Wysteria "Wyst" Fairchild
Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki as Wysteria Fairchild
Full Name: Wysteria Fairchild
Age: 33
Clan: Skaikru
Faction: The Guard
Title/Profession: Guardsman
Partner(s): Unmarried Height: 5'11"
Father: Evan Fairchild Weight: 139
Mother: Lily Rose Popen-Fairchild Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Wysteria "Wyst" Fairchild was born to a hard-nosed guard, Evan Fairchild and Lily Rose Popen, an agro-worker. These two opposites should have never met but for a Unity Day celebration that put Lily Rose in Evan's arms for a night and nine months later Wyst was born. Evan always suspected that Lily Rose had crossed his path for more than just the obvious reasons but he did his duty and married her once the blood results came back the child was his.

Evan didn't really trust his wife so he kept her on a tight lease, keeping an eye on her activities. Lily Rose had a hard time under her husband's sharp eyes and started turning to drugs and alcohol to keep it together. No one really knew how she managed to keep well stocked with her addictions, but sometimes little Wyst would come back with packages for mommy. Evan knew his wife was a problem, but she never stepped too out of line so he looked away on the minor stuff because she doted on his daughter. Wyst loved her mother so.

By the time she was ten, the girl was showed promise with the batons when Evan tested her and could fight with both hands at the same time. She also had a tall athletic body. Evan started training his daughter as a cadet, grooming her to lean, tough and ready to join his side once she was old enough to start cadet training. He also taught her his strict moral code, and gave her a moral compass. Wyst was a smart enough girl to know her mother wasn't on the straight and narrow, but her father seemed to make her mother the one exception to the rule.

Wyst did well as a cadet. She ran things by the book, performed well enough to gain respect among her peers but never so much that she stood out among the crowd. It wasn't that she wasn't capable of doing it. Her mother urged her to hold back, keep a low profile and not be the best. Right after she made guard, she volunteered to work in the Skybox. She regularly patrolled and was one of the guards that seemed to care in protecting the kids, even Hector Valentine. Wyst did her best but sometimes her best wasn't enough. Sometimes evidence would get misplaced. Because dealing with Lily Rose was almost a full time job for Wyst and her dad. She still managed to keep it together as a blonde, easy going guard that kept her nose very clean.

When the rebellion happened, Lily Rose were killed in the confusion. Wyst managed to keep it together and help the other guards keep the piece as the Ark detached and made their way down. Since hitting the ground, Wyst has been keeping to the grounds and haven't had a chance to prove herself out on the field. But with the conflict with the Mountain Men escalating, it's bound to happen.



Standing at 5'11, Wyst towers over many of the other guards. Her blonde hair tumbles down her shoulders over serious cerulean eyes gaze back with intelligence. Proud nose sits over full pink lips that frown more than the smile. Her near hourglass figure is hidden under layers of black guard armor that deemphasizes her body. On her belt are two shock batons. In her boots are two knives. Occasionally if the mission requires it, she wears a gun.


  • Ambidextrous: Wyst is left handed but most days fights with her right hand so it doesn't break formation. She has practiced fighting with both hands.
  • Criminal Connections: It's not common knowledge, but Wyst has ties to the Valentine family from her mother's side.
  • Dark Secret: If anyone knew what Wyst has done for the Valentines, she'd probably be floated.
  • Eidetic Memory: Wyst has perfect recall. She remembers everything she experiences.
  • Favored Weapon: Shock Baton: Wyst is poetry in motion when she has two batons in her hands.
  • Guard Legacy: Wyst's father and grandfather were guards.

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