Day 015: A Question Of Needles
Summary: In which Morgan approaches Que on the question of acquiring needles
Date: 28 5 2016
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Morgan Que 

Outside Que's Workshop
A series of rooms with a water mill next to the river in Coesbur
Day 015

The summit is over and the negotiators and their retinue are packing up to leave. Morgan has one thing to do though and as soon as his stuff is taken care of, a quick and easy task since he's basically wearing it all, he heads over to Que's place and raps.

Que's workshop and house sits at the edge of the village, distinctive in that it has a water mill attached to the largest room of the multi-room shack. It is on that room that the main door is, a door which is as wide as the room itself, for moving large projects in and out of the workshop. At the moment, Que pushes that door open and steps outside— there's a gust of quite hot air as he emerges and closes the door behind him. He's shiny from sweat, but regards Morgan with an inquisitive eye. "What is it you are being wanting, skaiboy?" The question is curious, even if the words a little challenging.

"I need you to make something." Morgan answers, forgoing the pleasantries since Que's done so. "The summit's over and we've reached an agreement. One of the things we've agreed to is to demonstrate a healing technique that's common with us but it requires the right tools."

Que grunts, and moves over towards the river. He's got a pail there, with a rope, and he lowers it down and soon pulls up the pail to set it on a worktable nearby. Splashing some fresh water on his face, he then turns and crosses his arms, eyeing Morgan a moment. "What are being the tools you are being needing?" That has him more curious, less challenging. That's what he does, after all.

"A needle." Morgan tells the maker. "They're different than the ones you sew with though they can be used if nothing else is available. But the ideal needle is curved." Walking over to the table, he draws on the surface with a finger. "It's not half a circle but a little less curved than that. Obviously, it has to be extremely sharp. And the other end needs an eyehole so sutures - thread - can be pulled along."

Listening, Que frowns slightly as he looks down at the tracing that Morgan does on the table. "You are being wanting fish hook?" is his first thought, which makes him scowl slightly, "I am hating being making fish hooks. They are being delicate, easy to being bent and breaked." He sighs softly, "But is being for healing. This is being needful thing for your sky healing?"

Morgan shakes his head. "Not a fish hook." Pause. "Though I suppose it's similar. Look, I don't know what metals you have access to or how…" No, let's not used 'advanced'. "How finely you can work metal. I don't know anything about smithing. Ideally, it should be made form stainless steel so it can't rust." There's a look to see if 'stainless steel' seems to mean anything. But not rusting should. "But yes, it's for healing. I'll show you…" He steps over to Que and holds up an imaginary needle. "Say you just got hit with a sword and have a nasty slash on your arm." With his other hand, he reaches out, pausing a moment to see if Que's going to pull his arm away.

"The making of iron into steel is being lost, all steel makings must being found and then remade. For item being as fine and delicate as you are wanting, I am not being having steel needed for remaking." Que looks curious as Morgan demonstrates, nodding his permission and reaching his arm out slightly, though he does continue explaining briefly, "But making of needles can do— is long hard work doing but can be done— making of needles that are being curved is but being one step next. Heat needle and then with much having care, bend around rod, and then being quench needle and shape will keep. Rust you must being safeguard against otherwise. Store oiled, yes? Rust not eat through oil."

"Yes, very fine and delicate." Morgan agrees. He waits till after Que's explained the process since he's curious but then pinches the skin on Que's arm a bit. "So you've got this slash. Once the needle and sutures are sterile, you bring the edges of the wound together. And then you sew them together." he explains, making a sewing motion with the 'needle'. "The curvature makes it easier since really, the flesh wouldn't need to be pulled upwards like this." He lets go so Que's skin flattens again and then makes another exaggerated sewing motion where the curve comes into play.

Blinking at this, Que looks at first disbelieving, then just astounded, "You can being *sew flesh* together? And this does not being cause more harm? I am being no healer, being merely a maker of note, but would not wound be made worse by all these many little holes you are making in the skin?" His fingers rub over where Morgan mimic-sutured his skin, his expression thoughtful.

Morgan shakes his head. "Not at all. You need to clean out the wound of course and make sure everything is sterile but your healers already do that. When you sew the wound closed, it heals faster. There's also less chance of it becoming infected. It also scars less though you all probably don't worry much about that."

"Scars are not being a thing to fear, but neither do Woods Clan being fetishing scars as Ice Nation is being done, save for being the marks of kills that the warriors are bearing in honor." This is said absently, thoughtfully, as Que lifts a hand and runs it over his bald and geometrically tattoo'd head, "We are being mark ourselves with ink below and above the skin." That said, he grunts, and nods, "I can being make these needles, but are truly needing steel? Much, much, *MUCH* more work being. A soft metal being made into needle with much having speed over work needed to pound steel into sheet thin enough to being rolled into needle. Is rust being only fear? Can you not being keep rust away with oil?"

"The needles have to be extremely clean and free of bacteria." Morgan explains though he's thinking about the idea. "You'd need to disinfect it once it came out of the oil. I don't know, really. It was never a question on the Ark." He shrugs. "A steel needle can last forever though and it's easy to disinfect. I'd say you should ask Cole but Oxfor hasn't decided if we can come to the village to trade."

"I am not knowing what it is this back-tear-ee-ah." Que shrugs his large shoulders, "Question is being, how soon are you being needing this needle? Is better to be having needle that allows this sewing of skin sooner, or being have steel needle many days later? The difficulty of work being is pounding out the steel." He gestures to the water mill, "Is having … Mm.. I am not having word. I am being more then maker of metal, am also mach-een-ist. The mill is being connected to hammer device that pounds with great force over and over. That is being make pounding metal to thinness faster, but still, not fast. Takes nearly same effort to being make ten needles as one, for when metal is being pounded very, very thin, it is then being rolled very tightly to being make needle, one, two, three, all in line. Steel must being heated much more, much more often, and with much more times pounding to make into very thinness. I will being asking Oxfor, but it is being question of how much true need of steel having." He seems dubious.

Morgan tries to decipher exactly what Que is saying. In the end, it doesn't really matter. He's got the gist of it. "I don't know." he answers with a shrug. "I don't know anything about iron. I've never used an iron needle. I don't know how iron reacts with alcohol or if it's soft enough to absorb germs. For that kind of thing, Cole might know. I'll ask him." Reaching up, he runs his hand over his hair. "Really, it would be so much easier to be able to just get together, talk and ask questions of each other but…" He shrugs. "Anyway, that's what's needed. But like I said, if need be, a straight needle will work. Keta has those long hollow ones we used to drain the chest cavities so maybe she's found others. Or someone else has."

"I will be speaking to the steheda about these needles. Trusting your people is being thing of difficulty. It must be come slow, through proof having, one step before the other." Que frowns, his expression growing more seriously, "I was being sent to skaigeda, there to being learning of your people. To see what it is being yours of value to trade. It was not being a mission of much success. So, now what must be is what must being. Perhaps when your people are being coming down from the sky— with their /guns/— the kruheda will be hearing that you honor this first summit and she will be wise and seek further peace." He shrugs slightly, seeming skeptical of that, "There was a time being when I would not have thought we would be having peace with Azgeda, but now they are being standing within the Coalition. All things are being possible that the Commander wills."

Morgan snorts softly at mention of the camp. "There are those there who care for nothing but themselves. They'll learn in time." Or they won't and end up dead. One can dream. "Anyway, that's what's needed. I'm going to assume you don't have real sutures but thicker thread will work if it has to. What I wouldn't give to find a hospital still standing. So when you've got something made, or maybe found, and someone here gets hurt, the steheda can send a messenger with a spare horse and I'll come and show Keta how to do it."

"The skaikru are those who do not know proper fear." Que's voice is sharp and has a certain, deep rumble in it, "They are being treating /me/ as a threat, me a maker, who has never in his life being raising weapon against anything but game upon the hunt. But they be treating the threat of the Mountain and its wrath as if we are being jumping at our own shadows. Your people do not know what it is to fear, and what it is /not/ to fear." He sniffs, looking decidedly displeased for a moment, but then he inclines his head, "I am not knowing this word, soot-ers, but thread is being had. Not by me, of course, unless soot-ers is a thing made of wood?" He tilts his head to the side, questioning, "Thinking not, if thread is an alternative for soot-ers."

"We only have your word about the mountain." Morgan points out. "While the very first thing your people did was kill some of us. So yeah, there are trust issues." Then he shakes his head. "Whatever. Yeah, thread is close enough. I need to get going; they're probably waiting for me. Do the best you can. It's all any of us can do, right?"

Que narrows his eyes and stares at Morgan for a lingering moment, "You will not be listening, you will be not learning. But it is not only your geda that you are being put in danger by not believing us. Bah. Is matter for the hedas." He makes a curt gesture, "Ai laik Que kom Trikru. Who are you being so that messanger will being calling your name?"

"I've listened. I even believe you enough to think we should avoid the mountain." Morgan replies. "But you complained about not being trusted. So I told you why. Morgan." After a pause he adds "Kom Skaikru." When in Rome. "I hope someday we can trade knowledge, Que kon Skaikru. Some day."

"It may being not only your village that the Mountain sends its missiles to, if you are being challenging them, with your guns and missiles and nuclears in the sky, More-gan kom Skaikru." warns Que in a deep, low voice, but he shakes his head with a grunt. To the last comment he nods his head slightly, and allows only, "If the heda wills it."

"Mimi." Morgan mutters, having been told about that incident. "Don't believe everything you hear. But yeah, gotta go. Thanks." NOdding to the man, he turns and heads back to the building to rendezvous with the others.

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