Dramatis Personae

How to Create a New Character Page

To create a character page, please use the module below to create the page using your character's bit name, no last names or titles; they should not include non-alphanumeric items. Please do not include semicolons or slashes. It will create the page, set the template, and even set the primary tags. Once you fill out the required information on the template and post it, you will need to return to this page to link the character page under the appropriate House, or other association. Use the 'Edit' feature below and follow the format of the other character pages.

Please do not forget to tag the page with your character's bitname and association (i.e. Skaikru, Grounders, etc.).

These are characters that are currently on the grid as PCs. Please see our Wanted page if you are looking for open characters.

The Council

Thelonius Jaha (NPC) — Chancellor of the Ark
Marcus Kane (NPC) — Councilman and Chief of the Guard

The Guard

Grey — Member of the Guard, Guardsman, pardoned murderer (The 100)
Lionel Tobias Weeks — Member of the Guard, corporal
Nathaniel Breen — Member of the Guard, Sargeant
Samantha Quinn — Member of the Guard, assault
Wysteria "Wyst" Fairchild — Member of the Guard, Corporal

Citizen of Camp Jaha

Alison Stradford — Resident, assault
Asher Kholmin — Resident, murder
Cameron Scott — Resident, Pardoned for Destruction of Property (the 100), Militia, Agro-Tech
Cassandra Bonheur — Resident, Pardoned for Possession and Black Market Trafficking (the 100)
Elias Lapointe — Resident, Agro-Tech, Geologist, pardoned for theft of resources.
Fiona Kattegat — Resident, treason
Frankie Holloway — Resident, Chemist/Brewer and pardoned thief (The 100). Currently Missing.
Gideon kom Skaikru — Resident, hunter and laborer for Camp Jaha.
Hector Valentine — Resident, Engineer and Black Marketeer
Julie Robins — Resident, If you're a delinquent: What was your crime? One word only: manslaughter, murder, theft, etc. If you're a grounder: What's your role in the village? If you're a Mountain Man: What's your role in the Mountain?
Jumar Beckinson — Resident, Engineer, Mechanic, Metalworker, Pardoned manslaughter (The 100)
Katy Ivanovich — Resident, Weapon Smith
Ljo — Resident, Resident, Agro-Tech, On parole for Burglery.
Madelyn Petrie — Resident, Pardoned for theft (The 100)
Max Loden — Resident, Pardoned for the murder of Jim Duggart (The 100). Currently Missing.
Morgan Blackwood — Resident, pardoned murderer (the 100)
Reno Loden — Resident, second child
Richael Wood — Resident, Engineer, Mechanic, Chemist, Former Resident of the Skybox
Silas Pike — Resident, Leatherworker, Pardoned for Assault (The 100)
Tink — Resident, Pardoned for arson (The 100) Currently Missing
Victoria "Tori" Beaubois — Resident, Doctor

The 100

These characters were once all part of The 100 Project. Most have found other callings in Camp Jaha, but they are still remembered for their role and being the first on the ground.

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