Day 084: Bridges
Summary: Whether they are built or burned is open for debate.
Date: 21 Aug 16
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New Coesbur
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It's mid-morning, and the residents of Coesbur are hard at work on the building projects. Britt is still banned from heavy lifting by the healers, so she's taking care of some of the other tasks that don't stop just because everyone's doing construction. Like mending clothes. Sitting in the shade with a needle and thread, she's working her way through a stack that sits beside her. A keen eye would quickly tell that the stack isn't entirely hers - unless she's taken to wearing skirts or big burly warrior guy shirts all of a sudden.

Fiona been spending rather a lot of time in New Coesbur. At least half of her working hours in fact, but then part of her job involves being accessible to both groups, and so it makes sense. Her Tridegasleng improves with every day's use, and she's using it now as she's standing hipshot holding a data-slate, eyeing the wooden frame that has been erected. "But if you put the window there, every time the sun crosses over at high noon it's going to get hot." she says in the Trikru's tongue. She's eyeing Tuan with faint exasperation.

Someone thought it was a good idea to involve Kai in keeping an eye on the children. This someone might be named 'Peake', in fact, quite probably it was Peake.. but regardless. The freshly turned eighteen year old looks like she'd rather prefer to be on the heavy lifting list right now. At least Rain is there to help keep them in line, but with one on a hip and another clutching to her leg there might just be an element of 'saaaavveee meeee' to her expression,"What is he.. Rain, can you get him to stop sticking that in his mouth?" she grumbles in Trigedasleng at her junior sidekick with a gesture at one of the younger boys. Passel of free range kids, mostly clueless babysitter, no wonder most of the kids look like they decided to find the muddiest puddle they could and roll around in it.

The bottom part of the window in question is in Tuan's arms, the wooden frame being held aloft as he looks back at Fiona, an equally exasperated look on his face to match her tone. "Yes, it will get warm, which during summer is difficult, so you cover the window with cloth, then remove the cloth in winter time when you want the home to be warm. Because it is warm now does not mean it will remain warm all year." He finally sets the window frame down, stretchign his arms some after holding it up that long.

Britt looks up at the familiar sound of Kai's voice, and chuckles at the sight of her with the children. "Is Peake trying to wrangle you into babysitting already, or is this one of Wren's lessons in patience?" she wonders with a light smirk. Hearing the exchange between Fiona and Tuan, she looks that way and lifts a hand from her mending to wave.

"And then it's going to be very stuffy." Fiona says, putting her free hand on her hip. "I spent almost eighteen years living in a box, and I don't want to - " she's distracted then, by Britt's wave, returning it with one of her own, and then catches Kai's little pack of children and the look on the ther girl's face. While she'll be sorry for it, she can't help herself, she starts laughing.

"Six of one, half a dozen of the other." Kai mutters for Britt, wincing as she elects to hike the toddler on her hip a little higher,"Is it lunch time yet? Please tell me it's lunch time. I get to turn them back over then.. I.." the whimper can't quite be helped when she see's one of them start to try and scamper towards the builders, but Rain is mercifully on it, leaving Kai to mutter mostly under her breath,"green eden preserve me." not helped any by the sound of laughter from Fiona. Yeh, that merits a squint that way before she sighs,"Okay you lot, c'mon.. how about we sit for a minute, yeh? Maybe if you're lucky Britt will tell you a story or something." no qualms whatsoever with attempting to drag Britt under that proverbial bus with her.

Tuan starts to fold his arms, but does manage to offer a slight wave to Britt with a small shrug of his shoulders before he looks back at Fiona, putting on a smile that is genuine. "During the day, we don't stay inside. There is too much to do." He moves over towards the woman and stands behind her. "The window there let's the light in during the day and yes, it will make things warm. But it also provides light during midday in winter." He looks at the dataslate she's holding, tilting his head, "What if there was some kind of overhang that could be put over it, so during summer the hottest of sun is shaded away?"

Britt snickers. "Not quite yet, I'm afraid. Looks like you have an able assistant. That's something," she says with a nod to Rain. Then Kai is throwing her under the bus, and she arches an eyebrow. "If it's a story you're after, you should find Sev. I'm sure he's around somewhere. Or Dural." She gestures toward one of the older village makers who's supervising across the way. "I need to speak with Feyona." Flee! Flee the children! Britt sticks the needle in the seam for safekeeping and gets up - smothering a wince as she does so - to wander over towards the bandrona and Tuan. "Morning," she greets them.

"Sorry, Kai." Fiona calls out apologetically, trying to control her smile. And then at Tuan's question, she hmms, and starts tapping on the dataslate, calling up the schematic of the house and seeing what would be required for an overhang. "Depends on how far you want to extend it. And it'll create a gutter, but if you want, we could do this…or extend it further." She's showing him the screen's moving imagery, and then blinks at Britt's approach. "Heya, Britt. You're looking better every day."

"Yes.. I'd probably have hog tied them all otherwise. You're welcome to help if you're feeling brave, Fi!" Kai calls back. Wily archer, taking the opportunity to flee. Kai manages to look jealous, and perhaps it's the patheticness of the Second that makes Dural take mercy on her, given the gestures offered in welcome. So she endeavors to shepherd them in the Makers direction with all the patience she can muster right now and Rain to help with shepherding her little flock over for story time.

Tuan smiles towards Britt as she approaches, commenting to her as she does. "Should you take many more wounds Britt kom Trikru, you may have to be resigned to knitting all the time." A punishment certainly as bad as could be imagined. He looks at the schematic that Fiona holds up and tilts his head as he studies it. "The need for sunlight is important. Warmth and lighting. It is easier to come by then other sources. Let us wait on the window placement until we can come to a firm decision." His eyes glance over towards Kai's herding of the flock and a small smile touches his lips.

Britt casts a Sorry(TotallyNotSorry) smirk over her shoulder to Kai as she flees. "Thank you," she says to Fiona. Then Tuan gets a rueful smile back. "Indeed." Her stiff movements make that apparent enough. "I envy you teenagers with how fast you bounce back. Kai in particular." Then her eye catches the data slate, and she looks at it curiously for a moment before asking, "How are you then?"

On the screen is a 3d rotational model of the structure that Fiona and Tuan are making an effort to actually build. Apparently the user can make changes to the model to aid in determining the correct measurements, how natural light will fall, what kind of supports are required and other variants that will aid in making the structure ideal for its purpose. "Not for all the tea in Ago Station, lady!" Fiona calls out to Kai with a chuckle, and with a fond nod to Tuan - do these two ever actually fight? - she gives her attention to Britt. "I'm alright. I think we're almost finished with the investigation into the dropship landing and the plans for the hydro systems for New Coesbur are apparently on schedule. It's pretty exciting, actually." Fiona's smile is flush with pleasure at the progress.

Here, no, there. Just.. sit.. waugggghh. If asked, Kai would probably volunteer to haul the heaviest logs of all if it meant escaping from small, grimy children. At least she's mostly got the catch and plant in some form of position vaguely resembling sitting upright as Dural lures them in further with the work of hands and a storyteller's cadence. Still one tries to make a break for it and has to be swept up with a wince, the Second pivoting in order to plant them on the ground again. If nothing else it's good for situational awareness, patience.. and speed. She headcounts just to make sure she's not missing any and then asides to Rain,"Keep an eye for any escapees. I'm going to go get some water so I can at least try to clean them up before lunch." the filthiest of them she elects to strip the shirt from to take with her, shaking her head as she wanders off towards the water,"I tried to tell them it was a bad idea.. but apparently they think this is better than me lifting logs for another couple of days. I wonder just how much I'll hafta bribe Sev to go back early."

Overhearing Kai's comments, Tuan cannot help but chuckle and call over to her, "Everyone must do it at some point. I discovered the better I was at it, the more quickly the task was taken from me." Almost seems counter productive, but you do not need to train someone to tend children who does it well. His eyes look back to Britt and Fiona then as they talk. "Some of the tools that the Skaikru have shown have been helpful. It has sped up some of the process of laying out the buildings."

"You could always volunteer for mending," Britt remarks dryly, gesturing back towards the stack she was working on. "Or bribe one of the makers into needing your help with something." Not that Britt ever did that. Ahem. She nods to Tuan. "Seems so. That's neat." Fiona gets a distracted, faint smile. "Well, I wish I could share your enthusiasm for building, but I'm glad that things are going well. I was meaning to ask though…" She pries her eyes away from the data slate to look properly at Fiona. "I am going back to Tondc soon to check on Erson -" It doesn't occur to her that she might never have mentioned him by name. "- Probably leave in the morning, stay for supper and be back by nightfall. If you and your parents wish to come, you are welcome as my guests."

Something Britt says has Fiona's smile tightening briefly, but she's distracted quite promptly by the invitation. "Oh…I'm sure they'd love to, but I'd need to make sure Kane doesn't need me here. But I would love to if, I can."

"Clearly, you haven't seen me attempt to sew." Kai drawls, electing to squat next to the water. She does keep half an eye on the kids while she works on scrubbing out the shirt she claimed, grunting acknowledgment for Tuan's words for all she remarks,"Shame that I suck at it then. Still pretty sure I can bribe Sev into letting me back onto the construction crew." she holds up the shirt,"I hope."

"I can hear what they'll say already. 'If you cannot be expected to guide a child, what makes you think you can guide a building?' Or something like that." Tuan's immitation of one of the elders being rather accurate, after years of making said imitation. Back to the conversation between Fiona and Britt, he adds, "I am certain it would not be an issue. You have spent the past few days here as is and as Britt has said you'd be back before nightfall."

"No, but I've seen you try to wrangle children," Britt teases, deadpan. Then to Tuan, "I'm sure they will be happy to know at least someone was paying attention to the lessons." She nods to Fiona. "I understand if duties keep you. But let me know. I planned to go tomorrow or the day after."

"I'll make sure to ask them this evening." Fiona says. "And I'll get a message to you as early as possible." She can't help but confess, "I'd like to go. If the evidence is ready, I can bring the message to Indra." Which might make a good case for her going to begin with.

"Guide a building.. right. I'm happy with following instructions just not.." Kai eyes the one attempting to wander away and sighs heavily,"I'm more likely to stab myself than the material." she mutters wringing out the shirt in her hands as she straightens and goes to wrangle child before going to dump the still damp shirt back on the other. She's probably at least half listening to what she can hear of the conversation, even if she is currently distracted trying to wipe grimy hands with her own shirt and clean them up at least vaguely. As if somehow there's a single parent likely to be surprised that children are dirt magnets.

"Besides, if you can make the trip to Tondc I can put in these windows." Tuan tries his best to keep a straight face after saying it but does crack a small quirk of smile. "It would be good for you to be seen in Tondc however."

Britt offers to Kai, "Buildings, at least, are less likely to wander off and get into mischief." She nods to Fiona, then tilts her head curiously. "Evidence?" She puts that together with something Fiona said a minute ago, and realizes, "You mean about who was responsible for Thripoda?" Her tone loses some of the lightness of a moment ago.

"Yes." Fiona says frankly. "The agreement made with the Heda was that we investigate and locate the people responsible and any proof of interference. We have confirmation that the Mountain's technology knocked out the dropship's navigation systems, though I'm not sure if it was deliberate. I've advised our engineers that they need to present this in a practical demonstration and not just some words on paper. We also have a lead on someone we believe is presently on the ground that was part of the conspiracy…but we're not pointing fingers until we're sure. And when we do know for sure, they and anyone else we determine for certain to be responsible will be turned over to Trikru for justice. Exactly as promised."

Okay. Children occupied. And after making pleading eyes at Dural Kai's permitted to escape, at least temporarily, and boy does the teenager take the opportunity to do so, wiping her hands off on her pants as she ambles over towards the other three with a sigh of relief.

Britt's lips press together in a thin line when she hears Fiona's explanation. She just gives a slight nod, and says in a neutral tone. "Well, I'm sure the kruheda will want to hear what you've found." Glancing to Kai, she notes, "Have them occupied for a moment, at least."

Fiona's voice is level at the adjustment of Britt's tone and expression. "Is there a problem?" she asks with concern.

"For a moment. Rain has been extremely helpful. I'm pretty sure she'll get to skip over the practicing when she's a Second." Kai tries not to be jealous of that. Though she elects to fall silent and listen regarding the other topic for the moment, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pants.

"Some have a gift for it. Tuan, apparently," Britt glances at him in acknowledgement of what he said earlier. "Rain, Sola -" That would be Sage and Erson's eldest niece, for those keeping track, who has been in the village a few times recently to help Sage look after Khesu's baby. "It was never mine." She shakes her head to Fiona then. "Honestly that is between you and the kruheda. I do not know what was promised. I only know that we were ordered to deliver Corcoran's band to you when we suspected them, so the Skaikru could determine their guilt. Of course, they confessed to us when we confronted them, so I suppose that made it all a bit moot."

"We're honoring our word." Fiona says. "I'm sorry if you think it's somehow unfair, but we are keeping to the agreement that Lexa and Kane made. I don't know what you believe of us, but we have no reason to go back on our word and have no intention of doing so. It's in everyone's best interest for there to be peace. And if we cannot produce a culprit, one of our leaders will accept the punishment." Fiona's studying Britt intently now, though Tuan does get a faint smile concerning windows.

"I think.." Kai starts with a glance at Britt,"It's more that from what you're saying that the Skaikru are intending to basically investigate and only turn over if they decide the people are guilty to start out with, whereas our instructions were to bring them in and leave it up to the joint justice to determine guilt." there's a slight shrug of her shoulders,"Though as Britt says, given they tried to kill me and wanted to trade my life for the surrender of three of them and a few other things, they made it pretty damned clear they were responsible for it. In the end, 's all you guys."

Tuan clears his throat a bit, "Over time. Skaikru and Trikru will learn to understand that each clan has it's own terms of justice." He looks at Fiona then, quirking an eyebrow at her before his attention goes to Britt. "Neither is right, neither is wrong. It is simply what is best for each clan. When both learn this, peace will be had."

Britt gives Fiona an odd look. "I didn't say you would go back on your word." She slants a confused glance to Kai as if to ask… did I? Gonsaleng isn't her first language, after all, and perhaps some things mean different things to the Skaikru. She nods to what Kai said and then shrugs as well. "If the arrangements are different for each side, as I said, that is between you and the hedas. It really doesn't matter what I think is right." Tuan gets a little nod to acknowledge his point.

Fiona nods to Tuan in relief, a much more distinct nod to Kai. Yeah, she got it. "I know you didn't say that. I wanted to reassure you, though. I know you're very skeptical of us as a whole and I was hoping you could feel that I would be straightforward enough to trust. Someone will answer for Thripoda, whether it's an actual culprit, or one of our leaders who accepts responsibility for the actions of members of the Ark. And it does, matter. At minimum, we're going to be co-existing, so if individuals are having problems, they need to be addressed."

Kai shakes her head at Britt in affirmation she didn't say that and smiles wryly for Tuan,"I'm just pointing out the difference, is all. Six stab wound's later, my job's done on that front. It is a relief to know it's under control, but well, I knew you'd get it handled." she glances back towards the kids, checking on them,"Not all problems are going to get fixed Fi, people don't always get along.. but in the end if everyone can co-exist peacefully, I'll be happy at least. Green eden how the hell does he manage to do that? They'd be all over the place if I was trying to tell them a story."

"They do not fear you." Tuan says towards Kai at her observation. "More so, they do not fear disappointing you. A child who loves their caretaker will be devestated if they disappoint them. But to love a caretaker, they must first be loved." He shrugs a bit then goes back to the adult conversation. "Not everyone will be in accord. They never will be, nor should they be. If everyone agreed in all things, then what individual would there be?"

"Trusting you isn't the same as trusting your people's justice, Feyona," Britt points out mildly. "As Kai said, it just struck me odd that it is different. When we suspect who is responsible, our hedas send us to bring them to you, dead or alive - preferably alive - so that they can face your judgment. But when you suspect who is responsible, you will not point fingers until you are certain. Surely you can see that those things are not equitable?" She shakes her head, her expression still level. "But these things are not up to me. You know as well as anyone that I follow the kruheda and heda whether I agree with them or not." A sad frown touches her mouth at the thoughts of skaigeda. She glances at Tuan, and adds. "People follow out of fear, love or respect. Children are no different."

"And yet, even if we find no one directly responsible, there will be someone accepting the Death of a Thousand Cuts, or whatever other punishment Indra and Lexa determine appropriate." Fiona replies. "Someone answers for it either way. I can't say if Indra would have done the same for Sonia's rebels, and I won't insult her by presuming either way. So yes, I consider it equitable. I'm sorry you don't find it so. I'm sorry that nothing we do ever seems to satisfy you no matter how hard we try. I am sorry that nothing that comes out of any Skaikru's mouth is ever the right thing no matter how sincere our effort is. I'm sorry that this has become ugly, and that you wish we all died on the Ark so that your world wouldn't have to change." At no point does Fiona raise her voice, or let it go shrill. "I do not know if there is anything we can do or say that will gain acceptance, but we as a collective are trying, within the scope of what we know, and trying to learn what we don't. We don't understand you. You don't understand us. But we are here, and short of killing every last Skaikru, we have to learn to live with each other and move forward."

Kai eyes Tuan for his words and then grunts her acknowledgment between him and Britt, only to arch her brow at Fiona's outburst,"For someone who is a liasion between the two clans Fi, that's the second time since I've been here that you've decided to jump straight to conclusions about what Britt in specific thinks or feels about particular things in a pretty ugly fashion. Britt has never said that she wishes we all died on the Ark. And she already expressed that it's not in her hands, it's between you and the heda's. Aside from inviting you and your parents to accompany her to Tondc.. so you might just want to breathe and take a sedative or something." she opines,"It's not like you don't have resources for attempting to understand better, either. So, you know. Back it up a notch."

Tuan glances about, looking like the proverbial deer in torch light before he considers and speaks very quietly towards them all. "To poor oneself wholly to a purpose; and to see the struggles that come from it is difficult. It can be frustrating, I know for myself, to find the bridges between people hard to build." His eyes glance momentarily at Britt then. "When I respect someone, I seek affirmation for my efforts. Our people show this differently than their people. This has been a lesson I have struggled to learn for some time but have gotten better at. What we speak is not always what is heard." He pauses then, bites his lip and smiles a bit. "This is why Kai belongs with us. She speaks and hears Trikru…" Then he glances to Fiona, "We are the bridge. What we hear, and what we say must be plain. I know what you heard from Britt, but that is not what she said; if this makes sense?"

Britt listens to Fiona's words in silence. And while the corner of her mouth does turn downward towards the end there, she does not look angry. Hurt, perhaps, disappointed, maybe, but not angry. Her eyes flick to Tuan and Kai momentarily, acknowledging their words but not responding to them. "Feyona," she says calmly. "I came over here to invite you and your parents to Tondc with me to share supper with some of the people I consider family. If you honestly think that means I wish you all were dead so my world didn't have to change, then I fear there really is no hope for our peoples." She turns and starts walking away, but not before calling back over her shoulder, "The offer still stands, if you change your mind."

It should probably not be surprising that Kai's suggestion that she 'take a sedative' gets the Trikru Second absolutely nowhere with Fiona, but Tuan's interjection has her giving pause for thought, as if something key that he said has reminded her of. She nods to him, looks back to Britt with intent to apologize - and is given the redhead's back. She gives Tuan a small nod, suggesting quietly, "Let's go back to work."

Kai dips her head for Tuan,"Oh you're preaching to the choir on that one." she drawls, pushing a hand across her hair, giving him a lopsided smirk for his words,"Look, Fi. You have Tuan. You have me. You don't understand something, just ask. Really. And having seen what it looks like when someone hates you and wants you to die.. promise you no-one here wants that." she shrugs and elects to turn away also to leave the pair of them to it and go check on her charges under Dural's care.

Tuan looks to Fiona, offering a small smile. "Remember when we first spoke of .. us." He explains quietly, going to start work on the floorboards, since that is a task that still needs to get done. "Trikru are rational people. We see things as we see them and we are very firm in how we see them." He moves a board into the right position, looking at the departing backs for a moment before he goes on. "This is a strength, it is also a weakness. A trikru is like the trees we are named after. We do not shift where we stand until the storm is so strong we have no choice."

"I know I can't." Fiona says, eyes lowered. "I know I won't. But just for a minute, right now? I just want to say fuck it and give up. It'll pass, but…I just need a minute."

Kai checks in with Rain and does another headcount of the children before there's a call from one of the few already finished structures, a call for food to judge from the whirlwind of children that take off shrieking in that direction. Kai blinks owlishly at Dural with her hands still up like 'oh god they're going to stampede' and finally offers with a dip of her head to the Maker,"Thank you for taking them, are you hungry? I can bring you something." there's a shake of the Maker's head and a smile, leaving Kai to squeeze Rain's shoulder and give her a nod in the direction of the others,"Go on, you too. Nice work."

Fiona nods to Tuan, as he heads off to do boy things, and amble over to Kai and Rain, as the latter is about to run off toward food. She doesn't say anything, just stares at the departing children. "I wonder how many of our people are going to start having children."

"Hopefully, a lot of them." Kai grunts, turning away from the Maker and the direction the children took off in with a gesture of invitation to the other girl,"There's Maunon children who will need homes if Morgan and the others can get the risk down to acceptable levels. Though the more practical will probably wait until after winter when things are settled a little better." she shrugs her shoulders slightly,"Couple of generations from now, siblings will be the norm again." she gives a faint, tired kind of smile,"What of you and Tuan, you reckon, eventually?"

"We're co-habitating." Fiona says, still studying the children. "This house, the quarters back at Camp Jaha. Neither of us wants to let go of our people, so we'll find a way to be part of both." She looks askance. "What happened with you and Eli?"

"We couldn't find a way to be part of both." is Kai's blunt response with a tired kind of smile,"It wasn't our only problem, but it didn't help. Coesbur being this much closer means in the least that it's at least easier to swing. Add to that, I do not feel it is fair to make him wait when my duty requires that I travel and be prepared to do what needs to be done, that we disagree as to the necessity of violence in certain situations, and that it is difficult enough being.. Trikru born Skaikru, without the added complication of having a Skaikru niron.. there are enough concerned about where my loyalties lay as it is."

"I'm sorry." Fiona says to that, eyes darting toward Kai. "You're both good people. You deserve to be happy." She doesn't want to press, but notes, "If you need someone to talk about it, on the Skaikru side of things, I'm around. It's possible that I might be traveling a lot myself if things go the way Lexa is hoping."

Kai shrugs her shoulders slightly,"I care for Eli.. have for years.. but we're.. not who we used to be. I can't ask him to give up the Skaikru.. and realistically.. I wouldn't be happy trying to be Skaikru again, so it sucks but it sucks less than the alternatives." there's a faint smile from her again before her head dips,"I talk to a number of people, Skai-side. In fact I'm going to talk to Kane, if he'll see me. I haven't.. seen the Heda since the delegation camp.. but I suppose that's to be expected, I'm just a Second. Go to Polis, if you get the chance.. if Tondc's big.. Polis is bigger. And she has a tower there.. a literal tower.. with a human-powered elevator. It's.. impressive." she rubs at the back of her head,"Y'mean if the kru decides to join the Coalition. Yeh? I hope they do, frankly. I'm a little worried about some of our friends, who seem to equate joining the Coalition with becoming slaves to the Trikru."

"No offers have been put on the table." Fiona says automatically. "But if there was, I suspect the Chancellor will be amenable. There are definitely people who wouldn't be happy about it. If things proceed as expected, I'll urge him to set it to a vote. Then there's no way the naysayers can deny that it's fair."

Kai grunts quiet acknowledgment,"It's a difficult thing, as I'm sure we both know. Even a formalized peace treaty would.. help things." she finds a rock to settle on and gestures by way of invitation,"It's difficult, for the Trikru, especially those who have already been punished for helping the Skaikru once.. to feel open to friendships and unrestricted trading when there is that fear that the kruheda might demand that they go to war again. As it is, it's already a complicated matter for most of them, Fi. Not because they dislike the Skaikru, but because by and large, they like them. And don't want to wind up in a position again where they have to pick between their duty to the kru and their personal feelings."

"I don't think anyone could reasonably expect us to exist as an entirely sovereign group here." Fiona lets out a sigh. "And anyone who thinks so, they're kidding themselves. Being part of the Coalition but having our own laws within ourselves while adhering to Coalition law when dealing with other clans…that, I think, is reasonable." She looks over at Kai. "How do you think they'll feel, if we do become the thirteenth clan?"

"Oh from those I've spoken to.. not only do they expect to be a sovereign group, but they feel that whatever they need to do in the name of technology is justified." Kai gives her own sigh as she scrubs her head,"It has had me concerned what will happen, but Oxfor pointed out that first, I should go and talk to the people who can actually do something about it. Which is why I want to go and talk to Kane. Not that I don't think you can't say it, but I want to look in his eyes and know for myself whether I feel comfortable with his answers." she shrugs her shoulders,"Personally, I think the Skaikru becoming the thirteenth clan is the best thing for their survival and peace. I believe that Coesbur will be happy with that happening. Some elements wont be, but that's inevitable in anything. If Lexa says they are so, they are so. And from what I've seen of the other kru's I'd like to believe none of them are going to be dumb enough to take on the Coalition by refusing Lexa's edict."

Fiona looks askance at Kai. "Who have you spoken to?" she asks. "And what kind of technology has been talked about? It helps to know what can be addressed. I know where energy is concerned, solar power is still primary, but wind turbines are being looked at. Clean, efficient, no damage to the environment."

Tuan wanders back, after having gone to the bathroom and to get some more supplies, namely planks, for work ont he house. He gets there at the trail end of Kai's statement but doesn't comment on it, instead setting down the heavy load of lumber with the rest that he's been working with.

"I know what my rep was, Fi, I'm not about to earn it again." Kai rests her elbows on her knee's,"And all technology. Period. I'm not a tech, but I've been to Mecha. Even recycling and repairing what we had took a lot. And that was in a sterile environment where we had the refined materials simply needing to be altered or repaired for the purpose.. down here aside from the moisture, the dirt, the temperature changes.. the Ark is now spread across a wide expanse of land. Most of it Trikru. A peace treaty with the Trikru at least means that stuff is salvageable. But Agro? And some other part landed somewhere in or near Broadleaf lands? And what about once that is salvaged and gone? I mean, theoretically they have the knowledge on what needs to be refined and to what degree to manufacture new parts.. but building those facilities? And the raw materials to refine? A peace treaty will by necessity have to include a portion of land set aside for the Skaikru.. but will that land be sufficient for such facilities? Will it hold the raw materials needed? So the question I asked them and I ask you now.. when it's not.. then what? And the answers I've gotten back amount to.. well if there's not a village there.. that land isn't being used. And aside from the fact that actually, it generally is.. it's not really up to the Skaikru whether or not it's in use unless they negotiate for it. And there's too many, among our friends, who seem to feel like having to negotiate for land use is itself slavery and, more worryingly, expressed that basically if the other kru's wouldn't let them take what they wanted, that they'd take it anyways and deal with the consequences. Considering that, especially without a treaty in the least.. such a thing would be at best be seen as theft, and at worst an act of invasion.. that worries the shit out of me." she looks up at Tuan's return and upnods his way by way of acknowledgment.

Tuan sets to work on laying boards down but starts to speak while doing so. "When I first met Skaikru, I did not understand them. Well, I still do not always understand them. But the question I always asked, and still do wonder, is what is valued?" He slides the wood into place and sets to work getting nails to hammer it in; nothing fancy, simple nails really. "This village, what does this mean to you now Kai?" He asks it to her, smiling. "When you are healed, and you are here next to me, driving nails into this wood for this house. And the next house, knowing that those children you tend to have a home. What does that mean to you?"

"You didn't answer my questions." Fiona points out frankly. "And the only way we're going to be able to handle things is one problem at a time. I didn't say anything about your reputation, I asked about who you think is problematic and what they've been saying. I'm not an engineer, but if I know about problems, I can try to fix them. How many is too many? How many people have you talked to? The use of the land, how we deal with laws, you think those won't be discussed if we're offered a space in the Coalition?"

Kai shakes her head at Fiona,"Sometimes it feels like it doesn't matter what I say.. you hear what you wish to hear and nothing more than that. It is not your problem, I intend to talk to Kane, specifically, to address it. But thank you for trying, at least." she gives a thin kind of smile by way of acknowledgment,"This is my home. That which I do, building, hunting, fighting, is all to protect it and see it grow stronger. The values of the kru's, to me, are not so vastly different as it appears on the surface. Survival. Collectivism. Obedience. Intelligence. Skaikru often include technology as part of Survival. Trikru do not. Skaikru value intelligence in the form of individualism where disagreement with the duty to obedience arises.. Trikru value collectivism higher. Both expect that where duty and personal feeling are in conflict that duty will take precedence, but Skaikru are more lax about conscientious objection as long as it is within the bounds of law."

Tuan continues to work on the floorboards, listening without speaking for a bit while he drives in a nail with a hammer. "If everyone is right, then noone can be wrong. And if everyone is wrong, then noone can be right." The paradoxical statement is made and he moves to get the next floorboard, making sure it is proper, squared, and flush against the previous as he sets to work. "If you believe all the clans get along well, you are mistaken. Really the coalition of the clans is a new concept. Everyone wants to believe that their way is correct, and the only way." He shifts the board some before the next nail. "That's why I like to see what people value. It tells me who they are."

"Funny, I get the same feeling about you." Fiona replies softly, arms folding in front of her chest. "And the hell it isn't my problem. My job is to be a means of communication for both sides. If there are problems, I can't do anything about what I don't know about." She starts to say something else, swallows it, and instead turns to start collecting nails to go help Tuan. It appears she's had enough of the conversation.

"I did not say that the clans get along well, Tuan. I said that I would like to believe that none of them are going to be dumb enough to take on the Coalition." Kai notes before shaking her head at Fiona,"And yet, when I try to tell you about a problem, you wish to pick it apart and dismiss it as not being a problem. That makes it pointless trying to address the problem with you."

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