischief. This group was composed of a few young folks- no more than six including himself. A small clique in the grand scheme of things that operated on the annoying, mocking, and teasing of others. One where he managed to be one of the less extreme of the clique he rolled with. He banded with them, for the hope of protecting themselves that was familiar amongst all of them, and to help them cope with the pain that similar groups would toss one another's way as a form of venting in the way of teasing and careful bullying that avoided the attention of adults and most importantly guards- as well as some infighting that is unavoidable with stress and teen angst. Being in this group and being fed his comrades problems as well as feeding his own not only managed to help him cope somewhat, but also fed the rebellious frustration and hate for those who kicked him while he was down and the world he lived in. This lead to plentiful amounts of fighting with his parents, the neglecting of his studies and the feeding of violent tendencies. His grades dropped- but he continued studying earth out of personal interest. As time passed, these resentful feelings only managed to escalate- with thoughts of self pity and hate, anger, frustration, and desperation clouding his mind.

And so it was not too much of a surprise from anyone that when one of the other groups of young delinquents came to cause trouble and tease and prod at him, that he snapped and found himself swinging fists. What could have turned into a particularly nasty fight ended was ended swiftly at the hands of the Ark guards. Silas himself was charged with assault as well as initiating the fight and found himself in the prison ward, he spent a month behind bars and partially regretting his decisions as well as despising the governing parties of the Ark, his wounds thoroughly treated. However, in this time he'd find himself becoming under 'quarantine' and forbidden visitation from his both worried and ashamed parents, and from there eventually found himself as one of the 100 sent down to prod earth for its livability. Now, Silas finds himself torn between fear and excitement- on a mutated earth where he must survive with his group or die with them, but also finally free of the heavy handed clutches of those governing the Ark.



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