Day 040: Bedside Manner
Summary: Aeron visits Asher. Things go bad.
Date: 7/7/16
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Aeron Asher 

Infirmary, Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
Day 40

So there is an infirmary and Aeron has been buzzing around it but not in it since the last time she saw Asher. Today, she comes skipping into the area and has a bolt of fabric wrapped around something. The tiny girl is holding it to her heart like a much beloved doll and she looks almost maniac in her happiness with it. There is a wiggle of her fingers for Mac, if he is around.

After a brief look to the right and then to the left, she moves to hop on Asher's bed and look him over. Her green eyes are the color of tree leaves currently as she does. A soft humming coming from her but still no words yet. There is a cant of her head to see if Asher has mentioned to hurt himself while in the infirmary as well.

Man, this girl is creepy as hell. Asher is still in his bed, though where he was before met with resistance for walking around, today he's specifically working on that with a nurse. He's moving without the cane, walking from his bed to the other side of the room then back again. He still has a mild limp, but it is mostly gone and his arm at least seems to be partially under his control.

The young delinquent, who has yet to pick any sort of real role here in Camp Jaha, has made it back to the bed, gripping the railing while breathing heavily. His gaze falls on Aeron and he nods to her once, sighing as he turns and tries to sit down, "What've you got there?"

Aeron watches as Asher moves and comes back. Then moves and comes back. There is a pause when he asks what she has and there is a look around. When he approaches the bed again, she quietly unwraps it to show the knife to him. Sure it's just a shard knife but it's got a pointy end and that's all that matters. She then wraps it back up and almost snuggles it before looking around to tuck it safely on her person.

Then she looks at his limp and the way he's walking. She points to him and holds up her left hand in a 'stop' signal. Her palm facing him. Aeron then curls her index finger to just touch her thumb to make a circle while the other fingers are still extended.

The 'knife' is eyed with a raised brow. Asher had been making point things his entire time on Earth. He has a grounder sword, a grounder axe, a grounder knife. He has half a dozen shivs and a spear. Its not that everyone had that many weapons. Almost no one did. But Asher never understood why they didn't. So he doesn't understand why she didn't.

Asher eyes her as she tells him to stop, and then at the motion she makes and he sighs, "Seriously. English. Learn it. What are you tryin' to say to me?"

Aeron blows the hair from her face. Then she points to him. There is a pause. Surely he gets the 'you' part of that. Then she makes the 'ok' sign again with her hand. A shake of her head at him as if he's the one that's just too silly to know. She seems happy to collect her first weapon. Hopefully others will come, but perhaps not. It will be a sad day, but she has something. Then she looks around the area and makes a 'heart' again with her hands as if in question.

Once Asher gets it, which takes Asher a moment, he finishes climbing up onto the bed and collapses with a sigh. He eyes the heart gesture, brow raised again. It takes a moment of thinking before he says, "What, Cassandra?" he shakes his head, "Dunno, haven't seen her since she was in here last time." A beat pause, "And stop using that. There's no love there, or anything like it." He pauses and glances around until he spies Mac, "Hey Mac! Bring me some water!" Nope. No please.

Mac rolls his eyes.

Aeron stares at Asher for a long moment. She just gives him a bland 'really' look. Then she she lifts one of her hands and interweaves the fingers of her other hand through it. Aww, she's holding hands with herself. No… wait. Aeron kisses the air and then breaks her hands up to point at him. Yep, he's being mocked by the mute girl about that 'no love there' thing.

The water is delivered, even Mac thinks it's dumb by the look on his face. Asher takes up the cup and sips from it, then returns it to the bedside table. Asher arches a brow still at Aeron.

"Big words for a mute." he replies oh so helpfully. "You don't know shit about it, Aeron." He falls silent, fixing that cold stare of his on her. He watches and waits for a several long moments in silence. Apparently he's actually annoyed. If time on the ground has taught anyone eanything it's that an annoyed Asher is a dangerous Asher.

Aeron stares at him when he looks at her in the dangerous killer annoyed way. She then blinks a bit balefully at him. There isn't a lot of fear of him yet. Yet. She nods though to the comment. Then she points to herself. There is a pause. Then she points to her eyes. The heart is lifted back up. Although, when Aeron's hands fall it's by the place she tucked her knife. For a moment, she continues to look at him before she looks towards Mac. A smile for the medic. Perhaps apologizing in a way. Her hand points to the door and makes another heart. That should explain it to the medic of course.

"You're a pretty naive little girl, you know that?" Asher states with a stare and a smirk. He watches her still. "You think because you had a happy little family that you know something about how this shit works?" He raises a brow at her, "Fucking is the same thing as love. You think if I fucked you, we'd be in love?" he tilts his head at her. "Want to find out?" A smirk. He slowly gets himself out of the bed, "Now, go run along so I can strong again."

Aeron shakes her head slowly to that. The cuteness fades for a moment. There is something cold and chilling to most people. Luckily, Asher isn't most people. However, it's not maniac either. It's murderous. Her eyes twinkle with their own form of madness. She points to her head to imply her knowledge and then runs a thumb across the front of her throat. For a moment, there is a sensation that she may truly be thinking of attempting to scar the other side of his throat.

Then it passes. She gives a sweet giggle and a large, adorable smile and hops off the bed. She lowers her eyes in a show of coquettish behavior and mimes as if she's going to strip. Sure, she'll find out. Of course, the bluff doesn't need to be called as he tells her to get out. There is a bigger grin before she kisses her finger tips and blows it towards him. The redhead spins in a circle with a giggle and then proceeds to skip out. Aeron offers that same eerie humming as she goes.

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