Day 039: Bored
Summary: Gosh, this underground lair is so /boring/
Date: 6 June 2016
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Madelyn Kel 

Berries. Madelyn is eating berries. For dinner. Again. Sitting alone at one of the tables, she eats berries with her fingers off of the fine gold-rimmed china.

"Bag girl," a voice greets. Kel's voice, presumably, since it's him that's approaching and in turn flopping down into a seat across from Madelyn. "Am I interrupting dinner or dessert?" he inquires, glancing over at the plate with idle curiosity, resting one elbow on the table to prop himself up.

"Spear dude," Madelyn replies, wiping her fingers on one of the fine linen napkins, smearing purple juice all over it. That'll be a bitch to clean. "Dinner, I guess?"

"Nice balanced meal," Kel muses, raising an eyebrow at the smear of purple. "So. How are we this evening? Just when I think I might be making a friend… or at least a business partner… we wind up in a mountain." He heaves a heavy, dramatic sigh, shaking his head slowly. "I guess bag-crafting and armor-modelling are both kind of moot points now, huh?"

Madelyn gives a small bitter chuckle. "Yeah. And they have real underwear here, so no one really needs my crappy tailoring. I've been embroidering everything that's not nailed down. Keeps me busy."

Kel lets otu a dry chuckle of his own. "Well, if I decide my collar needs a little bit more flair, I'll b esure to head your way," he promises, reaching up to run a finger along said collar. "I'll need to find something to keep me busy, I suppose. Politicking probably won't be particularly entertaining in a plac eso well set up…"

"Politicking?" Madelyn asks, looking up at him. "What could we even politic here? It's…" She glances around and makes a severe face. "You know?"

"That's kind of what I'm saying, yes," Kel agrees dryly, an eyebrow raised. "No real point if everything seems so… ideal, right?" He glances about then gives a little shake of his head. "Guess I'll have to take up embroidery or something," he says, a hint of teasing in his voice.

Madelyn snorts. "Yeah, okay. You do that," she grins, taking her raspberries and slipping them over her fingertips. She flexes her berry-fingers before eating them one at a time.

"Maybe I will," Kel replies, tone making it perfectly clear he has no intention of doing anything of the sort. A hint of amusement twinkles in his eyes as he watches Mad enjoy the raspberries. "You know, I do believe they have other food here besides berries," he points out.

"I know," Madelyn replies through a mouthful of raspberry, covering her mouth with her free hand as a concession to politeness. "I just wanted berries. I like being able to choose."

"Fair enough," Kel concedes with a little shrug. "So…" he trails off to nothing, glancing around. "Gotta say. Safety and food is great, but this place sure is /boring/…" he says, voice dropping significantly in volume.

"I'm trying not to get restless. I've been pretty good at finding stuff to do, but it's getting harder and harder," Madelyn admits, picking the seeds off of a strawberry.

"Yeah, I see that," Kel notes, watching the seeds get removed from the red berry. "Planning on starting your own little crop? That ought to keep you at least partially occcupied," he inquires, eyes scanning the dining hall idly. "Guess I could always just start hanging out in the library," he muses. "Better than nothing."

"I don't like these seeds. They feel weird." Madelyn perks up when Kel mentions the library. "I noticed something cool about the library. Some neat… neat books," she says, slightly sketchily.

Kel rolls his eyes at the seed comment. "Such a short amount of time to become a picky eater," he chides, mostly playfully, before looking at Madelyn with interest. "Oh? Anything worthwhile?" he asks, clearly intrigued by her tone more than her attempt at a recovery.

Madelyn nods, nibbling the seedless portion of the strawberry. "Mmhmm!" She grins a little, enjoying having a secret.

"Well, you'll have to show me if we bump into each other there," Kel replies, voice switching back to polite interest, though it's only moderately successful in hiding what is still genuine interest. "How's the berry now that you've de-seeded it?"

"Exactly. If we accidentally run into each other. Later." Madelyn is so not good at being subtle. She starts de-seeding the other side. "It's pretty amazing," she tells him.

Kel gives a rather dramatic stretch, fingers interlocked over his head, arms extended. "Well, all this talk about the library is making me think I should go find something to read for a bit before calling it a night. See you around, Bags," he says, pushing slowly to his feet.

Madelyn finishes with her strawberry, popping it into her mouth. She eats it quickly. "Never call me that again," she says, wrinkling her nose and getting up.

"Bag girl is such a mouthful, though," Kel 'complains' with a greatly exaggerated pout, waiting to see if she's going to accompany him on the way out of the dining hall before setting off.

She gathers up her plate, cup and cutlery and carries them to the bussing station. Doesn't matter if that's what she's supposed to do or not, that's what she always does. She makes her way back over to the table. "I need to check out a book," she remarks idly.

Kel waits idly by the door, foot propped against the wall as he watched Mad clear everything. "Well then. Shall we?" he calls to her, sighing and giving off a general air of boredom, except in his eyes, which watch Madelyn with clear interest in whatever is waiting in the library.

"Oh, sure, if you wanna come along," Madelyn replies, heading through the door. She is so, so, so bad at this.

Kel rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the girl before stepping off alongside her. "So. Raspberries or strawberries, have a favorite yet? Or are you an equal opportunity devourer of berries?" he asks as they walk.

"I will eat all of the berries," Madelyn confirms, keeping up alongside Kel. "I don't want any of them to feel left out, you know?"

"Very magnanimous of you," Kel says, nodding. "Don't want to hurt their feelings. I hear that leads to bruising, and then people want to eat them less…" he trails off, hand making a gesture that suggests 'and so on', grinning slightly.

Madelyn rounds the corner and slips into the library, waving for Kel to follow.

Kel follows Madelyn into the library, stopping once he's clear of the door. "So. Any recommendations?" he asks, once more adopting the somewhat forced tone of mild boredom.

"There apparently used to be a place called Eastern You-rope that was really interesting," Madelyn explains, leading the way through the winding stacks.

"If you're into political upheavals," Kel mumbles under his breath before following, glancing at the stacks to either side as they progress through them.

When Madelyn reaches a particular spot in the stacks, she crouches down. "Down here. A blind spot for the cameras," she whispers.

Kel drops obligingly to one knee, eyes fixed on the spines of books as he makes a show of looking for one in particular. "So, as mildly interesting as that is, /why/ do I need a blind spot?" he asks, voice low, not looking away from the spines of the books.

Madelyn shrugs. "I don't know about you, but I'm a little tired of always being on camera. It's handy." She sits down, pulling down that book about that country she can't pronounce, leafing through the pictures of colorful costumes.

"I suppose," Kel agrees, shrugging as he slumps down, sitting with his back to the books. He reaches behind himself, picking one blindly and laying it open, leafing through without really looking at anything. "Hmmmm… I suppose finding blind spots would give me something to do, if nothing else…" he muses, half to himself.

"It's something to do," Madelyn agrees, putting the book back and getting up stretching. She starts to wander the stacks, running her hand along the spines of the books as she passes.

Kel slides his own book approximately where it came from and rises, following Mad through the stacks. "So, anything else worth reading in here?" he asks, eyes flicking to either side, occasionally pausing to read a title before catching back up.

"I'm sure there is. Huh," Madelyn stops, pulling out a slender, brightly-colored paperback entitled 'Divine Mushrooms and Fungi'. "What the hell is a divine mushroom?" she muses aloud, pulling the book from the shelf.

"Odd thing to worship," Kel agrees, looking at the slim volume with passing interest. His attention is quickly enough drawn to the books of the opposite side of the narrow aisle, though, apparently more concerned with the actual growing of flora, rather than specific properties. "Anything good?" he asks over his shoulder.

"Maybe. I'm gonna take this one out," Madelyn comments, slipping it into the pocket of her dress.

"I'm not," Kel counters with a shake of his head, quickly having lost interest in the farming text. Turning on his heel, he continues the idle wandering through the library, waiting for something to catch his eye.

"I wish there was… a gym or something here. That would be good. I'd like that," Madelyn muses, moving to the table in the middle of the library.

"Eh, there's enough halls and that to wander around," Kel counters wtih a shrug. "Outside, though. I wouldn't mind a chance to get some fresh air…" he laments, wandering back over to the history section and grabbing another book before joining Mad at the table.

"It must be pretty boring here if you're hanging out with the bag girl in a library," Madelyn teases, scratching her fingernail against the finish of the wooden table.

"And reading about ancient Earth history," Kel adds, flipping his book open. "Ancient being kind of a relative term, I suppose," he adds as he skims over the table of contents. "But yes, anything for some entertainment," he agrees, rolling his eyes up to Mad and grinning before looking back down to his book.

"Well, I'm gonna head out. Have fun… um… reading, I guess?" Madelyn gets up, hand drifting protectively over the book in her pocket as she heads out.

Kel glances up from his book. "Oh. Well. Have a good night." He glances back down to his book, paging through idly. "Let me know if you find anything else worth seeing round here," he adds, a small smile playing at his lips, giving her a rather pointed look just to be sure she knows what sort of 'interesting things' he means.

Madelyn raises an eyebrow. "Will do."

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