Day 090: A Useless Organ
Summary: Sev and Britt learn the value of Skaikru medicine the hard way.
Date: 27 Aug 2016
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New Coesbur
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Day 090

Sev is still hurting, but thankfully not to the point where he can't move around and at least be mildly active. Granted, he hasn't been able to help with the more labor intensive stuff just yet. Which is fine, nobody is gonna ask him for that anyways when he has to look after the random strained or pulled muscle, cut from an accidental axe swing or just a really bad sliver from working with wood. Plenty of stuff to do. But as the evening beings to sink in, he's looking for something to do, so he's found at his wagon. Or rather, under his wagon, bent over and rummaging through crates. Because he tends to collect so much stuff he sometimes can't remember where he puts everything.

Kai's been back on the building crew. It's hard, heavy work, but good for building endurance and muscle.. aside from the obvious benefits to the community at large. In her mind at least, something productive that she's actually at least vaguely competent at. But with night settling in and work for the day done she's at least bathed and changed into something not fouled with wood chips and sap, ambling back with the freshly washed 'work clothes' still being wrung out in her hands. It's the noise from under the wagon that makes her pause, twisting the wet tee in her hands back and forth without trying to let it splash too much on her dry and relatively clean stuff,"Whatcha up to, Sev?"

Sev turns in place to get an eyeful of fresh Kai, offering a nod. "I'm looking for my game pieces." he offers her. There's an assortment of stuff laying around him. Old clothes, bits and pieces of old jewelry, a random deflated football. Some kind of old mobile phone with a slightly cracked screen, a bowling pin, pair of brass knuckles, a Slinky(slightly bent), pots and pans, a cracked Thermos cooler, bundles of leather and wool, and all sorts of other random things. A checkers board has been set aside, with a handful of black and red pieces. "How was your day? Working hard or hardly working?"

"Game pieces?" Kai asks of him with a tilt of her head, nodding in the direction of the football,"Y'know, I know a guy that would probably give his left nut for one of those." she elects to squat and look over the stuff,"Not so good at the hardly working thing. Hate to be idle. We've been doing some work on the Seat." she nods in that direction,"Try to get up the more important things first, you know? The stuff for everyone, before the smaller scale stuff.. so that in the least if the weather turns to shit before we're finished people wont be stuck out in the cold." with few other options she throws the wet shirt over the shoulder of her dry one so she can pick up the deflated football,"Y'actually managed to put together a full checkers set? Hell, even on the Ark half the one's I've seen had bits replaced in it because people lost parts over time."

"Over the years, you find something apart of the collection, and you want to see the entire set." Sev remarks, continuing to dig through stuff. "Housing is the most important part. Firewood second. Food…well, I"ve already given my opinion on that to others. It will not be the best food ever, but it'll keep you alive. I used to form it into bars made from animal fat, nuts, and some herbs. Not very glamorous, but it'll add layers you'll need. There's a reason bears fatten up before winter." The football is glanced at. "Is there? I don't even know what it is. I thought it was leather, but it's some kind of old world material. Everything else…well. It will not be the best winter, but I've lived through worse. And I have a feeling this winter will be mild. We'll know for sure by the fall."

Kai carefully squishes the material to test it,"Be better if it was inflated. But if it's okay with you I'll take it and talk to the guy, see what I can get you for it?" she asks,"And yeh, food is going to be tight, no matter what. It would almost be worth sending a team or two up near the old site and the Mountain, see what they can catch and salt and bring back to help add to the stores." she gives a slight shrug of her shoulders,"Not that I'm the world's greatest hunter, but at least it'll reduce the impact on the local stocks."

"We can go together, for a couple reasons." Sev states, looking a little prideful when he plucks out one black piece and places with the small pile of others. "One, because I wish to see the look on his face. And two because I want to make a good deal. And you being there…well, you'll know what'll be valuable in worth for a decent trade for it. If it indeed something worth a left nut for. Granted, I have no desire for his nuts, he can keep them." The matter of taking food from the Mountain gets him to frown slightly, then a half shrug with the good shoulder. "While the practical part of me knows that's a good idea, I also know how some might think about eating the Mountains food. Then again, between pride and starvation, pride can't keep you full. Just because it's something I would have little scruples with doing, doesn't mean others have the same."

"Sure." Kai doesn't have a problem with that, at all,"It's one of the Skaikru.. he's been going on about football ever since I can remember.. and he seemed to have one ball? At the lake party? I vaguely remember? But I got the feeling like another one wouldn't go astray, yeh? I mean.. he can be a dick, but well.. seeing as you've got one you might as well see what the biggest football jerk on terra firma will pay for it." she smiles faintly,"I wasn't talking about the Mountain's food, though we get a share of that, as I understand it. I'm talking about the hunting. Around here, we have Tondc up north, the Skaikru across the lake, and now New Coesbur, it's a lot of strain on the local fauna. Meanwhile that which would have been hunted up around Coesbur and the skaigeda site and further out towards the mountain.. that's all unhunted now. So you get a few people together and go out there with a wagon, kill and preserve what you can and bring it back.. help build our stores for winter. Make sense?"

"Ah. You made it sound like taking food, or what food has been left there. Hunting around the area is likely completely different. I think you'll still have some stigma leftover from some people just because of what the mountain represents, but I figure again, survival will trump superstition. Being hungry and the thought of starving to death will usually give people a new profound perspective on things. But hunting. That's a skill that came with time. The only reason I can do it is because I had to know it. Or I would starve. You learn a lot of what you can do when you set out on your own." Since yeah, it's Grey their talking about, Sev doesn't him, so he just nods. "Maybe it'll be something of equal value. To him anyways. I keep wondering if there's anything I really need, but it's so rare that I really need anything."

"Sorry, in that regard I am infinitely practical. I don't like soy, but I will eat soy, if that is the choice between eating and starvation. The food the mountain had didn't kill their people, or the Skaikru, so it's clearly not poisonous.. and by the same token.. there's nothing to be gained by starving. It will simply make us weaker at a time that we need to be strong." she smiles faintly,"But although I am not a particularly good hunter, what I am, is a tactician. At least, a student of such. With three settlements in relatively close proximity the hunting and gathering opportunities close by are going to be… thin, come winter. Especially because one of those communities is not familiar with having to conserve what seems like abundant and free-ranging resources, and doesn't quite have the same quality of hunter as the other two. So ranging further afield, particularly to grounds that are very familiar to the hunters of Coesbur.. makes sense in terms of lessening the burden on the local wildlife and insuring our reserves." she shrugs,"At least, it makes sense to me. And well, even if it's just scrap to trade with the others, to make arrow heads. Or.. I don't know. I'm not a good trader, either."

"You have no idea what practical is until you're kilometers and kilometers out in the middle of wilderness, you haven't found a water source in days and you realize the day where you've become accustomed to drinking your own piss and you're no longer bothered by the concept of it anymore. That, Kai, is practical. And something that I dearly hope you never have to do." Sev gives a small muted smile grin at that. Another piece, this one red, is plucked out and set with the pile. "Almost there. When I find them all, would you like to place a game? I haven't been able to find the whole set in some time. But you're right about hunting. We can only take so many. No does and no yearlings. We need to keep the populations up enough that they'll repopulate for next year. We need focus a bit more on wild boars and maybe a couple of pumas. Decrease the amount of a natural predators to give deer some time to replenish their numbers." The mention of trading, he leans back. "The art of the deal, my young Second. Knowing what someone wants and not letting that go very easily. A fair trade, but the price must be equal. Everyone wants something, and a trader's job is to provide it. But provide enough that he isn't selling his own hide in the process. I would prefer to make fair deals, because with the trading circles, reputation is everything."

Kai and Sev are at Sev's wagon, the old nomad picking through his crates under his wagon.

"You have no idea what practical is until you're kilometers and kilometers out in the middle of wilderness, you haven't found a water source in days and you realize the day where you've become accustomed to drinking your own piss and you're no longer bothered by the concept of it anymore. That, Kai, is practical. And something that I dearly hope you never have to do." Sev gives a small muted smile grin at that. Another piece, this one red, is plucked out and set with the pile. "Almost there. When I find them all, would you like to place a game? I haven't been able to find the whole set in some time. But you're right about hunting. We can only take so many. No does and no yearlings. We need to keep the populations up enough that they'll repopulate for next year. We need focus a bit more on wild boars and maybe a couple of pumas. Decrease the amount of a natural predators to give deer some time to replenish their numbers." The mention of trading, he leans back. "The art of the deal, my young Second. Knowing what someone wants and not letting that go very easily. A fair trade, but the price must be equal. Everyone wants something, and a trader's job is to provide it. But provide enough that he isn't selling his own hide in the process. I would prefer to make fair deals, because with the trading circles, reputation is everything."

"All of the Ark's water was recycled from before I was even born.. but I'll pass on trying it unfiltered if I don't have to." Kai gives her own wolfish kind of grin, she's squatting nearby with a damp tee flung over her shoulder and a deflated football in her hands,"Sure. I'm not very good at it, but we can try. And you and the Trikru know that, but a lot of the Skaikru would be hard pressed to know a doe from a buck, and double so to be able to track them reliably enough not to take the shot at whatever they see. Which is why I've been thinking about how, once the public buildings are up at least, it might be worth seeing if some of the kru would be up for a longer.. tour with the support to be able to bring stuff back here. I don't pretend I know enough to know where to go or to be of particular use, but well.. I'm just trying to think of ways to make sure that come spring we're not scrapping over the last fish in the lake or something." she gives a quiet grunt,"Most of the time in Tondc I was lucky if they'd agree to trade with me, period. It's gotten easier, but well, the lingering remnants of Sonia's band always seemed pretty keen to make sure no-one forget who my houkru was."

Britt moves through the village, looking decidedly unwell. Pale, some sweat beading on her forehead and under her nose that's probably not just from the summer heat. Her lips curled in a pained grimace. It's a far cry from the last time either of them saw her, before she took a trip to Tondc yesterday afternoon. Some might have seen her return before nightfall that night, but she's been scarce since. Finally, though, enough was enough and she dragged her ass out of bed to seek out the healer.

"Yes, I had heard that's how you got your water from on your Ark, but…yes, unfiltered. Straight from the source, as it were. It's…not pleasant. So be glad we're right next to a lake so it'll never an issue." He picks up a pink rather-phallic looking object. "You think I'd get anything for this in trade?" No, that's totally not a dildo at all, perish the thought. "They wouldn't know the difference?" he blinks, then gives a half-shrug. "No, I suppose not. Maybe I'll have to give them some pointers on wilderness survival. And yes, food conservation, it's going to be an issue the closer winter comes…..oh, here it is, the last piece. I knew I had it around here somewhere." he holds it up, turning to look at her, eyes then scanning over Kai's shoulder. Another look, then he's leaning up, and staring down Britt. "Britt…" There's concern in his voice. "Kai, get my satchel." And then he's moving for the woman. "What did you do now?" It's a joke, but the humor isn't there. Not with the look he sees on her face.

"If.. that's what I think it is.. gross, and probably not." Kai utters,"And well, I'm pretty sure that's part of what Gideon is doing? Likely?" she twists about when he's looking over her shoulder, and he says 'satchel' and the Second takes off for it. She's seen it before, she knows roughly where it'll be.. and it's Britt. Motivation enough.

"Sev. Kai." Britt's voice is strained but nonetheless friendly when she greets them. She reaches out for Sev's arm when their paths come close enough to do so. She shakes her head. "I didn't do anything," she protests, rolling her eyes a little at the implication. She touches her abdomen, near where the spear wound was. "My side hurts worse. It doesn't look infected." She's seen that enough to know the signs. "But I don't feel well."

"Kai! Large book next to my bed! Bring it!" Sev calls back towards the Second when he all but catches Britt in his arm's "Stop. Stop walking. Flames," he touches her head. "You're burning up. I always knew you were hot for me, Britt but I never told you to be literal about it." he guides her to the shade of his wagon, getting her to lie down. There's that concise, clear control in his voice, but eyes are streaked with worry for her. Reasons neither Kai nor Britt need to figure out why. "Lay down, let me look." And indeed, his hands lift up her shirt enough to get a look at her recently burned wound. "No, it's not infected. It's actually healing rather well." His hand go to that side, starting to press gently. "Tell me if any of this hurts. And where it hurts."

Large book. Kai was halfway to the door but goes back to grab it before jumping back out onto the grass to hotfoot it towards the pair as quickly as she can.

Britt puts up no fuss when Sev catches her and helps her lay down. That in and of itself is reason enough to be concerned. "Pretty much everywhere from my hip to that rib." She's speaking of one of her lower ribs, where another burned wound marks the path a Maunon bullet took. But that's not the source of the problem either. Though between the two wounds, it's probably easy to see how the early pain could've been missed or mistaken. Her face twists when he presses along the lower right part of her belly, and in one particular spot she sucks in a hissed breath. "Ow. Shit. There."

"Your wounds aren't infected…" Sev says, taking the book from Kai as soon as it's in reach. He's calm, collected, but there's a look in his eyes. Like he's seen this before in his many years as a healer. And it's scaring the hell out of him. The book is opened, and started flipping through. "Sharp abdominal pain on the side. Fever. Weakness." A particular page is picked out, showing drawings of the organs within the body, focusing on one in particular. "Britt. This is very important. Have you been any nausea? Have you been throwing up?" A look at the satchel that Kai has brought. "Gold-colored liquid in a phial. It'll smell of willow bark." he tells her, but his eyes are locked on Britt.

Once he has the book the Second drops down on the grass and starts ratting through the bag, setting anything that doesn't match to the side in her quest for the gold colored liquid in a phial that smells like willowbark. At least the last qualifier should make the difference, because she knows the smell of willowbark at least, sniffing anything that might be considered in the yellow/gold phase until she finds one that,"Smells like willowbark." and thrusts it out towards him with a look towards Britt.

Britt shakes her head a little. "No. I've been queasy but I didn't throw up. Haven't eaten anything since supper yesterday." The frightened look on his face is being reflected back in hers, and she swallows. "What is it?" Her eyes flick to Kai briefly, but she doesn't say anything.

"Be quiet. Drink. You're getting poppy milk in this one, just so you know." Sev takes the phial, pulls the stopper off with teeth and lifts her head up to drink. "You're gonna be alright, Britt." And of course, Britt knows that Sev is a horrible liar. "It's…it could be one of two things. I just don't know which." There's a look at Kai. "You have an organ in your body called an appendix. A useless organ in most things, we don't use it, but it can, for various reasons become infected. And sometimes it can…burst." He swallows at that. "I've seen people who have that. It…" he shakes his head. "Few I have seen recover from it." And there is this look of panic in his eyes, like the story that he's told Kai and Britt about Sela. The way he described it, the look on his face is a adequate for what he went through twenty years ago. Like it's happening all over again. Eyes finally swing to Kai. "…I can't save her. She needs surgery. The organ needs to be removed if she's to live." Then, he looks back at Britt, putting a hand to her cheek. "We need to take you to the Ark. The doctors there can do what I cannot. I'm…sorry."

From the nod Kai gives Sev, she knows what an appendix is, and she resists opening her mouth until the the things that she was going to say come out of Sev's mouth instead,"Horses?" she opts for by way of inquiry of the healer,"Do you want me to go ahead and let them know the situation so that when you two get there they'll know what's going on? Avoid delays?"

"Poppy milk? Fuck." It's not that Britt objects to the stuff, but she knows that Sev only trucks it out when things are bad. And then he explains just how bad, and Britt's face twists in a mix of fear and dismay. But then he mentions the Ark, and her eyes drift to Kai. "Will they do that?" The thought of the Skaikru taking things out of her is only marginally less terrifying than the thought of dying, which probably accounts for the way that she reaches up to clutch at Sev's hand like a lifeline.

"Go Kai. As fast as you can. The organ could burst at any time." Sev asks of her. He will sing the New England Journal of Medicine's praises some other other day. But good thing he read that part. His eyes are on Britt. "They will. I will make sure of it, I will trade everything I own in payment if I must. I will not lose you, Britt." the hand returns the squeeze to her's. "The organ can be removed, my book says how it's done, but I lack the tools, and the skill. And…you would likely not be able to remain still while it's being done. So we must take you to the Ark. And me and Kai will not leave you. I promise."

"Yes, they'll help." it's not that Kai knows that for nearly as certain as she sounds about it, but not that she's about to express any reservations aloud right now. Sev's words make her jump up so she can roust someone to start prepping a horse, but well, rather than wait for one to be prepped for her she elects to sprint off towards Alpha, damp shirt abandoned in the dirt completely forgotten for now.

Kai leaves, heading towards the Eastern Shore, Lake Audo [OUT].

Britt clings to his hand, the fear obvious in her eyes even though she tries to put on a brave front. "Good. Because it would suck to survive all those wars and die from sickness." She chews her lip. "Sev, I'm sorry." For what, exactly, she does not specify.

"You will survive to live to be the oldest Trikru on record if I have anything to say about it." Sev tells, tearing his eyes away to this wagon, then to his pair of horses nearby. "You. And you." he picks out two warriors who're taking a break from chopping wood. "I need you two to lash my horses to my wagon." The pair blink at him. And the first time ever, real, honest annoyance and anger etches on his face. "Now!" he snaps with a acidy lashing. Oh, don't make the healer angry, and Sev never gets angry. As soon as he looks back at Britt, the anger is gone. "No. I told you time and time again, Britt. You will never have to say you're sorry. Or thank you."

Britt offers him a weak nod. Somehow the chance of setting age records is not looking so great right now. She watches dully as the warriors hop-to and go prepare the horses. His latter comment earns him a sad smile. "And I've told you - yeah, I do. Don't argue. Just forgive me." But she doesn't wait for him to acknowledge that before she says, "I need you to get someone to tell Oxfor. And Veks." One for professional reasons, the other for personal ones.

Sev looks a bit stricken, like there's a lot of emotions playing on his face. Like he's reliving a rather horrible moment of his life. "I can't lose you too…I can't, Britt. Not again." But he nods. The nomad's eyes soften a degree, voice getting a little softer. "I forgave you a long time ago. Just as I hope you forgive me for being unable to let go. But…don't worry about that. It's…not important." Right now isn't really a time to be talking about 'them'. A hand is flicked towards a two more Trikru milling about. "I need you to send a message to the steheda, telling him of Britt's situation and where she'll be. And you, find Veks kom Trikru and tell him as well. I'm sure he'll know what to do with that information. The Gonaheda will be at the Ark receiving treatment." The pair look at the situation, combined that with seeing the other two prepping the horses and they nod, moving off at jog. "Don't worry about me, Britt. I'm not important right now. You are."

Britt shakes her head. "You didn't do anything wrong. There's nothing to forgive. And this isn't your fault, Sev," she tells him, earnest green eyes locking on his. "Remember that." One of the other warriors comes over to say, "Horses are ready." He goes to Britt's feet as if to help lift her if Sev should desire it.

"Britt, please." Sev almost whispers, bringing his face to her's, his other hand touching her cheek. "It's my fault I feel like this. I did what I said I shouldn't. I don't regret that. I told you, I told you I would never forsake you. I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere. I still stand by your side until I can no longer walk. Until my body turns to dust." He swallows, and shuts his eyes for a moment. "I lost Sela. I will not lose you too. Even if you were never mine to have." It goes without saying that he'd like nothing more than to kiss her, but the voice of the warrior informing him of the state of wagon makes him hesitate, leaning up. "Alright." A breath is taken in, moving to help lift her top half.

"Stop," Britt urges in a soft murmurs, when his face dips closer. "Stop blaming yourself. We're fine, you and I. All forgiven. You're my friend, and we'll always have each others' back. It'll be all right," she tells him, with a confidence she does not feel. The other warrior grabs her legs, lifting gently, and soon enough she's loaded into the wagon. "Do you need anything else?" the helpful warrior asks.

"No, I can take it from here. Thank you." Sev says, setting Britt down on his bed. "I need to get her to the Ark, but I'll need to be careful getting her there. Thank you." Once the warrior exits the wagon, he looks over at Britt. There's a lot of things on his mind, and there's a moment where he has to blink, not seeing her face, but someone else's. "Blaming myself is what I'm good at. But I've always been a martyr like that." A waterskin is put into her hand, since he can't both be back here and guide the reins on the horses. "I will not let you die. Not here, not now." he tells her, and there's a steely determination in that. "Not when I l-" he stops himself. "I need to get to the horses, call for me if you need me."

Britt bobs her head a little, taking the waterskin. "I know," she says softly, a sad sympathy in her eyes. Knows that he's a martyr? Knows - or guesses - what he didn't say? She doesn't elaborate, but merely lets her head sink back against the bed to rest.

Sev leaves, heading towards the Eastern Shore, Lake Audo [OUT].

Outside Camp Jaha
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Day 090

The book that Sev has kept has been a godsend many times in the past and it has yet to really let him down. Granted, it doesn't mean that's what Britt has, but with his knowledge being what it is and putting the pieces together, he has a pretty good idea of it. Though he didn't tell Britt the other thing it could've been. That may of been too much. But he rolls up his wagon right up to the gates before bringing his horses to a stop. He didn't drive the horses fast, he didn't want to jostle Britt in case that made things worse, but it was indeed a shorter trip than walking. "We're here." he says, dropping the reigns and going back to pick Britt up in his arms. His shoulder still isn't fully healed, it's still bruised a good deal, though not quite what it used to be, and there is a certain degree in pain in lifting her up. But pain is transitory. Because obviously he'll go through any length of pain for her. "Kai should be nearby, hopefully."

Kai's not afraid to namedrop when the occasion calls for it. And under these circumstances? It calls for it. Infirmary. Medical emergency, probable appendicitis. If there was a no, it was pursued until the people in the know cleared it, even if the girl herself is in the shadow of the gate waiting for the others to arrive,"I've alerted them, I don't know who they might have organized at the infirmary end but they said it's okay." she trots over to offer before turning back towards Alpha.

Britt is no worse off - that's something, at least. But Sev's medicine has taken effect during the trip over, taking away the pain but also making her drowsy and maybe a bit loopy. "If it's Morgan just take me back," she says with a little snort. Yeah, little bit loopy.

"I'll make a note of that." Sev comments, having leveled himself off for the moment from being emotionally compromised like he was earlier. "Or they can just talk me through it and I'll do it myself. But really, you'll take whoever they offer and you'll like it. You'll even say thank you afterwards." He carries her out and down the steps of the wagon, nodding at Kai as he walks along, cradling the woman gently in his arms. "They're letting us inside now? Well, I suppose that's nice to know. I would really hate to make a scene if they didn't." he adds, following along after the young woman.

The Row
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Day 090

"Swain claimed to be with Conseulos for several hours, before they both went to the celebration on Mecha. My original intent was to find someone willing to find verification with that via the cameras while I interviewed others to confirm that, if you're fishing for poking holes in that statement." Jumar actually sounds… professional with that.

Jumar wears Engineers overalls and wields a welder near the forge construction, turned off for now. A panel is obviously halfway done, with the heated metal in front of him part of a wall. He's in a casual stance, talking to Fiona.

Kai's heading in from the gates with Lionel, unarmed and unarmored, for once, with a Sev carrying Britt in tow. Her expression might best be described as 'pretending not to be worried' with a side order of 'kinda failing miserably' given the way she keeps glancing back towards the Trikru healer and his archer burden and is headed in a beeline towards Alpha itself.

"'With Consuelos, or ''with'' Consuelos?" asks Fiona in a curious tone. "I'll be checking to see if either of them accessed the station computer, and I'll definitely look into anyone spotting them at the Mecha party." Her attention drags to those entering the camp. "Corporal?" she calls out. "What's wrong? What happened to Britt?" Her tone has turned alarmed.

Lionel Weeks had been informed that a Trikru injured was being brought in to the Alpha Compound. He strides alongside the group, being the guard presence and escort, his rifle at his back and his armored jacket opened. He is moving in that way that suggests haste, while also being slow because he has an injured with him. "I've let Li know to expect us… she has a call out to Tori." He looks over toward Fiona, and he offers a mute shrug. He didn't have the time to ask.

Sev is one of the healers in new Coesbur, and he's putting on a better front, his face is a mask of stoicism, but his eyes are worried, concerned. And he holds Britt in his arms like he would a crate full of eggs. Delicate, but supremely defensive, like he'd likely cut anyone not him who tried to come too close to her. He's just following along after Leo and Kai, saying nothing. "<In Trigedasleng> You owe me a couple of kisses after this." he says in an attempt at humor.

Britt has one hand up on Sev's good shoulder for balance, not quite unconscious but definitely drifting that way if her half-lidded eyes are any indication. Otherwise she's quiet as he carries her along. There are no outward signs of injury, but the archer looks definitely unwell. Certainly a far cry from when she saw Fiona yesterday, complaining about still-healing injuries but certainly nothing like this. Her gaze is drawn over to the younger woman's voice. "Feyona," she greets weakly, but someone else will have to explain. "<In Trigedasleng> Do I now," she says wryly to Sev.

"Probable appendicitis." Kai calls back towards Fiona with a nod for Lionel's words,"Thanks Leo." she offers the guardsman, letting him lead as she drops back to bring up the proverbial rear, not out of any real necessity but simply to clear the path for the other three.

Sev's declaration earns him a peculiar look from Fiona, but she doesn't interject, only nods to Kai. "They should be able to take care of her." And the statement provides implicit acknowledgement that yes, there should be no one preventing them from going to medical. "Someone come and get me if you have any problems. I'll be along soon."

"<In Trigedasleng> Considering how I consistently keep saving your life, it's the least you could do. More, if you're feeling frisky." Sev comments idly, as if the jokes will hide the fact that he's a hair short of outright panicking over her. Fiona gets a look over. "If we do not have the organ removed, it will burst and the infection will likely kill her. I have seen this illness too many times, I have no desire of seeing it again. So I would like to hurry along if we could."

Grounders coming into Camp Jaha? Must have been forced. That suspicion is confirmed when Britt comes in looking like hell. The only Grounder to bother with coming to visit has been Khesu so far, and that trend looks to be continuing. So it is that Jumar registers a distinct *lack* of surprise that suddenly they might be interested in seeing if their distrusted technology might be helpful. His eyes scan the group coming in, before he looks back to Fiona. "Friends, not anything more." His eyes go back to tracking the group, silent about them for now.

"Thank you Feyona," Britt says to the young woman, then she pats Sev's shoulder. "<In Trigedasleng> Calm down, we are going. And that's not funny," she chides with a twist of her lips about the whole 'least she could do' thing. He may have been trying to cheer her up, but it didn't quite work.

"<In Trigedasleng> Don't let me keep you. Get her help." Fiona leaves it at that, though there's still something in her expression that's vaguely repulsed as she turns back to Jumar. "Alright. Thank you, that's a start. I'll see if I can look into the details. What verification was there of the alibi beyond one woman's word?"

Alpha Station Infirmary
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Day 090

Things are nothing if not efficient within the infirmary, and due to the well-implemented triage within her workspace, most of the residents that once occupied the beds (both real and makeshift) have long since been released. Now the foot-traffic to and from the medbay is slow and staggered, and few people are required to stay overnight for observation. This leaves Victoria quite a lot of time to take stock of what they have, what they need, and what she can only dream of getting her hands on. She is, in fact, in the process of sorting through several hastily assembled shelves with the help of her ever-present assistant, Geoff, whose bespectacled, long-necked facade gives him the slightly off-putting appearance of a giraffe in scrubs. "We don't lack for bandages," Tori murmurs, tapping a slender finger against her lower lip, "but I could wish for more sutures. Take note of that."

It's a Trikru invasion! Admittedly, at least one under escort from Corporal Weeks, but still. There's Sev, carrying Britt, and trailed by a Kai. Word should have been sent ahead as to the medical need; a suspected case of acute appendicitis. The grey-eyed former Skaikru girl at least seems content to simply find a spot by the door to occupy for the moment, letting the older and more knowledgeable folks sort out the particulars.

Sev is a man on a mission. He will see Britt well or so help anyone that happens to get in his way. May not be able to fight a lick but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to kick shins really hard. He's carrying a very ill-looking Britt in his arms like she's made of glass, stepping through the corridors of the Ark with a slight sense of befuddlement. "<In Trigedasleng> Strange place." he utters lowly, though it doesn't take his focus off following Kai to the right spot. He stalls once he's inside, peering around. "I am Sev kom Trikru, a healer. I come looking for a Skaikru doctor. I will trade whatever I own for anyone here to help save my friend." he announces plainly, perhaps unsure how one asks for help in a Skaikru infirmary.

Fiona arrives from the North Corridor.

So this is what the inside of the Sky Ark looks like. Britt might've appreciated it more if she were more 'with it', but Sev's medicine on top of a fever has left her weak and drowsy. So she just rests in his arms and peers around. "<In Trigedasleng> Could've bartered," she mumbles to Sev.

Lionel is standing back a bit when Sev mentions trading, and he blinks over to Tori. He immediately starts to wave his hands, hoping to stop her from daring to accept a trade for medical help. Not that Tori would, but his expression definitely suggests don't do it.

When Fiona enters, she takes a moment to size up the situation, but most importantly, she makes sure that she situates herself somewhere out of the way of the medical team's efforts. Her brows knit as she watches Lionel, having arrived only after whatever it is was said that he's frantically negating.

"<In Trigedasleng> You don't need to trade." Kai offers from her spot near the door. She at least caught Lionel's gesture and electing to explain for them,"He thinks it's acute appendicitis." is what she elects to explain to Victoria before giving Fiona an upnod of acknowledgment.

Tori spins about on her heel at the first sound of someone approaching the infirmary. Her eyes widen at the sight of Kai - a vaguely familiar face turned wild and exotic with her time spent with the Trikru - and then Lionel, and then…others. She narrows her eyes at Fiona, Kai and Lionel warningly, holding up a hand in a pre-emptive effort to stall anyone else from interfering in what is clearly her job. "It doesn't work like that here," she announces to Sev, beckoning him forward with Britt and pointing toward the closest diagnostic bed which will serve as a makeshift surgical table if need be. "Put her down here and tell me quickly what is wrong."

Already her assistant is pulling out a tray of sterilized tools and a precious pair of gloves, and the sound of tearing velcro follows as Tori opens a manual blood pressure cuff. It is all business for her.

"The offer is there. If nothing else, than gratitude for your help." Sev is nothing but cordial. Kinda has to be given his dual-nature of careers. Doing as instructed, he lays Britt down on the nearest medbed, taking a personal moment to smooth her hair out in compassion, "<In Trigedasleng> You're going to be alright. I promise." he says softly, then looking back up at Victoria. "Sharp pain in her side. Fever. A sense of feeling ill as if she may throw up. The pain appears very intense. I gave her an infusion of willow bark and poppy milk to ease the pain." Translation, he doped her up on opium. "My old Earth book states there is an organ here," he points at Britt's side, "that can become infected and if left untreated, burst which could well end up killing her. I am…a lack the knowledge and tools to remove the organ. I only know that it can be done. I would help you, if I can." Beat. "I would prefer to, if you would allow." This is another healer's turf, and as a personal healer code, her turf, her rules, her orders. Some things go beyond cultural lines.

Britt nods to confirm what Sev says, then looks up at Victoria for a moment. "I am Britt kom Trikru. I am grateful for your help." There's a brief grimace when he lays her down. Though her gaze is dulled from the medicine, there's a fearful glance at the assistant coming up with a tray of strange and scary tools. And then there's the rip of velcro, and her gaze snaps that way. She's trying to be good and not freak out, but this is all very alarming.

"Fine." Sev's request to help is granted with only a brief nod as Tori slips the cuff over Britt's left arm, stuffs her stethoscope in her ears, and begins pumping. "You'll need to prep with soap. And gloves and a mask. Geoff, show him." She nods briefly in the direction of the impromptu washing station while offering Britt a faint smile; she is silent, however, as she pumps, listens, and slowly lets off the pressure until—there. The air whooshes loudly out of the cuff and she tosses it aside. "Britt. I'm Doctor Tori, and we're going to do everything we can to help you today. I need you to take a few deep breaths for me, and when I press I want you to tell me if it hurts, okay?"

She reaches out to place her fingertips on Britt's abdomen, but she doesn't press right away but instead allows a moment for the request to sink in. Her gaze flicks up to the other and she gestures to the far side of the infirmary with a lift of her chin. "The rest of you, if you could stay over there and out of the way and pull a curtain, I would appreciate it. I realize this isn't a sterile room, but I'd like to keep it as clean as possible."

Kai's really just here.. well, primarily because Britt's a friend, and at least to a degree to try and translate where it might be necessary. Which means for the moment at least she's just loitering and looking awkward. She elects to lean against the wall and fold her arms before her with a worry of her bottom lip,"<In Trigedasleng> It will be fine, Britt." the girl endeavors to assure in Trigedasleng with a glance at Lionel and Fiona again with a faint, stressed kind of smile offered. The green halter top, made out of natural fibers and with a leather strip to bind it about her neck, is wet with something clear down one side, and the top itself does nothing to hide the array of still reasonably fresh scars that lace her shoulders and arms or the kill mark on the backside of her shoulder when she steps forward to pull the curtain for the healers with a sucked in breath, endeavoring to go with.. well, as much calm as she can manage at least.

Fiona seems perfectly content to stay out of the way. "<In Trigedasleng> She is right. Kane of Skaikru offers medical aid without need for trade." She lapses into silence now, but she remains where she is to watch the procedure and remain to keep things calm.

Britt sucks in a little breath, bracing herself like she expects the BP cuff to hurt and watching it suspiciously. But then it doesn't hurt, and she relaxes a tiny bit. She offers as brave a nod as she can muster to Kai and Sev's reassurances, then looks to Victoria. "My rib and my side still hurt from the wounds from before, but Sev says they're not what's wrong." She helpfully pulls up the bottom of her shirt to expose that part of her abdomen, and sure enough - there's a almost-healed cauterized stab wound overlapping with a much, much older scar from another bad stab wound, and above that on her lower ribcage is a third recently-healed seared wound with a fractured rib beneath it. Hell, it's a wonder the archer is still alive at all, appendix aside. But she follows Victoria's directions, and when the doctor presses on her belly, it's a much lower area, below either wound, that elicits a sharp hissed breath when the pressure is released.

Sev knows what soap is, thankfully. Though the gloves and mask thing is kind of new to him. His satchel is slipped off and set on a nearby table in case anything he has can help and gives Britt's free hand a squeeze, as if to suggest he'll be right back. Moving away, he strips off his vest to leave just his shirt, and then follows the man named Geoff, washing his hands, putting on gloves, which feels weird with that whole 'snap!' sound. The mask feels a little odd too before coming over to stand next to Tori while she preps stuff. A look at her implements…he's seen some of these in his ruin spelunking. But he will then wait until he's asked for.

"Did you say you gave her something, Sev kom Trikru? Poppy?" Tori inquires, although her voice is now slightly muffled; Geoff has taken a moment to secure a mask over her face before setting up Britt on equipment to monitor her vitals. Her brow is furrowed in concentration as she prods lower until Britt hisses. It's as good enough of an indication of how far matters have advanced, and her eyes settle on Sev with grim resolution. Surgery it is. "Give her more of it, another—half dose. She needs to be asleep." Her gaze darts down to Britt and her brow smooths out although her next words are somewhat hesitant.

"I know you are a warrior, Britt kom Trikru. I can see it written here in front of me. But this is going to be worse than anything you have felt before, and I cannot promise the medicine will help with it. For your safety, I would like to strap you down until we are done. Your friend will be here the entire time."

"Thank eden Sev was there because hell if I'd have known what was wrong." Kai grunts quietly for those outside of the curtain,"And for it being.. well, easier than I expected, to come here." but the door's opening, and the willowy brunette that's coming in, at a rush, is probably recognizable to Lionel in the least as Kai's mother, Katherine. Who skids to a halt when the person she was expecting to be on the table is the one that turns from next to the door,"Mom.." the Second starts before she's hugged by the anxious older Adams.

"They said.." Katherine starts with a look towards the curtain,"And I thought.."

"No. A friend of mine." Kai is definitely given the 'patpat' of 'please let go this is uncomfortable'.

"Britt? Wren?" Katherine asks even as her daughter endeavors to corral her back out the room.

"How did y.. nevermind. It's Britt, mom.. and she'll be fine. I think. Just.. later okay?" Kai murmurs.

"Poppy yes. Ground into a powder. Mixed into a poultice infused with willow bark and other herbs that are known to alleviate pain." Sev explains, in perhaps a more clinical tone that's not expected of Trikru. He does know his plants. "I only use it for extreme cases of pain, as it has a tendency of causing addiction, so it's not something I use often. Britt's case is…warranted for it. I gave her one dose. Which would explain her…present state. It tends to give an…altered state of mind. Something akin to being drunk. A more…happy kind of drunk?" Hard to explain that kind of stuff. When she explains what the procedure involves, he nods. "She is correct, Britt. I knew this would involve cutting your side open but it will…not be pleasant. You can trust her. And I will not leave you." Duh, like he would leave her now. Promises made, promises kept.

Britt's brow creases, her throat bobbing when Victoria delivers the news. She nods a little, obviously terrified but keeping it clamped down with some effort. "Do what you must," she says solemnly to Victoria. Her eyes drift to the door when she hears Kai talking to her mother, then back to Sev. "Maybe you should go, if it will be so bad." She would spare him witnessing that, if she could.

Without ado, Geoff bobs his head apologetically to Britt as he begins to strap down her wrists and ankles, and Tori will wait to do any of the actual cutting until Sev has administered the poppy and put Britt a little farther under. Instead, she takes stock of her tools and their supplies, adds a bit more gauze to their stack, and shows Sev how to use the irrigation. The sutures and needles look secure, and a peek around the curtain shows that everyone else is in their place. "We're going to begin in a few minutes. If anyone comes in, just let Geoff know. He'll be monitoring Britt's vitals, but I can spare him if someone else needs attention. Otherwise we are not to be disturbed." Her gaze flicks to Lionel briefly, and as if his presence serves as a reminder to mind her manners, she adds a gruff, "Please-and-thank-you."

Back around the curtain, she finally snaps her gloves on and takes up her station beside her tray of tools and beckons Sev to the other side of the tray. "I will make the incision here. There will be blood, so we will need to clear it away and clamp her open so I can get in deeper past the fat and muscle." She demonstrates the use of the tools so that he can assist. "We need to be very, very fast. The quicker we are, the less time for the little nasties to find their way into her."

"I'm not leaving. I'm here to help. And I won't leave you alone through this." Sev replies to Britt with a shake of his head. "I have seen a great deal in my time healing, Britt. You don't have to worry about my fortitude on these matters. You're going to be alright." Even now, hell, especially now, he's more concerned for her than himself. He takes another phial out of his satchel, pulling the top. "Drink, Britt. You need to this. Want you as numb to this as possible." He doesn't like giving someone this much poppy so soon, but there's really no choice here. After it's been administered, he follows wher Victoria indicates, nodding through the process of watching how irrigation works. A nod at the incision. "We must hurt to heal. I know the theory well." Very well, considering how many people he's burned in his lifetime. Then more watching, eyes steady at the instruction. "Indeed. You wish for expediency, you will have it, healer."

"What's wrong with her?" Katherine asks her daughter.

"Appendix. It's fine. Doctor Beaubois and Sev kom Trikru are taking care of her." Kai sounds vaguely puzzled, and the furrow of her brows is certainly so,"I need to stay here mom, just in case."

"Okay. Let her know this means she has to come by for tea later." Katherine tucks her hair behind one of her ears with a glance towards the curtain as she slips away again.

"I.. will?" Kai's completely confused and doesn't hide it at all as she stops hovering in the doorway, going back to lean up in her spot and try to puzzle through things while worrying at her bottom lip.

Britt drinks the medicine like a good little patient. Panic flares briefly when the assistant straps down her limbs, visible in the way her arms tense and breathing quickens. Chewing her lower lip, she gives Sev a little nod, eyes locking with his briefly. Fear there, but also trust. Then she looks up at the ceiling, trying not to hyperventilate until the second dose of medicine kicks in. Then finally her breathing eases. Out cold or close to it.

Tori watches Britt, breath held, until the woman looks as if she is just about asleep. She glances up to the vitals monitor, and Geoff offers her a silent nod. "Showtime," she murmurs, checking the security of her mask and gloves before taking up her tools. "Ready Sev?" He better be, because she's not stopping now. She cleans the site, makes the incision and immediately begins dabbing away the blood, calls for the opening to be held, and goes deeper. "Irrigate." Deeper still, because there's all that damn muscle… "Again." And there it is - the curved stretch of inflamed appendix clinging to the intestine like an angry barnacle. "That," she announces to Sev, pointing carefully. "That is what we will remove, very carefully. A little stitch at the site to prevent any trouble, and then we will close her up."

When Victoria announces it's showtime, Sev puts his gameface on. The sight of blood and organs is nothing that he hasn't seen. He's seen worse from some axe wounds, so seeing human insides is something he can certainly handle. What he's not used to is the concept of cutting someone open to heal them, it's a kind of medicine that he's not used to. When Tori asks for suction, she gets it, using the tool as instructed to suck up blood that's gotten in the way, to keep things clear for viewing. The irrigator tool is used to spray sterile water to clear any other water and then again when she requests it. If nothing else, the Trikru healer has very steady hands, no frayed nervous on his end. It might be the exact kind of work he's used to, but it's in his ballpark. "That is the appendix." he nods. "It's looks angry, infected due to it's redness. How do you plan to remove it? Cutting it off?" he asks, but he doesn't expect an answer, preferring to watch what she does.

There's a muted moan from the archer when the cutting begins. The medicine is good against the pain but not THAT good. Britt's hand tries to swat at the things inflicting the hurting, so it's probably a good thing that Victoria opted for the restraints. Her blood pressure spikes up a bit, but nothing dangerous at this point.

Kai doesn't try to peek around the curtain, she doesn't want to know. Because well, really, she's not a healer, and while she might be somewhat sort of used to inflicting and having wounds inflicted on her, friends up to their wrists in another friends guts? Sort of outside of her ballpark. The moan from Britt sets her teeth on edge, she can't help it, though she endeavors to stick to loitering quietly by the door. The curtain's being eyed as she keeps her hands folded in front of her, mostly to keep them contained from fidgeting or asking stupid questions like 'how's it going?'.

"Cut it off," Tori echoes, but she pauses when Britt moves. Her throat pulses with an audible swallow and her gaze darts up to the vitals monitor again, but Geoff is there to tell her if anything is going wrong. "Cut it off," she repeats, and then does just that. It is a simple snip - the appendix isn't attached by much. The severed organ is set aside in a small container, and she takes up the sutures and and sews a single stitch in its place just in case. "Irrigate once more, just to make sure the site is cleared and the stitch is sound, and then we'll push the intestines back inside, make sure everything looks okay, and close her back up."

Inhaling deeply through her mask, Tori sets everything in Britt's abdomen to rights and signals for Sev to release the clamps. She double-checks for tools or gauze in the belly (it happens, yo) and then begins the process of suturing closed the small, four-inch incision site. "We're almost done now. You did very well, Sev kom Trikru. You didn't even puke in your mask. She will be very proud of you. There is some follow-up care you will have to memorize for her, but when she wakes up we'll do one more check and you can leave. Any questions?" Now she's game for some pleasant chit-chat.

A nod from Sev, filing this away from future reference. The nomad watches with an amazing expression behind his mask at the process of sniping off the appendix and then stitching it shut. The water is sloshed in when asked for, clearing out the incision sit and then suctioning it up after to get it all out of the way. "I have seen the inside of too many warriors to count, doctor. I am beyond used to it. Though I can't say I've ever had to cut someone open to heal them. Usually I burn wounds close to prevent said insides from falling out. But thank you for the praise. I'm aware that my skills are not what yours are." Another nod. "I will tell her whatever you need me to. But the technique of…stitching. I would like to ask. Our people burn wounds shut, we do not do what you just did. What are the benefits of stitching to burning? Does one carry the risk of infection less than another?" he asks now that it seems like the worst is over. "I have some supplies you would perhaps be interested in, I have delved into many old world ruins. Have found an assortment of medical implements, but they have little use to me. I would at least give them to you. A…gift, for saving Britt's life. As I am in your debt."

Britt is out of it, falling quiet again once the worst of the cutting is over. Hopefully thinking of happier dreams that don't involve your intestines needing to be put back into place.

At least those are good sounds, not 'oh god she's bleeding out' or the bleep of machines trying to frantically warn someone of impending death. Kai breathes her own sigh of relief from where she's lingering by the door and ventures a smile. Not that she's inclined to go and actually take a look, newp. She's quite happy with the curtain of obliviousness between her and the action, but it at least eases something in her to hear things like 'close her back up' and 'almost done'.

When the final stitch is in place, Tori snips it neatly and sighs, setting aside the tools. Smiling, Geoff pulls his mask down and offers a polite, "Congratulations, doctor," before collecting up the tools and carting them away for cleaning and sterilization. Tori removes her gloves and discards them before pulling her mask away and sighing, leaning against the table. She glances down at Britt thoughtfully before realizing the woman is still strapped down. "Stitching is cleaner by far," she answers Sev as she undoes the straps on Britt's ankles and wrists. "Cauterizing can sometimes leave opportunity for other infections, because the site has to be kept very clean while it heals. Stitches are much easier to manage if you clean the edges of the wound properly."

Taking a clean, non-stick bandage, Tori places it carefully over Britt's stitches and tapes the edges. "This site will need to be kept clean and covered. In about a week, I'd like to come and take a look at them to see how the site has healed. They might be able to come out then, and I will show you to take them out. You can show me the supplies you have then, and we might do some trade. I'd like to augment our limited supply of anesthesia with your poppy juice. It didn't do too badly for a quick surgery. Oh, we're done. Everyone can come in now." She tugs down Britt's shirt and then opens the curtain without ceremony.

"That's what I hear, I just wanted to see the difference." Sev nods, pulling his own gloves and mask and disposing of them, mimicking the same motions of Tori and Geoff, leaning on the fly. "We tend to prevent infection with different salves and bandages." he offers going to his satchel, drawing a series of small wooden-carved containers, pulling their lids open to show the different creams he uses. One is whiteish, another with a green hue to it, another that seems a bit more golden. "Each have a certain degree of potency depending to the severity of burn that's required. I am not saying that one method is better than another, only what I have been trained to do. The majority of these salves are created by ground herbs mixed in with boiled animal fat that's used for base of the salve itself. We cover the burn, and cover with bandages. But, I would not be beyond learning how to do this stitching you do. Also, you may find this interesting as well." His pack that had been slid off his back and set aside is picked out, pulling free the large tome of New England Journal of Medicine. "This is how I knew there was something seriously wrong with Britt. Though some of the concepts in this book is…beyond me. Words I don't understand. Illnesses that I've never heard of. Leukemia. Sideroblastic anemia. Melanomas and other such things. They may mean more to you than to me. If there was any way that you have to copy a book to your…what was the word Kai uses…" he ponders for thought. "…dataslates. Those things. Though, it's possible you already have such knowledge at your disposal." LIstening to the instructions, he nods. "I'll make sure she gets the care she needs." A look at the sleep Britt than back at Tori. "I know where poppy can be gathered, but I give you a warning, doctor. The medication is addictive. I've seen many a Trikru become far too needful of it, dependent upon it. And yes, I will gather an assortment of things you may be interested in. Perhaps how to make them. Cat gut, perhaps when boiled and cleaned can be used to create more sutures, for example."

Kai debates whether or not she really wants to come closer, but with things closed up, not so bad. And she has to at least come and hover there to make sure that Britt's okay. Yep,"Should she stay here overnight to be on the safe side, doctor?" the Second asks of Tori in specific with a glance towards Sev,"I should return to tell the steheda and my First, in the least, what has happened.. if you didn't before the two of you came? So that they are aware of what's happened."

Tori blinks at Kai for a moment, but the question is a sound one. "Yes, she should stay overnight for observation, to be sure of no infection. Tomorrow she can leave." Her attention shifts back to Sev, and she watches silently as he displays his various medicines and explains their uses. She is interested enough to lean over them and sniff, but her ability to detect herbs by scent is pretty much useless; she will simply have to take his word for it regarding their use. The journal, however, causes her eyebrows to arch upward in extreme surprise, and she accepts the paper manuscript a bit like someone being handed a gold bar. Or perhaps a ticking bomb. "I—we would already have this information, but…"

Her voice trails off, and she very, very carefully turns the pages over and scans the text. Not everything is legible, having been subjected to the elements in some form or another. "You should keep this copy, Sev, and when you have questions, we can discuss these things you want to learn about." She closes the journal and hands it back to him. "You can stay with her tonight and keep an eye on her. There will be someone posted to send for me if something goes wrong. I need to go report on what happened and make notes on the surgery, so if there are no other questions…"

Sev had no intention of trading that book. It's non-negotiable. Though he would be willing for them to make a copy of it if the Skaikru had the ability to do so. It's placed back in his bag. The other stuff is put away as well. "I'll watch over Britt, in case she wakes up and needs anything." He shakes his head at Kai. "Oxfor already knows, I sent a runner to him. And also to Veks. But if you need to inform your First, that's understandable." Victoria gets another nod. "Thank you again, doctor. Truly. I will remain here until tomorrow if there are any questions you have for our ways, as I would have questions for you as well. When you have time, of course."

Kai gives a dip of her head in acknowledgment for Tori and then Sev,"Okay. Sounds good. I'll see to it your horse is taken care of." even her novice ass should be able to handle /that/ much at least,"Thanks, doc." she knows that Britt's safe here, so she's got no qualms now about slipping away to take care of the little details in the interim.

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