Day 077: Cleaning House
Summary: The remnants of Sonia's warband are brought to justice.
Date: 15 Aug 16
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Somewhere in the forest.
Day 77

Note: NPCs and GM-ing by Cassandra.

Justice for Thripoda.

It's the haunting battle-cry that's been plaguing the Trikru for nigh on two moons now, all the way up to the echelons of the Coalition. Most cry for blood, and those among the Grounders who stand for peace are treated as progressives in their society, sometimes dangerously so; depending on who you ask, even traitorously so. Yet given the Heda's own efforts to negotiate with the Skaikru leader, it is clear that their controversial opinions are not without weight. The world is changing.

An agreement has been made to bring the Arkers responsible for the destruction to justice, but the catch is this: the Skaiheda also wants justice now, for a failure on the part of the Trikru to uphold their peace agreement. Three Skaikru Guards were crucified, and if the Trikru want their justice, they will have to give the Skaikru theirs — by seeing to their own.

It's under cover of dusk that one of the scouts finally returns to New Coesbur, alerting of new signs of their wayward fellows. Suspicions are confirmed, and a party of eight now sets out to verify. Though Sonia is dead, the claim is that it's the remnants of her warband. Perhaps not all of the Trikru will accept this, but those who hunt down her remaining fellows are in fact peace-keepers, for the greater good.

The reason Sev decided to come along is, really, who knows the wilderness better than a man who constantly lives within it and by himself? He's not a warrior by any stretch, but he has a couple marks of his own in regards to having killed at least five Azgeda. So it's not like he's not beyond killing in defense. But that's not why he's here, and he's taken a pace at the front of the group, every once and awhile taking note of a broken branch, or kneeling down to look after a certain indentation in the ground. But he's quiet, as is his way. Tracking, like anything else out in the middle of nowhwere, is his thing. Or at least, one of his things.

Kai doesn't have to be talked into it, really. They're going to go hunt down people? Bad people? Count her in. Beats hauling logs at least. Not that she has the best survival skills on the planet, but at least she's trying, scouting along, looking for signs of the passage of their quarry. And every once in a while, she finds something. A boot print here and there. Not overly large or broad, but, well, something. Not Skaikru, either, lacks the tread. With the faithfulness of a pointer dog she pauses to point, just to make sure that it's not missed, not that, really, she's much more than a 'See Spot Run' level of survivalist.

Like many Archers among the Trikru, Grimm often acts along with the scouts on missions. However, for this mission, Grimm did not accompany the scouts and instead is called along with the other warriors to hunt down the Trikru remnants of Sonia's warband that killed those Skaikru guards. There's nothing really personal in this for Grimm, and as such he's somewhat relaxed as he moves along at the call of the scouts. His gaze flickers around the forested area with mild interest. Still, mild interest for someone with as much experience at tracking as Grimm has is enough to notice plenty. He looks up to the treeline and back down the ground, noting to those near him, "They've been using the trees it would seem…"

Equipped with bow and quiver, Afaye is present as a quiet noncombatant with a knack for tracking. Her experience in hunting and her knowledge of the terrain may be useful at some point, but it's just as likely she's here out of sheer boredom. Following behind Sev, she pauses when he crouches to examine the ground; her gaze, however, goes upward and into the trees. Bits of bark scattered around the base of the trees - and marks on the trunks - are a telltale sign of someone climbing. She touches Sev on the shoulder as Grimm speaks, nodding in agreement. "They haven't been on the ground this entire time, that's for sure."

Britt is a decent tracker since she does a fair bit of hunting, but she's apparently having a bad day. Hasn't noticed a thing. Fortunately she's content to defer to those better at it, hanging out a little further back so as to not get in their way. Her bow is in her hand, but in a more casual hold. She nods to their reports.

There's a matter of pride in Sev's personal view of his own abilities. So being shown up by those younger is going to get his 'old man hackles' up. Even if it's just inward. "Their Seconds clearly don't know how to move along the trees then. Fallen out one too many times. Though, I thought climbing tree was the young one's game." The last is remarked over at Britt, being the other included in the 'old foggies' club. "Footprint, narrow foot, not yet grown into the boots their wearing. I'd say by the line of movement, they're going in the same direction." And not a moment too soon, because as he straigtens up to his height, he takes notice of the figure who the prints might just belong to. "There." he doesn't point, but he at least verbally indicates by the direction he's looking. "Gonaheda, you may want to be the one to do the talking."

The renegade remnants of Sonia's warband are to be hunted down and brought in for the Heda and Skaiheda's joint-tribunal: those were the orders. And yet, it quickly becomes clear to some of the scouts, who coil as if on alert, that they too may be the hunted. There's distant movement on the Ground, but more pressing is what can be seen in the trees, which makes it seem like the group may have walked directly into an ambush.

The movement in the trees seems to be what has Grimm's attention and he draws an arrow from his quiver, setting it to his bowstring and half drawing back the arrow, just to be ready. "In the trees." He whispers to Britt, bow half pointed up towards the scouts he's spotted above them. He will keep from speaking further. He's not leading this group after all.

Ever have that feeling like you're being watched? Kai does. And though she only slows down to start out with, the grey-eyed ex-Skaigirl pauses. It's not the person that Sev is looking at that's caught her attention, but rather that the novice brings her own bow up with a whistle towards the tree's.

Britt notices the scout that Sev has indicated, nodding idly to him and Grimm. It's not like they're being stealthy here, so she calls out, "The heda has sent us. We would speak to your leader." She still hasn't readied her bow, hoping (but not expecting) they can solve this with words.

Afaye squints upward into the leaves, listening for a telltale rustle or watching for a flicker of movement. A shape becomes visible at around the same time everyone else starts looking up, and she whips an arrow from her quiver and nocks her bow. She has yet to pull or take aim, instead pointing toward the ground at her feet, but she continues to gaze up into the trees to find her mark—just in case. "Bet a skin of cider we're about to get it," she mutters quietly, audible only to those within a few feet of her.

Afaye is very much correct — and on cue, the figure that Sev has spotted in the distance turns and whistles, sending a loud echo ringing through the forest. His face now visible, it's a wiry man who looks to be in his mid-30s, yet old beyond his years. He is not build like a warrior, nor armoured like one, but is bearded and ragged, and wears a scowl on his face.

It becomes clear that his whistle is a signal when out from the trees, three figures drop. Two are clearly intent to threaten the scouts who found them, grabbing a tall, balding warrior-scout by the name of Frances. The other attempts to grab Afaye by the shoulders, but succeeds only in taking ahold of her wrist.

The third is the more troubling act. A man lunges from the trees with a barbed sword, and would have skewered Kai kom Trikru were she not far too alert. She is easily able to dodge the attempt.

As soon as people start grabbing and trying to skewer them, Britt sighs. So much for diplomacy. "Lay down your weapons by order of the Heda and surrender!" The 'or die' part is implied, as Britt knocks an arrow and takes aim at the one who's got Francis.

Grimm already had an arrow at the ready. As soon as they spring the trap, Grimm grumbles and takes two steps to the left and one forward, drawing back is arrow all the way and prepares to loose it at the man who has grabbed Afaye. He's aiming for the arm that's holding her, so he'll let her go. No need to kill anyone just yet. "This doesn't need to escalate! Just come quietly!" Still, he's going to loose that arrow at the man, the plan being to injure, not kill.

Kai could see that she was being targeted, so really, it was hardly a thing to step back when the guy launched himself, but it does rather spark the Seconds temper.. aside from the whole 'self-preservation' thing. She knows they're supposed to be brought in alive, but that guy.. that guy totally deserves an arrow through the throat by her measure. Okay.. so the thought process is probably more like 'GRAR you try to stab me?! Die!'.

Despite being aware of what may be coming, Afaye is not as quick as she would like to be. When the scout drops down and attempts to grab her, Afaye dances backward enough to only be snagged by the wrist. She drops her bow without a thought and snatches for the knife at her belt, taking it in her free hand even while she's yanking to loose her arm like so much dead weight. What she'd really like to do is slit the man from throat to balls, but she doesn't - yet. Not while the others are trying to talk their way out.

Sev knew there was going to be either two ways out of this particular situation, so when people start rushing at their group, he already has an arrow nocked onto his bow. But then there's one trying to grab onto Afaye, and it's that one that he puts a bead on, rather close range, considering the distance. "Let her go. Now." By the tone in his voice, there will not be a second warning. "The voice of the heda has spoken. And you will obey."

<FS3> Britt rolls Persuasion-3: Failure. (6 2)
<FS3> Grimm rolls Persuasion-3: Success. (8)
<FS3> Sev rolls Persuasion-3: Success. (2 7 4)

<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder22 with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sev takes careful aim at Grounder23.
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Frances with Knife - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Grounder23 attacks Afaye with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Kai with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder23 with Bow - Light wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Grounder31 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Afaye subdues Grounder23!

Kai totally needs more time with the bow, beyond a doubt, even at that range her arrow manages to go wide and find a tree trunk, which might also have to do with the fact that the guy managed to tag her arm. The bow's discarded, it's too close for another shot, so she tosses it to the side so she can back up and pull her sword instead.

The man in the distance, who whistled the attack, turns red in the face when he sees shots being fired by Coesbur's archers. For some reason he seems to be a very angry man, perhaps unjustly considering he is the one who ordered the ambush in the first place, despite the offer of negotiation.

"Come any closer and I'll ?" It's the scout holding Frances who shouts, baring her teeth venomously at Grimm. Her blonde hair is laid against the dusky man's shoulder, and she jerks him with the knife, pulling him out of Britt's range.

"Hold!" shouts the man in the distance, charging towards the group with a palm raised in the air and a sword at his side. He may be too late, but he has clearly heard Sev, and is attempting to command his people to stand down. This doesn't stop those who are being attacked from attempting to defend themselves, but it does produce a group of more scouts from the bushes on the ground, each raising their weapons in warning.

The bearded man's eyes are fixed on Kai, whom he glares at most hatefully. She is very clearly a deliberate target, and the attempt to kill her was no accident. Afaye and Frances were only threatened.

That was totally meant to be a warning shot. Yeah, that's it. Ahem. Britt's arrow goes wide and she reiterates her demand when Sonia's guys start slashing back. "Damn it, stand down! No one has to die here!" She turns to the man who shouted hold and does the same. "Hold!" Bow still knocked but pointed now at the ground, she turns to face him. "Who are you?"

He was aiming for the right arm, but Afaye WAS in the way, so his arrow hits the grounder holding on to her in the right thigh instead. Close enough. The order to hold is heard and while Grimm has another arrow drawn and ready, he is only taking aim at one of the grounders, he isn't going to loose the arrow now.

The spear in her attacker's hand is nothing she can dodge at such close range, and for a moment Afaye's eyes widen at the sight of it. Gritting her teeth, she yanks on her arm, causing the man to jump forward a second earlier than he intended. The spear lodges its point somewhere below her collarbone, stuck more in her armor than in her flesh (thank the Flame), but she uses his inertia to her advantage. Raising up her knee, she drives it into his belly and then knocks him to the ground, planting herself firmly atop him and pushing the speartip deeper. However, her knife *is* now placed ever so casually near his throat. Despite the blood pulsating in her ears, she can hear the rest of the cries, and so she remains still as a placid lake, glaring down into his face. "Move and die," she growls quietly.

"Kill us and there will be no negotiation next time. Kill us and the heda will see that you are given no mercy, no succor for disobeying her word. You will obey the heda. And the Gonaheda speaks with her voice." To Sev, there is no other choice in the matter. Obey or do not. And the result is either life or pain. And probably a lingering pain at that. Still, this doesn't mean he lets his bead go of the man that was wrestling with Afaye. And it's not meant to injure. No, his arrow is pointed directly between the man's eyes. It is by Britt's word alone that he restrains the arrow. "What she said." he enforces the Mistress of Horses words.

Kai knows that look in the bearded man's eyes, which is part of why she's not sticking to her bow or even pretending like she's not going to go for her sword, no sir, she wants that steel in her hand between her and him, just in case, even if right now she simply works on staying out of his reach.

The man that lies on the ground at Afaye's mercy screams when she drives her knee into his stomach, but his hand stays firmly gripping his spear. He levels his eyes up the knife at his throat, gritting his teeth as he forces himself back into silence, showing both good sense, and yet a refusal to be cowed. Though he obeys her command not to move, wanting to live, he watches her at the ready, willing to fight if another command comes… from elsewhere.

He is not the only one. Frances too looks terrified, and is eyeing Britt in silence, with a look that makes it clear that if she gives the order, he will kill this bitch, so help him Flame. Normally he has no issue being pressed up close to pretty blondes (when his houmon isn't looking), but this one isn't playing with the knife she has to his throat, and the arm she has locked behind his back.

"Do you not know?" comes the reply to Britt from up ahead, as the bearded man closes in on the group. He holds his sword aloft, and the other scouts form a ring around him. It's an odd sight, for a man so skinny, so clearly not a warrior, to be the leader of a band much stronger than him. "I am Corcoran." He leans forward and spits at the ground, aiming towards Kai's feet. But it is symbolic, for she is too far away.

"You cannot kill a man who is already dead. You killed a woman I loved. You and this Skaikru filth." The look he then sends Britt is one of deep hurt. "You, Britt kom Trikru, I thought the better of. Leave us now and you will not die the way we killed the Skaikru's incompetent warriors. But you will leave the Skaigirl with you. The Heda is no Heda if she protects them above her own."

Britt steps a little closer to Corcoran, eyes flicking to the warriors she can see in the trees behind him, then back to the man himself. Counting heads and not liking their odds - especially with their group heavy with scouts and trackers and two non-combatants. "We have killed none of yours, Corcoran. I was with you at skaigeda, remember? I fought the Skaikru the same as you, and I got this." She touches her scarred cheek. "Now the heda orders you to come back with us to Coesbur to answer for what you've done. If you refuse, we will leave, but then you will face the might of the entire warband. And you must know you cannot stand against them all. Will you really take arms against your own people?" The subject of Kai is ignored entirely - for now.

Well…this is going well. Grimm's gaze flickers to the trees, the newly approaching members of Corcoran's group and then to Britt as she steps towards the bearded man. His bow remains drawn, arrow at the ready to loose on Corcoran if he orders an attack. Beyond that though, Grimm doesn't make any adjustments in his position.

Kai's at least half listening to the conversation between Britt and Corcoran, but it doesn't stop her from pulling free her sword and baring her teeth, especially at the bearded man ahead of her. She has no concern that the directive to leave her might be obeyed, but she's not about to be unarmed right now, eyes flitting over those she can see assessingly before returning to her bearded would-be attacker. For the moment, at least, she keeps her mouth shut.

Neither is Afaye moving from her position, though she does lean forward a little more - just to press some more weight into the man's abdomen. She gazes nowhere but at him, staring down into his face intently as if to read his expression in the wake of all this conversation. A thin, red line of blood slithers down the speartip and along its handle, stopping a few inches away from her wound to *plink, plink* onto the man beneath her. Hah! Well, there's her revenge; she shall bleed on what she hopes is his best tunic. Jerk. She bares her teeth to him in a feral grin.

Not much from Sev. He's going to stand here with his arrow drawn on the man that Afaye has down. There's a cold, calculating glare. He's already anticipating how many arrows this one will take before turning to focus on the other. Whatever he might have to say, and he probably has more than a couple words on his mind, 'splita' being the big one, they go left unsaid. Besides, Britt's in charge here, doesn't want to steal her thunder.

Britt spends 1 luck points on Talking down the crazy guy.
<FS3> Britt rolls Persuasion+3: Good Success. (5 7 4 3 7 3 2 1)
<FS3> Cassandra rolls 8: Good Success. (4 7 5 2 5 7 1 5)

The only member of Sonia's remaining warband — which is no longer being led by Sonia — who isn't playing nice right now is the one who tried to jump Kai from the trees. He still has his sword brandished at her, eyes narrowed, that much like her, he isn't attacking until commanded otherwise. Afaye's victim stares coldly up at her as the blood drips from his spearpoint. There may be some serious chemistry developing over there.

Corcoran levels his weary eyes at Britt, considering his words as she approaches and looking to her scarred cheek. "I have no wish to take arms against my own, save that they have taken arms against me. Are you not here to kill me? I know what death awaits if I come with you." Pointedly, her juts his chin at the Coesbur scouts and warriors who have come armed, including poor Frances, then gestures about his own band. "These too are my people. I will not let them die for the Skaikru. What assurances do you offer them?"

Noting the campfire far beyond the remnants of Sonia's warband, and taking in those present, Grimm looks to Britt, then to Corcoran. They're only outmanned by one, and Grimm frowns just a touch. He shifts a step to the left to get a better angle on looking through the woods beyond those they can currently see. He moves up next to Britt and speaks quietly towards her ear, arrow still drawn at at the ready, gaze not leaving Corcoran.

Grimm whispers: This is all of them…There were only 8 left in Sonia's warband. There aren't any others at their campfire down there.

"I am not Skaikru. You cannot have me and you must answer to the Heda for what you have done." Kai growls quietly, largely for the man in front of her, granted, that alone might possibly be a bad thing in terms of getting them to be reasonable, but she's trying, prepped and coiled just in case things go bad. Diplomacy's not her strong suit.

"I called to speak to your leader and your people attacked us," Britt challenges, meeting Corcoran's gaze levelly. "I have no wish to fight another Trikru, but I will if you force me to. We are here under the heda's orders to bring back those responsible for killing the Skaikru guards." She slants a look past him, her lip chewing considering. "Three dead guards, I figure three must have dealt the killing blows. You and two others return with us to answer the heda's judgement for breaking her truce, and the rest may go free. If you're lucky, perhaps she will only take your life and spare the other two." No, Britt will not lie to make a deal. She knows that Corcoran's life is likely forfeit no matter what.

Britt nods absently to Grimm's whisper.

"You take responsiblity for them." Sev states plainly, still holding that drawn back arrow. "You are their leader, their actions fall upon you. You wish to spare them, take accountability for them." There's no offering that they'll be spared, but he didn't say they wouldn't be. He's not Lexa, he doesn't make those kind of decisions. "Two would be better than all, even if they are deemed splita and banished to the Wastelands." the nomad agrees with Britt on that one. "Or perhaps they will simply received a great number of cuts and be set free."

Britt adds after Sev's mention of cuts. "The heda has been in a merciful mood lately. Oxfor defied her and received only fifty cuts for it."

Afaye leans forward just a little bit more, her grin never wavering. At this point, it's only a matter of ripping free the restraining force of the spear and leaning in to lock lips with the splita heathen, but somehow she manages to refrain. Perhaps its the piercing pain radiating out from beneath her collarbone, or perhaps it's her twitchy knife-hand that is awaiting the kill order with bated breath. Not once does her gaze go elsewhere except right into the man's eyes; it's possible she hasn't even blinked yet. Possible, but not probable.

<FS3> Kai rolls Persuasion: Failure. (1 4 2 3 3)
Sev spends 1 luck points on Aiding Britt with Tom Hardy charm..
<FS3> Sev rolls Persuasion+3: Success. (8 2 1 4 2 2 3 6 4)
<FS3> Britt rolls Persuasion+1: Good Success. (7 7 6 8 5 5)
<FS3> Cassandra rolls 8: Good Success. (5 2 1 8 2 8 3 1)

The look in Corcoran kom Trikru's eyes makes it clear he was not lying. He is already dead inside. Where Sonia fought to the bitter end — and those who saw it can attest it was not pretty — he looks to have accepted his fate, though his motives remain unclear.

"One life for one life. That is the deal I offer you," he says, raising his decrepit sword: Sonia's sword. He curls a baleful, sneering grin at Kai kom Trikru. "You are very brave, aren't you, Skaigirl? I will go with your people if you go with mine. They will see to it that what happens to me, happens to you."

"I will also go," the blonde holding Frances volunteers, though she doesn't yet move her knife from his neck. "If they accept the trade." And she is not the only one looking up to volunteer to be one of the three. "What happens to us, happens to her." She eyes Kai pointedly.

Afaye's victim is not among those who volunteers to go with Corcoran. Namely this is because like the woman with a knife to his throat, his eyes aren't leaving hers, his expression cold and challenging.

Britt shakes her head. "No," she says firmly. "You killed the guards. You broke the truce and you had your blood. This is Kai kom Trikru. She left her people before skaigeda because she saw the weakness in them. The only blood on her hands is the Maunon's. She is one of my warband now and you will not have her." The look she levels at Corcoran doesn't waver. "You have heard my offer. Three of you for the three dead guards, or we will be back with the warband and all will die. Your choice."

Khesu holds steady as Britt had ordered them to do. His one good dark eye is alert, his face stern with jaw set. His notrels flare slightly with his breathing after the brief rush but currently he is very still as he watches and listens. His axe is held in his calloused hands, ready to go to the aid of Afaye as Kai is known to be a fighter and will have the aid of others, should the decision go against a trade. This big, scarred Trikru warrior looks wary and remains silent, saying nothing, his one eyed gaze intent.

"Five against one?" Kai isn't dumb enough to think those are good odds at all, though she glances towards Britt,"How about this.. if my gonaheda agree's.. I will fight you. I win, you guys come along, peacefully. You win.. well, they'll still come back with the warband and kill you."

Grimm eyes Kai and then Corcoran. In all honesty, this trade sounded pretty fair to him, and would spare them bloodshed later…But, Britt's in charge so he just keeps his arrow aimed unflinchingly at Corcoran. And then Kai speaks and he frowns slightly, "Quiet. She has already spoken."

Afaye's grip on her knife tightens by a fraction; she would love for nothing more than to see her prey's eyes go from cold and dangerous to cold and dead. She grits her teeth against the numbness slowly spiraling out along her shoulder and down her arm, but it is through sheer willpower she keeps from trembling. Instead, she presses her lips together and shifts her weight, transferring the bulk of it off of her captive and onto her left. For the man beneath her, it is obvious she is preparing to move, and there's little she can do to stop from communicating her intentions.

"You sit here in holes, but where were you while the kru bled and died on the Mountain's slopes? Where were you when the Coalition fought and died to bring down the Maumon?" Sev's tone gets a little dark. The man who heal is not without the part of him that is the man who kills when he's forced to. "You sit here, with hate and anger, you sit in the past, you are not dead, you a splitas if you dishonor the heda with your blind talk." It's impressive how long he's been able able to hold that drawstring back. "The Gonaheda has given you the terms. You will abide, or you will not."

A single nod of Corcoran kom Trikru's head is all it takes, and it is clear his choice is made. He looks into the eyes of the woman whose knife is pressed to Frances' throat, who's eyes go wide, and she coldly draws it across to cut him. They are no longer threatening, and her intent is clearly lethal. Sonia's followers will not come quietly.

<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder23 with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Frances with Knife - Critical wound to Neck.

Britt's eyes narrow at Corcoran when he signals the attack. She was perfectly prepared to walk away and come back another day, but nooooo. "Have it your way then." She draws her sword and in a smooth motion, she slashes at the leader's sword arm. Her intent is to disarm, not kill.

"Splitas. You're all splitas." Sev spits. But finally, after all that waiting, and his arm has been getting a little tired, he finally let's go of that arrow. That guy that's been bothering Afaye has really been bothering him.

Hey, Kai was just trying to minimise potential losses! But between Grimm's and Britt's words and the actions of the enemy, it's go time, and the Second's not at all hesitant about moving in to try and disarm her opponent with the barbed sword. Literally, disarm. It's the second safest way to be sure.

Khesu has been real quiet. Not a word out of him but as soon as that nod is given and the knife moves to cut Frances' throat, he bares his teeth ad growls, starting to move. A quick look to Britt confirms she is drawing her own blade and moves in so he does nothing to check his movement - aggressively he goes for the bitch with the knife to back up poor Frances and try to keep him alive, if he's not already mortally wounded.

All Afaye needed was the signal, but the man beneath her had already been forewarned. She manages to collect enough saliva in her mouth to spit in his face and holler "SPLITA!" She lifts her arm to stab down into his neck, but he finally releases her right wrist and reaches up to grab her left arm and push her back. Using the force of his movement, Afaye launches herself up and away from him, scrabbling around in the dirt to locate her discarded bow. Her fingers close on the familiar curve with her right hand, and she flings her knife away in her haste to pick up her preferred weapon. Having finally pulled away from the spear caught in her armor, and she nearly sways with the relief as she nocks an arrow and swings about, searching for that one slippery bastard. "I'm going to put one in your fucking eyeball, natrona!"

Dead or alive was the order. As soon as they begin to attack, and Frances finds his throat mostly slit, Grimm returns his attention to Corcoran. Apparently they aren't walking out of here. "Archers, focus attacks! Loose!" And then he looses an arrow at Corcoran before reaching back to grab another arrow and nock it, not waiting to see if he lands on his target or not.

"For the Gonaheda!" shouts Corcoran kom Trikru.

"For the Gonaheda!" his warband echoes. Those on the ground charge forth from around their leader, melee weapons raised. One man remains in the trees, his bow trained down to fire at Grimm kom Trikru. Afaye's opponent is clearly more than meets the eye, and attempts to duck and dodge as best he can, watching her both with fear and admiration.

It is not Britt, nor Corcoran whom they are referring to as Gonaheda. These are Sonia kom Trikru's followers to the very end.

<COMBAT> Sev attacks Grounder23 with Bow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Khesu attacks Grounder31 with Axe - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder22 with Sword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Kai with Spear - Light wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Corcoran with Sword - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder23 with Bow - Light wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder24 attacks Sev with Club - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder21 attacks Grimm with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Khesu with Axe but Khesu DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Frances with Knife and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Kai with Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Corcoran attacks Britt with Sword but Britt DODGES!
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Corcoran with Bow - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Sev has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Sev spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Ouch. This is what Kai gets for trying to play nice. She gets her score on his arm, and he tries to stick a sword through her chest, aided, no doubt, by the other dude with the spear. Where so often she's continued to fight aggressive against bad odds and injuries, this time she drops defensive, even if she's dispensed with attempting to avoid killing him and going for the throat. Two versus one is not odds she likes, especially wounded.

Khesu snarls as he engages the woman with the knife and takes a good hard swing at her to see if he can take her down and stop her from finishing off Frances! His aggression manages to distract her and causes her to miss the already bloody Trikru but she is fast enough that his axe catches her in the thigh at an angle that his blade bites into and slides off of her armor rather than sinking into muscle or bone. It also attracks the attention of another of Sonda's warriors who comes in and swings an axe at One-eyed Khesu. Thankfully on his good right side so he sees it in coming and dodges aside. It makes him more cautious but he does not relent his attack to keep the woman off and try to let Frances get away from her if he can!

The loosed arrow sinks into Corcoran's arm with a whoosh and a thunk. An arrow whizzes by Grimm's head right after he shoots at Corcoran. Grimm's next arrow was already nocked by the time the first one scored and he turns to fire on the archer who just shot at him. "Get to cover!" Grimm calls out as he takes a few steps back behind a tree. He looses his arrow at the other archer and then ducks behind the tree.

Britt dances around with Corcoran, neither drawing blood. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Sev get clobbered in the neck and Kai stabbed. Brows knitting in concern, this just reinforces her earlier misgivings about fighting this out. She backs up, defending against the leader while also trying to make sure the club guy doesn't go after Sev again.

Sev didn't see the club that had his name on it. He almost goes flying from the impact, moments after letting that arrow free. Which really didn't do a whole lot of anything. The upside is that at least he's able to backpeddle away from the fight. There's no bleeding, but it's quite possible that his collarbone was cracked in the process. So much for being helpful. All he can do now is stay out of the way and try to take care of himself.

In the midst of the fray, Afaye manages to loose an arrow at her Trikru target, but it misses the eye and glances off the man's neck to leave a nice, lightly-bleeding scratch behind. Well, at least she pinged him, right? It only gets her hackles up to see it, however, and she nocks a second arrow and takes aim at him again. Come hell or high water, she will either die or make him suffer…or retreat, considering the number of her own getting smacked around.

Frances, the noble scout who had his throat split, is recuperating like a champ. With Khesu rushing to his aid in dispatching the woman who just tried to murder him, he elbows her in the stomach, then spins around and draws his axe. A nod is sent to his ally over the woman's shoulder, before he moves in with a swipe across her chest, to try and pay her back.

"Is this really what you want?" Corcoran asks Britt, eyeing the scar on her cheekbone with the look of a man who is too tired to fight, but persevering anyway. It is not what he wants, having fought at her side before, and so when she turns to help her friend, he turns to help his: the flaxen-haired warrior who finds herself outnumbered.

And then there's that other young Second standing over Sev with a club in his hand. He too did not want things to come to this, and as soon as Sev goes down, he leaves him rather than try and finish the job. He looks around for his next target, and doesn't see Britt coming in to intercept him.

<COMBAT> Frances attacks Grounder31 with Axe but Grounder31 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sev treats Sev:
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Khesu with Axe but Khesu DODGES!
<COMBAT> Khesu attacks Grounder31 with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder22 with Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder24 tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Kai with Sword but Kai DODGES!
<COMBAT> Britt attacks Grounder24 with Sword - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Kai with Spear - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Corcoran attacks Khesu with Sword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder21 with Bow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder23 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder21 attacks Grimm with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder24 has been KO'd!

Green ede.. no, you know what? Flames. Flames seems somehow more relevant right now to Kai given the damned spear that catches her in the neck as she dodges out of the way of his friend, backing up hastily. She'll try to get her licks in, but with the brief eye that she casts over the field, she needs to just let them keep their attention on her until someone else can deal with them. That gallow's smile comes over her face, humorless but determined to try and hold her own at least.

"I fucking told you I didn't want this - you forced my hand when you slit his throat!" Britt shouts at Corcoran. Her sword collides with the back of the club-wielder's head, knocking him down. Though she turns her attention then on the spear-wielder going after Kai, it's the leader she continues to shout at. "Surrender and end this! Face your judgment with honor and spare the rest of your people!"

Another arrow loose, and another miss. Afaye doesn't have time to pout, but instead backpedals until she passes a large enough tree to serve as cover. Only a second's hesitation sees her target hefting up his spear ready to throw, thus she opts to dive behind the tree to take a quick breather. One hand reaches up to probe the small wound below her collarbone only to discover it has already slowed down to the barest trickle of blood. "Only a scratch," she murmurs to herself before sucking in her breath and drawing her bow for another go.

That bone-crunching sound? That's Sev popping his shoulder back into place, wrenching it with his other arm. Maybe it wasn't his collarbone. Well maybe it's still cracked, but the blow definately knocked his shoulder out of it's socket. And by the look of him, it's something he's had to do before on his own. There's grunt of pain, water welling up in his eyes. Ah, that's what it feels like. Forgotten what that pain was like, it's at least made him feel a little better. Doesn't stop him from noticing how there's two on Kai. So picking his bow again, he aims at one of them. Have to do something around here. Can't be entirely useless, and at least this tree he's behind is giving him some margin of cover.

An arrow slams into the tree that Grimm is using as cover. Grimm's been in these situations enough to not flinch. So he just stands there and waits. Then he nocks another arrow to his string, takes in a breath and ducks out of cover. He draws back the arrow, and looses his breath with the arrow string, then moves back behind cover. In that moment he saw that his first shot slammed into the other archer's chest. That must be one tough son of a bitch.

Well, horse shit! Khesu's got /another/ one of them on him and with his vision impared, it's throwing off his focus. He is forced to dodge an axe as it swings for his head! The woman with the knife continues after Frances and evades him - until that other bastard comes up on Khesu's side and stabs him in the leg! The sword doesn't bite as deep as it might and Starling's armor saves his leg from a deeper cut. He leaps to his left, forced off of the woman. Frances is on his own unless someone else can help him. Khesu has his hands full and must focus his attention on one of the others!

The man whom Afaye had at the point of a knife pursues her — literally. Who is this enchantingly murderous woman? He is determined to have another showdown, even if it kills him (or preferably, kills her), but when he cannot catch up, he ceases trying. Instead, he decides to stay put and send his spear streaming through the air, determined to get revenge. That's how you impress Grounder girls.

Speaking of which, that tough son of a bitch Grimm's facing? Daughter of a bitch, actually.

"Who is this Heda you serve?" Corcoran persists to ask. He is not much good at fighting, namely because he has only been forced to — or so he feels — by Sonia's death. "Think, Britt kom Trikru. Would the Spirit of the Commander damn us to have our lands defiled? If the Spirit of the Commander will not protect us, we must protect ourselves."

<COMBAT> Frances attacks Grounder31 with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Khesu with Axe - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Frances with Thrown Knife - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder22 attacks Kai with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder21 with Bow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sage attacks Grounder32 with Spear - Serious wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Khesu attacks Corcoran with Axe but Corcoran DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder22 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder23 attacks Afaye with Thrown Spear - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Grounder21 attacks Grimm with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Britt tries to subdue Grounder33 but fails.
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder23 with Bow - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Sev attacks Grounder22 with Bow - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Kai with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Grounder21 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder23 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Frances has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Kai has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Kai spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Sage has been left somewhere or was sent on to scout or was tired of waiting on the groups return. Whatever the true reason to come, she appears out of know where to take a shocking swing to neck for the one on Khesu. She let's the bladed end of her staff cut deeply as she swirls to the left and goes after the same grounder again.

Britt takes a swipe at the spear of the guy going after Kai. Her blade taps it but doesn't chop it as she'd hoped. It does, at least, get the guy's attention as Kai goes down. "I serve our heda. Our clan. You serve no one but yourselves. You are all a disgrace. Nokru bastards, attacking your own people."

Khesu is intent to hit Corcoran but evades, stepping well back to call to Britt and perhaps leading Khesu intentionally to take a step after him to follow - which sets him up beautifully for Corcoran's comrade. The other warrior hits Khesu soundly in the head with his axe and amazingly it doesn't drop the one-eyed man! Somehow he staggers a few steps and almost drops, hitting a knee but not faceplanting directly into the dirt. The sound of the axe striking his head was audible to anyone near with it's meaty thunk against bone. The bearded man is dazed, breathing hard and for critical seconds he is unable to attack. Instinct makes him raise his axe defensively but he can't even tell if anyone is still on him.

Grimm's last arrow sinks into the grounder archer's leg. It is a flesh wound only, but combined with the chest wound, that archer collapses in a heap, unable to support his weight on the leg. He's not dead, but out of the fight. Grimm's next arrow is nocked and he once again ducks out of cover and returns his aim to Corcoran. He draws back and arrow, aiming for the leg. Preferably alive, right?

Afaye steps out from behind the tree, finds her target prepping his spear, and launches an arrow aimed for one of his eyes. It twangs loose just as he lets forth his spear, and the two pass each other mid-flight like a militant ballet. Her mark hits home, embedding itself in his eyesocket even as his spear cuts a nasty gash in her left arm. Gasping, she drops to a knee and wriggles back behind the tree, clapping a hand to the wound and counting backwards from a million to keep from screaming. She is not a warrior, and pain freaking hurts.

Oh crap, Sev has to move out of cover when he see that hit that Khesu took. While he might've been happy about the fact that he can still aim with a messed up shoulder and collarbone, right now isn't the best time to really reflect on that. So moving out of cover, he running off towards Khesu, sliding to a halt. "You need to invest in a helmet, Kheus." he grunts, taking a couple of things out of his satchel. Given his arm and his own injuries, hopefully he can do what he can. But it's a little hectic right now.

Kai's a sword magnet. That's what it is. She manages to get a strike in on the guy with hate in his eyes, but he gets her in return, and his friend with the spear doesn't help anything, either. She backs up, but doesn't notice a root just behind her ankle and goes down. And it's tempting, so tempting, to just stay there, but her bearded 'friend' has a hate-on, and the Second knows that staying down is a good way to die badly. Maybe it was the moment where her eyes fluttered closed. She scrabbles back up to her feet with desperation, only vaguely noting the other one has found someone else to try and murder, trying to at least put the one guy down.

The truth is, this is ugly business. War is always ugly business. None of Sonia's followers really want to be here, and it shows — in none more so than Corcoran himself, who has proclaimed to love her. Save for against Kai, the so-called Skaigirl, none of them are trying to kill the warrior-scouts from Coesbur who've come to bring them in. The man with the sword pulls back when he sees Khesu go down, watching him uncomfortably, which is the perfect opportunity for Kai to attack. As for Frances' flaxen-haired murderer, she twirls her knife — one down, many more to go. She rounds on Khesu again, narrowing her eyes.

With the archer who was facing off against Grimm having collapsed, and Corcoran raising his sword against his opposing Gonaheda, no one seems to notice the remaining archers who aren't in the midst of the battlefield.

<COMBAT> Sage attacks Grounder32 with Spear - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Sage with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Khesu with Knife - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Kai attacks Grounder22 with Sword - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Britt with Spear - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Sev treats Khesu:
<COMBAT> Khesu passes.
<COMBAT> Grounder22 tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Corcoran attacks Britt with Sword but Britt DODGES!
<COMBAT> Britt tries to subdue Grounder33 but fails.
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder31 with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Corcoran with Bow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Britt has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Grounder22 has been KO'd!

Sage is not in the mood for this and her eyes narrow as Khesu goes to a knee with another head wound. By the look in those silvery eyes, a talk is so going to happening sooner than later. For now the warrior slips into the spots to cover Khesu and Britt while Sev heals them. Her bladed staff swirls to the left and right as she ones more goes for the neck. One of those unnamed fighters already has chunks of their neck missing, seems she is going to finish them off the same way.

Britt ducks the sword that Corcoran swings at her head, then goes after that spear again. But she isn't fast enough and it stabs her squarely in the side. She falls to her knees with a pained cry, the wind knocked out of her and her vision graying around the edges. Well, they stopped her taunting, at least for the moment.

Kai's hurting, bad, and really it's probably luck more than anything that she manages to hit the bearded guy in his stupid face. All things considered she doesn't care about leaving him alive right now. So he gets a second stab just to be on the safe side. But with him down and others still fighting she has to make sure Corcoran doesn't manage to take Britt out. That one? He needs to be taken alive.

Khesu is in bad shape but he tries his best to defend himself when that bitch comes at him, throwing up his axe to try and block her knife! In part it works but her knife gets him in his right hand, damn her! Sev manages to get a bandage around his leg but there's no time for more. Khesu pushes himself to this feet and with a snarl of rage, he goes after that woman! Trikru or not, badly hurt or not, he wants her blood!

"That's the best I can do, right now, Khesu. The rest will have to wait when we're not so…busy." Sev says, trying to stay out of the way, and doing his best to not making himself a target. "Get back in there. Drinks are on me later." he says, helping the man up. He might've said something more, but his face pales at the sight of Britt going down. Kai is still on her feet, she doesn't need him yet, but the nomad's movement quickens, moving to the Gonaheda's side. Reaching her, he gets her out of the way quickly, unless someone tries to finish her off. "You let this happen just so you have an excuse to want my hands on you. Hold still." And then his hands are moving.

Well, Grimm was going to loose an arrow at the leader. He'd been ready and about to release when out of the corner of his eye he sees one of the other grounders charging at him. Grimm knows where is skills are, and so he tries to stop that grounder before he gets in range. "Incoming!" he calls out and looses an arrow at the grounder charging his way.

Corcoran looks around at his fallen fellows and lets out a cry of pain. Some of these fellows are members of his warband, others of war bands past — such as Britt. He is well aware that things are not going well for him right now. He lifts his sword, an arrow through his knee, and turns to Kai with only one purpose left in mind: kill the Skaigirl.

The archers are no longer going unnoticed. The melee fighters from Coesbur are mostly down, and the real danger seems to be coming from behind trees. Bobbing and weaving, they charge through to close in on Grimm and Afaye.

<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Sage with Axe but Sage DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sev treats Britt:
< Britt is back in the fight!
<COMBAT> Corcoran attacks Kai with Sword but Kai DODGES!
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder31 with Bow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sage attacks Grounder32 with Spear but Grounder32 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Khesu attacks Grounder31 with Axe but Grounder31 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kai tries to subdue Corcoran but fails.
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder33 with Bow but MISSES!

Britt clings to Sev as he pulls her aside. "There are better ways," she mumbles through gritted teeth. "Mochoff." Then she's lurching to her feet. This is getting ridiculous. "For fuck's sake, Corcoran, stop this before more of our people die! I'll call of my people if you call of yours." She gives him a second to consider, but if he doesn't, she's going to try to clobber him with the butt of her sword. Kai was right, this guy needs to be taken alive.

"Show me sometime." Sev remarks, helping Britt get back onto her feet. Well, didn't screw up there, but now the list of patients is ticking up pretty fast. Kinda feels like the old times again. Finally, he makes a mad dash back on over Kai, perhaps a shade impressed she's been holding herself up all this time. Once he can, he's pulling her away. "I really have no desire to deal with Britt or your First if something happens to you. So hold still before you go and throw yourself back into things."

That /damn/ bitch actually runs away from him! Or well, that's what it looks like to him - and it's hard to say what Khesu can see with his head all bloodied up. He's dazed and hurting -and- pissed off but until Britt calls them off, he's going to do his damnest to keep fighting until he can no more. People he cares about are getting hurt all around him and he'll be damned to enternal hell before he'll give up. Khesu has noticed Sage has arrived and she's doing her share of damage. Britt went down but Sev went to her and got her back on her feet. Then he sees that the bitch he is after has paused to throw at knife at Afaye! Khesu grits his teeth and tries to put his axe into her yet!

His first arrow goes wide and Grimm growls lowly, quickly snatching up another arrow and nocking it against the string. He draws and looses quickly at the charging grounder. He'll drop his bow and immediately moves his hand down to draw out his sword.

Kai does elect to yield the ground closest to Corcoran as she hears Sev's words, yes. Treatment would be good, maybe the natrona will listen to reason from Britt now, certainly for the moment she's going to limp off a measure to let Sev try to patch her back together again.

Sage glances to the side as one cry goes out. Those eyes narrow and she seems about to take up the spot that Kai held, that is until Britt slides into position. And really the whole "take live" stuff is better off to someone like Britt. Sage's attention stays on the fighter that was going after Khesu and seems to move more into combat as if to draw those still fighting away from the wounded.

<FS3> Britt rolls Persuasion: Good Success. (6 7 2 3 7)
<FS3> Cassandra rolls 7: Success. (6 3 1 2 8 2 2)

Corcoran kom Trikru's red-rimmed eyes bore into his fellow Grounders — including Kai's. He stares at her balefully, hears Britt's words, sees the Skaigirl yielding, and something just snaps in him. He's standing down, and he drives the decrepit sword he's been fighting with into the ground.

"Let them live," he pleads as he surrenders — meaning the others he fought with, who are now either trying to take out the archers or flee for the trees, or lie fallen on the ground.

<COMBAT> Sage attacks Grounder32 with Spear - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Khesu attacks Grounder31 with Axe - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Grounder31 attacks Afaye with Thrown Knife but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Sev treats Kai:
<COMBAT> Grounder32 attacks Sage with Axe and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder33 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder33 attacks Grimm with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Afaye attacks Grounder31 with Bow - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Grounder31 has been KO'd!

Britt watches Corcoran with a look of pity in her eyes. Then she calls out. "Sonia's Band! Your gonaheda has surrendered. Do the same and we will spare you!" She figures there are enough of them already down to balance the scales. Give those still standing a pass.

Her back is turned to him as that bitch who murdered Frances is intent to throw /another/ knife at Afaye. But this time Khesu gets his revenge upon her. His own skull a bloody mess such that with his thick dark hair and beard it's hard to even tell where he'd been struck, Khesu lifts up his axe and brings it down hard to bury the steel into the Trikru woman's back! If he hears Cocoran's words it is too late for her! The force of his blow knocks her to the ground and makes her knife throw miss! Breathing hard and unable to see well, Khesu's axe is drug down with her and it takes and effort for him to jerk it loose from her ribcage and spine. There might be a fraction of a second of eye contact with Afaye before Khesu almost falls on top of the woman he downed. He stumbles and drags himself clear of her, turning to see if he needs to defend himself from anyone else's blows!

It sounds like he's seeing reason at last and for Kai, she elects that it means she can slide away her sword at last, grimacing despite the squeeze of gratitude she gives Sev's shoulder. She just needs to strap a medic to herself when she goes to fight, clearly. But for now at least she is content to stay put and mentally kick herself about needing to just keep a stash of something pain relieving in her armor.

Sev may of missed one light cut on Kai's chest. Not like he was fondling her to make sure or check or anything. He takes care of what he can at the moment, salving and bandaging in a rythmn that he seems perhaps too comfortable with. But by the time he's done, and he's gonne the bleeding on the Second to stop, he's hearing calls for the halting of the fight. And while it's a tense moment, he doesn't go back for his bow. Mainly, he just waits to see what happens now.

Well, Grimm would stand down, but that charging grounder with the spear is still coming at him. He calls out to Britt, "Get him to get his people to stand down and I'll gladly stop fighting!" Until that happens though, sword drawn he will continue to defend himself, though he takes a more defensive stance and approach.

Is Corcoran seeing reason at last? Well, not before he gets one last cheap shot at Kai: a verbal one.

"Holfi oyo niron ge choj op kom pakstola ona ya blinka," he says to her in harsh tones, and by the look on his face, he absolutely means it. May those you love be eaten by wolves before your eyes.

Several of his warband lie dead: Frances' murderer; Afaye's sparring partner; the guy who clobbered Sev before Britt took her revenge; and one of the men who attacked Khesu before Sage closed in. Grimm's opposing archer who fell out of a tree, the other tree-scout who tried to kill Kai with a sword, and Corcoran himself remain.

As for the last man standing, facing off with Grimm right now… he takes one look over his shoulder, lowers his weapon as if to surrender, then attempts to book it through the trees, using the advantage of being further away from the others.

Khesu has checked himself from advancing on the man with the spear who had been about to attack Grimm. When that one turns and makes a run for it, Khesu's in no condition to go after him. He eyes Cocoran, then looks to Britt with his one good eye. His own face and dark hair are bloody as hell. His right hand too is bleeding, making his grip on his axe slippery. Somehow he's still on his feet, breath up from their fighting. Slowly he checks the status of the others … Kai, Afaye, Sage, Sev…

Britt steps up to Corcoran, intent on binding him with a length of rope from her pack. Her eyes narrow at the curse he levels at Kai. "You are a fool," she spits at him. "We would have taken only three. Now five are dead, and many bleed, and you will die for your crimes." And Britt herself is barely standing, half-doubled-over from the stab wound.

<COMBAT> Grimm attacks Grounder33 with Bow - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

Kai has heard those words before, granted, not necessarily in that specific phraseology. So it takes some furrowing of her brows as she mentally endeavors to translate,"Ai gon setnes yu wan op, natrona." she spits back when she words it out. I'm going to watch you die, traitor. Her lip curls as she turns to go collect her bow irritably.

The runner causes Grimm to drop his sword and snatch up his bow from a kneeling position. He pulls out one of his last three arrows and nocks it. The arrow is loosed and lodges itself into the back of the runners right thigh. The grounder who ran stumbles and falls. It's not life threatening, but he isn't running anywhere. Alive, not dead.

Needing people alive is likely important, never mind the fact that these people are still Trikru…mostly. And Sev is a healer, and that's sorta what he does. So seeing however everyone is going to live, more or less, he goes on over the one of the rebels to patch up, do what he can, if there's anything he can do. Either way, he'll do his thing and let nature take it's course one way or the other.

Others … others must see to finishing it and binding the survivors who surrendered, not him. Khesu takes a few steps and leans against a tree, then slides down to sit on the ground. His axe handle has become too bloody to grip with his injured hand. His leg aches, and his poor head … he has no idea how bad it is. Only that he's dizzy and can not stand on his own. Rest for a minute.

For better or worse, three prisoners were sought, and three were taken. The rest, tragically, have fallen in combat — perhaps by their own doing, or Corcoran kom Trikru's. As Britt binds him with the rope, he just stares and staggers to his feet, saying nothing further as his living comrades are carried with him. He is intent on silent contemplation of his changing world until he is brought before Lexa kom Trikru.

Sage helps to gather the wounded together and whatever else Britt needs her to do. But she takes a moment to come up to Khesu and stand on his good side as she takes a look at the newest wound. "<In Trigedasleng> I guess when they see you without a shirt, they get jealous and try to take your head.." She says in that husky deep voice and then glances round once more to let her eyes land on Britt. Waiting for orders.

Kai stows her bow before limping over to the one Sev patched back together to tie his hands together behind him and get him up to his feet. Though there's a look towards Khesu, and Sage, to her the next steps are obvious,"Someone better go get the screamer." she remarks regarding the guy Grimm put an arrow in, before adding more drily for Britt,"You know.. that steel suit's beginning to sound better and better, I swear."

Britt looks to Sage and Grimm. "Go and get that one, bind him and bring him back." She grimaces at Kai's remark. "I think we each need one." She mumbles a string of curses in Trig under her breath. Something about all this being a fucking waste. "Guard them," she tells Kai. “Afaye and I will go and get the horses." Which were 'parked' back a ways so they could approach on foot. They anticipated prisoners and/or wounded, at least.

When the runner goes down, Grimm sighs and gets to his feet. He wipes at his chest where the spear nicked him and his hand comes away damp with blood. It's very little blood though. He nods to Britt and slings his bow over his back, moving out to the runner. He pulls a leather cord from a pouch at his hip and starts to unwind it in his hands as he approaches. "Don't squirm…I'm going to tie you up, and we'll see to that leg." he says to the man.

Kai grunts her acknowledgment for Britt, making sure that Corcoran and the other guy are both in her sight before she forces the other one back down to his knee's. Content to stay still and play guard while the horses are fetched. Everything hurts again, it almost feels like 'normal' to her in some respects.

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