Day 010: A Care Taken
Summary: Jaha speaks to Alison Stradford about her parents and how things are going on the ground.
Date: 17 May 2016
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Jaha Alison 

Tech Tent, the Camp
The tech tent.
10 Days After Landing

Another runner from the tech tent comes to find Alison wherever she may be, his hands on his knees to catch his breath when he finds her. He gasps the words while he adjusts his goggles on his messy mass of dark hair. "Al… ison… the… Chancellor… is on… the radio… for you." Then he slumps up against the nearest surface, offering her a cheesy grin.

When Alison does get to the tech tent, she is greeted with the same tired Chancellor most have been visiting with. Jaha's eyes are dark and heavy, and his hair looks as if it might be getting grayer with each passing day. He smiles when Alison comes into view, and gestures for her to take the seat in front of the monitor. "Good evening, Miss Stradford." Beat pause, and then a broader smile. "I should stop doing that… I keep assuming you are all on the same time as us. So, good day, Miss Stradford."

Alison settles into her seat, her left hand holding a long fang as she readies for the screen to lock on to the Chancellor. There is a confidence to her seating, loyal or not, she knows she holds advantages that she never could have before. Her eyes lock to his, trying to read him. "Good day, Chancellor. How may I assist you today?" She shifts her arm in a relaxed motion, making the monitoring bracelet visible.

The Chancellor rests his elbows on the table in front of him, folded fingers resting at his mouth. He looks thoughtful for a long moment, and then he breathes out a sigh. "Two things, Miss Stradford." His forefinger rises slightly as if to indicate one. "I wanted to talk to you about your parents… I don't know if you have had time to speak with them yet, but I feel it is my job to reassure you… no formal charges are being filed against them. They did what needed to be done. I cannot slight them for that." He breahtes out slowly. "Their courage is profound… as is their love for you."

There is a smile, "Gracious of you." She shifts her neck to let it click once and loosen. There is a lean forward, "I miss them, but our work here is for the future." She raises the fang in front of the monitor, "This is from a panther. That is a one hundred kilo killing machine, we had to kill with sticks. The water here is filled with vicious giant fish snakes, that make a panther look like a lab rat. We are also facing seven foot tall tribals." She comments and sighs, "But I suppose you have heard much of that, as well as the fact some are moving to treaty with them?" There is a pause, "We have located sustainable water. Food, obviously, or we would be dead. The air is good enough. Those are the positives, Chancellor." She says, ready his face at each part of the report.

Jaha listens with the same dutiful patience, though his brows to raise high above his eyes to display his surprise at such reports. He frowns deeply. "We did not know what to expect," he says, voice weary again. "Carter did all he could to prepare you, though I suppose we were blind to assume that accelerated Earth Skills courses would have been enough." Then he rubs at his chin, nodding slightly. "I have heard of an attempted treaty… a ceasefire at least." One brow arches now as he considers Alison. "What is your thoughts on that, Miss Stradford? There are some up here who do not believe that…" His smile takes on a strained amusement. "… children may not be the best emissaries for the Ark."

Alison raises her hand and makes a shifty motion, "We gave up the advantage of prisoners and the cure to a disease we are apparently carriers of. That would be our only real advantages, we gave them up as a show of good faith. I frankly do not know what that leaves us to negotiate with." Her shoulders shrug in teenager fashion, "We could bluff and promise advance medicines, but, how long till we could hope to locate and refine resources to manufacture our technology? A generation or more. I suspect we are depending on their gratitude. Gratitude is poor bargaining tool. Especially when we are the plague bearers." The red haired young woman shakes her head and sighs, "Could haves, should haves." She look down a bit, confidence, especially bravado only goes so far. A breath and she looks back up, "We must more forward. Is there anything you can detect about Mount Weather from up there? Is there a way you can send supplies? Weapons, or equally important, tools and scientific equipment?" She chew on her bottom lip, "Any idea when transport will begin?"

Jaha frowns as Alison sheds more light on the situation, and he breathes out a heavy sigh as he leans back. "You are right," he murmurs. "There is very little you can offer, and I do not know if there is much we care spare." He looks up at the girl, gesturing a bit. "As for Mount Weather… no, there is very little we can detect from the mountain… the surface structures are completely destroyed. We are continuing to monitor it, but our resources are limited for constant monitoring." Then he reaches up to rub at his jaw again at her question. "Soon," he promises. "We are drafting the Exodus Charter as we speak… making arrangements. The first we send down should be the most valuable to setting up a settlement, but… if I understand the situation, we may be wise to ask where we will be welcomed to land by the natives." He leans forward. "Do you think you could pass that to those chosen as our emissaries?"

"Of course." Nothing less likely than a request for resources, good ole' Ark. "I will inform the delegation of the request. If there is some way we can get better maps at least, that might help in that request. Then they can have an idea of where to tell us, though I suspect their first choice would be Asia." A pause and studies him more. "Is there anything further you would request? Why are you staying up there, that is true right?"

Jaha nods to Alison's request. "I'll have Saint Clair work on getting you a better map… somehow." He then releases a heavy sigh as Alison asks a question that so many have asked in recent days — Kane, in particular. He shakes his head. "I am, in some ways, a representative of the ways of the Ark." His smile thins a bit. "It is my hope that compassion will be seen and I will join everyone on the ground, but unity is important, Alison. Splintered and in broken pieces is not the way… one life to ensure that the Ark comes down and unites with you on the ground? I suppose that is something I am willing to give."

Alison gives a look of concern, she would rather have the man survive. 'Like him' might be an over-statement, but his death is hardly a goal. "I will let the others know about the map. I know you must be busy, I shall not take up aany more of your time for now. If you need me, let me know. Give my love to my parents and let them know I look forward to speaking with them. Also.. The last ship down, it was stripped, if there is a separate beacon, you might want to have it tracked." Alison pauses, waiting for anything final.

Jaha nods seriously, and starts to lean back. "Thank you, Miss Stradford." He hesitates, and then nods again, this time as if his thoughts are distracted. "And we will look into what happened to the escape pod… that is… a but unnerving." He shakes his head clear. "Be safe, Alison," he says, using her first name gently. "I will pass along your message. Jaha, out."

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