Day 067: Cheers Tondc Style
Summary: Various Trikru talk about many topics in Tondc's pub. Love, children and fights with Azgeda are discussed, a baby is born, a healer is stabbed. Plans for the new village are kicked around and a Skaigirl gets offered a trip to Polis.
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The Pub — Tondc, Trikru

This public house is a mixed construction of old Earth brick walls and new Trikru metal. The entrance is from a preexisting structure — perhaps an old church based on the double-wide doors and steepled roof. It leads into a sprawling area that is far longer than it is wide. A long metal countertop runs the length of the room against a brick wall, and old stained glass windows are neatly spaced behind it, letting in color streams of light when the sun is high. Behind the countertop are shelves kept low of old bottled distilled alcohol and wooden casks of wheat beer and honey wine. The stools and seating at the bar are random and mismatched, and not all of them comfortable.

Opposite of the bar and at the back are the two newer walls made of metal and stone framing. The windows on this wall are cut roughly and inlaid with salvaged glass. The rest of the room is filled with random tables and chairs, creating arrangements of various sizes. There is a door in the back wall that leads to the boarding rooms, and the shared common area for those using the public house for long term stay.

Day 67

It's been awhile since Sage and Britt have had a girl's night out at the pub, what with the whole kidnapped-by-the-mountain interlude. So the archer invited her friend to join her. It's a little early, though, just approaching supper time, so the pub isn't too crowded yet. That suits Britt just fine, though. Less chance of running into the nitwits that spoiled her last time here. "We'll see if that offer of free drinks still stands," she mumbles as she walks in. Britt is dragging a bit, obviously tired, and equally obviously gloomy about something. But that's been par for the course for the past two weeks.

<FS3> Kai rolls Survival: Success. (4 7 1 1 4)

Sage is still pale and thin, so clearly has not started sleeping or eating correctly, but she seems happy for a girl's night out. Trying to get back to something close to "normal" has her with her hair down as she smirks at Britt. "Free drinks? So this is what you've been up to, seducing the bar?" She winks as she moves to find a table in the back corner. Because she needs something at her back. That is new for people in the know.

Kai arrived back late morning. Those paying attention to such things might note in the company of a blond scout by the name of Nix. And with a deer. The latter probably due to the presence of the former because mostly the deer have just laughed at the would-be hunter. Which means that most of the day her hung-over ass has been receiving instruction on how to properly drain and dress her bounty. Thus it's taken her this long to make it by the bathhouse and finally, the pub, something something hair of the dog wot bit you. Somewhere, somehow, she has acquired a new tee, it's too big for her by at least a size, and emblazoned across the front with 'Baltimore MMA Club', but as far as her clothing goes.. it has no cuts, bullet holes, or rifle grease, so it still counts as a 'good' top.

Britt smirks at Sage as she sits down carefully in one of the other chairs. Her ribs are still very sore. "The way to a man's heart is by thumping a couple Azgeda," she quips, and… the fact that the comment works on different levels gives her pause for a moment before she shakes it off. The serving boy comes over to take their orders, and when he moves off, Britt grumps to Sage, "Your brother is an idiot." It wouldn't be the first spat that the on-again-off-again nirons have had; likely won't be the last. Seeing the young Second walk in, Britt lifts a hand to her. "Kai." The new shirt gets a curious look.

The tall form of Sage stretches out slowly, drawing a few curious glances in doing so. But then she relaxes in the corner and smirks to Britt, "Yes he is, he thinks that because of the lost of an arm, he can't offer as much…" She shakes her head at the foolishness that is a male. "Whatever he did? Ignore it, he is just not thinking well and if I have to. I'll kick his ass.." She winks, the last is the normal response to such comments between the pair. Sage is the better true warrior in that family. Her archery? So not as good. When Britt motions towards Kai, those pale silvery eyes look the girl over, curious it seems. "She was the one up on that Desk?" Of course Sage is going to remember a person from the fighting they were doing.

Kai looks in Britt's direction at the sound of her name, raising a hand by way of acknowledgment, even if she makes sure to order herself a drink by the bar with a gesture towards their table before she ambles in the direction of the other two ladies. Yeh, there's a few extra bruises there, no doubt, someone's been chewing on her neck at least probably, and evidently she's got no qualms about dropping in to a seat with her back to the door before rubbing her hands over her face to try and help wake herself up.

Whatever Sev may of may not of doing last night, you couldn't tell by the fact by looking at him. With exception of very private company, the man keeps just about everyone out of arm's reach. Always level-headed, always even-toned(usually monotone), and always polite, even in the face adversity. Because the healing house was so full right now with injured, sorta takes the most precedence. There's a small crowd waiting at the foot of the stairs. And one can hear the muffled crying of a woman in pain. Not enough to distract, but enough to know it's there. And the small collection of people at the stair wait in what seems to be nervous anticipation. Until the screaming stops. There's some looks between each other. A handful of minutes later, Sev comes walking down the stairs, hands with a decent amount of blood on them. "You. Are you her houmon?" he asks the young man at the front. A craftsman of sorts, who nods at the healer. "You have a daughter. Go see them, I will return shortly." Bit of excited words at that, the new father apparently reaching out to hug Sev. And the nomad doesn't look all that comfortable with, dirty hands kept away from him. Uncomfortable would be the word for it. "Yes. Go meet her." It's a way to get him off the healer. And he backs away, making a gesture at the bartender, who had a basin of water sitting out on the bar, waiting for him.

"He may need a good ass-kicking. Sure as hell won't listen to me." Britt is smart enough to know that some things can't be fixed with words, but it still sucks. Their drinks are delivered, and Britt nods her thanks to the boy before picking up her mug. "Desk? What desk?" Britt gives Sage a curious peer, having no idea what she's talking about. When Kai comes over, Britt nods to her. "Hey. Long night?" she asks, eyebrows raised. Then with a glance at her other companion, she says, "Have you met Sage? Erson's other sister." The gaggle of people by the stairs draws her attention, frowning in concern, but it eases when Sev comes down. She smirks a little when the craftsman hugs him, seeing the expression on his face. Well, they have that in common at least.

Those eyes move to Britt and she peers at her "sister" for a very long moment and then smirks. "I see, well I need to talk to him about other things anyway, Maybe it will get him out of where-ever his head has went.." But Sage then turns as Kai moves to settle down and asks in that deep voice, "I believe you were the one follow my orders, yes?" This is Kai curiously before she explains to Britt. "The young one made herself a target in the mountain, up high, drawing there.. guns.." She frowns in total distaste about those bullet firing things. As for the stairs, her eyes flicker there and she watches tilt the crowd seems to relax. That means she hears Sev's can't help a frown that turns into a less sad smile before turning back to her companions.

There's a grunt from Kai for Britt's inquiry as she opens her eyes wide and endeavors to blink something resembling life into them,"Yeh. I went down to Audo yesterday with Nix and some of the others, the Skaikids were hosting a party." she settles back in her chair to nod in Sage's direction,"We've seen each other a few times, you and your Second saved Khell for Khesu after Lila passed. And she was leader of our gonakru for the final assault." there's a nod for Sage's words,"Wren's Second, yeh. And I figured if they were shooting at me.. they weren't shooting at him."

If it's cocktail hour for the ladies, be it far from Sev to get involved with that. He comes up to the basin at the bar, dipping his hands and forearms into it, the misshapen bar of soap being using to clean up, turning the water from clear to a soapy pinkish hue. There's some chattering with the bartender, mostly about how paying for the time of using the room. Sev nods, agreeing with him. Basically, it's looking like the healer said he'd pay for the expenses involved. But it wouldn't be like him to let a pregnant woman in labor not be comfortable when having her kid. Reaching into his satchel, he draws out a lump of….something. It's heavy. Makes the bar vibrate slightly. "Trad that with the metalworker. He'll make you a whole new collection of mugs with it. Looks like a decent sized chunk of iron ore that he had been hanging onto. Who knows where he got it. For that matter who knows where he gets anything that he finds.

"Good luck," Britt snorts at the idea of getting Erson's head out of his ass. Sage's story about Kai causes Britt to slant an amused look at the younger woman, which turns more thoughtful when Kai expands on the story. "Oh, is that how you ended up eating seven bullets? Well, good for you then. I saw him in the healing house yesterday. He was lucky." She takes a sip of her mead, then, and mentions off-hand. "It seems I'll be joining you in Coesbur, when it's rebuilt." Her eyes glance to Sev now and again, tracking his movements across the bar. Perhaps waiting till it looks like he's finished his business with the barkeep.

"I think I scared them." Kai offers drily with a wry smile,"I only sort of remember it. We ran down the hall," from the gesture she makes she's including Sage in that,"Wren was in front. I knew they hit him but I couldn't tell where other than he wasn't.. there.. and I hear him yelling 'kill them!' and they're still shooting at us.. three.. four of them?" she looks towards Sage for confirmation,"More than that, it was hard to tell. Anyways. Yeh. I jumped onto the desk, and that's when I got shot. Entirely worth it." at least in her opinion, given the lopsided smirk she gives Sage's direction before 'oh'ing' at Britt,"Yeh? That's great. I've been intending to stay in the barracks, give Silver and Wren some privacy.. Pontus and Starling are going to have their own place, and with Peake pregnant I'm just.. yeh. Small children. But if you wanted to..?" there's her drink, finally, and there's a look of gratitude for the person dropping it off before she collects it to herself.

The bartender seems pretty pleased with this kind of payment. He could always use more mugs of the metal variety made. Cheaper and easier to make. He takes the chunk of iron, setting it down behind the counter, telling Sev the new family has use of the room for the next couple of days while she recuperates. The healer nods, looking a little grateful, and in it's that moment where he finally feels like he can let his head sink between his shoulders. Few things are mentally exhausting as helping a woman give birth, so he just needs to rest before going back in there, making sure that mother and child are alright. But there might be…'reasons' why needs a moment. Like he's trying to push particular thoughts out of his mind. But he didn't screw this one up. Healthy kid, healthy mother. There's a victory in that. For him, at least.

Britt listens to Kai's tale. "Well, I'm sorry I missed it. I would far rather have been there than babysitting the bleeding-heart skaikids. The one - Morgan's niron - trying to protect the Maunon. Flames, it was all I could do not to knock him flat on his ass." She scowls at the memory. "Anyway. I am glad you both survived. Hopefully with no lasting damage. Just scars to tell your children of the time you took the Mountain." It's a bittersweet victory for her, intertwined with so much heartache, and that keeps her from sounding too enthused about it. Kai mentioning Coesbur gets a slight nod. "I may stay in the barracks too. I… I don't know." A glance at Sage, mouth twisting in a sad frown, then back to Kai. "But if I make a home, you always have a place in it if you tire of the barracks." She sees Sev finish chatting with the barkeep. Sees that slump to his shoulders. She knows why he needs a moment, and a soft frown of concern touches her lips.

"Cameron, one of my brother's. If.." Kai sighs and shakes her head,"In some ways he would make an excellent Second. He has the talent for it. He helped us cross the lines at skaigeda and made it back there safely with Sonia's people scouring the woods. But.. yeh. I don't know. Before the Maunon I would have sworn he would have been as adamant as I about not joining the Arkkru, but the last we spoke it ended in argument about technology being the birthright of the Skai." she grimaces and shakes her head as she leans back, dipping her head in acknowledgment,"It's not that I lack for a home. Wren would like me to stay home, and Peake has these grand plans about me helping to look after her child when it is born, but.. yeh. There's just little point in building somewhere just for me. I don't need that much space and there's already a lot of work to be done." that Britt's attention is clearly being drawn off also finally draws the Second's attention too, and though she recognizes Sev vaguely and can't quite put together why he might look that way she at least respects giving him a moment.

Shoulders straighten, and Sev pushes whatever is in his head aside. Sometimes giving everything away and being left with so little is draining, and there are times where he feels like he's being crushed by the weight of it. But he's strong enough, because he has to be. Finally, he catches sight of Britt, and it looks like he's going to come in there, before a head is poking out of the stairwell calling for him. Not a panicked one, just…requires him. His work is never done. There is a moment, when being called, and he looks tired. Older. But he turns, nodding. There's one final look over his shoulder at Britt before vanishing upstairs.

Britt's frown slants towards Kai when she mentions Cameron. "I am sorry to speak ill of your 'brother', but he spoke ill enough of me. And I don't think his attitude is too uncommon. I do not like the idea of giving the Skaikru such access to the Maunon's technology." She sees Sev lift his head, and catches his eye. She's opening her mouth, about to call him over to them, when he's summoned. Closing her mouth, she watches him go with a thoughtful look for a moment before returning her attention to Kai. "Oh, I know that you don't lack for a home. You have Wren's family now, and a place in the barracks. But…" Then her brain suddenly catches up. She's been a little distracted. "Wait… did you say Peake's child? Wren's Peake?"

Kai shakes her head at Britt,"You do not need to apologize for it. I do not doubt that whatever you said to him was well earned, as I well enough know his tongue." she grunts,"And unfortunately I cannot argue with you in that regard. Once it has been stripped, however, destroying it will limit the potential for them to become the same. The Maunon's two greatest weapons, the missiles and the fog, can't be recreated effectively without the structure itself." at least, that's her opinion, delivered before a good mouthful of beer and the opportunity to rub her face again,"Sha. Peake is pregnant."

Britt shrugs a little. "I don't think I said anything to him. Certainly not speaking my mind. Though I think if I must deal with the Skaikru more at Coesbur, I will have to learn better how to bite my tongue without hurting it." A wry smirk there, and she's taking another drink. The news about Peake gets an arched eyebrow over the rim of her mug. "Really. Well. I would've thought she'd be well past all that by now. Suppose it won't be easy, chasing a little one around at her age." She tilts her head curiously to Kai. "You'd said that the Skaikru can't get pregnant until a certain age, yes?"

Kai and Britt are sitting at a table, sharing drinks. It's just before suppertime. Sage was with them, but presumably went off to visit the loo or something. Sev is upstairs, not visible at the moment, but tending to a newborn baby that has a gaggle of extended family chattering and sharing drinks over near the stairs.

Fayet /was/ in her cups, minding her own business and casually eavesdropping, but she can't resist the chance to butt in at the news. "Peake is pregnant?" she asks, eyebrows arching. "Wow. Wow."

Kai grunts and shrugs her shoulders at Britt,"You and me both." she drawls for Britt's words,"Though Wren 'd be proud.. I resisted punching the shit out of someone who thoroughly deserved it last night.. he told me you came and spoke to him about the fight? That the kruheda spoke to you about it?" that makes her wince, really, she can't help it,"Okay so not just for Skaikru then.. but, yes. She's pregnant, and yes, we're sterilized until the age of twenty." it's Peake's name that causes her to look over at Fayet with a nod of her head,"From Peake herself, yes. She's pregnant. Not gonna lie.. I'm impressed."

"Well, good that you showed restraint. And yes, the kruheda was not happy about having to explain to the Azgeda kruheda why two of hers were laid out in a pub in Tondc. There were better ways to pay them their due, even if they deserved a good clobbering." Britt frowns and takes another drink. "I'm sorry that I dragged you into it, but I told Indra it was my responsibility. That you were only defending a clansman. I hope nothing will come down on you and Wren for it." She offers Fayet a nod, perhaps trying to place her face.

The carpenter gets up from her table, moving over to join Britt and Kai, totally uninvited. "Talk about a blessing," she says, a huge smile spreading across her face. "It might be tough at her age, but I think she can handle it."

Kai grunts and shakes her head,"I spoke with Wren about it. He.. understood my reasons and though he agrees that it is better that I avoid getting into fights like that, I did not get the impression that he was.. disappointed in my choice." which matters, for her, obviously,"That's.. well, you know, obviously I don't want Wren to get in trouble for my actions at all, but it's somehow worse if it's because I did something he disapproves of. If it was just on my head.. I wouldn't care quite so much. Because yes, I was defending my people. And they deserved it." she doesn't find offense when Fayet invites herself to the table, though she does gesture between the two to offer,"Britt, this is Fayet, she is a Maker. A carpenter here in Tondc. Britt is an archer, now of Coesbur." which from the lopsided smile pleases Kai at least,"I think it was a surprise to her? She didn't sound like she was planning on it.. but well, admittedly at the time I was mostly going 'green eden do we /have/ to talk about sex'."

"Good to meet you," Britt offers when Kai introduces Fayet. Then she looks back to the younger woman. "Yes, I did not get the impression that Wren was disappointed either. There is no love lost between us and the Azgeda. I have been fighting them most of my life. Anyway - you did well." A glance to Fayet, untroubled when the maker joins them. "You should have seen her. Laid the guy out with a single punch. And him almost twice her size." Yeah that's a #ProudAuntie smile that Britt levels at Kai there. "And yes, I daresay Peake has more sense than to try for a child at her age." She's curious then. "How do the Skaikru do it? This…" Hand wave. "Thing that keeps you from having a child before twenty. Is it a herb or something?"

Fayet raises her cup to Britt in greeting. She grins at the story of the one-inch death punch. "Well done, skaigirl," she says with admiration. On the topic of the birth control, "More importantly, why do they do it?" she asks.

Britt tilts her head to Fayet. "This is no skaigirl," she corrects with soft reproach and a glance to Kai. "She is a Trikru Second, and a fine warrior."

"I don't think he was expecting it." Kai grunts and shrugs,"Next time I doubt he'd go down so easily." her gaze slides to Fayet as she speaks, but Britt's already correcting her, so she opts to go with,"Sort of. An injection of.. very potent herbs. The details Silver would know better than me, though.. medicine was never my strong suit." she gives a wry kind of smile her way before choosing to acknowledge Fayet's comment in the vein of,"Skaikru were only permitted to have one child, ever. They killed women for having a second child. So by preventing the young from having children it stopped.. stupid mistakes, from becoming permanent. I am daughter and Second to Wren kom Trikru, and while I do not deny my genetic heritage.. I am no more Skai than you are."

"I know she is," Fayet replies, "But I am allowed to tease her affectionately, unless she wants me to stop." She listens to the explanation of the birth control and shakes her head sadly. "Those people sound like such savages. I'm glad you are here."

There's a shriek upstairs, then some thumping around above to go along with it. The newborn child cries, along with some shouting. Hard to say what's really going on up there.

A few moments later there is a rather normal sounding gait of footsteps thudding down the stairwell, which doesn't seem to fit in with the sounds just moments ago. Two people, actually. One is the young man that had hugged Sev earlier, looking a bit stricken. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, it slipped and…" he looks like he's going to pass out.

The reason being? The knife that Sev usually works with for his healing? Is in his side, almost to the hilt, and sweat is already beading on his face, face contorted in focus. "It's. Fine. No apology. Just…let me get to my things. There. That satchel on the counter. Help me."

Britt nods to Kai's explanation about the herbs. She frowns at the mention of killing mothers, and nods her agreement with Fayet's comment on their savagery. "Indeed." As for the skaigirl remark, Britt shrugs a little. "Most who say it have no affection in mind. I do not like to hear it. But if Kai permits it, that is her choice. I will say no more about…" She blinks at the sudden commotion at the stairs. "What the hell?" She's out of her chair in an instant when she sees the knife in Sev's side, her hand going to her own dagger. But when it becomes clear that the new father is just a nitwit and not an assassin, her hand eases off the hilt. She looks over the wound in concern, and calls, "Sit still. I'll go and get Arlin." Or whatever other healer she can wrangle up - the healing house isn't far away. And then she's heading for the door.

"I do not like to be called it." Kai opts for after a drink, her gaze shifting from Britt to Fayet before she gets distracted by Britt rising and heading over to Sev. It takes a moment of assessment, but it doesn't seem like a fight is brewing and the Second settles back where she is,"Skaikids are Skai. And there's a lot of loud and dumb ones that should never be let wander far from their village, I am not Skai, and it has taken much for that to be recognized. As to the Skai, their rules are different now they are on the ground, but it was a matter of resources and population control.. right now, I shaln't complain about being able to enjoy my pleasures without worrying about winding up like grandma Peake." she can't quite help the shudder.. not mother material, that one.

"Then I will not call you that again, Kai," Fayet says with a solemn nod. When Sev shows up with a knife in his side, she jumps to her feet instinctively. When Britt sits him down and runs to get a healer, she sits back down slowly. "What the hell happened?

"He gave me the honor of cutting the cord and…I…I…Flames. I'm sorry." the young father stammers all over his words, clearly not used to the sight of violence or blood or just about anything else that warriors do.

Sev has to swallow before he loses his restrain. "You can apologize after I've taken care of this." he says through gritted teeth. "Get water. Clean water. That kind that's used to boil tea. Go. Now." he grunts at the other man, who nods obediently and runs off. Leaning against the wall, he has to slide down a bit, wincing the entire way down. A look at the knife, giving a little sigh. "Nothing is ever simple." he knows, as he should, that pulling the knife out is just going to cause him to bleed more. So he's okay, relatively speaking. For the moment. So he just kinda has to leave it there. The question of what happened, he just shakes his head. "New father wanted to cut the cord on his child. He slipped. But no worries, I caught the knife. Literally."

"Thank you." Kai grunts for Fayet, turning her attention to Sev curiously,"There has been screaming from upstair.." but there's the words from the new father, and for some reason it just startles a bark of laughter out of Kai that she clamps down on immediately and endeavors to look apologetic,"Yes, you rather did, didn't you?" she smirks as she drains her cup and rises to her feet to go make sure his satchel is deposited within reach,"I'm not sure I've seen Britt move that fast before.. I have some willowbark but I imagine you probably have something better in here, if you describe it for me?" because damned if she knows what's what mostly.

Fayet leans back in her chair, getting out of Kai's way. "Now that's a good healer," she says with admiration, wincing sympathetically. "Baby's healthy, though?"

"Screaming was the mother seeing me get stabbed." Sev grunts. "Strange. It's been a long time since I felt that kind of pain. Last time, it was falling a small tree trunk. Though I think that hurt more." He tests his breathing, okay good, no lung damage. Who needs their appendix anyways. When Kai comes over to him, he nods. "Glass phial. Purple colored liquid. Will smell faintly of garlic. Will slow the bleeding down. So some kind of Trikru coagulant or something. "I can deal with the pain. I was not looking for another scar any time soon, but I suppose this will have to suffice, won't it? Stabbed by a carpenter. Not the most famous one to be able to spin into a story, I think." A nod is given to Fayet, squinting his eyes. "Baby and mother are fine. It's just the father that lacks coordination."

Kai noses through the satchel until she finds the right phial and offers it out to Sev,"Hey, she's a carpenter.. watch it or you might end up with matching scars." she nods towards Fayet,"But.. yeh, good luck with that one. Britt will be back in a min.. not going to pretend I know jack about healing people but well, yeh. I'll do what I can?"

"I doubt, or I hope, that she's not as clumsy as he is." Sev takes the phial with his free hand, since his other one is holding the knife still. The topper is pulled off with his teeth, spitting it unceremoniously onto the floor, drinking it's contents. He makes a face. "Really need to add better flavor to these, I think." he grimaces. "I would rather take care of something like myself. It's my own fault for being as charitable as I was. Though if she doesn't get back soon, you going to have a sudden course in how to burn wounds shut. For now. Take out the roll of bandage I have and the small wooden container with an 'I' carved on the top."

Britt does return, with a healer in tow, looking a bit irritated. Why didn't you just bring him over? asked the put-upon healer, to which Britt didn't have a particularly good answer. Getting help seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Kai laughs for Sev's words, just shaking her head at him as she goes about digging out the required stuff from Sev's satchel, only to look grateful when Britt shows up with a healer.. grateful and disappointed at the same time,"I was going to get to burn him." she grouses to Britt without any real fire behind it.

"Kilik. Good to see you too." Sev offers helpfully. "I would've been then I would've had to deal with listening to why I was walking around with a knife in the side. And people would look, and I really dislike that." It's in his monotone, but you could swear that was sarcastic. He watches Kai get out the things he requested. "Was gong to let the father cut the cord on his newborn. Young man was so nervous he lost his footing, slipped and…here we are." There's no apologies for that. Accidents happen. Not like he's going to demand blood for it. "I'm sure there will be another time, Kai. Or I could simply give you a lesson when I'm not otherwise…ah, indisposed."

Britt offers Kai a helpless shrug. "Suppose you still could if he wanted. Though I imagine there will be plenty of chances - if not Sev, someone else." She eyes the wound with a frown, keeping back out of the way. Though the tale of what happened causes her to cast an annoyed glance upstairs. "Clumsy idiot."

"Maybe some time." Kai agrees without really making a commitment to Sev, shrugging her shoulders at Britt,"Knowing how to at least tape someone back together until we can find a real healer is good.. but I think I'm better at making wounds than fixing them." and she's okay with that, smirking vaguely as she stands out of the way near the archer,"I don't know.. it's kind of a good story? How many people can say that they got stabbed by a new father in a fit of excitement?" and clumsiness, though she elects not to include that bit out loud.

The healer goes about doing his thing, using the stove in the back to heat his own burning knife. "He's young. It happens. Though perhaps not this poorly." He sets out the stuff that Kai got on, preparing them. "Done this before. Have to take yourself when nobody else is around." Eventually, the healer returns with a glowing knife, causing him to sigh. "You two enjoy this while you can. Mabye a little cathartic to see the healer get their turn for a change of pace." He grabs the handle of the knife, closing his eyes once and blowing a breathe, yanking it out directly in the opposite direction of where it's embedded so as to prevent any more cutting up of his insides. Which does cause a rather loud grunt in pain, letting the bloody thing clatter on the floor, and then lifting his shirt up to give the other healer ample room to do his thing. Which he does, sealing the wound shut. Now that does get a cry of pain from him, slamming his fist on the floor in frustration. "I can take care of the rest." he utters to the other man. "Go back to the injured. Need you more than I do. Thank you for the assist."

Britt crosses her arms, but then shifts position to take the weight off her still-injured tricep. So it's sort of a one-sided arm fold. "I suppose," she grants to Kai. "If anyone can make a good story out of it, Sev can." She looks to Sev then. "Enjoy? Hardly." But nor is she particularly troubled by it. Seen enough people burned in her time - including herself - to be pretty used to it. But there is a flicker of sympathy on her face at hearing Sev's pained cry.

Sage steps back into the main room and pauses, there is a slow blink of those pale eyes and then she shakes her head slowly. Finally with frown she steps over to where Sev is sitting and ends up standing behind Britt with a hand to her shoulder. "Do I even want to know what you did this time Sev?" Clearly she knows the Healer, but is pretty damn confused. A state she has been in since her return.

Kai can't help but watch curiously, given that she's largely opted for good old Skaikru stitching for most of her wounds,"So now to the drinking?" she suggests, for both of them,"We should get another just in case.. ah, see? There you are." that to Sage. If anything the young Second might be described as more 'perky' for people having been stabbed and burned in her presence.

The healer skedaddles, getting back to his more important patients in the healing house, which is sorta full right now. Sitting there on the floor, his back to the wall, Sev goes about the slow process with somewhat shaky hands to go through the final process. Which is usually a burn/pain salve and a wrap. "One of these two can explain it." he utters, finishing up his work and putting his things away. "I have a patient to get back to." Which may sound odd, considering he just got stabbed and he's going to go back to work. He's a workaholic. That whole 'selfless' streak shining.

Britt glances to Sage when the other warrior returns and touches her shoulder. "Sev decided to fall on some idiot's knife," Britt explains, a teasing smirk leveled at the healer. "And yes, I think this calls for drinks." She offers the hand of her uninjured arm to Sev to help him up. "Why not let what's-his-name take care of it? I'll go fetch him back. You've done enough."

Sage shakes her head slowly, her eyes linger on Sev, but she knows him well enough not to force him to try and rest. So, with a little nods to Britt and Kai, Sage makes her way back over to their table. There is a moment where she pauses and then glances back over. "Sev, when you can relax. I need to know if your going to be traveling to the new village or not.." Why? Who knows but then she settles down and pick up her drink. "Britt, you said something about your going?" She goes back to pick up a conversation from however long ago as if she didn't just disappear.

"I agree with them, let the other guy deal with mister clumsy and his family now." Kai grunts with a nod of her head towards Britt, submitting the order with the bartender before ambling back towards the table they'd vacated so she can finish her previous drink before the next one is delivered.

Were it anyone else but Britt, Sev likely would've said it's something he'd like see through. But it's Britt that's asking, and that alone is enough to get him to consider. A look is given to that hand a moment longer before taking, wincing being helped up. "…alright." he finally says. "Tell him…" he pants, getting used to standing and the pain of it. "Just need to give them the usual explanation. Have them bring the child in every three days. The standard speech. Child is healthy, so I don't think there is much to worry about. If the child doesn't feed off the mother, have them come back to me. Have something that might help with that." He gives a look to Sage when she asks about Coesbur. He hasn't said one way or another where he plans on going. That's usually private for him. "Why do you ask?"

It's quite likely that all of Sev's instructions go in one ear and out the other as far as Britt's concerned, figuring that the other healer will know what the 'usual explanation' for a newborn entails. There's a slight grimace as injured ribs protest helping the healer to his feet. Sage gets a distracted look, then a nod. "Yes, Indra is sending me to join the warband there." Sev's response gets a curious look as well, interested in the answer behind a carefully-guarded expression. "I'll go and fetch the other healer." Who, thankfully, is not far out of earshot yet. She goes to the pub door, shouts a, "Hey, Healer!" to get his attention, and then waves him back.

"In truth? I want a healer around Khell that I know well, that might be around when I can not.." Sage offers towards the Healer, rolling her fingers around the cup that holds her mead. She takes another sip and leans back in her seat as she nods towards Britt, even if she happens to be distracted. That seems like a good enough answer from the Archer/sister and she goes back to playing with her cup. "My position has been replaced in Polis, so I need to make sure of what I am doing from here.." That to Kai since she is at the table, or maybe just saying it outloud.

"So you and Khesu are a thing?" Kai asks of Sage,"I know I'm going to Coesbur because that's where Wren and the rest of the family are from, so by logic that's where I'll be going, at least for now. Though I do want to see Polis once I'm released and free to travel more.. right now it is wherever my First needs me to go.. of course. Though I've heard suggestion that steheda Oxfor is looking somewhere closer to Tondc than the old location. The Mountain might be destroyed, but well, the missile didn't leave a lot."

Sev remains guarded on these kind of things. People knowing where he's going mean they can track him down, and more often than not, the nomad values his privacy. A grunt is the initial response. "There's also Arlin and Galle. I can see one or both of them going to Coesbur, but I have not been told they are. Keta is Coesbur's main healer, I hear is good. And there is also Silver, Galle's Second. Though I suppose if you need a vote of confidence on her part, Kai may be a better one to ask about her than me. Only know that Galle doesn't pick her Seconds lightly." He still hasn't given an answer on it. It wasn't a no, but it wasn't a yes either. He pauses. "Why. What's the issue? I do not know this Khell."

Britt can round up that healer, Kilik. He's a bit on the grumpy side, remarking about how Sev owe him for it, but he'll come back in and going upstairs. There's some comment about hating having to deal with new parents.

Britt has a quick word with Kilik at the door and then returns to their table, sitting down gingerly. "Are Silver and Galle coming to Coesbur?" she wonders, catching only part of the conversation.

Sage shakes her head to Kai, "No, but I am still part of Khell's life. For how long, well Khesu and I will work that out in time…" She offers with a little shrug to Kai but there smile is there. She is trying to remember to smile more again. A glance towards Sev and she nods softly, "I know them both.." She asked her question and got as much of an answer that she is used to from Sev. Another sip and she glances back up to Britt, shaking her head in answer, as she has no clue. "Khell is Khesu kom Trikru's son, a dying request has linked me to the child.." And other reasons that are no stated.

Kai dips her head,"Arlin's been mostly working on me this time, but usually it's Silver, she does good work. Though if Galle and thus Silver doesn't.. I got a feeling that I'll be staying here for a while longer, cos Wren." she's not overly worried, nodding instead to Sage,"Khesu's good people, Gideon and Benning's uncle." yeh, she's not afraid to say the natrona's name at least, though she points at Sage as she explains for Sev who Khell is,"It's a good name, I think. I remember Pontus saying that it honored both his father and mother, and I think in that respect it does so.. well."

Sev finally manages to ease himself down into a chair with the rest of them. "I don't like the idea of Coesbur only having one healer if the three of them decide to not go there. The rebuilding will require at least two." That doesn't mean he's going to just magically volunteer for the job, it's just an observation on his part. But it's clearly making him think. "But Keta is knowledgeable."

"Arlin will be there too," Britt offers, watching Sev quietly. She takes a drink, and shrugs to Kai. "I don't know Galle, but she is from Tondc I thought. Silver is bound to her, so…" She shrugs again.

"Britt will be there." Kai informs Sev before nodding to Britt with a shrug,"It's sort of hard and odd in it's own way.. in the Ark you didn't have a choice, people didn't really.. move stations for the main part, so it was never a concern.. here it's like.. until I'm released, it's not my choice to make.. and in some ways it's aggravating? Because I have to be conscious in every thing I say or do, and in other ways it's.. easy, because right now it's whatever Wren says is what I have to do. Which is probably not exactly news to you, but, well. Yeh. It's just.. different, in a good way different, but still."

"I know she will be." Sev nods at Kai. He doesn't really have a comment to give on the whole matter of Coesbur. Or he's just being really secretive about his involvement with it. "I'll consider it. But if Coesbur has Keta and Arlin there, perhaps I would end up as a third wagon wheel."

Britt hears Kai's comment, and Sev's response, and my isn't that design on her mug interesting? There's a chip in the bottom from where it collided with an Azgaeda's jaw. Apparently the barkeep saw fit to give her the same one - irony. She lifts her eyes to Kai, though, and offers, "Such is the life of a Second. But it does not last forever. For you probably less than most." She shifts the topic away from Coesbur for now, looking at Kai. "I'm going to Polis to collect my things soon. I think once you mentioned wanting to see it, so… if you wanted to ride along, you may. We'll check with Wren, of course, but he has said that I may train you while he recovers, if you are willing, so I doubt he will object."

"If we move closer to Tondc by default we will also be closer to Alpha, and Skai can always use things." Kai elects to appeal to Sev's mercantile side, though she subsides to her fresh mead with a look to Britt with a faint smile,"I'm already at an age with most of the Seconds." she points out,"And I have a feeling that it's not going to change any time soon." but then she's talking about Polis, and the Second doesn't even pretend she's not interested in that,"I would love to, regarding both things. Though depending on when we're supposed to set out to start building it might.. make a difference. Would we be leaving before or after the big celebration on Saturday?"

Sev doesn't make another another comment, though he does nod at Kai in reference to trade. There has been that thought, and it's an appealing one at that. He might've even made some kind of decision on the matter right then, opening his mouth to speak, before the matter of Polis grabs his attention. "You're going to Polis?" he asks the pair of them. There's a nod to himself, setting his hands on the table and rising, looking like he's going to head out. "Take care, then. Whenever you decide to leave." There's something off. But he's usually so reserved it's to pinpoint about what. "There is a shop, southwest of the marketplace there. If you spare a chance, go there. I'd like to know if any of my family is still living. It would be…good to know if my mother and father have not passed on yet."

"Yes, but you started late. It is not a matter of age or skill, but experience. Maturity. Being ready to take your place in the clan." Britt answers the question of Polis, "After. I would not miss a chance to deliver a cut to the Maunon kruheda." The party doesn't register with her, but the preceding event? Yeah, she's gonna be there. Sev's reaction to the trip causes her brow to crease a little. Confused, certainly. Maybe something more. But she nods. "I will."

"Hey, where are you going?" Kai taps the table by his mug,"You're not finished yet. What's the name of the shop? Or what does it sell?" she asks of him before dipping her head to Britt,"With the Maunon defeated it might be difficult to get the experience.. maturity.." she shrugs her shoulders,"I do keep getting told that I'm supposed to stop getting angry." she manages a terse kind of a smile,"I imagine that I will miss that chance simply because I've already stabbed him and I know there's a hell of a lot of people in the city waiting for their chance."

A little bit of exposed tension in Sev's face, though that could be just from the wound in his side, but something of also suddenly got stuck in his craw. "I…things to attend to." he only kind of lies. "It's a trade shop. Sells a varying array of things. Daily mundane supplies to rare relics found in ruins. Collection of things my parents have found over the years. Painted green sign outside, black letters with the words 'O & E Trade'." Because Kai seems to be an alright sort, and his side does hurt, he puts himself back quietly, drinking in perhaps too much of silence.

Britt shakes her head. "It doesn't need to be experience in battle. Seconds were becoming full-blooded warriors even in the years between the wars, after all. I was released after the first war had ended. And yes, being able to control your temper is important, but, well… I shall not throw stones there. No one's perfect." She gives a helpless shrug and a wan smirk. The smirk is short-lived, busy turning into a frown at the expression on Sev's face. "I would've thought you'd want to go," she says mildly. "Check in on them yourselves." Kai, Britt and Sev are sitting together having drinks. It's around suppertime. Sage got up from the table but there's a mug where she was sitting.

Even a proper healer needs to sup. Galle has been working, what is sure to be assumed as, nonstop since the Mountain fell. There's too many wounded, but also life continues in Tondc, meaning that amongst the wounded warriors are also burns, scrapes, fevers, stomach ails, and — today specifically — three pulled teeth. She looks tired as she enters the Pub, deciding for a community meal rather than eating in her solitude in her dwelling. She is finishing tying a knot with her hair at the back of her neck, tucking loose hair behind her ear. She notes Sev, Britt, and Kai, and gives the three a gentle nod of greeting.

Kai ahs,"Well, really, it's up to Wren when he thinks I'm ready. In the interim I just.. try to do what I can." she smiles faintly,"Yeh well, those guys deserved it." she glances towards Sev briefly, then nods,"Why don't you come, yeh? More company's never a bad thing." she agree's with Britt,"I just want to see it. I remember Britt saying it's even bigger than Tondc.. and I can't quite wrap my brain around that.. so I want to.. y'know. See it. Let alone it being where Britt's lived and everything else."

While Sev was happy to sit in silence, drink his mead and let the other two talk, he does look over the rim of said mug. First at Britt, then at Kai. "I wasn't aware that I was being invited. Wasn't sure if this was some kind of 'girl time' kind of matter." he offers, setting the mug back down, and considering. "I do want to go, but I did not want to impose on either of you as well. But. Thank you. I could restock since I'm sorely lacking. The two of you can ride in my wagon if you wish. May a bit more comfortable than sitting in saddles all day."

"That is all you can do," Britt offers to Kai. "The rest is out of your control." She gives a tiny little head shake to Sev that's somewhere between amusement and annoyance. "You're invited. And even if you weren't, it is hardly as if you need our permission to go and see your parents' shop." She takes a sip of her mead then looks back to Kai. "I only lived there for a year or so, but…yes, it's a sight to see." When Galle comes by, Britt offers the other healer a polite nod in greeting. "Evening, Galle."

Kai turns in her seat to raise her mead in Galle's direction by way of acknowledgment,"No imposition, but I'll stick to a horse.. I mean, I need the practice, and every time I think of wagon's I remember riding back to Alpha with Pontus after a Reaper had a pretty good go at killing me and just.." she shudders,"Not enough willow bark in the world." she opines before nodding at Britt,"I'd love to. Definitely. And after the celebration is good. My Skaikru sister is planning on coming up for it and well, it would sort of suck for her to make the effort and then not be here to at least say hi."

Galle is at the bar, and she is being given a cup of a dark liquor and a dash of honey. She thanks the keeper, but only after she also requests a plate of the evening offerings. She turns from the bar now, and — with cup in hand — starts toward Britt and her company. "Britt," she says first to the warrior, and then, "Little Bird," she says to Kai. She fixes Sev with a look. "A stab wound?" She states, her tone that ever-present matter-of-factness.

"You have not seen my wagon from the inside. It is very comfortable." Oh how Sev wants to give a look to Britt, and there be one out of the corner of his eye at here, but it's very small. "But, very well. I'm bringing it along because I predict I'll be taking back a good of supplies." He allows hims a bit snort. "I have had some trepidation about going home. Have not seen my parents in almost sixteen years, my siblings seven." The matter of a stab wound from Galle, he just nods. "A stab wound." monotone as always. "A new father tripping with the knife when I allowed him to cut the cord. I caught it. In possibly unpleasant fashion."

Britt smirks at that remark from Sev, her eyebrows arching a little in amusement. But she says nothing about the inside of the wagon, choosing instead to take another drink. Afterwards, she says, "If you can spare room for a trunk, I'll be grateful. Save me having to load everything in saddlebags." Yeah, it's a little sad in a way that everything Britt owns fits into a footlocker. To Kai, she says, "I wonder what your sky sister will think of our justice." From her frown, she's guessing nothing good.

There's a laugh from Kai,"You know, I don't mind 'Little Bird', but seeing as I've met your little pest.. it does make me wonder, why?" she asks of Galle as the female healer joins them, looking over at Sev to go,"It's a wagon. My wounds aren't nearly as bad as they were, but, well.. it's a wagon. I'd rather stick to a horse. And sheesh, people complain about how long it's been since I spoke to my mother." She shrugs for Britt regarding Trikru justice,"Really, the Skai finding Tri justice.. brutal.. just shows how effectively they distanced themselves from their own justice. Trikru justice may be bloodier and more public, but throwing someone out of an airlock isn't really kind or gentle at all. Shock lashing a person might also be less bloody, but is no less violent or public."

"Mmph," is all Galle replies to Sev's words, and she offers a vague nod. "Well, at least that is all there was… you could have been stabbed by the mother." Then she looks over toward Kai with a wry little smile. "Then be glad I call you Little Bird and not Little Pest." She takes up a seat, not occupying where the displaced mug sits as if respecting that someone had once been there. She shakes her head slightly at the mention of justice. "All justice is brutal… as it should be. If justice was gentle, than law would be disregarded, and where would society be." She then tilts her head. "Headed to Polis?" Deductive reasoning, this one.

Fayet wanders back in, whatever matter that needed attending having been thoroughly attended. When she sees Britt and Kai still at the table, she grabs a drink and wanders over, dragging over a chair. She sits down backwards on the chair, waving a little hello to Galle.

"He was nervous. I do not fault him for it. I fault myself for being too kind to allow him that much." Sev says plainly, as if not bothered by the fact that he was just stabbed earlier. The mention of the mother makes him frown, but he doesn't comment on it. Nope. Instead he regards Kai. "Have a little compassion. My wagon is my home, I take pride in its appearance, though I will need it looked at before leaving Tondc. Have a few days until then." Britt gets a nod. "I'll leave space for it."

Benning has been scarce since the warriors returned from the mountain. Helping forage for additional herbs, sometimes stepping in to assist the healers and working on bows and arrows. However, at some point Benning needed a break so she slipped on over to the pub to get a drink and catch up with friends. She steps through the entrance and looks, giving a smile as she notices Kai and the others, giving a little wave as she starts to approach the bar.

Britt shrugs back to Kai. "Yes, well, I do not pretend to understand why the Sky People call us animals for opening a door to radiation that kills the man responsible for the deaths of thousands, when they will open a door to space that kills a woman for nothing more than bearing a child. Your sky brother nearly came to blows with me for wishing to open one of the quar-an-tine doors to secure a Maunon guard." She glances to Sev, but says nothing. Just nods back to his agreement to carry her trunk. To Galle she says, "Yes, to pick up things I left. And, well, Kai has never seen it, so."

Kai gives Galle a toothy grin regarding 'little bird', but she raises her mug Galle's way in acknowledgment for her words about justice before grunting at Sev,"And if I was on the road as you are, I would venture it a very fine vehicle for the purpose, but I'll still stick to riding. Like I said.. I need the practice." she was leaning back for a very careful stretch when Benning waved, and thus manages to catch and offer one of her own,"They did what?" she doesn't pretend not to be offended by what Britt says, she's appalled, though she rolls her eyes,"I don't know, the one's that were in there insisted some of them were 'okay', but well.. exactly. They've murdered thousands." she sighs and shakes her head before looking to the returning Fayet,"and that sort of thing is why I hate being called skaigirl. I apologize for my brother's ignorance. If it wouldn't be grounds for another diplomatic incident I'd punch him a few times for good measure."

Galle looks thoughtful. "I have intended to go up to Polis myself… there is a healer up there… Ille. She has been collecting some of the herbs that often come in from Podakru." She hesitates. "I cannot leave here… not at the moment… if I gave you what I owe her, could you perhaps pick up the herbs that she has promised me?" Then she looks at Britt and Kai, frowning slightly. "I hope that the Skaikru realize that whatever the Commander has allowed them to do, is at her graces."

"One of them tried to hit you to defend one of the Maunon?" Fayet boggles. "What did they want to do, keep him as a pet? I don't understand," she says, crossing her arms on the back of the chair and resting her chin on them. "You are no Skaigirl, Little Bird."

"I don't see that being a problem, Galle." Sev states plainly. "That's what I intend on doing while I'm there as well. There's a particular one grown in Sankru lands that I would like to get more of. Only grows in dry, arid heat. It is going to cost likely a great deal, but it is worth. Are there any in particular you are looking for? I may be able to fetch a better price if I know what I'm haggling for." he offers. The matter of justice is something he doesn't really have a comment on. Mostly because it's not something he really deals with. Justice is justice, it doesn't need be debated. That done, he looks over at Fayet. "I heard you are a Maker. I'm looking for someone to do a few repairs on my wagon."

Benning over hears the conversation and shakes her head as she orders her drink, "<In Trigedasleng> It sounds like it was a good thing that I did not go to the Mountain." As a maker, it didn't really make sense and while she was willing to hunt a Reaper, taking on the mountain was warrior's business not her own. She gives Kai a smile, "Planning a trip?"

"That is my feeling on the matter," Britt remarks to Kai. Galle's request gets a nod even though Sev offers to do it. And then she says, "No, I don't believe that they realize that at all. They see themselves as our superiors. I've no doubt there are those who honestly believe they could take on our army with their guns." She says this with a restrained irritation, not directed at anyone at the table. She shrugs to Kai. "I have no idea what they intended, only that a few seemed willing to fight us rather than allow us opening doors to a guard or the old Maunon kruheda, in case it might kill them." She snorts. "It is not as though I were opening a door to a room full of children or makers." But no, that sort of freak show came later, and the accidental reminder of level 5 causes Britt to fall quiet and take another drink.

"They do not, Healer." Kai grunts for Galle with a slight shake of her head,"They act as if without their presence the Coalition would be helpless. As if they are entitled to do as they wish however they wish to, without consideration for the fact that they are on Trikru lands by the grace of the kruheda and the Heda herself. And this, to me, what I have heard some of them say to others is worse." she smiles at Benning's question,"Britt wants to go to Polis, if Wren let's me I'm going to go with her.. and Sev." there's a glance toward Britt for her words with another shake of her head,"But they're Maunon. I really don't know what they did to the hundred in there but I just.. I don't get it. It's not like they didn't see the cages as we left.. as if they don't.. know that five of them were tortured to death by them. I just.. don't understand. And I can't pretend that I do understand it. Especially given that same brother had his own piece of one of their doctors for the death of our friends, and yet he.. wants to protect them."

Galle just shakes her head at Britt's words, looking a bit indignant. "But, of course… we have been living like poor savages down here on the Ground." She snorts indelicately. Then she just looks more irritated by Kai's words, but she merely takes a large mouthful of her honeyed liquor and swallows. She waits for several moments to settle herself before she speaks to Sev. "Their lakes have some of the more potent waterweeds, as well as some of their cattails. I will get you a more detailed list." Because her work is never done. She looks more curiously at Kai and Britt. "They simply do not know their place… but surely they are not all this bad. The Commander works with their kruheda, does she not?" There is a touch of hopefulness in her tone… as if maybe hoping not all the Skaikru can possibly be this bad.

"I have only met their younger people, and one irritating warrior who thought it would be fun to fight me. Fight a Maker," Fayet shakes her head, a pitying gesture. When Sev mentions his wagon, she perks up, tilting her head towards him. "What's wrong with the wagon, then?" she asks, bouncing one leg idly.

"Hubris is the folly of the human condition, Britt." Sev finally offers. "We think ourselves superior to them, and they think the reverse. Which is right? Or is neither? In the end, does it really even matter? Their kruheda will die, the Mountain is gone, and that will be end of it. "In the end, we don't know what happened in there before things came to end. Maybe some of them were sympathetic. Perhaps even turned against their own people, who is to say. I surely do not. But I judge by what I see. Judge the person, not the people. Is it completely fair to say that some of them have a sense of superiority simply because they are Skaikru? I would say yes. And yet, I have not spoken with every single one of them, I'm sure there are more than a few who simply wish to go about their lives. In the same token, are some of our people of the same cloth? Simply the other side of it? That they believe our people are superior? I would say so, but even in that, not all feel that way. To condemn one's fault as the fault of all is diminishing. Or even a small sample size does not represent the whole." Then a shrug. "That is only my interpretation. Not liking someone doesn't mean you can't make trades with them. I've traded with many people I don't like. There are plenty of Trikru I don't like. That doesn't mean I don't like my own people." A single bob of the head goes to Galle. "I'll await your list, then.

Benning gets her drink and then nods at Sev's words, supporting them, "<In Trigedasleng> Yes…I would agree with Sev. I like to judge the person, not the group. And I have met Skaikru that respect the earth and genuinely want to pass knowledge. And I have met the arrogant ones. They are just as diverse as we are." She did go with the delegation after all, "I prefer the company of our warriors to their men but that is my choice." She gives a little smirk, "Not all can say that." But Benning doesn't judge. She tends to accept all for who they are. And her soul is kind and generous to others.

"Indeed," Britt agrees grumpily to Galle's summary. "As for whether they are all bad? I assume not all. Kai is Skaikru no longer, but had she stayed, that would have been one good one. And her one Sky Brother is all right, although I have nothing good to say about the other. Or any of the rest I've met. Arrogant as teenagers - even the adults - and whiny as toddlers. But the heda must have her reasons for tolerating them now that the Mountain is defeated." She hears Kai's explanation and shrugs to her. "I do not pretend to understand them." And then Sev gets a shrug as well. "I judge by what I've seen, too, and I think it clear which is superior. You are free to decide differently. I make no pretense that mine is the only opinion that matters." It is still, nevertheless, her opinion. She finishes off her drink and says, "I think I've had enough. Thank you all for your company." She gets up, wincing as battered ribs protest.

"Which in truth is part of what I've been hoping they'll see the inaccuracy of." Kai sighs for Galle's words,"But at this point I'm getting worn out by them, too. And no, not all of them, I'd like to say my older brother Leo is not that annoying, and some of them are.. okay, respectful.. and then you have one's like.." she points at Fayet,"him. Yes. And unfortunately for me, Sev, I know them.. and that's the most disappointing thing.. I expect better of them." she does pipe up to Benning,"I'm done with Skaiboy's, myself, really."

Galle finishes her drink and stands. "No rest for the weary," she says with a mild smile. She nods her thanks to the others, and prepares to make her leave. She is certain that her dinner will be delivered to the Healing House when it is ready, but she has this itch that needs to be scratched… like a typical workaholic.

"I work to deal with as well." Sev utters, sparing a glance at Fayet. "Come find me sometime. I would make a deal with you if at all possible." A nod at Kai before he goes off in search of his own work to continue.

Abandon ship, abandon ship! Well, lots of people are leaving, but Kai and Benning at least are still at the table, the Second on her second cup, not in her armor for once but wearing a too-large tee emblazoned with 'Baltimore MMA Club', which along with the array of bruises upon her neck and the suchlike is possibly not her own.

Printed T-shirts that look mass produced are certainly not that common for Trikru to see. As Khesu comes into the pub and looks around with his one good eye, it lingers briefly on Kai's strange shirt. In some ways she's still Skaikru whether she means to be or not. He lifts a dark brow at it but doesn't speak, taking in further details about who's in here. A nod to Pontus if he catches his eye and then Khesu's heading over to see if he can pull up a chair to join his niece - if there's room enough. A half smile for Benning for the left side of his face is yet swollen somewhat, and a light bandage covers his left eye and brow still.

Benning just sips her beer and gives smiles to those joining them at the bar. She's been a bit scarce, helping at the healing house, foraging for medicinal herbs and working on arrows for the army.

Kai definitely is tee oblivious in that regard, though she upnods for Khesu's arrival,"Not that there's anything wrong with Eli particularly." she notes to Benning,"Just that, really, I'm just.. done with skaiboys. They make me feel old." and then says to Khesu,"How are you feeling today? And how's Khell?"

Pontus had his leathers that were really sleeveless at this point letting the myriad tendril roots of ink wander his arms. Presently he was without child attached to his back asking 8,000 questions. He was wanding in from teh side, hands dirty and getting wiped off on his pants. On the upshot almost all teh skin had grown back where it was missing on his face though the wound was still wrapped to keep his jaw in place while the bone continued to take its time. Seeing Khesu and- ah- others the Scout wandered over.

Benning's silence gets eyed by her Uncle. Khesu studies her, having expected some kind of greeting. When the barkeep comes along his baritone rumbles, "Cider." They know him well enough here that he means hard cider, not sweet and fresh. A look back to Kai, "<In Trigedasleng> You look like a Skaikru in that shirt. Did you change your mind?" It's a jab to see what her reaction might be. His right brow is raised faintly at her comments about Elias and Skaiboys vs finding some Trikru lover. Khesu is distracted by his cider that is poured and handed over, accepting it with a nod of thanks and tasting it ere he'll answer. A lick to get any foam off of his moustache and beard first. "<In Trigedasleng> I am doing better, slowly. Khell thrives. Soon I will head to New Coesbur to begin felling trees." He will make certain there is room on his other side for Pontus to join him. Trusting Benning on his blind left side, he is seated to her right.

"I.. what?" Kai can't help but stare at Khesu and then look at the shirt, completely not able to tell what the problem is with it,"<In Trigedasleng> Not at all! Nix gave me this shirt. What is wrong with it?" talk about ways to make a teen self conscious,"I will be going to Coesbur, eventually, but Britt has asked me to go to Polis with her to get her things.. she's going to be moving to Coesbur too but she has her stuff in Polis that she needs to pick up first."

Benning gives a little smile, "I am sure Elias kom Skaikru is very nice." But there are complications with such relationships so she understands why Kai would seek Trikru rather than Skaikru now. Benning has not liked any of the Skaikru that way so she takes a sip of her beer and continues, "But yes, I prefer Trikru." She then smiles as Pontus arrives at the pub. She gives him a wave as well as her uncle. Perhaps she wasn't looking his way when he came in.

Pontus walked in and Kai's statement about going with Britt instead got an arch of one tatted eyebrow but he said nothing. He went over to negotiate himself two beers, because FINALLY! After having your face smashed like a bowl of eggs it's all he really wanted. That acquired he walked over and gave one to Khesu. The scout made his way over to the big table and gave Benning's shoulder a squeeze that conveyed all it needed to: Hey, missed your face, glad to see it attached. He found a chair and sat without interrupting the flow of conversation, but did lift the glass quietly in greeting to them all.

Whoa, Pontus just brought him a beer! Best friend ever. Khesu still has half his cider and grins at Pontus, "Mochef." It's soooo good they can both finally have some drinks. But in his case Khesu's got to find a means to pay his tab. Back to Kai Khesu tries to refrain from poking her in the chest or ribs, "<In Trigedasleng> Because it looks like Skaikru clothes. Trikru don't wear things like that." Mass produced, pre-war looking stuff. It probably even looks new! (ish) "<In Trigedasleng> Or is it from the Mountain?"

Kai grunts vaguely for Benning, mostly because she's distracted worrying about her shirt now. Pontus gets a distracted kind of nod, but Khesu? Khesu gets a grimace,"<In Trigedasleng> I don't know where he got it from." she starts, but has to switch to English,"but that would explain why he was willing to part with it." traitor, traitor! She'll punch him for that later her expression says. She shakes her head briefly with a rueful expression,"Though I understand the Maunon do have a lot of clothing. I was going to take some, but.. ugh."

Benning looks over Kai's get up and murmurs, "<In Trigedasleng> I prefer leather to that…looks very flimsy." Benning would have been more impressed with the armor than a t-shirt. She puts her hand on her shoulder where Pontus squeezed her and returns it. Then she gives her uncle a smile, "<In Trigedasleng> I can cover you if needed uncle." She shows him several arrowheads that she has on her. One of the advantage of being a maker.

Khesu is a bastard with a sense of humor, once he decides he likes you enough to get past being all stoic and wary. Apparently he must like ai to be giving her so much shit - but to make it clear that he's not /really/ giving her shit, he bares his teeth briefly in a feral grin. He changes to English, "A real warrior will not care. If I said that to Britt she'd brush me off." Khesu chuckles and finishes off his cider. "But, it's not a Trikru garment." He gives a nod to what Benning says, in agreement with her. "Aye, leather's more durable." His one, good, dark eye drops to see what she shows him in her hand, then he considers it. "<In Trigedasleng> I'm obliged. I will also lend you a hand with building you a new home."

Pontus he gave Khesu a half-wink in return keeping quiet, but that means things are good. There was that. The conversation kept him amused enough. He muttered quietly, "Rain's ready to move yesterday. I told her," he paused and took a sip of his beer. Fantastic to dull outthe discomfort. "I told her this time she gets to load the cart and carry everything."

"It's not meant to be armor." Kai protests, though when Khesu says what he says she proves her teen years by electing that yep, that gets a thumping. At least she aims for his uninjured shoulder? And well, not that hard, either,"You bastard." she grunts at him,"I'm still going to smack Nix one." she sighs before nodding at Pontus,"Me, too. If Wren will let me I'm going to go to Polis to help Britt collect her things because she's moving to Coesbur, too. She said something about the kruheda assigning her there? But.. so much building to be done. I've heard that we're not going back to where the old one was.. does anyone know where we're going to be, yet?"

"<In Trigedasleng> Done!" Benning tells her uncle and gives him a handful of arrowheads for him to trade for what he needs. She gives Kai a smile, "<In Trigedasleng> I hope he lets you…everyone should get to see Polis once. It is bigger than Coesbur, bigger than Tondc I think." She gives a shrug, "<In Trigedasleng> I have never been there but I've heard stories." She looks over to Pontus and tells him, "<In Trigedasleng> You would not…cause I would immediately help Rain." She is very fond of the little girl and it shows. "<In Trigedasleng> And uncle, when are you going to let me spend time with your son?"

Aye, Pontus knows what's up and can read him like a book! Khesu laughs at Kai's whack to his shoulder. He deserved it. But Benning still loves him and hands him the arrowheads. Khesu sobers up and nods his thanks, tucking them into a pocket of his leggings. The beer he tastes and it is so good that it requires him to lift a hand to wipe the foam from his beard. A negative movement of his head to Kai, "<In Trigedasleng> Somewhere near the Lake. Near to the Skaikru, but not /too/ close." Keep an eye on those people.

Benning draws his one good eye back to her ere he rumbles, "<In Trigedasleng> If you had sought out Sage, you could have Khell any time you want to keep him. Or I can go and fetch him or you now." What better way to help Kai improve her knowledge of Trikru language than to keep lapsing back into it to make her listen very carefully.

Pontus snickered and said "<In Trigedasleng> Would so." to Benning. "<In Trigedasleng> She threatened to have Thesda take her as a second come Spring if I won't. She gets to move all the logs." No not really but he was passively deadpan enough to sell it. At Kai's repeated brush with being picked on the Jigsaw man reached out and patted her on her good shoulder. "<In Trigedasleng> Keep the shirt. It can make an entire table lost their faculties."

Kai grunts sourly at Khesu with as serious a glare as she can manage, which is sort of ruined by the smirk,"<In Trigedasleng> That's not happy! Stupid Skaikru." understanding is easier, it's the speaking that trips her up, mentally translating in her head works, mostly. Though she smirks at Pontus and has to repeat,"<In Trigedasleng> Faculties?" questioningly,"<In Trigedasleng> I am keeping it. He killed my other one. I will still punch him too."

Benning finishes up her drink and then looks to Khesu, "<In Trigedasleng> Sure…I can order another drink and wait while you bring your son." She is looking forward to meeting her cousin, "<In Trigedasleng> And then we can get to know each other." She shakes her head over the talk about the Mountain, "<In Trigedasleng> I want nothing from that place." She's not big on technology to begin with.

Khesu takes another good drink from his beer, then sets it down. He huffs a breath at Pontus trying to pull his mean Daddy/older brother act on Rain but he's not fooling anyone. A smirk for Kai, then he lightly lays a hand on Benning's shoulder, "<In Trigedasleng> I will go and bring him." If Sage has the boy, it may take him a few to find the pair. A glance at the others and her rumbles, "<In Trigedasleng> I agree. I want nothing from the Mountain except that perhaps, Starling can learn of their armor." Something useful against guns would be good for the Trikru. He leaves the bar and starts for the door to see about bringing Khell to Benning. Nevermind it's a pub.

Pontus sipped his beer and said simply, "Already found what I went for. Kai did pretty good too." He had to give her that. When Khesu said he was going to go find Khell there was a nod and a look that asked why he hadn't yet. Talking still bothered him so he went back to what he did best which was not doing any of it. It was nice to be among other Luddites again.

"Books." Kai doesn't know the Trigedasleng for that one,"I had a book that belonged to my great-grandfather, with the wisdom of an ancient general in it, it was my favorite possession aside from a locket that my sister gave me back. But I'm hoping someone might have had a copy there. And clothing. And a bed. The technology I don't care about. The Skai can have it. But there are useful things there.. armor, like Khesu mentioned. Though unless the Azgeda take up guns or we go to war with the Skai we hopefully wont get shot too much again." she upnods in Pontus' direction,"Well. I wanted to get Rain something special. If I could have taken his sword, she'd have had his sword, but well.. she can say she has something that belonged to the Maunon's kruheda."

"I am happy with what I have…" Benning tells him all, "Well…maybe my shop back. I would like what the Mountain took." She gives a shrug and nods to Khesu as he lives to get his baby. She then is content to hang out with Pontus and Kai while she waits for the introduction.

It only takes Khesu a few minutes to find his son for he runs into Sage right outside of the pub! After a short discussion he lures her to come with him so that Benning may see Khell. The door he holds open for her, the pair of them fresh from the bathes with damp, dark hair. The one eyed Trikru warrior comes in through the door behind them and indicates where his niece is seated with Pontus and Kai.

Sage steps in as Khesu holds the door a little smile on her face as she looks down at the babe held in her arms for a change. A flicker of a glance to Khesu and then she nods as she heads towards the table. She is still thin and pale from her time away, but the bath has done her well and that black hair shines softly in the light of the pub. A flicker of her eyes around the table and she nods towards Pontus and flickers a half smile to Kai. Which leaves Benning as the one that must be the niece and hence the chair next to her is where Sage pauses to let Khesu make the introductions.

Pontus was left to do the introductions?!!? Really?? He sighed and said "<In Trigedasleng> Sage, you met Kai kom Trikru briefly, my niece. That is Benning kom Trikru, Khesu's niece-Khell's aunt." His niece?! That was new news. But there it was. And because he was sitting next to Benning he continued, "<In Trigedasleng> That's Khesu." Yes he expected to be punched for that one.

Kai dips her head in acknowledgment of Sage, noting to Benning,"Most of what I owned burned at skaigeda. And I am not comfortable being a burden on the family when I don't have to be. But the books, particularly. I don't mind not having a dataslate, but I do miss the Art of War." there's a slide of her eyes towards Pontus, but she can't help but grin when he says 'niece', oh there's a word to make her happy, for sure.

Benning looks at Pontus with a smile, "<In Trigedasleng> More like cousin." She gives him a gentle poke for introducing her as the aunt. She then reaches out for the babe if they will let her take him, she will do so, "<In Trigedasleng> And thank you Sage for looking after my cousin. I am glad to have a chance to finally meet him." She's good with kids having spent time with Rain as well as the other village kids. Never minding holding a baby while her father treated the mother. Or just general babysitting.

Khesu smiles, "<In Trigedasleng> Benning may be aunt to my son if it pleases her." Khell wouldn't know the difference. He's a bright eyed boy of about 3 or 4 months of age with thin but dark hair, softer than seems possible. His skin has a hint of dusky bronze like his father's but perhaps a little lighter for his mother had been fair and blonde. Khesu resumes his seat and picks up his beer he'd left while he watches both Sage and his niece with the baby. It makes him smile softly, well pleased. A nod to Pontus with his thanks.

Sage carefully hands over the child to Benning, watching for a moment but then giving a tiny smile. "<In Trigedasleng> It is nice to meet you as well Benning. I have been honored to hold to my promise and he is a delight.." She says softly, her voice is deep and husky but seems to suit her well as she takes the free seat. At Pontus introductions, she arches an eyebrow at him and then reaches over and flickers his good ear. "<In Trigedasleng> Thank you Pontus. I have met your niece a few times. As for Khesu…" Her eyes flicker towards him and slowly and carefully studies him with those silver eyes before she speaks. "<In Trigedasleng> Yes, that is Khesu.." She winks and then settles back as her eyes move to Benning and Khell.

Pontus sipped his beer and lanced to Kai. No one challenged his final word on his family station. That was that. He didn't interrupt the family meeting though he caught the wink and pointedly did not look to Khesu in regards to that allowing any thoughts he had on it from resurrecting TMZ: Trikru Edition.

Kai reaches out to clasp Pontus' shoulder briefly,"If you will all forgive me, I had best get moving. At least my head is now down to a dull roar so I suppose it's time to see if I can burst a few stitches."

Benning takes the baby in hand and holds him in the proper way one holds infants. She looks down at him and is immediately enchanted by his eyes and smile. She murmurs to him, "<In Trigedasleng> You are a very special little boy. I hope you know that." She gives him a big smile, "Oh you do…don't you?" She does her best to engage the little one, keeping eye contact and teasing the baby in the softer, higher picked voice that they like.

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