Day 031: CamIsNotdead
Summary: While at camp Jaha, Kai see's Morgan and they talk about how #CamIsNotDead, with hugging.
Date: 29th June 2016
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Kai Morgan 

Camp Jaha
The outside area of camp Jaha
Day 031

Word probably filters first around that there's a Grounder at the gates of camp Jaha. The correction slower and reaching less people that no, it's not a Grounder, it's Kyler Adams. And for the main part she doesn't look /that/ different from when she left with Fiona.. except that the right side of her face is still a mass of healing bruises and small cuts and that the armor that covered her right forearm appears to have been lost somewhere, quite possibly because there's a whole line of stitches holding her arm together. And a sword slung over her back. And a horse. Can't forget the horse. The last thing's where she's at, at the moment, waiting in the grounds of camp Jaha with an eye on the doors to the station itself in a game of cold-shoulder with guards that are obviously not pleased with the girl gone native loitering in camp blatantly waiting for something.

That there's a Grounder at the gates is of interest to Morgan regardless of who it is. Possibly great interest depending on which. So when he hears of it, he goes to look. And then he speeds up when he sees who it really is. "Kai." He's got new clothes! Clean clothes without holes in them. But he still wears his sword at his hip. "I was looking for you."

"Morgan." his appearance actually brings a genuine smile to her face, petting the horse a couple of times before she steps away to extend her hand,"You were still out when I came by the first time, sorry. They were pointing guns at Wren and I had a feeling that if we didn't get moving it was going to be bad." there's a shrug of her shoulder as her expression sombers,"I'm working on trying to get closer to the Mountain. We made it to Coesbur but they decided to pull back when they saw the village had been overrun by Reapers."

Morgan clasps Kai's forearm and nods his understanding. He looks at the horse then steps over to touch its neck and pet it. "So you're working on getting them back. Good. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. We need information and the Grounders are the one who have it. Cam is there. I'm not going to let them keep him."

It's placid. And bad quality. Which is the only reason they're letting her novice ass ride the damned thing. She lets him take a look at the beast as she gives a nod,"Of course I am. I've given Grey my maps because I know him and the rest of you aren't going to stand by either, but considering he reckons I've turned my back on ya'll you might want to talk to him about them." she grunts, it's not offended, just the way it is,"I know. So are Tink and Op and a bunch of others, too. We followed the Guard in after they scooped you guys up and I did a headcount then to get a handle on just how many were missing." there's a sigh and a shake of her head,"The Trikru just keep saying, so far, that no-one comes back from the Mountain, but I figure once we clear out Coesbur I'll be in a better position to find a way up there. And Wren accepts I'm not going to stop looking for them. S'long as he knows what I'm up to I'm free to do what I need to.. here I couldn't do that. And while Kane and the rest of them can go float.. you lot.. yeh."

Morgan grimaces. "Kane. I don't know if we can count on him. Supposedly, he's committed to getting them back but how many resources is he willing to expend to do it?" He flicks a glance back toward the compound. "I'm trying to get a meeting with him so I can find out. Aside from getting them back, how long is it going to be before they decide they don't like competition and drop a missile on us here? We need to take them. Do you think the Grounders would help with that if we could convince them we can get them there safely?"

"And now you know why I'd rather be Trikru." Kai grunts, eyeing the passing guard that eyes her with all the shade she can muster, then gives the barest shrug of her shoulder,"They don't lack for bravery, but they are prudent as fuck. Indra had over a thousand warriors in the main camp. What hit you guys was the advance group, and I'm still pissed she sent them while we were waiting to get a proper meeting with her." she sighs,"But.. water, bridges.. whatever. The scale of destruction that the Mountain Men are capable of is something unrivaled except by this place. And that because we're the only other thing to fall out of the fucking sky and rain death and destruction across their land. I think under the right circumstances they'd fight to free themselves of that threat.. but they wont do it for our people. So if they do tender something like that to Indra? It needs to be in the form of what do the Trikru get out of it. What makes it worth the risk to their lives?"

"How about no longer needing to fear having a missile dropped on them?" Morgan asks with a shrug. "Seems like a pretty good answer to 'what's in it for me?'. But even if not, we still need info. I know Wren has talked about them before but he didn't give a lot of details. Do you think he'd be willing to sit down and really answer questions? And maybe whoever else knows a lot about them?"

"When they're sure it's not a fight they can win in the first place? But yeh. Give them a solid shot at a win, probably." there's a vague smile from Kai with a dip of her head,"They don't know a lot. It's.. almost like the bogeyman? Remember the story about the guy with the hook that liked to stalk Arrow station? Or Mecha? It would keep changing and I don't remember it real well, anyways.. same thing. They all know about them, and all they will say is that people who get taken by the Mountain never come back. And stuff about missiles and guns. That's part of why I want to get back into Coesbur as soon as possible. I'm treading some hard cultural warning lines with them in regards to it, but I'm not letting them keep our people. There's got to be a way up there, somewhere they're being kept. And if I can find that place? Well, when you guys get there I should have a plan worked up on how to deal with the problem.. at least, that's the general idea."

"What if we helped clear out Coesbur?" Morgan asks. "Would that get us some good will from them? All of them, I mean. Not just Oxfor and the village. And what if we used guns to do it? The same way we'd use guns against the Mountain Men themselves if we need to assault the mountain to get them back. Would they let us? Or would it make things worse in their eyes? We can shoot the damn Reapers. We can drive through the acid mist. Maybe. But we need them too."

"My brain already went there, the reaction they had regarding potentially digging up and repurposing any left-over mine's from skaigeda was enough of a 'no', they evacuated the whole village to Tondc for the thought that the Mountain was going to hit them. There's no way of knowing if they went through there, just that right now there's a pack of Reapers in there.. unusually large, I'm thinking, by the way they were talking about it. I don't think they'd take offense at help, but definitely guns, explosives, they're still on the 'no' list.. but.. I think you're on to something there. They've seen us fight against them.. and while there's plenty of them who are not happy with us, there's.. respect there, too." she scrubs a hand over her shorn head,"But the Guard? They've never fought a real honest-to-Eden battle in their lives. Not like you and the others. How likely do you think it is that Kane's going to go for the thought of the hundred getting involved? If they even will? There's a bunch of people here that are also understandably not real eager to forget it was only a few days ago that we were all trying to murder one another."

"I don't know. If I get to see him, I'll ask him and try to convince him. But even if he agrees, he's going to insist on using guns." Morgan points out. "It's the only thing the Guard really knows how to use, after all. Bows? No. Swords? No. And frankly, I just want to shoot all the fuckers myself. It's safer. Maybe if we cleaned the village out on our own so they can't possibly be blamed for it?" He shrugs. "Far as I know, we're free to come and go as we want. I'm sure Grey will agree to fight. I've already talked to him and you know how he is about rescuing our own." Which is exactly why he talked to him.

Kai can't help but grimace with a shake of her head,"I leave dealing with Kane up to you guys. I've not seen him, and I've got no interest in dealing with him. I can't tell you when it's going to happen, though. It's very much 'we leave in three hours, be prepared'. Which is fine by me, but it takes at least a couple to ride here from Tondc, and longer to walk it. But yeh. I plan on keeping an eye out for you guys while I'm out there because I have no doubt you'll be out there. And in the interim I'm going to do what I can." she reaches for the horses reins with a sigh,"Not going to lie, do sort of miss my rifle."

"I don't want to deal with the fucker either." Morgan states. "I don't even want to be here. But I have to be. I can't get Cam back on my own. Look. I know it's not exactly on the way, but it's not too out of the way either. Do you think you can convince them that when they're ready to go take their village back, to come here first and get us? However many of us are willing, will go with them. Me for sure. Grey. Maybe Fi, though probably not to fight. She might want to be there though. Others. Maybe the Guard. I'll try."

"I'll ask." is what Kai says,"Britt has seen you guys fight, someone put a bullet in her face in fact.. which serves her fucking right. But I'll talk to Wren, and if he thinks it's possible, he'll talk to the others. Which is the way it has to be in that regard for now. Even if not this time? They pay attention to that." she extends that injured arm,"I can tell you that just bleeding in the scouting party got me points with some of them. But we're not going to let them keep Cam, Morgan.. you have my word on that. If they wont come with us, we will find a way to do it. We always have. We always will."

"I'm not trying to convince you. I'm hearing how it sounds for when I need to convince Kane." Morgan answers. "Because he's not going to want to commit the kind of force we'd need." Or so he assumes. "Do the Grounders know the saying 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'?"

"Okay." Kai laughs quietly,"And no, most likely not." with regards to Kane. She endeavors to resist itching at her stitches; Silver's work, no doubt, to judge from their neatness and location, absently scratching her forearm before she shakes her head,"Not that I'm aware of. Blood must have blood, is the most popular thing I've heard. But remember.. Skaikru and Trikru are not enemies, and the Trikru do work with other clans.. just whether or not they will want to work with a bunch of skaikids. It may be that the willingness to bleed for the village would bring good will, and that good will is an important first step, but by itself wont get them to go to the Mountain."

"You should mention it to them." Morgan suggests. "And no, we're not enemies. But we're both enemies of the Mountain Men so it's a saying they should start thinking about. And while it might not get them to go to the mountain, maybe they'll be willing to talk more about it."

"I will." Kai agree's,"I've been racking my brain for what I can remember of military history, oddly enough.. the warriors seem to like that, even if they find the concept of things like the American Civil War easiest to digest as a tribe going to war with itself. But yes. That's part of why I'm there. To learn. To talk. To pass things on to you guys.. not Kane.. you guys. But.. I should probably go and wait outside of the gate, before the Chancellor decides to come and start asking me questions I don't feel like answering.. cos I might barely be a Trikru, but I'm pretty sure they'd still be pissed if I suddenly went missing."

"I should go find Grey. He has a better chance of convincing Kane than I do." Given that Morgan tried to kill him. Things like that make things complicated for some reason. "Tell Silver I said hi. And if you see Ginia, tell her I still want that tattoo. Once Cam is back to draw it on me, we'll be showing up with a deer hide to trade."

"Ginia. Don't know her, but when I meet her? I will let her know. And I'll tell Silver, too. She's been.. settling in better than I have. But she speaks the language better, so that helps. At least Wren's family is pretty understanding of the concept that we're stupid and don't mean to be rude." she gives the horses reins a tug,"Take care of yourself, Morgan.. and we'll get Cam back. If there was someone I was going to go back-to-back in a fight with, it'd be him. Running the lines.. we just knew. We didn't have to discuss it. It was.. poetry. I'm still pissed he's missing."

Morgan nods once. "If you hear anything, let me know. And I want to be there to clear the village even if I'm the only one from here. If nothing else, they'll need more medics."

"You'll be the first to know." Kai agree's,"And yes, medics are always useful." with that she slips away towards the gate to wait for Elias where she's at least not trapped inside with a bunch of guys with guns that aren't entirely sure if she can be trusted now.

Morgan nods and starts to head back inside but then turns back. "Hey, Kai."

Kai pauses and looks back at him,"Yeh?" she asks with an air of curiousity, hand lingering on the horse's neck to keep it from deciding that it's tired of 'stop, go, stop' signals.

Morgan walks over and when he gets close enough, gives the girl a hug. "Thanks."

Hugging. Hugging! HUGGING. Oh god, the desire to flail is in every single inch of Kai's body and transmitted through the extremely stiff and awkward little 'petpetpet' she gives Morgan as she tries to basically immediately extricate herself without any kind of attempt at all at pretending like it's for any reason other than she just isn't a hugger,"Uh. You too. Yeh. We'll find him Morgan. And we're going to slaughter a whole bunch of those Mountain fuckers in the process. One way or another." and she's totally okay with that.. and with using the horse as a shield to prevent further hugging as she slinks in the direction of the gate with perhaps a little more speed.

Kai knows just what to say to cheer Morgan up. "Yeah, we will." If they've hurt Cam… Well, blood must have blood. He's known that since he was thirteen. "Talk to you later." And this time he does head inside.

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