Day 015: Cameron Is Debating Grey
Summary: Cameron and Grey are at the politics again. Elias tries to play ref, and Kai and Jason ignore the lot of them.
Date: 26 May 2016
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Grounds, The Camp

With the removal of underbrush and a half-dozen small trees, there is now a tiny clearing around the dropship. It has begun to fill with detritus from the ship, including all of the seating, padding, and removable plates or bulkheads.

Several tents have been set up within the clearing, set close together within the confines of the surrounding trees. A small collection of weapons sits under a parachute-cloth shelter by the door of dropship, open for community use. A three-holer latrine is set up downwind of camp in the prevailing breezes, and a rough wall stretches between trees at the edge of the clearing, dropship plates and felled tree-trunks stacked up and lashed together as best as the Delinquents can manage. There is a gate at the north end, a single panel that can be rolled aside at need.

The forest immediately surrounding the camp has been cowed into near-silence, but is still vibrant and green to a people used to stark metal bulkheads all around them.

15 Days After Landing

Its been a few day since anyone has seen Cameron around camp, as he was off serving as a bodyguard (hah) for the medical delegation that went off to try to heal the Grounder camp. That has sort of morphed into the Summit, and sometime about before the Summit really starts, here Cameron is, arriving back at camp. And he isn't just wandering back without bringing stuff, either. He's got a makeshift sled with a deer strapped to it, and he's dragging it steadily, but as even the sled makes this a bit tiring, he's breathing heavily. Besides sweating, he looks quite clean, but he's also marked up. Under each eye is a smudge of black ink, his right thumb and index finger is stained, and finally there's a triangle drawn on the back of his left hand.

Jason is sitting propped up against the hull of the dropship, legs stretched out in front of them, one bulkily splinted, a bag beside him. He's got his attention on a piece of wood in his hand that he appears to be carving with an Xacto-knife. But it's hard to miss the sound of a sled with a whole damn deer on it being dragged up toward the camp. So he looks up. And blinks at Cameron. "Wow, what happened to /you/?" he asks.

"I was tired of being ornamental at the Grounder Camp, and Morgan wants a tattoo and needs to trade some hide for it, so I went hunting." Cameron's tone is quite self-satisfied about this, "I was trying for a couple rabbits, bagged a deer. Alone." Yep, just a bit smug, really. "So I had to bring it back. For the camp." He drags it over towards the fire, and then crouches down on his knees by the deer, his hands resting on his side, and just /breathing/ for a moment, "Man, that walk is a lot fucking longer when you're dragging a deer. I feel like napping." He doesn't actually look tired. Just winded. "Whoa, the hell happened to /you/?" he gestures at the leg, turning that question right back. He's been away for quite awhile, after all.

Jason looks vaguely puzzled by all this. "Aren't deer hard to catch?" he wonders, eyeing the corpse. "How much do those things even weigh?" He looks down at his leg, then back up at Cameron. "Oh, uh…I fell, somehow, into like…this old place? Mimi had said she found something and we…got hurt falling in there, but, uh…" He cranes his neck and looks both ways to see whether anyone's paying attention. "Come here for a second," he requests.

"You ever wonder how it is I went a year without the goons catching me during my Exhabition?" asks Cameron with a wicked looking grin, "Its because when I want to, /no one sees me/, and /no one hears me/, and that includes deer. Its not really hard to kill a deer if you can get close enough to it so that the first it notices you is when you've cut its throat." He pushes up from his sitting position, rolls his shoulders, steps over the deer and approaches Jason at his prompting. He has a curious tilt to his head, "Mimi, huh? She's .. a little off."

Jason smiles at Cameron. "You're really confident," he comments in an upbeat tone. Then he looks more serious. "Yeah, I…got really worried that hitting her head in the fall made her, um… Well, gave her brain damage," he admits. "But I've been hearing that maybe she was always like that? I don't know." He reaches into his bag and takes something out. The something was once, several generations ago, a low-quality set of watercolors for children. It's looking fairly sorry now, the plastic case cracked in one place, most of the color pads broken up or reduced to a dry powder, a couple of the colors gone a bit muddy in places where some errant drop of water penetrated the case and dribbled across several sections. But a rainbow of colors /is/ represented in there, along with an old cheap synthetic brush. "I got this down there," Jason says, carefully holding it out towards Cameron. "It made it worth it. I wanted to give it to you."

Exiting the cook tent with a piece of fruit leather, Elias gives a look around the camp for a moment while chewing until he spots Cameron and Jason conversing. He looks cleaner than usual, likely owed to the slaying of the river monster. As he approaches the two of them, he gives a quick upwards nod to Cameron and then Jason. "What's up?" he greets, though doesn't interject at the moment. First, he gives them both an inquisitive look as if asking them if they want company. "Everything good?" His eyes particularly study Cameron, of course, with the sled and smeared ink.

"I don't know, exactly." admits Cameron with a slight shake of his head, "She's… weird." He frowns, "She called me a /naughty boy/ once. The hell?" That said, he looks at what's pulled out and for a moment, Cam's not certain what to make of it, then it hits him, and he blinks, crouching down beside Jason to reach out for it, "Whoa, hey. That's /amazing/." He looks downright excited, "I mean the paint has obviously gone dry but that doesn't matter, it just needs to be rehydrated, perhaps with a light oil base… Man, if I wasn't dating someone I'd kiss you." He laughs softly, touching the colors a bit, his expression thoughtful. Glancing up at Elias' words, he flashes the guy a quick smile, "Hey, Elias. I'm just back from the Groundertown with that deer over there. All in all, today's looking to be a /great/ day." Between -colors- and a deer, Cam might as well be in heaven.

Jason gives up the paints to Cameron freely, laughing. "I just think you'll put them to better use than me," he says. "And something like this, it's really important the most talented person…" He trails off and looks up when Elias approaches. At first, for just a second, his expression looks guarded, but then it eases into a smile. He makes no move to get up from his position propped against the dropship hull, but given that big splint on his leg, the reason for that is pretty obvious. He looks back to Cameron. "Only you have to use them for something everyone gets to see. That's important."

"Mimi?" Elias asks, perhaps having eavesdropped just a little bit. With a lift of one brow, the inquisitive look is given first to Jason and then to Cameron. Looking left and right quickly, he drops his voice quite a few octaves. "She knows something about the Ark. Something significant. Pay very close attention." While his tone is briefly serious, he is soon smiling pleasantly again and nodding in Cam's direction. "It's about to get better. We killed that damn river snake thing in the river so now we got a swimming hole." With the hand that isn't holding fruit leather, he ruffles his own long, clean-ish hair.

"I think I'll have to trade a hide for some leather, and use that as a canvas; this probably won't hold up on a wall, so I'll make a painting to hang up. But." Cameron nods his head emphatically, "There's no point in art if its not seen, so don't you worry about that. Art's a conversation, and I've always believed in engaging as many people in the conversation as possible." That said, he turns and gives Elias a skeptical look, "What can she possibly know about the Ark that someone else doesn't? She's not… /right/ in the head." That said, he looks a bit sheepish, "The Grounders have this bathing room, with hot water and everything. It's good we'll have somewhere to dunk, but after the last few days being in Coburs, I'm not looking forward to cold cleaning. Good job on killing the snake, though."

Jason blinks at Elias, but nods vaguely, addressing the topic of art before Mimi's knowledge. "There must be a way to make paper, though, right? People made it a really long time ago. So…there's probably a way to do that, too. But hopefully those will hold up for a lot of different works. And whatever you decide is best…well." He seems to consider that good enough for him. Then he glances between the other two. "It'll probably be a while before I can go swimming or anything."

"That is very true," Elias says to Cameron with a nod of his head. "Harmless. I think. She might just be talkin' crazy, but the girl is smart. Like really smart." A roll of his shoulders backwards is given before he takes another bite of the fruit leather. Paying attention to Cam, his lips slowly form into a smirk. "Yeah, yeah. You wanna' keep rubbin' it in there, chief?" He laughs and gives a shake of his head. "Good to see you at any rate. Found some fertile soil about…a kilometer and a bit out. Still looking, though." Again, he drops his voice to Jason and clears his throat. "Hemp," he says. "I'm on that, don't worry. No idea how to make the shit into paper, but someone's got to."

"There must be, but I don't know what it actually is." Cameron gives a bit of a shrug, "I just know it involves wood. And probably requires some tools that we don't have, because you probably have to grind the wood up to a pulp of some kind. I'm not sure. Hmm. Maybe I'll ask around and see if anyone knows. My botany studies didn't include anything about processing wood into paper, unfortunately." Then he turns and shares his skeptical expression at Elias again, "I suppose. I'm just not sure how good -smart- is, all by itself, without -sense- tagging along with it. Then again I might be biased. She decided she was allowed to scold me like a little kid — including calling me a bad boy, the fuck? — for calling the Ark and putting a stop to Jaha's murdering of the three hundred." You know, the day Cam's mom came down and died to get them a radio to do just that. He shakes that off, he suddenly looks excited, "I got a tomato. The Grounders, I mean, gave me a tomato. I saved the seeds. /All/ the seeds. Show me where you found some good soil and I'll get a tomato garden started. Its just a start, but it is /a start/. We need to start farming *yesterday*."

Jason looks somewhat dubious about this claim about Mimi's intelligence, but he says nothing on that subject. "I think most plants you could use to make paper," he says. "And grinding doesn't seem so impossible. Just time consuming." He smiles at Cameron's news about receiving a tomato on top of all the other things he experienced at the Grounder camp. And maybe there's a little envy in the expression. "I gotta hit the head," he says, putting his hands on the hull behind him so he can work on getting up to a standing position on one leg.

Blinking at Cameron, Elias reacts to his words about Mimi. "Yeah, definitely sounds like her, but…" His eyes squint a moment before he finally just gives a wave of his hand. "Believe it or not, there's somebody worse too. You remember that Allen kid? Schizophrenic or something. He must have been on meds, but…" Again, he shrugs his shoulders and just breathes out a sigh. "No idea how we're going to deal with that whole mess either. But yeah." Elias gives an upwards nod of his head then to the botanist. "I've got two hemp seeds that I can turn into…plenty. It'll take about seven weeks, but fertile soil doesn't solve all of our problems. We need to tap the groundwater for irrigation. Most of the aquifers are…" He gestures vaguely out towards the woods and breathes a sigh. "Still water. Nothing we can use, at any rate. I need to bug Jael. Probably Cole too…" Pausing, he looks between them again. "Unless you know another engineer type? Seriously…anyone else." At Jason's announcement, Elias nods to the other young man and gives a light wave of one hand. "Most that will dry out into suitably fibrous material, yeah…I imagine. But hemp grows fast and produces a lot of seeds."

Cameron offers a hand to help Jason up if he needs it, answering his fellow artist, "True, my main concern is I don't think we can afford the time for the grinding, at least not yet. Priorities. So. I might have to keep painting to leather and walls— but walls will take me getting some heavier pigments. Not that I'm not thrilled with this, mind you." He lifts his present up with a warm smile, "This just needs a different canvas then walls." Then he looks at Elias, and nods slightly, "Yeah, no meds down here. Figures. One more way Jaha didn't plan for shit." That said, he purses his lips, "Have you seen the cave refuge? The stream isn't a lot of water, but it /is/ water. I was thinking of using it as a place to grow, but I'm not an expert on soil. I'm a botanist, but the actual details if -dirt- I have only a basic theoretical understanding of."

Jason limps his way off toward the latrines.

"Agriculture and Geology," Elias volunteers with a rather nonchalant raise of one hand and finger. "I've got a decent handle on the soil." For a moment, he rubs the back of his neck with his hand and exhales. "Haven't been to the cave refuge, but I can check the soil around the area." A glance is given to Jason as he limps off towards the latrines, but he immediately snaps that attention once more to Cameron. "Well, if I can get a decent crop going…it can help with anxiety, but I'm not a shrink. We need more than one place to grow. I think I may have a good idea of where to find some of the other spots as well, but a ready supply of running water is way more preferable for right now." Pausing another moment, he thinks of something from earlier. "You heard a hunting party went missing? Headed southeast. Some of the others are getting a little…anxious about it."

Cameron heads over to where his deer is, and crouches by it, pulling out his knife, "If you haven't been to the caves yet, I can walk you there. I would prefer to plant my tomatoes near fresh water, I'm just slightly concerned its too far away that animals will get it. But that won't be an issue for awhile, and we can always dig up and carefully replant them while the tomatoes are young." He does nod appreciatively though, "Yeah, you're our dirt guy. Excellent. All my practical experience is hydroponic, obviously, so I was… going off of old book theory for soil-knowledge." Then he shakes his head, "No, I haven't. I've been at Coesbur with Morgan and the others for the last four days or so." And then, nonchalant, he presses his knife against the deer and slices carefully down, and begins methodically to skin the thing. For a botanist who hadn't ever seen an animal until two weeks ago, he doesn't seem bothered at all by blood.

At this point, Elias isn't bothered by the blood either. There has been plenty of that, after all. Simply blinking at Cameron as he begins to skin the deer, he listens to the botanist while nodding his head. "You and me both, believe it or not. I mean, I've handled a rock or two, but I have as much experience planting in the soil as you do." Giving a helpless shrug to that, he heaves out a long sigh. "I studied geology, yeah…but nothing practical." With a nod of his head, he gestures to the deer. "Good kill, that. Need any help cleaning it?" The question is left to hang then so the missing hunting party can be addressed. "I'm going to take some people and go out looking for them. Been a bit since they left."

"I won't turn you down." Cameron grins at Elias, "I'm going to be saving the hide and cleaning it up, and using it to trade to a Trikru tattooist to get Morgan a shoulder tattoo." The fact that Morgan and Cam have been ..involved.. since the Landing is not even vaguely a secret. They're not at all subtle about it. "I don't have a spare knife, though." Heck, his knife is a sharp broken bit of ship metal, not a proper knife at all. He grins a bit ruefully, though, "Well yeah, none of us have practical knowledge, but at least you *studied* the idea of dirt more then I did. I just know nitrogen and phosphorus is really important to good soil, and I read urine is really good for that. That's something I'm not going to tell any of the non-agro-scientists, though." he tilts his head to the side, "Well, if you want help, I can go. I'm not that good at tracking, but I can do it a little, but I'm -real- good at scouting ahead, and push comes to shove I am not bad with the sword."

With a squint and a smirk, he takes the knife he has tucked into his belt under his shirt and holds it in his right hand. "Got it covered," he says. A knife he will always carry around. This one is also a bit of metal that's been sharpened against a rock to at least some effect. Elias moves to the deer carcass that Cameron is currently skinning to help assist him. The two of them are talking in somewhat lowered tones. Apparently he doesn't mind getting bloody for the sake of food. A soft, short laugh pushes from his lips at the mention of urine and soil. "Yeah, ya might not want to," he says with a smirk. "Well…unless they're into…" With a moment of thought, he twirls his knife, point up in a 'thinking' gesture. "Biochem or whatever. But yeah, man. I'd take all the help I can get. I was gonna' ask a couple of the ex-C kids too. See if we can get a search party going."

Cameron blinks a moment at Elias' smirking comment, and bursts into laughter, shaking his head, "Uh-huh. Biochem." He isn't an expert on skinning, but he's had some practice— so cutting away he goes. Cameron has a dark smudge of ink under each eye, and his right thumb and finger are stained black, and finally there is a black triangle on his back of his left hand. Otherwise he's in his grounder armor and looking to be in good spirits, despie not having been in camp for days. "It'd be a good idea to have at least one. Might ask Devin too, he's got a wanderlust that you wouldn't believe, so he might get a special itch and know where they wandered off to. Do you know what they were doing? Just going hunting?"

<FS3> Elias rolls Survival: Success.

Speaking of ex-Cs, Grey comes out of the dropship, wiping his hands on the front of his shirt and leaving nasty black streaks. The grease they pack rifles in is nasty stuff, even after ninety-seven years. Glancing around, he spots Cameron over by the deer, raising his eyebrows slightly and heading in that direction, "Cam. I didn't know the docs were back. Everything okay?" He gives a nod to Elias as well, "Elias. Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

Jason limps his way back from the latrines, going awfully careful on his his splinted leg. He heads for his bag by the hull of the dropship rather than directly for Cameron and Elias.

Kai was in the cook tent. At least, that's where the lean girl emerges from, chewing on some of that fruit leather stuff that she's compared to fruit vomit earlier, a silently lurking presence whose tee is still streaked in black marks that suspiciously enough could be twins to that coating Grey's. That rifle grease really is nasty stuff.

Another short laugh is given to the comment about Biochem before he gets to skinning himself. He lets Cameron take the lead on this since he's a bit more familiar than he is. He's doing a better job as well, so Elias just does what he can not to mangle the deer skin. "Yeah, no kiddin'. I was thinking of taking Kai, definitely. She's good at the scouting thing. Grey, probably. Seems like a good dude and has it together at least." Another shrug is given then before he gets back to bloody, bloody work. When Grey approaches, his ears must be burning already. With a nod to the guy, he quickly motions him over so that he can talk as quietly with him as he is with Cameron. "Just the guy I wanted to see, actually," he speaks up to him with a smile. Jason is also regarded with a nod again as he comes back from the latrines. He looks like he's about to say something to the returning gent, but his gaze is drawn to Kai coming out of the cook tent for the moment.

"Hey, Grey." Cam gives Grey an amicable nod, "They're not yet. I left as the summit was starting— I went hunting to kill some time since I was mostly ornamental there, and…" Cameron gestures to the deer they're in the middle of skinning with a quick, self-satisfied grin, "I was gonna drag this baby here and then head back, but Morgan talked me out of it. By the time I got back it'd be past dark and they'd probably be on their way here with news from the Summit." He doesn't comment on who Elias wants to bring, especially since the named folk arrive. As Jason returns, he gives a smile and a nod to the other artist, but for the moment is going to focus on getting the hide off the deer.

Jason bends down, very awkwardly given his splinted leg, to pick up his bag, which he slings over one shoulder, then lifts a hand. "Hey, guys, I'm gonna…see if I can get something from the med people, I'll see you around."

Grey nods to Cameron at the answer, "This one might even be a bit too big to shoulder-carry. Some of the littler does, you can just…" he mimes hefting something up across his shoulders. Kai's arrival causes him to glance down at his shirt, flapping it a little and shrugging helplessly at his fellow ex-Cadet. "Here's hoping it goes well then." He gives Jason a nod, then turns his attention to Elias, "Just the guy you wanted to see? I promise, I didn't do it." He chuckles a little dryly, then shrugs, "What's up?"

Kai didn't catch anything except her name. Because that, from Elias, is always likely to draw her squinting attention. Though the flap of Grey's shirt drags her attention back with a wry smirk,"Worth it, 'f you ask me.. even if it smells like shit." offered as she saunters up towards the group near the skinning rack, curiosity in her gaze, even if she doesn't bother to ask why her name was brought up.

After a moment or so, he does manage to draw his attention away from Kai and settle his gaze on Cameron once again. "Hm? Right, right. And I'll try to find that Devin guy, but…" He gives a quick look around and then shrugs. "Who even knows where he is ever? Any ideas?" Jason gets another look from Elias and a concerned furrow of his brows. "Good idea. Feel better, man. Do you need anything?" The question is left to linger, though as Grey asks him what's up. "Hell yeah. Always good with hanging out with my fellow dragon-slayer. River…dragon…" Waving a hand then, Elias clears his throat and lifts his hand to wave Kai over as well. "So…keep it under your hats as much as possible," he says before speaking up again in a lower tone still. "Jonesy, Trish, Lane, Marta, and Hiroyuki didn't come back from hunting yesterday." He stops skinning to gesture (safely) with his knife. "There have been whispers around the camp and…people gettin' anxious. With the peace talks underway…look, I'm afraid someone's going to do something stupid."

"Yeah, I rigged up a sled cuz dragging was gonna suck and maybe ruin my precious Grounder-cash — I mean hide. Three hours of shoulder-carrying is not something I wanted to try, even if I can usually manage it." Cameron's not a big guy but he's packed for his size. He lifts a hand and waves to Jason, "Thanks for the find, man. I'll let you know if I can restore it and see what comes out of it, right?" That said, he says with a sidelong glance to Elias, "If he said he didn't do it, it means he's probably guilty as fuck." He nods his head to Elias's description, seeming to be immediately 'all in' on the latest rescue by default. "I offered my tracking prowess, such as it is."

Jason lifts a hand in a wave to Cameron in acknowledgement of that remark. But he does seem keen to hop his way into the dropship, probably seeking something to relieve pain.

"Smells like home," comes Grey's rejoinder to Kai, "I remember my dad smelling like it." Lucian might be the only person in the world or above it who was happy to spend time with Paris Grey. Elias's words draw a chuckle, "Just don't call it snake-slayin', or people'll get the wrong idea." Still, he nods, "Yeah, I heard they were overdue. I hope they didn't do something stupid and try to head off on their own." He winces a little, "Or if they didn't run into whatever got Tide, Grecco, and Kellie. They were on my list, to go lookin' for." He glances down to the hide in surprise, "The Grounders want our hides? I would've thought they'd have plenty of their own."

There's an arch of Kai's brow for the words shared, shaking her head with a glance in Grey's direction and then back,"The sooner we go looking, the higher likelihood we might find them in one piece.. though if this is some kind of hostage taking for the peace talks.. I'm totally going to call I told you so." there's a grunt of acknowledgment from Kai for Grey's words,"Mom used to spend eternity complaining about it, yeh. Stuff stuck to everything."

Once more, Elias goes back into cutting the knife with at least some skill into the hide and continuing to assist Cameron. At least it will get done faster this way, though not any less bloody. With a short laugh to Cameron, he nods his head quickly to his comment about Grey. "He's just got one of those faces, ya know? Trouble through and through." This spoken about Grey in an obvious joking tone. "But yeah, I'm definitely going to need people for tracking. Always strength in numbers, though. I appreciate it, man." Nodding then to Grey, Elias clears his throat again and smiles at him, having just jokingly called him 'trouble'. "Yeah, man. I mean - I hope they're okay too. Apparently they headed southeast and they just haven't come back yet. You down for a search?" Looking to Kai then, the same offer seems to be made to her, though with just a bit more trepidation. "Are you up for it, Kai?" As soon as he's set eyes on her, he looks back down to the carcass and continues to work to avoid prolonged eye contact.

"They barter. That's how they work. I saw some transactions between them, and Morgan I were talking to them to try to — A) get him a tattoo because skin art is sexy and exotic— well, to me— and more importantly, B) to get a figure for what they value and how their economy works." explains Cameron, his eyes focused on the deer as he continues carefully skinning it, "Everything has value to them, but its fuzzy. So you trade something for something. The tattooist doesn't specifically want hides, but everyone has a use for them sooner or later, they keep okay— not like the meat itself— so she'll accept them as a fair trade, and then trade them for something she does want. Do they need our hides? Absolutely not, but will some of them as individuals accept them— sure. They'll accept almost anything, if the person you're talking to sees either a value to it, or a value to trading it." He lets them discuss going, because as far as he's concerned, he's out front on that rescue mission. It worked great last time, what could possibly go wrong this time?

Grey snorts at the discussion of his face, "I should just start sayin' I did it, whatever it was. Maybe people wouldn't believe that too." The mention of southeast causes him to nod slowly, "I haven't gone that way very far. At least it's not where the other three were." He nods slowly at Cameron, considering the hide, "I was just thinking… they've got better hunters and skinners and tanners than we do. Surprised they want anything we make. But that's good news. Maybe we've got something to offer them before the Arkers get down here. Even if it means doin' their crap work." Looking back to Kai, he nods a little warily, then shifts his attention back to Elias, "Yeah, I'll come along. I'll always help bringing people home."

"Well, you were pretty effective at ramming your face into those guys fists.. and still gave as good as you got." Kai at least acknowledges for Grey as her attention turns to Elias,"So we're going hiking, again, eh? More eyes looking, the better. Though if there's five missing, better hope at least two of them are mobile to help get people back if it's just us four going."

"Why would the most important thing not be 'A'," Elias asks, his brows furrowing as his mind focuses on that one thing for the moment. Still, he toils away with the skin along with Cameron. The explanation of the way the Grounders barter is paid careful attention to, though, and he does button his lips for a moment to nod along to his words. "It'd be best if we could trade with 'em," he says in summary of his own opinion. To Grey then, he offers a lopsided smile and another short laugh. "Yeah. It's sounding like Cole was planning an expedition down that way at some point too, but probably too late. Besides that? Cole is a dick." With a smirk then, he once more goes back to skinning. Or he attempts to, but his attention is then drawn to Kai and he actually looks at her. "Definitely. I mean - I'm hoping they just got held up overnight, but…" Again, he shakes his head before he does finally go back to skinning. "That seems way too optimistic." Still careful about where he's cutting into the hide, he addresses everyone now. "Everyone cool with their Unity Day plans gettin' floated?"

"Hides are raw materials, that's what's great about it. Yeah they have hunters, but a hide's a hide. More's better then less. They'll trade anything, though. But each person has their own idea of what somethings worth, so you have to haggle a bit. Get to know them individually." Cameron leaves the econ class talk at that, and then looks to Kai, "Worst case scenario, we scout and find them, assess the situation and send someone back for reinforcements. You don't want a big group to go tracking— because its as important to find as it is to find without giving yourself away. The more people it is the harder it is to get there quiet. Just in case. I can help lead people in the ninja arts, but there's limits to how effective that is." He shrugs, glancing at Elias, "I recorded my stupid fucking Unity Day manifesto, I don't see why we bothered with that shit. Unity day to the political prisoner among the group is not exactly a holiday, you know?"

"Boots, mostly. The fists and branches were to the back." Grey nods at Kai's point about the numbers, but it's Elias' description of Cole that causes him to laugh aloud, "We're all dicks, man." Shaking his head, he gestures to Kai, "Or bitches, whichever you prefer. There's about a dozen people down here who aren't assholes in some way." Cameron's response to the Unity Day question causes him to scowl and gesture over toward Cam as if to say, 'see?' "Me, I'm plannin' to see if Frankie's brew'll make me go blind, and maybe try to get a group together to go swimming," his eyes flicker out toward the wall and the forest beyond, "And maybe I'll go out into the forest and spend some time alone." There might be something a little evasive about that last point. "But I want to celebrate bein' part of a group who looks out for you, just like you look out for them. I think we're gonna need Unity down here even more than we did up there."

"Oh I'm a dick, just ask Eli." Kai utters before nodding at Elias, the last of the fruit leather gets shoved in her mouth before she sticks her hands in her back pockets and cants her head over towards Grey,"Rifles?" is the single word inquiry,"Unity Day is a lie. It all sounds good, and should be good, but it isn't. I'm for skipping it and seeing where that lot managed to get themselves to."

"With any luck, we'll organize peace with the Grounders and have our own Unity Day," Elias mentions, tipping his head in a nod to Cameron. "One that'll actually mean something to us. Fuck, I hope it holds if we -can- make peace." With a shake of his head then and perhaps a silent prayer to the powers that be, he does hope. "So do you know where to find Devin, Cam? Guy's been around, so he might know something." With a look to Grey then another smirk forms on his lips anew. "We're not all trying our personal best to get punched in the fuckin' mouth," he replies and then holds up a hand. "Not that I'm gonna' do it. Just sayin' that he seems like he's putting a lot of effort into it." Letting the smirk turn into a smile then, he continues with the skinning. With a cant of his head and a sharp grin to Kai's comment, Elias continues to work dutifully as he replies. "'Dick' wouldn't be the word I'd use," he says, glancing up with light hazel eyes to Kai. "Unity's a good notion, though. Something all of us dick's probably need to keep in mind for the sake of, you know, not dying."

"Uh, Eli." Cameron laughs softly, "No one ever knows where to find Devin. I'll look for him and either find him, or not. Putting out word that we're going to do something interesting and that there's even-odds we'll come across something interesting he can wander into when we're not looking, though? Even odds we do that and he'll be there. I love that kid but he doesn't tend to be predictable in his locatableness." Cameron then wrinkles his nose, giving Grey a snort at his expression, but glancing around between them to add, "Unity's shit. Unity is how the Council kept its power. I don't care about Unity as long as they're in charge and the Goons destroy anything that thinks different. What we have is better then unity. We, the 100, though we squabble like ducks and bitch like pigs.." The hell is he getting his notion of ducks and pigs from? Anyone's guess, "We're stuck here, together, and that makes us family. And you do for family. Period. Even when you don't like them. Jaha threw us down the hole, and we got nothing but ourselves to lean on, so we lean, all of us, lean in, and we'll manage to survive."

Grey shakes his head at Kai's question, "I don't figure we need them. I mean, unless things go bad at the Summit." He glances over to Cameron, "If that happens, then we'll definitely want rifles. Just behind the walls too." He frowns at the denigration of Unity Day, but just scowls a little rather than really get into an argument… until Cameron responds. "Without Unity Day, none of us would be here. I don't know about you, Cam, but I'm pretty damn glad to be alive. And you've seen how screw-all impossible it is to organize people down here. I've managed to pull my head out of my ass in the last two weeks. Maybe you and Morgan can do the same and recognize that sometimes you have to make the hard choices to keep people alive."

Kai shrugs at Elias, smirking at Cameron before nodding at Grey, with a frown for his opinion regarding the rifles,"I wouldn't count Unity Day as a hard choice. I'm happy to skip it.. going and finding those guys.. that's more about unity than sitting around here listening to Jaha." she opines before asking of the group,"So when are we leaving?"

"Yeah, I was hoping you knew where to look," Elias replies to Cameron with an upwards nod, though this time it doesn't take him away from what he's doing. Cameron launches into his politics and, while Elias does listen intently to his vision, he exhales a small, short laugh. "Well. We, the 100, need to learn to settle the land with a sustainable plan before we can fuck off and do what we want." Ah, the voice of pragmatism. There is a nod to Grey's words, but he has no opinion on it, seemingly, one way or the other. A nod is given to Grey then, a look of understanding given in reply as well as spoken words. "Got a point there. Good points on both sides. I'm of the mind of just buckling down, staying alive, taking shit a day at a time, and getting our people down here. I dunno. I have a feeling shit's gonna' go right back to the way it was on the Ark. I hope it doesn't, but I'm not holding out that much for it." Kai's statement draws his gaze and his attention to where she is and he smiles lightly to her. "That. Exactly. And I was thinking we'd leave first thing in the morning. We all good with that?"

"Morgan and I don't see eye to eye, Grey. In a lot of ways, not even close. We stand on a knife's edge of agreement and there we figure out how we feel about each other, but you should learn that swapping blowjobs doesn't make us have the same ideas about things. Cum does not have magical thought-transfer powers." Cameron rolls his eyes and shakes his head, rising from the finally finished skinning to slide his knife into his belt and frown at his bloody hands, unsure what to clean them off on. "Jaha and I have come to an understanding— though I won't ever forgive him for her death— but he's at least /elected/ and so has a mandate for his decisions. You will never— /ever/— get me to accept the Council or what they have done. The original Unity Day was significant, but what the Council has done in its name is unacceptable. The lies. The secrets. The oppression. The putting innocent children in the box for the sins of their parents. Some things are unforgivable, Grey. Some things aren't hard choices to keep people alive, some things are just flat out /wrong/. /Period/." Cameron's voice is firm, but there's nothing passionate about his words. If anything, they're cold. He stresses his voice here and there, but its not louder, its sharper. He glances at Elias, "I won't live in Ark City if they want to go back to the way it was in the Ark. Jaha says it won't be. I almost believe him some days." That's quite a thing for him to admit, really. He adds absently, "I'll look for Dev." is all he promises.

Grey shrugs side-long at Kai, although he keeps most of his attention on Cameron, "I dunno. Thirteenth Station was probably a pretty hard choice. So was sendin' us down here. Or takin' volunteers to die to save the rest of the Ark." He shakes his head at Elias' suggestion, "It can't go back to how it was, because it doesn't need to. There's no need to ration water, air, kids, any of that. As for leavin', we can talk to Cookie, but I think the food's set aside for Unity Day. Might have to wait a day before we go lookin'." And then… then there's Cameron, "I know you and Morgan don't see eye to eye. But you're both talkin' crazy talk. We ain't got nothing to offer the Trikru without the rest of the Arkers. Which means without them, we're just squatters sittin' on Trikru land, eatin' Trikru meat, and pickin' Trikru berries."

"Yes, you're all pretty, and I don't care." Kai opts for,"I'm more interested in that missing hunting party. It's awfully convenient they go missing right at the outset of peace talks. And yeh, maybe they'll wander back, they just got lost.. and maybe the Grounders are claiming themselves an insurance policy. And maybe we've got a whole bunch of other one's out there somewhere that aren't as friendly as the current lot. I don't like not knowing."

"Grey, honey." Cameron says, his voice almost drippingly acidic, his eyes narrowing sharply, "You've got no idea what the fuck you're talking about, so stop, because you're sounding stupider as the minutes go on. That's one of the very points Morgan and I disagree on, most fervently. We fucking NEED what the Ark brings down, we fucking NEED every bit of equipment they can manage to squeeze in between the people, we fucking NEED every single expert on every single field and every single other person who was stuck doing something they hated but is now willing to do something new, we fucking NEED the Arkers, the sciences, the technology, that is our HERITAGE. I would do ANYTHING to protect that, secure that, ANYTHING. Did you not get that?" Now Cameron does sound mad, but he is… odd, mad. Its a cold fury. Not like the last time Grey saw Cam mad at all. There's absolutely no hint he's not in utter control. He's raising his voice, yes, but there's not an inch of tension in his features, "We, the 100, are the bridge between the Grounders— where Morgan is right, we also NEED to learn from them— and the Arkers, where we NEED to bring the remnants of the old world here to begin to finally rebuild. The Ark is the bridge from the past that destroyed itself to the future we can build together. So, thank you, fucktard, for telling me what I fucking believe, because it is not— /at all/— that we don't need the Arkers, their knowledge or equipment. What we *DO NOT* need is their politics."

Cameron's comment about cum not having such transformative properties elicits a laugh from Elias and a shake of his head. Sure, he's still at work skinning, but he's still listening. "Shit. It doesn't?" he asks, though more out of offhanded humor than anything. "If I see Dev, I'll make sure he knows what we're doing. Thanks for looking, Cam. Much appreciated. Hopefully we can find our people in good condition before someone around here does something…something." With a shrug, he nods towards his skinning buddy. With a cant of his head to Grey then, he smiles lopsidedly. "Man, I sincerely hope not. Jaha and the Council are gonna' have to do a lot of convincing to get me on their side, but hey. 'Least I'm receptive." Kai is given a look as well then and a nod to accompany it. "You and me both, but we're not going looking now. We might not be until after Unity Day," a gesture is given to Grey. "All good. Maybe they'll even come wandering in before then. If not, we'll leave when we have the supplies to make the trip." The sudden yelling from Cameron has Elias blinking, though. Owlish eyes blink a few times at Cameron. When he's finished, Elias gestures vaguely in the direction of the Grounder village. "Grounders don't need any of it," he points out quietly. "My goal is to learn to get shit nice and sustainable so that when the Arkers get down here already, I can grab my folks and fuck off to my own corner somewhere if I don't agree with the rules."

Grey might respond to Kai's very reasonable suggestions as to the possible reasons the hunters are missing, but the last time Cameron was angry around Grey, Grey got cut. Granted, the situation was more than a little different, and Cameron wasn't cold at all then, but the ex-C certainly isn't going to split his attention now. "That sounds a whole lot like what I just said, Cam, except your gettin' your panties in a bunch over bein' shoved in the Box for something you don't even deny doing, so you can knock off the goddamn insults. We're ninety-damned-two people that they see as kids. We're gonna have three things to put into how the politics go when they get down here: Jack, Shit, and ninety-two voices out of twenty-five-hundred." Math may not be Grey's strong suit. "We're not gonna be able to demand anything." And here, finally, he half-turns his head toward Elias as well, "Good luck with that, Elias. Unless you've got something to give the Trikru, from what I've heard, they don't want you, and they don't want you on their land. From what little I've heard, and from what I've seen, we need to stick together if we're gonna have any chance of survivin'."

"Y'want to know the funny thing about that Grey? Is that we had one of them come poking around here, wanting to go in the dropship, talking about how this is their land and they don't need to ask permission and moreover they've given this guest right shit to the entire camp and if he wasn't allowed to wander around freely that basically he was going to start some shit at the peace meeting. So whatever you lot want to argue, the politics are already here." there's a sneer from the Captain's daughter as she kicks at the ground,"'d rather be looking for those kids." this last said at Elias before it seems the lean girl is going to head off, not about to hop between Cam and Grey, not her, newp.

Sighing, Elias looks to Grey then and gives a shrug of his shoulders. "I agree with you, but I just have my doubts about how they're going to govern when they get down here." Pressing his tongue out to wet his lips then, he considers the words and cants his head briefly to the side again. "On the one hand, Jaha might be real sincere about things not being the same. You're right. They don't need to be. I'm still on the fence, man, and I'm not going to cross that bridge until we get to it. What are we going to do if we see the same sort of Draconian shit we saw on the Ark, though…some months down the road. I said I'd give it a chance. That's all I can promise I'll do." With his attention on Kai then, he widens his eyes for just a moment as it looks like she's moving to leave. "Me too. We will, I promise. We gotta' have the supplies for it. I'm worried about them too, but…" A helpless shrug is given then before he goes back to the skinning. It's hard work, after all.

"You think that we've got no voice?" Cameron sniffs, his voice disdainfully as he glares at Grey, still cold, staying over there with blood covered hands, but not even twitching with an urge to strike. "Then why is Jaha listening to us? Taking our calls? Either Jaha is a bigger liar then I would credit him— and that's something— or he thinks we're more important then you think we are. He's sought /accommodation/ with us. I still don't understand why, but there's a reason to it, we're stronger then you think we are. What's that tell you? Besides, you jerk-for-brain, none of my anger has /anything/ to do with me being shoved in the box. You know what drives me into a murderous fury? DEVIN being put in the box. That kid did nothing. I knew what I was doing, I was willing to put my life in jeopardy to challenge the status quo while I could still do so and have a chance of living. Devin did NOTHING. That is the utter damnation of the Council that can not be forgiven." He nods to Elias, in support of his idea of what he'd like to do with his own family, and adds in support— and challenge against Grey, "So either everyone submits to the unelected Council and their Goon enforcers or else. That's what you're saying, Grey. I thought you said you'd do anything for the 100. Now, you'll do anything for the 100 as long as they fall in line and submit to the Goons?" He gestures to Elias again, "Some of us will not accept the status quo, Grey. You think that means we're against the Ark and want to see it burn. I'm free for the first time in my life and I'm happy, even though its fucking hard and I'm not sure if I'll survive the winter. I won't give that up. Sorry if that makes me a bastard to you."

"Well he can screw right off goin' in the dropship. I certainly didn't poke my damned head in their houses when I was in Coesbur." Grey probably doesn't mean to snap back at Kai, but Cam's riled him up, "But no shit the politics are already here, Adams. We don't got anything they want, not 'till the rest of the Arkers get down here, so they feel like they can do whatever the hell they want." Elias gets a shrug, "I got no clue how things are gonna go when they hit the ground. Just that it damned sure ain't gonna be able to stay the same." And then he rounds back on Cameron, his own anger starting to spark a good deal more now, "You think if people could have as many kids as they wanted, any of us would be alive? They're running out of air right now. If there were a hundred more kids running around? Two hundred? Devin didn't do shit, but his parents damned sure did. Seriously, get your head out of your ass and think." And then he steps forward when Cameron calls his past promise into question, "I said I'd come get any one of the One Hundred, and I goddamned meant it. There anyone I haven't gone out there lookin' for yet? You think the best way to keep us alive is to piss off the only people around with actual training on how to use rifles, and more firepower than God? I don't want you to fucking," he rarely says that, "give up. I want you to fucking think. Do what has to be fucking done to keep our people alive, because like it or not, you conceited fuck, people look up to you around here, they care what you think. And you and all the other idiots who want to run off and play Robinson Cruise-o," he never read the book, "are gonna get them fucking killed."

"Not my circus." Kai presses her lips together with a shake of her head,"Give me a call if they start throwing punches. I'm out." and off the ex-C slinks back towards the tent she's staked out as her own, hands still shoved in her pockets. Not that anyone's likely listening to her anyways, but the,"Yaaayyy Unity." has about every inch of sarcasm she can muster to it.

"Guys, relax," Elias says finally, holding up a hand. "We all agree that we want to keep our people on the Ark safe and we wish them a safe landing. We all agree shit needs to change. So let's come to one more agreement. Just one more. We wait and see. We take this shit a day at a time, we save as many lives as we can, and we make peace. We -can't- win against the Grounders." With a shake of his head then once more, he hangs it for just a moment and sighs. "Grey, I sincerely hope you're right, man. I do. I wish I could tell you exactly how badly I want for all of Jaha's statements to be sincere. I just don't trust the man. Don't trust him, but I'm willing to hear him out and see how it goes. Was the shit on the Ark necessary? Sometimes. The reality of it is that we've been given a thing we never had before. Freedom. How well do you think it's going to go over if anyone threatens that?" There is a small smile on his lips to Grey then, not necessarily arguing with him, but instead trying to bring the conversation back around to something that sounds reasonable. "Emiliano Zapata. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees." With a look to Kai, he squints his eyes at her in consideration. "Want to go looking for Devin in a little while? Give him a heads up? I was also hoping I could talk to you about something."

Cameron glances at Elias, and shakes his head, "Do we agree? Grey seems to think I don't think at all. You're right though. We have freedom. And I won't give it up." And he turns his look on Grey, "I am thinking, you stupid pig fucking jackass." Cameron hisses, a hardness sharpening in his eyes, "Did I say I was against population controls, bitch? No, I didn't, you numbnuts. Float the parents, the guilty. The kid did nothing, though. Think, Grey. I know its hard for you. I know in cadet training they beat your head into a wall until you can't quite see past one plus one equaling two to see there's a right and wrong here. Try it. Try real hard. The parents committed a crime— one let's say I concede is a crime. Float them. Pop is now neg two. The kid, who is completely innocent, survives, because only fucking monsters blame a fucking infant for its parents crimes. You're still down one. If a hundred parents have an extra kid, that means your total popluation drops a hundred when you float them all. The math isn't hard, man, even for a brain-damaged cadet. You can do it. Really. Try. Tell me in what situation boxing a fucking infant is for the good of the Ark. Tell me with a straight face that condemning a baby doesn't mean we all deserve to rot for allowing such a travesty, such a crime against humanity." Grey might be stepping forward, but Cameron doesn't move an inch, he stares coldly at Grey with one hand going to rest on the knife at his belt, but that's all. "You think I don't spend every single day putting every inch of energy into us surviving? You know what I got from that trip to Grounderville? Besides making friends with some of them, making them *want* to trade with us— and there are things they do want from us, even weak, pathetic us right here— I also got a tomato. You know what that means? In a week I might have as many as eighteen, maybe twenty four tomato plants budding. In two months I might have tomatoes from them, and then the seeds from them I might have a tomato farm. You think there's one minute when I'm not doing everything I can for us to survive? I don't sleep at nights trying to figure out how we're not going to die in the winter, you asshole. We need to start rationing our food RIGHT NOW, we need to start rationing our food LAST WEEK— even if the Ark comes down with all the equipment it can— or we won't be here next spring. And that rationing is on top of us being hungry. I think about our survival constantly."

Kai at least acknowledges Elias' words with a wave of her hand, but the lean girl is totally out of there for the moment, yep.

Grey half-turns his head toward Elias, "No, we don't, man." He gestures between himself and Cameron, "we might agree on that, but the camp, the camp damned sure doesn't." And then he's looking back into the face of the torrent of words from Cameron. His eyes slowly look down to the hand on the other man's weapon, and he holds out his left arm, with its still-livid cut across his forearm, "You gonna come after me again, Cam? The Council let Devin live. They let all the Second Children live. So while you're sitting here insulting my intelligence, you dick-brained motherfucker," apparently, he's not going to relax, despite Elias' plea, "maybe you'd better think yourself. You've got such a fucking derangement," he taps his temple with the fingers of his right hand at that, "That you don't think things through. If they were the monsters you thought they were, all the Seconds'd be dead. And yet… poof… they're all fucking alive." Those words come out slow, hard. "And yeah, I think there's plenty of minutes you're not thinking about surviving, or else your boyfriend gives crappy-ass head." That's just mean. But then again, he is a Grey, and his bully of a father was the less hated of his parents.

"Fuckin'…super hypocritical of me, but…" Elias speaks up just a touch louder since the volume seems to be increasing whether he wants it to or not. "But man, Cam. That's kind of a fucked-up way to hit someone's ideology. Grey's doing the best he can same as the rest of us. Fuckin'…there's a part of /me/ that misses the safety and structure. Seriously, I do. But while we might just be scraping by and -every single day- is hard, it feels good to be alive. I'm not saying we should get in a circle and sing Kumbaya, but we sure as shit need to gain some perspective. You've both got some good shit to say." There's a shrug of his shoulders and he seems to remain pretty chill through it all. His attention then goes back to Grey. "Then learn to compromise. Because we're going to have to do a shitload of that before all this is over." A glance is given to Cameron too, of course.

"If I ever mean to come at you again, Grey, you'll know it. That will never happen unless I'm standing over another parents body who died in defiance of the precious authority of the Council you hold so fucking dear, or unless you bring it to me first. I promise you that. But if you step to me and throw down, I won't hesitate for one second to answer." Cameron's tone here is frigid, and though it warms a bit later its with tones accusation, "You think surviving for eighteen years in a box is letting them live?" At this, Cameron's words come out ever so quiet, "You think that a mercy. To grow up with no one to love you and no one to hold you. With no family. They could have recognized that the child was blameless, and place them in an adoptive family to raise. That would be humane. Instead, the Council tortures children to show its power. You think the Council should be blessed for its graciousness in boxing the second children." And at that, he spits down at Grey's feet, "You're an apologist, at best. The Council can do no wrong. It was all done for the greater good. Right. Some things are just wrong, Grey. Boxing an innocent child is one. That is enough to condemn the Council as corrupt and criminal." The last attack about his attention being distracted by his sexlife has Cameron rolling his eyes and making a dismissive gesture, "Yeah I find happiness between the minutes of worry and get laid whenever I want, and whatever, you don't, I'm sorry, your jealousy doesn't make you holy or righteous." He looks to Elias and shakes his head, "You can't compromise with Grey. Either you agree with him or you want it all to burn, you're against him. I'd trust him without hesitation to have my back if Grounders came at us, you wanna know the odds that he would say the same about me? Not a chance. I'm crazy. Morgan's Crazy. Everyone who doesn't agree with Grey is crazy, to Grey."

Grey throws up his hands at Cameron's rejoinder, yelling aloud, "I don't god-damn love the Council!" Shaking his head hard, he looks around to see heads turned toward him from all around. When he continues, his eyes are still a bit wild, but at least he's not shouting anymore, "Just because I want to see the Arkers down here and I don't want to go around murdering all of them like your boyfriend, I'm some goddamned jackbooted thug, suuuure." His voice goes very low indeed now, "And let me tell you something, you coddled little asshole, there are sure as shit worse ways to grow up than in the 'Box. And yeah, when I hear someone sayin' that they're gonna run off and live in the radiation-soaked woods on their own, or with a couple of family members, I think they're goddamned crazy." One arm is flung up toward the north, "You see any of the Trikru doing that? Clan is everything down here, Cam. Clan is how you stay alive. And we might be a fucked-up little village down here, but up there," and he points up toward the sky, "That's where the rest of our clan is." And then he steps back, once, twice, and looks to Elias, "He and Morgan, they're blinded by their hate." He looks back to Cam, clarifying, "Not blinded the same way, but blinded. If we're lucky, Morgan isn't at the Summit right now, badmouthing the Arkers so hard that the Trikru declare war on them the second they come down."

"I don't care about the past anymore, Cam," Elias says quietly, giving a shake of his head. "Even if I didn't get boxed?" He points a finger off in the direction of where Kai retreated to. "I lied to a lot of people. I'm guilty as -hell- of what I did, but the crime itself? Fuck, who even cares anymore, right?" His eyes look from Cameron to Grey, one brow raised and his expression slightly more dour. "It's done. The shit can't be undone. We're here on the edge, doing the very thing that we all kind of dreamed of as kids: returning home to the ground. Can we just fuckin'…take that in for a second? Realize that we're all in this together?" He nods to Cameron. "Absolutely. Grab every piece of home you can manage, because this shit might not be here tomorrow. You do what you gotta'." Looking to Grey then, he nods to him then. "And yeah, you're choosing to see it that way. Cam brings the shit up because he cares, man. Not because he hates you. I mean - I admittedly don't know Morgan well. I get it, man. I do. I care about everyone up there. Morgan shit-talking the Ark to the Trikru is about the same as you guys hurling insults at each other at the top of your lungs while…" He gestures around the camp generally with his knife. "…we're probably being watched. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume they don't want to make nice with 'dickbrains' and 'dumbfucks'. The way we're going to impress these people is by pulling together the way they have out of necessity to get what needs to be done done."

"Prove it! You've done nothing but defend every bit of Council policy ever." And then, Cameron can't help it, he stares at Grey— and he breaks out into laughter. "You're such an idiot and you don't even know, do you? Morgan would never speak against the Arkers at the Summit— NEVER— you have absolutely no idea what he's actually about, do you? The people of the Ark aren't what he wants revenge from— people like my father, like 99% of the Arkers. He is not their enemy. But it fits your own personal narrative to say that about him, doesn't it? Makes you feel superior, because YOU, YOU care about the many and all of us who disagree with you are crazy and small and think about nothing but our hatred. For all I disagree with him I know what he wants, and you, dear Eden, your own idiocy thinks you know both better, don't you. You're wrong, you arrogant little prick. You think you are the only one to want MY people down here, safe, secure, strong, more then I do? You nit. You git. Its hilarious. My father is up there, you jackass. I love my father. Cookie's parents are up there, and I love them as much as my own parents. And their friends are up there. You think hate drives me, you jackass? Love drives me. I would do anything to save them, but what is different is you'd accept their oppression to the Council where I demand their freedom to choose their path on this world." He looks sharply to Elias, "Morgan is *not* shit-talking the Ark to the Trikru. He's *lying*. Grey has imagined a nice scenario where Morgan hates the Ark, but that's not true. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't hate it. He would never do anything to harm them— if for no other reason that you can believe then that my father is up there, and I'm telling you right here, right now, he held me when my Mother died to save the three twenty and as I cried, and he said he'd do anything I needed for him and he told me the truth. He has no reason to love the Ark, no, but that's not the same as hating it. Morgan hates Kane. I admit that. But he would not — ever — hurt the Ark. Not my family, not your family, not anyones family up there. He thinks the Ark tech can't be salvaged and we have to go native. I disagree. I think the Ark tech is our birthright. But that he thinks the ark tech is a lost cause doesn't mean he means ill against the Ark people. Just against Kane."

Grey looks over to Elias, shaking his head slightly, "The Trikru know we don't got a leader down here and that we argue over every little fucking thing. They think it's insane, but they know we do it. You got a point though, about it not lookin' good. But it ain't at all the same as badmouthin' people the Grounders ain't even met yet. They can see what I do. They can talk to me. They can learn what I'm like. All they know about the rest of our people up there is what they hear from us." And then Cam is going off on him again — although this time with laughter… which goes over even less well with Grey than anger. The ex-Guard's shoulders tighten up, and his eyes narrow in a scowl. His right hand even bunches up into a fist, for all that he doesn't advance on the other Delinquent again and is well outside actual punching range. Eventually, he decides that punching is bad. Or at least in this case, and releases his fist, rolling his eyes sharply, "Bullshit, Cameron. Bull-damned-shit. Morgan hates the shit out of the Council. He tried to work his way through them one at a time after he did the Medical Officer. Same thing you said you were gonna do if the Council came down here and kept their jobs." He makes a dismissive little flicking gesture with his hands, "But screw it man. You don't care what I say. I'm just a jackbooted damned thug. I haven't done shit for this camp. I'm just an asshole who likes to float little kids and mothers and wants to shock baton people." His voice strangles to a stop there, and Grey presses the heel of his hand over his eyebrow a moment, then turns around, "Whatever, man," and he's ready to walk away.

Blinking at Cameron, Elias does manage a little laugh for levity's sake. "Of course he's defending Council policy. It wouldn't make any sense to yell at you in agreement." The smile grows a touch before he holds up his hands and nods his head slowly. "Seriously. You're both stubborn as fuck. Of course he's going to do nothing but defend Council policy with you picking it apart. Although…" While still speaking to Cam, he asides to Grey. "Is it order you care about or Council policy?" With that, whether the question goes answered or not, he returns his attention to Cameron. "Fuckin'…cool, though. If you say Morgan's not talking shit, I have no reason to not believe you. I was just using the hypothetical to illustrate a point. We're on the ground now, also. I hate the fuckin' Ark…as in the big tin can in space…not the people on it." There's a nod to Grey then and a deep inhale, his eyes squinting in the other guy's direction. "The Council's old system can go float itself. We're on the -ground-. I respect the hell out of your respect for order and law, man, but maybe we ought to have a say in policy. If we don't need a draconian governing body anymore, though, those rules are out the window, man. Maybe we should have our own council. Make our own policies. When the Arkers get down here, we can have another election, but right now we're only guaranteed what we have."

"Hating the Council, you jackoff, is hating six men and women, its NOT hating the Ark." spits out Cameron with a grunt of dry amusement, "That's the problem. You seem to think that for me to hate the Council means I hate the Ark. Somehow hating what six unelected rulers means hating the twenty five hundred people subject to that rule. I just can't figure out how you're that fucking *blind* to see those as the same thing. Why is it, Grey." Even if Grey's walking away, "You can't see that there's a difference between being opposed to the unaccountable political leadership of the Ark and hating the people of the Ark itself? How the fuck is that so hard for you to get?" He shakes his head, "Yeah. In grief while standing over my mother's fucking body I said shit I wouldn't act on, and in his own grief, Morgan acted in a way I couldn't condone if there was any accountability in our society. In both cases we were against the Council— but somehow you take that to mean against the Ark. Why is that? Why are you the only one who can't see the difference? The distinction?" He grunts, waves a hand and turns away, and he's going to march off too. But he pauses after a step, and glances at Elias, "Morgan will do right by us, all of us, because although he hates Kane and the Council, and no, I wouldn't let him be alone with any of them, he is not an enemy of the people. I promise you that. The rest, though, is the point, Eli. If the Council brings the old system down, I'm ready to fight it with everything I have. If Jaha dissolves the old Council, that Council which answered to no one, and the people of the Ark are given a voice in their Council— then I'll support it and be the most loyal citizen of the Ark you'll ever meet. I swear by Eden it's true. I'm just not going to submit to Council authority until there is proof of change."

Stopping his departure, Grey turns a dark, tired gaze toward Elias, "It's order, man. I don't know Jaha from my asshole. I've met him like… once. Talked to him… twice. Same for Kane or anyone else on the Council. I just know that it's real damned easy to scream about change, but it's hard as hell to keep people alive." He gestures up toward the north again, "You see votes up in C-Bur? Hell no. You see Steheda Oxfor kom Trikru, and people snap to. They've got a goddamned Commander running the whole thing. That's a military rank. You don't survive down here by talking, you survive by doing." At least that's what he's taken from what he's seen. Looking over his shoulder to Cameron, he just shakes his head, "Because I've seen the hard choices you gotta make to lead. So I see that maybe, just maybe, they aren't the raging monsters you made up in your head. The Councilors? They're part of…" their own term doesn't seem right, and so he goes with, "…the Skaikru. And you just don't get that. You're part of Skaikru or you ain't. Period." And then he's turning again to continue walking away.

"If The Council run Skaikru, I'm not a part of Skaikru." Cameron says, with simple finality. That's all to be said to that.

Nodding to Cameron, Elias allows himself to smile a touch more freely. "The important thing is that we get our people on the ground alive and well and then figure it out from there. We really could use some sort of governing body now, honestly. An elected one with accountability and oversight. And for the love of everything… transparency." Rubbing the back of his neck then, he considers this before finally just giving a nod. "Good. Like I said: I have no reason not to believe you regarding Morgan. I know you well enough to accept you vouching for somebody." There's an upwards nod of his head to Grey then. "Then let's get some order going down here. I agree, you know, that some of the shit…and really probably most of it was necessary up there. That shit's not going to fly down here, ya know? I'm sure even their Commander has to engage in some sort of diplomacy. I mean…" He gestures with his knife, vaguely in the direction of the village. "They're doing it right now. Negotiating peace that we badly, badly need. So let's not dismiss talking too fast now. Yeah, we gotta' work for every scrap of what we have, but it's not gonna' mean shit if the Trikru decide they're done with us and don't want to share resources."

Cameron is going to stare intently at Grey then, not adding to his previous statement; he's going to allow his silence to underline it in his head. Because that's what he's doing. He's underlining it. And again. And again. And again. Saying something right away there would just ruin his point.

Grey stops again, and this time he turns fully around, "Look. Council doesn't run the Ark. The Chancellor runs the Ark. You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that. So please, stop rockin' the damned boat," he heard that one somewhere, "with wild-ass conspiracy theories and Council mad-ons. You want someone to blame, blame the people who broke the damned law. Like me. Like you. Like him," He gestures over to Elias then changing tacks, "Fiona and me… we had order. For the Rescue. Everyone pullin' together. Hell, we were talkin' about electing a…" his hand gestures back to Cameron, "Senate. But then there was the radio, the release, and the summit. If we had a Senate right now, I think we'd end up with a couple of people shoutin' at each other, and no one actually leading. And we damned sure won't have anyone enforcing what the Senate says without a Guard. As for the Commander, I don't see no Commander here. I see one steheda bein' nice to a bunch of whiny kids."

Elias runs his hand through his hair and exhales through tightened lips. "The Chancellor appoints the Council," he says to Grey, shaking his head. "It's…toe-may-toe toe-mah-toe. Sure, fuck. I took it on myself to knowingly break the law. I don't blame the Council for getting 'Boxed. My differences with the Council and the Chancellor ain't personal." At the mention of he and Fiona, he nods his head in response. "So you've done it once. Let's see if we can get something more permanent in place, yeah? We can have another election once the Arkers get down here. I think you'd have some good shit to say as far as making policy goes, so…what do you say? We got off track, but we can get back on." The glance is offered to Cameron as well. "You're both pretty sharp guys, man. Fuckin'…if you guys worked together, we could probably get some pretty brilliant stuff set up."

"The Chancellor breaks ties, Grey." Cameron says coolly, "He has certain prerogatives — but all real decisions are decided by the Council by majority vote, and the people do not have a say in the Council. The Chancellor commands the Guard, and don't think I don't recognize that power, but the Council determines policy." He shakes his head again, "Law-breakers, you mean, like Devin?" he counters. That Second Child thing is a stickler for him. "He broke the law, how again?" He sighs softly, a bit tired, "Fuck, Grey, do you think I'm not for governance? I want us to elect a — anything but council. I want us to find common ground and have leaders who we are accountable. I know I undermined it by calling the Ark, I know I betrayed my own fucking principles to do it, but three hundred and twenty people were gonna die. That doesn't mean I don't still believe we should have a governance, and that if we had one, I would willingly submit to it and accept its punishment for my acting alone on that matter. You say Fiona and you had order, for the rescue. Remember, I was there too. I to hurt there, too. I'm not an anarchist, man. If you think that you' re a fool. I believe in government. I just want one that is accountable. I won't speak for anyone else, Grey, I won't push anyone else, but me, myself, even if it means putting myself in danger, I'll live free in the wilderness alone if that's what it takes. I don't want that, but if that's what I have to do? That's what I'll do. Please come at least to the understanding that this doesn't mean I hate the Ark or want the Ark's people to die. Eden preserve us all, please see past your blinders to recognize I am not your fucking enemy." He glances at Elias as he speaks, listens, and sighs wearily, "Can't, because Grey sees only enemies. Like I said, I'd trust him without hesitation to have my back if the Grounders attack. He wouldn't say the same. Why? I'm against him. Crazy. Dismissable. Dismissed."

Grey nods tiredly to Elias, "Yeah, we did it before. Before…" he gestures to Cameron, and then to himself, "The radio and the release of Gideon and Wren. Now we got people attackin' each other just outside camp." He gestures to where the last of his black eyes have just faded. "Because…" he gestures to Cameron again, "The radio. Then the release. They were both the right decisions, made for the right reasons, but they broke the damned camp." He starts back toward Cameron then, "And yeah. If we had enemies outside the camp, I'd trust you beside me, despite you tryin' to stick a knife in my belly. Never said I wouldn't, so don't go putting words in my damned mouth. Wake up, dreamer-boy. The world ain't perfect. It's never gonna be perfect. You still gotta live in it." And then his steps swerve, to go past Cameron outside of arm's reach, back toward the dropship ramp.

Flipping his tongue out once more to wet his lips, Elias looks sidelong to Cameron and gives a nod of his head. Then his head is nodded to Grey. "Settled then. No more excuses. We get this shit done and we get it done right so that everyone is represented and counted for." Elias starts cleaning his knife off at this point and slides it back into his belt under his shirt. "We stay at each others' throats with everyone just running off in directions, we're gonna' die down here. I mean - for fuck's sake. Quinn, Alison, and Lip came back trippin' balls on something and waving assault weapons around. While I was scraping Grey here up off the floor. Do we really need to imagine all of the -really- bad and fucked-up things that could have resulted from that?" He moves to sit lotus-style right there on the ground then. "You both get credit for pulling your own, having peoples' backs…whatever. We're wasting time arguing over something old and obsolete. You guys with me on putting something together we can be proud of?"

"Grey. We had an informal understanding." Cameron's voice is so very, very quiet. "You and I, we don't have legs to stand on, when talking about how we broke certain things. I thought it was implied that, understanding this, we accepted that we had reasons that were exceptional for what we did in those periods— and we wouldn't make an issue of those. We are neither clean." His voice is so very soft, "Please do not bring up what I may have done that day, with my mother dead at my feet, again. I was irrational. I think we can agree, at the very least, during those two days, you and I? We can not hold each other's feet to the fire." He turns to regard Elias a lingering moment, "Honestly? I don't know. Yes, I'm willing to work to make better and stronger and work for my people to survive in the hope of thriving, but the problem is? I don't think Grey would believe me. I don't know how to react to his point of view of what I believe when I its so completely wrong."

Grey should probably respond to Elias beyond, "Easy on the talk of the depot-stuff," and a nod toward the trees overlooking the wall. They're well beyond any sort of range that Grounders outside the wall could hear anything said in a normal tone, but institutional paranoia is institutional for a reason. But again, he's trying to leave, stopping on the ramp for a moment, "And Cam, I said you did the right thing with the radio, but someone tries to stab you?" He shrugs a little, "You remember it, just like you remember the reason. But don't put this shit all on me. As long as you're trying to talk people into running away from the rest of their people, you ain't part of the solution, you're makin' things worse."

Furrowing his brows, he quietly asides to Cameron. "Don't suppose whether or not he'll believe you. Try." Again, he pushes a bloody hand through his hair to keep it out of his eyes. Someone will be taking a dip in the cold ass river before too long. There's a quick upwards nod to Grey at his warning as well, but his attention goes back to Cameron. "Cool, though. I'd be glad to have you. And Grey." Letting his hair fall back down streaked with sanguine ichor, he gives a flick of his hand and then dusts them together. "Meh," he resigns to finally. A look is cast from one to the other before settling on Grey. "C'mon, man. There's no way they don't know we have them. Alison was running around with one making gun noises while Lip was…fuckin' 'Lipping' through the forest. I'd be really, really surprised." Shaking his head then, he rubs at the back of his neck. "Look. You guys really want to know what Unity Day -should- be about? Getting over our own shit and working together towards something better. For our people, ya know?"

"I will remember that, Grey." Cameron's voice is quiet, "And so our truce is null and void, by your will. So be it. Do know, however, that I have never once— not once— not a single time— even suggested to one person that they should run away, that they should go away, that they should leave. It has never happened. Not once. Lies drip from your lips, Grey, if you so much as suggest such lies, and everyone will know it. Do the lies taste bitter to you? Or sweet? I think sweet, since your lies fulfill your own imagination and have no reflection on what I've ever said to anyone, ever. They betray you. I do not want our people to divide. I have not tried, not once, to encourage any of our people to do anything but unify; the worst that can be said is that I have told people they have the choice as free people, but I do not advocate separation. On the contrary. I advocate activism, for those dissatisfied to express what keeps them from union, because I want our people to unify — but to truly unify, not just unify in name. That requires accountable governance." He looks To Elias and shakes his head, "How can I? Grey can't see anything but his own blindness. Listen to him. To him, I'm going around trying to talk people into running away from their people. That, literally, has never happened. How can we possibly get over our shit when in his mind this fictional universe is real?"

Grey shrugs slightly at Elias, "In case they were sleepin', no sense wakin' them up now. But yeah, that is what Unity Day should be about. And it's what I've been tryin' to do since day… oh, three or four." Cameron's words cause him to blink in surprise, frowning in complete confusion, "Wait… what? No… you know what, fuck this. Just not fucking worth it. You were talkin' about setting up a People's Republic or some shit… no, just fuck it." And then he's gone into the dropship, headed back for a ladder.

"That's because both of you," Elias says, looking from Cam to Grey and back. "are assuming shit about each other and then getting reactionary." Again, he fusses with his hands a bit which are absolutely filthy with blood and such. "Ugh. Man, the sooner I get that pot growing, the better. Get you two baked so we can sit and have a reasonable, disjointed conversation." A short laugh is given as he looks then to Grey. "Hey, I'll see you tomorrow, man." A nod is given before he turns back to Cameron. "People screaming 'no' is essential to order. Order's gotta' be vetted and the best way to do it is by picking it apart." With a wave of his hand then, he considers the direction of the river for a long moment. He'll need to be taking a dip in that. "Eh. Grey, kinda' ironically, sees things in black and white. Hope you guys can squash it, though. You're both pretty decent."

"Senate. Republic. Those was just words, man, because I liked stories of Rome as a kid. Our actions killed the chance of a senate and any free republic, so who knows what the fuck happens next?" Cameron shrugs slightly, "That's dead. The Republic I wanted was a place of the people, for the people, which could grow up from within the people of the Ark. An insurgency. I never wanted to abandon the Ark, fuck can I say it often enough I treasure Ark heritage? I wanted to start the Republic as a movement from a unified 100, and grow it from there. Then you and I, with the radio and the grounder release, in a colossal one-two punch, we killed that bitch dead, Grey. We KILLED my dream, you and I. That's why I thought we had a truce on at least that day, that we could at least agree, we're both guilty and move on. Fast-forward, so now I'm not sure what's happening next, but I'm not speaking for anyone anymore. I'm just speaking for myself. I'm now just speaking about what I'm willing to live under. Myself." He sighs, deeply, and looks to Elias, "Fuck, I'd like some pot." he agrees fervently, "But you're right about no, and order. Honestly, I'm not an anarchist. I want order. But opposition isn't objection to order, man. I speak for the opposition. That doesn't mean I hate my people. Fuck, I'm a child of the Ark. I love my people. I just …. I just couldn't live in the Ark itself. That's all. That's why I got boxed."

Grey isn't listening anymore, although that's probably as much about the fact that he's walked inside the dropship as because of his frustration.

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