Day 047: Breakfast Of Nokrus
Summary: Grey goes to see what's up with the whole Nokru business.
Date: 16 July 2016
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Grey Gideon 

Lake Arkadia, The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
47 Days After Landing

Lucian Grey is not a good patient. That much has become clear over the past month and a half. He bitches, he squirms, and he leaves as soon as he's physically able to do so. Still, he was kept in Medbay all night, and so it isn't until the morning after the Reaper mission — and Gideon's big decision — that he makes it out of camp in his olive t-shirt and cargo pants. He may hate early mornings, but he's actually out in time to see the sun crest the trees, although he is yawning monstrously.

Gideon did not waste time in setting up her small camp a couple hundred meters from the Trikru's. It is a small, modest camp with a petite firepit, her bedroll rolled out alongside it, and Delano hobbled near by. She is sleeping currently, arm curled under her head and blanket pulled up to her chin. If it wasn't already clear, she has definitely set herself apart from the Trikru, and even apart from the Skaikru. Delano looks up as Grey comes into sight, and she nickers softly.

Grey's yawn causes him to wince in pain as it pulls at his stitches, the Guardsman growling, "Sunnova… ow." Rubbing at the side of his jaw, he studies the sleeping woman for a long moment, his scowl fading to a smile, and then steps forward to offer Delano a hesitant pat on the shoulder. Scary big thing isn't as scary, but it's still very, very big. Only then does he circle around the fire and the horse to crouch down behind his curled-up girlfriend, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder, "Dee."

Gideon rouses a bit, murmuring into her arm. She looks up toward Grey, eyes bleary as she opens them. Then she offers a small smile. "Heya," she murmurs softly. Then she begins to sit up, drawing a hand back through her hair as she does. She looks tired, as if the night did not treat her kindly. She gestures for him to join her on the bedroll if he wishes. "I haven't hunted for breakfast yet, but there's some supplies in my bag," she offers.

Grey does not need a second invitation, sitting down opposite Gideon with his booted feet just off the bedroll.. The motion causes him to groan in pain, his eyes flickering shut for a moment before he's breathing again, "Don't worry," he gets in ahead of her, "nothin' broken. Just a cracked rib. And a couple'a stitches on the jaw." Reaching out with his right hand to rest his fingers on her knee, he frowns worriedly, "So. Why're you out here, instead of back at your camp?" A brief nod of his head indicates the Trikru encampment.

Gideon looks suspicious of his words, glancing over him as if to make sure he is being honest about the state of his wounds. She then snorts a bit, but she does not pull her knee away, but instead rests it into his hand. She tilts her head a bit, leaning her temple against his. Then she shakes her head, leaning back once more. "It is not my camp anymore…" She shrugs her shoulders a bit, wincing as the gesture irritates the ten cuts along her left shoulder and upper arm. "I asked Indra to release me from the Trikru, and she did."

Grey leans in quite readily, resting his head against hers, and then starts upright again at her words, surprise flashing onto his face, "Wait, what?" He looks back to the camp, wincing a little as the stitches on his jaw pull again, then turns to face Gideon directly, apparently not caring about his dusty boots on her bedroll anymore, "You asked her to…?" And then his eyes wide, his mouth working for a moment before he manages, "Did you really do it, Dee? You're gonna come live with us?" His eyes flicker to Camp Jaha, his voice lowering, "With me?"

Gideon lets his surprise linger for a bit, and a small smile starts to tug at her lips. She nods slightly, and agreeably. "Yes, I did… and she released me." She decides not to go imore detail about that release. "I am without a kru… for now… but if you think your Chancellor will accept me, I can come live with you." She offers him a small smile. "There is nothing I can do for the Trikru… and I know that I don't belong. Some are kind, trying to make me feel welcomed, but… I'm not really a Trikru. Not in my heart."

Grey is pretty obviously conflicted, although he leaps on the bandwagon pretty fast, "If he doesn't, he's a bigger idiot than I think he is. You showed you can help us at the camp." He snorts aloud, "Hell, most of the Guard could use some practice under real fire. They'll do fine once they get used to it, but the stick-up-his-ass Breen was tryin' to tell us which targets to shoot in the middle of a fight." He returns the smile, although there's still some hesitation there, "You sure about this, Dee?" Not that she can really go back, "If you're not a Trikru, what do you think you are?" It's not a needling question, if anything, there might be a little teasing to it.

"I thought that I could just… be for a little while," the Nokru admits quietly. "Perhaps help around camp, see to the kitchens… I can bring in game and foragings." She shakes her head a bit, looking despondent. "I received ten cuts for training your people… I would like to not deepen that shame, if that is alright." Then she sighs at his question, looking at the dead firepit. "Nokru," she says simply. "Without a kru."

A little laugh lifts from Grey's lips, and he reaches out with his right hand, trying to slip it around to the back of Gideon's neck, "And here I was half expectin' some romantic comment about how you were my niron." And then he plays back her words, "Wait, you got cut? By your own people?" He straightens up then, "That's…" he's searching for a word that's not 'barbaric.' "That ain't right." Says the guy whose people shock batoned two of their own a couple of days ago, "But you always got a kru, Dee. Me." His fingers tighten at the back of her neck a moment, trying to get her to look up so that he can lean forward to press a light kiss to her lips, one that lingers, then deepens.

Something playful warms Gideon's eyes. "Is that what you wish me to say, Grey? That you are my niron?" Then her throat moves a bit, working through her thoughts and words. "I told Indra you were my houmon, and that I was leaving the Trikru to join your clan as your partner." Beat pause. "Spouse." Then she shakes her head, holding up her hand to stall him. "It does not mean that, that is what we are… but it… it was the best way to do that…" Then she smiles slightly, leaning her forehead to his only to tilt her head and press her lips against his own in a soft kiss.

Confusion reigns on Grey's features as she uses the unfamiliar word, but as she explains it, he starts to nod, and then there's the beat pause and the 'spouse' word, and he freezes. She doesn't even have to stall him from the kiss, because he's a bit brain-locked, "Uhh… I… uh…" thankfully, she's kissing him then, and he relaxes some of the tension from his chest and shoulders into the press of lips. Letting out a little breath in the wake of the kiss, he smirks crookedly, "I don't think I'd try that same trick with Kane, Dee. Bein' my partner or whatever you wanna call it ain't gonna win you any favors with him. But you are a better hunter than anyone in Camp, and maybe you could even kick some of the Guard officers in the ass and get 'em to admit they should actually listen to folks who've been in real fights."

Gideon actually smiles at his deer-caught-between-two-archers look. "I know… I figure thata if the time is right, it will be right… you can be my niron until then." Then she brushes her finger across his jaw, following the line of bone. Then she nestles against him, finding his warmth and his heartbeat. She laughs softly. "As if a former Trikru warrior will be able to order the Guard around…" She shakes her head slightly then. "But, I will do what I can… I am okay starting in the dirt and rising up from that. It might be better… in the long run…"

Accepting the wince that accompanies the motion, Grey wraps his arms around Gideon as she leans into him, drawing in a breath and letting it out again, "We'll see if they'll listen to an ex-Cadet either. I needta talk to the Sergeant who led the Reaper hunt. Dude was tryin' to tell us what to do all the damned time." The words have very little heat to them, however, and he soaks up the luxurious comfort of her form leaning into his, "Hey, we've had a lotta fun in the dirt. We'll make a place together, Dee." He hesitates a moment, then adds, "I kinda wish you'd told me what you were gonna do though. What if I'd done the same thing with Kane?"

Gideon presses her lips to his temple. Then she returns her head to his chest and shoulder. "Well, is that not what a superior officer does?" Though she does offer him a smile. "We will make a place." Then she shakes her head. "And if you had left the Skaikru, well… then we could be Nokru together," Gideon laughs, not too concerned.

"Not when you ain't got a clue what the hell you're doin'. He ordered single shots against Reapers. All at one of 'em. Should've just mowed them down and…" He lets out a breath, letting the topic go, "He was… hell, I don't even know if you have the word, but micromanaging the hell outta us." He nods at her agreement, although her laughing words draw a curious look, "Is that a thing? Like, Nokru? I can't imagine not havin' a people… I'm assumin' that you got yourself another clan as soon as you talk to Kane. Too damned useful to let your skills go to waste."

"Micromanaging?" Gideon's brow arches at Grey, shaking her head. Then she shrugs a bit. "Does he not have a warrior he answers to? Can't you… take it up the chain?" Then the question about the Nokru draws a soft huff from her, and she shrugs. "In a way… outcasts and exiles are called splita… they are without a kru, but to be a splita is not the same thing as a Nokru. I am… hmmm… in-between."

"I could, but then I'd have to write a report and shit. I hate typing." Grey grumps quietly, squeezing his arm around her shoulders, and tilting his head so that he can lean it against hers, "Plus, I don't wanna get him in trouble, I just want him to knock it the hell off. I'll talk to him direct, see if that can't fix things." Her description of her situation draws a nod, "So what you're sayin' is I should try to snag a spot out in the Row now, so we can both stay there until Kane gets the stick outta his ass long enough to let you into Alpha Statio, 'cause you're on your way?"

Gideon just looks amused by his grousing. Her head dips slightly, smile bubbling lightly at the corners of her mouth. "Well, I wish you all the luck in that." Then she considers the looming Alpha Station and the wall surrounding Camp Jaha. Her expression is… thoughtful. "No… I want to talk to Kane first. I can stay out here, on my own… it… makes a statement, I suppose… that I am accepting my in-between status. For now."

"Oh, I wasn't sayin' movin' you in or anything. I mean, of course you gotta talk to Kane to see if you can come in permanent-like." Grey pauses then, straightening his head up so that he can study her, "How's that work with the Trikru, by the way? If you… ah… marry…" yup, still skittish, "…someone from another clan, or you switch clans for some other reason?" That's much safer grounds. "'Cause if this is gonna take too much time, I'll just move my ass out here."

"I don't know," Gideon confesses. "I mean… I've heard of such… we are close to Podakru, and often marriages happen between the clans. Usually, a warrior chooses to leave his or her clan for the other clan. I'm sure it is a choice carefully made." But did Gideon carefully make her choice? Or is she running away? Her mouth tightens at these thoughts.

Grey is willing to take it on faith that she made her choice carefully, "I just meant, if you know how it usually goes, that might help talkin' with Kane, even if he ain't gonna see things the same way. He's a jackhole, but…" and it kills him to admit it, "…he's lookin' out for our people." He nods to the cuts on her shoulder, "You have someone look at those, by the way?"

"If I… moved in?" Gideon looks uncertain. "Or if I explain to him the way it often goes." She then glances at the cuts to her shoulder, shrugs slightly — and winces. "Arlin did, but… I have not changed the bandages." As she was instructed. She reaches up to tenderly touch them, feeling around the edges of the wounds. "I deserved them… each stroke of the knife."

"If you explain it to him like you would another kruheda." Grey shakes his head a little, "If you just moved in, that wouldn't go over well. Especially if it was movin' in with me." Her admission causes him to make a disparaging scoff in his throat, "Come on, Dee… I can't have you losin' your arm 'cause you're too stubborn to change your bandages." Straightening up, leans in to peer at them, then reaches out to start peeling the wrappings away, "'Cause then what good are you to me?" A too-broad, crooked smile spreads across his lips at that question, despite the darker tone to the conversation, "And bullshit. You did what you thought was right. And you were. I mean, I'd get 'em if you weren't, but you obviously were."

"Oh," Gideon says, shaking her head with a small laugh. "Yes… to show that we are both clans." She then shrugs her shoulders again, wincing again, and begins to help him take a look at the wounds. As the wrappings get peeled away, they reveal the ten cuts — ranging from two to four inches — along her shoulder and down her upper arm. They have been cleaned and covered in a salve, and actually do not look too gruesome — clean would be a nice word. She looks over at Grey, expression serious. "Grey… I did what I thought was right, but I also did what I knew was defying my kru. I betrayed them… it does not matter if I was right or wrong, or if what I did was justified… the actions were still treasonous. I'm lucky that all I got was ten cuts…" Her throat tightens. "They will scar, and they should… that is a shame I will bear."

Grey knows just enough of first aid to sniff the inside of the bandages, then the wounds, smelling for infection. Unfortunately, there's that salve, so it's impossible to tell. The bandage is set aside, and then he stops, chuckling, "Okay, so lemme just start with 'I'm an idiot.' I don't actually have anything to replace this with." And so he just shifts the bandages around so that a new section will cover the wounds, "Yeah… I guess I see that." He doesn't sound happy to admit it though. "And welcome to the damn club. I'm gonna look like… uh… what's his name… Pontus… if this keeps up." Actually, most of his scars will fade with time, but he's definitely gathering a collection of them. "Okay. Sure. So you didn't have any good choices. But even when you don't have any good choices, you gotta make a choice, and you shouldn't be…" he sighs then, grimacing, "But to Indra, you shouldn't've even thought about that choice, yeah? Shoulda just come runnin'?"

Gideon listens to him with that dutiful expression, allowing him to work his way to the end. Then she nods, and there is the smallest hint of a smile. "Yes… I should have… my kruheda needed me to fight an enemy… but I chose the enemy over her." She tilts her head slightly, looking at him over her shoulder. "Grey… I do not regret my choice, but I still must accept the consequences of it… I chose you and the Skaikru over my own kru when the call came… I didn't even just sit on the sidelines… I came and actively helped your people. I think I did what was right, but that doesn't make my action wrong in the eyes of my people." Then she shakes her head, nodding to her scouts bag. "I have a kit there… you can rewrap."

"And you saved lives doin' it." Grey hesitates a moment, "Okay, you saved some of our lives." And he winces a bit at that, pushing himself up to his knees and knee-walking over to the bag, "Yeah, that'd be a lot better." The used bandage is wrapped up, saved for cleaning and re-use, and then he digs out another from her kit, "Still think it's bullshit, but I get why they did it." That's probably as good as she's going to get while the wounds are still visible. He knee-walks back, and sets to work winding the new bandage around her shoulder. It's not particularly tidy or neat, but it's functional. "I'm… I'm glad you did it though, Dee. I think it'll make joinin' the Skaikru easier, and I'll be real glad to have you in the clan."

Gideon actually smiles a bit. "Next step will be trying to get you all into the Coalition. Then she releases a slow breath, steadying herself as he works on her shoulder. The wounds will scar, but they will fade eventually into fine lines. It will take a while, and will be something others can easily notice. She straightens her arm as he winds the bandage up and over her shoulder. "Thank you," she murmurs softly. Then she looks at Grey. "How long will it take me to get a meeting with Kane?"

Her smile spurs on Grey's, although the words surprise him, "Into the Coalition? Like, following the Heda? All the Coalition laws? Might be real hard for some to accept that." At her thanks, he flashes that grin again, reaching up to pat her cheek lightly, "Hey… it's a change right, me changing your dressings?" The question, however, causes him to frown, "I don't know, Dee. He's way busy," there's grudging approval there, "It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to see him, but he's been doin' a lot. Could be a day or two? I dunno. Should be like… right now if you wanted it."

"Yes," Gideon says dryly. "I'm fully aware of how little The 100 wants to follow laws, rules, and authority…" Her shoulders then roll, though just barely now that her dressings have been changed. "Each clan has its own justice and laws, but the Heda is the final word." She then lapses into silence, nods slightly when she thinks of when she will see Kane. "I will wait…"

Grey shifts around a little painfully, then sprawls down so that he can rest his head in her lap and look up at her, "I was thinkin' more of the rest of the Skaikru. Followin' Coalition laws. I mean, the One Hundred are obviously gonna be idiots." At least there's a grin along with that, "Hey… not just you'll wait. We'll wait." His fingers twitch a minute, and then he asks, "So, how's this houmon thing work?"

Gideon looks amused when he asks the question, and she's leaning back a bit to look at him. Her eyes travel over his expression, and then she starts to grin slowly. "Well… if you actually want to be my houmon… you merely agree to it." Beat pause. "Usually before the steheda… but I do not know if the Skaikru have their own traditions concerning lifemates."

That grin blossoms full-force, to almost painful intensity, "Easy there, Gideon… I never said I wanted to be your human." Yes, Grey is teasing her even now. He twists away from expected retribution, but he's not trying too hard to dodge, what with the cut on his jaw and the cracked rib. "But yeah. We call it marriage. Husband and wife. There's a ceremony, but it's not a really big one. Just pretty much the same thing, sayin' that you want to do it in front of folks."

Gideon retaliates as expected. She smacks him across his shoulder, scowling. Then she shakes her head, looking out across the dark lake. "It is nothing we need to do now," she says simply. "But it allowed Indra to see that I was not running." Even if she is. Kind of. Her cheek comes to rest at his shoulder, curling in toward her.

Grey rubs at his shoulder, "Hey… ow." It's a pro forma complaint at best, and Grey reaches up to brush a hand along Gideon's arm as she leans over him where he sprawls with his head in her lap. "Or at least that you were runnin' toward somethin', yeah?" His hand follows the line of her arm up to her neck and jaw, "So… four walls… a floor and a ceilin'…" His eyes trail up past her features toward the arch of Alpha Station.

Gideon follows his look toward Alpha Station, and she starts to smile gently. Her head bobs slightly. "Yes," she agrees softly. "That would be a fine start." She looks at Grey, head tilted a bit. "Will you want to share that place with me? The place with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling…"

"Yup. That's what we were lookin' for, right?" Grey brushes his fingers across her jawline, then slowly levers himself up enough to steal a kiss, "That's what nee-ron do, right? Share stuff?" His grin quirks up at one corner, "That's sure the sort of thing that boyfriend and girlfriend do."

Gideon laughs, silenced only by the kiss. She then brushes her fingers up against his cheeks and jawline before she deepens the kiss. Her head tilts slightly, lingering in the moment. Then she offers a soft smile when she pulls back. "Yes… we share stuff, so… Come… we should eat… have you had any breakfast yet?"

Grey's eyes are closed when their lips finally part, and he lowers himself slowly back into her lap. The reminder of just how close it is to ass-o-clock causes Grey to yawn widely, wincing as the motion pulls on his wound. "Damn it, ow." And then he groans again, "No. I haven't. Just got up. Shoulda brought out caff."

Gideon smiles down at him as he rests in her lap. She traces her fingers across his temple once more. Then she presses a soft kiss to his forehead, curling downward. "Well, get up… I have something I can make for the two of us…" She taps his head gently, and if he gets up, she will roll forward so she can grab her carefully stored food collection.

Grey groans as she demands he sit up, but obeys anyhow, rolling out to the side and then pushing himself up to his hands and knees and sitting back on his heels, "Fine, fine. Slave-driver." But breakfast is important, especially when… well, there goes his stomach grumbling. "How can I help shut that up?"

"You can stoke the fire back from its embers," Gideon instructs. From her bag, she removes some rolls of heavy leaves and some small containers of berries. From within the leaves, are several cuts of fish that she cooked the night before. She also removes her water skin and a small slat of wood.

"Dee, you can do that without even tryin'." Oh, right, the fire. Grey knee-walks forward, digging out a half-burned branch and starting to poke at the embers, feeding in a few more sticks.

Gideon casts him a look, but she is smiling all the same. Then she begins to prepare the foods on the slat so they can be put over the fire to warm. She will split the fish, berries, and bits of soaked grains with Grey, proving that sometimes all you need is a good meal to wake up.

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