Day 001: Boobs and Other Serious Matters
Summary: Cole and Fiona talk about the future of The 100, but when Grey arrives, the boys find something more important to talk about.
Date: April 23, 2016
Related: None directly; second scene of Day 1.
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Cargo Hold, The Dropship
The lowest level of the dropship was once meant to store large amounts of cargo in addition to auxiliary seating. As the camp outside was built, however, it was cleared of the meager supplies sent down with The 100, and now is merely storage for the most valuable of resources. It's walls, deck, and ceiling have been stripped to bare metal panels, and several small areas extend beyond the central area, providing an illusion of privacy. A single lowered door with a pair of curtains across it is the only exit from the dropship, while two ladders pierce the ceiling, leading to the levels above.
Day 1 After Landing

Working computers is a rarity on the ground, and there were a few that survived the landing with the dropship. One of them, resident mechanic and techhead, Cole, has managed to take for his own, a series of wires running from one of the ports that lead into the dropship itself. Fingers type away at keys, the young man chew idly on a pen that he's been using to scribble notes on with. Mentioned someone about trying to find a way to take the bio-trackers off those who care enough to want them off. Some do, some don't, so it's been something he's working on.

Fiona steps into the dropship, peering back outside behind her as if she's loathe to come back into the relative security of the structure. Having breathed canned air for most of her life, fresh oxygen is rather addictive. "Any luck, Cole?" she asks as she hunkers down next to him.

There's some non-commital grunt from Cole, eyes fixated on the roll screens of code. "Trying to sort out the release code for the bracelets is a fuckin bitch." he replies, continuing to type. "Something about a release command prompt, but fuck if I can find the goddamn thing. Lost in all this biometric data. Just need to find a partiular line of code and I should be able to follow it back to sort out the signal to release the bands." Yes, he's watered down the tech-talk, mostly because he got tired of having to do so. "I was able to get lights running here. And the landing ramp, should we have to pull it up for…whatever reason. Like if the ground started spouting fuckiin dragons or some crazy shit like that." A look over at, trying to put a name to the face. "Fiona, right?"

"Right." Her hair bobs along with her head at the acknowledgement. "What do you think will happen once we get these off? Do you think they're just going to assume we're dead and not come down? Or figure out we managed to get them off?"

Cole shrugs. "Who knows. Some might flip the fuck out, others might think we've caught on, who the fuck knows." There's a bit more chewing on the pen cap, considering what he should input at the moment. Until he sighs and sets the laptop aside for the moment. "If a bunch of them turn off at once, I'd have to assume they'd think we were up to some shit. I mean, some of us are pissed that they put them on us, like our suvivability was more for their benefit then ours. Other are pissed at however they got down here, and just want to bite their fuckin thumbs at'em. Other just don't give a shit." Another glance at her, reaching for a water bottle from the supplies cache. "And then there's me. I just want to see if I can do it. My parents didn't care about me on the Ark, why should they care now?"

Fiona opens her mouth, like she actually has an argument she could bring to the table, but then closes it, just nodding and folding her arms in front of her instead. "What about the one who wants to keep it on?" she asks. "Everybody's got different circumstances." She hadn't wanted to be separated from her parents. Fiona had almost been free.

"No shittin there." Cole nods. "But people want them off, I'll get them off for them. Others who don't? Then don't, easy situation there, not my fuckin problem. I don't think anyone is going to decide that we all as a group wear them or not. Though on someone, there really should be." And on that topic, he sounds a bit sour on. "Someone has gotta take charge eventually. Some want to make for Mount Weather, others, like think we should stay here and fortify what we got. I've already said we at least have an idea what we got around here. Got no idea what's up there. Could be just a bunch of fuckin rubble."

"Everyone deserves to be heard." Fiona agrees, "But we can't let it get out of hand, either. It can't hurt to send a few people to scout Mount Weather. I mean, it'll still be there when they come back and they can let us know what's there. Makes it an informed decision instead of just rolling the dice and praying."

"It'll come to a goddamn head, fyi." Cole gives her a look. "Leaders will always emerge, or at least people who /think/ they can fuckin lead. And they'll butt heads over who should be doing what. And it's a just an eventuality. It'll happen, and someone will come out of that the winner. So hook or by crook, we'll follow them." Beat. "Not like I haven't thought about doing that myself. Someone needs to take charge. Need to get some kind of wall built around the camp. Defenses. Something." The idea of sending people out, he shrugs. "Maybe, but if we do, we better fuckin hope those Earth Survival courses weren't for fuckin nothing."

Fiona seems to be taking him pretty seriously, but she can't help herself, at one point she just laughs, her head tilting forward and bangs falling into her face before she straightens and lets her mirthful expression settle. "Who do you think is most likely to speak up, do you think?" She leans against the wall of the drop ship, content to watch him work. Sure, she'll go back out and help with things. Eventually. Fiona isn't lazy, but this is a conversation worth having.

Cole's face goes flat at her laughing. "Oh, you're a goddamn riot, Fiona." he grumbles, pulling his laptop back infront of him. "Laugh all you fuckin want, but I mean it. If there was anything I learned while training for zero-g, is that you gotta do what you can, when you can. And if you feel like you take charge of a situation and keep people fuckin alive, then do it." Her question receives a shrug in reply. "Nobody that's standing out enough to do, just a lot people thinking about it. You can tell by how people group around one or another, looking for direction. But the more I think about it, I don't have time to lead, as much as I would. I'm too busy trying to fix all the broken shit that doesn't fuckin work."

"No, no." she says, waving her hand to ward off his words, "I'm not laughing at you. I mean, I am laughing at you, but only because every other word out of your mouth is fuck and it's pretty fucking funny." She can't help grinning at him for that. "I don't know that I'm the one who should be telling other people what to do. The last time that happened, we ended up in the Skybox, even if it was arguably by consensus."

"It's because my volcabulary is fuckin /expansive/" Cole grunts in response, reading over code again. Pushing hair out of his eyes, he glances at her while exchanges looks with her. "I'm surprised anything is getting shit done as it is. I'm pretty sure that…" he pauses, looking above them. Yeah, there's definately two people going at it above them. Growling, he takes a screwtable that holds his tools, banging it on the bulkhead. "Yes. His cock is absolutely /huge/, we /know/. Mind lowering the volume?" he calls at the ceiling. There's a probably a muffled 'float you, Cole' in response. And then points a finger up and looks at her. "That. Pretty sure everybody is too busy fuckin each other's brains out to do much planning right now." Going back to his screen, there's more typing. "Oh right. You were the one that did the whole…what, 'demostration' they called it."

"Yeah, let's call it that." Fiona replies evenly. There's a brief glance at their ceiling, but little reaction to the pair having a good time beyond her sight as she looks back to him. "Look, if it comes to it, I'll speak up. I mean, we do have the opportunity to build something here. Something better than they managed on the Ark."

The main level of the dropship is more or less empty beyond Cole hunkered over a computer on the floor, with Fiona sitting next to him. As is his way, he's typing away while carrying on a conversation with the woman. In his own way. Which is swearing every other word. "So I gotta ask.." he starts, hitting enter and letting a line of code fill the screen and do…whatever it is that he's expecting it to do. " had to know you'd be fuckin locked up in the skybox for that thing, right? I mean, it's not like Jaha /wouldn't/ toss your ass in it for disturbing the peace of whatever he wanted to call it. So I figure, was it worth it?"

"You're basically asking what flavor of idiot I am?" asks Fiona wryly. "Yeah. We all knew going into it that it wouldn't be dismissed outright. But the purpose behind it was a right one, and there were others who saw what we did and started to wake up. Something was starting to build. Jaha and the Council would have had to deal with it. But…" she trails off. "We're here, now. And we don't have to let it be the same." She looks across at him, knees pulling to her chest. "What did you do, anyway?"

"Honestly, you're not alone in that fuckin description. Realistically, we're all idiots for being here, just depends on…yeah, the flavor." Cole remarks, shrugging at the rest. "I honestly don't think Jaha or the rest of the Council gives a fuck about it, just kids being kids. My guess it just got brushed off and were just following protocol. Not to sound harsh, but that's what they fuckin were. Harsh. As for me? Theft. Stole something I shouldn't of. Granted, it was the one time I got caught, but it only takes once. And up to that point, I thought I was gettin really good at that shit." Twirling the pen around his fingers, he makes a gestures, causing it to vanish.

"Let the Council and Jaha think what they like. It wasn't for them." Fiona retorts, adding cheekily, "Let me guess, you're going to find the pen behind my ear, right?"

Grey has purloined one of the containers that Hanne set out to collect rain… or he put one out himself. Either way, he strolls up the dropship ramp into the interior with a battered sort of cup of plastic in one hand, filled with water. Taking a long, slow sip, he glances around, chuckling softly as he spots Cole typing and talking. "Don't you ever stop working, man?" The young woman gets a glance, Grey's eyes narrowing slightly in thought, and then he nods, "The political, right?" There's a hefty dose of scorn in the question, but it could be wry rather than intentionally insulting. It could be.

"If you get flu, I'm not going to feel fuckin sorry for you, dude." Cole says over the screen of his laptop at Grey. "And now, I'm going between getting the systems running on the dropship and seeing if there's a way to piggyback onto these biometric signals to try and unlock the bracelets. It's just a lot of searching. But I'd like to make that landing bay down works when we need it to." he explains, then adding off-handedly, "…need to bypass some fuses on that, now that I think of it." He spare Fiona a glance. "Would you rather I pull it out from your cleavage? Because I can do that. Oh, Grey, speaking of boobs. Sol and Mariah are fuckin' upstairs. Don't go up there unless you want really want an eyeful."

"I'd rather you pull it out of your ass. It's pretty skinny, so that'd be impressive." Fiona doesn't bat an eye, gaze drifting toward Grey. "I prefer the term activist. But it doesn't really matter down here, anyway. Is everyone managing to keep out of the rain?"

Grey shakes his head at Cole's first comment, "Healthy as a horse, man." He nods slowly at the explanation, not -really- getting everything the other teen is saying, but at least catching enough of it to nod, "Well," and then Cole mentions the events upstairs, and Grey's eyes are dragged inexorably toward the nearest of the two ladders. One hand rises to his mouth, his teeth paring down a nail, and then he shakes his head, "Naw. Don't need to see what isn't interested in me." Grey laughs at Fiona's rejoinder to Cole, "Political, Activist, whatever you want to call it, Princess. And who the hell would want to keep out of the rain? Who the hell ever thought they'd see rain?"

"Me. Water and electronics don't fuckin mix." Cole points out. "I'm sure I'll have my wild child moment and go dance in it like some kind of goddamn hippy. Because that's what they did, right? And huggin trees or some shit like that?" The idea of going upstairs gets a nod. "Yeah, if what I heard right about either one of them is legit, they're makin the rounds. Trying to find who's got the best tent." Going to back to Fiona, he almost seems to consider. "I would, but I'm shy in front of a audience."

"Anyone who doesn't want to get pneumonia, I'm guessing." offers Fiona. "Oh, and Cole." She's visibly bemused by the designation of Princess, but doesn't earn Grey anything more than a roll of her eyes. "Is it going to be a thing now? Making of issue of what we were locked up for and whether or not they meet some kind of standard? Because we have more important things to worry about."

Grey accepts Cole's point after a moment's thought, then shrugs at the hippy comment, "Hell if I know." Looking over to Fiona, he shrugs again, more broadly, "The way I figure, our past always matters." There's still that insouciant grin plastered over his lips, but those words lack just a little bit of force. Shaking off whatever was picking at him, Grey continues, "People who cuff themselves to a door to make some sort of point? Maybe you've got a chance of really being pardoned when… if… the rest of the Ark comes down. I don't care what the Chancellor said," referring to the promise of a pardon that was given to The 100 on their trip down, "you think killers and traitors are going to get a second chance?" And then he's looking back to Cole, shaking his head, "I wouldn't want to be too far down on their list to check on. Sounds like a good way to have a bad time."

"Funny how those are the ones that want their bracelets off as soon as possible. I've had to tell some of them repeatedly that these things do not have hidden explosives in them. If they did, you'd think they'd put them around our fuckin necks." Cole remarks with a grunt, typing more, and then pausing, giving an odd look at Fiona. "'A thing'?" he echoes. "Why the hell should it? I don't give two fucks what anyone down here did. Far as I'm concerned we're all gonna have to work together or we're all fuckin screwed real quick. I'm not making any kind of goddamn issue out of it. And I doubt there's some standard besides the weirdos that care about it. Like how fuckin 'hard' they are because they did this or they did that. Who the hell cares. Talking big in the Skybox whoopdeeshit. I haven't heard anybody braggin out here since we got down." A nod at Grey. "We're just guinea pigs to the Council. I say fuck'em."

"By the council's definition I'm a traitor too." Fiona poits out, seated posture relaxed. "I'm not sure what the point you're getting at is. That I'm somehow privileged because my crime wasn't shanking someone? That I'm somehow invested in the idea that the rest of the Ark will make it here and the Jaha, the Council, and the charter are going to magically make things better?" She has a whole rant about that, but all things in their time. Cole, however, is given another eyeroll. "I was talking to him about that." She jerks a thumb in Grey's direction. "It's well established that you give less than two shits. You just want to finger the electronics until they give it up to you, and that's not a bad a thing because we need them." She looks between the two young men, lips quirking to one side. "Regardless of whether or not we care about what happens when and if the Ark comes down, we still have to make sure we survive down here."

Grey takes another sip from his plastic container, then belatedly offers the makeshift cup out to the others. He's silent a long moment, letting the others speak and considering their words before he finally nods to Fiona, "I say we still need the supplies from Mount Weather, but I don't see why we can't supplement the peanuts the Council sent down with us first." Given the limited supplies on the Ark, they really didn't sent much down with The 100, not even a full day's worth of rations for 100 hungry teens, "I say let them sit around up there with their thumbs up their asses waiting on us. I also say that there's still divisions here, and there's always gonna be, so long as some people can count on being welcomed with open arms when the rest of the Ark gets down here, and some people who can count on a cold shoulder." Shrugging that point off, he looks between the two, "So you," Cole, "think we should just set up our own camp and live life to the fullest. And you," Fiona, "think we should do what the Chancellor told us to and go lookin' for the supplies in Mount Weather?"

"If only." grouses Cole. "I'd program the electronics to love me. With huge tits." He let's them debate while he keeps typing, letting his code do it's thing. It's only when Grey finishes talking that he sighs. "Dude. Grey. I don't have a goddamn problem with some of you wanting to go up to Mount Weather. But cat we at least wait on that shit until we get a wall built? Do some scouting? See what the fuck we're dealing with? Not just running up there and then get caught with our dicks," a glance at Fiona, "an tits in our hands? I have zero issue going up and seein what there, because eventually, we'll have to. But I'd really like a wall here. Make some weapons, already got a pile of scrap ready to make into spears if some of you are feelin fuckin energetic." he throws a thumb over his shoulder at the scrap he's collected and hasn't found any other use for. "And that's if the rest of Ark comes down anytime soon. They may not. Don't give a shit if they do or don't. They can stay up there for all I care. The only thing that I care about is survin. I didn't survive gettin floated and the fuckin Skybox only to die down here."

Fiona holds out a belaying hand. "I actually think there's a happy medium to all of this. We definitely need to get some defenses up, scout the local area, get a stock of food and wood. But there's a hundred of us, and sending a small group out to Mount Weather to check it out and see if it really has the resources we need or if it's a total pipe dream isn't a bad idea, while we still have enough resources to manage on our own, and before the situation gets potentially critical. The problem is, everybody's got their first taste of freedom, and as much as being organized will save us, getting people to do the work is another story."

Grey shakes his head at Cole's complaint, chuckling as he does, "Good luck getting a bunch of teenagers, let alone a bunch of teenage criminals to build a damned wall, man." He nods at Fiona's words to the same effect. The comment about spears though, has Grey reaching under the back of his jacket, pulling out a hastily-ground-down piece of metal with tape wrapped around one side to make a handle, a rather crude knife, "I was already out looking for spears. Found a couple of little trees that might work, but this thing wouldn't do the job and I heard some jackhole already snagged the hatchet out of the survival kit." The young woman gets a sadder shake of the ex-Guard-Cadet's head, "Far as I can tell, we've about used up our supplies already." And then he's back to Cole, "And you can have all the robo-tits you can make. There's actual girls down here and no damned adults looking over everyone's shoulder. Sol and Mariah aren't the only ones who've gone looking for some alone time."

"Hunger will drive'em, if nothing else." Cole says idly. "As for a wall? If you ask me, there's shit out there that we're gonna want to fuckin keep out. Don't know what, have no idea what, but really, it's probably a lot nastier than us. The only thing we had to worry about was losing atmo and rapid decompression. Out here…shit, animals, disease, injuries, and whatever the hell is fuckin out there. No, once people start getting fuckin hurt, the idea of a wall will get really goddamn appealing real quick." At the end, he snorts. "I don't mind a middlegaround, I don't. And Grey, you might be god's gift to women or some shit, but you don't see anyone lining in up here to drop their panties for me." Beat, looking from his screen. "Why the /fuck/ am I even talking about this?? Ugh? You people."

"Well, you keep going on about tits like you're fixated." Fiona points out, "So it's hardy his fault if he just follows along those lines." She tugs at her hair for a moment out of frustration. "If we're already that bad with supplies, then we have to send people to Mount Weather. Ration what remains and put people to work to keep them distracted. If people want to strike out on their own that's their business, but if you stay, you help. You guys think we can get everyone to agree to that, or is that too reasonable for a bunch of hormonal kids who've been locked up for a year or more?"

Grey sets down the cup and steps over to where he can knock his knuckles against the side of the computer Cole is working on, "No shit, man, because you're in here poking at a computer typing 'parenthesis, oh, parenthesis, parenthesis, oh, parenthesis' instead of watching girls dance around in the rain." Fiona's suggestion is met with a scoff and a shake of the young man's head, "Have you met any people our age, Princess? You think you can force people to work, you're welcome to try. I figure it's gonna take some muscle, some fear," he points at Cole here, acknowledging that the techie was on that point before him, "or some real pretty words to get people working instead of cutting loose."

"An it's real fuckin appealing to do that. Cutting loose. Which is why I'm in here, doing this. Because it keeps me occupied and focused." Cole remarks, sighing in mild frustration, glaring at Grey. "I'm really hating you right now." he says flatly. Like this clearly isn't the first time he's heard this before. "I hate saying that fear will get everyone working together, but it's sure a helluva fuckin good motivator if you ask me. Mortality has a way of doing that. But, Grey is right, it'll take someone strong enough to band everyone together. And…" the status of the food stores does make him frown. "Some of us gonna have to learn how to hunt, real quick. And /yes/, a group trying to get up the mountain. While the rest try and band together a wall or something. Plenty of metal paneling around." he looks around the room. "A lot of these panels can be pulled off the wall. Big, wide pieces of metal. Would do well for that. Bind and weave it together with tree branches. It'll do. Can probably design a gate with what we got. But really, once shit beings to set in. It'll give people something to do, rather than starting to fuckin panic."

Fiona is staring at Grey. "You know you just accused me of saying the exact opposite of what I actually said, right? Do you even hear anything other than the sound of your own voice?" There's a pause. "Nevermind." It'll get her nowhere and she knows it. "That point is still true. We need to figure out who's got the strongest Earth skills, who the best at hunting might be, Get them on Mount Weather and food supply. I bet if there are Farm Station kids - and odds are there are, they know what to gather as far as vegetation and fungi. There may even be a stream or a lake or something, maybe someone can fish. But we gotta get our shit together now." She looks between the two. "Am I wrong about that last part?" Because she's pretty sure she's not.

Grey blinks at Fiona's words, "Hey, he said 'tits,' I was distracted." He nods to the young woman then, "We were just talking to… shit… what's her name," He holds his hand out at his side to demonstrate height, about half a foot short of his own, "Stole some drugs, H-name… Keats. Hanne Keats. She was talking about gatherin' food. Me, I'm planning to see if anything survived down here that we can hunt." His hand is up to his mouth again, nibbling on a thumbnail, and then it drops as he continues, "And yeah, see if there's free food Mount Weather way. But I dunno, I say fuck it, let them blow off some steam. People who actually do shit are going to be important real quick, and doing shit like bringing back food's gonna be a lot better use of someone's time than trying to herd all these horny, lazy assholes into hard labor."

Cole buries his face in his hands. Deep breath. In, out. "You're both right. We need to get our act together, and the ones that take the initiative are going to be the ones that're going to get shit done. But we do have to be on the same page. If they all want to suck an fuck at night, go for it. Not my problem. But Fiona's right about organizing people who know Earth skills the best and get them out there to do what they were taught. And you, Grey, are right about Mount Weather. So somebody needs to go out there, wrangle everyone together, and tell them what's what, what we need to do, and how it needs to get done. If they listen or not, they sure as hell will start once they realize we're running out of fuckin food. Once the figure out that the fuckin vacation is over, people will either start freaking out or start doing shit about it. And the people that don't? They're gonna be the ones that'll have to give them something to do to make them stop freaking out. So if Fiona wants to work on getting people together to wrangle up food, and you want get people together to make a trek up the mountain, go for it. I'm going start drafting designs for a wall and see if I can start getting people on that." That said he throws his hands. "It's all I fuckin got. Do something or do jack shit."

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