Day 007: Carrying a Torch
Summary: Hanne and Grey have a talk. It goes… about as well as can be expected.
Date: 11 5 2016
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Hanne Grey 

Primary Passenger Hold, The Dropship
This was once the main passenger cabin of the dropship, holding rows and rows of seats and a small communications console along one wall. Since landing, the seats have been removed, and it has been turned into a combination sick-bay and storage. The deck, ceiling, and walls are all bare metal, and several "wings" jut out from the main area, forming little cubbies that still provide exactly zero privacy. One of the cubbies has been repurposed as a makeshift medbay, with an equally-makeshift table and several small bundles of supplies. There is usually someone sitting around here tending to the medical supplies or just watching over them. Two ladders descend to the cargo hold below, one of them also rising up to the top level of the dropship through a hatch that can be locked from below.
7 Days After Landing

Up the ramp and into the ship, Hanne leads Grey. The little nerd has been spending much of her time on the second level of the ship, in the primary passenger hold. The botany nerds still have a little corner where they are stringing up bundles of herbs to dry. She is quiet until they are in her little living area, which is very sparse of much of anything. She doesn't immediately go for her bag, instead worrying at the sleeves of her jacket. "So…"

Grey ducks under some of the hanging herbs, nodding as he looks around, "Smells nice up here. Certainly better than the rest of the camp." A touch of a grin flickers over his face, "Better'n my tent, too." And then the burgeoning smile falters, and he nods slowly, "So." He hesitates too, starting to nibble at a fingernail, then drops his hand and just bulls ahead, "I ain't dumb enough to think we're just magically good. So how bad's the Grey hate right now, on a scale of 'throw acorns at the back of his head' to 'stab him seventeen times'?"

Hanne's face cracks in a small smile at his words, and she draws up the left sleeve of her oversized jacket to scratch at the poison oak rash on her forearm. "Well…" Beat pause. "I guess maybe somewhere around the acorn-throwing." She takes in a deep breath, setting her shoulders. "Quinn says I should give you another chance, that we should basically… you know… be together, like she's gonna be with Max." She chews at her inner cheek a bit. "But…"

"Well good, 'cause by the looks, I coulda sworn I was up around 'stab him' yesterday." Grey glances behind him at the dropship in general, shifting around so that his back isn't to the whole open area, and then leans his spear against his shoulder, trying to look casual. It doesn't really work. He nods slowly at her words, "But you're not sure." One eyebrow arches, "So what changed?"

"You chose Quinn," Hanne says, without missing a beat. Her smile is a bit sad now. "And, maybe it is dumb, and doesn't make sense, and maybe I should get over it… but you didn't choose me… wouldn't choosing me now be kinda like… I don't know, picking me because Quinn didn't pick you?" Her brows furrow up a bit, searching his expression cautiously.

Grey is not used to this sort of introspection, but he furrows his brow, giving a solid go at it. "Well, uh… to be honest… I hadn't thought of you like that before, Hanne." He ducks his head a little, looking a touch bashful, "It kinda came outta left field." Drawing in a slow breath, he lets it out, "I don't know what choosin' you would mean right now. Tryin' to figure out who I am post-Quinn." Assuming he's still accepted that he's post-Quinn. "Since I've been carryin' a torch for a while now."

Hanne chews at her inner cheek worryingly as he provides some Grey Insight, but it doesn't seem to dash away that sad smile. She just nods, slinging her makeshift knapsack across her shoulder. She steps forward, carefully closing the distance between them. She clasps onto the sleeves-turned-straps of her bag with both hands, looking down a bit. "I understand…" She looks up at him now, her brown eyes a little wet even while she smiles. "I kinda have been carrying a torch for you, too." Then she swallows thickly, clearing her throat a bit. "So, maybe we both have some things to get over."

That's news to Grey, and it shows. His brows lift and he nods slowly, still thinking, "I didn't know. I was kinda… well, I had my head stuck up my ass in the 'Box, when people weren't trying to dent it in." Her approach doesn't force a response until she's within a foot or so, at which point he straightens up from his lean and his feet shift beneath him. He's getting better though, since his unconscious tendencies were pointed out to him, and he doesn't actually pull away. Lowering his voice a little, he asks, "It's somethin' you plan to get over then?"

"I don't know." Hanne drops her own voice, and with it her eyes. She looks at their feet for a moment, almost examining the differences in their shoes: her grubby sneakers, his Guard-issue combat boots. She wriggles her toes a bit, making the pliable rubber caps of her shoes wriggle in turn. Then she looks up slowly to meet his dark eyes. "Maybe I should, though… I don't wanna be stuck waiting around for you to get over Q, only to find out that maybe you didn't really like me all that much anyway." Her brows deepen. "It is something I'm gonna have to think about." Then she exhales.

Grey has never been known for thinking before acting. "Well, really only one way to find out, isn't there?" And then he leans forward, aiming to close that little distance between them, his free left hand rising up toward the side of her head, attempting to brush over curled locks as his lips seek out hers for a testing, tasting kiss.

Hanne is a bit surprised by the sudden forward movement of the ex-Cadet, particularly because he's been so against close proximity. When he touches her hair, she straightens up a bit, and when he draws her into the kiss, she does so with a touch of hesitation. But that soon melts away, and she is sinking slowly into the kiss. Her brows go up even while her eyes close, allowing Grey to guide the kiss. Though, her toes do curl slightly in her shoes.

Grey tilts his head slowly into the kiss, breathing slowly in through his nose. His lips part gently against hers, but only to move over them. Apparently, tongue does not play into a first kiss, or at least not this first kiss. His fingers press gently against her scalp, and then he is straightening up again, his own eyes opening as well. There's a difference between that kiss and his last one, and it surprises him, perhaps even troubles him, uncertainty playing behind his dark eyes.

Hanne seems to be sinking forward even after their kiss ends and he is straightening away. Then she catches herself, and a great rosy flush blossoms at her cheeks. She hadn't dropped her grip on her makeshift bag, and even starts to wring at it nervously. Then she takes a step back, giving them a little air and distance. She is smiling, but it is small and a little uncertain herself. "Okay then," she says in a soft, breathless whisper.

Grey lets his hand drop from the side of Hanne's head as the Ee-Ess nerd steps back, and he seems to gather himself, licking his lips briefly before his face splits in a too-wide smile, "So. Now you've gotta decide if that's something you want." He hesitates a moment, then laughs softly, "The blush is pretty damn cute, I gotta say."

Hanne breathes out a slow breath, her shoulders tightening a bit. Her eyes fall away after a moment, and she's looking back at her feet again. "I slept with Cole," she says in reply. Probably not what he was hoping to hear, and maybe not even what he needed to hear, but it goes spilling out of her nonetheless.

That… was not the response Grey expected. Truth be told, he didn't know what response he expected, but if he had put together a list of the 100 top responses he expected, it would not have been on it. Not even in the top 200. Confusion flickers over his face, wiping away his smile, and even a surprising twang of jealousy. "Uh… okay?" Shifting his stance just so happens to widen the distance between them a little more, "Since yesterday?" He still seems more surprised than anything, trying to get his bearings.

Hanne flinches a bit at his words, and her gaze remains on her feet as if she's too scared to look up at him. Her hands continue to wring at her bag's straps. "Yeah… he was kinda all hurt because of Mika, and I was hurt because of you, and I guess we just wanted to… do something about it." She shrugs a bit. "He suggested it, I said okay." There is something very carefully truncated in that story, getting mostly to the point without the necessary details. She looks up then, her brown eyes a bit worried. "I thought you should know… you were going to hear all about it anyway."

Grey nods slowly. It's not a nod of understanding, or even acceptance of the details, just a sort of 'oooookay, I heard you.' And he thinks. Unfortunately, his mouth is already running away with him, "Well, they do say, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. How'd it work? Can't have been that good if you were still kiss — " and then his brain catches up with his face-asshole, and he clamps his mouth shut, his eyes squeezing tightly closed as well.

Hanne blinks a bit, and her mouth opens to stay something a shy on the defensive side, but then he shuts up and she shuts up, too. She ducks her head, and her shoulders lift and fall. "I should probably go catch-up with Quinn." She starts forward, aiming to step past him to the ladder back down to the cargo hold. She stops just within a foot of him, and finally drops a hand from her iron grip on the knapsack strap. She squeezes his dark hand in her pale fingers, and then steps up just close enough to press her lips softly against his cheek. "Thanks again… for the tent…"

The words, the squeeze to his hand, and the kiss to his cheek go without comment or reaction, the ex-C castigating himself inside his head for being an asshole and a Grey. As she steps away from him again, he reaches out with his left hand, aiming to catch her upper arm with his fingertips, "Wait. Sorry. That was a real dickish thing to say. I hope you two work well together."

Hanne is stopped with ease, and she blinks at Grey again — this time with confusion. "What?" Her brows deeply furrow. "Me and Quinn?" She is about to go on, but her brain clicks and she starts to shake her head. "Grey, no… Cole and I… just a friends thing." Then she finds herself using the same line on him that he used on her. "I think I gotta start trying to figure out who I am, too."

"No, but that would be hot." Grey can't resist it. He's 18 and it's been far too long since he got any (not that anything more than 15 minutes isn't far too long at this age). Grunting softly, he nods, "Never really got that. The whole 'friends with benefits' thing." There's bitterness there in his voice, as some similarities creep in between this conversation and the one with Quinn not so long ago. "You do that, Hanne. Can't really know what you want 'till you know who you are." That would be actual sage advice if he wasn't just parroting something he heard somewhere else, if he actually believed it.

Hanne nods dolefully at his words, and she shrugs a bit. "I'm not sure I get it either," she confesses, about the whole friends with benefits thing. Then she continues her ultimate exit from the dropship, turning to head down the ladder and leave Grey to think things over. "You should check in on the Grounders," she offers him as she goes down a couple rungs. She pauses to look at him then. "And you should think about that too… that whole knowing yourself thing." And down she goes.

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