Day 029: A New Job For The Ambassador
Summary: Fiona gives a report to Chancellor Kane, and is offered a new job.
Date: 27 June 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
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29 Days After Landing

There is just so much to do. Even making a meeting with Fiona Kattegat a priority, it takes nearly a full day to arrange it. But at least patrols have gone out looking for the missing teens, and defenses are going up, and food is being gathered. Finally, Chancellor Kane has asked Fiona into his office. When she arrives, he sits on a stool at the high table, looking over reports on a dataslate. He looks up, tired and drained, but he still smiles, "Miss Kattegat. You've been very busy in the last month. Well done."

Fiona isn't exactly flush with health herself, but the benefit of that day worth of wait has her hydrated, well fed, and clean. There's a lot to be said for that. She manages a tight, wary smile for him, standing in front of his desk and lacing her fingers in front of her. "Thank you." she says, regarding him carefully. "But I'm afraid it's only a band-aid on a bullethole. It's a ceasefire, not a treaty. We're going to need to do more, and there are conditions that need to be met."

"It still stopped the bleeding, for now." Kane gestures to one of the stools across the table, "Please, sit down. You've all been through a lot." He pushes aside the dataslate, focusing on the teenager before him, "Alright. What are the conditions? Of this ceasefire and the last."

She moves to sit down, leaning forward to brace her forearms on the table. "I don't know what you've heard, but the Trikru have a saying, and it's pretty fundamental to how they deal with people: Blood must have blood. When the dropship that came down after Unity Day crashed, it destroyed a village of seven hundred Trikru. Indra wants those responsible for it."

The dataslate gets a nudge again, "Guardsman Grey mentioned that in his report. The blood must have blood part, at least." Kane frowns, glancing up, "Unfortunately, those responsible were onboard the dropship. They took it by force, and launched before it was prepared. The resultant system damage killed nearly half of us, cut off communications, and more. How do you think they will react when they cannot have the blood of the guilty?"

"They'll take what blood they can in revenge." Fiona says bluntly. "They were ready to kill us and we weren't even involved." Frowning a little, she inquires, "Is there any way to prove that they got on the dropship that we could show to them? Something that would confirm that those responsible died."

Kane nods slowly, thinking, "There might be some camera footage, if they would believe that. We would have to see if we could dig it out of the computers. There are reports from… what, there must have been a dozen people at the airlock when they launched. Some of them no doubt survived." His lips thin in a wry smile, "I was just waking up in a very cold cell at the time."

Fiona's mouth scrunches to the side as she considers. "There's a few of them I could talk to first, to ask if they know of something else that could be asked for. But to give you an idea of their mentality? The one who attacked the dropship afterward suggested she would accept a sacrifice of seven people in exchange for a delay of hostilities, not even lasting peace. In the long term, we need to be able to convince them we're worth keeping around. They're going to want us to destroy our munitions, and as that's not going to happen, we really have to find a way to convince them."

"That seems like an… exceptionally bad offer." The new Chancellor's frown continues to deepen, "If we destroy our weapons, we're at their mercy. That certainly won't be happening. But I'll make sure they're tightly controlled so we upset the Grounders as little as possible. But if the do come here, we have a great many more defenses, increasing daily, and we seem to have found a very good location. We should be safe enough for the time being, until we can come to a more lasting agreement. So, that was Indra. The… crew header? What about the steh-header? Oxfor? There was an agreement with him too, yes? Which he critically upheld?""

Fiona hops off her chair and goes to the clear board. Making sure she's not writing over anything important, she reaches up - so short! - and starts to write. "First you have the heda. Her name is Lexa." The name and the rank are written on the board. "I haven't met her, but everyone I've spoken to who has mentioned her says she tends to be more thoughtful, but no less dangerous, if not more than anyone else. She rules over twelve tribes, which form a coalition. We're in the lands of Trikru. Each tribe has a tribeleader, the kruheda. Trikru's kruheda is Indra. She's the one I dealt with. She doesn't have a soft bone in her body, she's ruthless, but she can be reasoned with." Fiona lets out a jagged sigh and moves to write the bottom level of her little power ladder. "Then you have the village leaders. They're called steheda. The steheda of Coesbur, who we had our initial treaty with, is Oxfor kom Trikru." She makes a vague wave at her writing. "I've been trying to learn the language. I talk like a baby, but with more exposure, I'll get better."

Kane turns on his stool to follow her writing, "Ah yes, I didn't have names for most of them, or pronunciation for any of them. Heda, kruheda, steheda." His pronunciation isn't quite on, but it's certainly better than most people just hearing a language have any right to be. "Twelve tribes in a coalition. Then we certainly can't afford war except as an absolute last resort. It's good to have someone who can speak the language, even like a baby, although I've heard that they speak English?" He looks over the titles on the board again, running through them in his mind, "And where do you think Chancellor fits in on that scale? Would claiming to be a heda be a massive insult or a good bargaining position?"

"The warriors do." Fiona offers. "Some of the traders and craftspeople as well. Most of the everyday folk, the farmers and the like, most of them don't. The majority of people I suspect we'll be dealing with will speak English." She can't help but grin at that. "We've actually been referring to the position of Chancellor as skaiheda. They seem to understand the connotation, but I can't say for sure whether it's come off as clan leader or on the rank of heda. It may not matter. Though I would recommend that we arrange a meeting between you and Oxfor and Indra as soon as possible. She's given us a month to offer Trikru some form of justice."

"Then we'd better get to work finding that evidence. Because I don't plan on giving up innocents to the the Grounders just to save our own lives." Kane's features are stern at that, his voice resolute. "But at least we do not all need to learn their language, although I think it would be a very good idea for more of us to do so." He nods slowly, thoughtfully, "What do you think I should do, Miss Kattegat, if we cannot recover the footage or if all of those responsible are dead in the crash?"

Fiona furrows her brow. "Well, we take advantage of the time to investigate, we need to put feelers out to see what would be an acceptable compromise if we can't." She chews her lip in thought, "We could offer to commit forces to Trikru endeavors. One of the clans, the Azgeda in the north, are troublemakers. They've tried to revolt twice. And if we can't find a way to get our people back from the Mountain without violence…the idea of defeating them might be enough to entice them. That's a long shot though. They're terrified of the Mountain Men, in a way that makes them all tend to act first and think later."

"Mercenaries." Kane's initial reaction is not a favorable one, but he chews on the word for a good while longer, and nods slowly, "Mercenaries. If they're willing to fight alongside the Guard with rifles, it might be worthwhile. But the question is whether they will or not." Looking over the list of titles again, he adds, "But that has to come after. Our people come first." A wry smile touches his lips, "Chancellor. Skaiheda. Security Officer. So many titles. About time that you had one of your own, Miss Kattegat, if you're staying. You seem to have good advice, or at least reasonable advice. I need a new Council, at least until the next election. I want to offer you a probationary seat on that Council. Non-voting, for now, until the election at least, but there to provide advice on the Grounders."

There's a blink at that. She doesn't answer right away. Instead, her brow furrows. "My father says there are two kinds of politicians, the ones who get into it for power, and the kind who get into it because they want to serve." Her expression settles as she looks at Kane. "I want to serve."

That gets a faint smile out of Kane, "There are plenty more kinds of politicians than that, Miss Kattegat. But I think your father's two categories may cover most of them." The mention of her father does remind him, "You have been able to see your parents, right? Chancellor Jaha made sure that they were here on Alpha Station before we came down."

Her smile blossoms at that. "Yeah. My mom was crying. My dad too, a little I think. He keeps staring out at the grass and trees like he's not sure he's really here. I think he wants to try his hand at farming." With a lift of her chin, she asks, "When will elections be? That's the first thing people are going to ask. And some are going to complain there was nothing democratic about this."

Kane looks down at that, swallowing before he can answer a little thickly, "Good. Get as much time with them as you can." Gathering himself a little better, he responds, "Toward the end of the first month. As Chancellor Jaha promised. Helping cool hot tempers about that would be a good starting place for you. As would talking to people about the Grounders. There are some scared and angry people here, and I want to be able to respond to the situation as needed." His smile is a little wan, "After getting proper advice from the Council."

Fiona nods at that. "Do you want me to arrange any meetings?" she asks. "Something low key, maybe, with Oxfor kom Trikru? Without him, we wouldn't have kept alive for as long as we have. I think you could get along. I can track him down, arrange some kind of meeting point." She lets out a breath. "Thank you for this. I'm - I'm going to do my best." She's already a little overwhelmed, both with excitement and the responsibility, but Fiona with a cause can be a mighty thing.

Kane considers, "Yes. Maybe not immediately, we need some time to get settled here, but it does need to happen soon. You think Oxfor would be a good starting point then? Rather than going straight to Indra or," he looks to the clear board, "Lexa?"

Fiona studies the board herself. "Oxfor is open-minded." she explains. "He gets that what we're used to as far as customs aren't the same, and he approaches things with the understanding that we're trying to learn and understand. I think his advice would be valuable before you speak to Indra, but we should seek out Indra before trying to address Lexa. From what I understand, the heda is looking to Indra to handle things, until and unless she decides to step in. So prepare to deal with Indra, but don't be surprised if Lexa's present. Oxfor is a resource, a way to sort of - get a feel for who these people are." She looks to Kane. "Does that make sense?"

The Chancellor listens to the explanation, nodding at each point, "It does. You don't jump the chain of command unless you want to insult the people you jump over. Good." He offers out another tight smile, "That's the route we'll go then." He nods his head toward the door, "Thank you, Miss Kattegat," he seems to have picked that up from Jaha, "you should get some rest, see your parents. We'll have a lot of work to do."

"I'll do that sir." She starts to head for the door. "…one more thing. If you haven't already, work with Lucian Grey on a protocol for what to do if any Grounders approach the camp? I'd hate for an uninformed sentry to shoot someone. It could unravel everything." She gives him a nod, and moves to make her exit.

Kane glances over at the dataslate at the suggestion, then shakes his head, "The Guard has a watch system set up. Despite the report he sent me, I must admit that I'm a little leery of putting too much weight on the son of Sergeant Grey." Still, he nods slightly, "But I will take it under advisement."

"He saved us more times than I can count, and when we needed to, we worked together. You might not trust the son of Sergeant Grey, but I trust the man he's become here on the Ground. With my life. And I'd do it again." With that, she heads out, intent on seeing her parents and telling them the (good?) news.

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