Day 045: Aggressive Specimen Collection
Summary: The Skaikru go hunting for a live Reaper for study.
Date: 13 July 2016
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Ark Nathaniel Lionel Morgan Grey Reaper 

South of Coesbur, The Wilderness
In scene-set
45 Days After Landing

<FS3> Grey rolls Survival: Failure. (6 2 4 3 5)
<FS3> Lionel rolls Survival: Good Success. (8 4 3 7 3 3 7)
<FS3> Morgan rolls Survival: Success. (6 6 8 3 1 6)
<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Survival: Success. (3 3 3 7 4 1)

In the stories, people go out on dawn patrols. In real life, it often takes some time to prepare and to get organized, especially when some of the personnel are just back from other missions, and so the Reaper Hunters left Camp Jaha midmorning. Under the command of Sergeant Nathaniel Breen, they travel west from the camp, in the direction of Mount Weather. On Morgan's suggestion, they pass by the old Delinquent Camp, where they find some signs, but none newer than a couple of days. Nathaniel directs them north and west of there, and Lionel picks up a trail, leading west and north up into the hills between Coesbur and Mount Weather, and then back down the other side. A couple of hundred meters short of the branch of the Potomac that serves as Mount Weather's unofficial border, they spot a group of six Reapers across a clearing, about thirty meters away and moving west, away from them.

A tall and oddly pretty Grunt just past Cadet is Samanthia Shiver, a firearms specialist in training, who had her throat cut during riots a year or two in the past. Since then the normally almost shy and silent type has become the totally silent type, not a word has been spoken since the wound was taken and her training has only picked up in the last half year. Following orders she is with the team with firearm across her back as she listens for signs around them as they move, her very long braid bounces once as she comes to a stop behind the leaders and falls silent as she carefully gets her firearm from her back.

It doesn't take long for Nathaniel to feel right in his element. Since Arkfall, he's been out scouting and avoiding engagement as much as possible, but this will be the first mission with combat as the intent. Nonetheless, the sweet air and the forest never get old. Having put Corporal Weeks on point for tracking, Grey is Rear Guard while Shiver and Breen are the flankers with Morgan in the middle. The man is a civilian, but he's the expert. Once they reach the group though… the Sarge orders a halt with a tap to Weeks shoulder then a hand signal to the others to halt, before he does a 'gather' signal and heads to Morgan, "Morgan, I'll need you to tell me which one of them is the most viable candidate for capture. The rest will be neutralized. Keep it down so we don't risk exposure."

Lionel Weeks drops low near a large boulder, peeking up around it at the six Reapers. He grimaces, having memories of the first time he ran into these ugly ex-people. He shoulders up his rifle a bit more, letting the butt set into his shoulder. His eyes flick over to the others, and he offers a slight nod. Then he looks to Morgan, adding dryly, "Pick your favorite flavor."

Morgan didn't really have much to say and since he doesn't know the majority of the Guards - plus they're Guards - isn't much in the mood for small talk all things considered so mostly stays quiet unless he's addressed directly. "I'll point out which I want." he agrees. "But generally, the one that looks freshest. We'll keep him and the next best one alive till the end. Accidents happen so I want to make sure there's a good backup. Course, if we can manage two, even better." Once they come across some actually Reapers, he unslings his bow from over his shoulder.

Grey is no help at all with the tracking, but then again, he's Paris Grey's son, so that's to be expected. Back with his old Guard 'mates' again, Grey has been quiet so far, almost surly. He keeps his hand on the pistol grip of his assault rifle and his finger clear of the trigger guard, however, so at least he's doing that right. When they spot the sextet of Reapers, Grey goes for cover, butting his left shoulder against the trunk of a nearby tree and looking outward, searching for signs of additional Reapers not with the main group. At the 'gather' signal, Grey moves forward, keeping his voice low, "As soon as they hear us, they're gonna come straight in. Might stop to throw shit at us, but they won't slow down."

Walter Simmons. Twenty four. Shorter guy on the stockier side with dark brown hair and eyes and so far zero time outside of the wall. And boy doesn't he wish that was still the case. Instead he finds himself not only outside of the gates, but hunting what has been described to him as 'crazed cannibal killers'.. the shit a guy does for friends and superiors. He's got zero interest in all of this outside crap. Dirt? Tree's? They'd be better on the other side of an electric fence, though he's mostly kept his grumbling to himself for most of the trip. When the group halts, so does he, catching his breath and squinting at their targets with a slow shake of his head,"Great.. I suppose if we have to deal with crazed cannibal killers they could at least be courteous enough to throw themselves at the bullets." he mutters.

As the Guard gather and plan, the Reapers continue to move toward the just-audible river, closing in on the far side of the clearing.

This gets a nod from Nathaniel, before he looks in their direction. "So the one that looks the most human? This should be interesting." The Sergeant glances around, "this slope is the best bet to slow them down out here, so we'll have to make due with that." He looks to Morgan, "Alright. I need you to stay back and keep out of the fight. If you get attacked, self defense is fine, just call for help and the closest will come and get you." He looks to the others, "if they're going to berserk us, we can use that. Me and Grey will intercept any of them that come along as bait in front, the rest of you line up behind and get their attention picking one of them off. Once we have our candidate, the rest are weapons free." Nathaniel looks over and picks one, "that one will due for the first. Try not to burst fire unless you don't have a choice." He looks to the group, "any questions?"

"Nope," Lionel says, taking a rare opportunity to not use the any questions opening to ask something inane and not on topic. See, he can grow and learn. He glances at the six reapers, and then begins to push off, preparing to move out with the others.

Morgan just gazes at Nathaniel a moment without answering before he pulls an arrow from his quiver. "Once they get close enough, I'll see which one looks like the best bet." is all he says.

Grey watches the Reapers as he listens to instructions, his lips tightening further the more the Sergeant says, "No questions Sergeant. Just a comment. There ain't no 'by the book' for crazed killer cannibals." Still, he moves up a few steps and drops to one knee, taking up a kneeling firing position a few paces in front of the others.

From Walter's grin, he might just pick up Lionel's mantle, but there's just too much seriousness in the face of those who have been out there before and he decides it might just be best to keep his mouth shut, doing a last minute rifle check with a muted,"No questions Sergeant. Paint the target, move to the next one, leave the last two alive. Easy."

Even if she has questions Shiver can offer them in places like this, so there is a shake of her head once, those eyes watching Nath for a long moment before they move to the Reapers. She frowns but fades back among the trees, picking a spot with a good shot as she braces herself on one knee, she is oddly a better shot standing, but the ground is not perfect for it.

<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper22 with Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper2 with Assault Rifle - Serious wound to Left Foot.
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Orion has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<FS3> Morgan rolls Alertness: Success. (6 1 5 5 3 7 4 3)

Everyone gets into position easily enough, and it doesn't take long for the rifles to line up. Then Lionel, grey and Morgan ignore orders. They'll be dealt with later, for now. A squeeze of the trigger and *boom* Reaper3 gets a hit to the leg. "Do we have a candidate yet?" No point in being silent now, what with the firing line.

Nocking his arrow, Morgan draws his bow back and pauses a moment to pick a target. They're too far away to get a good enough look at them so he picks one toward the back and looses. Even though the arrow bounces off its arrow, he smiles. It was a good shot. Dead center. "Not yet. Now they're closer, I'll get a good look. Hopefully, it won't be the one you thought everyone should try to kill."

A silent frown as Shiver narrows her eyes for her target, she watches the shot do nothing and shifts her position slightly as she listens to orders. In truth unless they get closer, she is simply going to keep aiming at the one called out till it's down.

As Lionel is the last to fire off his shot, it is no wonder that the Reaper is quick to react. He flinches, turning away from the fire from the Guard. Weeks grimaces, taking another step forward. His stance is low, balanced, rifle but into his shoulder, and aim sighted down the length of the barrel.

It's, really, the first time that Walter has actually had to actively shoot at another.. well, at least sort of resembling a human being? It's not that he hesitates, it's just that he wasn't expecting it to move like that. It doesn't stop him from firming up with a mutter to try and steady his aim for another shot, but he can't help but snark under his breath about why the hell are they out there anyways dealing with a bunch of rabid savages.

A month on the ground has not made Grey the best at following orders, especially ones he disagrees with. So instead of firing on the designated single target, he picks out another Reaper, punching a bullet through the cannibal's foot. "For what we are about to receive…" The words are murmured, a mixture of mordant humor and masked fear behind them.

At the first reports of firearms, the Reapers turn toward the sound, growling and shouting between themselves even as one stumbles and nearly falls. It is only a matter of heartbeats, however, before those sounds are closing on the former Ark residents, the Reapers rushing headlong toward their attackers. One lags behind a little, limping on a badly-wounded leg, but the others move quickly, covering half the distance across the clearing in a rush. As they approach, several of them heft weapons, preparing to throw them.

<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper2 with Assault Rifle - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Grey with Thrown Knife - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Reaper22 attacks Nathaniel with Thrown Axe but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper3 attacks Grey with Thrown Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Reaper2 has been KO'd!

"Anytime now, Morgan." Another round goes off, this time completely missing reaper3. The attempt at an axe making him dodge throwing off his aim. He and Grey are the bait after all, but he does give a grimace as he hear the knife connect with his Guardsmans head, "They're nearing melee already… crazed was an understatement."

As the Reapers charge them, Morgan takes a good look at each in turn, quickly dismissing the ones with the spear and axe. Returning his gaze to the others, he nods after a few moments and calmly drops his bow to pull his shock baton when one decides to charge him. "That one. And that one, in that order." he says, motioning to the ones attacking Grey and Simmons. (1 and 3). Grey's is the primary."

Walter and Shiver are doing their best to follow orders. They might not have the experience of the others when it comes to things like crazed cannibal killers, but they are endeavoring to set and keep their target,"Shit, how do they move like that?" the pudgy guard complains, mostly to himself,"It's like they don't even feel pain.. what in the ever loving green Eden are these freaks on?" then there's orders about which ones to spare and the pair endeavors to shift from low targets to kill shots on one of the unselected.

Lionel is moving forward in a kind of dedicated stride with his finger on the trigger, pulling back only once he is almost several strides from Grey and Nathaniel. His expression is serious, but also strained as he tries to conquer his own fear and discomfort at being in close proximity to such creatures. It makes him, for a moment, look wild himself. He them drops his weapon, switching to shock baton to join the other two in melee range — or he will be, just shy of the first two guards getting there.

Grey puts his second round low into the Reaper's guts, and then glances back to make sure that he's still clear of the line of fire of those behind him. And then he pushes off his grounded knee, rising to his feet and starting to move off to his left. Unfortunately, he turns right back into a spiked flying disk. The weapon catches him across the right side of his jaw before tumbling past him, blood spattering in its wake. "Shit!" The curse comes out thick, blood trailing down from a nasty slash on his jaw and cheek. "No. Shit. What part of," he starts to line up another shot, even as the Reapers rush ever closer, "crazed killer cannibals didn't you get?"

The Reapers continue to rush forward, three of them hurling weapons at those firing on them. The spear and axe go wide, but one draws blood and roars triumphantly, reading another throwing disk. As they get close to the Skaikru, two of them charge toward the front rank of Grey and Nathaniel, the others shifting their aim to those behind.

<COMBAT> Reaper3 attacks Lionel with Thrown Spear - Light wound to Left Leg.
<COMBAT> Reaper3's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Guard2 fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper1 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Thrown Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper4's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Reaper22 attacks Morgan with Thrown Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper22's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Nathaniel with Club - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Reaper1 attacks Grey with Sword but Grey DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper22 with Bow - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!

So much for being such a good shot. Though, this time, it might be because the crazy cannibal just stabbed him in the leg! Pain ripples through him, and his leg buckles briefly. This causes his shot to go wild, missing the Reaper entirely. With the extended range of the spear, he feels like he can manage one more shot off, though he is taking a short step back as if to give him a bit more ability.

Morgan looses a last arrow at the Reaper throwing an axe at him and he doesn't even have to dodge it. The arrow to his arm threw his aim off enough it missed completely. Now with it closing, he pulls the shock baton and dials it up to human rights violation. "I don't think they're rabid." he notes in general. "So when they bite you, don't freak out. No one's caught it yet."

It doesn't take long for a cry of pain to come from Nathaniel as he gets a hard hit to the head. Seeing stars at this point, Nathaniel slings his rifle after the burst and grabs his baton to go toe to toe with the one that just exploded his mind, he can't aim for shit while there's a crazy with a club going after him. He staggers just a bit with the switch before gathering himself. "Duly noted, Guardsman." Said though gritted teeth as he tangos with his reaper, "Grey's is the priority. The other one is secondary only. We're not risking our lives here anymore than we have to."

Walter can't help the panicked noise he makes. There's a guy. With a knife. Who is trying to stab him. Forget aiming for legs, or aiming at a single target, he swings his rifle towards the one aiming at him because hell no he doesn't wanna die out here today!

Shiver, on the other hand, is lucky, no-one's aiming at her yet, she stays on target, Reaper22, intending to put it down to keep Morgan safe and stay to mission.

As the Reapers rush close, Grey drops his rifle-barrel, aiming a shot at the cannibal's leg. It's a much tougher shot when they're running flat-out, however, and his bullet buries itself in the grass of the clearing beyond. And then the former Delinquent pushes his rifle back behind him on its sling, gathering up his shock baton from his belt, snapping it out to its full length, and causing it to crackle with energy, "Alright, ugly. Time to get messed the hell up."

The thunder of the assault rifles as the Reapers get closer shocks them for a moment, but only a moment, and then they come howling in, hurling spears, axes, and blades. The Reapers sweep into the front rank of Guards, hitting hard, even as the rest begin to lap past.

<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper22 with Shock Baton and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Nathaniel with Club - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard1 fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper3 attacks Lionel with Knife but Lionel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper1 attacks Grey with Sword - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper21 with Shock Baton - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Guard2 fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper1 with Shock Baton but Reaper1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper22 attacks Morgan with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Morgan looks over as Nathaniel gets pounded and he shakes his head. Amateurs. "Grey, take his opponent. Shiver, move in and cover mine. I'll go patch Breen up quick so he doesn't bleed out. Soon as that's done, I'll be back to take him out.

Then there's the hit that nearly gets Nathaniel on the ground. He's definitely not doing so well against his target. Getting slobbered by that club ruined his sight with stars, "Grey, I need cover… can't see." Nathaniel starts to very unsteadily withdraw. It's fairly obvious he's barely standing this round as he nearly collapses in Morgans direction.

Walter and Shiver both have to drop rifles and jerk out their batons, with Shiver stepping up to try and get Reaper22 off of Morgan in the most physical way she can, while Walt's just trying to deal with his own Reaper problem with noises of nervousness. Like what the hell man? Killer cannibals totally don't play by the /rules/.

"Move, Sarge." The willingness of a Grey to cover for a straight-arrow Guard may be somewhat surprising, but even as Grey is parrying one sword-stroke, taking a glancing slash across the side of his right thigh, and whipping the crackling length of his shock baton in front of the Reaper's neck — just missing — he gives a sharp whistle, "Hey Ugly Number Two." Despite the blood running down his neck from his face wound and the new slice in his pants — and leg — Grey whips his shock baton in front of Nathaniel's attacker, trying to draw its attention with another crackle of electricity.

What is this! Lionel is almost face to face with a Reaper. He shoots, but the shot seems to just impact on the shoulder rather than actually do damage. Lionel quickly ducks, feeling the whoosh of the knife passing over his head. He drops the rifle, letting it sway back to his side. He draws out his shock baton, whipping it to life. "Let's try something new."

And now the Reapers are close enough to draw blood, although one is nearly knocked down by Lionel's shot — even though it glances off a plate of metal along its shoulder — and a second actually is knocked down by the full-auto fire from Shiver, clambering back up to its feet and throwing itself at its tormentor.

<COMBAT> Reaper3 attacks Lionel with Knife but Lionel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton but Reaper4 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper22 attacks Guard2 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Grey with Club - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper1 attacks Grey with Sword but Grey DODGES!
<COMBAT> Morgan treats Nathaniel:
< Head (Critical): unsuccessful
< Right_Arm (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Shock Baton - Critical Stun wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper1 with Shock Baton but Reaper1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Knife and MISSES!

"Ahh!" Walter is so not having this whole thing where people are trying to stab him. Crazed cannibal people. Like what the shit? Especially with it dodging out of his way, he backpedals and tries a different tact to try and get the damned lunatic off of him.

Shiver on the other hand is a quieter sort, she's seen things, not backing off from the attack when her stumbling target attacks but instead jamming her shock lash against the Reapers arm with all the strength she can muster and switches aggressive, determined to put the Reaper down for good.

"I hate dancing," Lionel says, tone exasperated. He has managed to evade another swipe of the knife, but it just ends up being that the Reaper dodges his own swipe of the shock baton.

Morgan slowly steps back, using the baton to fend off the Reaper as Shiver moves in to take its attention. Once he's clear, he pulls open his satchel and takes out what he needs to do some rough patching on the Sergeant. "Hang back and use your rifle." he advises. "We'll keep them occupied." Giving the man a nod, he grabs his shock baton again and wades back into the battle.

Once again, Grey finds himself fighting two of the crazy cannibals, "Why…" he parries a sword-thrust, "the hell…" ducks under a sweep of the club, "am I always…" he snaps his shock baton out, forcing the sword-wielding Reaper back a moment, "…fighting two of these asshol — " his question is cut off as the club slams into his left side, and he folds around it, grunting in pain as he continues to do his best to keep them both busy.

Nathaniel would normally argue Morgans point, but considering his eyes are still starry and he needs to be able to think to command, takes the advice to heart and gets his rifle. Having breathing room now, he switches back to the assault rifle and switches selector to burst before he draws a bead on Reaper21, shouldering the stock as he gets set, "I've got you…" Is that to Grey, or the crazy?

"Cause you're a dick, Grey and even the Reapers know it." Morgan answers as he moves in on one of the ones attacking Grey. "But you're a loyal dick. And useful. So I guess we'll keep you."

<COMBAT> Reaper3 attacks Lionel with Knife but Lionel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Grey with Club and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper21 with Shock Baton - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper22 with Shock Baton - Serious Stun wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - Light Stun wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reaper22 attacks Guard2 with Knife but Guard2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper21 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper21 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper21 with Assault Rifle - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper3 with Assault Rifle - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper1 with Shock Baton - Moderate Stun wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Reaper1 attacks Grey with Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grey has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Reaper22 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Reaper3 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grey spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Damn armor! These shock sticks are useless. When Grey stumbles, Morgan shakes his head and backs away again. "Over here, Grey. Shiver, move in again."

There, the rounds connect. A three round burst exits Nathaniel's rifle and hits Reaper21, the two rounds grazing the things mouth and skull. "Things are fast…" Grey starts to stagger though, and he brings up his baton again, slinging the rifle with safety on. "Let's see if we can get you out of this…" It doesn't take long for the Sergeant to wade back in, "We're almost finished people, good work."

There's a nod from the silent Shiver. Take out that one. Sure thing. She moves after Reaper21 without hesitation, sanguine about the thought of making sure that these savage things can't hit their people any longer.

Walter, on the other hand is still struggling, he's managed to avoid getting stabbed, which is awesome in his book, but he's also struggling to even /tag/ his opponent,"Uhh.. guys, guys? I could use some help here y'know.. cannibal guy.. trying to turn me into a pin cushion here.."

"Screw you, Morgan." Grey's griping isn't particularly heated, and he finally ducks under the club in time to thrust his shock baton right into the sword-Reaper's collarbone, sending energy arching and rippling over the creature. It's a testament to the thing's toughness that it does not simply crumple to the ground. And then the sword slips past his own guard, slicing right over the place where he took the club-blow earlier. And it's Grey that crumples, forcing his way back up to his feet as quickly as he can. But Nathaniel is there to distract the Reapers, and Grey rolls back behind the little arc of Guards, "Be right there, Simmons." But then Morgan's there, and Grey holds for a moment, hefting his shock baton and studying the brawl like a hound tugging on its leash.

"Promises promises." Morgan counters, pulling supplies out of his satchel to bandage up Grey. "Wait till we get Cam back and then you can be in the middle."

The Guard steps up smartly toward the next Reaper. Lionel moves swiftly, lashing out to shove the Reaper back with the shock baton. This allows Lionel to quickly recover his rifle, shooting from the hip so it blasts the Reaper in the chest. "Grey… hey, hey… Grey… Simmons needs you Grey." He flashes Simmons a grin before he looks back to suck in his gut to avoid a knife-thrust.

<COMBAT> Reaper1 attacks Nathaniel with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper21 with Shock Baton - Critical Stun wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Nathaniel with Club but Nathaniel DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Knife - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper1 with Shock Baton - Critical Stun wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Morgan treats Grey:
< Head (Moderate): successful
< Right_Leg (Light): unsuccessful
< Abdomen (Moderate): successful
< Chest (Light): successful
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper1 with Shock Baton - Light Stun wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton but Reaper4 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reaper1 has been KO'd!

Then Nathaniel takes a sword wound, having to dodge into it to keep out of the way of the club. "Grey, take over for me. Everyone who can help him out. Morgan, since you want to help, help me with Shivers tango." Nathaniel himself disengages soon as he can and switches back to his rifle, safety off and aiming at the one going for Shiver.

Shiver is clearly a badass in her own right. Or at least.. good at finding soft spots in which to jam a baton and electrify her enemies with extreme prejudice. ZOT. The silent woman jams her baton into Reaper21's neck and let's it have it. Frowning in annoyance when he's still standing after the fact.

Walter, on the other hand, maybe should stay behind the fences, because he can't hit the broad side of a barn, and his luck finally runs out when his enemy actually manages to stab him. In the hand even. The poor guy's just about going full on panic mode now,"AHH! Ah fuck! Green Eden he stabbed me! What the hell!" he ain't too ashamed to retreat further, defensively waving his baton before him in a desperate effort to fend off further attacks.

Lionel slams his shock baton into the belly of the Reaper. The armor slows the weapon, but the electric shock passes through the layers of leather. When Lionel steps past the Reaper to prepare for another attack, it has fallen. Leo snorts, looking smug. "Down, stay." Then he glances toward Simmons, turning to help his fellow Guard out.

The few moments it takes for Morgan to bind the worst of Grey's wounds feels like an eternity, watching his fellow Guards fighting and bleeding around him. "Yeah… sorry. Don't see the need for Dee to kill you two." Plus, you know, his oft-stated preferences leaning rather strongly the other way. When Nathaniel orders him after the Reaper attacking the Sergeant, Grey curses under his breath, "Shit…" and then calls out, "Sorry Simmons. Another minute. Maybe Weeks'll help." And then Morgan's cleared him, dropping the baton to grab a sword, and Grey shakes his head, "Nutter." And then he proves that it takes a pot to know when a kettle's black, as he comes in at the Reaper attacking Nathaniel at a full sprint.

<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Guard1 with Knife - Light wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper21 with Shock Baton - Serious Stun wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper21 with Shock Baton - Critical Stun wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Reaper21 attacks Grey with Club but Grey DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Nathaniel attacks Reaper4 with Assault Rifle but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper21 with Sword - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Guard1 attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reaper21 has been KO'd!

The Corporal may have heard Nathaniel, but he definitely didn't count himself as everyone who can… Lionel is focused. He does not get satisfied, the armor absorbing his strike. He feels his anger build, and he is soon sacrificing his own safety in order to secure a hit on the Reaper. Come at me, bro.

Hah! A sword beats a shock baton. Sure, it was only a minor wound but this time Morgan drew blood. "Ok, since we've got it outnumbered, let's take this one alive. Breen, go secure the unconscious one in case it wakes up sooner than expected. You're most hurt so don't argue. The rest of us can take this one down and have a spare.

Well, at least one round connected. The stars in his eyes keeping him from getting more rounds to connect. He stays where he is though, lining up another burst fire. Then Morgan makes his request, and the Sergeant grits his teeth. "Sounds fine to me. You heard him, people." Nathaniel safeties and slings, then goes to secure the captives. The blazing headache in his eyes doesn't help matters.

Holy crap, what the hell, that's.. like it's only luck that got Walter out of that with little more than a scratch, and really, he's had enough. Screw this for a laugh. He doesn't just back up, he turns around and tries to run for it.. because he's not about to get his head chopped off and have some crazed cannibal guy chewing on his brain. No sir. Not him. Especially when his shock baton finally finds the damned target and does absolutely NOTHING.

Shiver, for her part, switches back to her rifle, especially given Walt's sudden panic attack. She takes her time seeing as the other guys are already on top of the remaining reaper, just shaking her head at Walter in silent disappointment.

The club-wielding Reaper sees Grey coming from a mile away. Gathering itself up, the cannibal swings like a homerun hitter… except Grey's not there. Instead, he's down on his knees, sliding through the duff in a cloud of dust as the club goes sweeping over his head. The ex-Cadet grimaces as the motion pulls at his leg and side, but he still reaches up with his shock baton as he slides, tagging the Reaper on the bottom of the arm with a crackle of released energy. He's not the only one who hits it, but the creature definitely drops, leaving Grey to pop back up to his feet, "That's right." Looking around, he spots the remaining Reaper getting surrounding, and hurrying in that direction, "Bossy, bossy, Morgan." At least he chuckles as he says it.

<COMBAT> Morgan attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - Serious Stun wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Guard2 attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - Moderate Stun wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grey attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - Serious Stun wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Reaper4 attacks Morgan with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Lionel attacks Reaper4 with Shock Baton - Critical Stun wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reaper4 has been KO'd!

Lionel is trembling a bit in the wake of his full-out strike against the Reaper. He is looking at the fallen cannibal, his breath coming in hard through his nose, making his nostrils flare. He stares, realizing that this creature had once been someone. He turns away, looking as if he is about to wretch. Life was so much easier on the Ark.

Nathaniel doesn't see the runaway until he finishes with the first Reaper… then his eyes narrow. "Simmons, get back here before I have you busted for insubordination! It's *over*!" Then he grumbles, "Shiver, Weeks, go and detain him if he keeps going. If he resists, you have permission for Batons." He works to subdue the two captives, "Morgan, we have three live ones. This one and this one-" Reaper1 and 4, "-are alive and I'm willing to transport. This one-" He points to 21, "-will be shot unless you want something."

<FS3> Lionel rolls Athletics: Failure. (5 3 2)

Morgan looks down at the Reaper and shuts off its charge. "You don't know what they can do." he says, sounding like he's quoting someone. "Yeah, take that." He looks around at the others. "Get these two secured. I'm going to take blood samples of the others." Looking toward the third Nathaniel mentions, he walks over to it and sets the point of his sword against its neck before pushing in and severing the carotid. Then he takes a blood sample. "Why waste a bullet?"

Shiver at least is efficient in putting away her baton again and collecting her rifle, frowning disapprovingly at Walter as she goes about checking and prepping their chosen one for transport.

Walter, for his part, does finally stop once he's behind a rock and only then looking back wide-eyed at the rest of them, his bleeding hand clutching his bleeding neck as he tries to get himself back under control. It's possibly only the fact that everyone's down that makes him not run further, really, but, hey, not everyone's cut out for adventure. Walter? More of a stay at home guard.

It's hard to tell who drops the last Reaper, considering how many charges the cannibal absorbs. Grey certainly contributes, then looks around and flicks his baton closed again. He looks around the clearing, frowning heavily as he gingerly touches his jaw-wound with his left hand as he hears Nathaniel's orders, "Sarge, you took a pretty good shot to the head, you sure we need to do that? We can handle the clean-up."

"Walter?" Lionel says, blinking as the guy goes running. "Oh, fuck… Walter!" He starts to run after the guy, but ends up tripping on a bit of fallen log, stumbling like an idiot who has never ran in the woods before — which he hasn't! He grimaces as he staggers after Walter. "Cm'on, dude… I think the forest is trying to eat me."

Nathaniel grunts as he brings up a hand to his head, the bump already pretty big. "Yeah, I did. Hurts worse than training." As Walter stops running though, Nathaniel looks to him. "Let him calm down. We can't afford to be transporting him and these." Then he looks to Grey, then to Morgan,giving a nod. "Yeah, go ahead. Prep the captives for transport, everyone. If you need a stretcher, make one. We're heading home soon as they're secure."

As the vial fills, Morgan looks over toward Walter and then to Lionel and finally to Grey, giving him a look that very clearly says 'This is what we have to work with?' The 100 vs the Arkers.

"Fuck this, Lionel.. seriously man.. what the shit? Crazed freaking cannibals trying to carve us up for dinner, and for what? To save some lousy savages? Shoot 'em all, 's what I fucking say." there's a groan from the guy as he does stagger out, staring at his own blood on his hand,"Aw man.. lookit my hand man. Look what he did.. am I gonna get freaking Grounder-rabies or some shit? And my neck.. like seriously.. I'm losing blood man, probably cut my damned artery or something." of course if it had he'd be dead, but not like he knows that,"Seriously.. I feel kind of woozy man. This ain't right. This seriously ain't right."

Shiver just goes about helping prep the captive, silent and efficient as always bar for the roll of her eyes for the complaining Guardsman.

"Walt… you're an idiot," Lionel says seriously, and then he steps forward to grasp Walter's shoulder, hauling him up. "Hey, let's go have Li look at this… you can flirt with her, and you'll feel better." Such a Lionel prescription. He grins, but also offers to help wrap Walter's hand on some of the bandages he scored from the infirmary. "Look, cupcake… we gotta stick with this, okay? Means we're alive… and we like being alive, right? Say it with me… we like being alive."

Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Morgan, moving further into the clearing to look down at the two rifle-dropped Reapers. At each one, he covers it with his rifle as he approaches, then kneels down and slits the things throat with his makeshift knife. "Take a load off, Sarge. We've been takin' captives for… a month." Grey chuckles as he says that, considering that the Guard have been training and actually arresting people since they were cadets. Walter's freakout… not his problem, now that the other Guard's not going to be arrested and frogmarched back to camp with a couple of live Reapers being carried at the same time.

"Alright. Stretchers should be good." The Guard cuffs are slapped on both of them before he let's Grey cord the captives. "Alright, me and Morgan on one, Weeks and Shiver on the other. Let's get out of here." With that, he hauls up his one, "we'll head for the postern gate so we don't go by the Trikru, standing orders are to not antagonize them with firearms."

"You do know that some Trikru think everyone from the Ark is incompetent and can't possibly be trusted, or good enough, to capture Reapers by themselves and keep them locked up without having them kill every last innocent in the station?" Morgan asks, looking over at Nathaniel. "Have them see our prisoners, even from a distance, will show them how wrong they are. Which will be important when we're all attacking the mountain."

Kill, cuff, hogtie. Grey can do that, although his knotwork has more to do with 'volume' than 'expertise.' He'll even help make the stretchers. And he'll nod his agreement with Nathaniel's orders for the return trip, moving up to take point and let Simmons cower in the middle of the group. Morgan's words draw a shake of his head, "You really want to piss off the Trikru just to make yourself feel better? Show 'em they're wrong by curing these two sorry bastards, not by rubbing their nose in the fact we're doin' what they're against, and doin' it with rifles."

"Besides, if they're at all competent as they presume to be, they're probably watching the perimeter of our camp all the way around. No way they'll miss us unless they are completely incompetent themselves. If they do, you get to rub it in their faces." Nathaniel does *not* remark on how petty Morgan is being, instead relying on a sensible brain…. possibly. He also doesn't mention that going against direct orders is *not* something he's doing for a civilian.

"Oh, I doubt we can cure these." Morgan answers, packing the medical equipment away and securing the shock baton before slinging his bow back over his shoulder. "Even the fresh one probably has too much brain damage. But if we figure it out, it shouldn't be too late for our people if they've started on them. Or any of the grounders in a similar position." He shrugs. "I want them to know you won't be a danger to fight besides. They've gotta trust you when we fight the mountain men. That's not going to happen if they think you're incompetent and will run away when it gets dangerous." Not looking at Walter, nope.

"Holy shit, Morgan. Then we damned sure don't want them to see us hauling these Reapers into Camp if you don't think we can cure them." Grey sounds positively aghast at the possibility. Still, he works through things half-remembered, swapping out the partially-used magazine of his rifle with a full one with thoughtless precision. "And they've seen me fight. And they know I was still a cadet when I was 'Boxed. They aughta be able to figure that the fully-trained ones can hack it if the one who ain't fully trained can."

Nathaniel gives a nod, "The Chancellor will tell the Trikru what they need to know, when they need to know it. I imagine this capture will be part of that deal." He hoofs it along, keeping an eye on Simmons as they go. If the Guardsman didn't feel the Sergeant disapproval before, he does now. "End of discussion."

"Oh, I was very clear that we didn't know how yet and that I doubted it would work on any of them that were too far gone." Morgan assures Grey. "That the likeliest possible benefit was the very recently captured. The brain damage is almost certainly irreversible. There could be a personality adjustment though and calming them down to more reasonable levels of aggression." The life of an experimental Reaper. "I saw what happened in the video with the mountain man. That… changes things."

Grey seems somewhat mollified by Morgan's reassurances, and starts his harch back toward camp (even if he has a good deal less to carry than most of the others. As the group works their way back through the forests, Grey trails back alongside Morgan, noting quietly, "Hey… just remember how crappy we were at everything right after we landed, man. Takes some time to adjust." It's intended to be quiet, although Nathaniel is right on the other end of the stretcher.

Nathaniel does respond to that, "I've read the report. You kids did a good job with what you had. Improvisation like that is beyond a lot of Guardsmen, let alone teenagers." Nathaniel's tone is sincere at that.

Morgan glances over at Grey then back to where he's walking. It feels like a lifetime ago. "Except we had no choice but to adapt quickly or die. Now there's all that tech and warm beds and hot meals to go back to." Even if it is hot crap. "We don't have time to teach them what they need to know if we want to get Cam and the others back. How many of them have actually killed someone? Been in a life or death fight? Or just had their hand cut by someone trying to kill them? How many are going to run when the Reapers swarm us and the Mountain Men start firing back? We had no choice. They do."

The compliment from the Sergeant draws a grunt from Grey, the teen obviously taking it as a backhanded compliment by the scowl that crosses his features. But he maintains his discipline, not snapping back. "Guess its easier without someone lookin' over your shoulder all the time, Sergeant." Okay, so maybe there's a little Grey-family-snark going on, but it's relatively minor. For a Grey. Morgan gets a shake of his head, "There ain't no choice for the Guard. And most of 'em," he glances to poor Walter Simmons, then continues, "Most of 'em don't want a choice. How many of us'd killed someone," Oops, several of the Delinquents were murderers, including himself, "someone who'd been fighting back, when we came to get you guys out? They'll nut up, Morgan. Just like we did."

Nathaniel only snorts at that. Grey did good today despite the one time he disobeyed orders though… so he doesn't get anything fired back. Instead, he keeps a lookout as he continues on.

Morgan just grunts in reply. Once Cam is back, alive and well, he'll believe it.

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