Day 040: Blood From Scarlett
Summary: Scarlett comes by the Infirmary to donate her blood for testing, and catches up with Grant while he draws her blood.
Date: 07/08/16
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Infirmary - Mount Weather
This is a long room, accessible in various points along the level four corridor. It has an arched, buttressed ceiling like much of the compound. Circular white lights are embedded on the wall, following up the arch to create a bright, luminous space. The floors are in the same polished concrete as much of the compound, and these are well-cleaned to keep a sterile environment. Rows of beds line the walls, and there are mazes of flexible tubing running up from each bed, along the wall, and then back toward the secured medical labs.
Day 40

Grant has been spending the day in the infirmary, overseeing the other technicians that have been performing the blood tests. The place is milling with residents that are insisting that they be tested for radiation poisoning. Grant is meticulous in his review of the data, making sure that everyone that comes in is properly tested. For those that approach him with concerns, he's patient and courteous, assuring them that he'll get to the bottom of matters. It's common knowledge that James Emerson, Grant's partner, died from radiation poisoning when his hazmat suit was compromised in a conflict with an Outsider, so it's no surprised that Grant would not rest until everyone is tested that wants to be. Those that have been spending any extended times with the Arkers are required to undergo testing.

It has been suggested very politely that Scarlett get herself to Medical, she has put it off for most of the day, but finally she is tired of one certain security detail stopping in her Art Storage ever half an hour. So that means the young woman steps into the Infirmary, a place she spends to much time in talking to this or that person, and leans against the wall. Her short pale hair spikes around her cheeks as she watches those who are upset and jumping for the tests, those dark eyes narrowing as some get over excited. But no matter what is happening she stays out of the way till someone comes up to her for the test.

Grant notices Scarlett out of the corner of his eye and then motions to a lab technician that it's fine, he'll take this one, "Scarlett…thank you for dropping by the Infirmary." He gives a rueful smile and runs his fingers through his hair, "It's a bit chaotic here today so if you want to fall me to the bed at the end, I'll wash up, put on some gloves, take a sample and then let you be on your way."

Grant has known Scarlett well enough, the pair being of an age, so she just wrinkles her nose at him, but gives a smile as well. "If it was anyone else, you'd need to tie me down. But since it's you.." Her voice is soft and warm but deep, a little odd for her appearance, but natural as she pushes herself from the wall and moves to follow him, her eyes flickering around to the different beds as they move. "How are you handling this?" She knows about her partner, so her worry for his wellbeing is clear in her voice.

"It's not easy," Grant admits as he picks up the syringe and butterfly need for the sample extraction, "Seeing Ashley's body remind me of James…" He's doing his best to smile but there's a strain there, "But if I can do anything to make sure that no one has a similar fate, I will." He starts to tie the rubber strip around her arm, and is checking for a good vein, "And you? I know you don't like to be down here." He leaves 'because of your mom' off the comment because they both know what he means.

Scarlett shrugs gently with the shoulder that he is not holding the arm of, she eyes the needle and bites her lip before she looks up to his face as ponders a moment, "Well, I'd rather not be here. But you know we have agreed to disagree about what happens here.." He'd know she has not had many transfusions, those as a child that she had to have, and the min. they force her to have sense then, if anyone is dying by inches it's Scarlett but she came to terms with that years ago. She takes a deep breath, "But if whatever is causing this can be transferred, I don't want to put anyone in danger, so I’m here…" She then wrinkles her nose, "That and I was worried about you…" That is true as her eyes find his but then he's going to take a sample and she bites her lower lip. She /really/ hates needles, who knows maybe that fear is the true reason she refuses things, and not just because of the death of others for her to live.

Grant finds the right vein and then puts on his gloves and uses the alcohol to clean the site, "I want to save lives Scarlett…" Grant looks up and tells her, "And I haven't met the 23 children that our security rescued but I may soon, because we're taking blood samples from all of the population." So once the residents are seen to, the 23 will be asked to submit to blood tests, "But for now, I'm not making any wild accusations or blaming anyone for this tragedy." He makes sure she's looking at him when he sticks the needle, and it's so smooth she barely feels it because he's had a lot of practice at all of this, "I'm just taking samples and reviewing everyone's bloodwork to make sure they're not in any stages of radiation poisoning…we'll get to the bottom of it soon."

He makes sure to keep her talking so she doesn't focus on the fact that he's drawing blood, "So…what new project are your working on?" He flashes a smile, "I managed to get one of the curators to hand over a Stradivarius-styled viola that needs restoration work." Besides being a lab tech, he's also a Luthier and restores damaged string instruments, "It's handle has been compromised and I'm trying to retool it so Sarah has an instrument to practice on when we do our first lesson." Sarah is Dr. Montgomery's six year old daughter.

"Well, two things really. After the 6th person asked me for naked pictures, I am setting up a bit of an exhibit showing the beauty of the naked form. So that means looking into all the storage, and well finishing up some of the stone statues I have been putting off.." She does hiss as the needle goes in and blood comes out, she is very aware even if he is distracting her. "And I was curious about that, I saw it logged and had been meaning to ask if your own was broke, I've not gotten to hear you play in awhile…"

"I haven't been inspired to play much these days," Grant tells her as he finishes taking the samples and then carefully removes the needle so there will be minimal bruising, cleans the site, puts a cotton ball and then bandaid. He guides her to bend her arm for a moment and then takes off his gloves so he can pick up a pen and label her sample, handing it off to a technician that immediately takes it away, "I'm trying though…" Trying to live, trying to interact with friends more and just getting out there so he's not at his room that he used to share with James. It's been more than a year, but the wound still is fresh for Grant.

Scarlett wrinkles her brow as she folds her arm, but she can see her relax a little as the sampling is done. But she then reaches up and touches his shoulder. "You know where I am, I miss when you used to play when I did art. Your always welcome to come and find me, for that or simply talking.." She gives him a soft smile and then whispers, "Because I am not visiting you down here, so if you don't visit me, I know your hiding from me, and that would be horrible!" She winks.

Grant finds himself smiling despite himself and nods to her as she whispers to him. He returns the wink, "I am not avoiding you…I am getting important work done. And I promise to seek over for a visit when things calm down as long as you don't try to set me up with any of your friends." Yes, several well meaning Mountain Men have tried to set Grant up with their friends and family and right now he isn't ready for it.

Scarlett wrinkles her nose gently, "I can't even set myself up Grant, so don't worry about that…" She says with amusement, moving to stand from the bed and then stepping close to wrap him in a hug. It's not unknown for her to hug people, and he and James had been on the end of one hug or another over the years. She pulls back and puts her hands on her hips, "Now, stop coming up with reasons I should come down.." She winks again, blaming him totally for why she's here.

Grant accepts the hug warmly, giving her a squeeze before letting her go, "I promise that I will move heaven and earth to make sure that you don't need to come down here until your next injection." He takes a step back, "Will that do?" He flashes her a smile and motions for the technician that's waiting in the wings for him to take the next patient, "Ahh, it appears that's my que to get back to work. Perhaps I'll see you in the dining hall later." Once he manages to get away from this circus.
Scarlett shakes her head and gives him the most adorable of looks, "Maybe we can over look the next one.." She says brightly, not letting him say yes nor no, as she turns and makes her way out, "I'll save you a seat, don't let them over work you!" She eyes the others as if that look will stop them for over working Grant or letting him over work, and then she high tails it out of there.

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