Day 057: Chancellor of What?
Summary: Through deception and manipulation, an unlikely challenger is named for election of the Ark's first Chancellor on the Ground. Valentine 2149
Date: 25 July 2016
Related: References Your Generous Offer and Assault on the Mountain (Trikru)
Cassandra Hector Lionel Wyst 

Infirmary — Camp Jaha
This was only intended to be a secondary medbay, a backup to the main Go-Sci labs. Unfortunately, Go-Sci is still in orbit. There are 20 medical beds, and space for another dozen or so cots, any more casualties have to spill out into the hallways or nearby rooms. Each of the beds has a computer readout alongside it, and several more line the walls, displaying information or patient scans as necessary. Imaging equipment folds back into the wall or the ceiling, and racks of additional equipment line the walls, all the way up to where the top corners angle in to make the ceiling narrower than the floor.
57 Days After Landing

<FS3> Cassandra rolls Resolve-2: Good Success. (3 8 3 7 8 3)

Despite being incapable of moving her neck without grimacing, Cass Bonheur is up and about in the infirmary at the moment. The Grounders did a good job cauterising her bullet-wound, according to the doctors, though she'd lost a lot of blood and is attached to a rolling IV-stand. Medical needs all the hands on deck it can get, which is why she now has the dubious privilege of sorting through the pharmaceuticals. She hasn't even made any attempts to pocket the meagre supplies of painkillers just yet. Some of these pharmaceuticals are more crude, in fact looking to be little more than stores of flowers – others have been dried and powdered, and a scarce few remain from landing in pill form. This evening finds her seated on a tall stool, grinding some yarrow with a mortar and pestle. And of course, freely stating her political opinions to any nearby patient or Med-Tech that asks. So generous is Cassandra that she even offers her vocal opinions to those who do not ask.

Lionel is sitting calmly on a stool while Doctor Li herself pokes and prods at the bullet wound that cut through his left hand, leaving a deep grove that will undoubtedly also leave a pretty gnarly scar. He purses his lips slightly, trying to find a delicate way to ask… "Uh, Li… so… where's Beaubois? You know how she likes looking after me." And he is quick to add, "Not that you aren't a lovely, capable, and magnificent doctor… but Tori takes pleasure in scowling at me while she stitches me up." He smiles brightly at the woman, who just kind of snorts and continues to carefully suture the wound. His eyes cut across the room toward Cass, and he arches a brow at her while she is busy doing… "What in the world are you doing, Boner?" Okay, he heard about the nickname…

Hector enters the infirmary. He stops near the front to exchange a few words with someone else he knows who was in the fight. He slips the young woman something and murmurs something quietly, then heads further in. He grins a bit when he spots Lionel. "Oh thank god." He presses a hand to his chest. "They didn't get your face. I was afraid I was going to have to pity you and your Quasimodo face for the rest of your life."

Listening in on the exchange between the two Li-s, Cassandra can't help but glance aside and smirk. "I'm doing my job," she cheerfully informs, playing the part of a productive and dutiful member of society. Boner has grown. Not for nothing, though. She's making sure she gets credit for her work, and constantly taking care to remind everyone how useful, knowledgeable, capable, brave, noble, and of course modest she is. "Just like Morgan discussed with Li and Kane." She turns to flash the good doctor a grin. When Hector walks in, she turns her head his way, which sees her grimacing painfully yet again and pausing her work, to raise a hand to the side of her neck. "Hey Hector," she greets him, in a tone that implies they're old friends. When she's able to stop scrunching up her face, she even flutters a wave his way, along with a flirtatious smiles with a perk of her eyebrows. Apparently she thinks he's attractive. Either that or she wants something.

Wyst arrives at the infirmary too, dressed in civilian clothing because this is a friend visit, not official guard business. Unlike Lionel, Nathaniel and Grey, Wyst got stuff on the home-front when everyone else snuck off to the mountain. While the guard is a little put out for not being picked to go, when she comes in and sees what Li is stitching up on Lionel, she gives a grin to her fellow guard. "Damn…I guess getting the short stick sometimes works in my favor." She gives Hector a nod in greeting, and Boner gets a nod as well. Arrow folks have to represent! Even if she's part of the police force.

Lionel looks up at the familiar voice, but the words that voice offers causes him to snort. "Here I thought you were still going to give me pity for my hand." He almost holds up the hand, but Li is giving him a warning look, and so he holds perfectly still while the woman finishes up his stitches and begins to wrap the wound. "You'll live," she announces to him, and then moves off to tend to other business. She catches sight of Cass's smile, and offers the young woman a quick one of her own. Yes, very dutiful, Cass is. Or maybe there was some sarcasm there. Hard to judge. He looks back to Hector when Cass says hi, and he arches a single brow at his friend. Wyst's entry gets a slight up-nod, but otherwise the Corporal is worrying about his jacket.

"Cass…snrk, Boner. That's a good one, why did I never think of that?" Hector makes a face that shows he's a very mature adult. Really. Well, OK, it's his best impression of a ten year old. "You're making eyes at me, which means you must want something. But give me a minute, huh? I gotta razz my friend here about busting his hand." He stops in front of Lionel and looks him over. He can't quite hide the relief, even though he's trying to. "Good thing it isn't your jack off hand, or you'd be really lonely for the next few weeks." He digs his hands into his pockets and rocks on his heels. Wyst gets a nod of greeting.

Boner rolls her eyes. "He's fine," she tells Hector. "His right might get tired eventually when he's laid up at night thinking about Tori, but I can think of worse tragedies." She raises a hand of her own Lionel's way, curling a smirk as she mimes playing the world's tiniest violin. She's sure the pop culture aficionado will recognise it.

"Actually, Hector, I really just wanted to tell you I think you're great," the delinquent then turns to inform Hector. The making of eyes intensifies.

Lionel catches the relief bubbling under the surface, and he casts his friend a wry grin. "I'll have you know, I have a date tomorrow night," he retorts with a slight uplift of his chin. Could be true, but probably not. Lionel hasn't had time to fish around for possible dates since Alpha Station crashed. He then stops fussing with his jacket and steps up to clasp Hector on the shoulder, squeezing to convey that reassurance. "I'm okay," he says in a soft note. "Really. Barely a scratch." He then looks over toward Cassandra, and then back to Hector. He waits to see if this is something he should get lost for… but then he blinks. He looks at Hector, looks at Cassandra. "Maybe you two do need a moment alone." His bushy brows arch high over his eyes. He is about to say something, but then Li is asking for him. He grunts, and starts to saunter back over to the doc.

Wyst sighs as her fellow guardsman walks away, giving a shake of her head, "Well that's what I get for dropping by to check on his ass." She glances between Cassandra and Hector. "Should I give you guys a moment?" She always exits stage right if Hector needs to have a conversion. She nods over to where Lionel is walking off to. "It's not a big deal."

"Yes, I know I'm great. Glad someone finally noticed," deadpans Hector. He pops up his collar and sniffs. Lionel is given the eye as he shimmies off. He looks like he doesn't quite believe in his friend's reassurance, but that's a conversation for later. He returns his attention to Cassandra. "Sooo, why exactly are you telling me I'm great? Because I know you're not flirting with me. Which would be weird anyway, because you're like…fourteen." He scratches the side of his head. He clearly knows she's not actually fourteen. He side-eyes Wyst. "I don't thiiiink so? I'm guessing if she wanted to ask me something private she would've found me in prrrr-iiivate." He smacks his lips.

Although she doesn't ask anyone for a moment alone, Cassandra does laugh like an idiot when Hector draws out the word 'private', like it's the world's funniest joke. That lasts for all of two seconds. "I'll be nineteen in November," she stubbornly insists, propping her chin in her hand with an elbow up on the counter. Leaning sideways towards Hector, she gives him a doe-eyed look and says, "I'm seeerious. Have you ever thought about running for Chancellor? I bet lots of people would vote for you. Like Corporal Toothpick, and Corporal Fairchild." A pointed glance is sent towards Wyst and Lionel as she kicks her heels at the stool she's sitting on. "And I was just talking to some of the other members of the Hundred, too. They all look up to you."

Wyst cracks up at the image of Hector being Chancellor and shakes her head. "Oh no…no way. I could never see this guy as Chancellor." She gives Cassandra a shake of her head. "You do know that being Chancellor just puts a bullseye on your forehead, right?" She's a guard and even she has to admit that it's probably one of the roughest jobs in the camp. "And no one likes you. Everyone finds fault. It's a pretty thankless job."

Corporal Toothpick does not overhear the vote of confidence he apparently has in Supreme Chancellor Hector Valentine. He does however listen dutifully as Li informs him that there are no antibiotics, no pain killers, and even though the small jar of stuff she just gave him looks like something you eat, if he eats it, he will probably get sick and die. That's his summary, mind you, because Li is actually very professional about the whole thing. Lionel is too busy smiling like a goof at her, which is probably bugging her. Where's Victoria? Victoria understands him. Then Lionel starts back, catching the end of Wyst's comment about a thankless job. "Being me? I know, super thankless job."

Hector snap-points at Wyst. "All of those reasons, plus I don't want that job. I mean, council? Sure. I think we need a voice on the council for people who've been run over the coals by the administration," says the guy who never wanted for anything. But he did spend six months in the Skybox, wondering if he was going to be pardoned. So he knows how that feels. "I think pretty highly of myself, I'm not gonna lie. Buuut I am not the guy you want negotiating with the Grounders." He glances over at Lionel, then puffs up his chest a bit. "Cass wants me to run for chancellor." There's barely a beat and then he says, "I swear if you laugh I'll break your other hand."

Cass doesn't seem to think it's funny. Then again, she is a teenager. A teenager who to all outward appearances, must be utterly infatuated with Hector at the moment. She doesn't laugh, but nods vigorously at everything he says, especially that bit about being run over the coals by the administration. "I heard some of the workers are gonna vote for Hector as a write-in," she claims to the others, with an assured tone of authority. A clueless shrug then follows. "Just what I heard."

"Lionel, being you is not a job, it's a calling," Wyst tells him with a roll of her eyes, "Like being the skinny short kid on the playground and they call you last." She gives him a smirk at her joke. Then looks him up and over. "Hmmm, rumors said you got pretty banged up on the mission but I'm thinking they were exaggerated." There is a silent look to make sure the guy is okay. Yeah she cares…the more she razzes you, the more she cares. She glances at Cass and tells her, "They can write whoever they want." Doesn't mean he'll win.

"Chancellor of what?" Lionel says, apparently not exactly catching on quickly. Then he blinks. "Chancellor of Camp Jaha?" He looks at Hector, looks at Cass, and then he kind of shrugs sheepishly. "Ah, uh… well… sorry, H… I'm not gonna vote for you." He flashes Hector a quick grin. "You already boss me around enough." He then shakes his little jar of goo at Hector. "I got magic Li Goo." He's very proud of this. Wyst's words cause him to puff up a bit, looking proud at such an assessment. "Why yes… yes it is. A calling that only the bravest should answer." He then hits Wyst with that boyish charm. "Are you brave, Fairchild?"

"Hey, I'm not gonna tell you not to vote for me," says Hector with a shrug. "It's your vote." He seems quite pleased by the idea that anyone would write him in. It's a safe thing to be pleased about since he knows he doesn't have a chance. Well, he thinks he doesn't have a chance. Oh shit, what if he has a chance? He swallows a sudden lump, then goes back to smiles. "Votes for me might convince whoever actually wins to put me on the council. If I get there, then I'm gonna push for some changes. The Exodus Charter was made assuming an unpopulated ground. Which means some stuff's gotta change." That almost sounded like a campaign speech. He side-eyes Lionel, as if daring him to speak up.

Swallowing that campaign speech whole, Cassandra compliments, "You're so smart. You should campaign. Even if you don't expect to win, or don't want to. You don't even have to run. Just get people to write you in. It'll give whoever does win pause, right?" Giving Hector another smile, she then turns her attention to the Corporals Toothpick and Fairchild. "You do have to be pretty brave to put up with him…" she muses to Wyst.

"I've got balls of steel, Weeks, so you better watch yourself," Wyst tells him with a wink. Then she glances over Hector as he talks about changes and tells him, "Council maybe…if you were willing to be an upstanding member of society." There's that teasing again. She nods to Cass and tells her, "Oh it's an old boy's club here in the guard. Being a girl isn't easy." She gives Lionel a teasing look. "I have to look at this mug all day."

Lionel immediately puts up his hands, one still holding his jar of Magic Li Goo™. He's not getting into this, as he is someone who is supposed to uphold the Exodus Charter, so he's not about to start chirping about it. He does scowl just slightly behind Hector at Cassandra's compliments, looking a bit… oh gosh, he looks a little jealous. Of what is anyone's guess. He crosses his arms now and leaning his hip into an elevated hospital bed. When Wyst offers her joke, Lionel just sticks out his tongue in the most grown-up manner ever.

Hector knows he shouldn't be falling for charm. He knows that Cassandra wants something from him. Still, it's nice to hear nice things, and his ego is sopping it up. "Mhmm, kind of late to launch any kind of campaign, don't you think? Besides, most people are going to vote for Kane. No one's had time to really think about things what with Handsy and crew over here," he thumbs towards Lionel, "…blowing up mountains and whatnot. Or rather, my bomb blew up the mountain. They just set it." Is he preening? Maybe. He glances to Wyst, then tugs at his collar. "I have been an upstanding member my entire time on Earth." By which he means…a few weeks. He doesn't seem to notice Lionel's reaction.

"It's never too late to make a change," says Cassandra, sounding like a newly-minted life-coach, or possibly an Apple commercial. "It sucks that Kane gets all the credit when it's people like you doing all the work…" She means Hector, of course. Even if Lionel is the one who actually risked his hand storming the mountain. Still, to prevent Lionel feeling left out, she waggles her eyebrows at him.

"Preach it, sister," the delinquent adds to Wyst, raising her herb-grinding pestle in solidarity.

"See…there it is again. You better keep that tongue in your mouth or someone might just have to snip it," Wyst wags her finger at Lionel, and there they go like brother and sister being smart-asses to each other. She gives a nod of acknowledgement as Hector insists he's been a good boy since his feet have touched the ground. It's not for her to judge, just bust those that break the law, and so far Hector is keeping his nose clean so she has no issues with him. She looks to Cass with a smile. "This one has a silver tongue Hector, you'd better watch out."

Lionel offers a soft huff. "The guard is not a boy's club," he protests quietly — but quite seriously. Gender biases are old news! He does look up slightly toward Cassandra at her compliment. He blinks a bit, as if he is uncertain if that was really meant for him. He even looks over his shoulder. Then he sticks out his tongue again daringly. Then he snorts slightly. "Kane is not getting credit for anything I've done." He seems a bit rankled, like he walked into the wrong club house. He does roll his shoulders a bit. "Look, I think that Kane isn't gonna do us wrong… Eda though is. And if Hector wants to do some good in the Council, I'm gonna endorse him, too." He does glance toward Hector then, offering a small nod.

"Kane might get credit, but he also gets like, ninety percent of the shit. Which is why I don't want to be Chancellor. I'm good at making, not raking." Hector tries to flash his best charming grin. "But I appreciate your faith in me, I really do." He looks Cassandra in the eye. "Even if a vote for me is a big middle finger to the establishment, I am honoured to be that middle finger." He wipes a nonexistent tear away from his eye. So touching. And then, in case Lionel is feeling left out, he nudges his friend, though it's gentle — lest he hit any bruises by mistake.

Cassandra, the modest — just ask Doctor Li, who's been vocally reminded of this fact by none other than Cassandra — turns to give Wyst an offended look. "Who says I'm sugar-coating?" she asks. "I'm just speaking the truth." She points her index finger towards that upright middle finger that is Hector Valentine, emphasising the recipient of her praise. "I don't get why people hate Eda so much, though. She's done nothing wrong except stand up in opposition to Kane. Not that I'm voting for her, 'cause they're all useless anyway."

"Kane deserves the job," Wyst adds, not ifs ands or buts about it by the tone in her voice, "And anyone that thinks Eda will do a better job is fooling themselves." Yeah, she doesn't think much of the other choice. "He's been the one leading the negotiations, it would be foolish to switch mid-stream and make us look weak to the Tri…crew?" Yeah, she's not sure how to say the tribe name. "And I would endorse you for Council Hector, if only to get an engineering perspective." Because this place needs someone with a vision to build and recycle what's left. She gives Cass a look. "I don't know what Eda can do other than complain when someone is in the middle of planning a rescue. I'd be more impressed if Eda spoke of what she brings to the table." Not tear Kane down.

Lionel can just feel Hector's ego puffing under the careful preening of Cassandra and Wyst. He barely registers the bump at first, but still seems to rock dramatically under it. Then he looks over at Hector with a slight smirk. "You're honored to be someone's metaphorical middle finger?" He shakes his head, looking bemused. Then he looks to Cassandra. "Would she want to be pro-Groudner? Don't think so. Plus — " And he snap-points to Wyst. "That. If Kane's got stuff rolling with the Grounders, and Eda changes things up? I'm not looking for another war, Boner." Then he also nods with Wyst, happy to find a place where he can agree in all this. He starts to lazily toss the jar of goo from one hand to the next, which is probably a great (not great) exercise for his wounded hand.

"Listen, I'm not gonna cry if Kane remains Chancellor. There'll be time to be bitter about things later, but right now, we're busy not-dying. And honestly, a guard-captain is a better choice than most to keep us from death. And I plan on making noise about a few things policy-wise once things settle a bit. But Wyst is right, now's not really the time for a revolution." Hector rocks back a step and looks around the gathered. "I gotta get back to work. The pile of junk isn't going to recycle itself." Then he looks at Lionel, reaches out, ruffles, then grabs his head. He pulls it forward for a quick kiss to the forehead, then he shoves him back. "Glad you're okay, asshole." He gives him a shoulder-punch, lifts a salute to the ladies, then heads for the door.

"You ain't seen war," Cassandra challenges Lionel, her voice turning a touch cold. It's unfair, given he's certainly raided the Mountain with the rest of them, but she's apparently using her 'I've been on Earth longer' high-ground. When Hector turns to leave, she flutters her hand in another too-cheery wave.

Wyst shoots a wave to Hector as he heads out, and then looks at Lionel with a smart-ass grin. "So wonder boy, when are they going to let you back on duty." She gives a little laugh as Cass gives the 'ain't seen war' and then tells her, "I don't think that's a mark of distinction. Personally, if we do our job right, I'd like to see less war and more peace so we can get folks settled in."

Lionel ducks his head to accept the kiss to his forehead, and he seems abruptly mollified. "I am unbreakable," he announces after Hector. His gaze lingers on Hector's departure, then he clears his throat and looks at Cassandra. "Neither have you, cupcake. That's the point, ain't it? The Skaikru have never really seen war, but the Grounders have. Like, serious wars… wars that lasted years, if I understood the history lesson I got right." Then he glances to Wyst, shifting his feet slightly. "Like, now… I only hurt my hand. I'm unbreakable, in case you didn't hear."

"Me and the rest of the Hundred? We held our camp at the Dropship we got shit on, while the Grounders tore down the measly little wall we built and peppered us with arrows. They wiped nearly half of us with spears, and haemorrhagic fever, and held me and Ash Kholmin in a pit for two days to be gnawed on by rats." Cassandra relays this to Lionel in defense of her experience with war, though she's certainly not withstood that for years. She starts to grind the herbs in her mortar anew, smashing the pestle with audible, firm clacks of concentrated aggression. "I don't believe in peace," she adds bluntly, to Wyst, though her eyes are on the pharmaceuticals.

"Well I do…and I've never had to kill someone and I hope I never have to," Wyst tells Cassandra, 'cause being a guard up to this point has been more about restraining than killing folks. She gives a look to Lionel because she knows after the trip on the mountain, he probably can't say the same thing. But it's a new world, new rules. Wyst knows she might have to in the future, but she's not looking forward to it.

"Which all sounds like some serious hell, Boner," Lionel agrees. "And you have more experience with that, sure… but let's not start keeping count on who has seen more shit than the others, because then it becomes all about how many scars people have instead of actually problem-solving." When Wyst mentions never having to kill someone, Lionel actually looks a little pale and uncertain. He's killed quite a few people in the last couple weeks…

A long look up from the mortar and pestle follows from Cassandra, who catches the pale uncertainty from Lionel. "We all do what we have to," she tells the two Corporals simply, evidently empathising with the expression. "Gets better." That last part may be a lie. At Wyst specifically, the cynic shrugs, showing her doubt.

Wyst walks over to Lionel and puts a hand on his shoulder, and it's clear if she could have taken those lives for her lighthearted friend, she would have. Wyst doesn't like the idea of killing, but she's always been the pragmatic one. "You did what you had to do." She believes if those lives could have been saved, Lionel would have stopped short of killing. "Don't torture yourself over doing what's necessary." She looks to Cassandra. "And it doesn't get easier…at least I hope it doesn't."

The hand to his shoulder draws his gaze up, and Lionel nods firmly. I'm cool, I'm fine, his expression seems to say. Then he looks back to Cassandra, and he also nods. "We do." He then offers a short snort, and he shakes his head. "Eden, I hope not… I never want to feel happy-go-lucky about killing someone." He puffs out his cheeks then, relaxing into his stance once more. He does smile a bit to Wyst then, adding a silent thanks.

"Didn't say it gets easier. Said it gets better," Cassandra corrects. She sends a glance between Lionel and Wyst, eyeing the pair with a faint squint of thought.

"So," the delinquent proceeds, changing the subject. "Who's your hot date, Toothpick?"

Wyst gives a chuckle at the hot date comment, and then lets go of Lionel and turns around to face Cass. "Date? Hmmm, it's more like a buddy of sort." She ruffles Lionel's hair. "I'm more like a sister to this mister…rather than a date." She grins at him. "Although…in the right darkness, he might actually be hot." She winks at Lionel and turns back to Cass. "I'm Wyst…Wyst Fairchild." One does not speak of the given first name. Nope, Wyst hates being called Wysteria…after the damn flower her mom tried to turn her into.

Lionel puffs out his chest at Cassandra's question. "I don't kiss and tell, Boner… you'll just have to wait to hear all about it later." Which again, is probably just more evidence that he doesn't have one, but. Then he grimaces as his hair is ruffled – it really doesn't need anyone's help in staying completely disarrayed. He then tries to disarray it back into its original mess. He then flicks his gaze to Wyst, and has the decency to blush. Slightly.

"I know who you are," Cassandra corrects Wyst with a coy smirk. Apparently with Hector out of the room, she doesn't discriminate when it comes to who she flirts with. "And not that you aren't hot –" The raise of her eyebrow at the less-than-dainty flower says she thinks otherwise. She points a finger-gun at Lionel before continuing. "– But Toothpick here said he had an actual date. He didn't say a hot one. I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt."

"A date? Oh my Weeks…I am impressed." She gives him a gentle shoulder nudge. "Go you!" Wyst looks at Cass and rolls her eyes. "Apparently I have to get my own edification through my friend here because this lady is going home alone." Not that she seems to mind, but when you grow up on the Ark and you're a guard, there's less choices. Or at least, Wyst isn't always the first on folk's dance card. And dating co-workers isn't something that usually works out, no matter how hot they look in their pants. Not that Wyst is looking or anything; she totally does, but she'd never tell the guy over here about it.

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