Day 042: Alpha Charlie Eight
Summary: The security personnel of Mount Weather learn of Mister Wylde's escape.
Date: 10 July 2016
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Carlos Truman Raphael Cage 

Security Room, Mount Weather
This room is kept dark and still, the better to see the information on the banks of glowing monitors. Three walls are covered in screens, while rows of work-stations provide even more glowing data for the defenders of Mount Weather. Motion sensors sweep the nearby woods, video cameras cover major approaches, and feeds from Ground Units can be displayed. There is always at least one member of the security team on-duty in the room, and during crises, all of the stations are filled, as many of Mount Weather's weapons and defenses can be controlled from this very room.
42 Days After Landing

It has been kind of a dull day for Mount Weather security. That is, until the radio crackles to life, and Mister Leonardo Rafe reports, "Ah, be advised… we have an unscheduled dump from Outsider Containment to subtunnel Alpha-Charlie-Eight… checked with the docs. It isn't a fluke…"

Raphael has been in the security center on and off for the last few days. *Not* being outside more than a few days is not something that's happened for months now… and the adjustment is making him more anxious than he realized, with his unit undermanned. Nonetheless, she seems better than fine, and he's for the first time hopeful of improvement in conditions. That reverie is broken as he hears the radio.

Raphael takes it, click. "Security center here, copy. Will investigate, over." That gravelly baritone speaks before Raphael starts to pull up the relevant camera.

"What's going on? I just heard the report over the radio," says Truman as he enters the security room, a touch out of breath. He clearly sprinted from wherever he was. "Did one of them get loose?"

Quietly resting in a seat as he's on the inside today, Carlos is in the security room simply fitting on his interior security gear. When his radio comes to life and he hears the news of an unscheduled dump, he's staring at his radio for a moment after the radio message comes in, before he's scrambling to retrieve his gear and he's heading out into the security center. Carlos' arrives up and near Raphael, looking to Truman as he comes in and offering him a nod in greeting before he's looking over to the screen as Raphael pulls up the camera. "Better not have."

The monitors shift focus from their boring rotation between the corridors of Mount Weather to the subtunnels — a network of old maintenance and construction access that has become the habitat for the Reapers — or what a select few know as the Cerberus Project. All that is known for everyone else is that the best way to get rid of the bodies leftover from The Treatments is to dump them down to the cannibals, because the cannibals keep the Outsiders away.

The monitors show the tunnels, in green nightvision hue. There are the Reapers… and there are the Outsiders. There is about five or six of them, two hauling what looks to be a mostly naked Outsider from The Treatments. And there, in a flash, is the panicked, outraged face of Lip Wylde — one of The 23 — running with what looks like a flashlight gripped in his hands. For those who have gotten to know Lip, the fact that he appears to be talking nonstop should not be a surprise.

Looks like Raphael’s day just got a lot more interesting. "Code black, it looks like." That hand is on the radio again. "All units, code black. I repeat, we have a code black in the tunnels. Be advised, we have six tangos and one guest down there. All units available, ready up." With that, Raphael is strapping on his gear, "Mr. Wallace, Sir, do we have orders for neutralization or capture?"

"Son of a bitch," mutters Truman when the jailbreak plays out on the monitor. "They're all going to get torn to pieces." He sounds concerned for the wellbeing of the Outsiders and Lip rather than upset that someone attempted escape. "We should release the tone and neutralize the Reapers so they don't get eaten alive." But unfortunately for him, he can't give orders for anything not directly related to Internal Security. He gets on his own comm. "All units on Level 5, lock down and secure, repeat, lock down and secure. There has been a breach. Containment suits required. Units on residential levels, hold and secure. I want a count in twenty minutes."

"Mister Wylde?" asks Carlos to nobody in particular, staring at the screen with furrowed brows and a slacked jaw before he blinks and his eyes widen, looking to Raphael and Truman. "We have to get him!" says Carlos hurriedly, looking at them both before he's immediately turning on his heels and running off to the armory to retrieve a PDW and the rest of his gear. If you're going to retrieve outsiders, you should always do so with a firearm! In what seems like a matter of moments, Carlos is stepping out of the armory with his Close Quarters gear, suit and all. "I'm ready." he says to the others, looking at them as he's loading a magazine into his PDW.

Cage emerges within a few minutes of the call, his face set and serious. He enters in time to hear Truman's words, and he nods. "Release the tone, I do not want Mr. Wylde harmed." Then he nods to Carlos. "Bring up the recording… I want to see what happened with the dump…" He growls. "I was just informed we're missing a body from Treatment containment." He looks at the others, and then to Raphael. "Activate tracker for number 3-Bravo-Tango-6. If they have the Outsider, we can track them."

Raphael doesn't hesitate to do so as his hood is hastened. The tracker is activated on the monitors, "Sir, are the other tangos free to neutralize?" Raphael is already starts to get up to allow the Internal Security personnel to take over for him. Raphael is Ground forces, his place is outside. "All members of unit 2, once you're geared, report to rally 3 for deployment. We'll hook up with the CO outside, but for now, the guest is *not* to be harmed. Repeat, guest is to be *taken alive*, Commanders orders." With that Raphael heads for the elevator, only stopping briefly to head Cage's orders.

Truman takes a seat in front of the monitor and pulls on a headset. Normally he'd be out securing himself with someone higher up the food chain calling the shots. But as the ranking internal security officer at the station, he'll call the show until he's relieved. He glances to Cage and hits a few switches to direct the tone from the loudspeakers directly surrounding the mountain. He keeps an eye on the monitor to check for responses, while at the same time barking, "Section 5, report," into his headset.

Corporal Carlos offers a nod to Cage as he's stepping up and over to the security terminals and bringing up the recording for him to see, looking back and up to it as it comes up as he watches through the details again, all while his right hand comes over to grip his radio. "Unit Seven, outfit with MOPP Level 4 and regroup at the Security Level. We're to retake possession of the guest and neutralize all other outsiders should the need arise. Double-time. Over." he says before he's turning and joining Raphael in the elevator.

Just as he's about to leave though, Raphael has a lightbulb moment, "Sir." Raphael points to one of the people on the monitor, "that one is from the Ark, the ones the Outsiders call Skaikru. He was on the bridge during my last assignment. Do we capture him too?"

The Sections start reporting in, giving their head counts of various regions. As expected, only twenty-two of the Guests are accounted for.

Cage watches the footage of Lip and the Treatment Outsider falling through the ceiling and into a cart where the Outsiders and one Arker are crouched around it. When Raphael identifies him, Cage's shoulders bunch up. He shakes his head at the damned luck, and then slams his fist on the console. "I want him too," he says, almost snarling as he points at the fuzzy picture of Grey. Then he nods the ground units. "Go, now… quietly. When you get back, put that one — " At Grey. " — in Containment. Put Mr. Wylde back in quarantine."

Raphael is out the door the second Cage gives the order. Those in the security center can hear him over the radios at this point, "Another Arker is among the Outsiders, orders are to neutralize the Outsiders, capture the guest and the second Ark asset among them. Description is-" Raphael gives Grey's vital statistics to the ground teams before he continues, "I'm heading to the sniper perches and doing overwatch. Everyone else, I want the exits to the tunnels blocked yesterday, you are weapons free to the Outsiders if you have a clean shot." Raphael is already heading for higher ground with his sniper rifle.

Truman continues to bark a stream of orders and coordinate to the internal security over his radio. He makes notes of things. He looks up at Cage after he gets a report. "Sir, count is 22 visitors and all of our people are accounted for." He stares at the monitor and clenches his jaw. This is not good.

Carlos' forearm comes around as he checks the time while he regroups with his unit, looking to each and everyone before they continue along to head down to make their way to the tunnels to begin quiet pursuit with his team. Carlos quietly pulls back the bolt of his PDW, letting a round slide into the chamber. "Why do those space kids have to make things difficult. And why is it always fucking Wylde?"

"Good," Cage says to Truman, but only about the latter bit if information. He pushes away from the console, turning seriously to head out. "Do not tell anyone outside this room what is happening… not until I have orders for you. If anyone asks after Wylde…" He throws out his hands. "He's in a session with one of Kirschenfeld's assistants." He stalks out.

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