Day 066: Bringing Trouble To The Kruheda
Summary: Indra summons Britt to talk of fights that were started, fights that are done, and fights yet to come.
Date: 2 August 2016
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Indra Britt 

The Seat, Tondc
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66 Days After Landing

It doesn't take long for news to travel through Tondc, especially when that news is of a scuffle in the pub between Trikru and Azgeda. Indra has asked Britt to stop by the Seat, although 'asked' might be a little bit of a light term for it. The kruheda's actual seat is not as impressive as even Lexa's traveling throne, but it's still a nice, solid chair set up behind a table. At least there are chairs on the opposite side of the table, one of which Indra waves Britt into when the archer answers the summons, "So. What happened?" Her scarred features do not betray anger or approval, simply flat neutrality.

Broken ribs suck. Britt now has an almost-matching pair, one on each side, and that accounts for her stiff movements as she reports to the kruheda. There's also a bruise on her cheek where a Maunon rifle butt connected on level 5. Sitting carefully in the indicated chair, her back unnaturally straight, she watches the kruheda carefully for a moment. There's no point in playing dumb - she knows full well why she's been called to the principal's office, as it were. "They decided to beat up a Trikru healer on the slopes of Mount Weather to settle an old grudge. And… I…" And here Britt looks down at the table for a moment, frowning. "I lost my head."

Indra has a cut on her temple, although not bad enough to make another scar, and a bandage around one arm. She certainly wasn't sitting on the sidelines during the assault on Mount Weather either. "This is why we have a Coalition. So when an Azgeda is stupid enough to attack a healer, we can go to the heda, and have them dealt with." And so that they outnumber everyone anywhere near them. "Now I will have to explain myself to Nia." And now emotion does show through Indra's stern features, and it is not a pleasant emotion. "Although perhaps them assaulting a healer will be enough reason even for her. But it is not like you to lose your temper. Are you protecting Wren's Second?" At least she didn't say 'Skaikru Second.'

Britt's frown deepens when Indra mentions having to go and talk to Nia. That is not something she would wish on anyone. There's a moment of honest surprise when Indra asks if she's protecting Kai, and she shakes her head. "No. On my honor, this is on me." Britt is a terrible liar, and shows no sign of lying here. "I even told her to stay out of it, but she would not let me face them both on my own." Her fingernail scrapes at the edge of the table, a quiet fidget, and then she offers a further explanation with visible reluctance. "The healer is a friend. And they spoke vile things about us. I should be above such words, but…" The fidgeting hand tilts upward in a no idea what came over me sort of gesture. It is indeed not like her, but these have been a trying few weeks - between the Skaikru frustrations, and Erson's injury, Ibem's death, the horror show that was level 5. Everyone has a breaking point. "I'm sorry that I have brought trouble to you, kruheda."

"They're Azgeda. Everything they say is vile." Indra is… not politically correct at the best of times. "But you know this, and usually you would not let them incite you." She shakes off the apology, but seeing the kruheda take that added burden onto her shoulders without (much) complaint may be worse in the long run, "I was going to suggest that you go to Coesbur when it is rebuilt, to help Oxfor guide his warriors. But if you cannot control your temper, I don't think you want to be so close to the Skaikru."

Indeed the quiet censure and disappointment is in some ways worse than a good screaming match. The regret on Britt's face is tempered only by a confused surprise when she mentions Oxfor. "Cosebur?" She squints at the thought, then chews her lip for a moment. "I was drinking, and I was upset about Ibem." Still there's a flash of pain in her eyes when she says her friend's name. "It won't happen again. I don't care much for the Skaikru, but I've endured them this long without clobbering any of them." Well, except the two killed at skaigeda, but that was completely different! Right?

Indra nods slowly, "Ibem." The name is spoken consideringly as she remembers the name, "One of the warriors of Coesbur. Yes, she died well." Indra nods again at the promise, evidently seeing no issue with the two dead at the skaigeda. Completely different. "You've dealt with the Skaikru better than most, either raging at them or sleeping with them." Her lips twist sourly, "Or leaving the clan with them. That's why I want you in Coesbur."

Britt bobs her head a little at Indra's remembrance of Ibem. "Yes, she did. We were Seconds together, in the first war. Like family since." But though the pain is still raw, Britt keeps it in check. The only visible cracks in her composure are a tightening around her eyes and a bob of her throat. It is easier to talk about the Skaikru, so she does. "I do not trust the Skaikru, as a rule, and I do not like the way they have divided us. But I can work with them, when duty requires." She fingers the edge of the table top again. "So you want me to join Oxfor's warband. I am yours to command, kruheda."

"I want you to keep an eye on Coesbur, Britt. And let me know if the Skaikru are… infecting… our people." Indra does not seem happy by the idea, not happy at all. "I do not want to have to disappoint the heda and her thoughts of the whole, but I have to consider the clan."

Britt's brow creases when Indra says that, considering the implications of what the kruheda just said. "What do you mean by 'infecting'? You mean more of what we've already seen?" As far as Britt is concerned, they're already an infection, so she's not entirely sure what Indra wants her to report about.

"Making them weaker. Making them not Trikru." Indra shakes her head, "I see the Skaikru, and I worry for who our people are and who they will become. And I will not give up who we are." Her fierce expression brooks no choice in the matter. "Who do you want with you?"

"I share your worry," Britt says, her voice grave. "I will do what I can." The question of people catches her off guard. A couple of weeks ago, she would have had Erson's name at the top of that list, and the fact that he can no longer serve the warband probably accounts for the pained look that flits across her face briefly. She looks thoughtful, though, trying to think of names who aren't already part of Coesbur's warband. "Arlin and Rinnan are the heda's hands, but I would have them by my side any day. Luther has no love for the Skaikru - he would be a good influence, I think. Did you have anyone in mind?"

"I will send them along with you. If you need anyone else, let me know." Indra drums her fingers on the tabletop, then makes a dismissive gesture with them. "Speak with Afaye also. She does not brook nonsense."

Britt nods, then rises stiffly from the table. "Thank you." She pauses a moment before offering, "When you speak to Nia - you might warn her to keep an eye on those two of hers. One of them harbors a grudge for the death of his cousin. I doubt he'll let it rest so easily."

"If he makes trouble, I'll seen him thrown out of Tondc. Or put up on a stake." For cuts. Indra nods, "I'm sure that I can make her see reason. Or maybe just the blade of my sword." She's joking. Probably. And probably wishes she wasn't.

Britt tries not to look too hopeful at the thought of that nitwit being up on a stake, and the not-quite-a-joke gets a brief smirk in response. "It's hard to let go of life-long hatreds," she offers mildly. Skaikru, she can handle. Azgeda? Not so much. Inclining her head in a respectful nod, she'll head out unless Indra has anything further.

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