Day 040: Bringing The Outside In
Summary: A wounded Security officer is brought into Mount Weather, and the Twenty Three make a surprising offer.
Date: 8 July 2016
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Level 3 Corridor, Mount Weather
This corridor is almost indistinguishable from most corridors of Mount Weather. The ceilings and corners are rounded off, focusing on stability rather than sharp lines. It is crafted primary from cement, with glossed cement floors. The number 3 is painted on the floor, indicating that this area of Mount Weather is part of Level 3. This corridor gives access to the secured medical labs, quarantine ward, and infirmary.
40 Days After Landing

Every day in Mount Weather is, in some ways, the same. Sure, the start and end of 'day' varies based on the time of year to match conditions outside, but there's no weather in Mount Weather, and no change in the scenery except when art is cycled through the walls. The corridors outside the infirmary are the same as they ever are, stark and clean… until they're not. An orange light begins flashing high up along one wall, the possible radiation leak alarm. And a nondescript door in the corridor bursts open, showing a flash of a staircase not on any of the visitors' maps before it slams shut again, several hurried figures in hazmat suits hurrying through it, weapons still slung and carrying one of their number between them.

Scarlett is leaning against the wall near the door to the Infirmary, her head is bowed and she is paler than normal, her white/blonde hair is spiked down along her jaws and she is cradling her folded arm, keeping pressure on something covered by a cotton ball. She looks less than happy or pleased, but when the light starts to go off, she stiffens and looks up quickly, moving to push herself off the wall.

<FS3> Raphael rolls Brawn+brawn: Success. (6 3 8 6 6 1)

Among those figures is Raphael. The Ground Unit suit obscures him, but he effortlessly carries someone inside. Said someone… has an arrow through the suit. Once he's inside, Raphael heads for the infirmary, his dead eyes wasting no time in anyone else in the corridor. Clean. Professional. efficient. That's the Russian's motto.

Cameron agreed to donate blood, a thing he hadn't ever done on the Ark, but was aware of happening, so something that doesn't bother him from a mental perspective. He's looking a lot better then he has before, with a smudge of green on one cheek and green on his fingers, from painting. But he's been sleeping since being put on medication. That's not to say he looks quite like he did at the camp, wandering around like he owned the world— he still twitches at every sound and nervously eyes the ceiling, and he's still so deep in Denial that he refuses to think about anything. Morganisnotdead. Still, he's better. Upon seeing Scarlett, he lifts a hand, "Hey, Scarl—" Then he flinches visibly at the alarms and looks around in concern.

Reno was pretty animated and excited going towards the Infirmary as nuts as that sounds. Yes he had to get a check up, and Ruth hadn't been feeling well and he couldn't wait to show Tink and Madelyn something cool he found with some of the equipment they had there. Madelyn was curious where certain esoteric skills came in handy and there was abundant opportunity there. Mostly? He was just really proud to show his idea off to Tink because he loved it when she got that 'I'm so proud of you' look that gave him other useful ideas. And Dr. Salvatore was. still. busy. Drat. Life was good down here. Then there was a sound. The lights shifted and a sense of immediacy rushed through the corridor with scary figures emerging. He understood the basic functionality of the suits. Sure. Good lab gear. There was a part of him that froze watching feeling like ice water in his veins for a moment remembering when he woke up alone, thinking Max was hostage, not knowing where Tink was, and feeling rather cornered. His hand squeezed hers and he looked around. Cameron was there he asked Cameron, "What's happening?"

Madelyn startles at the alarms, reflexively backing into the wall. She blinks in surprise at the previously-unknown staircase, trying not to be in the way of the hurried and heavily-armed people.

Tink was happily walking along, more than willing to let Reno go on and on about his discovery but then the alarms go off and Tink gets that look on her face…she remembers the other time alarms when off. It's when she blew the generator and almost killed herself. It takes her a moment to realize just where she is…her hand is a death grip in Reno's hand. But then the hazmat suits come by and instead of freaking out Tink, she's able to breathe because she's not on the Ark.

Raphael may be silent and collected, but not all of the Ground Unit team is. "We got wounded here! And a suit breach!" Indeed, since the suit was already breached, the material was torn open more widely to allow access to the wound to remove the arrow, and those in the hallway as the group moves forward can see through the rent material, to see what looks like blisters and boils ravaging the skin of the woman's shoulder.

Those dark eyes flicker around to those who appear in the hallway, and she takes a deep breath before moving towards Cameron and the other visitors. "Just stay out of the way, they need get to her quickly.." She is biting her lip, trying hard to see if the one hurt is someone she knows personally, her pale features still very pale but she stays as far away from the suits as she can, even backing up into Cam's larger form as she tries to keep the other trio away as well.

It doesn't take long for Raphael to realize there are *guests* here, but he doesn't skip a beat. One of his people might die if he's slow. "Corporal Marlowe, clear the way. Now." His tone is snappy, a gravelly baritone. "Someone get the doctor in here, acute radiation poisoning and material puncture." He can't just say 'arrow in the chest'? More than once his units have called him a robot in disguise and teased him about his lack of emotion. Not once has he risen to the bait. Right now, he's beelining it for the door.

"I don't know, Reno." Cameron pauses, then sees the arrow, "Grounders. Grounders attacked the Ground Unit, probably." Then he nods over to Scarlett, scooting back, keeping away, but: "I have basic First Aid training, would I be of help? Or just be in the way?"

The sound of the alarm has Dr. Salvador Montgomery emerging from the medical labs, polished old shoes clearing the cement floor with brisk strides and white lab-coat swinging at his sides. For once, he wears a serious expression, a far cry from the affable, fatherly joker he is when he's seen casually in the dining hall. "Get them to infirmary," he says, scanning the faces of the wounded for people he knows before frowning at the crowd of morbid curiosity. "Anyone who isn't a patient needs to stand aside."

Madelyn nods barely perceptibly, trying her best to press flat against the wall. She watches the injured hazmat people with a mix of curiosity, horror and sympathy.

Reno held Tink's hand and was here for his appointment. He had a reasonable reason To be there, but seeing the grounder arrow his head shook. Maybe running away was a good plan. Ya know it was courteous to the doctors and… damn curiosity. He said quietly. "Damn grounders. Still. Ruining. Everything. THIS is why we don't go outside." He drew in a shaky breath and watched with an earnest concern.

Tink doesn't need to be told twice, she stands aside, keeping ahold of Reno's hand as Salvador takes control and gets people to move so he can get the young woman to the infirmary. She looks to Reno and murmurs, "Why is her skin bubbling? That shouldn't happen from an arrow."

The woman being carried toward the infirmary screams, writhing in the arms of those carrying her. One of the Ground Unit swipes the infirmary door unlocked with a keycard, then kicks it open and braces it with his boot, clearing the way for the wounded security officer to be taken in.

Scarlett is about to answer Cameron's question, when the Doctor arrives and when she gets a better look at who is within that suit, she knows that hair, and the long scar that is now quickly turning into a mass of blisters, "Georgia!" As badly as she doesn't need to be near those suits and whatever they bring with them, the young woman steps away from blocking the teenagers and step towards Sal, clearly deciding she needs to see to her friend or maybe drawing attention away from those standing around and watching, either way she is moving back towards the door she just moments ago exited.

Cameron winces when Scarlett knows the person; but hell, everyone knows everyone on the Ark practically, and they're a mush smaller population. "Eden preserve her." he murmurs by way of a sorta-prayer.

The guests haven't seen him at all yet, but Raphael's Russian features are in plain view in the suit at this point. He's been doing this job for almost 12 years now, and this sort of thing is just part of the hazard. Raphael remains silent as he and the others carry the woman inside the infirmary.

Reno stared and let his brain try to calculate what he was seeing like a scanning marker. "Grounders, Tabitha. Could be acids, poisons, general rudeness, some nature of insect allergic reaction. I dunno… Max might but that's… That looks like… well it's not good."

Although Montgomery is in a rush, and doesn't look apt to take much time to explain or reassure anyone until the crisis has been averted, he sweeps a clear-eyed gaze towards Tink before stepping into the infirmary. "Radiation poisoning," he echoes Corporal Marlowe's explanation. "She needs blood. A lot of it."

Tink nods her head softly and then looks to Scarlett and Salvador with concern, "But they're not wearing suits…does that mean they're in danger too?" Her concerned gaze looks at the good doctor cause she likes him. She doesn't want him to get sick like this woman.

Though tiny and nervous, Madelyn steps forward. "Do… do you have enough blood? If… If you need it… I have… you know… blood." She winces a bit at her own phrasing, wishing she sounded as eloquent outside of her head as she felt inside of it.

"I was coming to donate… Arkers are universal donors. All of us. Its part of our genetic engineering." Cameron pips up in offering, looking over to Reno and Tink in a questioning tone.

Scarlett bites her lip hard when Sal speaks of needing blood, those dark eyes grow hard and she turns to look at the group of teenagers, her eyes flicker towards Cameron and she is about to say something before he heads in. She is right after him and the doctor.

Infirmary, Mount Weather
This is a long room, accessible in various points along the level four corridor. It has an arched, buttressed ceiling like much of the compound. Circular white lights are embedded on the wall, following up the arch to create a bright, luminous space. The floors are in the same polished concrete as much of the compound, and these are well-cleaned to keep a sterile environment. Rows of beds line the walls, and there are mazes of flexible tubing running up from each bed, along the wall, and then back toward the secured medical labs.
40 Days After Landing

Tink looks at Cameron and nods as he offers to donate. Tink doesn't hesitate to offer her blood as well if it will help the girl. She gives Reno's hand a squeeze and hopes he follows her into the infirmary to help.

Reno looked to Cameron and said, "He's right. If they did their work correctly. She don't weigh much. Maybe we can help? At least one of the three was a larger moving target. That said the trio skirted their way into the Infirmary to see if they could do some good for that poor woman. It was their community now too. Can't just stand by.

Raphael crosses into the room with the others, ground suit still on. Soon enough, the woman is put down on the nearest bed. Then, and only then, does Raphael unlock the seal on his suit and take off the top hood. He is distinctively Russian in features, but his accent is jut like the rest. As Salvador comes in, Raphael stands at attention briefly as he reports in a flat voice, "engagement at 0900. Disengaged at 1100 hours with Office Dumas down. Lifted and evaced to base for treatment, Sir." Yep, all discipline, even to the civilians. Raphael hasn't changed a bit.

With the Ground Unit security team and the nurses hurrying about to get the wounded officer on a bed and start cutting away her hazmat suit, there is no one to bar the door to keep the onlookers from entering. As she's set down, Dumas continues to scream and writhe, her hands coming up to scrabble at the torn hazmat suit, only for her arms to be held down by two of the nurses. As the hazmat suit is removed, she is revealed to be a fit woman in her mid twenties, with dark brown hair that is nearly black. The lesions have spread from the join of her right arm and chest up toward her neck and down her arm. and has her uniform blouse and flak jacket are cut away as well, not only does the wound become more visible, but also a metal disk at the left side of her chest, just above the line of her sports bra. It appears to be an implant of some sort, with two connections available.

<FS3> Cameron rolls Resolve: Great Success. (8 7 7 7 5 3)
<FS3> Madelyn rolls Resolve: Success. (6 6 1 1 8 1 3)
<FS3> Scarlett rolls Resolve: Good Success. (3 2 7 3 1 7 8 6)
<FS3> Reno rolls Resolve: Good Success. (6 8 1 8 2 7)
<FS3> Tink rolls Resolve: Good Success. (5 8 6 8 8 5 1)

Cameron blinks, a look of surprise on his face as he regards Scarlett for a moment. But he looks and watches as the woman's wounds are revealed— the implant makes him blink, but the aggressive nature of the make him shiver slightly. But, Cameron keeps his cool, as is usually the case. Staying back out of the way, he speaks, "Do you have enough reserve blood, or do you need an emergency donation? If you didn't hear it, sir, Arkers are universal donors by design." So, suitable in a case where there's no time for typing. He's worried for the lady and wants to help save her, of course. But he's staying back away from the action. Just in case.

Scarlett takes a deep breath as she enters the room, she really hates being here, but she is probably one of the softer hearts in the mountain at the moment, so she hurries over towards the bed they have put the wounded on. She speaks softly, doing well to stay out of the way but giving Georgia a voice she knows well. "I know it hurts Georgia, but we have you, just try to breath, your not alone.." Her voice is husky and almost haunting in that emotional way she has, but anyone can see a tear start to slide down her cheek.

In case she wasn't heard the first time, Madelyn offers again. "If you, um, need it, I volunteer, as well." Not for any gratitude to the mountain, or a show of loyalty, but sympathy for the injured woman.

Salvador thought he made himself clear with the whole, 'Only Patients Are Allowed in Medical' policy. Typically a firm man and a doctor with some authority in Mount Weather, he tends to be listened to, but not so with the inquisitive Ark-born criminals. He sets his cleanly-shaven jaw with some effort to contain his annoyance, but strives to focus on the task at hand rather than trying to clear the room. "You want to help?" he asks Cameron, turning to look at the first person to volunteer… even if he is smudged in green paint. "Her condition is serious. She needs a direct transfusion from someone willing to risk circulating her blood with theirs."

Tink takes a deep breath and adds her voice to the mix, "If she needs help…I can volunteer." She's not too keep at being someone's donor but the girl is hurt, has people that care about her and these people have been helping all along so it's time for them to give back. She pauses as Salvador explains what he needs and then nods, "Ummm…does it matter if the donor is male or female? If you need a female, maybe Mad and me can double team."

Scarlett sucks in her breath as she turns her eyes to Salvador, he knows her very well, and probably even likes her a bit, but he can see in her eyes, how bad she thinks this turn of events are! She doesn't growl, doesn't do more than move her body as if blocking at least Cameron from getting to close, she can't do it for them all, but she does for the one person she has really talked with.

Georgia struggles against the hands of the nurses, her back arching, but Scarlet's familiar voice causes her to reach out, grasping wildly for the other Mountain Woman's hand and squeezing in a death-grip.

Reno gave Tink's hand a squeeze and muttered something to her about mixed meds. He eyed them and said "I've not been sick before if that's helpful? But what's going through her making her blister like that?" He didn't let go of Tink's hand yet.

Raphael simply moves over and starts to usher the children out… then when the doctor speaks… seems the policy is no longer valid. Raphael takes position next to the door then. Still in his ground suit, he adopts a formal military stance and starts to observe. His combat knife is easily seen at his waist, holstered… and his rifle slung over his back as he simply watches. With those dead rust eyes. His bald head catches the light on occasion as he moves.

Cameron is totally bewildered by Scarlett seeming to want to protect him, so he pats her shoulder lightly, reassuringly, "Hey, it'll be fine. I lived on the ground for a month, whatever radiation is in her I've already been exposed to. I'm strong and healthy." He nods his head, and speaks past the nice lady trying to save him, "I'll do it, Doctor. Better me then anyone else." He's clearly trying to protect Reno, Tink and Mad as much as he's trying to offer to save the lady. As if they need it in here.

"I'm healthy, too," Madelyn says, sticking her jaw out defiantly. "I've never been sick and I've never been injured. Please… She's…" The slight girl pulls herself up to her full five-foot-one height.

When having to make a choice between protecting those she has just meet and giving comfort to a friend, Scarlett let's the choice be taken from her at the moment and her hand curls around Georgia's, "It's going to be ok Geo, Doc Sal is here, and he will make sure they take care of you. The male voice you here volunteering doesn't know how dangerous this is, but is offering to help anyway.." Her voice keeps that hauntingly sooth quality, but her eyes move to Cameron once more and she gives a tiny shake of her head, those pale strands of hair framing her eyes and hiding them but from direct contact.

Tink listens to Reno's words and nods slowly, "In full disclosure Dr Montgomery, Cameron and I are both taking antidepressants. If you're worried about our blood not being 'clean' then maybe it is better to take Madelyn…" Or Reno but she doesn't say Reno's name. Nope, sorry girl friend but Reno is being protected. She looks at to Cameron to confirm he is taking meds.

Really, Dr. Montgomery picked Cameron because the fellow looks large, robust and healthy. But at Tink's words, he nods, and waves Madelyn over to an adjacent bed with a finger. He's not really asking. He isn't forcing, but he also isn't asking. Noting Scarlett's growl, he moves his hands to her shoulders, gently but firmly, and tries to physically move her aside while at the same time reassuring her with a look in her eye. "Do you want Georgia to live?" he asks her. "You need to stand aside and let me do my job, Scarlett."

As the newcomers volunteer en masse, an intern goes running to get the necessary equipment for a decidedly non-standard treatment. They've already got the necessary tubing and machinery for Georgia's side of the process, but hooking up to someone without a shunt… that's new. In fact, one of the nurses is already connecting tubes to the metal disk in Georgia's chest and to a machine between beds.

"Oh, I forgot about that." Cameron frowns a little bit, "But its not an antidepressant, its… something for nightmares. I don't remember what its called." He doesn't look very pleased that Madelyn is the one to go get hooked up, but he fidgets, slipping his hands into his pockets, frowning. There's nothing to dooo to save the day. Cam hates it when he can't DO something.

Well ok, Sal knows Scarlett well enough that her almost growl is picked up on, and that causes Scarlett to sigh softly but she nods to where her hand is in a death grip. "Georgia needs me here, she needs to stay calm.." This as much to the patient as to the doctor. What the teenagers are doing or not doing has to be ignored for now as she squeezes Geo's hand once more.

Tink puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him, "Yeah…I know, I want to help too but we can't introduce that into her system…not without knowing what meds she might have taken or the radiation poisoning is doing to her." She doesn't want the girl to die. She also keeps her other hand in Reno's hand and gives a hard squeeze.

Brave-in-this-moment little Madelyn walks over to the bed that Dr. Montgomery indicates. She stands, hands clasped in front of her, a grim, determined look on her face.

From one, to another, to another. Raphael watches the scene play out passively. That stance is maintained for now… apparently, Raphael is content in the hazmat suit. Then… "The doctor is good at what he does." A bit of assurance from the most unlikely of places. Sure, he's a military man… but these are not military. "Thank you for giving her the chance to live." Raphael has seen perfectly decent soldiers die from unlucky hits like this too many times.

Reno was about to say something and had Tink's hand clamped in his. His face was a look of studious concern, though given way to being incredibly academic about this. "Wanting to help, and using a compromised variable, Cam, is not a good combination." He looked to Maddie. There was a concern for her, though her immune system stood a greater chance to not have the same reaction. The electronics-prodigy asked curiously, "DO you have devices that will measure rad units, by chance?" The question went to Raphael. He was in science mode and his brain was trying to DO because standing and just feeling useless? Cameron was right. He looked around and tried to think of a sideways angle in this.

Salvador Montgomery has in fact done this many times before. The donor situation is new, but he apparently knows exactly what to do. When brave Madelyn goes to lie on the bed, he takes a large, capped needle handed to him by one of the nurses and a piece of tape. Thanking the others for volunteering would probably be a good idea, but there'll be time for that later, when Georgia isn't on the brink of death. For now, and with little ceremony, he attempts to puncture the side of Madelyn's neck, followed by pressing the tape down where the overly-large needle goes in.

When Madelyn sees the needle her eyes go wide and she goes a little pale. She screws her eyes shut in anticipation, tensing her body. She doesn't make a sound as the needle goes into her neck, though she clenches her hands together tightly.

"Unit capability is classified on a need to know basis, son." Raphael immediately answers. These people aren't military, why would he give them *anything* except what they can see? "The doctors here might have units of that nature, I don't know.

Once the nurse has prepped Georgia, he turns to watch Salvador complete the other end of the procedure, "Set, Doctor." Another nurse is studying the wound itself, "They pushed the arrow through, Doctor." Just like they should have. "Nothing's spurting, but there's solid bleeding." None of the rad alarms are going off in the infirmary, so theoretically, they should be safe, but that doesn't say anything about what Georgia could have been exposed to Outside.

"You're right." agrees Cam to Reno with a little sigh, even if he doesn't like it. Still, he watches the needle and the procedure with some concern on his features. "I just want…" He doesn't finish that sentence, and instead looks to Scarlett with a thoughtful frown. Its not a 'I'm frowning at you' sorta frown, but a frown while thinking about her frown.

Scarlett is both trying to stay out of the way, and help her friend at the same time, her other hand reaches out and caresses the fingers wrap around hers and she keeps talking. Soft words of comfort, or stories from the past, anything to distract the woman as they go about working on her. From time to time she does look to Mad in concern but takes a shudder breath and goes back to comfort talking.

Tink didn't like the look of that big needle. Nope, she's kinda glad the drugs she's taking put her out of the running to be a donor. But she does make a point of grabbing Maddy's hand with her free one, "Hey…you're doing really good. You're being really brave." She tells the girl as she looks at Reno to also jump in and say something.

Madelyn squeezes Tink's hand, trying to keep her breathing level and steady. She doesn't respond verbaly or nod (because nodding with a giant needle in your neck is a bad idea), but she taps the blonde girl's hand with her thumb.

Although his bedside manner leaves something to be desired now that they're in the midst of a crisis, Salvador does take a moment to meet Madelyn's eye once the needle is in. "Thank you," he says to her, and it's fully sincere. That done, he assists the nurse and screws the other end of the needle into the tubing protruding from Georgia's dialysis valve. "Was the arrow barbed?" He sends this question to Raphael.

The machinery between the two beds begins to whir, and one of the tubes connecting the patients to the machine darkens, running up from Georgia and Madelyn… and then running back down toward the other patient. Georgia twitches and her hands close spastically, tightening on Scarlett's fingers, but apparently this is normal or at least normal enough, because the nurses don't look any more worried. In fact, Georgia seems to relax, letting out a little sigh of a breath.

"They usually are, Sir. This was one was as well." Is the immediate answer from Raphael. Being the senior officer from the Ground Unit in room, Raphael seems comfortably comfortable in the role. "It was regrettable that we needed to carry her at such length."

Reno furrowed his brow at Raphael and said, "If I knew I might be able to help though. I've been looking at a means to rebond rogue isotopes to help slow decay and stability." They could help on a totally different level but He was a little tired on not being heard when there was opportunity to find a different way if they just had tools to use. He sighed and looked to Madeyn, "Hey, This is incredibly brave. We'll get you cake after this and even prevent Lip from feeding it to you." Because it'd be an improvement from the game the evening before, but hey it might help her smile. "See, you're being totally selfless. Good sister quality trait."

Cameron nods in agreement with the others, "Yeah, you're doing real well, Mad." He glances up at the ceiling and contemplates for a moment the likelihood of it crashing down and killing them all. Giving it a 30% chance, he decides to focus on the goings on here.

Scarlett watches Geo carefully, those dark eyes focused at the moment, she smiles when her hand is squeezed and then returns the squeeze with soft words that do not travel to far. Whatever her issue was before, it's not coming out now, not when her friend seems to need her support.

Tink gives Reno's hand a squeeze, "Let them…focus on them…" She loves Reno's big ideas but now is not the time. She wants the doctor concentrating on the girl and then on Madelyn who's being all brave as that weird machine cycles her blood through her, "So are you trying to cycle the radiation through her…like a filter so the blood that goes back in her is safe?" Okay, she was going to keep quiet but right now she's starting to get curious from the science.

Raphael has stayed quiet unless prompted for the most part. Reno's complaint is dismissed in his mind. He's not medical staff, and certainly not qualified to determine any of that.

Tink, however, does get his attention. The teenager gets an appraising stare from the bald Russian before he goes back to observing the procedure.

The odd feeling of the blood cycling starts to make Madelyn feel lightheaded. She lays back, smiling weakly at Reno. "Thanks, bro," she says softly.

Like the girl says, Dr. Montgomery was focusing on his own rather than on the inquisitive teenagers. For now he doesn't put much stock in Reno's words either, focusing on staunching the bleeding of Georgia's arrow wound, but when Tink speaks and Corporal Marlowe eyes her, the doctor nods his head. "There is no guarantee this will work," he claims. "But it could save her life."

There's no instant healing… that sort of thing just doesn't happen, but Georgia does calm and relax, some color returning to features drained by bloodloss. The nurses continue to study the readouts from the machines, "Blood pressure returning to normal parameters, Doctor."

"The President, today, when we talked outside? He said our blood metabolizes the radiation. He asked if I'd consider volunteering to donate blood to transfuse into the healthy people to try to boost their… well, whatever it is that makes them weak but us strong. I said yes, of course, which is why I was coming up here." Cameron says over towards Tink, "So I suspect — I'm no medtech or anything — they'll try to flush the lady's irradiated blood through Mad's body which should clean it, then Mad's blood helps her body heal. And since we're all universal donors… Or…. something like that. I mean I figure its no different then the Ark? I was too young to donate before I moved into the Skybox but I know my mom and dad donated fairly regularly to Medical."

Reno stood holding Tink's hand and watched Madelyn. "Hey, you're making a difference for two people and others today. It's a brave bold new step." He looked to Cameron curiously and nodded, "Yeha. My mom was a med-tech. She mentioned something as much. Max would know better than I. But we should act as a centrifuge or… distillery. No. Wrong word. But yeha."

This gets an approving nod from Raphael, who's gaze goes to the woman herself, finally. As the teenagers speak, Raphael just glosses over them. He might be a field medic… but he's no expert on any of the technical matters. Salvador, however, gets a a glace. "That looks promising, Sir."

Madelyn's face relaxes as the painkillers from Georgia's system hit hers. "Two people?" she asks Reno, confused, her vise-like grip on Tink's hand loosening. She opens her eyes, glancing around the room.

Reno gave Madelyn a lop-sided grin, "Georgia and her friend here." He noted to Scarlett. He glanced to Tink and Cameron and gave Tink's hand a couple of squeezes. He added "We're all mighty proud of you. Needles are pointy and not comfortable and it's a new scary thing, but hey, we're doin it and you're making it happen. Saving lives is what we left the sky to do."

"You know, if you wanted the blood to be purer when it goes to back into her system, you could set up another filter," Tink offers to the doctor as she watches the process, "So the first person would get the majority of the impurities and then the second person would finish cleaning what was left and it might come back cleaner into her system. I used to set up double filtration systems when I was building generators to filter oil that wasn't always as pure as I'd like."

Oddly, Salvador does not look entirely pleased by what Corporal Marlowe identifies as promising results. His eyes scan the reading on the dialysis machine before he looks between Madelyn and Georgia. "She's stable for now," he confirms, then looks to the donor. "You may start to feel a little tingly from the sedative," as she may have already noticed. "If a second one of you wants to act as a secondary filter, we won't say no to the help. It is a lot to ask." He realizes that, at least, and is mindful of growly Scarlett's presence in the background.

Scarlett squeezes Geo's hand again but something about the conversation causes her head to raise and she looks at Salvador for a long moment but bites her lip and keeps her mouth shut for now. She's done what she can without causing to much of an issue. Of course, that doesn't mean Salvador isn't going to have a "talk" with her soon, but maybe dinner will come with it.

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