Day 019: Camp Pimpin
Summary: In which… things happen. And possible arrangements are made. Really, there's no way to summarize this. Slightly NSFW verbage, but nothing graphic.
Date: 2 6 2016
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The Camp Grounds
Day 019

Another day on the ground, another day of surviving. Devin has actually managed to stay in the camp and not wander off for almost a week! Progress! He is currently sitting just outside of the dropship, using the ramp as a seat as he sharpens his knives on a rock that looks as if it has had a lot of use.

Cameron, for his part, has been hunting more then foraging lately. And being pretty successful at it, but today when he comes wandering into the camp, sword in hand, he has an expression that is solidly vexed. Vexed! His lips are pursed and his eyes narrowed, and there's this tree, there. This tree right by the gate, and he takes a few frustrated swings at it, slash, slash, slash, before grunting, and having spent his vexation, wanders into the grounds.

Mimi was using Cameron's slashy-tree for target practice, and had unleashed an arrow towards it. The arrow flies into the tree making a 'boiiiiing' sound. "Mimi stands there with bow in hand then giggles and claps her hands hopping up and down a few times. "Strike Successful!" she exclaims. She's been practicing regularly and actually is getting pretty good. Competent even. Moving over to pull her arrow out of the stree she tilts her head watching Cameron. "Bad day, Mr. Cameron? Would you like to have some of Cookie's fruit leathers?"

Cameron freezes when the arrow hits the tree, and he blinks over and stares at Mimi a moment, "I'm real glad you're an okay shot, because aiming into melee is very bad strategy, Mimi." He shakes his head slowly, bemused, but with a shrug continues along into the camp. "I failed spectacularly at huting anything at all." he explains of the vexation, "And my name is Cameron. Mr. Scott would, I guess, be fine, except it'd wigg me the fuck out and think you're talking to my dad. So. Cameron's fine."

Devin glances up towards the direction of the sound of an arrow hitting a tree comes from and sees Mimi and Cameron talking. He smirks a bit at the news of Cameron's hunt. He drops the rock onto the ground with a soft thud as he stands and sticks the knives back into his belt as he makes his way towards the pair. He looks towards Mimi then to the tree. "Nice shot." He says before he looks back to Cameron. "And we welcome back the mighty hunter! What tales have you to regale us with, Sir Hunter?"

Mimi hmmns. "I can use Mr. Scott if you prefer? I am trying to make an attempt to be more socially equitable and available." She looks to Devin and smiles enthusiasticaly "Thanks!" She reaches out to poke Devin lightly on the chest unless he moves to avoid it. "Be nice. He doesn't appear to be in a good mood." She glances at the tree marks, then back to Devin "I am fairly certain. Because of the marks on the tree."

Cameron has a rude gesture for Devin, though there's no real heat behind it, even with the scowl on his features. Its not actually an angry sort of thing, despite the appearances. Then he eyes Mimi again, "No, really, if you want to be more.. socially equitable and available, then I'm Cameron. Just Cameron. Cam, sometimes, if you want. Its considered a sign of familiarity to shorten someone's name, if not friendship." Then he eyes Devin a moment, "Wandered lately?" There's a quirk of a grin on his fatures.

Devin smirks as he watches Cam for a moment before his attention is drawn down to the finger placed on his chest for a moment then back up to Mimi. "It's alright. I only tease out of friendship and respect." He says with a grin before he looks to Cam, laughing softly at the question asked of him, shaking his head with a mocked shock look on his face. "No! And it's been almost a week! Can you believe that? Maybe I should wander off again…" A brief pause before he continues. "Gotta keep everyone on their toes."

Mimi shakes her head and pokes her finger into Devin's chest again. "No. You do not. People are actually disappearing and..dying. When they aren't murding one another, or we are not murdering them. No more sneaking out." She looks at Cameron "And it's okay not to catch anything. Everyone is doing thier best, so you cannot be so difficult with yourself." She hmmns. "You take some of Devin's silliness." Then looks to Devin "And you take some of Cameron's seriousness."

"I think you're just storing up your wanderness for a big long walk to find out what's on the otherside of a hill you spotted and can't get your head away from." That said, Cam gets a fond grin on his features for the wanderkid. "Mimi, you do realize you're not in charge, right?" His expression is quizzical, "I mean, no one's in charge. If he wants to drive me nuts and wander so I have to follow and find him, its a free planet. I reserve the right to tie him to a tree afterwards, though." Then he shrugs, "I don't begrudge anyone their silliness but I don't have time. Project Tomatable is taking what little free time I wasn't having sex in and totally leaving me with nothing else. I haven't even serioously tried to find an woad in like two days. I don't know what's come over me." He sighs, wistfully.

Devin smiles to Mimi and shakes his head. "It'll be fine. I've done well out there on my own. I mean until Gideon found me and took me to her village." That's his story and he's sticking to it. He listens to Cam as he laughs. "Just make sure I have a good view if you tie me to a tree. Though, you do have to find me first." He chuckles softly before he looks towards Mimi for a moment then to Cam. "Wait. Are you talking about the crash site? I was thinking about going, but it's a really far walk. I'll definitely need to find supplies and a group to go with. Maybe a cute girl to keep me company."

Mimi blinks "No, I am not in charge. I have a very clear definition of the Ark's council structure - after all I was working for them in the Skybox." She quirks her head looking at Cameron "That is right, you have had sex have you not? What is that like?" She looks back to Devin "Perhaps I can accompany you and this cute girl. I too was thinking of visiting. The black box should be encrypted, and if it was not destroyed I should be able to decrypt it."

"Great. I totally reccommend it to everyone. Also." Darker, Cameron says in a notably darker tone, "The fucking Council isn't in charge here, either." He looks up to the sky, his expression momentarily worried, but he shakes his head, "But anyways, yeah. Sex is great." Then he looks off in the direction of where the second dropship fell, then looking between both of them, "I wanted to go but Morgan talked me out of it. So I'm helping keep the fort. Tending my tomato plants. Making sure we don't lose what little we have while everyone's going off to salvage."

Mimi looks back to Cameron "Very well. Please find me someone to have sex with. Male or Female - it does not particuarly matter to me. I had better take a shift manning the radio, though I'm getting better with the bow if you need help on the Wall Cameron." She heads off towards the Tech Tent without much more notice.

Devin smiles to Mimi and nods. "Sure. The more the merrier." He says before he looks back to Cameron as he describes sex, chuckling slightly. As he looks towards the direction the second dropship fell, nodding his head. "Yeah. As much as I like to go off on my own, I don't think I could do that one solo. It's way too far and I don't think any of us have ever gone that far." At Mimi's request of Cameron has him do a double take and is speechless as he watches the girl head off to the Tech tent. He stares for a moment then looks to Cameron again. "That's a hell of a request."

Cameron stares sort of dumbfounded after Mimi, mouth open, just sorta, catching flies. He looks to Devin, seeking help, then looking back at the tent, then looking back to Devin. He splutters, "Did she just— I mean, that didn't just— I mean, what did she— I mean." His brain got a bit scrambled by that. "I'm not going to find her someo—" Pause, sidelong glance at Devin, and he suddenly grins, "I can be your wing man. Want me to…?"

Devin still seems at a loss for words, as he shakes his head as he looks back at him. It takes him a second to catch what Cameron is asking him, his eyes widen. "Wait what?" He looks back towards the direction that Mimi went then back to him. "Me? And her?" He blinks a few more times. "I don't even really know her. We never talked. I don't think we have a lot in common." He stammers a bit. "I've never even had sex before."

"I don't think anyone has anything in common with her. She's weird. But she wants to have sex, so." Cameron shrugs slightly, and his grin widens, wickedly. "She's cute, I guess. Just saying. She asked me to set her up with someone, and you're my friend, sooo, if you wanted…."

Devin laughs again, shaking his head. "That's not how I imagined my first time would be like. I mean, she is a little weird, but I guess we all are in our own ways." He says, glancing back at the tent for a moment or two before he looks back to Cam. "I think I'm going to have to think about that for a while." He says with a soft chuckle.

"Man, when I first got a chance to get laid, I did not think about it at all." Cameron shakes his head, amused as he regards Devin a moment, "I mean, yeah, its better if you like the person, but its just fine if you're just working the hormones out. But. I won't pressure you into doing anything you don't want to. I didn't exactly volunteer for the Person Who Picks Mimi's Sex Partner job, you know."

Devin raises an eyebrow slightly as he looks at Cam. "Yeah, but I'm sure your first time wasn't thrust upon you like it was here." He says with a soft laugh, shrugging his shoulders slightly. "I don't know. Maybe I'll give it a go to get the first time over with." He considers for a moment before he looks to him again. "What would you do?"

"If she was a guy who looked approximately as good as she looks as a girl, and I was a virgin?" Cameron answers without a hint of hesitation, "I would totally do that. Hell, even if I wasn't a virgin. But, you're right. My first time wouldn't really be like this, but it also wasn't exactly anything more meaningful or signifcent. Its just sex, Dev." Pauses, "So says the guy who is insisting on monogamy in his relationship, but that's different."

Devin takes a deep breath and nods his head. "Yeah, you're right. But it's different. I never had the birds and the bees talk with my folks. I had to learn from the people in the skybox, so there's a whole lot of shit I don't know whether it's true or not." He admits with a nervous laugh. "But yeah. I'll do it. If nothing comes from it, maybe we can chalk it up to a learning experience. I'm sure she will."

Cameron nods his head a bit, thoughtful, and grinning ruefully, "I don't know the specifics, but really, pay attention to the girl's body and experiment, find out what she likes. What she doesn't. Everyone's different. Don't be too quick to get to the … main event? I hear girls need more like… Let's say, uhhh. Attention. To their stuff. Before you get to the. Stuff. That you want to do." He's not exactly embarassed, but he is awkward, "You know, the acutal fucking. Every guy wants to do that, that's just natural. But you're supposed to get a girl into it first. I believe. I've heard. Theoretically. Mythologically."

Devin nods slightly as he listens, really seeming to take it all in. "Okay. So pay attention to her a lot before the main act." He says as he thinks. "Okay I think I can do that." He chews on his lower lip for a moment before he looks back at Cam. "Morgan is a doctor, do you think he'd mind me asking questions?" He asks with his voice lowered so no one around them can hear. "Like what I can expect and stuff like that?"

"Consider this, she's not likely to know what the hell she's doing either." Cameron prompts with a grin, "Guys just have it easy because it doesn't take a lot for us to be happy with what's happening. The main event is all about us having our happies. I believe." That said, he gives a nod, "I mean I don't know if he knows any better specifics, but it doesn't hurt to ask. He's got to know something from medical training, and he's your friend. He'll help you if he can, I'm sure."

Devin considers Cameron's words for a few moments, nodding as it all starts to make sense. "Okay. That actually helps." He says with a slight smile. He glances around the area, trying to see if Morgan is around before he looks to Cam. "Do you know where he's at? I guess the sooner I can get my questions out of the way, the better." He says as he glances back towards the tent Mimi disappeared into again. "Thanks for helping me with this, by the way."

"Hey, what are friends for." Cameron nods his head with a grin, and gives a gesture off that way, "I saw him over there last…" he suggests.

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