Billy "Boy Scout" Stone
Sinqua Walls
Sinqua Walls as William "Boy Scout Billy" Matthew Stone
Full Name: William "Boy Scout Billy" Matthew Stone
Age: 18.7
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Delinquents
Title/Profession: Ex-C Protector/Meatshield
Partner(s): Newp Height: 6'8"
Father: Matthew Stone (Guard Lieutenant) Weight: 230 lb
Mother: Mary Stone (Nurse) (d) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Nope Eye Color: Dark Chocolate
Children: HAH! No!


Billy Stone, known as the Boy Scout to some as a do-gooder, the Giant to others for how ill-suited his size was to occasionally confined space station living, is a young man who was trained practically from being able to walk to become a Guard. His father, Guard Lieutenant Matthew Stone, saw in his large son a vessel to pour his ambition into and create someone who would excel and rise further than he had managed in the chain of command. It didn't matter that Billy Stone took after his shy, kind mother, the boy was to be driven to his destiny.

Billy was always a total do-gooder though. And while excelled in his early cadet training, as he got further along, he started seeing how much corruption there was in the Guard. He couldn't ignore it and dug too deeply into the worst offenders, confronted the wrong people, and even made the wrong idealistic friends who had their own enemies, and so was set up in a situation they knew he couldn't resist acting.

He was one of the cadets assigned to older Guardsman sent to break up the Tesla protest and arrest the kids doing it if they resisted. One of the kids, [[Lip]] of course, mouthed off and the corrupt Guardsman Stone was following took to beating him in order to provoke Stone, who indeed gave in to protective impulse and stopped the attacks. After that, he was charged with Treason right along the protesters, and thrown in the Box with them, becoming cellmates and eventually friends with the kid he'd protected, and when the time came, he was sent down to Earth as one of the 100.

Since then, Stone's done everything he could to protect the others, including sacrificing himself in the Rescue to take a Grounder axe to the gut meant for someone else, and, more recently, an arrow through the throat defending the Camp from the front lines on the wall. Somehow he's survived though and not lost a drop of his idealist protectiveness of his fellows. Whether that will lead to his end or not, we'll have to see.


  • Semi-Gentle Giant The most evident thing about Stone is his size. Maybe four inches shy of seven feet makes for an uncomfortable life on the confines of a space station. Add to it being trained from early age to the life of a Guard, he learned quickly that rough-housing wasn't for him and that his size intimidated people, so he grew up rather shy and reserved, hiding in out of the way places in the stations rather than contending with crowds when not necessary. He's a gentle soul at his core, but trained well to violence and it shows clearly for those who know how to recognize it.
  • Boy Scout…Literally Boy Scout is one of those terms that hung around from old Earth as a phrase for a do-gooder/samaritan sort. Stone got called it in his early teens for protecting a weaker kid once, looked it up, and got fascinated enough to actually study what he could find on them. Be Prepared is one of his key mottos and he's held a lot of interest in survival ways, which turned out to be fairly useful given circumstances. He's still a do-gooder as he's always been (Heck, he doesn't even swear), but he also would have totally been an actual scout if he'd been born in the old days.
  • To Protect and Serve Stone was driven by his father to the Guard practically from birth and it led him to healthy interest in history of police forces in the past. The U.S. LAPD's motto stuck with him at an early age and is the second core of his personal philosophy. He sees it as duty of those with the skills and will to protect those without and serve the greater good of the community. Even if that means taking an arrow to the throat or axe to the gut so someone else doesn't have to. His loyalty to the people he chooses to protect is unwavering and will most likely someday get him killed.
  • Live Fast, Die Young A couple near death experiences since Landing haven't shaken Stone's faith in his duty to protect and serve, but it has opened his eyes a bit to how his shyness has held him back and how much he'd regret if he dies right now. He heard the phrase Live Fast, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse. It kind of resonated and is starting to shape him to be a bit more bold and reckless and maybe even have a bit more fun. Who knows, maybe someone will even get him to drink someday.
  • Slow Anger Burns Hottest Stone is kind of a stolid, easy-going sort most of the time. It takes a lot to ramp him up to actual anger, usually some sort of serious threat to people he cares about, but when he gets there, he gets there with a fury and becomes a dangerous sort of creature that would take a miracle to talk down.
  • Ambidexterity Stone has trained with weapons since he could barely walk practically and it led to an early development of non-handedness that makes him comfortable using either as his dominant. After his severe injury to the left in the Rescue, he thought he might have lost the knack, but he's starting to pick it back up as the the damage heals.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Shi Shi Retter : "We met in Earth Studies where we hit it off. Her being one of the privileged didn't bother me and our particular sorts of awkward kind of clicked. We tried for more once, but I got freaked about losing her as a friend and backed off. This time I didn't, and I'm beyond lucky to have her. Love's a rare thing down here I suspect."
Ariadne Ariadne : "Kinda quiet, but I gotta respect her willingness to fight. If I had to share Shi with anyone, I'm glad it's her, especially as I keep imagining what we all might become together."
Lip Lip : "Boxmate, Trouble magnet, Best Guy Friend. Yeah, he's sort of the reason I'm on the Ground now, but in some ways, I think he did me a favor. This is where I'm supposed to be. I owe him more than he knows for his What Would Lip Do philosophy and I'll try to do my brother from another mother proud."

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