Day 037: Campfire Talks
Summary: Some of the Skaikru and Trikru discuss food, maps, technology and the Mountain in the delegation camp outside of camp Jaha.
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Lake Arkadia — The Wilderness
Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rolling foothills, the Lake Arkadia — or known as Lake Audo to the Trikru — is a sprawling, crystalline body of water that joins the Potomac watershed. It is encompassed in low grasses and young alder trees. The forests start to thicken to the west, where the rocky peaks of this small mountain range poke up out of the groves of hemlock and cedar. Following along a newly flattened path is the road to Camp Jaha. The Skaikru city is what remains of the crashed Alpha station. The enormous ring stands vertical some many hundred feet in the air, and it has already begun to be salvaged for materials.
Day 37

Kai's more comfortable out at the Trikru camp. That's the long and short of it, really. Granted, given that the Guards are camp Jaha have pretty much filed her under traitor and taken to muttering about how her father would feel about her now might have something to do with that. The grey-eyed girl, unlike the rest of her new clan, has already seen far more of camp Jaha than she'd care to for one lifetime, and in absence of immediate orders is now taking the opportunity to rest around one of the campfires. As a Second, she doesn't really warrant a tent, most of the Warriors don't have them and likely don't consider themselves as needing such things, so the injured girl has picked herself a spot near the cluster of Trikru that don't seem to mind her presence and is currently on stirring duty for the communal pot.

The guards at Camp Jaha definitely bug the shit out of Elias as well. To say that his dealings with most of them are limited is a bit of an understatement. Despite his responsibilities, he's found himself a bit more comfortable around the Trikru during the delegation as well. Overall, they seem to treat him with more respect despite being fairly vocal often about not liking him. While he approaches the group of Trikru with some measure of caution, he does offer a smile to Kai and moves to sit nearby. "How's it going there?" he asks, canting his head gently to one side. When he finally did return to the tent they've set up, there was much comforting from him until sleep found Kai last evening.

Most of them are in the camp, no doubt, or just somewhere generically 'around'. Hunting. Gathering things to keep the camp supplied. In her state Kai's not exactly in hunting condition so she gets stuck with making sure that the stew doesn't stick to the pot. She gives him her best effort at a smile, tired and pained,"Haven't burnt it yet." she offers drily,"Also haven't heard any big commotions from inside the wall so I guess no-one's succumbed to the desire to get into a fight yet. Yourself?"

Elias runs a hand up through his hair to push it back on his head and behind his ears. The young man settles his eyes on Kai once more then as he considers her a moment. "Good news if ever I've heard it," he speaks up in reply to her not burning it. "Well, I barely resisted the urge to see how far I could stuff my fist down Jumar's throat last night, but other than that?" Casually, he rolls his shoulders back in a shrug and smiles again to her. "Things seem…more or less calm? Volatile, a bit. Did you sleep alright?" He did, after all. There was no spooning, but he did lay next to her, careful of her wounds.

Kai settles back to rest her back against a log dredged over for such seating,"And ya'll told me I'm not allowed to." she points out drily,"Granted, I guess diplomatically you getting into a punch-up with that asshole is better than me doing so. Whee politics." she pauses,"Grey can go fuck himself, to, for that matter. Considering the information I've given all of them for him to turn around and shove 'we don't have a treaty' in my face.. he can absolutely go and fuck himself. I'm done with this place, Eli. I'll be polite for the sake of the delegation, because peace is important for both of us, but I'm not coming in the gates there any longer. They're not my people any longer, they've made that very blatantly clear, and while it's not going to stop me from helping our friends get free of the mountain.. I'm done here."

Elias gives a slow nod of his head to her, considering her words quietly. He and Kai are among a group of Trikru that don't seem to mind their presence as much. Kai is stirring a pot while Elias sits nearby and engages her in conversation. "I can understand you feeling that way," he says with a nod. "I mean - objectively that's pretty fucked for all that you've hooked him up in the past." Quietly then, he lifts his shoulders in a shrug and considers just a moment or so longer. A brow slowly raises to her then and he inhales deeply. "Look, I know. I have to deal with those assholes too, sometimes." He motions with his head towards one of the guards at the somewhat distant gate. "Most of the time in one way or another. No sweat, though. Once I've gotten enough stuff to trade for a horse, it'll be a lot easier."

Kai's manning the communal pot at one of the campfire's at the Trikru camp outside of camp Jaha, she's shed her sword and armor for the moment, wearing a top underneath that is definitely not Arker in origin, a loose rust brown that only makes the dark line of stitches holding bits of her neck and chest together at the moment. Which is also why she has her left hand curled protectively against herself as she stirs with her right hand and settles back again,"I can't be surprised by it, Eli. It is what it is. I'll still come down to visit you when I can, of course, but we're going to be on this side of the gates, I'm not going back in there unless I have to, because they're right, me getting into a fight with the Skaikru is going to reflect badly on Wren, and I can't afford that." she grimaces,"Still wish that the steheda hadn't requested me and him come to this shit. I could be back in Coesbur right now. That's where Pontus was heading. 'd fucking rather that shit."

It's not difficult to spot Morgan approaching from the camp. He's one of the few Skaikru who'd even want to and there's no way he can be mistaken for a Grounder even with the sword at his hip. There's some unfriendly looks directed his way but some curiosity as well from others since he was one of the ones to greet them at the gate and the first Oxfor spoke to. Those who don't appear outright hostile, he offers a nod and smile to with an occasional 'heya' until he pauses to look around, spots Kai and Elias, and then walk over. "Hey."

While he might normally offer to take over, he doesn't want to give the Trikru any reason to be more suspicious of him than they are. Despite this, he stays put seemingly just to spend time around Kai. For his own part, he's washed and well-kept and wears the colors and styles common on the Ark. Lots of navy blue. His eyes wander a moment before returning to Kai once more. "I know," he says with a dip of his head in a nod to Kai along with a sympathetic smile on his lips. "Apparently Benning is stealing me away for a project at some point, so it's not like we won't see each other. I imagine I'll have to do a lot of back and forth, actually. Coesbur's a bit far, but I'm pretty sure I'll be heading there eventually as well for the rebuilding efforts." With Morgan's approach and greeting, his attention is drawn to the medic with a raised brow. "Hey, Morgan. Doing alright?"

"Heyo Morgan, come join us." Kai nods his way by way of invitation, content to rest up against a log and try not to pull against any of her stitches worse than have already have been,"Sorry about last night. I'm just.. yeh. I shouldn't be surprised, but it's still.. what it is." there's only the barest attempt at a shrug before she thinks better of it, grunting to Eli,"Benning is good people. She's a fletcher. She makes bows.. well, you already know. And we wont be moving back to Coesbur for a while.. if ever. It was.. pretty bad. But obviously if I'm going to find out anything about the mountain I'm going to have to go out there myself."

"Fine." Morgan answers. For certain Cameron-less definitions of 'fine'. At the invite, he takes a seat. The apology gets a shrug. "Not your fault." Pause. "Well, actually it is. But you're not to blame which is a different matter. No, no one should go back there till we take out the Mountain Men." Giving Kai a curious look, he asks "What do you think you can learn there?"

Wrinkling his nose just a little, Elias cants his head once more at Kai in response to her statement about needing to get to Coesbur. "Well. Give it another day or so. You're already looking a lot better than you were the other day at the healer's." He gives her a look suggesting that he really thinks this is the best idea for now. "At least one more day. Besides, you at least get to hang out with cool people like Morgan and myself a bit, right? It's cool, though. I'm looking forward to doing some work with Benning." Flashing her a smile then, he pans his gaze then to Morgan to smile his way then. He's trying to be positive, anyways. "Good point. I guess they're assembling people to…sneak inside? Or something?"

Kai grunts,"Bluntly as far as I'm concerned I made the right choice. I'm never going to regret deciding to take Wren's offer. When I'm released as a Warrior I'll have far more personal autonomy than the Ark will ever grant." her gaze flitters off as she rises up to check on the pot before settling down again,"That's where they are, Morgan. Theory's are nice and all, but we both know that they don't get them free. It'd be one thing if people were willing to share information, but doesn't look like they're going to." she casts a look over at Eli and then at the other campfire's,"It's not the Ark Eli. These people don't stop just because they're hurt. Life doesn't work that way. I'm here because the steheda commands it. Because I'm a fucking show pony as to what Trikru and Skaikru cooperation can look like. Which doesn't do me any favors amongst them." there's a nod in the direction of the other campfires with a grimace that rapidly becomes a scowl,"Grey can go fuck himself. Suddenly I'm no good to help because we don't have a formal treaty? Fuck him."

"Didn't say you didn't make the right choice." Morgan points out. "Just that the reaction was predictable. You don't know what the Ark is going to turn into though. No one does till it happens." Pausing as he hears what he's saying, he frowns. Is he defending them? He shakes his head. "Well, it's not that simple but yes, Elias. We need to figure out how to get in the mountain."

Splaying his fingers out, Elias nods his head to Kai in response to her words to Morgan. He seems to agree with this assessment as well, not begrudging the girl her decision evidently. For the moment, he's quiet and takes his canteen out to sip from it. With that done, he passes it to Kai then. "Mm. I'm sure as hell not going to defend how you got treated," he says with a roll of his shoulders and a slow blink of his eyes. Whether Kai takes the canteen or not, he returns his hand and smiles at her. "We've got a little extra time together, though. I'm going to have to chalk this up to an overall win." He wags one brow at her before turning his attention to Morgan. "Oh, I don't need more than the basic idea of what's to come. My plate's pretty full as it is." Again, he looks to Kai and sighs. "But yeah. Still fucked up. I don't understand why he'd do that after sharing your maps with him and all that."

"I know that what I saw at Coesbur was the hundred. Not the Ark. That so far the Ark seems to be happy to hide behind their walls and try to recreate things just the way they were only with more variety of food. How long do you think they're going to be able to maintain that technology, Morgan? How long until the Ark becomes the Mountain to preserve it's way of life? You both want to stay there and that's fine, but it's not for me. To me it's hiding from reality. Not you guys, not the hundred, but the rest of them? Yeh." there's a pained shrug of Kai's shoulders and a sigh as she takes the canteen from Elias,"I'd rather be working with them, and I know you said you're willing Morgan, but they're cutting you out of the information too. So what, we just sit on our hands and do nothing? Hope that Kane and the latest round of the Guard's get their shit together? I mean, given the problem you had with the cadets I'm bluntly surprised you're putting up with that shit. It's driving me nuts and I don't even have to live there. I just have to work on convincing Wren that it's going to help me learn how to do my job better."

"I really hate that you're making me defend Kane." Morgan sighs. What's wrong with the world that he was forced to work with first Jaha and now Kane? "Look, like him or not, I don't think he's stupid. And I don't /want/ to stay there. I need to stay there to make sure Cam gets rescued. That's going to take the Ark and the Gro… Trikru. And I don't trust anyone to do it without my being there to keep things moving and moving as quickly as possible so I put up with the shit. But beyond that, we don't know who's going to end up Chancellor or on the Council. It could be good. It could be a disaster. I do know Cam won't leave his dad and I'm not going to ask him to. So it's wait and see and keep my options open. I'd still like to make a separate village for both us and them to live together. Best of both worlds."

Taking a deep breath in, Elias leans back after Kai takes the canteen from him. As soon as he leans back against the log, he exhales and shakes his head. "Confusing 'want' with 'responsibility'," he says, miraculously. It's not something one would have ever expected from the man, anyways. "Without Farm Station, a lot of the farm plotting is kind of…up to me? I guess?" There's a shrug of his shoulders then and once more his brows rise, showing his uncertainty in the matter. Waving a hand then, he breaks out of that and turns his expression more neutral for the moment. "Getting a chance to study the culture that's built around the ashes of a civilization? Hell, Kai. I'd have been right out the door with you if I didn't need to be here. Seems like it'd be a better avenue for trying to find my folks. But whatever, you know? I'll always have your back. You know that." With another shrug, the Agro-Tech ticks his hazel eyes over to Morgan once again. He gives a nod of his head in his direction. "Honestly…Alpha makes me feel cramped these days. I tried to find some…remnant of home, but…" He points a thumb in the general direction of their old, scorched camp. "What became home got burned up. But yeah. We've got responsibilities to the people we care about." As for the rest? Elias isn't one to go in for politics, so he doesn't comment. Initially. "I'm with you there, Morgan. Maybe we could get our old home back someday."

"Right, so it's different because they're older?" Kai can't help but smirk vaguely at that thought, though shr raises a hand and grunts,"I didn't say he was stupid. If they'd showed up a few weeks ago when we actually could have used them I'd probably feel different about the whole thing, but they didn't, and I don't." she expels a breath,"That's where I'm at Morgan. I don't trust someone else to do it, and maybe shit will change with this summit but I can't hold my breath on that because I don't know how much any of them actually understand the Trikru given the number of them that still hold the attitude of 'stupid Grounders'." she grimaces,"And even if they did.. I mean, yes, steheda Oxfor will give Wren his orders and I will get orders but if they don't understand tactically how the other thinks it's just going to be two separate armies with no understanding and as many reasons to turn against one another as work together.. and I guess I'm dumb enough to think I actually have some insight on that." she scrubs at the back of her head with one hand, taking a drink from the canteen before passing it back,"I don't mean to insult either of you, I'm sorry. I'm just.. tired. And afraid I'm going to snap and ruin stuff if I don't walk on eggshells around here."

"Alpha is too much a remnant of home. But the dropship is not it either if that's what you mean." Morgan says to Elias. "Too far from water. And even if we could pipe it in, it would be too vulnerable to sabotage." Reaching up, he pushes his hair to one side. "So do something about it, Kai. Talk to Wren. Make him understand. Get him to talk to Oxfor or to convince Oxfor to listen to you." He shrugs. "Maybe you've already tried. I don't know. But scouting on your own around the mountain doesn't sound like it's going to do much. You'd need to get into their territory to learn anything and that means the mist. Plus the Reapers that live around there too."

"With so many of the Ee-Ess folks taken by the Mountain," Elias states, gesturing to Kai lightly. "…and Farm Station still missing, they just really don't have a lot of options for large-scale agriculture. I can at least help where that's concerned." Keeping leaned back against the log, he takes the canteen back from Kai and takes another drink for himself before setting it somewhere between them so that she still has access to it. "It's not an insult or anything, Kai. You're pissed and we're all anxious. I think it's fair to say most of us are hopeful for this summit? And we all have stakes in the outcome. Right now we need to protect that over anything else." His hazel eyes stay on her for a longer moment before they shift to Morgan. "Fair enough," he seems to agree. "Perhaps we'll find something else. But yes. I do like the idea of a place where Skaikru and Trikru are equally welcome does sound nice. It's going to take time." Elias is leaned up against a log around the campfire with Kai and Morgan at the moment and the three of them seem to be having a fairly lengthy conversation.

Kai grunts at Morgan,"Maybe, eventually, if they do go back to Coesbur that might be a place where people can be accepted, regardless of what clan they are." she shakes her head,"Wren knows. Our warband, they know. They listen, I'm still a Second but they recognize that I have value. And hell, I asked Kane directly for access and was brushed off. Not that I'm terribly surprised but between him and Grey it's blatantly clear they're not going to let me within sniffing distance of whatever intel they have. And I recognize that it's not going to be easy Morgan, but I can't ask the warband to go help rescue a bunch of Skaikids, I don't have that kind of pull and they still are scared of the Mountain. The only way to not be scared of it is to show that they can bleed. So I can either be scared of it too, and do nothing, or try to do something. I'd /rather/ be working at this /with/ others, but Grey made it pretty obvious where we stand, so like what, do I just give up?"

Benning has been hanging back, waiting for an opportunity to interrupt the conversation but as it becomes clear that they are going to continue to talk, she makes a point of stepping out of the trees and into view so the two Skaiboys and Trikru know that she is there. She gives a silent nod of greeting and murmurs, "It would be nice to find middle ground between Skaikru and Trikru." She looks at Kai with understanding eyes, "And no, it is not the time to give up Kai kom Trikru. Not when you have gone so far." She waits to see if the teens ask her to stay or leave.

"No, you don't ask them to help rescue Skaikru." Morgan agrees. "You ask them to help get revenge. Blood must have blood. And the way to start is to get them to be willing to tell us everything they know about the mountain and its defenses. What they've seen, what they've heard, stories, myths, whatever. They have the info, we have the solution." Hopefully anyway. "You want to work with others? That's what I need." Looking over at another voice, he nods a greeting. "Heya Benning. Come join us?"

Technically, they're in the Trikru camp. Elias wouldn't feel right about asking Benning to leave even if he were inclined to do so. Instead, no. He smiles to the woman and lifts a hand to her, gesturing to the spot next to him around the fire. As Kai seems more embroiled in her conversation with Morgan, he doesn't seem to mind focusing his attention on her for the time being. "I'm glad you think so. We really could use a place where we can live and work alongside each other and learn from one another. I'm excited to get the opportunity to do some of that in Tondc." With that said, he furrows his brows and eventually remembers his manners. "And um…hello, Benning."

"Benning." Kai turns as well as her stitches allow, dipping her head to the archer with a tilt of her head by way of invitation even as she moves to stir the stew again,"I'm no good at giving up, it was sort of mostly rhetorical. I'm just no good at diplomacy." she utters with the ghost of a smile, carefully settling herself back down again,"Except it is not just one warband that suffers, Morgan. There are many in this camp that would love revenge against the Mountain, except that the cost to try and get that revenge has already been higher than we can truly understand. It wouldn't just be the lives of the warband, but other villages, like Coesbur, that would be made to suffer that price. Do you want to be responsible for that? Because I don't. As to what, you already know most of what we do. Mists. It's Reapers territory. Some surmise the Mountain just wants to be left alone, but when the Mountain strikes.." she tips her head towards Benning, she knows far better than Kai after all, settling back down to lean against Elias with a sigh.

"Yes, I have come to sit at your fire, listen to your words and maybe even talk," Benning tells them as she takes Elias offer and sits down by the fire, "I have been doing a walk about to get familiar with the land outside of Camp Jaha." She stretches a little as she relaxes, setting her bow aside so it's clear there is no aggression intended, "And yes, if the Trikru understand and agree with the strategy to take the Mountain, then you will have their help…most likely. Our heda will be leery because our friendship has come at great price." She doesn't comment on the destruction of her village, her home but it's there in her eyes, "I wish I could tell you more about the Mountain…but I have not gone there. It is not my place. I can not promise my help because I am a maker, not a warrior." She is not typically the one that goes to war.

"Not if we win." Morgan corrects. "And we will win." Even if he has to do it by himself. "If any of them have seen the mist affect someone or something? That's info we need. If they have any idea where the Reapers live? That's info we need. We don't know till we ask right? Info to start then when we have a plan to get inside the mountain, they can decide whether to join us or not." he says, nodding to Benning. "Warriors are welcome but makes know things. So do healers who may have treated someone who was hit by the mist. Like I said, this is the planning stage and we need info before anything else."

The lights and sounds of construction are a little dimmer tonight. While there have been a few volunteers and a few recruits for the forge building, Jumar has been making progress… but tonight he's taking some time to head out to one of the hills overlooking the Trikru camp, watching the gathering curiously.

Instead of his engineers overalls, tonight he sports a white shirt and short jeans, with a pair of sandals. Dressed lightly, he seems to agree with the cool air, at least. Jumar watches the camp from a distance for now. If there is anger… it isn't in his posture or his eyes as he sits down on top. He'd be in plain sight of the entire camp, if anyone cared to look.

"Whatever they're doing," Elias says, ticking a brow briefly upwards while slipping an arm carefully around Kai. She is still injured, after all so he comforts. "It's…an abomination. If it were as simple as them wanting to be left alone…why haven't they tried to make radio contact previously? Or are they just holing up and killing everything that comes into proximity? Something just doesn't add up there." With a shake of his head, he looks then to Benning with a warm smile. "It's good to see you. I know we have a tough road ahead of us, but at the end of the day, it's up to everyone to put forth the best example possible. Just…sorry things are so tense right now. I'm hopeful, though." With a lift of his shoulder, he exhales. "It would be easier if Kane was being more forthcoming," he notes. "But you're right. We're getting Cam out of there if we have to do it ourselves. Jael and Tink too." Others, of course, but he's not prattling on about it. Instead, he looks up to Jumar as he approaches the predominantly Trikru camp. "Shit," he utters, rubbing at his face a bit.

"You don't know how many people in what kind of strength than we do, Morgan." Kai points out to him,"That's a huge unknown to be gambling with on the magnitude of going to war and then figuring out how you're going to win. That's why I want access to the intel the Guard worked out. It's why I need a good overview map. Britt believes that she and Arlin and a few others can give an idea of where the other destroyed villages were, which might provide information on patterning and range of the missiles. It provides a tangible start for those who have stories to come forward and add their own information to give a better tactical overview that can be combined with what the Guard has learnt to give us an idea at least of areas of interest. But bluntly, that takes time. And having a map up to the task, and the cooperation of people like Grey, and he's already made his position clear." she grunts.

There's a shake of her head for Elias' words,"That was just the opinion offered by one of the others. To me.. I mean, I'm trying to apply Arker tactical planning to the Mountain, which doesn't guarantee accuracy. But striking a whole village because someone has a gun? That's an act of fear. You don't employ guerilla tactics and avoid contact unless you know you're in an inferior position and are relying on fear to keep a superior force suppressed." Eli's 'shit' makes her look in the direction he was, then she gives a grunt,"Not my monkey, not my circus."

The last time he's seen this many Trikru, it was when hundreds of them were trying to kill everyone left of the 100. Now, Jumar just… stares at the band of Trikru. He sits there. On the hill. Watching.

"I can not speak to what motivates the Mountain to use it's fire," Benning tells him, shaking her head because she wishes she knew more about them, "I have never seen one. Nor do I wish to. I do know when I hunt new prey…I take my time to understand how it eats, sleeps and what watering holes my prey wishes to stop at. Once I know how they live…then I wait and spring a trap." She glances over at the lone figure that watches the Trikru, "Is that one…on the hill. Is he your friend?"

Fiona makes her way down to the lake, having noticed the gathering. She's got a pack with her, and she approaches the little group with an amiable air. "Hey." she greets everyone, turning to peer in the direction of the hill. "Is he being a creeper?"

"By the time we're ready to go in, we'll know as much as it's possible to know." Morgan says simply. "But that's not going to happen by listing all the reasons we can't do something. Would the maps make it easier? Sure. You don't have them? Do it anyway. I'll see about getting a copy now I know about them. Just… do it, Kai. And stop complaining about Grey and Kane. It's getting in your way." Worse, it's getting in his way and Cam's way. "And no, they don't want to just be left alone. That's bullshit. You don't destroy villages and and you especially don't kidnap people to be left alone. Though they might in order to study them before they attack." he adds, nodding to Benning for her input. Creeper? Glancing over his shoulder, he spots the figure on the hill.

Fiona furrows her brow suddenly. "Crap. Um…be right back, guys." With that, she starts jogging back toward camp. Maybe she left the iron on!

Jumar isn't within earshot, but if he was, 'creeper' would have gotten a massive eyeroll. Instead, after about a minute of this, Jumar stands up and goes to the edge of the lake nearby, taking off his sandals and testing the water before he sits on the edge of a rock. He's gone from camp watching to lake watching, complete with feet in the lake.

With a smile for Kai, Elias nods his head in agreement to her words, quietly considering them. "Hence the attack on Coesbur," he says. "The Mountain is afraid and seeks to discourage an alliance, perhaps?" Brows lift to her, but then he looks up to Morgan and nods. The Skaikru here seem to be sharing camp with the Trikru. There's definitely underlying tension, but both sides are currently not inclined for fighting. "We're at a disadvantage. We don't know what kind of technology they're using or how to shut it down. Really what we could use is a closer look." With that said, he shifts a little to get himself and Kai a bit more comfortable there against the log as she takes lean against him. In the process, he looks over to Benning with piqued interest and cants his head. "Yeah. If only we had contact with someone on the inside. Some of our people in there are good with machines." He looks up to where Benning indicates Jumar sitting up there on the hill. "Eh? I'm not particularly thrilled with him lately." That's the only answer offered before his attention shifts once more to Morgan. Slowly, he nods his head to the other young man. "Yeah. What they have was built for mass-killing. And like Kai said: It probably has less to do with them being left alone and more to do with fear. So something doesn't make sense to me there. If they want people to stay away, why kidnap our people and take them to the Mountain?" When Fi approaches, he smiles to her, but then waves as she heads back towards Jaha.

Kai nods for Benning regarding hunting prey, grunting regarding Jumar,"Sure, the best kind of friend. The kind that incites me to violence. He's not armed, he wants to sit there and stare at people it's probably at least safer than him talking to them." her attention flits towards Morgan,"And this my friend is why you're not a tactician. A map doesn't exist. I can create it, with the help of others. We find out the range on the missile's and the villages have the opportunity to evacuate, it takes the element of worrying about reprisal's to the innocent out of the equation. The family's and loved one's of the warbands. We speak to the scouts about what they've witnessed and where, it gives us an idea as to where entrances might be, deployment vehicles for the acid fog. As Benning said.. you study it." there's a groan as she moves again to make sure the stew doesn't burn,"It's one of my theory's. It doesn't fit the pattern, normally there isn't time to evacuate. So maybe they learned about Coesbur from the captives. Maybe it's a coincidence that it happened when we were there. Maybe it's not. What I do know is that the Skaikru have suddenly arrived, with technology. They don't know what the Ark has, where it has, whether or not they're suddenly dealing with a technologically superior enemy.. I'd take captives too. I'd love to find one of the Mountain's people and question them extensively, but that goes back into things I can't do from here."

"Many Trikru over the years have disappeared under the shadow of the Mountain," Benning admits to the other teens, "We do not know if it is them that takes them or they fall prey to Reapers or if they are taken by the mists." She gives a sad look, "I have not known of a Trikru that has been taken and comes back. Once the Mountain has you in it's grasp, it does not let you go." She glances back over at Jumar by the lake, "He should be careful before putting his feet in. Sometimes there are snakes that like to sleep in the mud…in the cattail." She glances back at them, "Should I warn him?"

Morgan nods, satisfied at what Kai says. "Good. Then do that, Kai. Start from scratch if you need to but do it. I'll try to get as much information from the Ark as possible and pass it along. But also, do what was said. Work up the chain of command. Kane is more likely to give the information to Oxfor who can give it to Wren to give to you. For someone who doesn't like working within a rigid command structure, you've made some strange decisions about what to do with your life." he adds with a smirk. Looking over at where Jumar is, he says "Probably wouldn't hurt to warn him."

"If they have the ability to aim missiles, I highly doubt they were ever unaware of Coesbur being there," Elias notes to Kai, helping her up a little bit so that she can tend to the stew. This is basically how it's gone with him worrying over her a bit. "I'm no tactician, but if they've got rocket science down, I have to imagine that the attack was quite a bit more deliberate than that." He shrugs his shoulders then and looks over to where Jumar is and then to Benning. "Yeah, you should warn him. Those snakes can be nasty." Particularly the one in the river, of course. "Thank you, Benning." He's still fussing a little over Kai, but more in the way that he examines her to make sure she's alright. A look is then given to Morgan, conveying that question silently more than likely. Looking once more to Benning, he frowns then. "I really like this Mountain less and less."

"Sure Benning, his name is Jumar, Jumar Beckinson. And warning, he has an attitude when it comes to Trikru." Kai offers to the other girl before her attention goes to Morgan,"I have greater autonomy than you guys, even as a Second. I carry a weapon where I want to, and how I want to. In exchange for doing what I want to do anyways, I am housed, fed and even in a warband where I am the youngest and least experienced and among those who have very definite reasons to hate Skaikru, I am respected. My behavior at present reflects on Wren, if I fuck up, he's the one they make suffer, because they believe that it is through this that a Second learns their actions have consequences and they should take more than themselves into consideration. But once I have proven myself as a Warrior and am released from my tutelage, outside of direct orders from my steheda, the kruheda, or the heda themselves, I have personal autonomy and responsibility over my own decisions, and the respect of the community knowing that my blood, and my sword is what allows others to live in peace. Compare that to the life of a Guard, and then ask me that question again." the grey-eyed girl says with quiet solemnity for Morgan before her attention shifts to Elias,"One would think, but we do not know. If it was deliberate? And timed for that moment? Yes, they want to stop an alliance, and we should consider what is happening now to be under imminent threat.. if they can reach this distance." there's a quelling gesture from her, she's not made of glass, she can handle it.

Lake watching. There's a hobby that Jumar didn't think he'd be taking up, but there he is, actually enjoying the view. It's one of the few times since they were dropped down that Jumar's been able to take some time for himself, and so he leans back onto the rock to relax. It's easy big enough to accommodate him.

"Or perhaps their target was well chosen…an empty village. One that has no living souls but just a nuisance of Reapers. Because if they wanted to cause casualties, they could have struck Tondc or another highly populated village or even Camp Jaha…oh no, I think the Mountain is just giving a show of strength so the Skaikru will respect it and it takes your people to get more information…maybe to understand or maybe more. I do not know but there are many possibilities," Benning tells them and then on that note gets up, puts her bow on her back so it's not in her hands and then makes her way towards the man that is sitting on the rock. She waits until she is in hearing distance to call out to him, "Jumar kom Skaikru, I would be careful putting your feet in the lake at night. There are snakes from these parts that like to bed down in the mud and you would not want to get bitten."

"Like I said, you've made some strange decisions." Morgan repeats. "It's not going native but putting yourself under authority in the first place since you so clearly chafe at it." If hitting Coesbur with a missile was a warning, they shouldn't have stolen their people. As Benning heads toward Jumar, he turns to watch to see how the cranky engineer will respond.

"I haven't been bothered yet, really," Elias says with a lift of his shoulders and a lopsided smile. "No one's told me I couldn't go anywhere yet, anyways. I get you, though. I'm looking forward to that, of course…when you have full autonomy. You're right, though. There really isn't any hard evidence. Just likely scenarios. I'm sure you'll be able to get some answers." While Kai doe quell him with her gesturing, he only worries a little less over her. Instead, he turns his attention to Benning. "Perhaps. We'll have to learn more." He then watches her call over her warning to Jumar. Tapping Kai on the shoulder, he slowly rises from his seated position so that he can watch the exchange between Benning and Jumar more closely.

"So they can reach Tondc?" Kai asks of Benning, but knows that she's moving off so refocuses on the other two,"We would attach greater military value to Tondc, but Britt pointed out that the way the Trikru operate is more decentralized." there's a faint smile for Morgan,"I never had a problem with authority specifically, Morgan. I was arrested for assault, not treason. Trikru don't fight Trikru, even when C-bur was aiding us, that's what I learnt from the fact that our allies did it without attacking their own. That it was a line they were unwilling to cross. I have respect for their leaders, because they will fight for their people. I do not see that willingness in the Ark. I know right now that you have to be there, you feel, for Cam, but can you honestly tell me that their way.." meaning the Ark from the way she points at Alpha,"is better?"

There's a sigh from Kai for Eli and a small nod of her head, frowning slightly at the tap though she doesn't elect to move from her comfy spot for now.

There was relaxing…. then there's 'Jumar Kom Skaikru'. Jumar doesn't flinch visibly, but he does mentally sigh. Yeah, these people have their mind made up… so individually it is. "It's Jumar Beckinson, not Jumar Kom Skaikru, if you please." His tone is neutral, casual, "I'm aware your people prefer Skaikru for whatever reason, but I am not one of them." He sits up regardless, turning his head to Benning, and when he does, he does a visible double take, mutters something to himself, then gives a small nod with a smile, "Thank you for the warning, though. Are they poisonous?"

"Yes…the black ones with white mouths are very venomous," Benning moves over to sit next to the rock, but doesn't put her feet in the water. Instead she peers to see if there's anything she can see in the mud by the water, "I shall remember that you prefer to be called Jumar Beck-in-son the next time I greet you." She doesn't see any snakes where he puts his feet and nods slowly, "I think you are fine…I don't see any stirrings in the water." She looks back up with him, "I am Benning kom Trikru, maker of bows and arrows for Coesbur."

"Hopefully, their way is changing, Kai. That's what Cam's hoping for and so long as there's a possibility of something better than what we had on the Ark and his dad is here, he's going to want to keep contact." Morgan says with a shrug. "And if it does happen, I won't mind as much. There are good things there. There are good things here. I'm greedy. I want all the good things."

It has been a long enough day for Tuan between all the other distractions going on that gathering fish from the lake a mile or so away was considered, at least by him, to be relaxing. Now he has returned to camp with the bounty all held together with a string through their fishy faces and held in his hand. As he approaches the camp however, he realizes there are more than just Trikru present and he initially stops making his way, but then a shrug is given and he continues moving closer with the fish.

Really, Elias only stands long enough to make sure there isn't going to be a problem between Jumar and Benning. Once things at least seem to be…benevolent, he takes a seat next to Kai once more and lets her lean at her own leisure. He also does his best to not worry over her too much for the moment. "Don't know. The only thing I can really do is try to seek understanding and provide understanding at this point." There's a wary look back over towards Jumar and Benning, but he relaxes for the time being. "Honestly, I think that both groups have a lot to offer the other in terms of knowledge. I don't think I have the insight to make calls on what's better or worse in this situation. I see refugees, I aim to feed them. I have a responsibility to them as much as I have a responsibility to the people of Coesbur and their loved ones. Because we /can/ do better than we have. And it's time that we actually showed that." There's a look to Morgan then and a nod in agreement to his words. As Tuan approaches, Elias shifts his gaze over and settles it on the man. While he doesn't speak up, he does raise a hand to wave to him in greeting.

Kai, Elias and Morgan are sitting by one of the campfires in the Trikru camp, while Benning and Jumar are up near the lake, the Second out of her armor for the moment to give injured flesh the opportunity to breath for a while,"And if they do, that's fine, I don't need to listen to being called a traitor and a grounder pounder just because I don't have that kind of faith. I don't know what the future holds, I just want our friends back and to concentrate on learning what I need to learn." there's a nod for Elias,"We can do better, yes, and what you are doing, will help with that. What you are both doing in terms of exchanging knowledge, are good things. Believe me, it doesn't change that you guys are still the minority." and there's a Tuan, which merits the raise of her hand and a,"Heyo Tuan."

"Jumar Beckinson. Engineer of the Arkers, mechanic, metallurgist, fixer of Camp Jaha, electronics expert, novice metalworker, head of the forge project for the camp, and general smartass with a hint of charm. Somtimes." The last is given a smirk and a humorous tone, and he looks down to Benning. "Gotta admit, didn't think so many crafts types would be coming over. Especially didn't think any of you would be interested in talking to us. It's been interesting so far." Jumar gives a shrug as he sits up, kicking at the water, "I had some time away from the construction and needed a break, so figured I'd come out here and check out the Trikru."

"So long as Kane is willing to to what is needed to get them back, I'll work with him." Morgan says simply. "But that doesn't mean I'm going to work only with him. We'll need as many people as possible to get Cam back and destroy the mountain men's threat." Looking over when Kai hails Tuan, he upnods to the man in greeting.

"Tondc is not meant to hold so many for so long," Benning tells him as she looks out on the water, giving a small smile as she rattles off his various skills, "And my shop in Coesbur is no more." There's a hint of sadness there, "So I come here, at invitation by your Feyona kom Skaikru…" She glances up and there's a hint of apology there because she only knows her by that name,"To see your city of glass and metal." She looks over at the Ark and there's a shudder, "It is not…for me. I prefer this…" She motions to the nature around them, "The wind in my hair, the grass at my feet and sky overhead." She pauses and then notes, "If you are curious about our life…my tribe, I might be willing to answer some questions."

Since the campfire is what Tuan needs the most, considering he's carrying the fresh fish, he makes his way towards the group located there. Although he does cast a gaze around the campsite for some of the others he travelled with to see if anyone is about. Before approaching the fire, Tuan swings by a nearby tree and uses a knife from his belt to pry free some sticks and sharpen them as he settles in with the others. For each of them, he spears a fish through the mouth all the way out of its tail then holds it out to Morgan, Kai, and Elias. "Cook. Eat." He says it simply enough as he sets to preparing the rest of the fish to be roasted over the flame.

Blinking at that, Elias snaps his attention immediately to Kai. "Well, it doesn't help that they're using 'Grounder-Pounder' wrong, anyways. And, you know, I think we should retire that phrasing. It seems pretty fucking inappropriate at this point, I think. But technically, I'd be the 'grounder-pounder' in this situation." He tsks gently before shaking his head. He then furrows his brows at Kai and smiles a little. "Wait. Do they have a term for the other way around, I wonder?" A playful smile forms on his lips, but he's once more turning his hazel eyes to Tuan and the fish he offers. He nods his head to him and considers for a moment. "Thank you. Will you show me sometime?" he asks him, brow creased just a bit.

"Someone started stew earlier, apparently they thought I wouldn't be any good at hunting to add to it." Kai drawls for Tuan, not that it stops her from accepting the fish, or shuffling closer to the fire to stir and stick the prepared fish over the flames,"I think it's fucking childish, is what I think. But seeing as I'm not allowed to start punching people I'll stay out here until my First needs me." she grunts, nodding her acknowledgment to Morgan,"Which brings us back to information. And smacking Grey upside his stupid head."

Jumar stares out into the lake for a moment, then he purses his lips. "Having lived in space most of my life, this is all new to me. I admit, the view is nice and all… but with the way our people have been treated down here the last few weeks, I think I'll stick with a place that can be defended well if your people decide to attack us. Again." Jumar shrugs at that, "Fiona is one of those types who prefers to use your words to smooth over relations. I'm still waiting to see if any relations can be had at all beyond potential trade." His tone is matter of fact at that, "when we first got here, we had no idea any Grounders were around, let alone with a thriving civilization. At first, it seemed like we might be able to have some sort of accord, then something happened to the exodus ship and shit hit the fan well and clear. Still figuring that part out." A beat. "The exodus ship crashing where it did, that is." He looks to Benning, then. "where will you go, now that a missile splatted your home?"

Morgan just looks at the stick a moment before taking. "Umm, thanks." And he's supposed to do what with it? Once someone else sticks theirs in the fire and he sees how close to the flame, he'll do the same. "Grey's as committed to getting them back as anyone. He's just got his shock baton up his ass. It replaced his sword."

"I will go where my Steheda sends me," Benning tells him softly, "I shall hope that my mother, father and sister will stay safe and well as I go where I am needed. Those friends that come with me, I shall watch out for where I can. I will make my bows and arrows for my warriors to hunt…" Benning does not appear to be a fan of war, "I hope…rather than for war." She moves her hand over the grass, "My people my seem strange to you at times…but know that you are just as odd to us. Your Feyona seeks to bridge understandings…perhaps she will succeed. She thinks for a moment, "And since there is no treaty, it is wise of you to stick to your walls and stay safe." She does not seem to begrudge the man of this thoughts or concerns.

"Show you? To fish?" Tuan responds to Elias when he asks, having finished spearing up three more of the fish and holding one between each of his fingers in his left hand as he places them into the flame; something he's done quite a bit in his life based on how he's holding it. "It requires much patience, guile, and cunning… or a good net." The last part has him smiling a bit at what must be some kind of Trikru humor. He does fall silent however, letting the others speak while he just listens.

Jumar squints his eyes off to the distance, "Not strange per say. There are a number of things about your people that I'm not a fan of at all. Your 'blood must have blood' thing, for example. I can't fathom how anyone can justify it with so much *space* down here for exiling. When the Ark was in space still, we had no choice. You either got in line and worked for the greater survival of your fellows, or you risked everyone and the twelve stations. Capital punishment was harsh, but a grim necessity. Here?" Jumar gestures around, "Grounders have it as a *way of life* and I don't know if I could ever accept that as 'the way it should be'. It feels reactionary, and it's what nearly got me and the rest of the people at the first camp nearly killed in a siege. How do you justify it for yourself?" Jumar looks back to Benning at that.

"Trust me," Elias says with a quirky smile. "I get to hear about it all the time. I can ignore it for the most part. But if they start getting worked up into a mob mentality again, I'll be taking my happy ass well away from it. I seriously don't have any time to devote to crazy time at bloodbath central." With a roll of his eyes then he nods to Kai. "For the best, though, you staying here." Taking his attention from Kai then, he once more looks with a little bit of wariness towards Benning and Jumar again. Just a brief checking-in, apparently. With that done, he settles his attention once more on Tuan. Beaming a smile up at him, he nods his head. "To fish." The comment about the net brings a short laugh to him and he points a finger to the man. "I think…I could stand to learn a little more patience."

"Yeh well, he should have stuck with the sword." is Kai's feeling in that regard, her eyes sliding to Elias with a faint smile,"I'm not leaving for now Eli, I promise. I'm just.. not going back in there, sorry.. and you should all learn to fish.. you have a huge lake, it would totally help with regards to food. And maybe even be something tradable with time. Presuming the negotiations go alright."

"It'll taste better than the crap they call food." Morgan agrees. "You just stay in one place to fish, right? Cause sneaking is Cam's thing, not mine. I scare away all game within a kilometer." Seeing the angle they're holding their sticks, he adjusts his a bit and raise it slightly above the fire.

"Having more space does not mean that our lives are any easier Jumar," Benning tells him with a pointed look, "Blood must have blood…it is a way of keeping balance. Just as you sought to keep balance on your Ark. We seek to live among the other clans. Some that are more 'barbaric' than what you see here. Ones that would seek to cripple and destroy without question and then enslave those that are left. You are fortunate not to have landed in the land of the trees and not ice. Azgeda would not have even bothered talking. They would have killed you the moment you stepped within their territory without their permission…" There is a dark look given to the lake, "Even if they gave permission, they might still have taken your lives." She pauses and looks up at Jumar, "But I seek no quarrel with you. Nor can I take the burden of all my people for their decisions. Just as I do not blame you for the deaths of 700 when your other ship landed."

Tuan grunts softly at the commentary about Fishing and shakes his head. "You do not want to disturb the water violently as it startles the fish, but sometimes a small ripple will attract them." He pauses then breaks into a large grin. "A fish is like a mate. You must be patient. You must let them come to you, because if you chase them too aggressively they will swim away."

"Keeping balance is not the same as your very survival depending on it. You don't know how little resources we had to work with on the Ark. Oxygen was not a given, we had to work to keep our air breathable. We had no meats, and our food was mostly soy based. We simply didn't have the space for anything hugely complicated. Down here? Down here if someone commits a crime, you can exile them and allow them to live their lives without doing more harm to yourself. There's an entire *planet* for you to send them off to." Jumar just shakes his head, "Yeah, I don't see 'keeping balance' as a valid reason." Then, he gets that squinting look again, "Where are these Azgeda?"

Elias furrows his brows at Kai briefly and then smirks at her. "Uh. Yeah. I'm staying out here with you still. We have a little time together off the books. I'm not about to take that for granted." He gives her a meaningful look then before nodding in agreement with her words. "I would like to learn. I hope they realize trade could open a lot of doors in the peaceful direction." Turning his head again, he looks once more to Tuan and smiles at the man, nearly laughing. "I'm screwed, then," he says and finally does let that laugh escape. "I've only been interested in one girl ever. I do know how to be patient, though." There's a glance to Kai then. "Sometimes."

"They are in the land of ice," Benning tells him softly, not arguing with the man because he clearly has his convictions, "Well…I suspect that I have worn my welcome, so I will leave. But next time you stick your feet in the lake, look and see if the sun or moon shines off the scales of a snake in the mud." Benning starts to move as if she's planning on going. It's pretty clear the Trikru teen has no interest in justifying what her people does.

Kai chuckles quietly,"He's damned good at it Morgan, I'd fight next to him any day. You too, for that matter." and then there's Tuan comparing fishing to courting and she can't help but give him an eye full of dubious,"Okay, that's like.. I never want to think about fishing in that vein again. Ever." she smiles at Eli,"Well, you know, you did bring your tent, so I get to sleep in luxury, even if you're giving up your bed. And I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people who wonder if I didn't just mug you and make you agree to be mine."

"Patient?" Morgan asks with an amused snort. "You've never met Cam then." Course, the amusement fades a second later. "Yes, he is very good." At everything. Paying a lot of attention to his fish, he turns it over to cook the other side.

Jumar shakes his head, "I don't need to like your culture to talk to you, Benning. If you'd like to continue this discussion, I'm open for it. So far, you invited questions, and have answered them. I might not like the answers… but you're willing to have a discussion. That's more than others have been willing to do." He shrugs, then. "of course, it's up to you. I came out here to relax at the lake after checking out your camp. I didn't expect any Trikru to come here." He gives a grin at that, "if you don't mind, where is the land of ice? Direction wise."

"If something comes to easily it is not worth it." Tuan offers quietly, turning the three fish over the flames with his hand. "What you fight for, what you struggle for, that is the true value of something. Many of you skaikru think that because there is much here that things must be easier." He is looking between Elias and Morgan, "You have seen better, have you not? That it is a struggle to survive against this world. Our lives are struggle, and that is why life… life is so very worth it." The blond man smiles to the trio.

Elias emits a snort of laughter and he raises a brow at the girl. "No, you did that…what? Four years ago, Unity Day?" This is in regards to being mugged, clearly, and there is a playful glint in his eyes at that. "Worth it. I don't mind a bit." To which thing he's talking about he leaves up to the observer while turning his attention to Morgan once again, offering him a sympathetic smile. Tuan is given a nod then and his eyes once again pan just briefly over. "I get that. Definitely. So patience and perseverance." He nods, seeming to understand indeed.

Benning stops from leaving Jumar's side when he offers to talk to her in peace. She gives him a smile and tells him softly, "Ahh, perhaps I misunderstood your meaning. Of course I will stay." She then settles back down and relaxes once more, looking back out onto the lake, "Oh I've never been there…so I could not tell you how to get there but it is North…from here." She picks up a blade of grass and starts twisting it in her fingers, "I am only nineteen summers and until my village was evacuated, I had never been anywhere but there." Yes, she's not the adventurer some of the other Trikru are.

"If you want to count that as a mugging, sure.." Kai smirks at Eli,"Almost broke my nose." there's a quiet sigh before she stirs the stew, shifting just enough the wrong way that it makes her flinch and press that hand to her side with a grimace,"Life is worth it. The acceptance that it is not enough just to preserve life as long as possible but that it has to be.. worth it.. are one of the many things I feel the Trikru have the right of." her gaze flits to Eli and then back over to Tuan.

Morgan has seen worse, rather. But yes, he understands Tuan. "A struggle, yes. But it doesn't have to be as great a one as it is. There needs to be time for things that have no purpose but to bring pleasure. Art, for instance. Music. Do you have artists, Tuan? I've met Ginia so I know you do tattoos but those usually have some significance and aren't merely for enjoyment, right?"

"North?" Curious, to worried. "I didn't know there was anyone *else* that way until now…" Jumar looks north, suddenly. "Then I really need to fin the radio interference as soon as possible then." Jumar sighs as he brings up a hand to rub his face in frustration, "that fucking Mount Weather really does not like us." Jumar grunts, "I can show you some of the maps we have of the area, if you like. Give you an idea of your homeland."

"They usually carry some meaning, yes." Tuan says. He sets the fish down against his resting place at an angle to keep them from falling and reaches down to pull his shirt up over his shoulders to reveal his side where there is black inkings; done by Ginia in fact. The design is three birds arching over two figures beneath. "This represents my parents and sister looking over my brother and me." He turns so they can all see. "And from what I hear, some of the Skaikru need but only minutes for their pleasure." He shoots a glance at Elias, a teasing glint in his eyes.

Benning flashes him a smile because she's never seen a map of her entire homeland, "I have seen maps that show one how to get from one villiage to another but never a map of the whole world." She shakes her head and tells him, "How do you make the map big enough to fit everything?" She's trying to think of the scale and it just doesn't come to mind, "You are teasing me…"

Tattoo's. That definitely catches Kai's interest, even if she says,"I have yet to meet Ginia, still." she murmurs as she eyes the artwork,"Though someday I hope to." she adds, then snorts at Tuan,"He's the only Niron I need. And the dots, too. I heard someone refer to them as 'kill marks', but I've got the feeling there's more to it than that. Wren hasn't.. gone into detail about them yet, though I see them often on the others in the bathhouse. I'm guessing it's something only full Warriors get?"

Elias smirks lightly at Kai and gives a roll of his eyes in response, but doesn't speak further on the matter. Instead, he nods an agreement with Kai's words about life's worth. "That I have to agree with," he says and exhales a sigh. Whatever he's thinking at that moment, he doesn't elucidate. Rather, he looks to the fire thoughtfully for a moment until Tuan's spoken up again. With a snort of a laugh, he shakes his head and arches a brow at Tuan. "Yeah, well. Scheduling around catastrophes," he says before squinting his eyes at the tattoo and nodding his approval.

Morgan looks over at Tuan's tattoo (and maybe a bit more than the tattoo) and nods. "Cam designed one for me that I was going to ask Ginia to do. But events interfered." And the ink from the last time Cam drew it on him has long worn off.

Jumar gives a nod, "we preserved the old knowledge on the Ark, and Alpha Station-" Jumar gives a gesture of the hand over to the giant 'sky city', "-has a copy of that database. I can get a generic low detail map and let you see a dataslate with it. You get landscaping and an idea of scale, at least. Interactive, too." Jumar raises a brow, "so, interested? I could bring it out here… but it'd be easier to just head into the camp and download it off the outside terminals."

Looking at Kai, Tuan shakes his head and turns himself adjusting his shirt some to reveal a pair of kill marks along his collarbone, where he keeps his. "Not just for full Warriors. I will explain to you, when we are just with Trikru." He looks between Elias and Morgan then almost apologeticly, "It is a very… personal thing for us, for our people." Reaching down he retrieves the three fish he cooked and starts to stand up; of course after pulling his shirt back down. "I need to bring these to those who need it then see to my own food for the evening. Thank you all for speaking with me."

Benning looks back at the walls of the camp and there's definitely uncertainty there, "I don't know…" She pauses and then admits, "I was inside the gates…and it felt so…overwhelming, I don't think I could go inside." She doesn't like admitting that the tech bothers her, but it's clear on her face it does, "Don't you have it on paper or leather?" It's usually what Benning has seen in the past.

"Mochof, Tuan." Kai offers by way of acknowledgment with a dip of her head,"Not sure where you're set up for the evening.. this pot's for this fire though. I'm supposed to go collect more wood later to help keep it stoked through the night, but, yes." only to smirk at Elias,"Me being injured does not count as a ca.. okay, maybe it does. But at least now we're.. mostly safe? Sort of? And here. So there's no issues with seeing each other, at least for now. Maybe if we get a formal treaty you'll be able to visit more often without it being an issue."

"We didn't waste paper or leather for things like maps that could be stored in our database. It would take time to make one. I mean, if you're willing to wait until one of the other Arkers can make it for you, that's your choice. I can get a dataslate *right now* and be back out here in a few minutes." He brings up both hands, giving dimensions (basically a tablet computer), "about this big and this thick. You'll be able to interact with the map and resize it to see everything yourself." Jumar gives a small smile, "or not. I don't mind either way. I'd offer to do it myself, but with my duty shift as welder, building the forge, and working on the radios… I have my workload full as it is. I simply wouldn't have the time to draw a map."

Then Jumar looks back to Camp Jaha, "Well… I could ask around for one, but I can't promise anyone bothered to draw one."

A smile is given to Tuan as well as a nod of his head. Elias tilts his head at him then and squints just a touch. "Thank you again, Tuan. I hope I get the chance to repay the favor." That said, the young man's smile grows and he looks at Kai warmly. "I really would like that. Lots to learn on that front and maybe I can share a bit of what I know too." Wrinkling his nose at her then, he gives a shrug of his shoulders to her. "Ten days a month is enough, but I would rather be able to visit you in Tondc. I think…they treat me more warmly than you get treated here. Menacing, but in the very worst case scenario, I just don't understand the shit-talking."

Morgan nods to Tuan. Kill marks. That's a new one to him. How many would he have by now? Probably not one of the Trikru customs he's going to want to pick up. "Talk to you later, Tuan. Thanks for the fish."

Benning feels the weariness build up, the uncomfortable feeling in her chest at the idea of even getting near a piece of their tech, but eventually the curiousity overtakes her weariness of what he has to offer. She gives a shy nod, "I would see this map that you speak of." She looks down and tells him, "But out here…not in your walls. I don't…I don't feel comfortable there."

Jumar gives a shrugs at that. "Alright. As I said, no details… but landscaping mainly." Jumar looks around, then. "It'll probably need a bit of updating, but not much. We could see the changes from the Ark, but we weren't *here* until now." Jumar starts to get up, shaking the water from his feet before replacing his Sandals. "I'll be five minutes, maximum. It'll take a minute to download the data." With that, Jumar sets off for the camp.

"I just don't translate the unkind one's for you." Kai says with some amusement for Eli,"But yes, it's a different quality." she grunts quietly as she collects their own fish, passing Morgan's to him before settling back with their own,"<In Trigedasleng> Go feed a tree." she enunciates carefully for the two skaiboys,"That's like go float yourself, Trikru style. Mochof is thanks, Beja is please. Moba is sorry. Pro is you're welcome. Sha is yes, no is the same in both languages. I started with the basic stuff, then picked up 'wan' which is die, bushhada which is coward.. that sort of thing. Always best to know if you're being warned you're going to die."

Benning gives an eager nod and watches him put on his sandals. Then she keeps an eye on him as he heads back into the camp. Once he's out of sight, she turns her head back to the lake, and watches the wind blow across the water. She's not in a hurry to be anywhere so she sits and waits.

Elias looks wide-eyed at Kai and blinks for a moment. "Well, don't tell me the /bad/ stuff. I don't want to get it mixed up with the other things and accidentally say something awful to someone." For a moment he considers a nudge, but he settles next to her instead and slowly nods his head. "Pretty helpful to know when someone wants to actually kill you, yes." With another snort of a brief laugh, he shakes his head and then looks up to Morgan. Elias takes a bit of fish for himself and immediately starts blowing on it. "Mochof, Morgan," he says to him with a wink. "How do you say 'No, please stop. Not in the face, not in the face?'"

"You say 'go feed a tree'." Morgan answers and looks at his fish on a stick. "I think I'll take this back to camp. Once everyone smells it, they're going to want to learn to fish and catch their own to eat. I'll tell them to ask the Trikru. We'll have peace because Arkers want to eat better."

"You could try 'chil daun', which means stand down, but otherwise.." Kai trails off, picking at her fish with a nod in Morgan's direction,"Yes, that is the literal translation. Go feed a tree. Because the Trikru burn their dead and return the ashes to the soil. But ha.. if you get mugged it's totally Tuan's fault, but at least would be a Skaikru on Skaikru crime in the name of decent food. Because seriously.. I'm never touching soy again if I can help it."

It takes a few minutes, but eventually Jumar comes back, dataslate in hand. The hi-tech device isn't huge, but it has a respectable screen on it. He brings it over to Benning, "just in case, I'll need you to step away from the lake." He turns the device around, monitor side facing Benning… and true enough, there's a satellite based map, and an old style topographical map. Jumar brings up one hand, and uses two fingers to squeeze, then resize the maps on the fly. "Interactive. It has the local area around here and over to Mount Weather, and a little to the east."

"Chil daun," Elias repeats to Kai, nodding his head. "Alright. I think I can manage that." Flashing another smile to her then, he looks once more to Morgan. "Hey, I'm all for peace through food. I'll see you later, Morgan." Lifting a hand glistening with fish juices, he waves to him a touch. "I have some plans on that as well, if you're interested in…or even can pitch in a hand." Once more, he looks to Kai then and offers the girl a smile. "Definitely teach me what you know. I'm hopeful. We'll be trading in no time."

Morgan stands, nodding to Elias. "Sure. Catch me later and tell me. See you both later." Holding his fish on a stick in a hand, he heads back to the station.

Benning is still sitting where he left her when he comes back. When he asks her to come closer she does, looking at the tablet as if she's not sure if it's going to bite her or not. But then he turns it on. Her eyes widen as he shows her this miracle of lines that seem to come alive as he touches them. She doesn't reach out of course. That would be too much but she is fascinated by what he is showing her there. For once, she shows her youth as she looks down at it with wonder.

"There's.. a lot. It's a lot." Kai sighs for Eli with a shake of her head,"But I suppose I have only been learning it for a week or so now, so I shouldn't be too frustrated about it. The girls help, but mostly it's asking about different words. And my pronunciation still makes some people cringe. If I had a book or something to write them down in it would be easier, because hell, I have a hard time remembering everything.. but I'll get it. And of course I'll teach you, too. While a lot of the warriors and some of the makers speak Gonasleng it's just easier to communicate in Trigedasleng and.. respectful, in it's own way.. Gonasleng given that Gona is warrior, the feeling regarding Gonasleng is that it is a war-tongue, which doesn't help when we're trying to talk peace."

When she doesn't touch it herself, Jumar just mentally shrugs before he starts to move the map around. First to Coesbur, "your former home." With a tap, it zooms in, showing the immediate topography. Then, he zooms back out with a twitch of two fingers, before he taps again and zooms in on the former camp, "Our original dropship camp." Again, zoomed out, then zoomed in. "Tondc." Zoomed out so she can get a sense of scale. "We also have maps of the old world, before the nukes."

Elias nods his head slowly to Kai, seeming to absorb her words. The gentle tick of his hazel eyes studies her face while she speaks and he gives the occasional slow nod. "Huh," he sounds quietly. "I think I understand. So the language we speak is seen as a language of war. That must have given all sorts of bad impressions alone, if you think about it." Exhaling a breath that blows his hair away from his face briefly then, he turns his head to look at Kai more fully. The hair falls right back down into his face. "Kind of sucks. The more I understand them, the more guilty and fucked-up I feel about things. I mean - maybe we can do them a solid and try to take down the Mountain. Whatever's there…it isn't good. It needs to be destroyed. Science should /benefit/ mankind, but that's..just ugly. Only good for killing."

Benning doesn't want to like this. Doesn't want to be engaged with what he's showing her, but Benning can't keep her eyes off the map that just expands and shrinks at his fingertips. She puts her hands over her mouth and can't stop from smiling, "That is amazing…Thank you for showing me this Jumar." She really is engaged by it. Not enough to touch it but her eyes are shining as she watches him manipulate the map.

"Could you?" Kai asks of Eli with a nod at the pot,"And yes, Trigedasleng is the language of the people, Gonasleng, English.. is a language of war. So we come from the sky, which they only have experience with from the Mountain.. speaking Gonasleng, setting up a home in their land without their permission or understanding the customs and without so much as a steheda to speak for us. The more I learn about the Trikru the better I understand how it is that we got to the point where we were, and just how much care is needed to find equality. And believe me.. I want the Mountain dead. I mean it. Even if I have to pester Wren to talk to Oxfor until I'm blue in the face. If Grey's not going to help, I'll see whether or not the steheda might listen."

For once, Jumar seems to have found a Grounder that he isn't eventually pissed off at. You learn something new every day it seems. "Well, you haven't told me 'this is the way it is, tough cookies and live with it' yet, so that's always a plus. Most of my experience with your people has not been very pleasant. I might not like some of your customs or the way we've been treated… but your leaders seem to be genuine about working toward making the cease fire permanent, so I'm hoping that we can finally make a home again." Just gives a shrug, and a smile, before he zooms out the map completely, showing off the region, including Mount Weather. "fully zoomed out." it's about a 50x50 kilometer map.

Elias nods his head to Kai, unwinding his arm from her so that he can move forward to grab the ladle and stir the pot of stew. Though his attention is currently mostly on that, he does keep an ear perked for Kai and frequently glances back to her. "Well. I do hope I have the opportunity to show them that we are capable of doing better, at least. It's a bit of a mess right now." He makes sure that the stew from the bottom is stirred towards the top of the pot. "Well. The people in there are dangerous. There's something unsettling about the way they fear the Mountain. At the very least, it would seem that extreme shows of power as threats are the tactics they use. And they did that to neighbors that…really only ever tried to help us." He looks back to her again, his expression flat. "They're bullies. And…patience. Right? Let's see how this summit goes. Grey very well may still help, but…you know him. He doesn't know when it's okay to bend the rules."

"They used to say that about me." Kai drawls wryly for Eli, attention flitting up as one of the other Trikru return to the fire to give Eli a bit of an eye. A smile is offered from Kai as she finishes her fish and sets the remains in the flames before murmuring to Eli,"I'm going to go lay down for a while, sitting up is beginning to hurt.. a lot."

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