Veks kom Trikru
Max Theriot
Max Theriot as Veks kom Trikru
Full Name: Veks kom Trikru
Age: 23
Clan: Trikru
Faction: Grounder
Title/Profession: Houndsman
Partner(s): - Height: 5'9"
Father: Stad kom Trikru Weight: 160 lbs.
Mother: Ibem and Piri kom Trikru Hair Color: ash blonde
Siblings: yes (TBA) Eye Color: pale grey
Children: -


Nobody expected Ibem to come back from a season of scouting the northern borders with a child — least of all, a six year-old boy with straw-pale hair and strange grey eyes. She'd never been the mothering type — her woman Piri was the one with a call to home and hearth, already with two children from their man Stad, the village Houndsman — but the child called Veks was, from the moment she returned, her son.

Many words and fists were thrown, along with accusations of the boy being Azdega. Through it all, Ibem was unwavering. She had found Veks in the burned-out remnants of a Trikru border village, the lone survivor. The conflict and insults continued until the village Chief finally brought down the law. He was Veks kom Trikru, son of Ibem kom Trikru, and that was that.

The boy grew up with a clutch of half-brothers and -sisters, and took a shine to his father's work almost immediately. Animals didn't mutter behind backs, or call your heritage into question. He learned archery and herbalism from his mothers, tracking and beast-training from his father — and how to stay light on his feet and quick to evade from his peers. By twelve he was his father's Second, and by fourteen he was trusted to train his own dogs from weaning to release. Years later, When Stad died from wounds after a Reaper attack, he became the village Houndsman.


Generally speaking, Veks's personality is quite canine. He plays hard, works hard, loves deeply, lusts frequently, and if he's quick to snarl, he's even quicker to forgive and forget.

He does not, however, thump his foot if you scratch his ribs.

On the Grid

Here are a few ideas for character hooks with Veks. Feel free to +mail or page me in-game if you'd like to work something out, whether it's on this list or an idea of your own!

The Sibs: There's room for a couple of half-brothers or -sisters, if you want a tie-in to some living family. Can be on good or bad terms with Veks, depending on the dynamics we work out.

ex-Veks: Do you want a fling or failed romance in your character's history? This can be a fun way to tie characters together if you're looking for a back-story relationship without the OOC drama of a breakup. Open to boys or girls; Veks's wandering eye sees all.

Fellowship of Dags: Veks could have trained your trusty four-legged companion for you. You could also be hunting buddies. Veks has no Second at this point, so you could be angling for this, or already up for consideration.

Damn Dirty Skaikru: They're all trouble. Every last one. No exceptions. As a player, I'd love to work with someone on chipping away at Veks's prejudice. This is more likely a long-term evolution than a quick epiphany, but I'm open to ideas.

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