Day 038: Angry Family Reunions
Summary: An angry and belligerent Kai takes her temper out on her adopted 'big brother' Lionel. Much to everyone's discomfort and annoyance.
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The Gates of camp Jaha
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Day 38

Lionel Weeks meanders in his usual, casual swagger as he enters the gates with a couple other new militia folks. The Corporal is all grins as he talks to the two, but when his gaze lands on Kai, something seems to make him lose a bit of that high-jovial demeanor. "Uh, yeah… so we will pull the evening patrol later… go grab some dinner." Then he nods them off, and casually glances toward Kai and Elias. There is a long hesitation, and then the man starts toward the pair, trying to find his casual stride again.

Kai passes over the one she's munching on, which probably means 'no', but not like he doesn't have her cooties already so,"I think his daughter was one of the guards that got killed or something. Which just makes me think of Trentin. Trikru wouldn't do something like that with a peace delegation planned." she opines,"Probably not one of the Warriors. I mean, he doesn't look dumb enough to try and pick a fight with someone who he doesn't think he could beat. One of the Maker's maybe." there's an indifferent shrug from her as she itches absently at the stitches on her neck,"Someone with enough calm and patience that he's still in a condition to get shock lashed, in either case." her attention is inevitably drawn towards Lionel's familiar voice with a slow blink of her eyes. Less weapons this time; only a sword instead of it plus Wren's honking huge axe. And different armor. And stitches in her neck and her arm and probably other places too.. but at least the bruises on her face are gone, right?

Elias still wears the navy blue colors of the Ark, contrasting the clothing that his Trikru other half wears. For the most part, he ignores the stares and hard looks from some of the guards and workers around the Ark. Accepting the apple from Kai, he bites into it. While chewing, he hands it back over to the girl. It would seem he has no qualms with sharing at least. "Eh," he sounds, shaking his head and swallowing the bite of apple. "I can see him being pissed, but…well. It looks like they /are/ reminding him that this isn't the time or the place." With a shake of his head again, he catches sight of Lionel from the corner of his eyes. One corner of his lips curls into a smile as he regards the Guard. "How's everything going, Weeks?" he asks, perhaps sounding just a little bit too professional in this. "Got your hands full, evidently."

Lionel rolls his shoulders as he approaches in that armored guard's jacket. It is perhaps a heavy choice of clothes for the height of Virginia summer, but to go without a jacket means less protection. Weeks ain't weak. He continues to near Elias and Kai, stopping a good distance away in case Kai throws something at him besides shade. "Kai," he says softly, up-nodding to Elias.

Kai's standing outside the gates with Elias and has a Lionel approaching, they're watching them prep posts for the shock lashing later. Kai's now a little distracted by Lionel,"Leo." she acknowledges,"We missed you at Coesbur." yeh, that's unfair, but she can't help the dry tone of her voice,"Don't worry, I'm staying out here." her gaze flicks up towards the guards on the gate with a curl of her lip,"C'mon Eli, let's stop cluttering up their fancy gates shall we?"

Benning was suppose to meet Elias to show him some plants that might be useful for the Skaikru so she arrives at the gates, with her bow on her back and quiver stocked full. She has an empty basket with her and it has another basket inside for the one she's planning on taking for a walkabout. She walks over to Kai and Elias, giving nods to them and then the other Skaikru that is standing there.

Elias doesn't seem in too poor spirits, really. He looks a little tired, but he doesn't seem like he's in any way upset. It beats the moping he'd been doing for a few days, after all. A look is given to Leo and then to Kai, his eyes lingering on the girl a bit longer. "Not so fast, maybe? I really want to hang out a bit and try to make sure no other unpleasantness breaks out." A light frown is given then as he reaches out to lightly take Kai's hand. As Benning approaches, the young man offers her a small smile as well. "Pro, Benning," he says with a sweeping gesture of one hand. "I'm pretty sure I got that wrong, though." Wincing a bit then, he lifts his shoulders in a gentle shrug. "Benning kom Trikru, please meet Lionel kom Skaikru. Lionel, this is Benning." He gestures as he does introductions in his polite manner.

Lionel's jaw flexes at Kai's words, and his chin drops a hair. "No one told me there was shit going on in this Coesbur, Kai." He then casts a glance at Elias, and the Corporal looks a bit ill-tempered all the sudden. "Oh, for Eden's sakes, Keke… cut the shit. You want to be a fucking adult, then act like one instead of the petulant child I'm looking at… sulking, and kicking the ground, and whining about how unwanted she is." The Guard shakes his head, fixing the girl with a dry smirk. "So, if you want to go sulk out there and play the whole, no one loves me card, fine… but even Elias knows its horse shit." Then he looks around when he's being introduced, and he tries to shake off that bit of annoyance so that he can be pleasant to this new person. "Benning… nice to meet you." He offers out a hand out of instinct.

Fiona ambles out of the gate, with intention to head for one particular tent. Upon sighting the small group, she reroutes, heading over with a curious air. She nods politely to Lionel - face is familiar, if nothing else, and having caught some of the conversation, her brow furrows. "Hey. Kai…what is it he just said? You think no one wants you here? I know that's not true."

"Really? Cos funny, there was a few people out there to help." Kai snarks back at Lionel, for all that Eli's hand on her stops her from leaving right away,"Hey, I'm not the one that started them calling me a traitor, Leo. Or how about how disappointed his lordship would be to see me now." she purses her lips together as he at least manages politeness for Benning, and Fiona arrives to draw her attention away from snarking at the older guard,"There's enough of them that don't for me, Fi. And it's fine, just not feeling masochistic enough to wind up on the pole myself." she draws her hand from Eli to fold them before her, chinning in the direction of the pair to be shock lashed.

"Whooah now," Elias speaks up to Lionel after he rips into Kai. Both hands are held up and the young man looks from Lionel to Kai and back. "Hey. Uncalled for, either way. C'mon, guys. We're all friends here, right?" Reaching out again, he captures Kai's hand before she can slip away if necessary to try to keep her there. Otherwise, he turns his attention to Leo and takes a deep breath. "I disagree with a lot of things Kai does…man. Is it too much to ask for some patience and support?" Turning his head to Kai then, he gives her hand a squeeze. "Maybe not so hostile? Please? We need to be setting the example for peace right now." He gives her a meaningful look and edges a little closer to her supportively. As Fiona makes her appearance, he looks a bit busy but manages to catch her anyways. "Hey, Fi."

Benning watches the interplay between Lionel and Kai, keeping silent but thoughtful eyes on the two of them. Seeing that Elias is a calming influence and that his wise action to stay to mitigate, she just quietly holds her baskets. She gives a nod to Fiona in greeting, since she is familiar to the girl, "Greetings Feyona kom Skaikru."

"Hey, El. Kai, those two guys?" Fiona gestures back toward the poles, "Assaulted Britt. I saw them. I pulled the kid off of her, and he had a shiv. That's why they're up there." Fiona insists. She'd been on her way to Tuan's tent, but got rerouted when she saw folks. "Heya, Benning." she greets affably, returning her attention to Kai. "You're one of the one hundred. And you left us. You just…left us. That's your right, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt." And it kind of sounds like it hurt Fiona a little personally.

"Hey, I didn't fucking call you a goddamn traitor, Kai!" Lionel doesn't seem to register Elias's words, stepping forward. "What pisses me off to high Hell is that you're giving me shit because you left me… you get that?" The Guard waves his hand to Elias, trying to calm, but finding it hard. "I came down here, and the same goddamn day I landed… after pretty much praying to every God that was ever worshiped that Alpha Station not blow up with me and my friends inside… you announce to me in that cold, calloused way Adamses do, that… hey, sorry Leo… love you buddy, but I can't even stand to hang around and catch up, and see how you are, find out if you're okay, because I bet you've been through some special Hell, too." He waves his hand dismissively. "You turned this whole thing into a big, self-righteous fuck you to someone who isn't even here." He steps back, snapping off his fingers impatiently. "So, yeah… Make this all about you, Princess, because fuck if anyone else here is having a shitty ass time."

Tuan had been expecting some kind of company that day, he had been rather diligent about coming by the camp and making himself available to be 'seen', even accepting an offer to have dinner at some point during the delegation's visit. It was that time of day in fact, after he put himself through his usual training regime to keep in shape. A quick dip in the refreshing waters of the lake and Tuan had made his way towards Camp Jaha and the main gate, hair still wet from how recent his swim was.

Kai gives Eli the side-eye like 'really? Disagree with me, huh?',"I'm perfectly peaceful." she grunts,"I didn't even punch Beckinson." her gaze shifts to Fiona with acknowledgment regarding how they ended up there, only to shrug at Fi before Lionel speaks, her hands dropping automatically as he steps forward, not mirroring him but really there's no mistaking that she's prepared if he moves from words to actions,"Try spending a month down here trying to work out how to survive without all that shit." she nods in the direction of Alpha station,"And get told that hey it's okay that like half the people we sent you down with are dead or missing, it's okay, because your pardon went through and we're just going to pretend like it's all good. I spent weeks hoping that Kane and the rest of you miserable lot would magically freaking show up and you do! Too late to do anything but pick up the pieces. But you know, Eli's right, I'm supposed to be setting some kind of example. So, Leo dear, I'm so glad you're alive, it makes my black little heart swell with joy to see you. Here, let me introduce you properly, Benning kom Trikru, this is Lionel Weeks, and it's okay, I've only known him since I was old enough to crawl. If I had a brother, his dumb ass would be it."

Benning frowns when it's mentioned those two men on the poles tried to assault Britt. She takes a moment to stare at them, memorize their faces so she will not forget. It's an odd look that she gives, no answer but a deep seriousness. She then pauses as the conversion continues to be heated between Wren's Second and the Guard. Even as she keeps an eye out for those around them. After the incident with Britt, Benning is not going to be caught unawares if other Skaikru decide to take offense at their presence. The arrival of Tuan does cause the woman to pause, she gives a smile and sends a nod his way. When Kai introduces Lionel in context to their relationship, suddenly Benning understands and gives a smile, "Ahh…so he is like Pontus…an adoptive brother. I understand his hurt and concern now." She looks at Lionel with sympathetic eyes, "It is difficult when they don't want to stay at home and seek danger despite your efforts to care for them. I understand and honor the love and care you show to Kai kom Trikru."

Elias lifts his free hand to rub at his face a little bit and he takes in a deep breath. Still, he does settle his gaze on Fiona and then Lionel however. The words about the guys on the poles registers and he does nod, but his attention seems to be on this more at the moment. Hazel eyes turn from Fiona to Lionel once more. "Look…Weeks. You can't just…cure someone of feeling alienated by yelling at them, man. She made a decision that she's proud of and she found a place for herself in the world. After the shit we've been through? To find some sense of meaning and drive to go on? You gotta' do what you gotta' do. /I'm/ proud of her." Gently, he slides his hand away from Kai's and he nods his head to her. "I am, you know. And…c'mon…" Leaning over then, he whispers in Kai's ear more quietly before giving her another meaningful look. "Please?"

Fiona is frowning for her part, like she hasn't quite resolved her own emotions concerning Kai's defection. But then she catches Benning's looking at something afar, and turns to see Tuan incoming. There's about five seconds of silent staring, her abandonment issues momentarily forgotten. She just blinks at Tuan owlishly.

Lionel shakes his head, his expression darkening by the second. "What the fuck do you want from me, Kai? Here, why don't I stand here and can be the one you blame for every fucking things, because apparently you're not even factoring in that: 1) I wasn't the one who sent you down here, and when I found out, all I could think about was whether or not you were okay, and 2) we tried. We fucking tried. The bombing at Unity Day and the theft of the dropship are the reason we didn't get here in time to help, the reason that we basically were pretty sure we were all going to die up there," and he points at the sky, "until Jaha and Kane figured out a way to get the whole damn Ark down here." Then he deflates, almost as if he's lost all his wind all the sudden. "But, fine… yeah… blame me, blame the Ark, blame everyone because apparently someone has to be at fault, because no way Kyler Adams needs someone to justify her whole going native thing." Then he holds up his hands, taking a step back. "Save it, Kyler… come and actually talk to me when you want to actually have a conversation instead of turning your bitch laser cannon on me like I'm fucking Alderaan and you're the goddamn Death Star." He starts to turn away, tossing a glance to Elias. "You too, Elias… all you fucking 100 want to turn this into a who got the shittiest stick contest, when I just want to find some peace. So, when you're done pooping, let me know."

"Kai." Wren may of been watching this 'conversation' unfurl a little bit away as he was walking up near the gate. There's a slight degree of admonishment to his tone, even if it's gentle, like a teacher suggesting 'this is now how it is done' sort of way. The big arms of the equally large large Trikru are folded across his chest, watching. The impassiveness of glance seem to suggest that he's focusing solely on his Second. A hand is freed just long enough to flick a 'come here' motion at her.

Elias' words in Kai's ear were helping, but it's that tone in Wren's voice that makes her mouth click shut before she turns towards Wren and eyes that 'come here' motion. Rebellion wars there for a moment like she's itching to continue the argument, but instead elects to grunt at Lionel with a baleful eye his way before she obeys the unspoken order to attend him.

Tuan finishes his approach, passing by first Benning to give her shoulder a gentle reassuring squeeze. "<In Trigedasleng> Do not wander too far into their midst without one of us, yes?" He offers her a smile before a ruffle of hair occurs. Then he turns to start towards where Fiona was staring at him. Why was she staring? Well Tuan is still using his shirt to dry his hair thus not wearing it. "Fiona kom Skaikru, the morning sun has found you."

As Lionel begins to step away, his perfectly blue eyes glance toward Benning. He grunts something, saying a bit more loudly, "This has nothing to do with staying at home, or seeking danger. This has everything to do with family."

Benning gives a silent nod to Tuan as he tells her to stay close to others, "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, I will since it seems we are not as safe as one would think under the mantle of peace." She nods to the men over at the poles, "<In Trigedasleng> Those are the ones that attacked Britt." Then turns her attention to Lionel when he makes the comment about family, "I am sorry…as an outsider it is foolish of me to try to give counsel." She leaves it at that.

"No, Lionel," Elias says, taking a step towards him. "What's done is done. I'm trying to find some peace as well, you know? Kai's decision isn't /about/ you, man. This is her calling." There is a glance over to Fiona as well. Tuan's approach is not ignored and he gets a nod from him. Still, he seems more focused on this whole thing right now. "This was /her/ choice." With a motion of his head towards Wren, he keeps his eyes on Lionel while he speaks. "Wren would have never taken her if this was just some petulant act of rebellion. That's the peace she's found for herself." Exhaling a sigh then, he looks briefly and apologetically to Kai and also nods to her. Once more, he turns his attention to Lionel. "Just…you two need to talk because there's a lot you're not understanding. And a lot she isn't." Lifting a hand, he rubs at the back of his neck with a bit of a sneer. Stress. Shifting his attention to Benning and Tuan then, giving each an apologetic look.

Fiona opens her mouth to greet Tuan, when something Lionel's uttered gets her attention. Her head whips around so fast there's an almost audible crack. "Oh, really." she drawls. "You know you just lost any higher moral high ground you had, right?" She looks then to Benning. "<In Trigedasleng> You really want to see the worst in us, don't you?" There's a shake of her head. "<In Trigedasleng> You know a Skaikru is also responsible for pulling them off her." Namely herself. She looks back to Tuan, her mouth curving in a wistful smile. "The morning sun greets you too, Tuan kom Trikru."

"Eden," Lionel breathes out in a soft growl. "You two are both fixated on this whole idea that I'm pissed off at Kai for running off to become a… a…" He fights for the proper word, but leaves it hanging. "Did you even listen to anything I've said?" He looks seriously at Elias. "Or are you both really trying to win the award for the most ear-stuffed teenagers on Earth?" He gestures offhandedly toward, well, nothing in particular, but it is the gesture that counts. He looks at Benning and Tuan when Elias gives them an apologetic look, and the guard just snorts and crosses his arms with his back straight and shoulders tight. He looks on the verge of another growl, but instead buttons his mouth shut and just decides to look grouchy and faintly leonine.

"Before you say anything," Wren starts without any kind of edge to voice. Rather it's a bit more gentle. "I want you to take a breath. Slowly. Then shake out your arms." he says, looking past her to take in just who's really around. Then back at Kai. "Now. Explain to me just why you thought it prudent to argue with that Skaikru." And no, he doesn't use 'skaikru' like it's some kind derogatory term. "The question is, as it always; why." Then he holds up a finger. "And do so without venom." Handling a teen's anger management is about as hard as trying to mud wrestle a pig. Not that…he's mentally comparing Kai to a pig or anything. "Ask yourself if you felt that arguing had a point. Did it make you feel any better?"

Kai had been about to say something to Wren, it's true, and under the instruction expels the breath through her mouth and goes another round for good measure, still eyeing the gate from the corner of her eye even as she endeavors to shake out her hands as instructed,"He's.." she starts in a heated tone before 'without venom' reaches her and she clicks her mouth shut again,"Yes." she utters flatly,"Makes me feel loads better." and only belatedly acknowledges that it's possibly not the most productive answer,"'s sort of my brother. Not really but. Yeh. And I'd rather be going back to Cbur or anything than sit around here, Wren. I understand that it's.. important, that doesn't mean I like it."

"And we are appreciative of the help." Tuan says towards Fiona gently when she mentions the Skaikru that pulled them off of Britt. "Everyone is simply feeling the tension is all." He manages a small smile to her, a glance to Benning is given as well, nodding for her acknowledge before his attention returns to Fiona and the other situation. "I had hoped to speak to you about the dinner with your family and what to expect?"

Fiona can only regard Lionel levelly for a moment, and then Tuan is asking about dinner with her parents. "Oh! We'll need to either get permission for you to enter Alpha Station or for general clearance to be given. Unless we do something outside. Which we could do." She looks back at Kai then, and again, that hurt expression crosses her face. "I thought we were friends." she mumbles, but leaves the wheedling to Elias and his baby blues. She looks back to Tuan. "Yeah, there uh, probably are a couple of topics we ought to avoid."

Benning gives Fiona an odd look when she makes the comment and replies, "<In Trigedasleng> I think something was lost in translation. Perhaps we should spend more time together so you can get to know me better." Yes, it's not what Benning meant and she's confused by Fiona's comment but brushes it aside as Tuan starts to talk to her about some dinner. She glances over at Elias to see if he wishes to go look for plants yet, giving a little motion with the basket. She does not want to rude, but it appears Kai is now receiving instruction. Perhaps it would be a good time to go.

Elias presses his tongue out between his lips to wet them, giving Lionel an apologetic look. "Look. I might have…jumped a little bit. There /are/ people who are less than kind, Lionel." Still rubbing at the back of his neck, he levels his gaze at the other man and takes a deep breath. "I /understand/ how much it hurts," he says more quietly. "No, Leo, you didn't send us down here. That doesn't change that it happened and it doesn't change that we are not the same people that got dropped down here like the canary in the coal mine." He wiggles his wrist, his monitoring band still attached. "I'm not tossing around blame here, Leo, but these things did happen to us and there is no going back. I'm here for you, but you need to accept and respect Kai's decision. All she needs to know is that you're there for her and you support her." A look is given to Fiona as well then before his attention is then on both her and Lionel. "Um. Did you guys see how I haven't lost her? Wren's given her ten days a month, which is a /lot/ considering how rigorous the training is, to spend with me. She could spend that /here/ if she felt welcome. So…let's work on that?" With a sigh then, he looks over to Benning and nods his head to her. With a thin smile and a wave, he starts moving towards the Trikru woman. "Hey, sorry. I'm coming." Lifting his hand higher, he waves to Kai and then gestures to Benning. "Interesting day."

Tuan looks at the discussions occurring before he brings his eyes down to Fiona, smiling at her gently. "I think we should certainly talk about it. If it cannot be arranged within the camp, I will cook for your family, if they will eat the fish and stew." Which, he actually does make a very good fish; the stew… he might recruit Benning for help. "It seems like many things here need attention though." He looks around the camp, brow furrowing, "Things you must see to?"

Lionel is still in retreat mode, though he is watching the interplay between Kai and Wren with a touch of deep-seeded jealousy. There is a definite sense of being replaced, and in a wide variety of ways. When Fiona hits him with that look, he cannot help but glare back as if he's feeling the proverbially burn from all The 100, despite being a relative knight of a guardsman. Why is everyone pissing in my cornflakes, his expression seems to say. Elias's words slow his retreat, but the dark clouds still seem to linger. "Nowhere, at anytime, did I say what happened to The 100 was great, and nowhere did I say I endorsed it. Am I thankful you guys got sent down here? Yes. Because otherwise, we'd be up there on a ticking time bomb that is our oxygen recyclers." The Guard chuffs out a breath, and reaches up to brush back his brown hair — brown hair that is gaining sun streaks now that it has actually been in the sun for long periods of time. "What's got me mad, Elias, is that she left… she left without spending a single day here… she didn't try to help us, she didn't want to help us… she wanted to go be with her new family, and left us here without her." He grunts then, turning fully around as if he is now definitely walking off unless stopped. "So, yeah… I have to be the one who makes her feel wanted and welcomed… while she shits on me." He glowers softly. "Adamses."

Fiona peers at Elias like he's grown a second head. Her mouth purses, and she observes in general, "I think we may all be suffering from misunderstanding each other." To Benning, "<In Trigedasleng> I'm sorry. I misunderstood. That would be good." There's a nod to Wren, almost as if in thanks, before she looks up to Tuan, "They're both seriously in love with the flavors of Earth. They'll probably bring something to add to the meal."

Wren looks dubious. He listens, sucking air through his teeth, expression a vague speculative look, which flattens a bit when she actually tries to use her words instead of just simple anger. "The only way you're going to work through this is if you face it. And so far, you've done everything short of being ordered to not have to deal with it. Is it all on your shoulders? No, but you must be able to meet half-way. And it's just easier to be angry, isn't it?" He raises a brow at that last point. "I had you come here because the healing must start. And whatever transgression that have happened to you, forgiveness must start here. They will do you no good around your neck as they are. And no, I'm not saying it is as easy as snuffing out a candle, but it must start somewhere." A hand is put on her head, ruffling hair that isn't that, and the larger smiles gives a wry grin. "Because I believe in you the capacity to do so." There's a gesture at Lionel. "This man obviously cares about you a great deal, I doubt he would be as upset as he is if didn't. So perhaps you should not toss him aside so quickly. Perhaps you cannot give your Ark City a chance. But maybe you can give /him/ one?"

Kai catches the look and gesture from Elias, nodding her head in acknowledgment, she knows he's got things to do. She stays put where she is to listen to Wren, though having her not-hair ruffled can't help but draw a look of 'et tu, Wren?' from her of vague appallment and then expels a breath through her nose,"Fine." she grinds out with all kinds of dubious irritation,"Leo!" is called out with an eye Wren's way,"I suppose you want to meet him, too?"

Benning gives a smile and a nod as Fiona offers to meet up with her later and then escorts Elias away from the group. She takes him over towards the lake is first so they can look at the plants there.

Turning back to Lionel briefly, he does give him an apologetic look. He then gestures to the two people tied to the poles. "It could have been Kai that got attacked," Elias says simply. "You've got some sway with the guards…at least. So does Grey." A look is given to Fiona then and he heaves out a sigh. "You're right." Another look is cast to Lionel, though, and he takes a breath before speaking. "At the end of the day, I'm thankful as well, Lionel. There was a cost, though. Be thankful. Be a brother to Kai." There's a motion of his head towards Wren and Kai then before he turns to Benning once more.

Tuan nods his head to Fiona, lowering himself to whisper to her softly before straightening and smiling. "I will be at the camp Fiona kom Skaikru for the discussion when you are available." He casts his eyes towards the Lionel/Kai situation then back towards her, "I am thankful for all you do for Trikru."

Fiona smiles briefly at Tuan's murmur, offering, "I should be along." out loud. She does seem to be loitering over the whole altercation, in the event that she's needed.

For a moment, Lionel looks very dedicated to stalking off and finding some booze somewhere, particularly after the jabbing big brother comment, as if he hasn't been trying to do that. It is shit like this that makes an alcoholic do bad things. His shoulders tense up when Kai calls out his name. He glares at his feet, and then turns smartly back toward Kai with a stoic look, "Yes?"

"Forgiveness comes in time, Kai. But sometimes, the bravest step is being the one to step forward first." Wren know a whole bunch about that personally. A lot, a lot of soul-searching there. And maybe yeah, he's still angry about what happened to his sister. But, that's neither here nor there right now. He shrugs at her when she makes her offer. "Only if he wishes to speak with me. I have no desire to make things anymore difficult for either one of you."

Kai casts a look at Wren, resisting the desire to cross her arms over her chest but instead itches at her stitches as she makes her way back to the gates with a nod. Fiona gets addressed first simply because she's closer and she doesn't have to raise her voice as much,"First, for the record, I didn't abandon the hundred. One of the things I asked of Wren was permission to look for our friends. I also gave Grey my maps and told him about what we saw at the dropship, but seeing as he wants to pull the no formal treaty card now, others have already made it clear that as far as their concerned my help isn't desired." and then shifts her eyes to Leo to call out,"I'm not coming inside, so if you want to talk y'can come out here buttface!"

Fiona looks after Tuan disappears, and after a moment, moves over to Wren. "Can you maybe answer a question for me, Wren?" she asks, as she watches the interaction between Lionel and Kai.

Lionel crosses his arms, and it is not a casual posturing, but one of confrontation and defiance. He is preparing himself to get blasted again by Kai's anger, and his jaw sets. "Hey! You're the one that called my name, sweetheart!" Eden, someone help these two, because now the stubbornness is rearing up on both sides.

"Yes, Bandrona?" Wren answers Fiona, though his attention is clearly on the 'conversation' between Kai and Lionel, and he's already feeling a headache coming on, dragging a hand over his face. "Kai…" he states over at the Second, suggesting to remind what they just talked about her being angry.

"I was wondering if there was anything different as to how the guard bodies were strung up here that is different than how Trikru might normally do so." Fiona says. Her tone suggests she doesn't believe Trikru responsible, and she's looking for clues.

"Oh fuck this." Kai utters emphatically, it's intended for herself, and though it might easily be read as she's going to stalk back to the Trikru camp she instead elects to cross into Jaha with a scowl at one of the gate guards, muttering under her breath in two languages to stomp over to Lionel and cross her arms,"There. Satisfied? You do know I've been here for like two freaking days and you only now bother to even show up to say a damned thing to me. Right? Camped, right outside there, not hard to find." and of course there's Wren reminding her that she's supposed to be being nice and she purses her lips and elects to add,"I'm glad you and mom are okay. But this place is like living in the corpse of a life that doesn't exist anymore and it makes my skin crawl just seeing it." she gestures towards Alpha,"It's wrong Leo. It shouldn't be down here and it creeps me the fuck out to even look at it.

Lionel keeps his arms crossed, and uses the several inches he has on Kai to stares down at her with that perfected guard face. He lets her spew it all out, again, and he replies in a dry, and rather tired, "Thanks. I love that you feel that way about my home and my people… the happiness your opinion of us makes me feel is the size of Jupiter." He casts Wren a look over Kai's shoulder, stepping back from the girl. "Great, so… I'll just tell everyone who huddled in it, praying that it didn't crash and burn, that we should just light it on fire because it is freaking Princess Adams out." He gestures up at Alpha Station, bushy brows arched high over his sharp blue eyes.

"From the description I was told…" Wren considers, then shakes his blonde mane, though it does look kinda pretty since his hair's been braided. "No. That is usually how we string up bodies as warnings. But you must be aware, Bandrona, not all are happy with the idea of our people talking of a potential peace between each other. Of particular, the ones who remain loyal to Sonia. I would suspect that not all were killed in the assault against your former skaigeda. However, would the Commander decide on peace, those who defy her risk death.

"There are people in our group who are angry too. The older of the two who tried to hurt Britt accused her of killing his daughter in the first wave of Indra's attack force." Fiona says. "I don't know if our people actually have enough hate in them to actually kill two of our own just to rile the others up, but the thought occurred to me. I was hoping to find some kind of discrepancy or consistency either way." She can't help herself, calling out, "That's not fair, Kai. If Alpha hadn't come down, my parents would be dead. A whole lot of people would be dead."

"Y'know what.. remind me again of why I'm even bothering to have this discussion?" Kai grunts as if she's going to turn away, but there's Wren, damn him and she expels a breath with a squint like goddamn it, that's why,"If you want to take my statement as the concept that I think they would be better off up there floating, you go right on ahead. I didn't say any such thing but y'know, when has that ever changed a damned thing? Y'wanna talk about how I didn't stick around the night everyone got brought in? Wren belongs to Coesbur. He put aside checking on his family and his people to see that Fi, Eli and I got back to the camp to let them know that we'd signed peace with kruheda Indra and that it was safe to come out so we could start searching the wreckage. Instead we got to see a bunch of my friends carried off and were unable to do a damned thing about it, and he chose still to come with us, here, where they stopped him and held him under guard while I went to see just how many were left. So you're damned straight that I left. He has sisters, his mother, everyone he knows, and he waited to check on them until we'd made sure that ours were safe first."

"Tell you what, Kai… you tell me what I'm supposed to say, and I'll parrot it for you," Lionel's words are delivered like an arctic wind — cold, dry, and unforgiving. "Because, while you're over here, telling me how awful it was for you down here, you are right-up ignoring everything that happened up on the Ark with us. I held a dying four year old girl in my arms when the bomb went off at Unity Day… I had to watch as the dropship we had stocked up and was ready to send down to help our people shred the Ark to the point that we were expecting full system's failure in a matter of hours. I crawled into my cabin and started facing the fact that I was dead, Kai. Then we got a second chance. Your dad dies, my mom…" His jaw works slightly, confessing something he hasn't shared yet. "My mom was on Mecha Station, Kai… it burned up in re-entry. She died thinking she was going to see the ground. And then we get down here, and I find you, and you just tell me you're gonna bolt." His words slide off when Fiona speaks, and he grunt a soft thank-you. He looks at Kai. "Kai, you do realize that last we heard, you and the Grounders were on the brink of war. I'm sure even your…" He grunts again. "… teacher understands that we were being careful when we asked him to stay outside." He looks around the camp then, feeling his anger deflate. "So, yeah… I'm angry at you Kai. Elias wants me to suck it up, be a big brother… but you know what? You're treating me like shit."

"Anger is the easiest emotion to feel, Bandrona." Wren replies. "It can be all we live for if we let it rule us. A calm heart must prevail if there is to be peace. That path will not be easy. But as I feel like I have said many times now, what is right is almost never the easy path to take. Both our people are angry. And their anger is legitimate. I am still angry over the death of my sister but…for the greater good of all, there comes a time to forgive. It is…difficult. Even now." But he sighs, looking at the other pair. And yeah, there are eyes staring at the back of Kai's skull. Oh yes, she's being evaluated. What was that he's been trying hammer into Kai? Understanding. The fact that you must understand and listen. He did not beat her over the head with these lessons just for her to ignore it now. But him stepping in the middle of it? That would just show he doesn't believe that she can handle it on her own. So he won't, he has to watch.

Fiona smiles wryly at Wren; he's not telling her anything she doesn't already know. But she realizes she can be of little help here. "I have to go report to Kane. But…Kai, don't leave without saying goodbye, okay?" With that, she heads back toward the gates.

Kai casts her eyes at Leo and just looks at him for a long moment, it's her father's expression, full of dead-eyed neutrality,"Leo, we fought that war. If you want to compare notes on facing death, we can, but it's not going to change anything. You and mom, Alpha, was safe. I made a promise to Wren and I did, and am, fulfilling it. You don't have to like the way I go about things but it doesn't change it. I'm not a Guard. I learnt that about myself down here. And I would not make a good one even if I tried. What I am is a warrior, and Wren can help me learn how to be that properly. It doesn't mean that I hate the people here, but I accept that they have their reasons, and I have mine, and if they don't care to ask me about them then I don't care to have to defend myself."

Lionel just remains deflated. He gestures offhandedly. "Hey," he says, looking around Kai now to Wren. "Do you get what I'm saying, or have I started speaking another language entirely?" He shakes his head, looking back to Kai. "You're not listening to a thing I've said… you just keep hearing that I apparently am disappointed in your choice to run off and be a warrior for these Trikru. You're not hearing me, Kai."

Elias comes walking back up with a wicker basket in hand. The basket contains willow bark and wintergreen, both natural medicines laid with care. As he approaches the gates once again, he looks to be headed in the general direction of the infirmary. When he realizes that Kai is still out here with Wren and Lionel, he changes course to start walking in that direction now. "Hey," he speaks up, a little more tiredly than before. The greeting is accompanied by a thin smile.

Alright, well, now Wren is being pulled into this affair. Wasn't something he really wanted to get involved in. "He thinks you hate him, Kai." he states plainly. "And why wouldn't he? You talk of all your reasons and your justifications about why you have done what you've done. Perhaps you should ask if he cares. Maybe he cares about you no matter what. What you are or who you may not matter, but from what I have seen, you haven't even bothered to ask him how he is. About his family. And you do consider him a brother of sorts, do you not? You have been avoiding the fact, maybe unwilling or unable to admit the fact that you left him. Your reasons were your own, no one would argue that, but you did still leave him and your mother. You have spoken things through with Elias, have you not? Have you tried talking to rather than talking past him? So that you can both understand that you still both care about each other, no matter where the paths in your lives may take you. You are not of blood, but you are family. And no matter what your choices were, Kai, you did abandon your family. And that is something you must make peace with. You are not angry at him, you are angry at yourself. You did what you felt you had to, yet you still feel guilt over it. I'm not blind to that. I too feel a certain level of shame from taking you from those that care about you. Family…it is very important to the Trikru. I understand." And he stepping forward, crossing his arms over his chest. "You both need to talk to each, not yell at each other. Doing so only makes the other shut down. But now, you must both try to understand each other. What is done is done, now both of you need to step forward from here. And you must be willing to listen to each other, not simply try to defend yourselves." He looks at Lionel more fully. "Kai is a good woman. And a good Second, I see why you value her as much as you do. I am….sorry for being the one who offered to give her a new role in life. Her mistakes are my mistakes as well."

Kai expels a breath through her nose,"I don't hate you Leo, but we have different.. views, on things. Because I didn't abandon my family, Wren, when they boxed Eli, they abandoned me. That doesn't mean I don't care for them, but it does mean that I'm more used to having to survive without their emotional support. I mean it that I am glad that you and mom are okay, and when you guys are ready I'm happy to help show you the world out there. But I'm not Keke.. I'm not your sprocket. I haven't been her in longer than you realize, and I'm sorry that I never really gave you the chance to know that until now. You guys have been fine without me, and you're capable of being fine now. I am angry about what has happened here, you were not here and do not understand how I and the other hundred fought just to survive or how long I spent hoping that you guys would show up. And you did, and I'm happy about it, but it was also.. too late. We had to deal with it, we had to make the decisions, and while you guys still see kids.. there's not one of those hundred that are children any longer."

Lionel looks to Wren, and is relieved that someone is listening and understands, because he is about ready to gnaw his own hand off in frustration. He then shakes his head slightly at Kai, breathing out a heavy sigh. "Kai… you haven't even asked me what my view is… so, okay." He then turns, beginning to walk away. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his armored jacket as he goes. There is a definite dark cloud that hangs over Lionel's head as he heads toward the entrance to the grounded Alpha Station. There is a certain mourning around him now, like he's got another grave to dig.

Blinking, Elias pans his gaze over to Wren and gives a shake of his head at him. "No, Wren. This was already Kai's calling. All you did was offer the option. None of this is your fault." Pausing then, he clears his throat. "I'm…sorry about being harsh before. I do think I understand now. Or at least some of it." He winces a touch and rolls one shoulder in a shrug. A meaningful look is given to Kai then. "Hey," he speaks to her soothingly. "it's fine that you aren't that person anymore. You gave me the chance to stick it out for you, so consider doing the same for them, hm? At your own pace. There are still people here that care about you, Kai. They will be patient, but you have to try to meet them halfway." There's a nod to Lionel at that and he takes a deep breath inward before once again exhaling. Hazel eyes turn to Lionel as he walks away and he once more rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. "Shit," he utters quietly and with no small amount of sighing.

"Must you treat him in such a way? He does not deserve that." Wren frowns heavily. "This 'calling' as it's been stated so far, is not a justification to ignore all the consequences. You either have to own up to the consequences of that or that will be failing. He seems like a good man to have in one's life. And those kind of people are few and far in between. I would suggest that you take some time to really evaluate your feelings, your anger on this matter and try to spend some time with him. Talking with him, when neither of you are so wound up like you both are right now. You keep pushing people away with constant defensiveness and eventually you may find yourself very alone in this world. And that would be the greatest shame of all. Because you're better than that." The lessons, Wren teaches them. Like Pontus may of said in the past, being Second sucks.

"Nor have you bothered to ask mine either, Leo." Kai isn't going to chase Lionel for now, letting him walk off as she chins in Eli's direction,"You shouldn't feel sorry Wren, I don't. I'm not a Guard, and if they think that me being a Trikru is a stain on my father's legacy, it'd be so much worse trying to fit into that Guard mould." she offers a wan smile for Elias before her attention shifts to Wren,"He needs to be willing to actually talk to me, too, Wren. To actually listen and not just try to tell me how much it sucked for him. Well, it sucked for me too. And we can sit here and compare notes about just how much it sucked and who has it worse or we can accept that it sucked and move on. But right now? Those people, the Guard, whom he is part of, whom other of my friends are part of, are the same people that stand there and accuse me of being a traitor, who refer to me as a 'grounder pounder'.. the implication of which is that the only reason I am with the Trikru is sexual. Who still view me not as myself but as an extension of my father. And still I keep coming back here. To see Eli, to help them, and every time I do so my hand gets slapped away. So yes, I'm angry. I'm very angry. I've bled for these people, just as I have for the Trikru, but at least the Trikru respect that." she slides an arm around Elias to kiss his temple,"Not that this is true of you. I love you and value the patience that you have in these things Eli, but it doesn't mean that right now I do not have bitterness towards the Skaikru."

Elias lifts a brow to Kai and looks around for a moment. He does smile and lean in to the kiss to his temple, however. "Well. There are plenty of other Trikru with a bigger reason to be pissed at us than you do. Yet Wren took you as his Second and doesn't seem to be rethinking that. Benning is showing me how to gather the things I need to start a proper garden and medicines." Pressing his tongue out between his lips then to wet them briefly, he breaks into a smile. "I love you more than anything, so don't hate me for saying this. You chose this, now you need to live up to it."

"Eli." Kai sighs,"I've been here, I've done what I can to help. And I get lectures from all of you as to how I'm somehow being unreasonable for being angry that I keep getting slapped in the face for it. That I should be perfectly okay with being shit on instead of the people here, my friends and family, doing the same that people who I have fought against have been willing to do. That people whom have every reason to hate and want to kill me I can rely upon to have my back better than those who have known me my entire life. I chose to become Trikru, and I do not regret my choice at all, but bluntly if the Skaikru don't want me around, give me one good reason why I should be. Me being here doesn't help peace, it just reminds them that one of their own has betrayed them as far as they're concerned. It doesn't matter what I do to try and help them, all that matters to them is that I am not Skaikru any longer. And well, that's not going to change, so if they hate me for what I am and I am not willing to change who I am to make them happy.. what is the point?"

Elias reaches up with one hand to very tenderly stroke his fingertips along the natural curve of her cheek. "I understand your anger and I know, love," he speaks in a softer tone to her while continuing that soothing touch. "That is true and that is what they're doing to you, but that's not Lionel. You are treating that man like shit. What he's trying to do is show you that he cares and you keep slapping his hand away just like they're doing to you. Essentially, you're making him feel the same way you're feeling now. Why would you want that?" Hazel eyes fix to hers then and he leans in to press a soft kiss to her lips. It's brief, though his hand slides in and more fully caresses her cheek. "I'm not saying you're wrong to be angry. I'm saying that it's kind of shitty that you're taking it out on Weeks. All he wanted was some time for you to explain. Or maybe just the promise that you'd come back and do so when you could. It's not your leaving that bothers him, it's that you're not giving him -any- hope for seeing you again. If it were me, it would tear me apart inside."

"What the fuck am I supposed to say Eli? He wants to talk about how him and the others were worried about burning up in the sky.. to be perfectly blunt I think that's a fucking cakewalk compared to what we went through. Telling him that isn't going to make anything better. I already said sorry that shit sucked for him but it does boil down to.. it has sucked for everyone.. and we both know I've never been real great at being a shoulder to cry on." she sighs at him,"I've been here! I've come by here several times since it crash landed, you've seen me every time, he hasn't bothered. So again, where does that responsibility start and where does it end? Why should I have to assure him of something manifestly obvious?"

"You just say that you're sorry you ran off and left people worrying about you," Elias tells her, dipping his head down so that he can try to catch her gaze. Both hands gently move to her shoulders then to give them a gentle squeeze. "And then you explain why you had to do it. Ask them to be quiet a moment while you say your piece, and then open a calm discussion. After all we've been through, you can do that." With a sad smile, he leans in again to peck another gentle kiss to her lips. "I know you've been there. And maybe he wasn't ready to talk and maybe got wrapped up in his own anger. But so did you. This isn't about that, Kai. This is about people missing you. Maybe if we get peace going, could you maybe stay /one/ day to really talk to your mom and Leo? Or do it while you're here? It's not your shoulder they need. You're moving on in your life and the people who love you need closure on the previous chapter. Now, I've made my peace with it. I'll /always/ be there and you know that. Don't you think they deserve peace too?"

"I didn't run off." Kai utters belligerently,"I told him I was leaving and why, he just didn't like the damned answer." at least as far as she's concerned she has. She still grunts her acknowledgment, returning the kiss softly with a sigh,"Hey, I was content to go back to camp, he's the one that had to make it into a thing. And I've been coming back here, it's not like I'm in the damned Box or up in orbit.. but really.. if he wants to sit there and tell me about how much he and the rest of them suffered wondering if they were going to burn up in re-entry.. I just.. don't have the patience for it. And I don't have the words for mom." she edges back towards the gate,"I just.. I can already picture the hurt and that.. look, on her face. Telling her what I'm doing, her seeing my scars.. that's not going to bring her peace. It's better she thinks that I'm just.. being a bitch."

"I /know/ you didn't run off," Elias tells her firmly, giving her shoulders a light squeeze. "But that's how it was for them. They spent nearly a month worrying if you were alive. If you were okay. And then finally they see you and you're…gone." Canting his head to the side, he keeps his eyes settled on hers and just watches her for a moment. "You have every right to be pissed off. Every right to be angry. You are so /wound up/ right now that you're fighting the people trying to help you." With a sigh then, he moves away, but reaches for her hand to take her back towards the tent. "Benning gave me some weed, also. Let's go smoke this shit."

"Fuck Eli, it's not like I got Boxed the day the ship dropped." Kai grumbles,"Hell I got stabbed twice while I was still up there, so, y'know." she shakes her head and then arches a brow at him, opening her mouth because a thousand times before she's said no and had a long diatribe of the reasons for why that's a horrible and irresponsible thing to do, but she doesn't, instead she clicks her mouth shut and grunts acceptance,"No laughing." added as they walk.

Elias continues leading her off in the direction of the tent, smiling back at her. "I know. But remember when we agreed that everyone got a fresh slate down here? Them too, alright?" He gives her a serious, meaningful look. "It'll be okay. I've always got you." With a smile then, he lets out a snort of laughter as they make it to the tent. "Yeah, you've definitely never been high before. There's going to be laughing, but that's just a side effect." Looking to her then, he winks an eyes and sticks his tongue out.

"I fucking hate it when you remind me of that shit." Kai mutters, because of course he's right, everyone gets a fresh slate on the ground. Still she sighs and shakes her head,"Fine. But, I'm not going in to Alpha. Kane's said the Trikru can't go into Alpha, and that has to apply to me too. If it doesn't, it doesn't help me fit in with them. It says I'm only Trikru as long as it's convenient." she squeezes his hand, hard,"Hey, you know, I told my mom about my drug-smoking boyfriend and next thing I know he got boxed. So no, y'know, never did get around to trying any of that crap, but maybe it'll help me relax some. Or help with the pain.. either 'd be nice."

"You don't have to," Elias answers her with a smile. "I'll bring her out to you. When you're ready. Prooobably not tonight." With a flash of a smile then, he unzips the tent and lets Kai climb in ahead of him. Once she's inside, he follows behind her and then zips the tent back up. Taking out a small kit he's been keeping around for just such an occasion, he goes about the business of rolling a joint. A detached air mask is also present in that ingenuitive little kit. "And hey - the past is past. Most of my memories with you are good and I have a future to look forward to with you. And now you finally get to indulge." He licks the finished joint and touches it up a bit before using a battery with a heating element rigged to it to light it up. "It'll do both, but you'll want to use the air mask. With your chest, you don't want to catch a harsh hit."

Kai removes her armor and settles onto the cot once they're into the tent, groaning softly and letting him worry about things like rolling joints,"That is the nice thing about all of this.. we're out here and therefore Ark laws don't apply.. hell.. they don't apply to me at all." which can't help bring a smile to her face, watching him work with a distant curiousity,"You do know I don't even know what that means, right? Just.. show me what to do. And what's it.. going to do? I mean.. what should I watch out for?"

Elias takes the air mask, mostly made from plastic, from the kit and hands it to her with a smile. "Put that on your face," he tells her. "When I tell you to inhale, you have to do it nice, slow, and easy. Start small. I don't want you coughing." With a wag of his brows then, he takes a long hit from the joint and holds the smoke in his lungs for a good, long moment. Finally, he exhales the pungent smoke into the tent. It escapes easily enough from the seams. "It'll make you happy, relaxed, thirsty, probably hungry, and /maybe/ horny," he replies finally. Once she gets the mask over her face, he takes another hit from the joint and then very carefully shotguns some of it into the plastic tube. "Okay," he says, exhaling more smoke. "Inhale nice and easy then hold it in your lungs for a second or two."

Kai accepts the mask and does as instructed,"Nice, slow and easy." she repeats dubiously, clearly not sure at all what to make of any of it for all that she's at least more willing to experiment than she ever was before. There's sooo much suspicion in the look she gives him but she endeavors to obey without trying to feel completely ridiculous. At least to her credit, although she does make the mistake of inhaling a little too fast, the pain of one light cough is sufficient to keep her somewhat better under control with her left hand curled up on herself to try and keep everything properly contained.

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