Day 015: Apple For Your Thoughts
Summary: Tuan and Fiona meet to discuss Apples and Values
Date: 24/05/16
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Tuan Fiona 

Coesbur - Orchard
Day 015

The orchard is rather peaceful most times, one of the reasons Tuan tends to only visit it at certain times or with certain people. This was not meant to be one. The Grounder is carrying in his arm a basket with a towel like cloth over the top of it as he pseudo sneaks between the trees, attempting to keep his presence quiet. That is of course until he spots his prey; or so he thinks. The form of Fiona in the orchard is in his peripheral and he does not get a good look at her, but enough of one to surmise it is probably who he thinks it to be. So he slips ever closer, around one of the trees and then once nearby speaks in a tone that could be described as 'teasing', "Ai brought yu sanch again sis."

Fiona blinks in surprise as she tugs the fruit off the branch, taking a step back cautiously. The tone tells her more than the words do, which prompts a careful smile as she dredges up some of the phrases she's learned so far. "Moba, chich op Gonnasleng?"

The Grounder male's eyes widen abruptly when the voice speaks back as he finally gets a good look at who he is speaking to. There is a long pause, an awkward pause as Tuan just does nothing but stand there and stare before finally he blinks his blue eyes and speaks in english that is serviceable. "Yes. I do. I am sorry, I thought you were my sister."

"That's alright," says Fiona, her smile remaining in place, relaxing a touch and growing less rigid. She holds up the apple. "I have to say, these are the most things delicious things I've tasted on Earth so far."

Catching himself and fighting away a stare, Tuan looks to the tree and nods his head, "This is the time of year when they are their most perfect. A few more days maybe." He hesitates for a moment then actually motions to the nearby bench which is in the orchard. "You are from Skaikru. Come, sit?" A moment after he adds, "You are guests."

"I am. Fiona." she says, stepping closer and smiling companionably. "I mean, that's my name. Fiona. Moving over to the bench, she takes the indicated seat. "What's your name?" she asks. Unable to resist, she takes a bite of her apple, eyes lidding in pleasure at the taste.

When Fiona sits, Tuan moves and sits beside her, still holding the basket, which is in his lap now. "I am called Tuan." He offers, watching her eat the apple and his head tilts. "I have… questions. If that is alright? I have met some of your people and they are all so varied. I do not.. understand well." Tuan battles to keep himself from seeming nervous.

"I'll answer what I can, Tuan." she says companionably, shifting in her seat so she's facing him. "There are a lot of different types of people on the Ark, so it's not surprising that we all seem very different to you."

He nods a bit and shifts some as well so that he can face her. Between them, he sets the basket and removes the towel covering it. Within are berries, nuts, and dried fish. "I was bringing lunch for my Sister, she is not here. So if you are still hungry, then you should have some." Tuan looks at Fiona's eyes before he quietly adds, "Many of your people I have met are hungry." With the offer made the eager gleam of information touches him and he asks, "Do your people value anything?"

"We were not given any food when we were put on the ship." Fiona explains. Yes, she's hungry. And more to the point, she's eager to taste things she hasn't before. "Mochof." She thanks him and raches for a couple of the nuts. "When you say value, what do you mean?" she asks. "In terms of materials? Spiritually? Conceptually?"

Tuan watches Fiona eat the nuts offered, actually smiling when she does so and nudges the basket towards her a bit closer. He looks up then when she asks back to him about the question. Lifting his hand up he shows four fingers. "I have spoken with four of your people. One, was a healer who treated me when I was sick." He lowers a finger. "The next was when I went to your camp to observe. He valued Re Lichon more than food." The mispronounciation comes with a frown as he tries to figure out the word better. "The third, she says she values nothing. So I am very confused about what you stand for, what is important to you."

"Well, people are individuals." she points out. "Does everyone here in Coesbur all value exactly the same thing? Or do different people who have different skills value different things?"

"Many of us have at least a common thing. Family. The Village. Honoring the Heda." Tuan offers softly towards Fiona as he struggles with the ideas of the Ark. "From what I understand, your people have no Heda. The village is difficult and you do not treat one another as family." Tuan frowns then as he speaks quietly, "I do not mean to judge. Only understand."

"I don't think you're judging." Fiona pulls a knee up, bracing it against the edge of the bench while letting it press against her chest. "You are a community that was formed by choice. People have the freedom to stay or leave as they please. But we are a community that was forced together, and had no choice in the matter."

This causes the man to consider before he shakes his head. "Not all. The village accepted me, adopted myself and my brother into it. That was a choice." Tuan offers quietly once more as he watches Fiona's movements then returns to her eyes. "So the way I think is wrong. There is no Skaikru value. But only each person?"

Fiona frowns. She's struggling with how to explain it. "I don't think it's fair to say that. You have to understand where we come from, and the life we lived, to understand what we value. To live here on Earth? That was a dream for us."

There's no words from Tuan for a few somber moments until he nods and speaks softly. "Thank you, Feeona kom Skaikru for your gift." He offers the words almost in ritual. "In my house, we value words of meaning. Your words hold much meaning to you, that is a great gift to me."

Fiona smiles faintly at that. "I was taught to honor words. My parents, up in the Ark - they do very dirty work. It's important, but because it is dirty, people don't think much of them. But they both thought it was important for me to know the words of important people who lived before the bombs. They were my heroes. I want to be like them."

Something catches Tuan's attention, well something more than staring at Fiona. He blinks a bit then tilts his head. "Is… do your people see mine as such? They do not think much of us? That we are… beneath?" He hardly sounds offended by the concept, actually more amused.

Her brows lift at that. "Do my people see your people that way? I don't think as a group we do, but there are probably individuals who do. To be fair, there are people in Trikru who look down on Skaikru that way." Her grin turns wry, like c'mon, is he going to deny it?

"There are some, yes. I am not one." Tuan affirms softly before it takes a turn. "I think Skaikru is a threat to us. Invaders to us, of our lands and our ways." He almost looks sad as he says it. "I do not want to think such. Truly I do not. But with Skaikru has come disease and conflict. I have lost my family once, I cannot bear it again. This is why I see Skaikru as I do." At least he is honest?

"We could not help the disease. We did not know we would bring it. But we've done our best to make sure no one will die from it." Fiona says, musing on his words. "Has anyone explained to you why we are here? Why we were dropped down from the sky in the first place?"

"Not to myself, no." Tuan replies softly, picking at the basket now himself to find some of the berries that he pulls out to eat while speaking with Fiona. "And I am glad that you helped us with the disease, I was one of the sick."

"Living in the sky - on the Ark, the plan was that we would stay there until we believed the earth would be ready to be lived on again. But…we were running out of what we needed to live. Food. Water. Even the air we were breathing. We're not here to invade. We're refugees." With a faint sigh, she adds, "I'm glad you're well now. We didn't want anyone to die."

"May I ask question?" Tuan offers softly towards Fiona, his eyes becoming downcast for a moment. "Were we to leave the Earth, and come to your place in the sky, to the Ark. How would we have been greeted? Viewed?"

"I don't know." Fiona says. "The eath has unlimited resources. Space for everyone. Food for everyone. Air for everyone. The Ark? Doesn't."

Tuan shakes his head at Fiona. "But it does not have unlimited resources. Everything is limited." He nods towards the basket of food. "There may be more abundance, but it is not unlimited. If it were, why would anyone attack someone else?" He offers a small smile at Fiona then. "There may be more of these resources here but even we go hungry sometimes, go without shelters or clothes if need. Life is difficult, no matter where. That is why, at least me, I value what I do. Family. Village. Heda." Bringing it back full circle, he reaches out his hand then stops and lowers it back to his lap. "You are… good person."

"You can tell that, just from one conversation?" It's Fiona's turn to sound teasing, though soon enough her eyes turn serious. "We might die down here. But we will die down here."

"I choose to believe your words." Tuan responds softly, "I am told by my Sister that I am too accepting sometimes of others, but it is who I am. If I am wrong, then I am wrong. It may cost me much to be wrong, but I will accept that price." He shrugs his shoulders before adding, "Besides, you speak better Trigedasleng than any others." He pauses and adds, "Yu eye teik ai keryon." The last has him looking away for a moment awkwardly. "I will hope against you dying here. Remember, Trikru worries about Trikru. Skaikru worries about Skaikru. Both worry about what? Find what both value together, to build on, yes?"

"I don't know what that means." she says regretfully, though she does smile at the compliment. "Thanks. I think it's important to understand people. And was hoping it would be viewed as a gesture of respect." At his last, she nods. "That's my hope. I think Trikru and Skaikru could learn a lot from each other. Both groups become stronger."

"It means that you have.." Tuan stops, looks away for a moment the back. "It means that you have eyes that look here." He taps his chest then. "It is a compliment, a strong one. Like a warrior's look but without violence. Inner strength." After attempting several times to explain what he meant, he trails off then looks at his basket. "I should… bring my sister lunch."

Fiona is visibly flattered at that. "That's kind of you." she says. "I hope your staheda thinks so too. But please, don't let me keep you from your sister."

He starts to say something but then stops and reaches out a hand in the gesture that he has seen the Arker's make, offering it in a shake. "Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim." Tuan adds shortly after, "May we meet again. And let it not be on opposing sides of conflict."

Fiona takes the hand, admitting wistfully, "I don't understand that, either." Her admission is accompanied by a little chuckle.

"It means May we Meet Again. A statement for departing." Tuan explains and then he slowly starts to stand up. "Perhaps, if all goes well with Steheda, we can get together again? You can tell me of Skaikru and I can tell you what you wish to learn?"

"That's what we say, yes." Fiona affirms. "And I hope so. It was lovely to meet you Tuan. May we meet again."

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