Day 088: A Visit To Lincoln
Summary: Britt takes Fiona and her parents to visit Tondc.
Date: 30 Aug 2016
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Tondc Meeting Green
Lincoln's status and trees.
Day 88

The journey to Tondc is shorter when you go by horse. It was delightful for Fiona and her mother, less so for her dad. It's not that he hates horses, but his wife and daughter clearly have the knack whereas he doesn't. When they all arrive in the village, the first place Cato wants to go is to the Lincoln Memorial. It's pretty much his Mecca. Fiona spends some time with her parents before finally making her way back to Britt. She's been quiet over the journey, polite but uncertain toward Britt.

Britt was pleasantly surprised when Fiona said that they wanted to go, and didn't ask further what had changed her mind. She had merely promised to arrange the horses and worked out the time of departure. She too had been content to pass the trip in relative quiet, in part because the jostling of the horse is not so fun on her still-healing injuries. She would have, at least, made polite but reserved small-talk with Fi's parents to the extent that they were comfortable, steering away from potentially volatile subjects. After showing them the meeting green, Britt hangs back a bit to give Cato a chance to enjoy it. She offers a faint smile when Fiona wanders over. "He seems happy," she observes, watching the elder Skaikru.

Eliza is happy to converse with Britt, forthcoming and amenable where Cato is more stoic. Fiona's parents are having a moment in front of Lincoln. "He is." Fiona confirms from her moment of distance. "He loves history, and the most important figure to him, the one he considers his hero - stood on the steps years before the bombs ever fell and made one of the most important speeches of the time. He had me memorize it as a little girl." She watches her parents fondly, an air of gratefulness about her.

Britt probably has more in common with Cato on the quiet front, but she at least made an effort with Eliza. Horses are probably a nice safe topic. Or water processing on the ark. She nods a little to Fiona. "I know his name was Lincoln and he was a leader before the dark times, but I don't know much about him." Apart from what - if anything - Cato decided to share on the way here, obviously. "What was the speech about?"

"Differences." Fiona says frankly. "At the time, people were divided because of skin color. It was the stupidest thing…but people with pale skin thought people with dark skin were inferior to them and wanted to keep them suppressed. And this man, he stood on the steps of the statue and spoke to thousands of people about how he had a dream that all men and women would become equal."

Britt lets out a surprised, derisive snort. "That is stupid," she agrees. "Makes about as much sense as dividing people because of their eye color or their hair color." Apparently nobody ever told her about some other pre-bombs lunacy either. "But it is a good dream, I think. Except maybe for the Azgeda." A slight smirk and wry tone there suggests that she's probably joking. Maybe. Hopefully.

Fiona lets out a soft snigger at that. "I kind of only saw them from a distance, but there were a few stories after people got back from the front lines." she admits. "I don't know how much I can stress how important this is to my dad. He always wanted to do more than just manage recycled shit and piss. And his whole future is open now, it is for both of them." She smiles faintly. "I think I might end up with a little brother or sister some point in the next year or two."

Britt grunts softly. "Well I have plenty of stories about them, but I will save them for another time perhaps. This is not a day for speaking of brutality and war." She nods a little to the second part. "Well, I am glad you came." At the mention of a sibling, Britt smiles a little at the parents. "Ah, yes, I keep forgetting that was not allowed on the Sky Ark. I suppose things will be very different now. And you? Do you have designs on a family with Tuan someday? I know Kai mentioned your youths cannot have children for some years."

At that, Fiona's smile becomes a bit wistful, shy as she admits, "Yes. We've talked about it. I'm not able to concieve until I'm twenty, but it's just as well. We need to figure out how we're going to live. But we're building the house in New Coesbur together, and he stays sometimes with my family in the Row." She looks over at Britt. "Is your houmon here? I've heard about him, but I don't think I've met him."

Britt nods, "Well, as long as you're together, it doesn't matter much what roof you sleep under. But I haven't had a roof to call my own since I was a child, so… I maybe have an odd view of it." The question about her houmon causes an odd expression on Britt's face - a creased brow, a slow blink, and then a quiet headshake. "He is my niron," she corrects, a reserved sadness in her tone. "But yes, he lives here with his sister and her children. I stay with them when I'm in town. I was going to ask… would you and your parents prefer a supper in their home, or at the pub? Quiet or loud, I suppose, is the better question. Ashe already knew we might be coming, and I brought meat to cook or to trade, so it is no burden either way."

"I'm not sure." Fiona admits. "Maybe two families eating together would be better? I think for the first night. And maybe tomorrow evening, or during lunch, we can go to the pub."

"Sure, that sounds fine. It would have to be tomorrow lunch, though. I figured we'd leave tomorrow after lunch, be back before supper. I can't be away from the village for too long - who knows what the warriors will get into," again with that wry joking tone. Britt is sure the village can get by just fine without her, but it still doesn't do for the new gonaheda to just abandon the place for long on a whim. "I'm sure your duties must keep you pretty busy, too. Plus the building."

"As far as the Chancellor is concerned, my going to Trikru communities is part of my job." Fiona says with an easy if faint smile. "The only reason I delayed was to make sure he wouldn't need me to stay. I never intended to not go unless he told me he needed me."

There's a brief crease of her brow, perplexed, but then Britt nods. "Well, we're here now. Was there anything else in particular your father wanted to see here? I know the warrior barracks used to be some kind of grand building once, perhaps he knows something of it. Or there are some other ruins. And we can drop off the food with Ashe at some point, so she can prepare supper."

"He might. That would be interesting." Britt's expression starts to cause consternation, but then with a breath, she lets it go. "Is there something we can do to help with dinner? If we can't help prepare, Mom would want to at least offer to handle cleanup."

"If you wish to help, I am sure she would not mind. Ashe is very easy-going. She lost her houman long ago, raised four children on her own - well, I mean, not entirely. She had Erson to help as much as he could, and the rest of the village to support her. Anyway, you are my guest so it is not required, but if you wish to, you are welcome. My contribution is delivering the meat and staying out of her way," Britt admits with a faint chuckle.

Fiona laughs a little at that. "If you'd ever consider it, you'd be welcome to have dinner with my family. Dad's been learning to fish from Tuan. They actually get along really well." And she's very pleased by that. "Will Erson relocate to New Coesbur? We'd be happy to have him too."

"I thank you for the invitation. Perhaps once you and Tuan's house once it's built?" Britt suggests. "I would be glad to share a meal with you, but I not like going into Jaha. Too many know me as one who fought against your 100, and I do not like to be the reason for causing more strife between our people." Especially after what happened the last time, but she doesn't reference that incident directly. The question about Erson causes a sad twitch of her mouth. "I don't know. I have asked him, but…" Her lips thin for a moment. "He lost his arm, in the first assault on the Mountain. Since then, he's been struggling to find his place. But it is kind of you to include him."

Fiona oh's softly, opening her mouth as if to say something, thinks the better of it, and instead turns to survey Tondc. "You know, I remember you were telling me you might teach me some Trikru music. Maybe we could do that tonight?"

Britt nods once, not pressing on whatever Fiona may or may not have wanted to say. "Yes, I would like that. And you can share some of your music as well. I have heard the Skaikru have these… keepings?" She means recordings. "Of music, and acts and things on your data slate. Is that where you learn your music?"

Fade out on ramblings about music.

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