Day 046: Arkers Are Coming To Dinner
Summary: Raphael and Grant are having quiet solitary dinners at separate tables until Max, Madelyn and Reno descend.
Date: 7/14/2016
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Dining Hall - Mount Weather

This is main dining halls on Level 5. It has an arched ceiling, the curve sweeping up almost immediately from the floor, giving it a low, half-cylindrical look. The room is constructed of three of these half-cylinders, jointed together by short hallways beneath arched buttresses. The walls are made of heavy concrete, but possess inset lights to illuminate the otherwise dim hall. Each portion of the dining room is laid out in the same manner:

Along the center line of the room is a pair of bright, tulip-shaped chandeliers. The back of the room is decorated in three stained-glass arches that look like they may have come from an old church. The glass is colored in blue and green shades with what appears to be a forest scene. Hanging from the ceiling at regular intervals are eight flags of United States' origins, including the old Thirteen Colonies flag. The room possesses several tables, most running parallel along the length of the room with one table running perpendicular before the stained glass windows.

The tables are done in high-class finery with ivory table runners, gold-rimmed china, and elegant centerpieces every three feet along the long tables.

Day 46

The dining hall is quieter than usual. Being later at night, it's to be expected… but usually there are a few conversations.

Probably because Raphael is here.

The security Corporal is only occasionally seen in the bunker, usually off in more restricted areas in comparison to what the guests deal with, Raphael is a rarer sight for them. Right now, the military man is dressed in his fatigues, eating a plate of salad as he stares in thought at the wall in front of him as he absently chews. Indeed, this will mark the first time the guests have seen him since Office Dumas was brought in.

Grant is quietly by himself in the dining hall, a table away from Raphael. He looks tired but is out of his lab coat because he's off duty today and just trying to relax. He does have a book on violins by him and he's looking over the designs with consideration.

The slight girl who recently acted as a human dialysis machine weaves through the room with her customary pile of berries. As a concession to the doctors who said she needs more protein, Madelyn has a small bowl of peanut butter, presumably for dipping, but the spoon sticking out suggests otherwise. She looks around for an available table.

Reno was unusually chipper in the last couple days in spite of one missing kid and seeing the ravages of the outside world spill in a bit. Those two terrible things aside Reno was in a damn fine mood. He might also have a slight raspberry addiction as they kept finding a way onto his plate. Hey, everyone had something they liked that was new. He had his notebook with him and say, "Maddie, save me a seat?"

Max follows in behind Madelyn and Reno, the kids seeming to swarm into the dining hall. He's been holed up and reading lately, being seen with a couple of large tomes, but he doesn't bring them with him into the dining hall, opting to be very careful not to spill anything on them. He wanders over and grabs a plate of food and a drink before looking around. He notices Grant first, with the book on violins, and regards it curiously as they turn and head toward a table. Then Raphael, both unfamiliar faces, but then Max has avoided the actual denizens of the mountain save for the botanists in Horticulture since his time here. He plunks himself down at a table and says to Grant, "Are there any left?" Violins, presumably.

Then there's a swarm of the teenagers walking into the hall. This late at night? The restlessness must be worse than he thought. Raphael watches them briefly while he takes another forkful of salad and chews again, his dead eyes observing the kids now, not the wall.

Grant glances up from his book and meal, smiling at Max, "Yeah…there's violins still." He invites the teen to sit down, "In fact, I repair them on my down time when I'm not working in the lab." He turns the book so Max can see what he's looking at, "I'm studying these designs because I'm trying to reattach a handle on violin that got broken probably a century ago."

Madelyn sits down, saving seats for Reno and Max. "Are there lots of instruments down here?" She asks, eating a spoonful of peanut butter.

Reno was attacking the salad bar. He stopped and watched Raphael watching him watch Raphael. The lanky bespectacled kid smiled. There was no guile or unfriendliness as he paused and pointed to a couple things in the bowl. "Hate to bother, but any idea what these square things are called? Also were they deliberately engineered to be aerodynamic or jsut a side effect of the process?" Ah, croutons. Wait… why were they considered aerodynamic?

Max leans over to look at the book that Grant is looking at when it's turned in his direction. Music. It's clear that there's some interest as he looks over the particular pages that Grant shows him, then he looks up and asks "Lab?" curiously. "Which one? Haven't seen you in Horticulture." Since that's where he tends to hang out, watching the plants go round. He looks over toward Maddie at her question then back toward Grant to find out the answer.

Grant motions to Madelyn who's there with them, "Madelyn's met me…I work in the medical lab. I'm a tech there." He gives a smile and mentions, "I specialize in hematology." Yep, he's the blood guy, "And I work with Dr. Montgomery to help keep everyone healthy." He looks at Max with interest, "Do you play?" He nods to the violin, "If you don't but you're interested, I could give you some lessons."

Wait, what? Reno addresses him about square things? His inner confusion does not show up on his face though… the military mans eyes moving to stare at Reno. Those dead eyes then go to the bowl. "I have no idea, Mister Loden. I just eat here." Raphael briefly turns his attention to 'the blood guy' and his new friend, before he looks to the bowl. "The food technicians might know, but I doubt they thought it through that far."

"This was the guy who gave me the… Sweet crunchy stick," Madelyn says affectionately, as if that somehow edifies things. She steals one of Reno's croutons. "I like them," she declares, getting up and heading to the salad bar. When she returns, she had a bowl full of croutons.

Reno looked to Max and Maddie asking about the book on violins. Reno? Reno took his detour and seemed to focus on the Russian. He looked down into the bowl and nodded. Pushing his frames back up his nose he asked, "You work patrol, sir? With Mr. Vega and Mr. Cooper?" He seemed to keep track of things in his own way didn't he?

Max shakes his head when Grant asks if he plays, "No. But I've seen pictures of instruments before and heard some recordings. I was wondering, since you guys have books and arts saved.. if you had instruments saved too." He considers the offer of lessons for a moment or two and then nods, "Maybe." He then looks over at Maddie and arches an eyebrow before looking back to Grant. "Cool." Then he says, "I was training to be a med tech."

Well, this should be interesting. Raphael folds his hands in front of himself on the table as Reno heads over, his salad left alone for now. "I do a number of things for my people, Mister Loden, including patrol." The gravelly baritone replies. Then Reno suddenly looks like he needs to vomit and dashes off, and Raphael just shrugs and goes back to his salad.

"It's called a lollypop and I gave it to you because you were very brave and didn't give me any trouble when I checked in on you," Grant tells her with a smile, "I wish every patient I worked with had your bravery." Gives Max a once over, "Yeah…I'll bring one of my violins over. And a book on how to get started." He doesn't push the lessons until the teen wants them. When Max mentions that he used to be a lab tech, "Hey that's pretty cool. You should talk to Dr. Montgomery on helping out at the lab. I can always use an extra hand."

"I'm not that brave," Madelyn shrugs, looking down bashfully. She glances over at Max. "I didn't know you were interested in music." She grins. "I bet you'll be really good, though." She looks over at the brusque security dude curiously, then goes back to crunching her croutons, occasionally dipping one in the peanut butter.

Reno eyed Raphael curiously and said studiously interested. "If you have time between patrols tomorrow I'd be greatly interested in meeting you for lunch. Honestly fascinated, and appreciative of the efforts you guys put forth in keeping things managed. If you can let Mr. Vega know his movie about the weather event with the big fish creatures was very well received if not a bit disturbing. We have questions about the incident being entirely fabricated or just the persons specifically in question it'd be appreciated." He paused and said "I'm gonna run this back to Tabitha, Max. She's up working." He didn't want to interrupt further but gave Raphael an earnest nod. Oh god, Carlos had them watch Sharknado. Life was not dull anymore inside the Mountain.

Uh…. weather event? Big fish ceature? Did these kids somehow get into the good stuff in the garden? Oh, wait. Raphael heard about that once from one of his colleagues. "I'll… let him know your feedback next time I see him, Mister Loden." What were these kids going to talk about next, giant lizards attacking fictional cities?

"Weather… fish…" Max just looks at Reno curiously and then says, "You'll need to fill me in on it later." Then he gives his brother a wave as he heads off. He glances over toward Raphael and then back to Grant and Madelyn and says, "Yeah.. I mean, it was something I was interested in. Just not a lot of resources for it, you know?" He studies Grant for another moment and then he nods, "Yeah.. I'd like that. Thanks. Lessons could be cool." He then says, "I've been learning a bit from Dr. K. She leant me some of her library to study psychological conditions. I'll have to talk to Dr. Montgomery too. It'd be good to get some more training. She said she'd look into it, too."

Grant stifles a laugh and tells the kids, "Carlos doesn't have the best taste in movies. Remind me to bring over the Princess Bride." Probably one of the best movies of all time, "And as long as Dr. Montgomery clears it, I'd be happy to show you around the lab." Grant's pretty friendly, "James used to roll his eyes every time that Carlos would pick the movie." He shakes his head, "I'll try to bring some down. I think you might like Serenity, Star Wars, Star Trek and some other sci-fi that James used to love to watch."

Madelyn wrinkles her nose when Grant suggests bringing movies. "I hear movies are all about killing. I don't… Think movies are for me." She looks down at her berries, eating a small handful of blueberries.

"There are movies that don't have killing in them. We have a decent collection here." Raphael chews and swallows, then looks over, "The 'romantic' category is probably what you're looking for. Never did like them myself, but I've heard from the women in the bunker that a lot of them swoon over someone called Edward from a series called Twilight. Oh wait, I think that one has killing too? I've never seen it myself. I'm sure you'll find something you like." Raphael shrugs.

"I haven't seen any," Max says when the conversation switches over to the topic of the movies. "Though from what Reno tells me, they're mostly disturbing." He then glances over at Raphael as he describes the library and says, "Is it kept in the regular library or is it somewhere else? I heard that Carlos brought a player to the residence so that they could be watched." He then starts to poke at the food in front of him as though just remembering that he'd picked up a meal.

Grant has eaten most of his food so it's forgotten while they chat, "Yeah…I heard you had a player in there. If you look through the library, there's a second of DVDs that you can check out. James brought me back a few for our own personal collection." He gives a flush as he thinks of some of the titles, "But…I loan them out here and there."

"We really didn't have much of that kind of stuff on the Ark," Madelyn comments, making a tiny sandwich with two croutons, a blueberry and a smear of peanut butter.

Raphael listens to the conversation, but goes back to his salad and staring at that wall again. "We tried to preserve as much as we could. I think we did rather well, considering." Raphael chews and swallows again.

"Yeah," Max agrees with Raphael. "You guys have quite an impressive collection. All we had was, well, whatever people had when things went to Hell. Once it was up there, there wasn't any coming back to pick up things left behind, you know? You just sort of.. made due with whatever folks brought. There's so much in the library that…" He shrugs his shoulders. "Things I didn't even know existed." Then he looks back to Grant, one eyebrow going up just a little bit, and a faint smile flickers there for a moment. "You'll have to tell us about them.. the ones you like the best."

Grant nods at Max, "I will absolutely give you my viewing list." He then finishes up the meal he's eating, "Hey…I'm sorry, but I'm going to be expected on a shift soon." He gives the kids a wave, "Thanks for keeping me company for dinner."

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