Glossary of Terms

While the people of the Ark, Mountain Men, and Grounder warriors speaks English, the common language of the Grounders, Trigedasleng is a patois developed over the 97 years since the Nuclear Apocalypse. Some common terms are included below, but given that the language was created by the same scholar who created Dothraki for the Game of Thrones show (there are a lot of words/grammar rules), we won't include a full listing here. Instead, we suggest that you take a look at this wiki page. Trigedasleng creator David J. Peterson also answers language questions on his Tumblr site.


"Ai laik <name> kom <clan>" - Grounder phrase for "I am <name> of <clan>."
Beja - Grounder word for "Please."
Floated - Executed. On the Ark, this is accomplished by venting the offender out an airlock.
"Go Feed a Tree" - "Go F*ck yourself," from Trikru (due to cremation and use of ashes in agriculture).
"Go Float Yourself" - "Go F*ck yourself," from Skaikru (due to corpses or prisoners being vented out airlocks)
Gonasleng - Grounder word for "Warrior's Language," or English.
Heda - Commander. The leader of the Grounder coalition, drawn from the ranks of the Nightbloods.
Heya - Grounder word for "Hello."
Houmon - Grounder word for spouse/husband/wife; derived from "home one."
Intranet - The computer network at Camp Jaha, after the computer network on the Ark.
"Jus Drein Jus Daun" - Grounder phrase for "Blood Must Have Blood," which defines vengeance for them.
Kru - Crew. A clan of grounders. Trikru is the most prominent one. The Sky People (Arkers) will be called Skaikru.
Kruheda - Grounder title for a clan chief.
Kongeda - Grounder word for the Coalition of Clans.
Leidon - Grounder word for "Goodbye."
Moba - Grounder word for "Sorry."
Mochof - Grounder word for "Thank you."
Mountain Men - People who live within Mount Weather (Maunon in Trigedasleng).
Niron - Grounder word for "beloved" or "lover".
Pro - Grounder word for "You're welcome."
Reapers - Cannibalistic savages.
Second - Grounder term for an apprentice.
Sha - Grounder word for "Yes."
Skaiboy - Grounder term for a young adult male from the Sky People (people from the Ark). Developed ICly
Skaigirl - Grounder term for a young adult female from the Sky People (people from the Ark). Developed ICly
Skaiheda - In theory, Chancellor on the Ark. If he actually exists. Developed ICly
Skaigeda - Dropship Camp. "sky gathering". Kinda like a village. Developed ICly
Skaikru - Grounder term for Sky People (people from the Ark).
Stegeda - Grounder term for village
Steheda - Grounder title for a village chief.
Trigedasleng - The Grounder language.
Trikru - Grounder term for the Woods Clan.

You can also find words developed by Peterson that never made it into the show (and those that did) at this website.

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