Day 042: Catching Up And Breaking Down
Summary: The scouting team and Lip stop for the night, Lip gets updated a little, and fractures appear in the group.
Date: 10 July 2016
Related: Follows Reapers Under the Mountain
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The Lower Slopes of Mount Weather
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42 Days After Landing

The reality was it was a hard day's march up to the mountain where Lip wound up droppin like a phat beat (his words), and they made their successful, if not narrow fallback thanks to the Reapers having shock collars (which was one step up from facing off with reapers wearing puppy cones of shame). They had a long way to go and as healthy as the Skaikids were they were adjusting to a hard day's march and they were going to need to rest. They agreed on a cold camp, no heat, no lights, and were down enough to stay warm, and parked the camp at such an elevation that they left space should a fog roll through. Just in case they post multiple on watch because fog was quiet and if it killed off one guard the other could alert the pack. Just in case. Everyone was hoping it was not going to come to that.

There were rations that were to be passed. It was NOT chocolate cake, raspberries, and some wonderful seasoned meatloaf thing. It didn't have plates. It wasn't fancy and there were no seconds. Sorry there, Lip. There was bark, the soy paste courtesy of the ark, and edible bark, and some dried deer and rabbit. Yay.

Kai doesn't dare take off her armor. They might ostensibly be safe for now, but somewhere out there the Mountain is angry and she doesn't feel like taking the risk. Still. She's feeling all the running around of the day and had to at least unlace herself to check the worse of her wounds and chew on some bark for the sake of pain management. It might have been only a couple of weeks since Lip saw her, but in addition to the ash and armor and entirely too Trikru fashion of the former cadet there's a still red and angry scar down her forearm, and beneath the armor peeking above the collar of her shirt stitches in her neck and over her collarbone. Still. For all that she threatened bodily harm to the kid earlier the blanket she'd brought with her is carried over to be offered out to Lip along with a canteen in silent peace offering.

Grey shared his extra ration bar with Lip, the one he brought in case they were held out longer than expected. He has his own Guard armor on (that's a change for Lip), but the same pants and boots he hit Earth with 42 days ago. Sitting down next to Lip, on the other side from Kai, he upnods warily to the ex-C before he speaks to Lip "So. I owe you some explanations, yeah?" The words are quiet, and he holds out a hand with a grin, "And you owe me a flashlight."

Pontus watched Kai make the gesture and kept an ear out for Gideon or Thesda watching vigilantly. He couldn't sleep yet. he should, but he didn't and let Hyatt and Tuan nap for now to take next watch. It was Lip that he was curious about but he wasn't going to be one to pull any story from him. He left that to the Skaikru to manage. Hell as far as Lip and Pontus know Lip was one of th e kids he tried to kill 40 days ago. So for now he ate his bark.

"This flashlight is the only weapon I have. Since I'm the only one that's still sane and not fraternizing with the enemy." Lip explains his position to Grey while tightening his grip on the flashlight. His head whirls around to look at Kai. "You. You look familiar. Almost like you used to be someone worth talking to. But now, now you just kinda' look like a killer." He looks at the blanket and then scoffs at it. "Be gone! Away with you! Vamoose, even!" Wait. Did Lip just drops some Snagglepuss references? "I'll take first watch, Grey. Y'know, just in case your bush buddies over here decide they wanna' try any funky business." Lip immediately goes into the 'I'm Watching You' hand/eyes motion.

Yeh, Grey being wary of Kai right now is probably a good thing, given the look the lean girl gives him. The purse of her lips and hunch of her shoulders suggest that nope, she hasn't forgiven him for getting in her way, even if for now she settles on her haunches, leaving Lip between the two of them like a reminder that there's more important things for her to worry about just now. The blanket gets dumped on his legs nonchalantly, followed by the canteen,"I am a killer." the grey-eyed girl grunts,"And that's why you want to tell us what's going on in there. Are they alive, Lip? Tink, Cam and the others? Are they alive?" she can't keep the note of concern out of her voice, not phased by his apparent concern about the possibility of 'funky business'.

"Alright then, you can keep it." Grey looks over to Kai at Lip's reference to her, then back to the recent escapee. He nods intently at Kai's question, waiting until it's been answered (at least partly) before he adds in, "They stopped the attack on the camp, Lip. Fi, Eli," he nods to Kai again, "And Kai got a ceasefire. And the Ark came down," there's still some wonder there, "Not just dropships, man. The Ark. Kane and the Guard hauled ass to us and got there in time to drive off the jackholes from the Mountain. Couldn't've gotten there any sooner, and they didn't know you were taken. We've been workin' like mad to try to find a way in."

Pontus was no help. He sat and watched. There was nothing inherently friendly looking about the ash and scarred scout. Slate grey eyes took in the details of the scene listening to them sort out their grandiose to-do. Finally he pointed with the bark he'd been chewing on, "Well I don't know certainly about in but he found a way out. How'd you do it?"

"Do you hear something, G? Like this really annoying as FUCK sound of someone that we used to know? So weird. It's like a fuckin' ghost or somethin', right?" Lip is being a dick but he doesn't really care that he's being a dick. He shouldn't see anyone from the same place as him looking like the people that killed a bunch of the people that looked like him. It just doesn't make sense in his book. And his book is the only one that matters right now. "I ain't sayin' nothin' 'til I'm safe and sound and we're makin' headed back to get your friends." Lip still refuses to call 'em his friends because he knows none of them like him. But now he's actually useful. Kind of. So maybe they won't kill him. At least until they get the info from him. And then when Pontus speaks up, Lip just turns his attention to him and laughs. A lot. "OH! Hahahaha! That's fuckin' hilarious, mate! You think I'm gonna' tell /you/ somethin'? Hahahahaha! Here, let me throw you a bone: FUCK. OFF." Lip finally notices the blanket is on his legs and overdramatically kicks the damn thing off. Which takes a lot longer than it should because he's being all extra and flailing his legs around and this was supposed to look all confident and effective but it ends up just looking stupid.

Kai grits her teeth, her hand balling up at least briefly before she consciously unfolds it,"<In Trigedasleng> Idiot." the grey-eyed girl sneers emphatically at the curly haired boy, firing a look Grey's way before she elects to jerk to her feet and stalks off towards Pontus, mentally counting to ten under her breath. There's at least the illusion of privacy, even if really they're clearly not too far away not to overhear, the Second grabbing her pack and stopping over to drop next to the scarred scout heavily.

Pontus funny enough agreed whole heartedly with Lip, but the cease fire still stood so he couldn't just dispatch the Skaikids and their strange tech and go home. But as it was there was a ceasefire so the natural order of things was thrown a curveball. "<In Trigedasleng> He's from a tribe that negligently dropped a house on my people and he throws stones?" The puzzle man smirked and said "Keep your voice down or they'll be on us all. Those were my people you landed on. Our village they kill-ruined. Because you all brought guns. The Mountain is everyone's enemy. Unless, of course, you're with them." The Puzzleman arched an eyebrow and said handing kai part of his bark, "<In Trigedasleng> Maybe he wants us to find him. Maybe that is why they send the loud one."

Grey makes a calming gesture to Pontus at one side, leaning back and wincing a little as he moves his left arm. He leans back from flailing Lip, just avoiding getting kicked in the shin. Because that would just teach him. "Hey… hey… easy man." He sighs a bit, raising one hand to nibble on a nail, "So how is everyone inside? They doin' okay?" And then he pauses, "How're you doin', Lip?"

"Oy, piss off, yeah? Don't even get me started on you and yours. We tried to talk to you idiots about what happened. We tried to explain. We tried to have a civil conversation but nooooooo. Instead? I got shot in the chest with Arrow Number 173. Oh and also I got sworded. Yeah, that's how you fuckers do business. And, since we're on the fuckin' topic, /I/ didn't land on nobody so don't lump me in with the rest of those jerks from the sky. I don't like /them/ either." Lip rolls his eyes. "And so what if the Mountain of Doom is everybody's enemy? You sure seem ready for it to stop bein' everybody's enemy! What, you want to get back to pickin' us off for sport cuz your borin' ass life consists of nothing but grass, bugs and in-breeding? And I don't even know what that means but I hope it hurts you in the soul!" Lip is trying to stay calm but people keep messing with him. It takes him a second to try and calm down and then he's turning towards Grey. "Alive. That's it. I ain't sayin' nothin' else. I say too much and you fuckers leave me out here to die. And I ain't dyin' 'til we bust a move on that Mountain and they let our peoples, both of our peoples, go." See? He's dropping some info. Kind of. And then he blinks. "What did you just say?" Blink blink. "Did you just ask /me/ how /I'm/ doing?" Lip's face contorts into shock and the flashlight starts to slip from his fingers. "…"

"<In Trigedasleng> House. Stones." Kai repeats a couple of the words testingly, trying to establish from context the meaning of ones she doesn't understand,"<In Trigedasleng> All. Annoy." her Trig's still only pidgin, but still, right now preferable than using Gonasleng instead with a slant eyed glance towards the scout, accepting part of the bark and reaching into her pack to offer him out an apple in exchange,"<In Trigedasleng> Always loud." she offers to the Trikru with a wry kind of smirk. She rubs the heel of her hand along her stitches with a grimace as her eyes turn towards the Mountain. At least trying to pretend she's not listening for all that the tension in her jaw undoubtedly betrays just how not-calm she is at the moment. But then Lip breathes a magic word. Alive, and well, Pontus at least is close enough to hear the way her breath rushes out of her and catches, shoulders slumping in barely disguised relief.

<FS3> Pontus rolls Resolve: Good Success. (1 1 5 8 3 8)

Pontus just watched Lip spin out and didn't understand half the words but nodded easily to the side and said "If he's not Arkkru, he's not Arkkru." That he was learning from kai slowly even if his brain had a hard time with the concept. A rough and calloused hand reached for Kai's better shoulder and just gave it a faint squeeze. She was still healing under all that armour and while she didn't complain he knew it hurt like hell. He's been there. At Lip's question he said "Well you did fall out of the skai twice now. And now through a small hole." Maybe after Sharknado he should have skipped that part in Goonies where they fall into the lagoon. THe Mountain didn't have one of those. The Puzzle-Man actually cracked a faint grin at Kai's growing Pidgin, "<In Trigedasleng> yes. Always loud."

You have to respect Lip's sheer ability to rant, even if it is currently giving Grey a headache. "Alive's good." That's all he's going to take from the first part of that, for now. And then he looks between Lip and the Trikru, "Let's all keep as calm as we can, 'cause we don't want anyone from the Mountain, Reapers or Mountain Men, findin' us. We can all argue and bitch each other out later, yeah?" And then he looks back to Lip, "Yeah. You're one of us, man. I promised I'd come after anyone who got captured. You're one of the One Hundred, so here I am. Here we are." He pauses then, does the mental math. It takes a while, "Although I guess we're the Fifty-Five now." That would be 23 in the Mountain, 30 at Camp Jaha, Mikaela and Zoe missing, and Kai not counted, for those following at home. "So yeah, I want to know how you're doin'. Quiet-like, if you can."

"… th' fuck, mate?" Lip doesn't get this. He really doesn't understand what the hell is going on. He's so confused by the fact that someone is actually counting him as part of a group. He's so used to being the Odd Mouth Out that he's growing to an epic level of emotion right now. And the more he stares at Grey the more emotion Lip feels and there's a sudden lunge at him to grab him into a hug that he normally wouldn't be doing. "Today is not a day that I'm into dudes but if it was…" Lip doesn't keep this up for long and adjusts himself back into his normal seating position. "Thanks. For, y'know, anyway… I'm fine. I saw some fucked up shit before I found y'all that'll probably give me nightmares until I'm killed in my sleep by her." A nod is given to Kai. "Or that asshole." And a nod is given to Pontus. "But I'll live."

"Not Arkkru." Kai utters dryly for Pontus, there's some amusement in there, she like's the phrase. Big Second's don't cry, and so it's totally just dust that the grey-eyed girl is wiping carefully from her face with the heel of her hand, chewing on the bark as she goes back to squinting in the direction of the Mountain, shoulders squaring again as Grey's math leaves her out,"<In Trigedasleng> Indra annoy?" she asks of the scout. She heard him say something about that, back there, but it's only now that she thinks to ask about it,"<In Trigedasleng> Us? Why?" oh she's listening, Lip, though there's little more than the slant of her eyes his way briefly to betray that.

Pontus gave Lip an affirming nod and said at the absurdity of Lip's statement, "Nah. I'd wake you up first." NOT HELPING, PONTUS! Ugh this was why he wasn't a diplomat. It was as bad an idea as inviting Drax to a cotillian. He waved the bark in a circle, "I won't, because ceasefire. But point. Continue." Still…not helping. Hot damn he was so casual about it and nodded to Kai pointing to the sky and shrugged, "Arkkru…" He waggled the bark at Grey and Lip, "Skaikru." Simple. He was trying to accept the distinction that the Ark, whatever that thing was, jettisoned their people and did some shit and that he was getting over blaming the rock for what was proverbially 'David's' fault. At her question he tried to help her out "<In Trigedasleng> Indra, Mountain, Us? No. Lexa, mountain, us? Yes" he kept the words finite so she could distinguish names she knew and yes and no and mountain and glue the thought together.

To be fair, Grey could have easily just miscounted. He didn't this time, but he certainly could have. The sudden hug from Lip causes Grey to squawk a little, partially from surprise, and partially from the fact that his left bicep just got its stitches out. "Ow, ow. Thanks, but ow." Working his left arm once he's released, Grey smirks a little, "Yeah, sorry, I don't swing that way either." His eyes flicker over in the direction that Gideon went off to stand watch, and then rapidly go back to Lip, "Okay. Eventually, we'll wanna know what things are like up in there. 'Cause I still owe twenty-two more people a rescue, even if you pretty much rescued yourself." At least, that's the story he's going to tell Lip. "So. You want more catchin' up now, or you want some sleep? Unless you're too amped up to sleep, I can stay awake a bit." He nods out into the woods again, "You remember that Gideon came to help in the camp, right?" Baby-steps. Baby-steps. Pontus' not helping gets a sidelong glance from Grey, and he grimaces, "We're all Skaikru, Etch-a-sketch." He pauses, considering that nickname, and shakes his head, "Nope. Jigsaw still works best, damn it."

"Hahahaha! Jigsaw!" Lip starts with the laughing but that doesn't go too long because he clamps a hand over his own mouth. "Shit. Sorry. Hilarious." Lip gives a nod to Grey though in the midst of all this. "I'll tell us. The Whatever's Left. And then we'll come back to Mount Doom and kick some ass and save everyone. But I have a condition." Lip focuses on Grey for a moment. "You gotta' teach me somethin'. I'm not a badass like you and the rest. But I ain't gonna' just give you the info so you can bust in there and get all the rescue credit. Plus, there's somebody on the inside that I—" Lip sighs and gives a shake of his head. "You just gotta' teach me how to use a weapon or something. I'm helping." Lip fights at the yawn that's threatening to take over.

Kai grunts her acknowledgment,"I know." she offers to the scout,"Not a complaint. Most Arkkru suck." most. Not all. It's an improvement at least. Though she tilts her head at Pontus' Trigedasleng as she tries to puzzle it out,"<In Trigedasleng> Lexa. Commander?" she chews on her bottom lip,"<In Trigedasleng> Trouble. Wren?" she asks of Pontus, and yeh her eyes go to Grey, she might not like him particularly right now, but that's a thing they agree on, there's still twenty-two people in that Mountain that need to be rescued. In the very least.

Pontus tilted a nod to Grey. When Lip laughs though he squint a look at the kid. He's not spilled blood with him and earned that right of him apparently to know why those are there. He let Skaikru mind Skaikru though and nodded to Kai. "If he left too? Maybe. Perhaps. But anything you did?" He shrugged. He let her extrapolate that. "The things youdo, being here with us? That falls back on him. He'll get punished for you coming, not you. Keep your head. We have to make this trip worth it. Lives are resting on us for that."

To his credit, Grey only hesitates a moment at Lip's request. "Sure." He pauses, and then flashes his trademark shit-eating grin, "Hell, I'll do you one better. I'll give you my old baton and show you how to use it." That would be the rod of steel from the dropship that was his stand-in shock baton (without the shock) until he got an actual shock baton. "Everyone should be able to defend themselves." And then he snorts, "Man, you don't think you're gonna have girls linin' up to kiss you once you tell 'em about your brave escape from Mount Weather?" The information about the interplay between Second and Teacher draws some of Grey's attention over toward Pontus and Kai, but then he looks back to Lip, "And I'll tell you what. Special, one-time offer. I'll let you at 'em all first."

Kai nods for Pontus' words, expression settling back into unhappy as her attention goes in the direction of Gideon and then up towards the scout, rubbing at the back of her head,"I know." she grunts in Gonasleng in discontent,"Nothing I can do about it now. Would have been nice if ya'll had mentioned that, though. What kind of punishment is Indra going to give him?" still doesn't make her happy to judge from the shake of her head and the way her lips press together. Her eyes fall upon Lip and Grey though she doesn't elect to add anything else for the time being.

Pontus considered Kai's question and thought on it. A wry quirk at the corner of his mouth turned up and he shrugged, resigned to his own fate. "I dunno, but since I'm here? I'm guessing I'll find out when we she has her peace with us." He took a deep breath and didn't care who heard. "Just hope they don't do to Rain what they did to Arlin's family." Hooray for suffering for the sins of the father and finding your self on the sharp end of a social stigma.

Kai's not happy with the answer, and though her attention settles on Grey and Lip she elects to fall silent for a long moment,"We should try to sleep so we can take third shift." is what she elects to utter for the scarred scout, rising to her feet to collect her pack and eyeing their surrounds to see if there's a tree she can try and climb seeing as she gave Lip her blanket.

Pontus pat Kai on the back and nodded to Grey. He said simply, "You're doing good by your people. Keep it up." So he's decided, but then again depending on how angry people were he might only live another day so why be up tight about it. He stayed on the ground at the base of Theda's tree maybe out of practiced coordination they grew up with, or habit. It was what it was.

Grey watches Kai clamber off, then looks at Pontus for a long moment before he nods, "They're my people. They come first." There's even a hint of sadness in the statement. Seeing as Lip crashed, Grey digs out his blanket and puts it over the other Skaikru. He'll have to share Gideon's, or wake up a bit cold. Either way, he's going to be awake for a while.

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