Day 040: Briefing The Scouts
Summary: Gideon and Grey bring together a group of volunteers to scout the Mountain.
Date: 8 July 2016
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Lake Arkadia, The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
40 Days After Landing

It is early morning over Lake Arkadia, the water reflecting the soft pink and orange of dawn. It is a cloudless summer day, but the temperatures remain mild while the sun is still waking. Morning toads croak around the fronds and swaying cattails, and a long-legged heron moves quietly through the shallows, barely causing the water to stir. Gideon kom Trikru watches this all, eating what looks like a mishmash of hot grains, fruit, and a boiled egg. She waits for the rest of the group to arrive, sitting on a rock with her bow and quiver resting alongside her.

Kai emerges from the once-white and yellow tent that Elias has set up near his hothouse project, undone armor on but not lanced closed for the moment and sword in her hand. The latter is slung over her shoulder as she walks, stifling a yawn as she works on cinching herself into the leather on her way over to Gideon.

Morning is definitely Tuan's favorite time of the day, he really does like to rise early so he is quite awake and alert as he makes his way from where his tent is at in the camp. There's a mussed look about him, hair askew and a lopsided grin still present on his features as he wanders over towards where the rest of the group is. In his hand he is carrying a rather stout piece of jerky that he is gnawing on casually to serve as his breakfast.

Eating soy two meals a day may be the worst thing about the return of the Ark, and material support may be the best, but morning caffeine is way up there on the list. Grey cradles a plastic cup of the heavenly brew close under his face like a talisman against the early hour. Kai's stifled yawn triggers a yawn in him too, and he grouses, "Goddammit, Kai." No real heat to the cursing, because you can't really blame someone for sharing a yawn. He takes a sip of his steaming-hot drink, then moves over to stand to Gideon's right, offering a nod to Fiona's Grounder as well.

The sounds of morning go undisturbed by the careful walk of Hyatt, who has forgone warpaint for the moment. He is wearing his stitched-together leathers that have been fixed with some metal plating here and there, but has also forgone his headgear as well. His path towards Gideon is quiet and undisturbed by words even after he's made his approach. His dark, intense eyes turn first to her, but then start to quietly scan the others present. Once he folds his arms across his chest, he stands almost perfectly still.

Pontus left late in the middle of the evening rather than come camp early. For what reason he did not say, but he started the trip over without complaint. His horse, however, felt differently. "<In Trigedasleng> S'mon not today. Hate me tomorrow. I'll set time aside for you just for that." This might be why he was no diplomat. He was quiet save for the sound of the horse stepping on the packed path, and the crunch of a red pepper as he bit into it. Slate grey eyes watched the Ark warily where it stood poking above the trees. Pushing past the underbrush, strapped with knives, and having sword on hip and spear on his back Pontus arrived loaded for bear. Real bears. Just in case. Kai was spotted first, Tuan…and then around to Gideon. Perfect. His carved face scanned the Skaikru trying to get an idea of them.

Gideon looks curiously at Grey's plastic cup, even leaning forward to catch a whiff of the scent. Her brows arch high, and she offers a small nod. "What is that again?" But then the others are amassing, and she offers faint nods to each in turn. She draws out a map from her scouts bag, setting aside her plate and moving to kneel in the low grasses. She unrolls the map, revealing something of her own creation, created from Bruns's maps, the Ark's old satellite imagery, and her own scouting expeditions around Coesbur. There are holes, of course, but few heavily scout around Mount Weather. "Alright," she says, dedicated to using gonasleng since Kai the Pidgin and Grey the Poor Pronunciator. "This is a scout mission… which means we are strictly avoiding, if at all possible, engaging the Mountain Men or Reapers if we can." She glances to Kai, nodding slightly. "We have agreed that, if we do kill some Reapers, we bring back a body, but Wren has also set himself on this task. We care if we attract attention, he does not."

"Hey, you have caffeine, quit complaining." Kai drawls for Grey, pausing a good few feet off to one side of Grey and Gideon to stretch to the point where the still healing bits let her know that's quite enough and make her grimace. Hyatt gets a side-eye and dip of her head by way of acknowledgment, and Pontus' arrival merits raising a hand by way of silent greeting. Maps lure her closer to peer over them assessingly with a quiet grunt of acknowledgment,"Attract no attention, got it."

Reaching up to run a hand through his hair, Tuan squats down alongside of Gideon's map, looking it over with his eyes and canting his head to the side some at a few of the blank spots. "What are we looking for exactly?" He asks, looking over at Gideon across the map. "Besides avoiding any contact with the mountain of course."

Hyatt's eyes settle on Gideon entirely as she begins speaking of the mission ahead. After hearing her out, he gives a single nod of his head. The veteran warrior does squint just slightly at her as if discerning, but doesn't appear to have a problem with her leading this mission. While others speak, he's content to take a moment to stare at Grey. While there isn't any malice particularly, that intense stare might prove to be an uncomfortable one. Eventually he turns his attention to the group in general. Kai is given a slow nod of his head in greeting, but he seems more than content to remain silent for the moment.

Grey offers out the cup to Gideon, "Caffeine. Wake-up juice. Best thing the Ark ever made, and that includes squadies and shock batons." Whether she takes the cup or not, he shrugs at Kai, "Benefits." Of staying with the Ark, apparently. No, he's not going to let that one go yet. Still, he nods along with Gideon's explanation, responding to Tuan, "A way in. To get my people out, and to make sure they can't ever fire another missile. Not this trip, but the next one."

Pontus upnodded to Kai in return. He eyed Grey and listened. He didn't look friendly at all, or particularly interested when he did talk about bringing anyone back alive, but he did put a ton of effort into making sure Asher lived which was the conundrum. Maybe appearances weren't everything. He dismounted, tied the roan mare to a tree, and made his eay over without interruption or ceremony. He bit into the pepper with a crunch giving Gideon a nod to continue.

Tuan's question draws Gideon's gaze around. "A way in," she agrees flatly with Grey. "The Skaikru have helped uncover that the Mountain Men reside in the Mountain, in what they call a…" She glances at Grey. "Underground Complex." She looks back at the others. "Chancellor Kane has provided us with what little he could find in the Ark databases about the Mountain. We need to find a way in… besides The Door." She points to a place on the map that has Grey's messy handwriting, labeling the door. "But, some believe that there are alternate ways in. We're looking for those."

Pontus was quiet this whole time and finally spoke up quietly, gesturing in a vague circular motion to the maps, "<In Trigedasleng> Suffocate in there. Making bricks? Clay? Something enclosed like that needs ventilation or they'll suffocate. They have to have something. Could be useful." Because kilns and fire and people all required some ventilation or died out. At least to his knowledge.

Gideon,belatedly, takes the cup of caffeine juice offered. She sniffs it again, and then takes a sip, and her nose immediately wrinkles and she makes a bitter face. "Disgusting," she replies, handing him back the cup.

Better late than never, right? Thesda arrives on horseback, swinging down from the saddle almost before the horse has stopped moving. She murmurs in its ear, gives it a light smack on the rump, and lets it wander as the approaches the gathered cabal.

<FS3> Kai rolls Warcraft: Failure. (4 4 6 6 4 2 4)
Kai spends 1 luck points on Because my warcraft is better than that darn it..
<FS3> Kai rolls Warcraft: Good Success. (2 7 7 7 2 4 6)

Kai just gives Grey her best sanguine smile, the sort that doesn't reach her eyes and let's it stand rather than offer a verbal rejoinder for once. She eyes the maps consideringly,"Obviously things have changed, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not basically extrapolating based upon theory.. but I'd suggest maybe starting here.. or here.." she indicates the places on the map,"This place has been here since before. Which means vehicles. These areas look flat enough that they might have had a road in them once?" she could just be talking out of her ass, too.

Grey nods cheerfully at Gideon's response to the drink, "Yup. Wonderful." Apparently, one of those words means something different to Skaikru. He takes another sip with all indication of relish, then focuses on the planning discussion. "Some of the maps I got showed a bunch of buildings on top of the mountain. Some just showed like… satellite dishes." He looks around the group of Grounders and Skaikru-turned Grounder and grimaces, "Uh… communication stuff." Turning his head to show the tiny radio receiver in his ear, he points at it, "Like for our radios, but long-range." He nods to Kai, "Stuff's definitely changed. Lots." Pontus' use of Trigedasleng causes him to grimace, and he butchers the pronunciation of, "Gonasleng, beja." 'English, please.' By his tone of voice, it's a request, not an order. The arrival of Thesda draws a slow nod from Grey, who is beginning to feel rather out-numbered, his shoulders tightening inside the shiny black pauldrons of his Guard armor.

Tuan shakes his head slowly, "A way in other than there." He points at the map that Gideon indicated was called the 'door'. He chews on his lip a bit and shakes his head, "If they live in them mountain how do they breathe? Drink?" The concept seems to allude him, but then again, people from the sky right?

Pontus looked at Grey's request. His jaw tightened and while he felt put out by the request, they would have to work together or fail together. Pontus considered it finding the words and said, "Fire… people? Need air to breathe. They need way for bad air to get out. Clean good air going in." He gave Tuan a look as if he was just discussing that point already and nodded.

Gideon grimaces slightly, and she shrugs at Kai's words. "Perhaps… if it is the old roads." Meaning, of course asphalt. "But, we should not use your vehicles, nor horses for that matter, to approach the mountain." She also looks to Pontus at Grey's request for gonasleng, and she nods gently, "<In Trigedasleng> To work together means we must speak the same…" She offers him a wry smile. "<In Trigedasleng> Even if it means the Mountain may hear us." And her gaze cuts to the side as if to try to see the inevitable eyes of the Mountain on them. Then she shrugs her shoulders at Tuan. "The Mountain has its ways…" Though that does give her pause, and she looks at Grey, brows up, as if looking for an answer.

Hyatt shifts his gaze to Pontus and his words in Trigedasleng, nodding his head in agreement to him. Still not keen on speaking up, evidently, he instead looks to Kai and watches her pointing to the map. For the moment, his expression is unreadable, but he does nod in understanding to her. The question of how they breathe does have him looking curiously to Gideon. "May be a way in," he agrees in short, nodding once to her. "The force is small. If on foot, we move quiet and escape the Mountain's notice."

Kai shakes her head,"I wasn't suggesting we should. Just that this place existed before the bombs. They used vehicles then, so if they needed to bring stuff, people, in and out.. likely it would have been by vehicles. It's.. trying to think how the people that made the Mountain would think. The one's that built it, not these one's. If they were building it to defend against the people around them, they wouldn't have put a big honking door in the stupid thing that basically screams 'insert missile here'." at least that's her opinion on it, shrugging and subsiding back.

<FS3> Grey rolls Warcraft: Success. (8 1 3 5)

Grey nods his thanks at Pontus when the other man changes to Gonasleng. "Thanks. Uh… much-off." That would be an attempt at 'mochof,' or 'thanks.' And then he responds to both Pontus and Tuan, "If it's like the Ark, there'll be vents in it. But… uh… most vents aren't big enough for people. 'Cause that's just dumb." Or, you know, Hollywood. But from a defensive standpoint, it's dumb to have them that big. He nods to Kai then, "Yeah. There's gotta be other ways in besides the big door. Might be good to ignore it and focus on findin' a quieter way in?" He looks to the Grounders then, "Kai's got a good point. From what Chancellor Jaha told us, this was supposed to be some bunker for high muckity-mucks in case the bombs ever fell. We didn't think anyone'd gotten in there before they did, but obviously we were wrong."

<FS3> Pontus rolls Warcraft: Failure. (1 4 1)

Pontus eyes Grey trying to follow all of this. He could be thinking about making the ventilation bigger, or more accessible. What he got out of it was, "All crammed together living in that, how did you not slap people when you talked?" Grey was far more animated than he and Hyatt, certainly. Still though he came up with no other alternatives yet and went back to eyeing the maps looking for ideas.

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<FS3> Gideon rolls Warcraft: Success. (7 1 6 2 5)

Gideon has no answer for Grey and Kai's words, and she just shrugs slightly. "I don't know the answer to that… much of our knowledge is passed down, and some of it has been lost. We rely on The Commander… she carries the spirits of all other Commanders, including the First. She knows more about that time than any of us." She then begins to point at the map. "There is Coesbur… there is the place in the river you attempted to cross." And where Gideon and Oxfor and several other Grounders attacked the so-called delinquents. "Here is where the river runs to the rapids… I suggest we cross at the fallen tree, and then head toward the southwest. The further we are from a Trikru settlement, the less likely we will run into Mountain Men patrols." Or that's her thinking at least. Then she exhales, rubbing at her knees a bit. "There is one other thing we need to deal with… the Fog." She looks at the others now, each in turn. "If the Mountain Men send the Fog, I do not know what we can do to avoid it… besides trying to climb a tree." Because, to Gideon, climbing a tree is the best solution to everything.

Thesda considers the map thoughtfully. "We could muffle the horses' hooves." She interjects, "Though we can just as easily do without. Something I've pondered but never taken the time to observe - is there some kind of cycle or pattern to the fog release, or is it only done when someone strays past a particular point?"

Hyatt stands like a statue almost, in fact. Having spoken his piece, he turns his attention back to Gideon and watches her quietly while she speaks. Pontus is given a subtle nod of his head, but he's otherwise still and silent. Once she's done speaking, he inclines his head in a nod and briefly shifts his attention to Kai and then Pontus. Thesda's words have the veteran warrior turning his attention in her direction and he considers for just a moment. "No horses would be best."

The idea of the fog makes Tuan blanch a bit, swallowing as he shakes his head. "If the fog comes…" He trails off then and glances over towards Kai. "This is why we do not stray into the shadow of the mountain."

Kai nods vaguely for Gideon's words without disagreement the Second shifts her attention towards Tuan with a dip of her head,"I've no direct experience with the fog. Nor am I a scientist.. it doesn't burn the tree's? As far as I know? So maybe climbing them is a good idea? How lethal is it? Does it burn only exposed skin? Or like.. does it eat through your armor?" she turns her gaze over the gathering.

Grey rubs at his right side when Gideon mentions the initial attempt by the Skaikru to cross the river, right where one of Gideon's own arrows clipped him. "You just wanna see me make the jump again." His words are accompanied by a broad grin, even thought it fades as she continues. "Me, I was plannin' to run. But unless the Fog's some sorta automatic thing, isn't our best chance just sneakin'?" Pontus' words get a slightly puzzled glance, "Huh? I don't think I've slapped someone… uh… ever?" He's definitely not picking up what the patchwork man is getting at. Thesda's question and Kai's are good ones though, and he glances around at the other Grounders to see if they have any information on the matter.

<FS3> Pontus rolls Survival: Success. (5 4 2 8 5 4 5)

Pontus considered and offered, "Maybe tree or if we can find a way, a path around the mountain so it'll pass and fall below us? I dunno." His weight shifted to his bakc foot and he finished the rind of that red pepper that served as part breakfast, licked his fourth finger off from holding onto it and made a gesture vaguely to one side of the terrain. "Be fun trying to get over there though."

Gideon offers Pontus a wry smile, and she shakes her head. Then she sobers, answering more seriously, "That is my plan." She glances to Thesda, and offers an honest shrug. "I don't know… I wish I did." Then she folds her hands together, arms propped on her knees as she maintains her squat. She nods vaguely to Kai. "Only harms us and other animals…" Then she grimaces a bit. "Lethal… if the burns on the skin don't kill you, breathing it in does. We have brought warriors back to Coesbur with their mouths full of blisters." Then she reaches up, rubbing at her chin and jaw. "We should pack for a few days," she offers then, looking grim. "On foot, we're talking a two days walk… maybe three, if we are taking it slow." Then she exhales out her nose, looking uncertain. "We should leave tomorrow."

"Going in a large group would be difficult." Tuan offers towards Gideon, looking at the others. "Perhaps pairs when we get into the shadow of the mountain?" His hands press down into the ground as he pushes himself up out of his crouch. "Many of us are used to working alone or in pairs as is. We'll be better able to cover more ground."

<FS3> Pontus rolls Warcraft: Good Success. (4 8 7)

Pontus grimaced. He's known too many who have been injured by it. Then again if three people got hurt he'd profess that it was four too many people, so he wasn't exactly objective in his opinion. At Tuan's notation he nodded. It was true. He notes, "Tuan, you are really trying to get rid of us to have a better room ain't ya? We'll be in hostile territory with zero ways to communicate."

Hyatt nods in agreement with Pontus' words and even adds his own opinion to them. "The territory is unfamiliar. Stay separate, but in sight." The tall veteran shifts his intense gaze from one person to the next before settling once again on Gideon. Looming seems to be the equivalent of an Olympic event for this man as, for the most part, he stands there like a statue and just stares at people.

Grey studies the map as Pontus points at it, then shrugs, "As long as it ain't straight up, you don't need to worry 'bout me. I'll keep up." More than a little bit of bravado there. He nods at Gideon's explanation, then snorts at Tuan, "Think you can leave me and Kai in the dust?" Still, he nods at Pontus' addition, gesturing up to the earbud radio again, "Even these things don't work more than a klick…" he pauses, translating in his head, "a bit less than a mile, from Camp. If the Mountain Men spot us, we're damned sure gonna want the support of the rest of the group. And I think tomorrow's a good idea. I don't wanna wait any longer than we've gotta." A graying woman in Guard armor begins to slowly approach the group, making sure not to 'sneak up' on them, not that that's likely in the relatively open terrain and with her armor and assault rifle. As she nears, the woman grumpily calls out, "Grey, Jumar says he's found somethin', wants you to come see him in the comp lab right away." Clearly, she doesn't like serving as a messenger.

"But material?" Kai asks,"Leather? That kind of thing? If, for example, it's targeted to something in people, but tree's and stuff aren't harmed? Then all we need to do is not have our skin exposed to it." she shrugs her shoulders with a look at Grey,"If it can't handle synthetics, for example, that would be.. good? But I suppose that there's no way of knowing until we're there." she grimaces with a roll of her shoulders before shifting her eyes to Grey and snorting vaguely, mostly to herself,"Why not today? If it's going to take us a couple of days to get there anyways, once we're packed the sooner we get moving the better."

Pontus didn't know how Grey heard better by plugging his ears with things, but he got a nod. He offered to Kai and said "Trees don't breath like animals. People. Different." He shrugged as it seemed to attack soft tissues and respiratory functions mostly. At the question of leaving today he pointed to Kai. That. He was on board. Hell, he lived with his affairs in a preeminent state of order. Why not? "If we can't wait, why wait?"

The Archer glances to Tuan, and for a moment, considers his idea. But then she grimaces, and nods in mute agreement to Pontus. She begins to fold back up the map, taking care to fold it exactly how she unfolded it so it fits neatly into her scouts bag again. Hyatt's words draws a small nod of her chin in agreement. "Small groups, but always close… that I can agree to." Then she looks up when the Skaikru girl approaches, and Gideon nods gently to Grey. She touches his forearm before she begins to rise from her squat, shaking out her legs slightly. She then looks at Kai, and she shakes her head. "Covering the skin would be good," even if they are in the height of summer, yuck, "but I am more worried about breathing." Then she sighs a bit at the impatience, and she shakes her head. "Because leaving unprepared is worse than leaving tomorrow. And I want to make sure that we have enough supplies." She grimaces. "I would prefer an entire day of travel than half a day today, a full day tomorrow, and half a day the next…" She relents though. "If we are ready, fine, we can leave this afternoon."

Hyatt returns Gideon's nod, but doesn't go further into the idea. As a scout, she understands. Words were more for the Skaikru's benefit. Quietly, he regards the others before his attention once more falls on Gideon. "Morning will be better. When we arrive at the Mountain, we will want sharp eyes." Almost as if to illustrate, he squints then. "Now is fine. Not as good." Sure enough, he seems ready to move at a moment's notice. Whether or not he minds the decision isn't conveyed in his expression.

Grey looks over to the Guard, drawing himself up a little more stiffly, "Of course, Corporal Shumar. I'll be right there, thank you." The woman nods, turns a scowl to the Grounders, and then turns and walks away. Grey looks around the little group with a good deal milder gaze, ending on Gideon, "I'll have my stuff ready as soon as possible. If we leave this afternoon, we leave this afternoon. There's only a couple of us good enough to keep up and keep quiet who aren't already out on patrols." Whether he's good enough to keep quiet is, of course, highly debatable in and of itself. "I dunno how much food you all brought, but if you want, I can probably get some extra from Camp." And then he draws in a little breath, letting it out and dropping the bomb, "And I'm plannin' to bring my rifle. As a last resort, in case we get jumped hard by Reapers and have to break contact."

Kai shudders at the word 'food' from Grey. Soy products. The Guard meriting a long look from the grey-eyed girl before she straightens to her feet,"I'll get ready to move then." is offered Gideon with a dip of her head, expression distantly contemplative where her gaze rests on Hyatt and Pontus, vaguely. Sort of. The mention of Grey and rifle doesn't seem to surprise her in the least, nor, it seems, does she feel the need to weigh in on that particular topic.

Pontus gave Grey a hard look and said quietly, "We find Reapers we already failed. We find them we take off. NO. Guns. I'm not losing another village to that shit." The look was hard and even. He didn't have an issue with Grey going. He saw him move. He saw him fight. He seemed to draw a hard line on that one. "Also loud. Can't take care of anything and fade if you alert the valley where we are. It won't even be us that pays. Other villages. Those are our people too. Children. Families. People who cannot defend themselves for what purpose, us? No. No guns."

Gideon glance to Grey, and her mouth thins. She considers this, and then glances at the others, listening to each argument in turn. When she speaks next, she does so in a cautious, but understanding tone, "We seek to anger the Mountain," she says honestly. "By saving your friends, and attempting to find a way to breach it, we are setting ourselves against it… more than we already have." She grimaces. "In my opinion… the Mountain has already attacked, and might be preparing to attack again. So… jok emo, bring your gun." She then pulls her bag across her body, and bends down to take up her bow and quiver. "But Pontus is right… they are not stealthy weapons. See if you can silence it." She shrugs, starting to walk away. She'll take the heat for that, if needed, but fuck it. They're off to piss off the Mountain anyway.

Pontus arched one tattooed brow and turned his head sloooooowly back to Gideon. That their families grew up together, and he painfully dug up their hearth and brought it back. For old loyalties he stayed his anger. For old favours he'd go with her. For those that couldn't defend themselves though he spoke quietly, "<In Trigedasleng> Gideon, We're all angry about Coesbur. This is a stealth mission you said and our job to not be found. We can do this without taunting the Ire of the Rock. We will do that after we know where to hit it; Wren is going to provoke it and without need of these… Skaithings. If they're going to be drawn out, trust Wren to do that, but we need to be careful as possible are we to go long enough to not have answers. After letting his own wounded lay fallen in the dirt to argue with Arlin? I don't know that I would trust him with discretion on when and if to make the decision that dooms our people not theirs." Yes it was in his birth tongue. It wasn't anger. The poet gave only council and caution. His face stilled so that she could consider without rancor from him. He was not a politician, just a soldier; and a good one. "<In Trigedasleng> I trust your judgement… not his." He said nothing further and asked, "So this afternoon? From where are we departing?"

Grey turns his attention to Pontus at the man's protestations, "I dunno 'bout you, but I'd like to survive even if we fail. That means we can try again." He shrugs his right shoulder at Gideon, "Most people don't want guns along, I won't bring my rifle. Never worried about silencers on the Ark, and we don't have time to whip 'em up down here." And then Pontus is off on his torrent of Trigedasleng, and Grey grinds his teeth for a moment, "Gona. Sleng. Please." His lips twist into a smirk, "Unless you're just usin' it to insult me. But if you're gonna come along on this trip, you're gonna have to get used to speakin' Gonasleng, because we all gotta know what everyone's sayin' right away." He gestures to Hyatt and the departing Gideon, "I think the plan's in the mornin'. Longer time to walk before it gets dark. We can meet up here again." And then he's turning to head out as well, casting another glance after Gideon, then starting back toward Camp Jaha.

Oh look. Tent. Kai should totally go and start packing. Yep. It's not at all retreating from the gun conversation, at all. Neewwwp. Not even slightly. The Skaikru Second is not about to get herself involved in that mess when she can totally go and pack up her stuff instead. Granted.. there's absolutely nothing subtle about the way the former cadet pivots with her hands still above her head from her stretch and ambles away towards Eli's tent to go get her stuff, just short of whistling under her breath in the process. She understands just enough of Pontus' words to understand that there's no way in hell that she's wading in to that particular argument and has no qualms whatsoever about abandoning them to it.

Gideon sighs heavily, her shoulders working slightly beneath the fall of her quiver and bag. She looks to Pontus, and her mouth thins. "<In Trigedasleng> It is time we trusted one another, Pontus… and Arlin allowed our own wounded to go unattended so he could yell at Grey, and attack him no less… which was a poor way to begin a hopeful alliance between our people. There are no rights, or wrongs." She glances to Grey, and then back to Pontus. "<In Trigedasleng> Trust me, then… for I trust him. And that is what we have to do now… trust that we are both here for the same goal: to see peace be found, and the Mountain destroyed. If he proves to care more for his than for ours, then I will put him down myself." Her throat tightens with her words, but she nods curtly. "Here. We will set out together from the Lake and head west." Then she glances to Grey, shaking her head. "He was not using it to insult you… but it is time to prepare… and you need to see to your own duties before we leave." She begins to gesture people off, hoping to disperse the situation, and see to her own preparations.

Hyatt nods to Grey in response and quietly considers the younger man. This also results in a bit more staring. This is particularly for the comments about the rifle. While he doesn't talk a whole lot, there is certainly a look of disapproval on his expression directed at Grey. Apparently rifles are not an option in his eyes. With a brief look to Gideon as she retreats, he frowns a touch before settling his gaze back on the young man who owns a rifle. "Remember that when you use it, you put everyone in danger." The words are spoken calmly, but with no less weight as he too begins to walk towards the direction of the Trikru camp.

Grey nods to Gideon over his shoulder, nodding once, then looks over to Hyatt, "Not if we succeed." And then he's gone back to Camp.

Pontus stood quietly and looked to Grey and said simply, "I appreciate it. Don't know how to say… It's not about us. It's about the people that get hurt if they know we bring those. I don't fight for me. I fight for them. Too many people have gotten hurt because of those. I don't want to come home to see my kid or others because the village or someone's village is now not there. It's not you. It's that." He looked to Grey levelly and wasn't angry with the Skaikids, but had a thought on not covering their own ass, but looking forward to cover those of others. Not breaking more than they were fixing. Looking to Gideon when Arlin was brought up he nodded. She wasn't wrong. With an actual curiosity, maybe concern. "Akorn's Niron? Asher? How's he?"

Kai has learnt to travel light, really. Though the chair that Eli has set outside of his tent is the perfect spot for her to start organizing. Pack. Blanket rolled carefully. She keeps glancing towards the splintering remains of the group, keeping her eye on it, but making sure she's physically and mentally as far away from it as she can get.

One last note from Grey, "Akorn? I don't think Asher's anybody's niron. But he'll live."

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