Silver Kennedy
Chloe Bennet
Chloe Bennet as Silver Kennedy
Full Name: Silver Kennedy
Age: 18
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquent
Title/Profession: Former doctor in training
Partner(s): Not that precocious! Height: 5'6"
Father: Callum Kennedy Weight: 120
Mother: Ruth Kennedy Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Silver was born to a pair of lower-class residents on the Ark. Her mother was in food service, and her father was in sanitation. Had she been a more ordinary child, she likely would have followed in their footsteps. By the time she was four, though, it was clear that the girl was gifted. Her father found her repairing an old toaster first, but in short order, she'd graduated to electronics. She had a gift for delicate mechanics and electronics, one that found ideal expression in repairing the sensitive and worn medical equipment on the Ark.

By the time she was thirteen, she was already working in the medical unit, learning medicine alongside the necessary mechanics and electronics to keep everything working. At sixteen, she was working on an experimental treatment for oxygen deficiency, designing an implant intended to help the body process oxygen and reduce the ability of carbon monoxide to block oxygen bonding. It was still in experimental stages, with improvements to be made.

Unfortunately, one of the doctors on the Ark had a husband who was suffering from oxygen deficiency. She used one of Silver's prototypes in an attempt to keep him alive. When it failed and the device was discovered in autopsy, she framed Silver. There were people on the Council who knew it was a frame job. But given the choice between jailing a teenager or spacing one of their few doctors, they decided Silver's freedom was a small price to pay.

She went into the box at 16, staunchly declaring her innocence, but too aware of why she was being framed to be loud about it. She anticipated a release on her 18th birthday, her supposed crimes "forgiven" in exchange for her relative silence. Instead? Well. Instead there are other plans.


To most of the Delinquents, Silver is the quiet one. Before she went into the box, she was so driven to pursue her future career that she was rarely found with people her own age, instead spending her time with supervisors learning to hone her gifts into skills. After she went into the box, she was focused on staying out of trouble, convinced that she'd be released on her eighteenth birthday. She's always been the last one to make waves and the first one to try to smooth them over. But everything is about to change. Maybe she will too.


Five and a half feet tall, Silver's build speaks more to lucky genetics than hard work. She's relatively fit, though she has enough curves to suggest it doesn't come from physical fitness. Her skin is a dusky gold thanks to mixed heritage, and brown almond eyes hint at another set of ancestors. A strong jaw and straight, small nose balance out her features. Her shoulder-length hair is dark and glossy, tough it carries a slight wave as well.

She wears practical, patched pants, a plain tank top, and simple boots. All of it is worn and patched, but she keeps it as neat and clean as she's able to.


Cross-Specialty Prodigy (Med-Tech): Silver's gifted with mechanics, electronics, and medicine. On the Ark, she mostly used this skill to maintain, repair, and innovate on medical equipment, but the skills can be applied to each field as well.

Falsely Accused: They say everyone in prison says they're innocent, but Silver really is. She was framed for the death that put her in the box. While she understands on an intellectual level why she was framed, that doesn't mean she doesn't resent it.

Problem-Solver: Silver's driven to fix things. Mechanics, electronics, people's medical problems. If it's broken, she wants to fix it, and she's willing to come up with something innovative to do so.

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