Day 027: Arkfall With Indra
Summary: The Skaikru Ambassador and several of her escort watch the Ark come down with Indra.
Date: 25 June 2016
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Indra's War Camp, The Wilderness
Warriors. Fires. Tents. Trees around the area.
27 Days After Landing

As the sun drops down beneath Mount Weather and the rest of the Blue Ridge mountains, light still remains, although it is far fainter than the sun. A blaze of fire in the west, traveling east with deceptive slowness.

The war-camp is disassembling relatively quickly after the kruheda's decision, a half-dozen warriors and scouts sent forward to pass on Indra's orders, while most of the others pack up their weapons and belongings and begin to head back to their villages. It's only been an hour or so since the Skaikru came to an agreement with the kruheda, but already several hundred of the Grounders have departed, evidently willing to walk through the night to reach home. Many more remain, however, waiting at least until morning. As the blaze of fire grows in the west, a buzz of discussion ripples through camp, many rising and pointing.

Wren is with Kai, having had a nice long discussion with her about how things are going to be from here on out, now that she got her silliness out of her system. There was little else for them to do while they waited, but the light in the sky, that gets his attention, rising up from his spot and look upward. "What…is that?" he grunts.

Kai can't help but be relieved to see people packing up and prepping to leave. Even if she is solemn listening to Wren and not talking as much. But when he rises from his spot she struggles to her feet behind him. It's hard to see, and depth perception right now? Forget about it. But she does finally squint in the right direction with some puzzlement,"I.. don't know?" she rasps, reaching down to collect her armor and slip it on simply because it's easier to remember where it is if it's on her. The loaned sword is also snagged as she gives Elias a nudge,"You've been down here longer than I have.. what makes the sky glow like that?" all fiery and such.

Fiona is making her way to Kai, remarking, "You know, I'm having a hard time not just grabbing our stuff and hoofing it back to the camp as best we can." She's got Wren's cube in her hands, as she too, raises her gaze. "That came from the sky, didn't it?"

The light-fragment splits away as the sun continues to fade behind the mountains, growing brighter and longer as it inches its way across the western sky. What was previously a single spot begins to taper like a tear-drop. For anyone watching it closely… while there are similarities to the three previous re-entries, this one is definitely different.

"I'm game." Kai grunts. She's had an hour worth of sitting down, almost, surely that means she's good to go, not,"What? The light?" she can't help but ask the other girl in puzzlement. She's only got one good eye, and good is relative to the one that is busily swelling completely shut, she can't tell exactly what it looks like,"You can see it better than me." there's a nudge for Elias to get up and go latrine and whatever else he might need to because if bandrona says to get moving then damnit she's going to at least try.

"It's look like something on fire." Wren observes, that just sounds like guesswork. Though he blinks when the thing starts to breakup in the air. "I really hope that's not another one of your people's ships." he offers to Fiona and Kai before going back to look at it. "Though it seems much larger than the ship that feel on Thripoda. Though I have seen comets before that have fallen out of the sky like this and break up. Could be that, I suppose. I don't know." Apparently he's hoping they may have a better explanation than him. They did come from there afterall.

Fiona furrows her brow. "No, I don't know what that is." she says, looking torn. "It's worth investigating, but how far away?" She doesn't want to stay away from camp any longer than she has to. For all she knows, the fight has begun and the scout-messengers are only just arriving.

For all the Grounders stopping and staring at the sight, there is a small knot moving purposefully, headed by Indra kom Trikru. She looks up from time to time, but mostly keeps her attention forward to watch her footing as she strides towards the Skaikru. One of those with her should have been looking down more often, and stumbles, but catches himself before he actually falls.

Kai's gathering packs, slowly, it's hard for her to see it properly at that distance,"No, I don't think that's a dropship." she opines without looking, securing packs and lurching to her feet with difficulty,"Camp, first. Whatever it is, we don't even know if it will land somewhere nearby. And they're going to be wondering where the hell we are and whether or not they're safe. Somehow I doubt they're going to listen to Indra's people about the war being off."

"Indeed. Coming from the three of you will like alleve them of their fears that is some kind of trap. They will need you there. To tell them that their slaughter has been avoided." Wren nods, but then shrugs a little, "At least for today at any rate." Prepare for all eventualities, this warrior is. Eyes are still canted upward, looking at whatever that thing drop before movement in the corner of his eyes drawn on Indra. "Eyes up, you two. You have company."

Fiona lifts her chin in ackowledgement of Wren's words, and as an afterthought, tosses him the cube. She did promise to give it back, after all. And then she turns to face the incoming storm, otherwise known as Indra kom Trikru.

As the fiery spike in the sky continues it's slow path from the west, it grows and grows, starting to spread across the sky. It now looks something like a mushroom made of fire, a blaze expanding outward from its 'front' and a trail of fire following behind. It has quickly expanded to a relative size greater than the just-set sun, and it seems to be moving much faster than it did when it was first visible.

Kai doesn't look away from the sky immediately, it's hard to frown, but that doesn't stop her from trying to do so, still trying to work out what the hell it is one-eyed,"Yes." she agree's with Wren absently,"That's.. it's getting bigger.. what.. are meteors always that big? Is it my eyes?" there's a nagging thought there that she can't put a name to,"It's huge!"

"This is not a missile from Mount Weather. They are faster, and not so large. This does not look like one of your 'dropships' either." Indra's words are sharp and short as she approaches the Skaikru, "This is no new weapon. What is it?" The warriors behind her do not look nearly so sanguine that this is not some new weapon of the Skaikru.

Wren looks between Indra and then the other two sky kids. He looks at a loss, but his eyes are still peeled on this massive thing now carreening through the sky. "What if it is your city in the Sky?" he suddenly asks, ponderous. "Your Ark? Was it ever meant to come down from the Sky?" is his addtional question. "If it was a weapon, it looks like a poor one. More large and cumbersome than anything else. If not a weapon and not a ship, what else could it be? Comets are not this large when they come down from the sky. Smaller, much smaller."

"It's not designed to do that." Fiona says, still staring at the streak. "The dropships were specifically designed to take the population of the Ark down to the ground, and the Chancellor said they were going to be used for the exodus." It's not impossible to occur, but it seems so unlikely. "We lost contact…the question is, what can we do about it?"

"No, the Ark can't come down, that's why we have the ships." Kai can't help but remark as her eyes come down towards Indra, she then asks of Fiona,"Can it? I mean.. it can't." but the idea that comets or meteors are smaller doesn't exactly give her any kind of comfort. There's a growl of frustration that her right eye's in no condition to help her,"See? Yeh. It can't. So it's got to be something else." she insists, because her brain refuses to believe that it could possibly be, and her eyes aren't exactly doing her any favors.

As the flaming form descends it begins to spread… to break up? Pieces, some small, some large, tumble free, most of them falling… faster? Indeed, that bloom of flame continues to burn at the head of the shape, and the small chunks breaking free fall ahead of the main shape. And then a larger chunk breaks off, and it too slows, although it wobbles and spins, and then twists out of control, spiraling off trailing a plume of fire. Another large chunk breaks free, its descent more controlled than the last.

Indra glances down at the Delinquents and their Wren-shaped escort, and then looks back up to the sky, "We can hope that it is not aimed here." And then the pieces start to break away, and Indra's eyes widen, "Or anywhere near here. I do not think that is any sort of precision strike, whatever it is."

"Whatever it is, it's breaking up in the Sky." Wren observes. "And whatever it is, it is large. Very large. Far too large to be one of the Sky's ships and much larger than any falling star. What else could it be?" That question is given to the pair of skaikru. "Tell me what else it could other than your city in the Sky. Silver spoke at length at it's largeness. I cannot think of anything else. Unless there is more than one large floating city in the Sky."

"Eden." there's no disguising the horror in Kai's voice as she can't help but come to slow agreement with Wren,"That.. Fi. Oh Green fucking Eden Fi. There's.. it's too big. There's only one thing up there that big. It's.. it's got to be.. it's the Ark. Eli? ELI!" the ex-C twists about but with people moving and staring and generally in the way she can't spot him immediately, twisting back to focus on Indra,"It's not aimed.. that's.. I mean.. it's not even.." she'd made the mistake once, in a fever of emotional confusion, but this is so much bigger, and she has this sinking feeling that she knows that glint of a ring somewhere towards the back of the conga line,"What in the holy fuck did they do?" standing still is no good but right now her mind is blank, she can't think of what to do and ends up simply grabbing the other Skaikru as her brain tries hard to sort through it, to see it properly through her currently distorted vision.

More and more pieces of the colossal object in the sky begin to break off as it… continues to slow its descent. It should be impossible, but it's happening right before the eyes of… well… just about everyone in Trikru territory, and beyond. Several of those pieces are scattering far and wide, and some of them are large. Some of those large pieces are slowing also, now with their own plumes of fire. What was once the main piece is now very little bigger than some of the larger pieces scattering about as gravity, friction, winds, and physics take them. That main piece, however… continues to grow in size, looking like it might come down somewhere close to the middle of Trikru territory, somewhere between Tondc and the Delinquent camp.

As Fiona gets the true scope of size of the thing, Fiona is also staring in horror. The girl known for being eloquent seems entirely speechless for a few seconds. She looks back to Indra. "He's right. That's the entire Ark. Pieces are breaking off. Can we investigate? If anyone survived, they're going to need help. Something…something horrible has happened."

"No." Kai insists,"We need to go to the camp first.. it hasn't.." she can't say landed.. it's not landing, and yet crashed seems wrong too,"Indra.. kruheda, ma'am.. can we borrow some horses? We need to.. that's.. it's everyone. It's.. those are our people burning up there.. and the camp, they're not going to know if it's even safe to go looking for our families.. please. This is not an attack, I swear it on my life. Where's Eli? I need to find Eli." she doesn't need help staying awake now, adrenaline will keep her moving at least in the short term.

Indra continues to look up to the descending mass, then looks to the people behind her, snapping, "<In Trigedasleng> Get the warriors moving. Immediately. North, I think. I don't want that landing on us." Looking back to the Skaikru, she frowns at Kai's question, "No. We will need all of our horses to see if your Sky City lands on our villages. My people must come first." Which is exactly the same perspective that Kai is demonstrating. One of the other Grounders not suddenly off and running to get the warriors moving shakes his head at Kai, pointing toward one end of the camp, "The Skaiboy went to get water."

"Kai." A big meaty hand is put upon her shoulder. "Calm. Panicking now will solve nothing. We must get the three of you back to your village. See if there's anything you can do. If anything at all. If you investigate whever that thing lands, perhaps I will go back. Your people know me well enough to not fire upon me. Perhaps I could…" he shrugs. He still has his horse, at least. Besides, Indra probably doesn't want Roach the chemical warfare he inflicts on everyone.

Kai dips her head to Indra, she's not happy with the answer, but she can't fault it. At least Wren's hand on her shoulder stops her from just lurching off,"Until it.." she stops and wets her lips, she can say it, she can,"crashes.. there's.. nothing we can do. Once we get them back to the camp? It will.. we can start looking. I'll go with you like I promised. The camp will no doubt mount a search party once they know Sonia's people aren't going to kill them. We can start with Coesbur? Make sure your people are safe? And.. just.. see how it goes from there?" she asks of him,"But we have.. there's no way of stopping it.. or changing it.. it's going to.. and there's nothing we can do."

As more and more pieces break off from the descending space station, the first of the 'smaller' sections still large enough to survive reentry being to strike the ground. They crater in, but do not explode like the dropship did, hitting home with kinetic energy alone. The largest of the pieces continue to slow their descent in blazes of flame, although one chunk, somewhere to the south, runs out of fuel, and tumbles the rest of the way to the ground without its protective deceleration. The main section continues to grow… it looks like it won't quite make it to Tondc… but it could still hit anywhere between there and the Delinquent camp.

One huge chunk of the Ark… for that's what it is falling through the sky, goes spiraling off to the north, and another falls relatively close by to the north, each of them slowing before they hit the ground. And the main section? It slows further and further, passing over the Delinquent camp with a roar, over Indra's war camp further east, and then impacts between there and Tondc. The impact is muted, however, more a blast of fire than the fist of god striking the earth. Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

Fiona isn't happy about the decision either, but she doesn't feel there's time to belabor the point. One picks and chooses one's battles. "Let's meet back at the edge of camp and get moving. If there's a way to get better transportation, great, if not, we walk." There's a pause. "Wait." A look to Kai, eyes wide. "They must have had some kind of thruster mechanism. We would have heard the impact otherwise. Right?"

"I'll get Eli." Kai agree's with Fiona, ducking instinctively when the main chunk of the ship goes sailing by,"Tha.. th.." no, brain, she mentally shakes herself and squares her shoulders,"That was Alpha." she remembers the pictures. Knows that ring. She can't help but follow it with her one good eye at least for a distance,"I.. yes.. the dropship exploded that.. some might have survived.. Wren, is there a village out there?" priorities, they might be shifting, but she says for Fiona,"We still need to tell the camp what's happening. That's still my job until you're safe. Then my ass belongs to him." there's a nod of her head in Wren's direction.

Indra and the few warriors not currently packing up and heading north rapidly brace themselves for impact… an impact that never comes. Her eyes widen with understanding, "It did not crash." Before Wren can answer, Indra shakes her head, "No. Near… Lake Audo I think." Kai's words and gesture toward Wren cause Indra to frown, however, turning her dark gaze toward the Trikru warrior and arching an eyebrow in question.

Wren says nothing, intially. "I will return you both to your village. To comlete your task." he states with a grunt. There's a long look at Indra, eyeing her, perhaps gauging her reaction. Kai already let that out of the bag, might as well own it, the kruheda deserves that much. "Once she has completed the task she has sworne, she will be my Second. She is worthy. And she has the potential. More than any other in that village." That seems to be all the warrior is willing to say on the matter. The choosing of Second has always been something of a private affair and up to the person in particular to decide when and where it's done.

"Thank you." Kai agree's for Wren's words before turning her attention towards Indra with that painful stiffness, awkward suddenly for all she echoes their earlier conversation,"There will be justice for Thripoda." in a quiet rasp and turns as if she's going to go roust Eli unless stopped.

Fiona moves off briefly to collect her things, not that she has much. It's one little jury-rigged pack and a makeshift canteen, and then she's ready to go.

Indra studies Wren in silence, then eventually nods, "<In Trigedasleng> Of course, the choice of Seconds is yours." She nods to Kai, "Wren kom Trikru, you and Rinnan kom Trikru are charged with escorting these Skaikru back to their people safely and without harm."

"<In Trigedasleng> My thanks, kruheda." Wren says, nodding once, perhaps a little visably relieved she was going to contest that fact. "I will see it done." A look two the other two. "Gather your things. We leave five minutes ago." Which is his way of saying 'get your ass moving'.

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