Victoria "Tori" Beaubois
Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson as Victoria Jane Beaubois
Full Name: Victoria Jane Beaubois
Age: 27
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: Citizen
Title/Profession: Doctor
Partner(s): HAHAHA Height: 5'3"
Father: Warren Beaubois Weight: 120lbs.
Mother: Elizabeth "Liz" Beaubois Hair Color: Red
Siblings: None, duh Eye Color: Blue
Children: No



Victoria Jane Beaubois was born of Elizabeth and Warren Beaubois - two med-techs of middling talent with no particular axe to grind nor any inherent family issues to be swept under the proverbial rug. Thus freed from a potentially melodramatic childhood, Tori was keen on following in her parents’ footsteps as far as possible. To do so, she shed herself of all but the most platonic of connections (with the exception of Lionel Weeks) and was not known to demonstrate any great emotional attachment to friends or family. Her interests were on her studies, and her reputation as an excellent student with a clever mind has followed her straight into the medbay.

As an adolescent, Tori was most known as a friendless loner too bent on her future career path to give a damn about those around her. Some of her peers took this in stride, as her friendship was not necessary to validate their existence; others were less inclined to forgive her sharp tongue and total indifference to their existence. Tori’s permanent record includes a list of minor infractions involving bathroom scuffles and talking out of turn during class, but her reaction to any mention of this is a faint shrug and a change of subject. Tori's one notable friendship was shared with Lionel, a boy of the same age but of vastly different background and character. They played into the adage of "opposites attract" due in most part to their temperaments; Lionel supplied the heat and Tori brought the cold. Her first encounter with him occurred just outside of class when she discovered the signs of his abuse. She was the first to patch him up, and their relationship blossomed from there.

By the age of sixteen, Tori had wiggled her way out of the world of teenagers-in-classrooms and established a foothold in Go-Sci, and she spent her free hours serving shifts as a med-tech beside the capable doctors of the Ark. By eighteen she had advanced into something resembling a residency, and by 22 she was operating as an independent physician under the leadership of the chief medical staff. The one complaint from her patients remains the same to this day: Tori is totally lacking in a proper bedside manner.

Her success led to a great deal of resentment in her tiny family, which was quite astonishing for Tori. Perhaps Liz and Warren were making up for lost time by foisting the bitterness of unrealized dreams on their more-intelligent offspring, or perhaps they really did expect her to follow so closely in their shadow that she’d remain unnoticed behind their mediocre “brilliance.” In any case, the tension within the Beaubois home was such that Tori unofficially moved out, and relocated closer to her workplace.

Tori was safely lodged on Alpha station when the Arkfall was initiated, and so she was among the survivors who first stumbled out onto the surface of the Earth. She has since assisted in establishing a proper medical outpost in Camp Jaha and participating in militia training.



A short mane of wavy, bright red hair has been pinned back hastily. Stray locks of hair spring loose from their confines to frame her angular face, offsetting the watery, grey-blue of her eyes. Her face is thin with a slightly pinched look about it, and the paleness of her skin lends to an overall air of slightly sickly aloofness. Her face is smooth, lacking in the lines drawn by such mediocre expressions as 'smiling' or 'frowning'; instead, her expression is usually one of casual indifference and condescension.

Short but slender, she carries herself with the grace of a woman who knows her place in this world. She prefers to be adorned in layers of black so as to draw attention upward to her face. Classic outfit staples include: a long-sleeved shirt and fitted pants with non-descript ankle boots.


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Lily Allen — Fuck You

Smashing Pumpkins — Fuck You

Beastie Boys — Hey Fuck You

The Queers - I Just Called to Say Fuck You

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