Day 045: Blood And Consequences
Summary: Que and Kai discuss responsibility, war, and blood, and so much blood.
Date: 13 7 2016
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Kai Que 

Lake Arkadia
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
Day 045

Que comes walking out of the Trikru camp, bearing with him his massive sledgehammer resting on one shoulder as if it weren't particularly anything. Around his belt many varied tools hang, and he looks grim. In his free hand is a skin of some sort of liquid, and considering his step is… slightly uneven, its probably alcoholic. Most tellingly, Que is shirtless. And there's those fifteen places where he's been cut and had paultices and bandages applied over his body. He hesitates ther ea moment, seeming uncertain just where it is he wants to go.

Kai didn't get any cuts. But damn wasn't that awkward. Standing among the Trikru, her new people, watching some she counts as friends and more take cuts.. for helping her and her old people. Still. Though it takes folding her hands across herself to hold her hands down she stuck it out with an expression as neutral as she could manage. In the wake of things she's not entirely sure what to do with herself. Slinking off seems disrespectful, but man hard not to feel like the burr under the saddle, the elephant in the room with people injured by friends for decisions that likely directly led to her being alive to even be there. She's debating, still, when she spots Que, and with the way he moves it settles something, moving her from her spot to go and check on him with a quiet,"Maker, you should sit and rest." as respectfully as the former skaigirl can manage.

"My shame is still being burning." Que's voice is always soft, but now its barely a whisper on the wind, but the big guy shakes his head slowly, "Only by working for my clan can I being again feel apart of them. I turn and I can being still feeling the Heda's eyes upon me in judgement." He pauses, frowning slightly, "She is being the Heda, Kai kom Trikur. I am not being expecting you to fully understand what this being means yet, you as a Second who was once another people. By her word, I would be opening my veins to flow until dry into the dirt, without hesitation. She is being the Commander. She is being the heart and salvation of the Kongeda, and she did say I was wrong to assist your people when war was called— and so I was being wrong. By the Flame, the Commanders have done brought peace to the world and being united the Twelve Clans. You have not heard the stories of the Oldens, of the wars before the Commanders. We are speaking with hatred of Azgeda, those cold bastards, but once there was no Coalition. Before the Commander was being there was no Kongeda. Before now I was being content to serve my clan in honor, and now I am knowing one thing: my Heda knows my name and she is knowing it with dishonor." He sounds… so… seriously… grave about this.

Kai at least endeavors to lead the large man over to a log to sit down,"I know. I saw her arrive. And I have seen her twice before, although I did not know it then." she offers quietly,"And I will not insult you and the others by claiming that I fully understand anything. I am grieved, to see you and the others hurt on what in many ways is my behalf, and I am grateful that you chose to do so." the normally abrasive girl murmurs in her softest tone, listening quietly and attentively to his words even as her attention flits towards Wren's tent. She knows her First doesn't want to be disturbed, but that doesn't mean the desire isn't there.

It is sort of grudging, but Que goes over to a log. He really has nothing around here to beat with his sledgehammer, though. "I am having never saw her before today." admits the maker softly, "When she was being looking at me with judgement and declaring that she needed my blood. Yet… what am I being to do now? How is it being best to serve?" He turns to regard Kai, serious. He's old, but his face is unlined, but that doesn't mean the age doesn't settle into him deeply. It makes everything he says, does, deep. "I was being going to loan my anvil to your maker Jumar, fool though he is in his words— fools can work a tool as any man can. But having being punished, should I be still? Yet… The Heda spoke of an atrocity. Kai kom Trikru. I am being heard that you were chosen by the Heda herself to scout the Mountain. A daring act. An act of great honor." His english is improving at times. "Since the generation of my father was being, we have not thought it possible to assault the Mountain. What did you being find beyond the river? How has the world been changed?"

"She came upon the Skaikru Bandrona and myself," and others, though Kai doesn't elect to mention them,"in Tondc, and told us that her name was Chis, then." she murmurs with a quiet frown, letting Que get settled before reaching to give his shoulder a gentle squeeze,"I plan on helping my clan, Que. That was the lesson I received. Whether in Tondc or back in Coesbur, the people will need your skills, and through them, you will help the clan anew." she suggests, settling upon the log next to the larger man,"He's not my maker, Maker. I can barely tolerate him. They asked for me to sit down and narrate the video to him, but.. I will ask of Wren whether or not this will be acceptable to the Heda before I will agree to do so. I would.. recommend asking? Perhaps? I do not know." she reaches to pet his arm awkwardly, comfort is so very not her usual skill set but she's trying,"I.. was not chosen by the Heda herself. My First and Gideon negotiated that I would go. Though I am.. grateful to have done so. But we found much, Que. We found a way in. We brought back one of the Skaikru who had been held by the Mountain.. we saw that the Mountain has been.." she stalls out and it takes a few moment,"they have been feeding the missing to the Reapers. And injecting the Reapers themselves for some reason. They might even be making the Reapers."

"I must be finding my way, it is being beneath the Heda to advise me, but, perhaps I will being ask Oxfor. He suffered much dishonor— with honor." If that is contradictary, Que doesn't seem to find any difficulty with the concept at all. He even seems a little proud of his oh-so-punished leader. "You are right." he declares then, nodding, "You are taken Second by Wren and are thus Trikru. I am having misspoke and dishonored you, and you are having my apology." Then he listens, and listens more, and OH does every single muscle in his body tense, "The Mountain is being… making the Reapers. And… feeding the Trikru to the Reapers." The undercurrent of utter outrage is held quiet just by sheer will. Que is a gentle man. A simple man. He makes. And clearly from face and demeanor, he wants nothing but to to destroy. "I am having known many lost to the Reapers." He notes, "Men. Women. Young. Olden. Warriors. Makers. In 35 years, I am having seen many losses to them. They are… fed to or turned into, and then… made to feed on their own?! You are must needing to learn this to the deepest heart of your soul, Kai kom Trikru, Second of Wren kom Trikru. Blood must have blood. I can be fathoming the horror of the blood that stains the ground beneath the Mountain and cries for an answers. Will you being answer it?"

Kai gives a wry smile for his apology,"And I feel I should give you my apology, for the harm that has come to you." she murmurs, then nodding her head at his outrage, rubbing the back of her head,"It is my most ferverent desire to drown them in their own blood, Maker. I still care for those who are my friends and once my people, and for what they have done to Coesbur, and what I saw in those tunnels. I will not.." she purses her lips,"I wont make my First suffer for my desire in this regard. Today was.. hard enough to watch.. but if the Heda agree's that we march on the Mountain? I will see it dismantled and drowned in its own blood so that these things will never happen again. In this, blood must have blood, without question or doubt, and as with Coesbur I will go without doubt to help my people mete that justice upon them."

"You will not." Que says this firmly, "It is being my choice to make my actions, and for another to claim responsibility for my choices dishonors me, Kai kom Trikru. I am not being a warrior, but I am having my honor. I will look my Heda in the eye and accept her knowing my name and declaring my honor tarnished, and I will being beg her to cut me half again as more times as she originally demanded, because her mercy is not what I want. My suffering and acceptance of it is a matter of my honor. You have to be apologizing only for what you do. Your choices. Your disobedience. Your assuming a higher station then you are having and deciding what is not yours to decide. For me? I will not be permitting you to dishonor me by being offering an apology as if you had responsibility for the choices that were being mine." This is said with absolute, unhesitating certainty, but then he nods slowly. Softer, less hard, he murmurs, "There is no dishonor in affection. Caring. It is good the Heda's will is being in your mind. Remember this: she is the Kongeda. Cole kom Skaikru is in the Mountain. I will … I will being ask to lift this…" He raises his huge sledgehammer, "… in war against the Mountain, and if allowed, will stand against it, as well. For it has being used to shed blood and is never again of use to me as a tool." He nods his head slowly, resting again that sledgehammer on his shoulder, "The blood calls, Kai kom Trikru. I was being born in Coesbur. Coesbur that is no more. The blood demands its due."
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<OOC> Que says, "Wording off, he is not accusing her of disobedience. Assuming. Just listing out: if you do a thing this you can feel bad about. If you didn't? You fine gurl."

Kai gives a slow blink of her eyes,"I am not endeavoring to claim responsibility for your choices, Maker, merely that I do not like to see those I consider to be my friends harmed, but very well." she dips her head in acceptance,"I.. she is not what I imagined, and yet I admire her, Maker. Her presence her and the understanding of her sanction in our effort gives me hope that the call for blood will be answered. I was not born in Coesbur, but I bled for it.." see? Stitches. So many stitches,"and if it is the will of my First and the steheda, when we rebuild it, it will be my home, too. But yes, Cole is in the Mountain, and my friend Tink, Cameron, twenty-two of them in total.. and, it may be.. there may be Trikru in the mountain, too, I have asked Morgan kom Skaikru to speak with the one that we brought back, he said about 'our peoples', and given that he has made it clear that I am not part of his people in his mind.. I think he means that there are Trikru still alive in there.. these things.. the destruction of the Mountain.. I desire it strongly enough that I can taste it.. and that waiting feels impossible.. and yet I must."

Que lifts a hand in appeasement, "It is being a matter of … language, Kai kom Trikru. It is being fine to feel sorrow at the harm of your friends. To apologize, though? Some will feel it is being expressing responsibility. When a warrior takes a wound, we are not being ones to express sorrow. We tend them and help them and speak of vengeance. My honor is broken. I would be feeling more comfortable if you expressed agreement that I deserved it and how I have born it with little complaint then if you expressed sorrow over it. For I am being deserved it. The Heda said so." Then he nods his head slowly, silent in thought, his hand running up along the sledgehammer that rests on his shoulder, "The thirst for blood is good. Jumar called us bloodthirsty, but he does not being understanding. We thrist for justice. Blood Must Have Blood is justice. How can the Clans join in peace without the Kongeda-enforced promise of retaliation? Anyone who knows war must know this. The basis of peace is consequence. It is not being endless blood. There have been in my life two wars against Azgeda yet these wars do not be leading to their extermination. They are set in place. Peace is found." He frowns then, deeper, and says, colder, "The Mountain has takent thousands if what you are being saying is true. Through missiles. Reapers. Feeding. For some things I am unsure if there is any price of blood that is sufficient short of — all. Kill them all." And… he means it. All of them.

Kai can't quite bring herself to say that, she doesn't necessarily agree, though she does offer,"You have born it with little complaint and much honor, Maker, by my measure. And I have no doubt that you will restore your honor in the eyes of the Heda because your heart is with the clan." there's a dip of her head for Que,"The skaikru do not know war, Maker.. only what they have seen since they have arrived here. Many did not study the ways of the time before. I did. And even I do not pretend to fully grasp the way of things." her gaze goes off in the direction of the Mountain grimly,"I know that the number is high, and that their crimes against the Trikru are many. I.. cannot consider children to be worthy of death, but in this I will do as my Heda commands. I want my people back. All of them. Our clan, and my friends, there is no way that there can be enough of them to satisfy blood, but we destroy them.. we destroy the Mountain? Never will another be harmed by them. And that is balance. If there is children in there? And they can learn to be Trikru, their lives, as mine, may in some small measure make up for the mistakes of their birth-people and help strengthen the Trikru."

Children. The thought stills Que. How can monsters have children? The very idea is visibly difficult for him to consider. He is silent, moving his sledgehammer down, resting it upon his knees, finding comfort in the heavy steel head that he caresses. "Reapers would not be hesitating to eat a child." is his first response, severe, his soft tone even harsh, "Do being considering that a moment. Reapers have attacked villages. Taken children. You say, they are making reapers? And feeding reapers?" Que turns to regard Kai a long moment at that, "A child is not being a good soldier. So those children are being taken, they are… food. Food for monsters made of their own people. Think on that for a moment to be." But then Que looks away, "But I will not be kill a child, even if Heda asks me to. There are lines that no honor may cross. Trikru is not Ice Nation. Let it never being said that we will kill children. We, the first clan, the first clan, will show the way. Children, Kai kom Trikru. Children's blood is not what the fallen call for."

"Oh believe me Maker, ever since we left the Mountain, all I can think about is that there are likely people, including our clan and my friends, who are dying in there right now, and that every hour we wait, more may be being fed to the Reapers, or made Reapers themselves.. and that I may very well see the face of one that I have grown and bled with among their number when we return. And it is why this waiting is unbearable to me. Why I am frustrated that we must wait, even if I understand the reasons for doing so.. the time that we enjoy, sitting here, is time that is being paid for in the blood of our captives, and will be paid again in the blood of warriors when.. if.. if," she has to remind herself,"the Heda agree's to take the mountain. I have considered little else. By my measure, children are not inherantly evil. They can learn, and understanding the crimes of their people, will serve their new clan with dedication and gratitude for the mercy shown.. but adults? Yes Maker.. blood must have blood, and I will show no mercy to those who have committed such crimes against our people."

Que listens for a long time as Kai speaks, nodding from time time, and at one point he agrees: "Blood must have blood. But blood does not call to children." With a purse of his lips, he rises where he stands, and says coldly, "But the rest, we kill them all. We kill them all." And with a grunt, he turns back towards the Trikru tents. He's going to… do something. Whatever it is.

"From your lips to the Heda's ears, may we march soon." Kai grunts herself as she rises to her feet,"I am going to go and see if my First will speak with me, I need him to ask the steheda for permission to share what I know for the Heda and Skaiheda. Be careful, Maker."

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