Day 052: After The Taking
Summary: The Delinquents recover and plan in the wake of The Mountain Man culling.
Date: 20 July 2016
Related: Directly follows Taken by the Mountain.
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Visitor's Residences, Mount Weather

This is a large, cavernous room that has been converted into living quarters for the "rescued" Sky People. It has tall walls leading into arching buttresses, some of which are covered in warm tapestries from various historical periods. There are even a few pieces of artwork — all originals and not reproductions. Scattered throughout the room are little nooks of comfortable armchairs and tables, each of which have a small lamp that offers a warm glow.

Bunkbeds have been assembled in this room, giving everyone their own bed complete with sheets, blankets, and soft pillows.

52 Days After Landing

At this point, the Security personnel are just trying to get out the door, the Lieutenant stepping through third-to-last. The man who was helping Carlos with Quinn is the last one out, fending off the ex-C's assault with a sweep of the submachine gun, and then bringing the butt back across his body in an attempt to crack Quinn across the forehead with it. And then he's out of the room, the door slams shut, there's a pause, and then it locks with an ominous clang.

And now the 23 are the 17.

Reno let his shoulders slump. At least someone heard. At least the Mountain would have another way to sustain itself. He just wanted that chance to make things better. It really didn't have to be like this; not for anyone. Exhaling he nodded and said to Raphael, "Yes. Please. I just want everyone to get better. This is our home too." And he seemed to mean that for better or worse.

Gun butt v forehead. Gun butt wins. It's at this point that Quinn falls, and falls fast and hard, not getting up this time as her brain just got whapped into next week and her body missed the memo.

Grunting, Cameron rises up, looks around, and points at the beds after the last of the security files out, "We need to pile them up against the door. This… they wouldn't be this heavy handed if they just wanted a little blood. They want it all. They're going to bleed us dry. They're monsters who see people as things to use…" He shakes his head slowly, "They're going to floating bleed us like they bleed the Trikru. They're going to harvest us."

Max pulls himself up, using a bunk to pull himself to his feet as he moves over toward Quinn, sinking back down to the ground next to her. He lifts her up a bit with his good arm to examine her head, ignoring the pain in his own shoulder. He sits with her there on the floor, silent save for the occasional involuntary sound of pain.

Reno looked to Tink. She was furious and wrathful, but whole. Looking to his brother and Quinn he moved over there to help her up. He and Quinn never really saw eye to eye on much but she was still one of the one hun-… twenty-fi…three? Okay seventeen. He sighed and helped his brother help her. "Max… Maddie? You alright?"

Madelyn pulls herself to her feet again, dragging herself to the bunk she's been using. She la

Tink finally comes out of her vengeful rage and nods to Cameron, "We break those now!" She points to the security cameras that are watching them, "Cameron…you got any paint in here? I want to paint over the lenses." She moves to the door and starts taking a look to see if she can do anything to break the door so it doesn't open again…or at least anytime soon, "I want to find a way to secure things…" She looks at Reno, her face softens as he moves to his brother. She then turns to Cole, "What can we do to delay those bastards from taking more of us?"

"Pending they don't have any kind of automatic gas release system in here to suppress us. We can barricade the door. Use the frames from the beds in here." Cole starts, looking over at Tink, once everyone is gone. "We could take the frames apart to use as crude weapons. Piping from the showers if need be. How many exits we got in here? Just the one?"

Quinn's not talking much when Max picks her up, at least partially, off the floor. It's something of a grumbled half-word as she covers her eyes with a hand, the knock to the head still causing problems. For now, she just tries to not vomit from the smack in the forehead.

"Quinn," Max finally says when words come to him, "You have to stay awake. You could have a concussion." The words come out as though by rote, not entirely focused, and a bit rough. The fact that his own shoulder looks not quite right, and it's clear that Max isn't exactly thinking. He's been just reacting for a while now, and if he's even aware of people around him, he doesn't indicate it.

"Yeah." Cameron nods his head to Tink, going to his bunk, and digging out his art supplies, he goes over to the cameras to try painting the lenses dark. He'll climb up on the beds if he has to. "And we need to barricade the door. And next time we fight. I'd rather make them kill me then go get hung upside down and bled out for those floating vampires."

<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Good Success. (7 2 4 7 6 4)

Madelyn sits up, still wrapped in her blanket. "I'm sorry," she says to anyone within earshot. "I should have fought harder for them to take me instead of… of Adam. He was smart and… and could have helped."

"Madelyn, get off the floor and help Max get Quinn to the bed," Tink yells out to Madelyn giving her something to do. She moves over to help Cole with the door, "I was thinking we get it to malfunction, rig it to back fire on anyone that tries to touch it. Give those bastards a shock when they try to get through and then set up the barricade around the door and make those weapons." She smiles at the mention of the showers and lowers her voice, "A think layer of water on the floor that we could set off a spark…fry those bastards when they come in all armored up, ready to conduct. We could pull the water from the toilets."

Reno looked to Tink. His heart was broken. There was… nothing. Nothing they had left. Maybe the message they got out. Maybe Morgan. Maaaaaybe…. Maybe Montgomery would actually take five very objective minutes to see Reno's non-lethal and replenishable approach to the two groups living symbiotically. He looked to Max and helped set Quinn down. All he could say was "It's a good plan." Cameron had pistons firing. Tink had four on the floor at go. They could do something in the meantime. Until… until what? He looked to Madelyn and said simply, "They have you slated for phase two, Madelyn. It's not pretty. You don't come back from phase two. You -can't- go. He's not in phase one yet which… may buy him a lot of time for trials and observations given the trajectory of their method." He had little left in him. He looked around ans helped Max prop Quinn up and said quietly to him, "Max. Your um… Your arm. You want me to… ya know… while you keep her awake?"

"I'm awake." Quinn replies, her hand pulling away from her eyes so that she can look up at Max, then she starts to try and struggle up into a sitting position. It's a long, hard journey, and she mostly gets a few inches for the effort. "They didn't shoot…" She points out, perhaps almost baffled by the realization that they really didn't shoot anyone.

Max helps Quinn with his good arm to help her get a little more upright, but once it's clear she's awake and not unconscious, he sort of checks out again, falling silent and staring at a point on the floor as conversation goes on around him. When Reno mentions his arm, all Max says is, "It hurts a bit." It may have been consent. It's not entirely clear, but it's all he says.

Madelyn winces when Tink yells at her, but she listens, going to help Max move Quinn. She ducks underneath the girl's arm, taking some of the burden off of Max and his injured shoulder.

"They can't shoot us, Quinn. That's our one advantage. Until they harvest us they need us alive. They can't afford to kill us." Cameron frowns, his expression intent, cool, serious, and… mad. The anger is just simmering under the surface. He nods thoughtfully to Tink, "Good idea. Maybe if we spread some water from the toilets, and get a hot wire and pull it out and drop it in, yeah. That could work. After we get a barricade." And then he's grabbing his bed, and dragging it towards the door.

Reno had a place in him for the people closest to him, and Max especially. Quinn was alright and he looked to Cole since Cameron was busy and said, "Cameron, remember that time I told you I could kill you with your bed?" He blinked and …wait what? Reno said simply, "That can still be a thing. Not… you of course but yes. Possible. Max… Stand up and lean against the bunk so I can help you out here." It's to note that Reno was not a physician… but he did see this done once or twice. So… yeah.

<FS3> Reno rolls First Aid: Success. (8 1 1 5 4)
<FS3> Tink rolls Mechanics: Good Success. (5 5 5 5 8 8 4 4 6 6)

"If they can't shoot us, then we're at an advantage…of sorts." Quinn points out, letting people help her get to her feet, and over to one of the bunks. She looks faintly green by the time she's allowed to stop moving, taking slow breaths in through her nose, and out through the mouth to try and fight off the waves of nausea.

Max manages to help Quinn to the bunk. Finally registering Madelyn nearby he says, "Thank you," for her help. The longer he goes on, the more pale and not so great he looks, himself. So when it finally registers what Reno wants to do, he nods a bit and pulls himself up with one arm, and leans the good shoulder into the frame of the bunk beds, head resting against it, bracing himself.

Tink tears off a panel on the door and starts monkeying with it to force that bad boy to stay closed. She gives a grin over to Cameron who's been painting over the lenses of the security cameras, "Food is going to be our biggest problem…with the toilets we'll at least have water." Yeah, not the best conditions but Tink is more thinking survival at this point, "We might want to have everyone poll our resources." She does a little bit more tweaking before she steps away, "We can work on the barricade a little bit later.

Madelyn heads over to the shower area and gets a washcloth, rinsing it with warm water. She brings it over to Quinn. "Here. Lay down and put this over your eyes," she says gently, handing it to her.

"Yeah, it's not a big advantage, Quinn, but float me I'll take what little I can get." Cameron grunts, and once his bed is pulled nearest the camera, he's climbing up on it to eye the camera lens, "My concern with getting a barricade up earlier, Tink, is that once they can't monitor us I'm worried how long it'll be before they come to try to … force matters."

Reno was angry. he was… well he was unhinged and the world was falling apart. Right now there were things to fix and he wasn't going to stop until he was upside down and 8 quarts lighter. He stared Max dead in teh eye and said "On three. One… Two…" He yanked Max's arm out and forward to bring it back up into socket. Once in place he took a deep breath and looked to his brother apologetically. "…three." Well. At least there was the merciful element of surprise. Have to do that to get around the reflexive clench. "Try not to move it" Max would move it, but it was said to remind him anyways. He gently gave Max a pat on the back. He then turned to Tink and walked over there hugging her so hard her feet cleared the floor. It was something he needed to do.

Quinn accepts the wet washcloth, carefully stretching out on the bunk, dropping the wet cloth over her eyes. "At this point it doesn't matter if they force the issue…they know we're willing to fight them over this. They aren't going to let us have time now…we can get out, and we're just going to be left sitting here, waiting for them to come round more of us up. I'd rather force them to come sooner than later in the long run."

Moving back to her own bunk, Madelyn sits down carefully. "Do we seriously think we can stand up to them? We're… we're helpless here."

The sound that Max makes is similar to the one when his shoulder got jammed out of joint in the first place, and he turns a fantastic shade of green before he too falls down to sit on the bunk next to Quinn. He reaches over and gives Quinn's leg a squeeze, vaguely, and then says to both Madelyn and Reno, "Thanks." He's silent for a while after that, just leaving his arm limp at his side. "I waited five years for death in a box. I finally got out and had a chance. Now we're just back in another box. I'm not going to just sit and wait for death. If they want to kill me — I'm not going to make it easy for them."

Tink falls into his arms and murmurs, "We can do this Reno…we can hold out till the cavalry gets here." She lets him hold her tight and returns the fierce hug, "Cause they're going to come and we just need to hold out." She doesn't comment on the box thing after Max speaks up. Nope, Tink is just taking this one day at a time. She looks over at Cameron and tells him, "Okay…we do the barricade here too but after that everyone gets rest because we're all fried." She doesn't let Reno go…not after the night they've had.

Reno didn't put Tink down. He just closed his eyes for a moment and took solace in that one still moment of reason in utter chaos. He didn't look at her but said, "Not true entirely. While Tabitha, you guys and Cam were able to get us a diversion Cole and I managed to get that signal out. Whether someone hear it or not? We dunno. But Cole was able to broadcast a short transmission on Ark frequency. So… we might not be entirely alone. There's chance it could do some good. Maybe Montgomery will come around and realized he doesn't have to possibly harvest wholesale. I… I dunno." He was out of other building ideas.. The rest were resistance and destruction. He wasn't ready for all this. It was supposed to be their home.

When Max comes to sit down next to her, Quinn reaches down to grab for his hand, lifting the cloth over her eyes with the other. "Someone'll hear…" She's not willing to give up the hope that someone'll come. But…."We should be more proactive, too. Knowing these fuckers can level villages…we need to find our own ways out it we can. Not just sit and wait to be rescued."

"Don't talk like that, Mad. People said the same thing about the Grounders at the dropship camp. We're not helpless. I have my fingers and I'll claw their eyes out if I have to. As long as we're alive we have a chance, we will fight, and Morgan's out there. We sent him a message. He'll come for me. He'll tear the Mountain down with his bare hands if he has to." Plus the Guard. Then he winces hearing Max's pain at his arm going back into the socket. He blinks over at Tink a moment, "I'll rest on the floor. I'm used to it, we don't need the beds. We can't wait until we have a nap to put some defenses up." Then he nods to Quinn, "I don't disagree on being proactive, I'm just out of ideas for anything but defensive action."

"If we're going to do anything," Max finally says, joining the conversation, "We need to knock out the cameras first and then move quick because when they don't have eyes on us they're going to know we're up to something.. or they might not care, knowing that they have us trapped here." He then looks over toward Reno. He's still a little green, but he lets Quinn take his hand, careful to let her have the one not attached to his aching shoulder. Then he looks to Reno and says, "Remember how you used to get around the Ark?"

"That why you guys need Adam, not me. He knows… he knows radios and… and stuff like that." Madelyn glances over at the folks who have paired off, her guileless face betraying a mixture of sadness, envy and guilt.

Reno said to Max, "Yup, already on that one. Cam's painting them. Also we can leave eight of the beds whole. That's enough for us and the rest as parts and barricade. We can manage that way or move some of the mattresses to the floor. We don't have to sleep on the floor yet. Also… Gonna see if I can maybe even short out the door from the inside using parts from the bed, wires and power from the TV and maybe see if it'll short out the electric locking mechanism. It's a longshot but… could help us slip back out." He had a Tabitha. Right now his brain was moving at mach four. He took a deep breath, "Madelyn, we can't think on that now. He made his choice. You aren't responsible for that. This whole situation sucks. We need you with us. You're important." He looked to Tink for ideas because he was tired and running low on them. Quietly he muttered to her, though it wasn't private, "Nothing in this world or beyond is safe. But maybe… maybe we can still make it that way." He was at least trying, though maybe for Max's sake, or because he really, really needed that to be true.

Max looks over toward Madelyn and says, "Just because you can't do one particular thing doesn't mean you have your own talents, and we'll find them, and you'll use them. We have people who can do tech. We needed every person here. Every person. Our people." He looks toward the door that the Mountain Men went through.

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