Day 033: A Rainy Introduction
Summary: Arlin and Chis arrive in Tondc and run into some Trikru
Date: 1 July 2016
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Meeting Green, Tondc
The road from the city gates lead into a low lawn of moss and short grasses surrounded by young trees that are leafy in the spring and summer, turning to fiery hues in the autumn and giving way to snow in the winters. The road from the white pillars marking the city entrance create a wide circle around the green, forcing traffic to go left or right, and loop around the nineteen-foot statue of a thin man seated on an enormous, square-shaped throne. The statue has seen better days, cracked in places and its base entirely covered in creeper vines. The man's face is old and wizened, with a trimmed beard and sweeping hairline. He appears to be in an old fashioned suit that has become green with moss.
33 Days After Landing

A summer shower rolls over Tondc, bringing with it warm rains that are comfortable despite causing damp clothes and bedraggled hair. Barrels meant for the sole purpose of collecting water create a soft plink-plink as the rain falls. Coming into green on foot are two figures — one is recognizable as Arlin kom Trikru, but the other is not. She is a young woman, perhaps twenty or so, and on the short-side, standing at a mere five inches over five feet. Her hair is braided back simply, and then covered with a square of cloth tied at the back of her neck. She wears simple traveler clothes that are quite plain, and there is little warrior about her. Whoever she is, she seems to know Arlin, walking companionably beside him.

Benning comes walking out of the forest, holding a basket where she's been foraging for some cooking herbs to restock her stores. She has Sterling with her, and when the summer shower started, the two girls started running across the green, "Starling…why even bother, we're both soaked. Stop running." She laughs at her friend as she hauls her catch. She does make a point of placing a cloth over her basket to protect the herbs she gathered.

Starling slides to a stop in the middle of the green, red hair already falling around her in a darken massive, where Benning is carrying a basket, she has a bag over her shoulder and her bow on the other as she winks at Benning and then strolls back, slipping her arm into hers as she glances around. She catches sight of the arrivals, but isn't sure if she knows either of them, so gives another curious look. Starling is all about meeting people after all

A little rain never hurt anyone. Well, it never hurt Arlin. It probably does help that the bill of his beat-up ball cap — a faded grey embroidered with an upright arrowhead and the words U.S. Army Special Forces Ranger Airborne — keeps the water out of his eyes. As ever, his medical satchel is slung from right shoulder to left hip, sheathed hatchet attached, and, well, simply put, there's more than enough amount of warrior about him to make up for his companion's lack thereof. "So, anyway," he tells her, quite convivially, "you'd think the guy would've recognized poison oak. And I told him: look, here's an ointment, but you need to apply that yourself 'cuz I'm not goin' anywhere near the disaster area that is your ass crack."

And while Starling and Benning have no reason to recognize his companion, Arlin did oversee the evacuation of Coesbur — plus, family infamy and his unexpected return to the village, three weeks ago, for the first time since he left 12 years ago. More than that, he recognizes them and slows his stroll to a stop at a distance suitable for exchanging pleasantries. "Ladies," he greets, flashing a smile some would find charming and others, well, not. "How're you settlin' in?"

Benning gives a smile to Arlin, hooking her arm with Starling as the rain falls around them, "We are well enough." She holds up her basket, "just restocking while we have a little down time." She nudges her friend teasingly, "And how are you doing?" Benning shoots her a looks as if to communicate something to her and then leans over murmur something in her ear.

The young woman offers Arlin a slightly bemused look, brows arched and lips holding a small smile. "You should have let him suffer," she says in a soft reply. "He would have probably learned to watch where he sits after that." Then her grey eyes slide from Arlin to the two Trikru women, and she nods her head in quiet greeting. Her fingers twitch a bit, as if resisting something, and she settles for placing her palms purposefully on her thighs, fingertips pointed downward.

"Don't trust them, Arlin." says, still looking rough(and hungover)as hell. He's missing his trademark long-surcoat he usually wears, instead opting for little more than a simple rough-hewn shirt. Hair is kind of disheveled and messy, though while it usually is, it's more so than usual. And paler than normal. "When you put those together, they are trouble. Too much, infact."

Starling blinks some of the rain from her eyes, those long lashes fluttering when she listens to Benning and she can't help the husky chuckle as she winks to her friend, and then raises a hand, "Arlin! I was curious where you disappeared…" Because well Benning pulled her off to find herbs for a certain healer after all. But ever the friendly type she nods towards the woman with Arlin and smiles. "Hello.." She says in greeting, letting Arlin make any introductions. Starling and Benning are just returning from the forest with basket of herbs that Benning holds, and a pack over her own shoulder. Those eyes flicker to Wren as he arrives and she sticks her tongue out at her brother before looking back to Healer and Companion.

How is Arlin? Considering the details of his past three weeks — who doesn't love having to navigate childhood trauma when on a Very Important Mission for the Heda? — perhaps it's understandable that his reply is nothing more than a wry, "All my parts are workin' as they need to." Even the smile punctuating that is wry. "A victory's a victory, am I right?"

Wren's voice draws his attention — and the warrior's appearance conjures a smirk. "Seems like you had a bit too much, yourself, Wren. Didn't lose your Skaigirls in a card game, I hope." Then, to Benning and Starling, the smirk turns into an incorrigibly flirtatious look, as he points out in that rough baritone of his, "I like trouble. I'm particularly fond of certain kinds." The delivery — down to the cocksure grin, the tone of voice, the swagger of his body language — suggests that, yes, he has no shortage of 'trouble' in his life. "Ain't that right, Chis?" That latter delivered to his companion, good-naturedly, with a sidelong glance — and the expectation of a snort or an eye roll or a smack upside his head.

He keeps going, though, as befits someone incorrigible, focusing on Starling, who inquired about his whereabouts. "Now, now, Starling, darlin'. You're just gonna have to amp up your stalking skills." And then, because Arlin is Arlin, he winks. (His typist thoroughly apologizes, but that's just the nature of this beast.) "Dare I ask what's in your basket, Benning? Is it trouble?" Someone, somewhere, at some point in time, has tried to smack off of the medic's face the kind of grin he's now grinning.

Thus it is that introduction are made albeit in a roundabout way.

Benning laughs at the flirtatious tone in Arlin's voice and her own tone is playful, "You may ask Arlin kom Trikru. You may even look what's underneath the cloth that hides them, but a taste…now that is something that you shall have to earn." She turns to Starling and laughs, clearly not taking Arlin's gesture as serious, but unable to resist flirting back.

"Yesterday was a rough day. I deserved some respite over it." Wren remarks with a grunt, giving Starling a nudge with a shoulder when he passes by. Then a roll of his eyes. "They are not 'my skaigirls'. Or my children. If they can't stand on their own two feet without me handholding them, then they have no hope of ever being accepted. The less I'm around them, the better. On Silver's front, she's been trying to help in the healing house. Or at least, offering to. Kai is…" There's a sidelong look over at Starling, since she was there for the conversation earlier this morning. "She's finally learning what is expected of her as Second. Now that things have been explained, she will do far better on the path. The potential is there. She has already shed blood for us against the Reapers, and she didn't flinch against them. Proves she has a spine and her intentions are honest, at the very least." Though Arlin's friend gets a look. A very long look from the veteran warrior. "Who's your friend?" he then asks. "She looks familiar to me."

Chis does not disappoint. She snorts, setting her hands on her hips in a slightly indignant gesture. Then she shakes her head, and focuses on the small gathering forming around her and Arlin. Just as quickly as her hands went to her hips do they drop again, offering her forearm in greeting, first to Starling and then to Benning, and finally to Wren, "I am Chis kom Trikru of Polis." Her voice has a small note of seriousness to it, as if she might be a young woman who does not often give into flights of fancy. Like most Trikru, she knows how to be stoic, though here she is merely cautious and thoughtful. She frowns. "Skaikru?" Her eyes flick once to Arlin and then to the others. "There are Skaikru… here?"

Starling gives a husky chuckle and smirks at Arlin, "Are you offering to give lessons Arlin?"She teases back but seems to leave it at that as Benning gets in on the fun and she just squeezes her friends arm, and is about to offer something up before her attention towards towards Wren and she blinks once but smiles and then turns her attention back to Arlin and this Chis.

Is Arlin seriously flirting? It's possible that the answer is yes or no depending on whether or not he's being told yes or no. He doesn't seems the least bit deflated by the coy responses. (Although he is visibly chuffed that he caused Chis to snort.) "All worthwhile are worth some effort," he smiles at Benning before pointing out to Starling, "including lessons."

That sense of playfulness abates into sardonic humor at Wren's words. "Sloppy Seconds," the medic opines with a tsk-tsk clucking of his tongue, "sleepin' off a hangover." Arlin's tone turns a touch more biting when he notes about Silver, "She's more likely to end up a patient if she can't figure out that her services aren't welcome there. Sooner or later, someone's bound to take offense that some Skaikru has the audacity to think that she'd be trusted with our sick and wounded when Indra's only agreed to a cease-fire. They aren't a part of the Coalition. There isn't even a peace accord. For her sake, and yours, Wren kom Trikru, you'd best make certain she learns her proper place. And if she's so adamant that she be permitted to ply her trade, then she'd best do what she can to secure that treaty or speak with the kruheda to see if there might not be an exception made."

Benning gives a secret smile, "Yes…I do like to make things worthwhile." She then sees the tension stirring between Wren and Arlin over the Skaikru in the camp. Rather than wade into those waters she tells Arlin, "Perhaps you should seek me when you're more inclined to taste what's in my basket." Then she gives Starling's arm a squeeze before heading into camp to get these herbs somewhere dry so they won't be ruined by the summer rains. Her hips do roll in a delightful way, just in case Arlin is looking.

Starling glances to the side as both Benning and Wren disappear, and she shakes her head with a soft chuckle. "You know how to clear the grass Arlin.." She looks between the pair and then over towards the guest village, "Are either of you hungry?" She wonders as she steps closer to the pair, as her pace is moving her in that direction after all, but she answers softly, "There are two at the moment, yes.." She leaves her own ideas of what that means to herself.

Chis barely turns her chin when Arlin speaks about the Skaikru. Her mouth thins minutely, and there is a flash of suspicion in her eyes. She bows her head ever so slightly, and then back to Arlin. "Who is this Skaikru that you are speaking about, Arlin?" The question is asked casually, but there is a faint hint — the slightest change of tone — that suggests she's giving a command. Her attention shifts back over to Starling at her question of hunger, and Chis shakes her head slightly. "I actually should attend to my business in the market." She casts Arlin a faint smile. "Thank you for the escort."

Pontus was coming back in from the gate clearly not expecting much trouble as shirt and armour were left elsewise for now. Rain was carrying a stick with a rabbit strung up and hanging off either end, her box across her back. The ten year old proved adept as it were walking with her brother and guardian back in. Pontus didn't go out empty handed and had his favoured spear across his back walking with her. he didn't slow his pase either, he pushed her to keep up though the Earth would melt a second time before he left his ward behind. She was cheerfully sing-song reciting some work describing a defeat of some enemy warrior who died and froze to the earth. Cheerful little thing ain't she? She was grinnin ear to ear too. Probably because she stole her brother's book detailing battles with Azgeda a couple years ago. Even as stoic as he was he cracked a grin and shook his head. It was a good morning.

If Wren's departure is a result of what Arlin has said, the medic is moved to no more emotion than a roll of his eyes and a slightly sour compression of his lips. Alas, this means he doesn't notice the delightful way Benning's hips roll. That's just life sometimes.

To Starling, the medic shakes his head in polite refuel of the food offer and then mildly quips, "I know how to do a lot of things." The smile he smiles isn't the kind that carries beyond the edges of his mouth.

Lastly, to Chis, he pauses a moment, as if biting back something, but then answers the question with the even kind of tone that comes when making every effort to not snark because the answer is self-evident. "His Second is a Skaigirl named Kai. His…" It's not like Arlin asked how Wren defined the relationship, which might account for how he lets the dead air hang and he gestures a little with his head, as if to prompt Starling to fill in the blank. Although, really, he just gives up and settles on, "The Skaigirl he's bedding is called Silver. She claims she's a healer." He shoots Chis a look. Happy?

It would seem it was the day for people to be out and about, Benning who has disappeared after flirting shameless with Arlin, and Starling were out and about and the later has her bag of whatever she was doing over one shoulder and the bow over the other. As the singing is heard, she turns her head and smiles brightly at Rain and winks to the girl, before her eyes travel to Po and the smiles grows. But then it's back to Arlin and Chis and she dips her chin, "Of course, do not let me stop you.." Her eyes flicker to Arlin and she can only shrug, having no idea what Wren is calling anyone now of days.

Quite, Chis's expression returns. "Hmm," is all she verbally muses at first, and then nods. "Well, I do have some business in the Healing House." Her gaze passes over Pontus as he approaches, and the rain-bedraggled woman offers a small nod of greeting, but it appears the woman is moving off toward the market. She slides her hands into the pockets of her loose pants, and she ducks her head a bit as she walks, as if letting her thoughts turn inward. Or wanting to avoid attracting much attention.

Rain hoists up the stick with the dead rabbits on it and said, "Starling, Starling, lookit! I found rabbits! And I almost got a deer too!" Pontus arched an eyebrow at the snippet of conversation and offered indifferently, "Well she saved Rain's like and 28 others when Keta could not. So regardless of her tribe, I'd say that qualifies her as a healer." He didn't seem to voice an opinion one way or the other on the Skaigirl at all and kept his opinions to sleeve favouring the raw facts of things and wait on them with a shrug. The heavily scarred warrior looked at Chis and gave her a nod of greeting, looking then at Rain enjoying victory over her kill of the morning. Indifferent Pontus seemed completely indifferent but for his girl with the bunnies.

Starling turns at the sound of her name, after giving Arlin one more smile and then she is turning to meet the pair half way, taking time to slowly look over the rabbits and she ruffles the girl's hair, "You did very well, and I was able to get a couple of peasant so we will have a good dinner, Benning went ahead and took the herbs, so there will be good flavoring.." She leans up then and kisses Po's lips softly in greeting before looking down at Rain again, "And we can talk about what to do with the furs…"

Arlin's generally not the sort who lets anyone make him do what he doesn't want to do. "I won't," he amiably grins, even winking again because that's just the kind of ridiculous thing he does. (What's even more ridiculous is that some people actually find it charming, but different strokes for different folks, yeah?)

As he departs, he offers Pontus an upnod of greeting, after scanning the other man's face in the manner of a healer deciphering all the puzzle pieces that make up the scout's mangled face. In his line of work, he's seen all kinds of scars and injuries, which probably accounts for why he seems unfazed beyond a quickly flashed look of 'that sucks, bro.' To Rain, he gives the smile equivalent of two thumbs up. "Nice kills, kiddo."

And then he's gone, heading in the same direction as Chis.

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