Day 023: A Meeting Of Makers
Summary: In which Que and Cole find a common thought and purpose, a peace, and make a trade.
Date: 6 15 2016
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Cole Que 

Day 023

Sweaty and a little beat, Cole has come to a particular realization as he was apart of that large combat training exercise nearby. It's given him an idea, one that he realizes he need to do personally. And it's not something he figured he'd ever need, but this tire iron will not do him justice, not as much as he'd like. It's too short, means he has to get in close to someone. Real close. He needs something that'll suit him better. And as he's been sparring with a makeshift club, he's figure out a good idea on what he needs. So, after saying his goodbyes he left the group, because he did hear one of the traders was recently in the camp. That large fellow he met once before, can't recall his name. Q? Kew? Que? Something like that. An idea, already in his head as he walks, not yet putting his shirt back on, trying to cool off.

Que is working; he has been working for hours now. The project varies. Sometimes simply advising how to use tools. Sometimes making suggestions. But now, he has a block of wood and a bent, misshapen chunk of metal which could be useful as a shield if it were better framed, and so, he's framing it. With his huge sledgehammer and ample muscles, he beats into it. CLANG. CLANG. CLANG. Steady, calm, he works it. It would be easier, of course, to work with a forge— but his forge is at Coesbur, not here, so through sheer strength does he pound the metal out. The sound rings around the camp and seems like music to Que's ears, so absorbed in it is he.

Whoa, metalsmithing. Something Cole has little to do with. He can bend metal, sure. With enough leverage and force, but it's not an exact science with him. So as he picks out the banging metal sound, he comes forward, watching with a distinct interest in the craft. There's a stare, with an almost evaluating eye, taking hte method in, perhaps trying to memorize it. Not something he can learn by watching. He's strong, but it's doubtful he's /that/ strong to be able to hammer like that. "Damn." he offers after a moment of silence. "That's really impressive work."

Que hears these words, and pauses, turning to regard Cole a moment, "You are being Cole kom Skaikru, if I am being remembering correctly?" He turns around the stump, and continues wielding the heavy mass of the sledgehammer into the metal, just… slower. So there can be conversation and work. "It would being better with my forge, or with the trip hammer in my workshop." He shrugs slightly, rolling his shoulders, "I am doing what it is I can be doing with simple tools."

"Yeah, that's me." Cole nods. "You're Que, right?" he asks, making sure he remembers the name right. "We spoke once. Briefly." Then he listens a little longer, apparently nodding at both of those terms. "I've read about forges and trip hammers, never seen either of them, but I know how they work." he remarks. "Machines I'm good with. Bulding, good with. Forming metal? Not something I was trained in." There's a look around. "Though…I may be able to help with that a little. I think. I have some tools that maybe I can offer."

"I am being a maker, a master of metal, and to a lesser degree, of wood— carp-en-tree?— and mach-eens. It is being most of my services that I trade for, in Coesbur, is maker of tools. Oh, I can being make walls. You are having a decent wall." This last is said in a slightly complimentary tone, "Though I am not thinking it is being built on deep enough foundation to protect against the power of our horses." He waves that way, though, "Still. Your people are having my services in fair trade for cookie leather, that payment having being paid. So I will being work until it is being time for me to depart." There's something a bit vague about this statement. Surely the camp can't afford to trade food while under seige to that big guy, but he seems content.

"Then I wonder if you might want some help with that. Hold on a moment." Cole replies walking a moment and then return with a black nylon bag. With looks kinda ancient. "I found this awhile back. These are tools that I'm used to by anything you work on, you might find them useful too." Kneeling down, he lays out his wrenches, screwdrivers, his socekt wrench, a handful of sockets to go with it, a pair of needle-nose pliers, and a set of channel-locks. "Your machines need repair at some point, these tools may be able to help? I'd be willing to trade a few of these for something of your skill. If you could construct it. A weapon." Then a glance at the wall. "Hey. Thanks. Nobodies really said much about the wall. But…yeah…horses were not included in my calculations. Meant to reply men. When I built it, I didn't know about horses. If I did…may of been able to compensate for that."

Que is hesitant, though he does look at interest at the tools. He has tools, many, but few are really up to the quality of the old world. "I am being hesitant in assisting in making weapons to kill my people. You must being understanding I am being in difficult position. Blood must have blood. Some of your people are being calling us lunatics, bloodthirsty, thinking we are being like the Reapers. This is not being so. Blood must have blood, it is not meaning war eternal, indiscriminate. It is meaning peace. Blood must have blood. How else can we being trust hated Ice Nation within our Coalition, but to being know that blood must have blood? But it is not being meaning /any/ blood. The blood of Thripoda is not, I am believing, calling out for yours— or I would not being here. Yet, I will not being commit treason against my clan, I will not feed the earth my blood in Ten Thousand Cuts, but will being live in honor and feed it with my ashes. But it is not being honorable to seek your blood for blood you have not being spilled. Still. To being assist you with weapons to use against my own clan?" Que shakes his head slowly, "Tell me more. I may being consider it. I am uncertain. But I will being listen."

"I just want a weapon to defend mine." Cole replies. "But, yeah, I get your hesitation. We're put in a bad position. And when I say 'we', I really mean all of us. We're getting attacked for something we didn't do, you're in a bad spot because you don't exactly agree. Because you have more experience with us. I get it. I don't have much desire to kill your people. Hell, I don't have desire to really kill /anyone/. I'm a mechanic. I build things. I create things, I don't destroy. It sorta goes against my nature to. Besides, destroying is easier than creating. And personally, I enjoy a challenge." Then he waves a hand. "I don't think you're savages. Just different. Hell, you know more about metal than I do. I don't consider that savage at all. I consider it a skill. And skills are meant to be value, respected. I get they're you ways, I do. I just…well…it's just a shitty situation." But taking the needle-nose pliers, he'll smooth out the dirt infront of him and start drawing. And he's a pretty damn good drawer. Have to be when you're used to drawing draft plans. It's….not a weapon Que may of scene. It's like a sword…but also like a spear. It's different. The blade is about as long as the handle. "Fifty-three inches in length. Metal blade, woodedn haft. If you want to consider it, that would be great. But if you don't feel right making it, that's fine too." Then a thought occurs to him. "If you taught me how to make it, would it still be treason?"

Que considers the design in the dirt thoughtfully, and inclines his head slightly, "It is not being a design I am used to, but I could being make it— but not here. I brought tools with me of general usefulness. Shovels. Saws. Hammers. Axes. Many others. But I am having no forge, no grinding stone, no means to heat and reshape steel. I am fearing that when I leave here, by the time I am returning to Coesbur and working this then returning here, there may being too late. But I can not guess at the schedule of attack— you have being sick already, but not attacked, so that means …" Que frowns, "I am not being a warrior but it seems to me the tactical sickness was deployed wrongly, so I do not know if I could being bring you this weapon before it is being too late." That said, he purses his lips, "For that." The socket wrench, "And that." The channel lock, "Offered in trade up front, in honor. I would being leave tomorrow and undertake this work. I would being leave my tools for assurance of return, for additional payment of that." The pliars, "Which would being returned on my tools being returned when I come back. In two days. If you yet live."

Cole consider long and hard about the socket wrench. And then channel-locks. Of course, he'd ask for the two most useful tools he has. It's a long moment of consideration for the mechanic. He still has the wrenches though, some of which are the same size of the sockets so it's not a /horrible/ loss. Still man, his channel-locks. But he does need a better weapon than the tire iron. "To let you know, this is what I have for a weapon," he sets it on the ground. "Not much of one. I'm not a warrior either but…I feel like I'm going to have to be one for a little bit. I'm not…I don't like the idea of it, I'd rather build but…sometimes we have to do things we don't like for the greater good of everyone, yeah?" A sigh follows. "Done. But if you're gonna take the socket wrench, you'll need these to go with it. I can't use them without the socket wrench." he indicates the sockets. "And the pliers if you leave your tools here and you'll give the pliers back? Also done." He hands the three tools and the sockets over. Small price to pay. "Take good care of them, yeah? They're really good tools. Served me well." Yeah, he looks a little sad about it, but it's for a good cause. "Sacrafices…all gotta give something up."

"I am being a maker, Cole kom Skaikru. I am never having lifted my hammer in war, I am wishing I never would." There's sympathy there. Real sympathy. "But if my village were being threatened, I would wield what is meant to being for creation to instead destroy. We all would. Every single one of us, the Trikru, will be warriors if it is being needed. I would being expect nothing less of you." He says this as if its an honor, if… a less ideal one. "But I do not seek to being a warrior." But then he nods to Cole's terms, "I will be leaving my tools here for returning, but know this, Maker of Skaigeda, tools are what are being making a people. It is not being walls, it is not being great works, it is being the works which enable others to excel. Tools. Tools are being the workings that are elevating us. I do not lightly release nor idly set aside a tool."

"No, and I don't give these away easily either." Cole sighs. "But, like I said, sometimes to keep the people you care about safe, you have to be able to make some sacrafices to do it. Getting weapon to protect my people when I lack one and I'm unable to make myself because it's a skill I lack? I suppose I will have to give something to acheive that. My tools, like yours are precious. I hope I find more. Because, yeah, I'm with you on all of that. Tools are damn important and think you're about the first person that really gets that without tools…a…maker is limited. They can't help their people as easily. So…I give these to you, Que, to help your people excel. It's…the least I can do." Yeah, he does look sad, but again, sacrafices must be made. "I will be a warrior, for a little bit, but the moment I can lay down my sword and go back to making? I'll do it in a second. Not something I want to do, but something I have to do."

Que nods, his expression solumn, "When a maker is being taking up a weapon to kill, it is being a grave time for his people." He makes a vague gesture before them, "May that you being able to set this down again and know the joy of being raising a hammer once again." He glances at the makeshift shield, "This will being a shield when I am being done with it, you will see it is to a warrior, yes? Then when it is being done I will being return to Coesbur and fulfill our trade, Cole kom Skaikru, friend maker."

"If I die, Que, I'll make sure that someone, if there's anyone left, gets you the rest of my tools. They'll be yours, since I think you're the only one that'd really appreciate their value." Cole finally says after a long moment of silence. "They won't do any good amoung the dead. I'd rather they be used. By someone, building for for their people. That would…yeah, that'd make me happy, I think." A glance at the shield. "I'll make someone uses it the way it's intended, yeah. I'm sure someone will put it to good yes." Then a look around. "If we survive this, if we live, I'd have some things to teach you, if you were interested. Maybe improve your workshop or something. And then maybe you could have some things to teach me in the process. Maybe. If we live."

To the declaration of giving his tools, Que purses his lips, and nods. His expression is solumn, but he doesn't speak on this matter, not directly, save to say, "May your blood not call for blood." And that is all. Still, to the rest, he nods again. "I am having many interests in sharing knowledge with the Skaikru. I am not understanding how it is you are building mach-eens to live in the sky, but you are doing so. The clan and Coalition is being stronger in knowing this. You are seeing, the difficulty is, the Clans survive. Not only this, we are being thriving. It is a difficult thing to being come to us and saying: you are needing our knowledge. For we live in peace and strength without. This is not my view, do being understanding. One of yours says he has the knowledge of making steel — new steel — a lore being lost to us. For this knowledge I would being trade a year of my skills and work and being use of my workshop. But. There is much we can being teach you, as well." Que shakes his head, "I would share learning, if it were being my choice to make a decision. But I am being a maker. A simple man. I am not being the Commander, and I am fearing no voice but hers will end this war with you, even if I am being thinking it is wrong."

"Jumar, yeah? He's a metallurgist. That's his speciality. You could seriously learn a lot from him, definately. I suggest you learn whatever you can from him." Cole nods. "My blood doesn't call for blood. My blood wants to….blood must protect blood." Maybe that's a better analogy to how he feels. He protects his own, he doesn't go looking for revenage, that's about as far as he'll go personally. "I understand. You can't just give that knowledge away freely. But nah, you don't /need/ our knowledge. Shit, you've been doing this well for so long without us, why would need us? It's hubris to assume otherwise. Hell, I think we need /you/ more than the other way around. I don't think a lot of people here would admit that, but that's what I think. But, I can teach you how to make better equipment. Fabrication. Improve what you already have. Improving, well, I think that's better than building from scratch at times. But hey, you and me both. I'm not too complicated. I just like to fix things. Make it better than what it was. And…well, just hope that your Commander decides that this war isn't worth it. I hope."

"That one." Que nods, frowning, "Who insists on declaring my people are being lunatics and bloodthirsty. It is difficult to understand a man if you are being declaring he is fundamentally beyond understanding. If you decide this, what else can be said?" Que sighs, shaking his head, "But on the other matter you are being right. We are not having /need/ of you, no. But? There are some of us believing we could be having use for you. These are not being equal lines to being stand upon, but they are being lines where there can being commerce. But. My people are being angered. It has been many years since the missiles of the Mountain Men fell upon our villages and destroyed them. Never since then has there being such loss as is now. The Blood calls to us, Cole kom Skaikru. You are being not understanding, I know this, but we are being feeling it. It is wanting an answer. The Peace is broken, how can there being peace without payment to answer the call of the blood?"

"Well, whoever that one is, he's talking out of his ass. Or he's just terrified. Either one, I don't know which." Cole frowns as well, shaking his head. "I can't speak for everyone, I can only speak for me, that's the long and short of it. In the end, I would just like…I dunno…commerce would be good enough, I guess. Not being killed would great. I mean, if did cause it? Yeah, your people would be wholly within their right to do what they're doing. As for the Mountain Men, I don't know jack about them, except that they're dangerous, that's what I've taken away from what little I've heard of them but…" he goes quiet. "I know the ship that crashed into Thripoda. I know how it works. It bothers me that it crashed. It wasn't…designed to do that. LIke every single failsafe failed. It doesn't make sense. There were redundant after redundant systems in place to prevent it crashing like that. It shouldn't of fallen like that. It would've had to had some kind of massive power failure…but the backup generators would've kicked in. The parachute not deploying..that almost seems….it's like…it's like it it lost all power to fly or manuver and it dropped like rock into the ground. And for the life of me I can't make heads or tails of it. That ship…that crashed. I know that ship. I know how it was built, I knew it's systems. It shouldn't…it doesn't make sense."

Que frowns as he listens: he doesn't really understand words like ship, failsafe, redundant power systems, things like that. But he gets the gist, regardless, and nods thoughtfully. "This is why I am not believing you have done this. It is simply not making sense. That it is not making sense to you either?" He shrugs, "It is bringing no comfort to me, but no more accusation against you. Someone must being answer for those seven hundred lives. Blood must have blood. But your blood is being innocent." He glances around the camp, frowning, "Or perhaps I am being meaning to say, incompetant, and by no offense am I meaning. You have not being the means to destroy a village. You are children." Which some Trikru have said, but Que is actually quite older then most, and doesn't seem to mean it with the dismissive way others do, "You are being ready to be made Seconds and made strong, but could not being bring destruction on this scale. No. I am not knowing, may never be knowing, what happened to kill Thripoda, but you are clearly innocent."

"I don't think we'll really know until we can talk to the Ark and right now, we're still cut off from talking to them. Maybe if we ever do, I could get you a better answer." Cole regards the whole thing with a shrug, but a frustrated one. "No, you're not being incompetant. Someone should answer for it, I actually agree with you on that. But I don't know who. The thing is…whoever was flying that ship was probably the person who decided to lauch it. And they're dead already. And that's the worst part of it. There's a good chance that who deserves to die by blood must have blood may already by dead through their actions. I don't know what you would do in that case." The remark about children, he actually laughs. "And again, you're right. We're really….shit, we're so disorganized, we can't agree on shit. Ironically, the one thing that's brough us together is…well, the fact that there's people coming for us. We couldn't do something like that even if we tried. It's sad, that a mistake could cause so much….pain." Yeah, he looks a little depressed, getting up to his feet. "Well, I have things I need to work, make sure are going to be as ready as they'll ever be. But…it was really nice talking with you, Que. Good to know makers down here value the same trades and ideas that I do."

"We are being simple people, we bring value to our village and clan by hard work, and in that work, we know our true value." Que intones seriously, and then begins beating upont he metal of what will be a shield again, "I will being let you decide for who this is belonging."

"Funny." Cole says after a moment of thought. "I think I'd do a lot better amoung your people thatn I would with my own." A nod at the shield. "I'll make sure someone gets it. And thanks."

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