Day 057: Back In Black
Summary: Quinn talks to Kane about her options in Camp Jaha.
Date: 25 July 2016
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Command Station, Camp Jaha
A small room adjacent to the Chancellor's quarters, the Command station is used not only for meetings with the Council and the Chancellor, but also for planning and strategy sessions. a high table runs down the center of the room, tall enough that there is a collection of stools around it rather than chairs. The walls are brilliantly lit by glowing computer screens, including resource allocation plots, ancient satellite photos, and a clear screen with a topographic map of the area drawn on it with glowing dry-erase marker.
57 Days After Landing

Kane takes his meetings in what used to be a minor logistics-worker's office, but it has plenty of working screens, a good high table for standing around — or sitting in the tall stools around — and it's convenient. It takes a little while for Quinn to get a meeting, Kane being rather busy with an election and a war, but when she arrives, the door is open, and he is working his way through a tray of food — soy and venison alike, a mingling of the old and the new. "I hope you don't mind, Miss Quinn, I have very little free time these days. I'm glad that you're safe and sound. Have a seat, what can I do for you?"

"I don't mind at all." Quinn replies, standing up straight in front of the table until he invites her to have a seat. She moves forward, sliding herself onto one of the stools. Once seated she pulls her hands up on the table, fingers lacing together in front of her, "I've been hearing that people can just…go back to what they were on the path for. Since I've been away, I guess I'm a step or five behind everyone else in getting readjusted, so I'm checking into the validity of that. The going back to doing what we were."

"Indeed, Miss Quinn." Kane sets aside his fork for a moment, finishing his mouthful of food and swallowing before he goes on, "I offered all of the ex-Cadets commissions as Guardsmen. I'll take this opportunity to extend the offer personally to you." He smiles tightly, "I understand, however, that some of the One Hundred have taken to the freedom of not being constantly under orders. If you would prefer a place in the militia, where you're only under orders when on duty, we would be glad to have you there as well."

"I have some questions about this militia…and what exactly it's organization is." Quinn replies, frowning a bit, "I'm not going to lie and say I've not enjoyed some freedoms, such as they were, or I've not had that sweet, sweet taste of being in control of things. No reason to try and obscure that, I don't think."

"The militia are currently those willing and able to assist the Guard. They stand watches, join the Guard on patrol, and protect our people with firearms. They do not have a specific structure, as they are under the command of the Guard while on-duty." Kane pushes a chunk of grilled venison around his tray a moment, then begins cutting it with knife and form as he smiles dryly, "And I've noticed that the One Hundred is not particularly interested in following orders anymore. It definitely seems to involve some re-adjustment. Amazing how much changed in just over a month."

"I imagine that it has a lot to do with the fact we had to try and organize ourselves and each other for survival." Quinn replies, leaning forward on her forearms, "We realized that we could maybe…just maybe, control our destinies in some form, even if the greater world and things in it might have some affect…we can still make choices. A whole shit load of them…even not listening to orders."

"We are all going to have to readjust to the new reality, I'm afraid." Kane finally gets back to eating his dinner, chewing and swallowing another bite before he continues, "Ad how much better would things have gone with tighter organization, Miss Quinn? Not the harsh hierarchy of the Ark… that simply isn't necessary anymore… but some coordination."

"You mean among the 100?" Quinn's brows inch upwards, "Some things would have been easier with some tighter, or more functional, organization. The problem was we had no reason, or half the time, desire to listen outside of crisis situations. But I think that there needs to be something in place."

Kane nods, "Exactly. Day to day life, it does not suffer too badly in a small group, without organization. But the crises… forming that organization, it takes time. And even day to day matters in a larger group require organization." He offers up another dry smile, "But you know that. And you'll actually have a chance to vote on who you would like leading that organization tomorrow, as promised by Chancellor Jaha."

Quinn's brows inch upwards, "Is this the moment where you pitch the idea of me voting a specific way?" She wonders, shaking her head a bit as she leans back, her hands pulling off the table, "So if I wanted to join the guard…or the militia, what could I expect?"

"No." Kane smiles faintly at the question, "I think that Representative Eda has pretty cleanly driven off the votes of the One Hundred, by their own reactions. I would simply urge you to vote, whomever you vote for." And then they get down to brass tacks, and Kane straightens up from his lean over the chair, "In the Guard, you would be protecting your people from all threats, foreign and domestic. Major Wu is the senior surviving officer after myself, and he is seeing to the day to day running of the Guard. In addition to providing protection, you would be required to enforce the Exodus Charter, and to see to the training and direction of the militia. The militia serves as backup for the Guard, standing watches around Camp Jaha, joining in patrols, and assisting on assigned missions. They also have regular jobs within the camp, as they are only called up on a supplement to the Guard. When on duty, as I mentioned, they are under the command of the Guard, which is how Paris Grey's son ended up in command of the force that got you out." And doesn't he sound delighted by that.

"Grey handled himself well…most of the time, once we hit ground. We all had our bumpy rides, but he didn't let personal dislike keep him from saving people's asses." Quinn rubs her hands on her pants, the action made to buy herself a moment of thinking time, "I don't have any other skills. I never trained for anything beyond the Guard."

Kane waves off the praise for Grey. In Kane's mind, apparently, the last name is all that is necessary. He goes for another bite of his lunch, once more chewing and swallowing before he responds, "We are all learning new skills, Miss Quinn. And while you do, we always need more strong backs. Building houses is, apparently, not as easy as you might think, even when you have plentiful material. But we would very much like to bring all of the ex-Cadets back into the fold. Losing Miss Adams," he pauses and corrects himself, "Kai kom Trikru, was a blow."

"I'm not built to be a builder, or a tech…" Quinn has no delusions about what she's cut out for, it seems. Which, probably makes the decision fairly easy in the end. "I suppose that I'll go back to the fold."

Kane nods, "Excellent." Reaching down to his own belt, he pulls a small cylinder from it, the hilt of a shock baton. The weapon is tossed across the table, "I expect you'll only carry that when you're on-duty, Miss Quinn. Welcome back to the Guard. Contact Major Wu for a duty schedule and for any gear you need or training you'd like updates on."

Quinn reaches up to catch the shock baton, curling her fingers around it as she starts to get to her feet, then she pauses, "I heard about Breen getting thrown in the brig…Believe me, I'm not going back into a box any time soon."

The mention of Nathaniel causes Kane to sigh faintly, "Sergeant Breen was…" he hesitates there, then shakes it off, "…doing what he thought best. Unfortunately, he probably should not have been out of bed yet, and certainly should not have been carrying his weapon with him." A wry smile touches his lips, "I would suggest reading up on the Exodus Charter, Miss Quinn. After all, you will be helping enforce it. And it seems that such education is sorely lacking among your fellows."

Quinn's brow arches upwards a bit, "I'll be sure to read it, then." She replies, sliding the baton into a pocket, where it wont attract attention as she's heading to…where ever it is that is going to be home. "I'll go find Major Wu."

Kane nods again, "Oh, and see Mister Ling," one of the logisticians, "to arrange for quarters. We have plenty of rooms inside Alpha, as well as the houses going up on The Row. It's good to have you back, Miss Quinn."

"Thanks for coming to rescue us, Councilman Kane." Quinn lifts a hand up, tossing a bit of a half-salute to him before she turns to make her way back out.

"I wouldn't have been worthy of my predecessor if I hadn't made the attempt, Miss Quinn." And then Kane returns the half-salute a little more seriously, and returns to his meal.

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