Day 002: Clubbing and Hallucinogens
Summary: Grey teaches Hanne a little something about self-defense, she teaches him a little something about the good stuff on the Ground.
Date: 29 April 2016
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Grey Hanne 

Meadow Bald, Wilderness
Looking to the west, where the brute of the Blue Ridge Mountains rise, this meadow bald is a break in the climbing forests. It is a stretch of narrowleaf grass, flowering heath aster, and crisp wild lettuce. Pockets of tall Indian-tobacco poke out around weathered, deep-set boulders near the western edge of the meadow. At the center of this meadow is the surviving foundation of what had once been a cabin of some sort, though it is now nothing but concret footings, rotten lumber and mossy tarpaper. At the highest point of the meadow, to the west, the peak of Mount Weather can be easily seen in the distance.
2 Days After Landing

It might start some rumors, but taking someone out into the woods to teach them how to fight is better than people in camp gathering around and thinking you're actually fighting. Grey's pair of spears rest against the base of an overturned tree, and he's claimed a spot that isn't too cluttered with grasses and ferns. He's actually tramped down some of the grass, making a relatively clear area. Apparently he takes these things seriously. There's also a couple of two-foot-long sticks by the spears, and a couple of foot-long ones. Lots of options. For now, though, he waits… well, waits and stretches out.

<FS3> Hanne rolls Survival: Success.

Hanne trudges waywardly out of the forest and into the meadow. The break in the canopy and the wide stretch of grasses and wild lettuce causes her to squint suspiciously, as if she is taking careful consideration of this change in surroundings. She actually twists her attention to the tall tobacco plants, and her brows arch in recognition. She does not alter her pacing, however, and instead continues onward toward where Grey has started to set up. Her thin lips curl into a small smile as she nears, and she offers a small wave of greeting. "You look comfy…"

"Real picnic. Except, you know, without the food, or the drinks, or the…" Grey looks down, and brushes something off his leg, "Oh, no, there's an ant." But apparently not too many of them, because he doesn't worry about moving them. "You wanted to learn how to defend yourself. There someone down there in particular you're worried about, Keats?" Rolling his neck, he draws a pop from the base of his skull, then glances over to the pile of sticks that serve as 'weapons.' "'Cause if you're worried about people, then batons or a knife are your best bet. If you're worried about beasties, maybe we stick with the spear. Unless you just want to know how to throw a punch."

"Making out?" Hanne offers without thinking twice. Oh— he meant ants. She pinks abruptly in realization, and her hands dig into the pockets of her cargo pants. She chews at her lip as she looks around the meadow bald, searching for possible eavesdroppers. Then she looks back at Grey. "Worried about people," she admits quietly. "I… there's a lot of not-good-sorts…" Then she hesitates, blinking. "Not you, of course." Of course.

Grey guffaws at her immediate response, "Who knows, the day's young." He shakes the joke off, moving over to pick up a couple of the mid-length sticks, "People. Then the club's probably your best bet. There's always a stick within arm's reach, and it doesn't hurt your hand as much as punchin' someone." The blinking verbal backpedal from the thief causes Grey to snort loudly, "Don't you know? I'm a stone-cold killer." He's trying a little too hard with that, and he instead shifts to mordant humor, "You're not my mom, you should be safe. So tell me, what do you know about hittin' someone?"

Hanne's cheek continue to burn at his response to her slip-up, and she offers a small — if not very, very shy — smile. She casually tucks a lock of mousey brown hair behind her ear, and she steps forward as he starts to gather up the shorter sticks. She scuffs her foot across the grass. "I don't think you're a stone-cold killer," she says after a heartbeat. Then she drops her hands out of her pockets. "Make sure you keep your thumb inside your fist," she says helpfully.

Grey shrugs at her reassurance, but the information that she drops causes him to wince, "That's a real good way to break your thumb, actually. And you're the only one who thinks I ain't, by the way." Gathering up one of the sticks himself, he settles in across from Hanne, "But with a club, you don't have to worry about that. You can use it to keep 'em away, and crack 'em with it if they get close." He flicks the end of the stick in his hand in a downward arc to demonstrate.

"Outside, right…" Hanne actually looks momentarily disappointed in herself. "That makes sense…" She then inhales, and picks up her own stick. She weighs it in her hands, and something about its lightness doesn't feel like an excellent weapon, but Hanne also has very little experience actually wielding weapons. She looks up at Grey as he explains the benefits of the club, and she reaches out with it and bonks him lightly on the forearm. "Like that." She grins, as she knows that isn't the right technique. But, being a brainy, she does step back a bit and lift the club and mimic his motion.

Grey twitches back a little in the wake of the tap at his forearm, his fingers working for a moment before he relaxes again. "Yeah. Generally like that. You'll have to work on your grip. You don't want to hold it too tight, or every hit'll send shivers up your hand, and you don't want to hold it too lose, or you'll drop it. Gotta find the right balance. And then you've got to decide if you just want to smack 'em, or if you want to clobber 'em." He points down to her club with the end of his, "What you just did there, it was good, flicking from the wrist. That's a quick hit, but it won't have much power. You'll have to use your whole body if you want to get a real hit in." He steps back a little so he won't actually hit her, and then rears up, twisting his hips, bringing the club up over his shoulder, and then sweeping it down fast enough to hum through the fresh air. "It won't have the same speed or accuracy as a quick hit, but if you connect, you'll likely end the fight right there."

"You realize I'm tiny, right?" Hanne's retort is dry and sober, though there is a flash of amusement in her eyes. "Putting power behind a hit isn't very easy for me." Then she takes a step back, thinking deeply about his suggestion. She shifts her grip about on the club, testing that in-between of tight and loose. She picks something that is still on the too-tight side, but not terribly so. She is about to turn about to strike him in a mock hit when he demonstrates. Hanne flinches, taking a small step back despite the fact that he has ensured she is completely clear of the club's arc. Her heart thuds a bit faster in her chest. Then she nods, her cheeks a bit pink. "And what if I don't hit?"

"Then you're gonna get hit. Unless your opponent is too busy gettin' out of the way to hit you back." Grey's response is unflinching, straight-forward. No sugar-coating. "That's why you save it for if the other guy trips or something like that. It's not how you start a fight, it's how you end it." His free hand crosses to his far hip, pushing it back, "Twist the hip back, turn the torso," he demonstrates, "lift the club, and swing it down from your feet to your hand. Most of the asshole bullies we have around here, that should be enough." That bright white smile shows itself for a moment, "Even for a bitty thing like yourself." He gestures for her to try, making sure he's well out of range, "So it's not some particular asshole who has you worried? Just all the dicks being waved around?"

Hanne takes a moment to watch his demonstrate and mimic it. Her strike is slow and careful, as if trying to keep her club steady and mind focused on the motion rather than putting actual power behind it. Yet. She does this twice more, and the fourth attempt is a quicker strike with a bit more body behind it. She does not answer his question right away, but mulls it over. Then she exhales, her shoulders a bit more slouched. "Y'know… people are doing things to help… but a couple of birds to eat, a few canteens of water, and duct tape isn't gonna really do anything… not in the long run. Even if we get communication back up to the Ark, know what's probably going to happen?" Beat pause. "Nothing. They aren't gonna think two days, two weeks… hell… two months… is long enough to justify bringing down others. We could still be slowly dying of radiation poisoning. So, we've probably got, what… six months at least to survive, and based on the length of the day and the general weather, we're in spring, so that means in six months, we'll be long into winter, and that means things are going to get bad." She looks down. "Just being realistic."

Grey nods at the testing swings, "Get that hip up, so when you twist it forward and down, it pulls the power from your legs." He nods again as she corrects, "People are workin' on things, yeah. Some of them are doin' smart things. But really, do they think that this lot is gonna listen to someone because of who they were up there? The only thing that's gonna bring this group together is fear, 'cause while some of the nice folks will respond to words, there are some folks here who aren't gonna respond to anything but force or threat of force. You want a camp workin' together that'll last until Spring again, you're gonna need the hardest assholes in camp on your side. People who scare the others."

"Maybe they won't listen…" Hanne hesitates. "But they should." The little botanist baps Grey in the shoulder with her club, and then she glances toward the west, where Mount Weather looms. "We need to go there." She nods her chin toward the mountain. "I don't care if Jaha said we should, because we should. There could be food there, or tech supplies… we could even find what we need to fix the radio. Mount Weather was an emergency station… and we're in a pretty good emergency." Then she offers a small smile. "But I'm just an Earth Skills nerd." Then she starts to swipe at the tall grasses and tobacco with her club, listening to it whish under the motion.

Grey tenses as she reaches for his shoulder with her club, but manages not to flinch back again. He steps back again after the fact, half-turning to study the peak, "Yeah. We do need to go there. And we need water, and we need food. And marchin' through twenty klicks of glowing," literally, as it happens, but he hasn't seen that yet, "forest ain't gonna be easy. I was thinking though, maybe the next hunting trip goes that way? Then we can get something useful done even if that place ends up being a bust. Still gonna take some… convincing… to get a bunch of people goin'. Unless you want to make it just a small party… gonna need some pack mules if there's anything there."

Hanne doesn't notice the tensing from the ex-Cadet. She glances at her belt and shoves the club in it, even though it slides uncomfortably. She'll fix the grip at some point so it catches more on the worn canvas. She crosses her arms, squinting at the mountain in speculation. "Well, if no one wants to go, I'm gonna go." She sets her jaw in sharp determination. "And if I come back with stuff, then maybe that'll show people that… that the Chancellor isn't just trying to waste our time." There is a small hint of patriotism in that tone, but she doesn't look at Grey as if afraid for the incoming chastizing.

Shrugging a bit, Grey gestures toward the distant mountain with his own makeshift club. "You know I've been planning to head that way. Just worryin' about the immediate stuff first. Food, weapons, that sort of thing." His smile twists crookedly, "Besides, I can't let my best tracker and Ee-Ess nerd get herself killed wandering through the woods. Besides, if it's still intact, I want to be able to stake out the best room."

"You want to come with me?" Hanne looks at Grey with an owlish blink. She hesitates a bit, hands sliding down into her pockets. "I guess that would… be… a good idea. So that you can club the giant bears and tigers." Not that there's any tigers in this region. She toes the ground idly before she starts to step back. "Maybe you can see if others want to go, and we can try to leave… maybe tomorrow?" She looks up at him, her brown eyes a bit reproachful.

"Nope, I want you to come with me." Once more, that far-too-broad grin flashes across Grey's lips, "But I ain't doin' it for the Chancellor, or the high muckity-mucks up in the Ark. I'm doin' it 'cause there might be food there, and even more important, there might be some damned Toilet Paper. I'm thinkin' a group of five or six could carry enough stuff, and still be quiet enough to maybe get some hunting done on the way. What do you think about that?"

Hanne narrows her eyes suspiciously, but then she nods slightly. "You just don't want to take orders from an Earth Skills nerd." Her expression tries to remain serious, but it falters into a smile once more. She cannot help but nudge her shoulder into his before she glances around at the flattened grass. Her gaze turns innocent and open. "Is this when you try to convince me to make out with you? I'm not used to going on picnics with boys."

Grey shrugs broadly and guilelessly, even as his grin screams guile, "Hey, when it comes to what to eat or where to find animals and all that stuff, I'll take all the orders you got, Keats." The nudge of her shoulder against his tenses him up again, and he shrugs again, moving over to put down his tree-branch club. When he comes back, he's standing a little bit further away. "I dunno, what do you figure my chances are? I mean, I didn't even show you how to knee a guy in the nuts yet. That's a real crowd pleaser."

Hanne pinks as she picks up on some of those cues Grey's body language gives — or perhaps she is overanalyzing it. She drops her gaze at her feet, shrugging sheepishly. "Oh, I don't know… I suppose I should hold out for the crotch move… I mean, that's probably really important for me to know." The little nerd looks up at Grey now, and she gives him a small smile. "But, maybe we can wait… I mean, we could head back to camp…" She looks around. "I'm gonna harvest some of this Lactuca virosa first."

Grey watches her for a moment, then nods, stepping away to gather up his spears, club, and daggery sticks, "Sure. No problem headin' back." He looks down at the plants at her suggestion, "Lactu-whatsit? The green frilly stuff? Can we eat that? I mean, I don't know that I'm into, what's it, roughage… but I'm just hungry enough to try it out."

"Ah," Hanne says with a vaguely adult-like tone. "No. I mean… yes, but not like… regularly. It is medicinal." She offers him a small smile as she kneels down, grabbing what looks like a sock from her pocket. She starts to gather up the stalks and leaves, digging down deep into one plant to pull the entire thing — roots and all — from the soft dirt. She starts to stuff the harvested plants into the sock. "If you dry and smoke the leaves, it can cause a high and mild hallucinations… but extracts from the leaves are good for coughs." She looks up at him as she starts to tie the sock closed. "And other things…"

Grey slings the spears over his right shoulder as he watches her gather up the leaves. Her news, however, causes his brows to jag up sharply, "This'll get you high?" He looks at it warily, then shrugs, "How high? Because if it's good shit, that'd be worth somethin' down at camp. If it's really good shit though, we should make sure that no one else comes up here who was as good at Ee-Ess as you. Because the last thing we need is a bunch of drugged out stoners."

Hanne hooks the sock in her pocket, and she brushes the dirt off her hands. Her own brows lift high over her eyes at his questions, and she shrugs slightly. "I… I don't know." Her mouth thins a bit. "We didn't grow it in the Agro Station… so I didn't test it." Then she smirks. "Not that I was that kind of botanist." Then she crosses her arms and gives him an arched look. "Should I tell you about the tabacco plants, too?" Then her smirk turns into a small smile. She rubs a bit at her arm, glancing at Grey and then the path back to the camp. Her own awkwardness claims her as its victim. "Sorry if I said something stupid."

"Guess you'll have to watch out for that." Grey starts back down toward camp again, then stops, turning back at the mention of tobacco plants and the apology that comes after, "Naw, I wouldn't touch that shit." Tapping his chest with his left hand, he adds, "Bad for the lungs. And you don't got anything to apologize for. You weren't hectorin' me about duty and honor and shit. I know we've gotta go to the Mountain, even if it's just what Jaha wants us to do."

"No, I meant—" Hanne then colors, and she shakes her head again. "Yeah, well, good… I'm glad I don't need to apologize." Beat pause. "For suggesting going to the Mountain." Then she glances at the tabacco plants. "They actually have pretty blossoms… purple blossoms." She actually seems a bit wistful. Then she shakes her head before she lets herself seem too… girly. "But good… going to the Mountain is good." Just in case they hadn't established that yet.

Grey glances down a moment, "Oh, you meant…" He rolls the shoulder she nudge, and he shrugs a little helplessly, "Yeah. I got some issues. Comes from havin' a screwed family life." And, you know, the physical and emotional abuse. "Sorry. Didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

Hanne blinks in confusion, but then she offers a small nod. "Oh, no… I wasn't…" She shakes her head, laughing uncomfortably. She draws her jacket around her, looking smaller in the oversized canvas garment. "Just being stupid." She hesitates. "Thanks… for the lessons… and the affirmations."

Grey shrugs broadly, "Just get…" this time when his shoulders roll, it's an uncomfortable gesture, "…I dunno. Twitchy." As he starts walking back toward the camp again, he lashes out at an inoffensive fern with one of his spears. "So, tell me who you wanna bring along to Mount Weather…" it's an intentional subject change, shifting things along, and letting the discussion trail out as they head down the trail.

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