Day 014: An Ark Loyalish
Summary: Grey provides a report to Jaha. He's… mostly polite.
Date: 23 May 2016
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Grey Jaha 

Tech Tent, The Camp

This tent is really nothing more than a taut stretch of sun-bleached blue and gold parachute pulled taut into a large eaves. One side of it has been attached to the outer wall of the dropship, while the opposite corners have been tied tightly to the tops of some thick sapling poles. Evergreen branches have been used to make a screen-like wall adjacent to the dropship wall, creating a little corner of protection. The rest of the tent is open to the remainder of the camp so that the communication relay can get the best signal. Inside the tent, a couple of small, crude tables has been made from dropship panels and tree stumps.

rA panel to the dropship remains open, and thick power cords have been drawn out to provide power to the various equipment that is being set up in the tent. While there is still an absolute lack of real, true-hearted technology, the rough approximations the delinquents now have are not all that bad.

The two-feed AV monitor has been set up on a short table at the back of the tent to provide a little privacy, and a couple of dropship chairs have been pulled in to give people somewhere to sit while talking to the Ark. Using the AV monitor is a precarious business, as the video often has feedback static now and then and sometimes the audio cuts out, but it does give the camp a leyline to their people.

14 Days After Landing

Grey looks better when he sits down in the tech tent. He still has a pair of black eyes, but they've faded a bit in two days, and the split lip isn't as obvious. He's also newly shaven, unlike the vast majority of the camp, so there's that. Sitting down before the comm screen, he gives a nod to the operator on duty, drawing himself up in the seat with a little wince, "Lucian Grey for the Chancellor if he's available."

Then operator gives Lucian a rather firm look, but then nods. She disappears, and is gone for about ten minutes before Jaha arrives, sinking down into the chair with a heavy exhale. He breathes out a slow sigh, but manages a smile. The lights around Jaha are dim, and it becomes a bit evident that they are sometime in the night of the circadian cycle. "Mister Grey," he says softly, offering a small nod. "Good to finally see you… I admit… I was expecting a call from you a lot sooner than this…"

"Sorry to disturb you, Chancellor." Grey shrugs a little helplessly at Jaha's voiced expectations, "I didn't know how many more assholes you wanted to hear from, sir." A faint quirk of a smile touches one corner of his lips, and then he shrugs, "I wasn't going to bother, figured someone else could give a full report, but things are happening fast down here."

Lucian's words cause a small twitch of a smile at the corner of his lips. "I haven't heard from any such assholes, Mister Grey… I have heard from some upset kids trying to make sense of justice, leadership, and what lies ahead." He offers a small arch of a brow, but then he gestures a bit. "As I told Miss Kattegat… I have been doing my best to piece together things from what I have heard and what parents have been telling me so far."

Grey nods slowly, his eyes focusing on the middle distance as he blows out a breath, "Okay. Here we go." The words are distracted, as he puts together the information in his head, "The Grounders — the nearest village is Coesbur, and they're part of a clan called Trikru, the Woods Clan. They're part of a larger group called the Coalition, that's led by a Commander." He stops there a moment, putting it together, "Coesbur's got a lot more people than we do, solid houses, they're Seat's built in an old pre-nuke building. So the Clan and the Coalition are probably big." A frown gathers, "They're freaked the hell out about nukes, which is understandable, but they're really freaked the hell out about missiles and guns. Apparently, there's Mountain Men living in Mount Weather, and if a Grounder uses a gun down here, they drop a missile on the nearest village. Coesbur's the nearest village. I think the guy who told me this was scared shitless, so I don't think they're as powerful as all that, but the Trikru's scared of the Mountain Men."

Jaha listens, but his expression grows suddenly grave when Grey mentions the Mountain Men, and the Grounders' reactions to guns. He grimaces, finally looking a bit drawn. He gestures slightly. "Then we have a bigger problem, Mister Grey… if the Coalition is indeed as large as you estimate, and they still fear these Mountain Men… then going to war with the Grounders may be the least of our problems…"

"Yes we do, Chancellor. I reassured them that we don't have any missiles," Grey is wrong about that, of course, "That helped. But the maker I talked to was scared to death of the idea of takin' on the Mountain Men, even with guns on their side. Their warriors might think different, I haven't had a chance to bring it up." Getting back to his train of thought, he goes on, "We have twenty-four working assault rifles now and a couple hundred round," many of which are non-functional, but he doesn't know that, "but they're under wraps for now. I wanted them as a surprise onside kick if we needed it."

Jaha inhales, and then exhales. He brings up his forefinger and thumb to gently pinch the bridge of his nose. "Alright," he breathes, and nods. "Mister Grey, work with whoever you can to keep those guns out of everyone's hands unless there's a direct threat to the camp." He looks up now. "We cannot offer weapons to the Trikru in exchange for a ceasefire… or peace… that is a fool's offering. Arming a possible enemy in hopes they don't attack us isn't a course I'm willing to take."

"Oh God no, sir." Grey, who got beat up for being a Grounder sympathizer, looks horrified by the idea. "I meant a Hail Mary to protect the camp." He shakes his head, "For now, only us ex-Cs, ex-Cadets, have access to the rifles. Only people with training." Shifting in his seat causes Grey to wince in pain, and he goes on to the next topic, "There's a lot of division in camp, to." By his tone, he takes that as a bit of personal insult, "There's a small group," he pauses, then admits, "Not as small as it should be, who wants nothing to do with the Arkers when you come down. Asher, Niner, Morgan, Cam some days, even Quinn when I can't talk sense into her. A few others."

If Jaha is comforted by who has been selected to arm themselves, he doesn't show it. He does offer a small nod, but it is accented by a deep sigh. "Well…" He flexes his fingers a bit thoughtfully. "I'm aware that Mister Blackwood and Mister Scott are, and perhaps will always be, against me and the Council… but to say they are against the Ark as a whole may be an overstatement." He shakes his head. "If they do not wish to be apart of the Ark's people when they return to the ground, there is very little I can do. I have offered what I can to reassure them that things will change, but…" He shrugs one shoulder. "I must focus on those who wish to find unity and peace on the ground."

Grey shakes his head, "For Cam, yeah, it's an overstatement. For Morgan?" Grey's lips press together a moment, and then he continues, "As far as I can tell, he'd like to blow the whole thing up and rebuild outta the wreckage." Letting out a breath, he allows that topic to fall by the wayside, rubbing at his face with both hands — which draws a mostly-hidden wince — and then thinking out loud, "Trikru, Trikru and guns, guns, breaks in the camp…" And then his brows lift, "Oh yeah. I'm sure you've already thought of this, and better than me, but makin' sure that you bring down things that are useful down here is gonna be critical. Solar power, engines that can run off it, things to make things. All of that's gonna be key. Things to make pills and medicines in particular. A copy of the Ark databases. Right now, all we've got to offer the Trikru is access to our tech and knowledge, so bringin' all that down could be life or death."

Jaha starts to smile at Grey now, his expression a combination of amused and reassured. "Thank you, Mister Grey… these are all things that are in discussion with the various stations. While technology is certainly important, we want to make sure that people are also our top priority. The first dropship, as you will learn in my Unity Day address, is expected to join you next week. I am hoping that a site will be decided by then, and that we will not be upsetting further accords with the Trikru."

Grey nods sharply, "Good. We need some leadership. Even if it's just a couple of Station Reps or Officers on the first ship." Letting out a slow breath, Grey slumps in his chair just a little, "I've been tryin', and Fiona's been tryin', and Cookie and Cole and a couple others in their way, but…" He frowns a moment, "You ever watch those cat videos? Like herding damned cats. I was a serious dick up on the Ark," and look, it only took two weeks in an irradiated landscape with no supplies surrounded by hostile natives for him to admit that, "especially to people in power. I think I'm startin' to get a little bit of where you all were comin' from."

Jaha then laughs — deep and melodious. He shakes his head. "That… that is what I've been pressing upon to Mister Blackwood, Mister Scott, and now Miss Kattegat… they have… leadership is not something that comes easily, or without hard choices… it is making those hard choices that determine a leader." He shrugs. "Have I always made the right call? No… but I made the call… and I will live with whatever consequences come from it."

Grey frowns slightly as the image and sound crackles particularly badly, reaching forward to give the screen a sharp little smack with the palm of his hand, "Really, Chancellor? I would have thought it was havin' people actually listen to you when you make those hard choices." There's a dry sort of bitter amusement to the words, but he frowns, "Are you gettin' all this interference on your end too? If not, I might have to bug Cole about fixin' this thing up."

Jaha also notices the crackles, and he frowns. "Mister Grey, we have been… but I assumed it was down on your end." Then he shakes his head, returning to their previous topic. "And that is where we get the differences between leadership and authority, Mister Grey. A leader's power is only as great as the authority he is given by those he leads."

"Or what the Guards can force." The snark in his tone is proof that Grey isn't a total Ark apologist. But still, he nods, "Okay. Uh… I think that's everything I had. Wanted to make sure you got a sitrep," now he's falling back into Guardspeak himself, "down here on the ground. And maybe talk to someone without a lecture on what an ass you and the Council are." And then he thinks back to what he just said about using the Guard to enforce authority, shrugs helplessly, and adds, "Oops."

Jaha arches a brow, but smiles all the same. "Thank you, Mister Grey… I will take this information to the Council and station reps. Good luck to you."

"I didn't mean it like…" And then Grey just shrugs, accepts the good wishes with a nod, "And to you, Chancellor. At least some of us'll roll out the welcome bat for everyone on the Ark when you come home." And then he starts to get up from his chair, wincing a little as he does.

Jaha nods. "We look forward to seeing you all. Jaha, out."

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