Tuan kom Trikru
Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig as Tuan kom Trikru
Full Name: Tuan kom Trikru
Age: 19
Clan: Warriors
Faction: Trikru
Title/Profession: Scout
Partner(s): None Height: 6'2"
Father: Chese kom Trikru Weight: 210 lbs
Mother: Alyse kom Trikru Hair Color: Dark Blond
Siblings: Matthieu kom Trikru (deceased); Aarith kom Trikru (deceased); Ginia kom Trikru (Sister-in-Law) Eye Color: Light Blue
Children: None



To the northwest from Coesbur lies the remnants of a small farm community which was made up of 12 families. This farming village was on the outskirts of Trikru territory and although the settlement was a stretch away, it did fairly well for itself and produced enough crops to be able to sustain trade along the roads with the larger villages around. It was from this village that Tuan kom Trikru was from. His parents, Chese and Alyse and his two siblings; Matthieu (7 years older) along with Aarith (4 years younger) lived lives which, by at least Tuan's standards were boring but happy. A precocious youth, Tuan always was getting into trouble and mischief which his Father and Matthieu disciplined over and his mother humored him about. Although it was hardly acceptable, Tuan was definitely favored by his mother as the middle child and was (at least according to Matthieu) spoiled. It was shortly after Tuan's 6th birthday when tragedy struck. He was out conducting one his usual mischievous undertakings when the village was attacked by raiders. Matthieu had been sent out to find Tuan and the pair of brothers returned to find nothing left. The houses and buildings were on fire or smoldering, the bodies of the villagers strung up or laying on the ground. The sounds in the forest told both that the attackers, although done with their work, were close enough so the pair fled towards the south.


After several days of travel, Tuan and Matthieu arrived at the village of Coesbur where they were greeted and after their story was told to the Staheda, they were brought into the community. It was a difficult time particularly for Matthieu who held some resentment towards Tuan over what had happened and the fact the younger brother, at least on the surface, did not seem to be showing what he deemed was the appropriate level of grief. This rift between the brothers which had always existed grew wider and wider into a schism. That was until one of the inhabitants of Coesbur, Elian, came and spoke with Tuan. It was in this conversation that finally the young boy began to understand a bit more about what his brother was struggling with. Although the relationship between Matthieu and Tuan never got strong, it at least warmed away from the chill it was. Quickly however, Elian and the other men of the village began to see more of Tuan among them as they filled in where Matthieu could not.

For the next five years very little happened beyond the normal life of a Grounder boy; except of course the encouragement of some of the older men in the village for Tuan to continue his pranks and antics; to the chagrin of Matthieu of course.

This all changed on a very important day. Matthieu had finally gotten married to a woman in the village, Ginia kom Trikru. Tuan did not like her, but rather loved her like the sibling he had always craved. Where Matthieu and he had grown apart, it was as if Ginia had filled that void. When she spoke, he listened and helped out wherever and whenever he could. This change in his life saw one of the largest periods of growth for Tuan as he went from child to man. The antics began to become less (although he still did pull the occasional prank) and he began to focus on what he would do with his life. Matthieu wanted him to be a farmer of some kind, but this just did not sit well with Tuan as he had a far more adventurous spirit about him. He spent much time in the woods already so it made sense, at least to him (and others in the village he spoke with) to embrace that and pursue the life of a scout.

Musical Inspiration

Luca Stricagnoli - The Last of the Mohicans (Original by Trevor Jones)
Luca Stricagnoli - Sweet Child o' Mine (Original by Guns n' Roses)

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Known Associates

Ginia Ginia kom Trikru : Other than the blood, Ginia is my sister in every way possible. Always an ear to listen and someone who will actually tell me when I have gone to far. I wake up and train because Ginia lives in Coesbur, Luca lives in Coesbur and I must do my job because they depend on me doing my job. My only family, and the only family I really need.
Thesda Thesda kom Trikru : Thesda is my first, the woman who is training me in my future profession for the clan; in this particular case being a Scout.
Elian Elian kom Trikru : Elian has always kept an eye out for me. After my brother and I made our way to the village; my brother always looked at me and blamed me for what happened to our parents. Our relationship was rough, Elian filled that void.
Britt Britt kom Trikru : You mean well, for everyone and myself. I appreciate you.
Wren Wren kom Trikru : Your sister and I were close, and I believe you approved of that. Losing her hurt my heart deeply. I am glad that you are healing, I am sad that we are both stuck in this place that we are; trapped between duty and heart.

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