Day 047: Adults, Reapers, And Other Serious Matters
Summary: Bitching about "adults" quickly turns into anger about the Mountain for a group of young Skaikru.
Date: 15 July 2016
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Alpha Station Entrance

Inside the wreck of Alpha Station, everything is… the Ark. Sure, there's fresh air because of the many and sundry new holes in the exterior, but it's the same old Ark. This was once the Alpha Station mess hall, so it's relatively roomy, especially with the blackened and blasted hole between this room and what used to be a storage room beyond. Small tokens, especially twigs with greenery, have been set before the blasted hole as a sort of memorial. Tables and chairs are scattered around the room, and along one wall is a kitchen in the process of being converted from soy-processor to actual food preparation.

Two long corridors branch out from here, the northern one leading to personal rooms and the infirmary, and the southern one leading to the Guard command post, Command station, and gym.

47 Days After Landing

Somehow, Grey always manages to get hurt. It might have something to do with throwing himself at the front lines, or it could have something to do with him being a dick and even Reapers wanting to smack him in the face. The jury is still out. He has one of the limited and valuable self-sealing bandages on the right side of his jaw, covering the rather savage wound now stitched shut there, and his ribs have been wrapped as well beneath his simple olive-drab t-shirt. Standing before the blasted hole in the wall of the former mess-hall, he shakes his head, "Definitely had some serious shit goin' on up there."

It's actually a rarity to see Elias inside Alpha Station beyond use of the lab. The young man spends most of his time out by the crops and has a tent set up out that way. So today? Very odd. He makes his way on into the station and immediately cringes with just the smallest touch of feeling boxed in. "Fuck this place is tiny," he mutters to himself as he walks along. Oddly, bigger than his tent, but he's clearly feeling a bit cramped already. He approaches Grey and the hole in the wall with a curious look on his face. "Space termites," he quips before turning to take a bit of a look around. "Giant, metal-eating space termites?"

"Shame they're all dead." Morgan says, without glancing up from the dataslate he's studying at one of the tables near the hole. "I'd enjoy watching the Grounders kill them. Death by a thousand cuts should be interesting to watch." But definitely not to experience. "Are they all as shallow as the ones they made on the Coesbur Grounders? Do they deliberately avoid the major blood vessels and organs? Is it really a thousand or just a lot more than they're able to count to?" Inquiring minds want to know.

"Morgan, you know, sometimes you really freak me out." Fiona has only caught the tail end of this conversation, coming out of a meeting somewhere inside Alpha Station. There's brief consideration for the mess hall's offerings, and she decides instead to loiter near the boys. Oddly, she finds she misses the company of her fellow One Hundred.

Grey glances over to Elias first, and then Morgan, shrugging a little helplessly, "This is where the bomb went off. On Unity Day." He looks around the room again, frowning a little, "Don't know that I'd go tiny… but there's is somethin' odd about so much roof." Grunting in response to Morgan's words, he shakes his head, "Apparently, the Guard's lookin' to see if anyone else was involved who made it down. Might get your," he nods at Fiona's comment, "creepy-ass wish. Howdy Councilor." He might be teasing her. "And I dunno. Don't usually talk about torturing people to death with Gideon."

Elias exhales and nods his head. "I know. Just…not in the mood for absolutely horrible right at the moment." Lifting a hand, he pushes it through his hair and back before looking upward and letting a small groan escape his throat. "Tiny," he says. "Or well…it was a world. Now it's a crashed metal…whatever." There's a wave of his hand at that before giving an upnod towards the exit. "That's home now. This is just…" He wrinkles his nose a touch and shakes his head before looking at the hole in the wall. Catching sight of Morgan, he nods in response to his words. "That might pose another problem with the Trikru. Indra, specifically." No mechanic, he chooses to not try to fill Morgan in on the rest of the things regarding the station. Instead, he looks to Fiona, nodding to her. "Hey, Fi."

"Hey Fi. Haven't seen you much lately." If there's some hidden judgement in Morgan's tone, it's difficult to say. "Yeah, I heard they're investigating. Good luck to them. I know we promised them those responsible so things are going to get tricky if we don't have anyone. Maybe destroying the Mountain Men will make up for it. Different blood for blood."

"Someone will pay for it." Fiona says grimly. She may have some suspicions about that but keeps it to herself. A glance is directed at Morgan. "We did discover the joy of clams, no innuendo intended."

Grey gives Elias a little shrug of apology, wincing as he does. "Yeah, sorry. Just dealt with too much stupid from the 'adults,'" one can almost hear the quotation marks in his voice, "to have much of a sense of humor. Feels like I always gotta explain how things work down here." Still, he chuckles a little, "Hey, I'm perfectly fine sleepin' on a real bed," okay, a foam mattress, but it's still a mattress, "with a roof, four walls, and a floor. Don't care where it is, I'm still on the Ground." Trikru justice gets another grunt, "I was sorta hopin' that if we could prove the Mountain really was screwin' with your telemetry, that their blood'd be the blood the Trikru wanted. We'll see how that works out. I know Jumar's workin' on it." Fiona's words are accepted with a nod, until she mentions innuendo, and then Grey gets it, and snickers, "Suuuuuure."

Elias gives a brief raise of his brows and then a smile to Morgan. "Definitely tricky. Definitely need to completely tear down their operation. It's fucking /sick/." There is a resolute nod to Morgan then before he shifts his attention once more to Fiona, giving her an inquisitive look at first. "Hm? Oh…yeah, there's that. I don't know. As morbid as it sounds, it seemed like if we produced corpses of ours, the blood dept would be paid? Or do they need to make a spectacle of it? We certainly do, evidently." Clearing his throat then, he reaches out to punch Grey lightly in the side of the arm. "Don't worry about it. There's plenty of awful to go around. Also I have some weed left over, so somehow I'll manage to cope." He pouts his bottom lip out dramatically before waving a hand. "One way or another, it'll get sorted. Right now, there's not a lot we can do about it."

"The comfort is nice." Morgan agrees. "And the electricity. And real medical equipment. But yeah, dealing with people who don't have a clue is trying my patience. Seriously, what was Nathaniel thinking? And that other idiot whining about his hand getting cut. Do they think they'll be going up against defenseless kids down here?"

Grey rocks lightly under the punch to his arm, "Ow." It's a monotone, without any actual sign of pain, considering that his right shoulder is one of the few places on his body that isn't currently healing. "Pretty sure they want to make the blood. Can't do much of that if they're dead." And then he's nodding decisively at Morgan, "Damn yes. Single-fire on Reapers? All on one target Screw that. You notice that the only people who didn't do that were the only people who'd actually fought Reapers before? You gotta cut 'em some slack, Morgan. Most of the Guard are good people. Once they see how things actually go, they'll be locked and loaded. But Breen?" He shakes his head, "Jackhole actually tried to tell me how I had potential, but needed a little discipline. And there I was to tell him to actually listen to people who know what they're dealin' with, and to let people take some damned initiative."

Elias snorts a short laugh and shakes his head, grinning in response to Morgan finally. "Uh-huh. That was us like a month ago. Just kind of bumbling around idiotically while the Trikru shook their heads and occasionally poked us with sharp things. They're still basically children down here. Either people will learn or they won't." Again, he rolls his shoulders back in a light shrug. "Definitely not immune to comfort here. I moved all my crap out to my tent pretty much, though. Just feels too…I don't know. I'm not used to /this/ anymore." Focus is lost from Morgan and placed on the three of them for the moment. Looking to Grey then, he just laughs and rolls his eyes. "Sounds like Breen could use a foot up his ass. Speaking of which, brother…I need to talk to you. It can wait, but there's someone that could use a little help and cheering up."

Morgan turns the dataslate off which was showing the recording of the mountain mission. "Yeah, they are and you'd think they'd be smart enough to listen to the ones who know what they're doing. Unlike us, they have someone who does and isn't trying to kill them." He shrugs. "Medical's kinda the same. Like this med-tech shit. Li knows what she's doing but she expects me to jump through hoops before someone gets to call me doctor. As if a title means anything. What about you, Elias? Any of the Arkkru giving you shit and think they know it all?" Though when Elias brings up 'someone', he looks over at Grey. "Pretty sure he means Gideon. You gonna tell Kane you want her to live here with you?"

"If he weren't a Sergeant and I wasn't a Guardsman, I'd stick my foot up his ass so far he tasted boot-leather, then break it off and leave it there to remind him to keep his head outta his ass." The Grey of two months ago would have been ranting and shouting that. Today though, Grey just snorts dryly. Shrugging at Morgan, he adds, "The medical stuff any different down here than it was up there? Besides adding herbs? And if the title don't mean anything, why's it matter if she won't give it to you, man?" Okay, now he might be needling Morgan a little, but at least it's with a grin, right? The new topic causes him to tilt his head to one side, and then clear his throat a little and shift, looking down at his boots, "If it's Dee, I talked to her this morning. And… ah… Kane ain't the biggest fan of me. Sayin' she's my girlfriend ain't gonna buy her any points with him. Not that she needs 'em. She can outhunt most anyone in camp as it is, and we need hunters." And then back to Elias, "If you aren't talkin' 'bout Gideon, I'm watchin' out for Lip while he works on his maps, but I might be able to spare some time. Am I the new official candy-striper?"

There's a short, derisive laugh from Elias at Morgan's question and he shakes his head. "Actually, no. Because from 'go' I've had to hold their hands regarding the Agro end. They /barely/ know what they're doing, but they follow instructions…well enough?" There's a squint to his eyes and a shrug of his shoulders. "I don't even know who the fuck is in charge. I just assumed it was me and acted accordingly. No one's even checked on me, given me lip…nothing." With that he raises a brow and smiles sheepishly, giving a slightly overexaggerated shrug in the process. He does look over to Grey when Morgan guesses it and his smile grows a touch. "I'll talk to Kane if you're…you know. I can't imagine that not being at least a little awkward. I really don't mind. Giddy's good people." Pause. "Wait. You'd leave your actual foot in /Breen's/ ass? Out of all the asses to choose from…" He puts his hands on his hips and bows his head, laughing a bit. "But yeah, man. I got your back. Kane doesn't have shit negative to say about me or I'd have already heard it. I'll get her in. Maybe. They might want to bring up Mags? No fuckin' clue. Worth a shot, though."

"It doesn't mean shit." Morgan states flatly. Except it does. And then he snorts. "Don't be a dick, Grey. You might think you're doing her a favor by staying out of it but what you're really doing is leaving her on her own. She left her Clan for you and you know what Clan means to Grounders. What you're going to do is go tell her you'll be right there beside her and that if she's not accept here then neither are you and you'll go live somewhere else together. Then you both go talk to Kane and convince him that what we really need is someone with the knowledge of a Grounder who doesn't hate our guts, resent us, or think we're almost as dangerous as the Mountain Men. That it happens to be a former Grounder who's going to be loyal to the Arkkru because she's in love with a dick who happens to be one of their Guard is a bonus."

"I'd take one of his to replace it," Grey reassures Elias about his foot-in-ass suggestion. He nods his thanks to the Agro-Tech, then frowns over at Morgan, "I'm not leavin' anyone on their own, Morgan." There's more than a touch of anger in his words there, "He won't let her in here, I'll go out there with her. And I already told her that, your righteous ass." He shakes his head hard, then winces as the motion pulls at the stitches in his jaw, "Goddamn it." That would be for the tug at his skin, not for any of the other men's words, "Ow. But no, Kane's had it out for my Dad forever." Or, you know, Paris Grey could have been a corrupt, abusive, ass. "Her goin' to Kane as my boyfriend'd be a strike against her that she don't need."

"Just don't imagine you'll hear the end of it," Elias gives a gentle warning to Grey. "Whoever taught the Ark shits 'Grounder-Pounder' should be shot back up into space and floated." Of course he's kidding. No smile, but there's no venom in his tone. He takes a moment to look between Morgan and Grey then, holding up his hands. "Yo. Chil daun. Giddeon /wants/ to be Skaikru. It isn't just for Grey. She wants to learn, which is fantastic. And the more of us that learn from her, the better. It's bigger than just Grey and Gideon having their thing, you know? Let's focus on getting the right thing /done/." Looking to Grey then, he nods his head. "Like I said. I got yours and her backs, /if you want/. I'm not going to push unsolicited help. Far as I know, my record is pristine other than the one thing that turned me into a mine canary. Also, I think you should stop by my tent a bit later and get your painkiller on. The Trikru? Their stuff is /good/. Not /as/ good as what I'll be growing, but…definitely full of vitamin C. Promise." He holds his hand up in a sort of 'scout's honor' manner. There's a brief pause there before he breaks into a smile. "It'd be hilarious to watch, at any rate."

Morgan studies Grey a moment then nods, looking satisfied. "Good. You've always been a loyal dick, I'll give you that. But he already knows about you two. I told him a while ago since it's good to have that kind of connection to the Grounders. Mentioned Fi and Tuan as well. She can do enough for us that he'll say yes unless he's a complete idiot. An emotional tie to you is a bonus." And then he looks curiously at Elias. "You have some painkillers? What?"

Grey coughs embarrassedly, "I… uh… I think that might've been me. Or at least, I think I might've been the first one to say it. I… uh… accused Devin of wanting to be one, way back when." Oh, the irony. He snorts at Morgan's description of him, but seems to accept it beyond that. He considers Elias' offer, then nods, "Can't hurt, comin' from someone with no strikes." And then there's the other offer, and he grins over at Morgan, "Eli's an Agro-Tech, from what I heard. I…" he shrugs, embarrassed again, "I've never smoked. I had a couple of MJ-pills the one time I really did a number on my arm and it was achin' somethin' fierce, but that's it."

"Canibidol," Elias replies to Morgan. "Of course, the Trikru are kind of well…way behind when it comes to hybridization, so there's also plenty of…tetrahydrocannabinol involved as well?" Smiling a touch sheepishly, he gives another shrug of his shoulders. "I'm going to start experimenting and refining their product. It could be a lot more efficient for killing pain, honestly. Stuff will get you fucked -right- up, though." There's a look, a wink, a snap, and a point to Grey. This motion ends with him putting that pointing finger to the side of his nose. "Ding. Marijuana, fellas. Trikru marijuana." Looking more specifically to Grey then, he nods his head. "Exactly. Now /I/ know your word's good, Grey, but Kane…eh. He'd probably be more receptive with it coming from me. I'll put together a case for her and bring it to Kane tomorrow." Pause. "And sir, if there was ever a time to start smoking…"

"…it would have been weeks ago," Elias finishes the thought with a laugh.

Morgan looks from Grey to Elias and nods. "We could use some of that in the infirmary. Just need to keep it out of Cass' hands. She keeps trying to steal the painkillers we don't actually have. I wouldn't mind having a smoke though if you have enough." He hasn't been unstressed since before the Grounders attacked the dropship. "I'll send Kane a note too and tell him what Gideon can offer. He might not exactly trust me but I think he knows I know what I'm talking about."

Grey actually laughs at the wink-snap-point, actually letting out a little tension. "Yeah. But just imagine how dead we'd all have been if there'd been moonshine and weed at the camp?" Drawing in a slow breath and letting it out just as slowly, he notes to both men, "Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. I'm sure Gideon does too. I mean, it ain't like he can put a Trikru in charge of our hunters, but she could damned sure teach us a thing or five, and hunt better'n most of us on her own too." Especially given that Grey's been organizing the hunting parties himself as often as not, and he's… rather busy. Or rather wounded. It alternates.

With a smile to Morgan, Elias nods his head. "We all have plenty of horrible to think about. I figured maybe just for a while we could just…have some fun." He pauses and holds up both hands defensively. "I'm not marginalizing anyone's feelings here, so you know. We're getting our fucking people back. We just need to…make something. You know? Something for them to look forward to when they come back. We still need to be fun." His eyes tick between Morgan and Grey for a moment. "But yeah. I'll be refining it and I'll get you the end result here in just a…month? Maybe closer to two, honestly, but you can't rush these things. I'll at least have the basic product. Hybridization is going to take time for the more refined version." With a laugh to Grey then, he nods his head and grins nice and big. "Oh, we'd have been dead twice over. Now? We have a little time to reflect and remember who we are and not the shit we've had to do to get here for a while. And…shit. We're friends. Me speaking on Dee's behalf to get her where she wants to be is a given. No. Thanks. Needed." Again, he gives grey a light pat on the right shoulder. It's the only thing actually not hurting him right now.

Morgan shrugs a shoulder. "She helped take care of us when we were captured. Taught me to use a bow. Pointed out what some of those vials were from the pouches we looted from the dead Grounders. Don't know if she tried to get some of the others from Coesbur to help but it wouldn't surprise me. We owe her. It's only right that she not lose because of it."

Grey seems to agree on most of what Elias says, although he notes, "I don't know about time to reflect. When I'm not out hunting Reapers or deer, I'm keeping up with Lips drawings." He looks over to Morgan, noting, "Twitchy little," Lip's several inches taller than Grey, actually, "dude's really comin' through. Now I just gotta get him to trust the Guard and the Trikru long enough to talk 'em through it and sit in on plannin' sessions."

Elias nods once to Morgan and smiles his aproval to those words. "We owe her big. This is probably the /least/ we can do." With a look over to Grey then, he squints thoughtfully. "How is he? Like…upstairs?" He taps a finger to the side of his head a bit. "Are they alright?" Morgan had touched on this earlier, but he's been curious as to the details.

Morgan just looks to Grey for an answer.

"Well, I mean, he's Lip." Which means, no, he's really not alright upstairs, "But for Lip, he's doin' okay. Way more focused than I've seen him except when he's checkin' a girl out," Not that he really knew Lip before coming down to Earth, "He wanted to get guns and charge the Mountain, just me and him, to get 'em out as soon as he could." And his dark eyes turn to Morgan, "Yeah. They're okay. But I dunno how long for. Lip said that the Mountain Men are like, drainin' Trikru for some reason, and droppin' them down to the Reapers." He's quick to follow up with, "But they obviously ain't done that to our people, so I don't think we gotta worry about that. I just don't wanna leave them in there a moment longer than we've gotta… but we still need a plan, and we need an agreement with the Trikru."

Elias just -stares- at Grey as he offloads this information. Jaw clenched, he tenses for just a moment before his expression just sort of melts. He draws in a deep breath finally and shakes his head. "Those…no. Could a person? What the /fuck/, man?" There's no small amount of anger in his tone, but he's a pretty controlled dude. "The more I hear about these fucking mountain people, the more I've actually…" His brows raise then and he looks to both Morgan and Grey. "Hate. I actually fucking /hate/ something." This is certainly a new thing that comes as much as a brief shock shows in his expression. "They're…making the Reapers and feeding them their kin. That's the most fucked thing I've heard…ever."

"Well, we know the mist doesn't affect vegetable matter so the rovers should be safe if we can seal them something plant based. ." Morgan notes. "Then we kill the Reapers, find a door, blow it up, and go in and kill the bastards till we find our people. Then destroy their computers, missiles, acid fog supply, and anything else that could be a weapon while the Trikru kill the rest of them." He nods to Elias. "Oh, they definitely deserve exactly what they're going to get. The analysis of their blood came back and while there's some stuff in there we don't know what it is, we did isolate amphetamines, steroids and PCP. In other words, a cocktail to make sure they stay hyper, angry and psychotic. I'm betting the stuff we don't know is responsible for the size increase of their hindbrain. And those Reapers should already be going through withdrawal. It's not going to be fun for them." Which is almost sad since it's not something they're responsible for. Almost.

Grey gestures toward Elias, a sort of silent, 'that's what I thought.' Although the mention of hating causes him to nod sharply, "Yeah. I figure when we get in there, anyone under the age of like… fifteen…" He brings his right hand up, running the back of his thumb across his throat. Morgan's addition causes him to frown, most of it flying right straight over his head. The mention of the Rovers, at least, he got, "Well, that gets what… twenty or thirty of us close? If they don't come out and start shootin' at the Rovers… could work." Oh, and withdrawal, he gets that, nodding slowly, "So… crazed killer cannibals going through the deets? That'll be real fun to deal with."

Elias blinks at Morgan then, actually blanching at the…even worse information, really. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Both brows furrow and he just shakes his head. "How…could they? Oh Green Eden. What the fuck /are/ these things? They aren't people. They /can't/ be." Drawing in another breath then, he clenches his jaw. "They have to die. No one who could even be okay with that should even exist." There's a haunted look in his eyes as he continues staring at Morgan. Looking back to Grey, he still has the same expression of disgust on his face. Not at Grey's comment, which he absolutely seems to agree with. "I mean…holy shit. Seriously…not for vengeance but we have to remove these pricks like a tumor. They're /monsters/."

The sounds of plotting and raised voices induce a certain woman to emerge from the quarters section of Alpha towards the hole in the wall that the three young men are standing around. "Who are monsters?" Well sounds like she heard Elias's last remarks. Richael looks between the three as she rubs her eyes and blinks tiredness away from them.

Morgan nods to Elias. Always did like the guy. Has his priorities straight. "Yeah, the doors to the Reapers don't get opened till they're through the worst of it. Assuming they survive." he adds, suddenly looking a little worried. "That didn't occur to me. Though I didn't know exactly what was in them before. Maybe we need more Reapers and hope a few live." Glancing up at the question, he answers "The Mountain Men."

Grey went through pretty much the same thing as Elias is going through now, although he went through it in stages rather than all at once. "Yeah. Kill anyone old enough to have a clue. Teach the others to be human again." Richael's arrival gets a glance, and he's about to answer when Morgan does. He nods, "Deets can be bad." He knows that not from any medical knowledge, but from watching his father trying to dry out a couple of times. "We got you a couple'a Reapers, man… we don't got time to search out more of 'em. Especially with Sergeant Numbnuts leading a patrol and doing things stupid-like. I don't wanna leave those folks in there any longer than we gotta."

Drawing in another breath to maintain some semblence of composure, particularly when the engineer shows up, Elias just takes a moment to process. Breathing. Breathing is good. "The Trikru know it's bad…but I'm fairly certain they don't realize how bad. Or do they?" He looks to Morgan and Grey inquisitively. Richael presence is finally noticed and he turns his grim expression in her direction and he nods to Morgan's answer. He does look pointedly to Grey and his eyes narrow a touch. "I know…basically. I would hate knowing what Morgan knows in the gritty details right now." Another glance and a sympathetic look are given to Morgan then before attention returns to Grey. "Got to admit…we may have been fucked, but we got shit done, huh?"

"Even if… they're old enough to know the difference and their leadership is hiding things from them… like ours did about the Ark? You're making an assumption that they are all evil. That would be a terrible thing for this world, if the actions of a few were to taint the rest without explaination. I'd want to know why. Why do they do these things?" Richael's voice is soft and calm, as she senses the agitation and anger the three are feeling. "However, we may never get those answers. The important thing is that the Mountain falls and their reign of terror in our new home ended. I think that will go a long way towards making sincere friends of our new neighbors."

Morgan doesn't look particularly disturbed by it really. "No, I haven't told them that. Just that we were pretty sure the mountain was making Reapers and that it might be possible to cure them if we got to them soon enough. Like I said, drug's aside, there's actual brain damage and physical changes that I'm pretty sure are irreversible. The only question is, past what point is the person that they used to be completely gone?" It's a thought he takes a moment to think about then shrugs. "Not that it really matters, a couple of the Grounders said straight out it wouldn't matter. Blood must have blood and they'd be killed even though they weren't responsible."

"Don't know. I heard somethin' about Guard on duty for a meetin' with their Commander soon. So I figure Kane'll tell her, she can tell the others." Grey shrugs a little helplessly, wincing as he moves his left side, "I mean, if he tells her." There's some doubt there, but as much as Kane doesn't much like Grey, Grey's equally wary of Kane. He nods to Elias though, "Yeah. We got shit done. Eventually." Richael's question causes Grey to shrug again, and wince again, "Screw 'em. If they're involved, they're dead. These are people we're talkin' about, and they're drainin' their blood to do who the hell knows what. That ain't human." Morgan's words get a nod, "Justice's gotta be done." I mean, granted, he's knocking boots with a Grounder, so of course he's likely to 'understand' their position.

Elias shrugs in response to Richael and eyes her quietly. Much in the same position as Grey is on this what with the Grounder fraternization, he understands how justice works down here. He nods in agreement with 'justice's gotta' be done' comment. "The Trikru almost wiped us out for lesser things, misprceived and mistaken or no. If we get started, they won't stop. And maybe they shouldn't. What happens when the ignorant aren't ignorant anymore? Sorry…I think death is more humane." There's another glance towards Grey then before he looks to Morgan. "I don't know that the full extent of that knowledge would do them any good. /I/…feel sick. I mean…what do we do?"

Richael listens to the boys speak and she shakes her head. "I can't stop the Trikru from doing what they want, anymore than I could stop you three from doing what you want. But I think killing them all is wrong. Not without knowing why they did all these things. Maybe they're the acts of crazy, insane people that have lost their humanity a long time ago. Maybe there's an actual reason. But if we kill them all without finding out why… all those turned into Reapers, all those drained for the blood died for nothing. A senseless waste of human life. That's not justice. Not for us, not for the victims… not for anyone." Richael shakes her head and says, "Sorry, I know I've no place to talk to any of you about justice after what you've all gone through and what you've seen."

"What I intend to do is see if we can reverse it in the newly created." Morgan answers. "Just in case they start turning our people into Reapers. But even if we don't know how, once we're ready to go, we go. The only important thing is getting Cam and the others back. Then we make sure the mountain is never going to be a threat again. Or maybe just leave that to the Trikru." Listening to Richael, he shakes his head. "Justice doesn't need knowing why. Justice only needs balancing the scales. Knowing is only for curiosity. Which, I'll allow, is nice to satisfy. But making sure they never do it again and making them pay for all the lives lost is the only thing that's actually needed."

"They died for nothing anyhow. I don't care what the Mountain Men did with the blood, there's nothing that can be worth that." Grey looks to Elias, "What do we do? We rescue our people, and the Trikru, and then kill those responsible. What else can we do?" He apparently disagrees intensely with Richael, however, as he shakes his head, "See the Reapers some time. Then think that they used to be Trikru and you can decide if vengeance ain't justice. 'Cause I can tell you now," he turns his head to display the bandaged wound on the right side of his jaw, "I've seen it, and I say, screw the Mountain and everyone but the kids in it."

A slow nod of Elias' head is given to Richael as well as a sympathetic smile. He gestures towards Morgan and his words on the matter. "That is how justice works here," he tells her. "It takes time to understand and you probably think we're monsters." He smiles. "I get that. We reacted the same at first. Every action has consequences. When you take an action, especially on the behalf of your people, you are shouldering all of the consequences that comes with that. It's a balancing of scales." There's a final nod and a glance to Morgan, obviously giving him credit for the words. "We're going to want the Skaikru to join the Kongeda eventually in the name of peace. There are things that need understanding first and things I still don't understand. Historically, prosperity comes with peace, but peace doesn't come without bloodshed. It's nature."

Elias looks to Grey then, nodding his head. "I mean - do we tell the Trikru just…how bad it is? I feel like lying is wrong, but the knowledge of it is going to bring absolutely no good to them. No peace."

Richael raises a hand in a calming gesture. "I never said we don't get our people back. If I had to choose, storm Mount Weather, kill every Mountain Man that raises a weapon in defense of their people, take prisoner everyone else that surrenders or does not fight. Rescue our people and all the Trikru. Then find out what the surviving Mountain Men know. But if Blood must have Blood and the scales must be balanced? Then do the right thing by their children too… Kill every last one. I would consider it cruelty to let their children live amongst those that killed their parents." She sighs and says, "I think we will lose ourselves to the Trikru if we adopt their measure of justice though. Cease to be ourselves and become them. Is that good or is that bad?"

It's how justice worked on the Ark too. It's where Morgan learned about justice. "The Grounders don't really need to know." he answers Elias. "Not unless they start balking on attacking the mountain with us. Then we tell them whatever we need to to get them moving in the right direction. If that means stoking their blood lust, I'm fine with that." Glancing at Richael, he notes "The Trikru only kill for some offenses. Not for stealing medicine or painting on a bulkhead. Or for being born if you already had an older sibling. So is it good or bad?"

"There's nothing there that makes us look bad. I think they should have all the info." Grey shakes his head at Elias, "Do we want them feeling peaceful, Eli? I mean, the madder they are at the Mountain, the less mad they're going to be at us for Thripoda, and the more likely we are to get their help takin' down the Mountain, right?" Bringing up one hand, he nibbles at the corner of a fingernail, "Dee was talkin' about joining the Coalition too. I'm worried how people react to that, to bein' under the Heda and to Trikru law." He pauses there, considering, and changing his mind to, "Coalition law." Richael's suggestion draws his eyebrows up, "Trials? You want to put the Mountain Men on trial? How's that not torture?" Morgan's suggestion causes him to wince, "Really? You want to keep info from people we want to be allies? And we didn't kill people for bein' born. Come on, Morgan. I know you hated shit up on the Ark, but be fair."

There's a nod of his head to Morgan first, seeming thoughtful by that. Finally, he shakes his head and sighs. "I'm not okay with using that information to manipulate them," Elias says quietly. "Not after…Reapers, you know?" Again, he shakes his head again and takes a breath inward as if choosing his words carefully. "I think we either go for full transparency or give them…some peace. I don't know. It doesn't make us look bad, no…but it's not about us. It's about them." Looking to Richael then, he shakes his head. "It's not about vengeance or anger right now. Yes, I am /furious/. Sick to my stomach. At the bottom line, they are bad for the world." Pausing then, he nods in Grey's direction quietly. "You have a good point there. Tell you what. Let me talk to Britt about it? I don't think it's fair to presume what's good for them…and I don't want to make that decision."

"How is killing them all justice? I mean, you all agree the Ark's policy of floating all lawbreakers over 18 was not justice? On -that- I agree with you! Which means if we want to be Skaikru and, if it comes to that, joining the Coalition, we need to find justice of our own that all of our people can agree is justice. Trials are -far- better to simply enacting justice by decree. Otherwise we may find ourselves on the receiving end of the justice we created someday, one that doesn't want to hear our pleas of innocence and whatever evidence we can provide." Richael seems to be quite passionate about this topic and calming down before she says, "Once I turned 18 in the Skybox and was quite certain I was going to die, guys. It was only because people that cared what happened to me plead for me to live that I was spared. I cannot just condemn others to die without asking for the same consideration that was given me. Some or most of them may deserve to die for creating the Reapers. But I cannot believe without asking them that -all- of them were involved." She sighs, a great tiredness seeming to set in her frame. "Just tell the Trikru. They won't love us for withholding information from them. Be honest, and be open and they will be more so with us."

"They don't even understand what we're doing Grey. The exact details are beyond their understanding at the moment. It's Kane's decision anyway." Morgan points out. "And tell that to Devin who lost his family and was then kept in prison for most of his life waiting to be executed."

Grey shakes his head at Richael's words, "I got no problem with floatin' criminals on the Ark, myself included. I did what I did, and I was ready to go out for it. I knew what I was doin'." His words come out sharp and hard, "But we don't have Ark justice anymore. We've got the Exodus Charter. The Ark's the past. Skaikru's the present, and havin' seen Reapers, and knowin' Trikru… yeah, I can condemn those jackholes to death flat-the-hell-out." He nods to Morgan as the med-tech mentions Kane, responding to Elias as well, "Whatever I get told I can tell 'em, I'll tell 'em." And then it's back to Morgan, "Everyone who broke the law knew what the law was. And life in the 'Box wasn't so bad. Better'n living at home with my bitch-ass mom."

Elias levels his gaze on Richael and takes a deep breath in. "Look," he sighs out. "I understand your position. I do. I aknowledge that you believe in second chances and I understand why you do. What you're talking about in terms of crimes are…small potatoes compared to this. We don't need to know why they're taking people, getting them addicted to drugs, setting them loose to attack more trikru, and then /feeding/ them their own kin. The sick fuckery going on there has to stop. I don't get any pleasure from the idea of killing, but this is beyond feelings. They are using biological weapons and missiles on /top/ of that." There's a look to Morgan and then Grey then. "Frankly? I don't care how we stop them. They have to be stopped. Immediately and with extreme prejudice. Period." There's an upnod to Grey and Morgan both then. "I have a little more faith in their ability to understand if explained properly, but I can also understand the need for discretion."

Richael nods to Elias and says, "I am agreeing with you. This shit needs to stop. And I'd pull the trigger on them myself if it was a question between letting the Mountain Men live or our own people and the Trikru." She sighs before she turns her back to a wall and slides down it to take a seat before her eyes flick back to the group of guys.

"There's no redemption or second chances after torturing and murdering thousands of people." Morgan agrees. Nor for kidnapping Cameron which is a far, far worse offense. "I think we're pretty much all in agreement. Let's just hope the Trikru decide attacking the mountain is finally possible."

Grey is about to contest the 'biological weapons' part of Elias' argument, but he just closes his mouth. There's no point in mentioning the Blood Fever when it undermines your argument. Looking to Morgan, he shrugs, "Some of them do. Some of them…" he rubs the left side of his jaw in memory, "…are scared shitless. Too scared to act. And some of our people are gonna freeze too. Plenty of us did our first time fighting for real."

Elias nods to Richael and sighs quietly. "I know. It's a shit situation. Shit situations have become a bit of a specialty." There's a certain grim humor to his words, but perhaps heavily nuanced. A nod is also given to Morgan at that. "Right. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed there." After a moment of thought, he nods to him. "Mm. Understandable. They're /scary/. If we had better intel, it might help boost peoples' confidence. Right now there isn't even a plan to take the Mountain on."

Richael looks up to Elias and says, "Yes, it is. Mostly terrible things that should not be necessary, but they are." Her eyes shut before she says, "Why not speak to the warriors and leaders? The Trikru know what their own people are capable of, and you three I am guessing have ideas. Our leaders know what our people are capable of. Figure out what we have and make a plan together." She lets out a yawn at the end of that sentence.

"Which is why I want the Trikru with us." Morgan tells Grey. "They won't freeze. We're going to need that. Not to mention the hundreds of warriors they have available just in this area."

"Well, we know what won't work. And that's rushing the Mountain with hundreds of warriors. The acid fog'll deal with that." Grey chuckles at Richael, "I'm a Guardsman that has at least one Sergeant pissed at him, and who the Chancellor doesn't like. If they even take my ideas at all, I'll be amazed." He gestures to Morgan, "He's a Med-tech that wanted to kill the Council." And then Elias, "He's an Agro-tech with no interest in fightin'. We can talk, but…" Back to Morgan, and he shrugs, "We can't do this without the Trikru. But if none of them flinch in the face of autofire, I'll be damned surprised. They're good, better'n us right now, but the Guard can fight too. They ain't the only warriors."

Elias nods again in aknowledgement to Richael. "That's the plan, more or less. Seems like a thing we should do." Lifting his shoulders in a shrug then, he looks over to Morgan and raises a brow just so. "True. They should also…have the opportunity to help rectify this. Of all people, they should be able to have a say in this." Attention drawn to Grey then, he considers for a long moment and squints his eyes. "We find a way to take away their advantages so that a full frontal assault is possible?" he suggests, gesturing with one hand. "But…I'm interested in fighting for this. However I can, anyways. I hate violence, but this is inevitable now."

Richael murmers from her spot on the floor. "So what? Someone said the Ark is the past. Remind the Chancellor of that. If it truly is the past, we need to move past… the old shit." The girl falls silent after that and given the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, it's pretty apparent, she's fallen asleep.

Morgan glances over at Richael and snorts softly. Standing, he picks up his dataslate. "We can remind him once they're all dead." He nods to the others then heads in the direction of the infirmary.

"Gotta drop the acid fog to do that. And that means gettin' inside, unless they're stupid enough to have the shit pumped from somewhere outside. Still means gettin' close, and that's small teams." Elias' interest raises Grey's brows, and he nods, accepting. Richael's murmur causes him to chuckle, "I still got things I need from Kane, so I don't figure I'll rock the boat just yet, but go on ahead. Either way, I'm still gonna be the newest Guardsman 'till a couple'a the Cadets get graduated." But, she's asleep, and he glances to Morgan, upnodding a farewell, then over to Elias, shrugging his right shoulder helplessly and gesturing down to Richael.

As Richael seems to just sort of pass out, Elias looks rather concerned at this. Raising a brow to the woman, he starts over towards her and nods to Grey in the process. "So now we have part of a plan," he says. "Which is better than no plan. Did you guys find an entrance when you went out that way?" The look he gives him is an inquisitive one. "Is 'newsest guardsman' a thing?" he asks him after squatting down over Richael. Reaching out, he lays a hand on the woman's shoulder and gives her a little shake. "Hey, you. Wakie wakie. The floor is a terrible place to pass out."

Richael lies there for a moment before her eyes open, blinking blearily before she groans. "I was just resting my eyes, I swear." She places her hands on the floor to push herself towards getting on her feet again and says, "I swear this will kill me before any Mountain Men, Grounders, or old age will."

"Well, we found a door that led to somewhere with bright lights and a dude in a hazmat suit." Grey seems to think that this answers the question about finding an entrance, "But we were spotted, so it's gonna suck if we have to fight our way in that way. And yeah. Means I'm the low man on the totem pole. Don't know how many Guards've tried to get me to polish their boots." His own boots are… 'beat to shit' is the absolute politest possible term for them. He watches Elias wake Richael, arching a brow slightly at Elias, then shaking his head in a shoulderless shrug, "What, goin' to sleep? Or not goin' to sleep?"

Tilting his head at Richael, Elias gives her a mildly worried look. "Everything alright?" he asks curiously and helps her to her feet if needed. "You just sort of…slumped down and passed out." He glances up towards Grey and nods, echoing his question in the look he gives her. To Grey, he squints a touch and considers. "Second time I've heard about Hazmat suits. Why Hazmat suits? Pontus mentioned that too. Said that when you puncture their armor, they scream. It doesn't make sense. The Earth is livable." With a brief raise of his brows, he finally just shrugs. "Why the hell would you polish their boots? It's their equipment. Seems…incompetent."

Richael sighs as she gets up, abeit slowly. "I don't sleep good at night, never have since being boxed eight years ago. My mind tells me the nightmare is over, we're here on the Ground… yet I still have the same nightmare… being floated. Two fucks among the Guard were quite nice to remind me of that every birthday." She yawns again and says, "So I catch a nap whenever I can, but I don't sleep for long. Been hoping to find something down here that will let me sleep undisturbed that doesn't drain what we have in supplies, but no such luck." She then says, "So, hazmat suits? And they get what? Mad? Afraid when punctured? Maybe… why not ask the Trikru if a Mountain Man has ever been seen without a suit? That might explain why they stay in Mount Weather. If they can't be out here without the suits? Maybe their leadership scares them into wearing the suits as a means of control. If your people believe that they will die without the suits, they're going to stay very close to home."

"It's hazing. The boots." Grey leaves it at that, looking back to Richael, "Might try outside. Away from the hum. I got used to it, kinda freaks me out to hear it again in here." He nods to her suggestions, "What freaks me out is if whatever turns you unto a Reaper is in the tunnels, and what happens if we go down there for more than a coupla minutes."

Elias presses his lips together and pauses, just looking at Richael for a moment. He takes a deep breath in then exhales in a sigh. Digging into his pocket, he takes a small metal cylinder from his pocket and takes out the paper he's stuffed into the top of it. Dumping out the contents reveals white paper wrapped around something that smells rather…skunky. "I know the feeling," he tells her with a nod of his head and offers the small joint over to the woman. "Well, not exactly. Smoke this when it's bed time and you should be right as rain. Hopefully. It should help, anyways. I've got a little left back at the tent, but it'll be a bit before mine grows. Unless I trade for more. Could trade fish, I suppose." Squinting, he looks off towards the ceiling before Grey catches his attention once more. "Huh. Why didn't I become a guard? It seems so glamorous." He looks straight-faced at Grey for a good few moments, but he eventually starts to crack and breaks into a brief, but full laugh.

Richael nods to Grey's concerns. "That might be an issue. Well… you guys caught a Reaper right? Any chance on luring some of the Mountain Men out of the Mountain and capturing one? Like I said, we need to talk to -someone- from the Mountain. Wouldn't hurt to see what we could find out from them. Defences, how to turn off the acid fog, and the like." She accepts the joint from Elias and smiles. "I'll give it a shot… both of your suggestions actually." She gives a smile to Grey to show she appreciates the help. "Thank you guys."

The ganja prescription for Richael cause Grey to chuckle, "Doctor Dank. Nurse Mary Jane. That the solution to all of life's problems, Eli?" To the blonde, he responds, "Two of 'em, actually. But that Mountain Man skedaddled damned fast when he spotted us." He pauses, "Or Mountain Woman and she. Dunno. Hard to tell through a hazmat suit." He nods though, "Yeah, it'd be good to have a prisoner. Best we got now is Lip. And he just knows where stuff is, which is great, but not much about the defenses." The thanks are shrugged off, "Hey, we gotta look out for our people, right?"

With a smile to Grey, Elias raises a brow in a somewhat cocky expression. "Not my fault the best stuff occurs naturally," he replies with a chuckle. "But no, not all of life's problems. Just the two most common ones at the moment. Sleep and pain." It's delivered somewhat deadpan and his smile turns to a smirk. "What would be great," he says to Grey, nodding in his direction. "Is if we could get someone on the inside that's quiet and knows a things or two about tech. Or a team of two. But then we have to figure out /how/ to get them on the inside…especially with the increased guard. Do we have…telescopes? Binoculars?"

Richael hesitates for a moment and says, "Well, I know a lot about mechanical engineering and the like, it was supposed to be my job on the Ark… and I also know a good amount about chemicals. I could possibly mess up the Mountain's machinery that runs power or water in there. If they've got volatile chemicals in there I could maybe mix a bomb or two?" She looks a little sheepish at the admission she knows how to make explosives, but hey, who studies chemistry for the boring stuff? Richael then adds, "I don't know much about fighting, but I am quiet. Maybe sneak past them unless they're using other means beyond cameras and eyeballs to keep an eye on things."

Grey nods to Elias and Richael in turn, "Yeah. But the problem is gettin' them inside with what they need to do the job." He looks down a moment, then shrugs a little uncomfortably and looks up again, "I was thinkin' of trying to get myself captured. But they definitely spotted me down in the tunnels. I figure they'd pick me out for a troublemaker right away now." He nods to Richael, "It was the only way I could figure to get in. And it probably ain't a good one. But it might be somethin' to try still. Might also be suicide." He was still going to try it though. To Eli, he shrugs, "Don't think so. I mean, what good are binocs on a space station? No reason for the last Grounders," He blinks at the name for the last generation of Arkers to know the Ground, then shakes his head in amusement, "for our ancestors, to bring binocs up into space. Maybe the Grounders got 'em, or we could try to make some, I dunno."

Rubbing at his chin briefly with the back of his hand, Elias eyes Richael for a moment. Finally, he nods his head. "Disrupting their power supply," he muses. "Could work, yeah. Wouldn't feel good about sending you in there alone, though." Once more, he looks over to Grey and nods to him as well. "Could also work, yeah. On the other hand, we already have people on the inside that have some skill in that as well, right? If we could get someone in there that can help them work from the inside, that'd be ideal too. First we have to solve the problem of how to get in there, though." Right. Binocs would be right out. "That still leaves telescopes? Sure, we could make something like that, but it'd take…a while, I think."

Richael nods to Grey and Elias. "We have time to plan yet, but anything that will take longer than a few days should be shelved. We simply don't know what… if anything, they will do to our own people. If the Mountain Men think their usefuless is not so useful…" She leaves it unspoken what might happen. So… Richael smiles and says, "I think I'll go off and smoke this and see how I feel. See you guys later… let me know if I can help with the Mountain."

Grey nods to Richael, "Anything we do, we'll need folks who can handle doors and locks and shit. And yeah, time's… kinda tickin' down, no matter what. This's taken too long already." Looking back to Elias, Grey chuckles, "Hell if I know how long it'd take. But yeah… there were some pics of a dam close by when I was lookin' the place up, lookin' for blueprints. I wonder if they're gettin' their power from there." He considers a moment, then sighs, nodding toward the door, "I'm gonna go out and see how Dee's doin'. Kinda a lonely little camp'a one as is. Stay safe, Eli."

Elias gives Richael a warm smile. "Hey, enjoy. The Trikru stuff is /pretty/ nice." Pressing his lips together then, he lifts his hand in a half-salute, half-wave. "Sweet dreams." Chuckling then, he turns to Grey. "She's right, though. Anything that's going to take more than a few days probably needs to get shelved. Someone else should do the planning. I can make some of the science happen on my end. Problem-solving." A nod is given to Grey and a broad smile. "Hey, let her know we're working on it, alright? I don't want her to think I'm not following through on this stuff. Stay safe."

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