Day 049: Bone Deep Trust
Summary: Raphael has some questions for Cage, and ends up inside the Harvest circle of trust.
Date: 17 July 2016
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Cage Raphael 

Cage Wallace's Office, Mount Weather
It's a sparse office with a desk and some chairs and a computer and a door. Probably some walls, ceiling, and floor too.
49 Days After Landing

Cage Wallace is a very busy man, but he does try to make time for members of his Security Detail. That's how you gain their trust and loyalty, after all. So when Raphael requests a meeting, Cage clears some time, and when the Corporal comes into his sparse office, Cage stands and offers out a hand to the man, "Corporal Marlowe. Please, come in, sit down. What can I do for you?"

The 'robot in disguise' has spent the last two weeks almost exclusively monitoring the Outsiders and the Ark patrols. With orders to observe and not engage, most of the unit spends their time in prepared hideouts while Raphael is up in trees viewing through his scope. He does, however, need to come into the bunker once a day for tank refills. When he got back, the rumors of 'snatches' immediately got his attention. Now he comes seeking information. or even just a clarification. This is a major breach of direct orders, after all… and Raphael comes in with his security fatigues on, those dead rust eyes glancing about before he closes the door behind him.

Raphael wastes no time in walking over to Cage, shaking his hand formally, "I'm here because I'm concerned over personnel breaching orders, Sir." Raphael goes into a formal military stance after the handshake, "I've heard rumors since I returned for resupply of 'snatches', a code phrase usually reserved for Outsider retrievals. Are these being sanctioned?"

Cage moves back behind his desk once more, settling down in his chair. The Security man's words freeze him a moment, and then he presses a smile across his lips, "We've been experimenting with a new procedure, Corporal. Something that will take us up to the Ground permanently. No more clunky hazmat suits." He spreads his hands slightly, then folds his right arm around his chest and tucks his left hand under his chin, "Unfortunately, the procedure requires very specific sources of raw materials. Unit 7 has been providing these sources. And evidently talking more than they should be."

Huh? No ground suits? Impossible. Raphael's expression barely ever falters… but this time Raphael takes on a slight frown. A majority of his adult life has been spent inside a ground suit after all. It was one of the few things he loathed about surface work, "No suit, Sir? How? I was under the impression that we took in the guests precisely for the purpose of being able to get back to the surface within a generation or two with their help. Did one of the Outsider clans mutate more than the other?"

Cage studies Raphael for a long moment, and then nods to himself, "It may be a great deal less than a generation or two, actually. With the help," there's a smirk buried beneath that last word, but it's buried pretty well, just coloring the tone of his voice, "of our guests, we may be on the surface within months. A year or so on the outside." And then he unfolds his arms, leaning forward, "Unfortunately, while some of them have been cooperative with the first stages of the plan, they are not cooperative with the latest stage."

Raphael watches Cage for a moment, then… "latest stage, Sir? That implies previous operations. I'd be interested to know how this works. I'm sure I can speak for most of my unit that this would be a godsend for our work and the rest of the bunker."

"It's a godsend for all of us, Corporal. It's going to get us all onto the Ground, just like my father and grandfather hoped." Cage's face lights up with that, although his hands settle just out of sight beneath the desktop, "The details are rather technical, but the long and the short of it is that we can synthesize a treatment from their bone marrow that will make us immune to the surface radiation."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cage=Deception Vs Raphael=Alertness
< Cage: Good Success (1 3 5 1 6 7 7 5 4 5 3) Raphael: Good Success (7 1 5 5 1 3 7 7)
< Net Result: Raphael wins - Marginal Victory

"Bone Marrow?" The hands get Raphael's attention mentally, but he doesn't move from his position or move his eyes to indicate his awareness. "I'm not a medical professional, Sir, but doesn't that mean direct bone extractions? I can understand why they would not cooperate with that. The chatter we've gotten from their camp suggests they care very little about us and our ways anyway." Raphael turns his head to look at one of the walls, getting a distant look in his eyes, "when I first applied for security duty, I knew that meant being confined to a hazmat suit for a majority of my life. I did it for the good of my people and to make sure as few of us as possible died from exposures during breaches. I did it to make sure no one else's parents had to leave their children before they even grew up."

He looks back to Cage, "the Outsiders will never forgive us for doing what we needed to do, and the Ark won't appreciate the sacrifices necessary." Raphael sighs, "neither of them will be willing to have peace with our history." Raphael looks Cage right in the eye, "when do we start?"

"And now, thanks to the sacrifice of our guests, we'll never have to worry about breaches again, Corporal." Cage leans back a little, his hands curling over the arms of his desk chair and well away from the pistol holstered on the underside of his desk, "We've already begun. The majority of Unit 7 has already taken the treatment and is simply waiting for it to become effective. I'll put Unit 2 on the list for the next round."

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